Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 43

"Are you okay Amanda?"

I sat there in a chair inside Gale's office and wiped tears out of my eyes and tried to keep myself together. It was a bit traumatic to be held against my will by three people and have a large group of my fellow students take pictures of me in just some underwear. I knew that I had been forced to do humiliating things for the past few days but this was worse than most because I felt like I had been assaulted.

"No I'm not okay." I yelled at Gale. "How would you like it if you were damn near molested by a crowd of people while you were wearing something like this?"

"I'd beat them up." Gale answered bluntly. "I can't say I've ever worried about something like that."

"Well spend a day in my shoes." I replied sullenly.

I couldn't stop thinking about those pictures that were just taken of me. Even though I wasn't naked they would still be awful embarrassing. I kept thinking of everyone seeing them and passing them around like trading cards. God I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide for the next few months. I wondered what the people in Medford and the other school were doing with those pictures of me they got last night, actually I didn't want to know.

"I'm sorry that happened Amanda." Gale said sympathetically. "I'll have to keep a harder eye on those two girls. Who was the third one?"

"Some girl named Kaitlyn." I answered as I wiped a fresh off my face."

"Oh Kaitlyn Briss. She's on the volleyball team too. I'll keep an eye on her as well. Anyway why don't you take a few minutes to get over this before I take you to the library. I'll be back in a little bit Amanda." She then put her hand on my shoulder and squeezed it before she left the office.

'Great she's taking me to the library, wonderful. Who wants to bet thereís going to be people there? Why do I keep going along with this? It just keeps getting worse and I don't know how much longer I can handle this, it's amazing I've come this far without freaking out. I need a friend or at least somebody on my side. I wish I could tell my mom or my brother or someone what they're doing to me. I'm sure if I told my dad he'd tell me to stick it out so he won't go to jail. God my dad's an asshole, and to think last week I thought he was awesome. Things have certainly changed in the last few days.' That was reaffirmed to me when I looked down at myself and saw my mostly naked body and the revealing clothes I had on. I missed wearing real clothes and having privacy.

I was glad to see that on the walk to the library that the halls were empty. I kept glancing around expecting people to jump from out of nowhere but I was glad to say that didn't happen. I was even more surprised when we went in the library and no one was in there either except for the librarian Ms. Cook.

Might I actually be catching a break?

"Hello Gale." Ms. Cook said cheerfully as she walked over to us. "Is this my assistant for today?"

"Yes." Gale replied equally as cheerfully. "This is Amanda. She's a very nice girl and does what she's told very well. I'm sure you'll be happy with her."

"My goodness dear where are your pants?" Ms. Cook said in surprise at seeing me in such skimpy attire.

"She's part of the P.E. squad." Gale answered for me. "She has to wear her workout clothes most of the time."

"Isn't she cold?" Ms. Cook responded puzzled.

"She's very active so she gets hot easily. Don't you Amanda?"

"Yes." I hated having to lie like that.

"Okay." Ms. Cook said accepting the answer. "Well then let's get you started.

Thank you Gale."

"You bet. Take care of her, she's actually quite special."

Gale then left the library leaving me with Ms. Cook who was looking me up and down.

"You're about as natural looking as any girl I've seen around here for some time." she told me as she pushed her glasses up off the bridge of her nose. "So many girls these days are doing all kinds of stuff to make themselves look pretty and for my money they mostly look artificial and nasty. I must say those are short shorts, they almost look like they're made of silk."

They were silk. When I had to walk here with Gale it wasn't lost on me that these were silk, they felt so good when I walked in them that I couldn't help but get turned on a little.

"Anyway Amanda," she continued, "what I'm going to have you do is put some books away for me that just got checked back in recently. I have about three cartfuls over by the computers, all you have to do is put them away in the proper section and that's it. You should have it done before the period ends. A few of them might belong on the higher shelves so there's a step ladder in the back you can use if you need it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. There's a history class coming in here in a few minutes and I hope they won't get in your way. If anyone asks you any questions just send them to me. Thank you Amanda."

I knew this was too good to be true, there is a class coming in here... I hoped Missy and Danette weren't in it. Ms. Cook went back behind the checkout counter as I walked over the carts of books I had to put away. Jesus these were full. I grabbed the first cart of books and pushed it over to the 100's section,

'God that silk feels good down there. I hope I don't get too aroused from these things. Shit these books are from all over the library, this is going to be a pain in the ass doing this chore.'

After a few minutes of putting away books a large group of people started filing into the library.

'This must be the history class she was talking about.' I stood behind the cart I was using and tried to stay out of their view, I didn't like the thought of having a whole class sit and watch me work in my underwear. From what I saw of the class it looked mostly like underclassmen, maybe freshman and sophmores. They immediatly began spreading out around the library and began looking for books.

"Okay class." their teacher spoke. "Your reports need at least three sources so make sure you get what you need. I don't want to see a lot of visiting out of any of you, make sure you're working and not goofing off."

I tried to hurry and put as many books away as possible but with the books on my cart not being in order this was hard to accomplish. Soon two boys walked by where I was and when they noticed me they stopped and looked over.

"Whoa." one of the boys said. "There's that girl who's been dressing sexy lately. Look at her, she's hot man."

"She's too fat for my taste." the other guy scoffed and walked away.

"You're too picky dude." the first one said and went after him.

'I'm too fat huh? That kid looked like he could stand to lose a few pounds himself, f*&%ing asshole.'

"Hi Amanda." I heard a gleeful voice say.

I looked up and there was Amber from Gale's health class, the one who saw the video of my vow of shame at her church.

"You weren't in class today." she said as she stood next to me. "Were you doing something else?"

'Yeah getting stoned with a bunch of creeps.'

"Yeah." I answered her. "I had to finish something."

"Oh. Well I was hoping to run into you today." She smiled at me as she said this. "I wanted to talk to you about what you did last Sunday."

"I don't know if I can really talk right now." I attempted to explain to Amber. "I have to put all these books away before the end of the period."

Amber seemed like a genuinely kind person but she wanted to talk about something that I want to forget about. Plus she believed that I was doing this on my own choosing as a way to show my faith, like anyone would choose to do it this way.

"I can help you." she offered as she started looking through the books on the cart. "We can talk when I've helped you finish."

"Don't you have a report or something?" I asked remembering what her teacher told everyone.

"I've already found my sources and have the rough draft half written." She replied as she took a handful of books and started walking over to the next section. "Besides I'm a book junkie so I know where most of these go already. Trust me I'm happy to help you." She then walked off.

Well, I guessed I could use the help with this. She wants to talk afterwards though and I didn't really want to do that, I was real tired of having to go along with this charade I'd been forced into. Having to lie to a Christian didn't make me feel good either.

"Oh my God look at her," a female voice said behind me. "She's looking more slutty everytime I see her."

I turned around to face three younger girls who had stopped to notice me. They all had looks of disgust on their faces.

"What is wrong with you?" The same girl who spoke before asked. "You look like you're in your underwear. Do you think you look hot or something?"

"I don't think that, no." I answered softly and then tried to turn my attention back to putting away books.

"That's good because you're not," the girl said coldly, "I mean get a tan or something and hide that freakish ass of yours, I'm tired of seeing it."

"Don't you know that everyone is laughing at you?" the girl in the middle spoke. "How can you blame them either. You look ridiculous. I can even see your snatch through those skimpy things."

"I have work to do." I managed to say but it came out sounding very weak. God I couldn't stand this.

"You need work done alright," the first girl mocked. "How about doing some crunches to tighten up that tummy of yours? It looks like soft dough."

I thought I was going to start crying at having my body being so unmercifully scrutinized by these girls when Amber came back.

"Nice panties by the way," the second girl added. "I'm shocked you haven't been sent to the office for wearing those little things."

"Shut up Courtney." Amber said harshly as she stepped between me and the three of them. "You don't know her and you have no right to judge."

"Oh please." Courtney replied back. "She's walking around with all her shit hanging out and we're supposed to not notice."

"You can notice, but until you know the facts about everything you have no right to talk to her like you guys just did." Amber then looked at the three of them with a stern expression. "It would be like if I went and told your parents about what you guys did at Lana's party last weekend."

The three girls faces suddenly changed to looks of worry at what Amber said.

"What are you talking about?" the first girl asked. "You weren't there."

"Oh but my cousin was," Amber informed them, "and you may not have noticed but he had his digital camera with him and he caught a few shots of the three of you making out."

All three of the girls expressions turned from concern to flat out pale white with fear.

"He took pictures of that?" the third girl asked sullenly.

"Oh yeah," Amber said knowing she was in control. "Gosh Jaime, you and Courtney looked like you're really into each other. Wonder what your moms would think about that? I imagine they'd be pretty surprised."

"Alright Amber," Jaime, the first girl, said trying to act defiant. "If that's how you want to play. Just know that from now on you might want to watch yourself, we won't forget this."

"I have God to do that for me." Amber fired back. "I don't worry about lost souls like you."

I just stood there in awe at how Amber, this young petite girl, handled the three of them with so much confidence and without being intimidated. I had to admit that I found it a bit inspiring. Before the three of them walked away they shot me a mean look but didn't look back at Amber.

"Thank you," I said gratefully to Amber after they left.

"I don't like people who pick on those that don't fight back. It's just cowardly."

Amber then started grabbing more books from the cart and acted as if nothing had just happened.

"These all go in the 500 section." She said about the books she was holding. "I put the ones from this section on the top row here so go ahead and put them away while I do these."

For about the first half of the period we both worked at putting all the books away. With Amber helping me it made it a lot faster. The worst part of it though were the three times I had to climb the stepladder to put away the those books that were on a high shelf. When I was standing on top of the ladder it gave the whole library a view of my rear end, which caused a few whistles and sporatic laughter from several people. I heard Ms. Cook berate a couple of people for whistling too loud and possibly disturbing others. Other than that though I was surprised that no one else really gave me much grief about my clothes and before we knew it all three carts were empty.

"Thank you so much for your help Amber," I said to her as I was relieved that this much was over.

"My pleasure Amanda." She replied smiling. "Now do you mind if we find a quiet corner to talk?"

Even though I still didn't want to talk about what was going on I knew that I had to. At least now I felt better about her personally and I didn't think she had an agenda like Stacy seemed to have. We walked over to the back of the library and found a secluded corner behind one of the shelves and we sat down on the floor to hide from anyone walking by. When I sat I made sure that my panties weren't bunched up and made sure nothing fell out or became exposed.

"Those have to be embarrassing to wear around here." Amber said with sympathy in her voice. "You have really taken on a tough burden."

"I've never felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable in my life than in the last few days," I told her. "I always feel like I'm being watched and that everyone is teasing me behind my back, as well as to my face."

"People are scared of things they don't understand." Amber said softly as she placed her hand on my arm. "Just look at Jaime and her friends. They're so scared of what people think of them that to make themselves look tough they have to pick on someone who's more vunerable than they are. What they don't realize is that when they do that they're actually showing their weaknesses. I feel bad for them because until they have faith in something other than what's in front of them they'll always be empty inside. I like how you handled them by not giving in to what they were trying to start, it shows that you're above lowering yourself to their level. I imagine God is very proud of you."

I wished I could believe that. But the last few days I wasn't sure if God was looking out for me at all. I found myself beginning to tear up again out of frustration from having no control over anything.

"You okay Amanda?" Amber asked concerned as she moved her hand from my arm to my shoulder.

"This is so hard." I told her as I began to weep. "I have to do these things that are so humiliating and everyone seems to be so mean about it. I feel like I'm about to lose my mind."

"You're really shy aren't you?"

"I suppose so."

"That must make this that much harder for you. Do you have any other friends that know about this?"

"Not really. I mean there are other people who know but I don't know if I consider them friends or not."

"Who were those two ladies that were with you at the church that hugged you at the end?"

"That's Emily and CJ. I don't really want to talk about them if that's alright." I wished I could tell her about them and what they were making me do but I was sure they were listening to this and I didn't want to endure any wrath they might send my way for talking bad about them.

"What about Stacy Richards? I've seen you two talking with each other lately."

"She knows some of it." I answered as I tried to control my crying and wiped tears off my face. "She saw me last night when I walked to the mailbox to drop off some letters and she wanted to know what I was doing."

"Why did she care so much that you were dropping off letters?"

"Well," I started, I couldn't believe I was opening up to her like this. "I was sort of naked when I was doing it."

Amber's eyes suddenly widend.

"You were naked?" she asked surprised. "You're really commited to this aren't you? That must've been humiliating to be seen by someone like her. Did she threaten you or anything when she saw you like that?"

"No. She was actually rather intriged. She doesn't know about what I did at church though, she just thinks I'm a nudist."

"Yeah, I don't blame you for not telling her the whole thing. I like Stacy but she's not much on religion and how we make sacrifices to strengthen our faith."

"You know her well?" I asked curiously.

"Our moms grew up together so I've known her all my life. Who else knows about what you're doing."

"A few others. No one you would know."

"What about Mrs. Davis?"

"Except her. I live with her now." Boy this girl sure was getting me to open up.

"You do? Is she religious?"

"I think so?"

"Okay?" Amber looked puzzled. "Do your parents know what you're doing?"

"They know I live at Gale's. As far as the other stuff, no they don't. That's why I live with Mrs. Davis now, so I can keep it from them."

That was a good lie, too bad I felt guilty for telling it to her. Amber just had something about her that comforted me, I guess that's why I was telling her all of this so easily.

"I see..." she seemed to accept that. "Who's bringing you to our church Bible study tomorrow?"

"You know about that?"

"Our pastor told us this morning that you were coming."

Great. Once again I was the last to know anything. People I didn't know were aware of what I'd be doing before I did.

"The same women I was at church with."

"Okay. Well I want you to know that I'm going to be there as well. Anyone gives you a hard time or anything come tell me. There are a few others from my church that know about you and we're going to be keeping a sharper eye on you when you're here at school. I heard about what happened a bit ago when those girls held you in the hall and let people take pictures of you and we don't want that to become a habit. If it happens again I swear something will be done about it."

Part 44

Ms. Cook let me leave a few minutes early since I was done with my chore of putting away books, thanks to Amber's help. For the first time in a few days I actually felt like something positive had happened for me. The talk I had with Amber actually helped me feel a little better because I was able to talk about a few things that I hadn't been able to share with anyone up until then. She told me that she would be in touch and I felt like maybe I had someone who would at least somewhat be on my side.

When I left the library I had to walk past all the people that were in the class and hearing all their snickers behind my back brought back the feelings of shame that had left for a brief moment and reminded me that I was still a source of ridicule. At least the halls were empty as I walked back to Gale's office; but it still felt so strange walking around my school dressed like this. As good as these silk panties felt against my skin I wished I could change into something else because it kept making me feel so turned on, I was afraid I might have a visible wet spot down there if this kept up. I had to be Gale's TA for a gym class again too this next period and she was probably going to have me do warmups again in front of everybody. God I wished I could duck out and get in my car and go drive somewhere for awhile. Of course though my car was at Gale's, at least I thought it was even though I never actually saw it there. Hopefully it was in her garage. Without it here I ws pretty much stuck though and even if it was here I'd probably get into trouble if I left.

I came to the locker room door and opened it without any trouble, I'd have to ask Gale later why it was locked earlier. Once I was inside I found Gale sitting alone in her office looking at a printed out picture of me.

"Oh hi Amanda." she said pleasantly as she looked up at me. "I see you're a little early."

"I didn't want to be caught out in the halls again when class gets out." I told her as I sat down on the chair on the outside of her desk.

"I imagine not." she said as she looked back down at that picture some more. "Emily called a few minutes ago and wanted me to inform you that you're in trouble."

"What?" I replied worried. "Why?"

"She thinks you told Amber a little more than she needed to know, like their names."

Oh no, I could feel my heart start racing due to the fear that was building inside of me.

"What are they going to do?" I asked as I grew worried at what the punishment would be.

"They didn't say. I'm sure they have something planned though. That wasn't too smart Amanda."

"But I only told her their first names." I had no clue what their last names were. "I didn't think that was a big deal."

"Well she said to tell you you're in trouble." she then picked up the picture on her desk and held it up for me to see. It was a picture of me lying on the cot in my room at Gale's. "Look, you were sucking your thumb last night in your sleep. Have you always done that?"

'Oh God not again. I didn't even realize I did that last night.' I suddenly felt like a little girl as I looked at myself in the picture. My God my other hand was on my crotch. At least it looked like my fingers were on the outside of my vaginal lips instead of in me, but still that looked very provacative.

"I don't think so." I answered her question. "Oh God what's happening to me?"

"It's okay Amanda." she said with some sympathy. "I think the stress is getting to you a bit and your subconscience is dealing with it by reverting to childish behaviors. I took some pych in college. I like where your other hand is though. Like I said it's just a matter of time before all this excitment has to be released somehow."

She then winked at me and set the picture back down on top of her desk. I felt a sick feeling down in my stomach from looking at that picture and I began to feel a little light headed. Crap I thought I was going to pass out. I slumped back in my chair and felt my body become all queezy and my limbs started to feel heavy.

"Amanda are you alright?" Gale said suddenly concerned. "Oh shit!"

Gale got up quickly from behind her desk and came over to me and felt my forehead with the back of her hand.

"Are you going to pass out?" she asked me as she moved her hand down to my cheek. "Your face feels clammy."

I started to breathe heavier and I felt my body start to slump more in the chair. I thought I was about to faint.

"Is she okay?" I heard Stacy say that as she suddenly entered Gale's office.

"I think the stress of the day is getting to her." Gale answered her.

"Shit don't pass out Amanda." Stacy told me as she came over to us. "You want some water or something? I have some in my bag."

Stacy pulled out a bottle of water out of her bag and put it up to my mouth and I took a drink. The water was lukewarm and I had trouble swallowing it.

Stacy started to rub my shoulders in an attempt to keep me conscious and she started whispering to me that everything was going to be okay.

"I'll go get a cloth with some cold water on it." Gale said and then walked out of the office.

"I'm so sorry about earlier." Stacy said apologetically. "I swear I didn't set off that fire alarm. I was so worried about you when you ran out the door. I tried to look for you but I couldn't find you. That must've been terrifying running outside of the school naked like that."

I started to feel the faintness begin to pass. Soon Gale was back with a rag and she placed it on my forehead. The cloth felt cool on my face and I began to feel better.

"It looks like her color is coming back." Gale proclaimed. "I was worried there for a second."

"I think we should undress her." Stacy suggested. "Earlier she got kind of sick in class and when I found she had taken everything off and she felt better."

"Really?" Gale answered surprised. "Then maybe we should."

I tried to protest and tell them that I felt better but before I could Gale had already pulled the tank top over my head and Stacy had the panties down around my feet. Before I knew it I was slumped naked in the chair with my legs spread open. I didn't know how this was supposed to make me feel better.

"Looks like she was a little wet down there." Stacy noticed. "I guess these are made of silk."

Just then I noticed a whole group of girls walk by the open office door and look in. I couldn't imagine what they thought.

"Is she okay?" one of the girls asked.

"She'll be fine." Gale told them. "Go get ready for class everyone."

They didn't move right away, I guess they needed to have an eyeful before they could move on. I was feeling better but I still felt a little weak. Stacy gave me some more water and this time I drank gladly and was able to swallow it easier.

"Whew. You gave us a bit of a scare Amanda." Stacy said as she held my hand. "It looks like you're going to be okay."

"I think I'll let you sit this class out." Gale said and then looked at Stacy.

"You want to drive her to my house Stacy? I'll let you out of class today if you do."

"Of course I'll drive her home. I think I owe her at least that much."

Stacy then stood up and I saw her glance at Gale's desk and I think she noticed the picture of me that was sitting on it.

"Is that you Amanda?" she asked me as she looked over some more. "It is you. Oh you look so sweet, you're so innocent looking. Gale can I have this?"

"Sure." Gale answered. "Make sure you don't show to anyone though."

"I won't." Stacy said as she grabbed the picture and put it in her bag. She then reached down and helped me to my feet. "Lets get you home girlfriend."

Stacy led me out of the office and into the locker room. I still felt weak so I had to lean on her a little. When I saw the girls in the locker room turn and look at me with surprised looks I remembered I was naked.

"I need something to wear Stacy." I said weakly.

"Don't worry. We'll go out this side door. I'm sure the parking lot is empty."

"Stacy I can't go out like this." We were standing right in front of the door that led out to the basketball courts behind the gym and I was not about to let her lead me out the door only wearing my shoes.

"My car is parked on the side not far from here." Stacy explained as she was about to open the door. "There aren't any windows in the gym and if someone comes I'll cover you up. I'm afraid that if you wear something you'll start feeling faint again."

It wasn't the clothes that made me sick this time it was the mix of fear of Emily and of seeing that humiliating photo of me sleeping that just overwhelmed me. Of course how was I supposed to tell her that?

"Stacy!" I said pleadingly as I tried to pull away from her. "It's cold out there and I'm naked. What are all those girls in there going to think if I walk out of here like this?"

"They'll think what I want them to think." Stacy managed to keep her hold on me as she opened the door. "Plus the cold will help keep you alert in case you think you might pass out again. Now let's get you home."

"Stacy." someone said behind us.

We turned around and saw Gale running towards us. "I forgot to give you the remote to open the gate to the fence at my house." Gale said that as she handed Stacy a remote control. "You two would be sitting outside without that."

"Gale can I have something to wear outside please?." I asked hoping she would overrule Stacy.

"We don't want you to start feeling faint again. Besides everyone is in class and I'm sure Stacy will cover you if someone comes. I hope you feel better, I'll see at home later."

"Gale!" I pleaded.

"Amanda." she then bent down to my ear and whispered. "Don't piss off the goddesses, you know you can't ask for clothes."

Oh shit she was right, and they were already mad at me. I noticed she refered to them as goddesses. I'm sure in their minds they are.

"Let's go then honeybunny." Stacy was beeming at me that she won the decision to have me go out like this. "I'll peak outside first to make sure the coast is clear."

I turned and watched Gale go back into the main lockerroom and tell all the girls to get out to the gym. Many of them glanced at me as they did as they were told.

"All clear."

Stacy then led me out the door and promptly closed it behind me. The cold air did awaken my senses and my faintness began to pass even more, but my sense of worry at being seen out here grew tenfold as I was led out into the open court. At least it had stopped raining.

"That was so weird earlier that you got sick in class like that and taking off your clothes made you feel better." Stacy was saying this quietly in my ear as she put her arm around me and held me to her to keep me warm. I found myself clinging tightly to her so I could get behind her quickly if anyone suddenly came. "I can't imagine what would actually cause something like that? It is kinda sexy though."

For her maybe. I used my hands to try and cover myself the best I could and I looked around frantically to see who or what was around. I didn't see anything or anyone but I was sure I was being watched by whoever'ed been filming me all this time. About halfway across the basketball courts Stacy suddenly stopped.

"You see someone?" I asked frantically.

"I can't believe I got you to come out here naked," she boasted. "It just occured to me that this is a rare opportunity."

"Stacy. I thought you were sorry for what you had me do earlier?"

"I'm sorry that the fire alarm went off yes. But the actual act was so... let's just say I'll sleep well tonight thinking about it." She took her arm off my shoulder and stood in front of me and started to look me over again. She then met my eyes and gave me a teasing smile.

"Your pussy was wet when I took those silk... whatever they were off of you. Have you been double clicking your mouse regularly?"

"What?" Oh God she was going to make me talk about this stuff. "You do pleasure yourself don't you?" she rephrased.

"I don't want to talk about this."

"You don't do you?" her face grew wide with amazment. "Do you just let it keep building up? I don't think that's good for you."

I was sick of people telling me what was good for me and not good for me. None of them were doctors.

"Look." Stacy pointed to my breasts. "Your nipples are getting hard from us talking about this."

"That's the cold." I explained to her, although I knew my body was betraying me again because my vagina was starting to tingle again too.

"I don't think so." she replied smugly. "And you're a virging too. You must be so repressed."

"Stacy can we please go?" I pleaded to her as standing here in the open like this was becoming unnerving.

"Have you ever masterbated?" she asked bluntly

"Stacy I'm not comfortable talking about this..."

"You haven't have you?" she interupted.

"Yes I have but not for awhile." I blurted out. "It makes me feel dirty." And there were cameras on me all the time too.

"Let's go to my house first." she said as she moved back to my side and put her arm back around me. "I think we need a little female time together so I can help you."

We then started walking again and this time Stacy held on to me tighter than before. I was really worried about going to her house with her, I thought she wanted to get me to diddle myself or something like that. Oh God I was feeling faint again.

"It's okay I got you Amanda." Stacy told me as she tightend her grip even more. "Doing arobics three times a week and taking a gym class has made me stronger than I look."

Soon we were at the side of the gym and we stopped and peaked around to make sure that no one was coming and we quickly made our way down some stairs to a path that led to the parking lot. I was glad to see the path was clear of people as well so we made our way down it and came to the parking lot.

"My car is right over there." she pointed out her car to me and it was in the middle of the row that just down from where we were. "See, I told you we'd make it."

"Stacy," a female voice shouted and I quickly tried to pull away from Stacy and run but she held on to me and put me behind her back.

"Stacy where are you going?"

It was Ashley, the girl whose house I was hiding next to last night when the police were looking for me. She was running up to us from way across the parking lot.

"Don't let her see me." I begged as I tried to get behind Stacy the best I could.

"Stay there Ash," Stacy yelled to her, "I'll be over there in a minute."

"What are you doing?" Ashley called to her after she stopped about a hundred feet away from us.

"Helping a friend." Stacy yelled back. "Just stay there a minute."

"Oh my God." Ashley screamed as she reliezed I was behind Stacy. "Is that Amanda Johnson with you?"

Oh God she'd seen me. Dammit I was so sick of this. I felt like I was going to pass out for real this time as Ashley started to come over again.

"Ashley you have to keep a secret." Stacy explained as Ashley came up to us. "You can't tell anyone about this."

"Why is she naked?" Ashley asked as she tried to get a better look at me from behind Stacy.

"I'll have to tell you later Ash. Right now I think you're scaring her and she's not feeling well."

She was right about that part. It was at that time that I felt myself start to lose my grip on Stacy and felt myself begin to lose consiousness.

"Oh crap help me grab her Ash." I heard Stacy yell as I began to feel myself fall away from behind Stacy. One of the last things I remember from that moment was someone grabbing me from behind as I fell.

When I woke up I was laying on the ground next to the path and Stacy and Ashley were sitting over me and trying to wake me up.

"Oh thank God she's waking up." I heard Stacy say sounding relieved. "Are you okay honey?"

I managed to say a week 'yeah' but I still feel rather weak. It was a minute before I remembered that I was naked before and I came to my senses all of a sudden. I found that Stacy had used her jacket as a pillow for my head but they had for most part left me uncovered. Stacy had taken her bottle of water back out and made me take a drink of it.

"Do you think you can stand?" Ashley asked me.

"I think so." I said as I tried to sit up. "I sure don't want to keep laying here like this."

"Help me stand her up Ash."

Each girl took one of my shoulders and helped me to my feet. My balance was a little off at first but I was able to find my bearings after a few seconds.

"Help me get her to my car." Stacy ordered her friend who obliged.

We were able to walk to her car without anymore trouble and Stacy unlocked the passenger door and opened it for me. I was feeling much more alert now and was able to sit down in the seat without falling.

"This is weird Stace." Ashley pointed out. "Where are you going to take her, and are you going let her stay naked like that?"

"I'm taking her home." Stacy explained. "I'll have to tell you the rest to you later but it's not something dykie or anything so just keep quiet about it for now. What are you doing out here anyway?"

"I left my economics book in my car and I saw you when you came off the path."

"Oh. Well I have to go Ash. I'll call you later."

Stacy then went around and got in on the driver's side as Ashley waved goodbye and started walking back the direction she came from.

"Lucky it was just Ashley." Stacy said to me. "She won't tell anyone I promise. Are you okay Amanda?"

"As well as I'm going to be." I said sarcastically.

"Works for me." she said as she started the car. "Let's get you to my house and I'll see if I can't whip you up something to make you feel better."

Part 45

"How are you feeling Amanda?"

"Fine." I answered as I slumped down in my seat, hiding myself from view from any motorists who might be driving beside us. I actually still felt a little ill from before but I thought that getting away from the school was making me feel better. I can't say that I was looking forward to going back there tomorrow.

We were driving down through the main part of town headed to one of the more suburban areas where Stacy lived. I did try to talk her out of taking me to her house because I wasn't big on what I thought she might have in mind, but she insisted that I go there with her for a little while before she took me back to Gale's house. I wanted to ask her for something for me to cover up with but I remembered that I was informed that I was not allowed to ask for that, I had to stay naked until I was offered covering by whoever was in charge of me. I felt like a little girl's doll that was always left undressed by her owner and was played with all the time with her other toys.

"I don't suppose I could still interest you in going out with me tonight up to Beaverton could I?"

I couldn't believe she would even ask me that after what she had me do today, she had a lot of nerve. But dammit, Emily told me that I had to go there as punishment for smoking pot, plus she was mad at me for telling Amber hers and CJ's first names. I still didn't get why she was so mad about that, were they going to use fake names or something? She didn't with Tess and her friends, she introduced herself as 'Emily'. Shit they confused me. Maybe since I had a fainting spell maybe I could get a reprieve. I knew I'd better not just assume that though, I was in enough trouble already.

"I'll go." I forced myself to say.

"You will?"

"If I feel better later, I'll go with you." I wished I could cut my tongue out.

"Shit Amanda. You're just full of surprises. And to think just a week ago you seemed so predictable. I'll call later and set everything up for us tonight then."

I wished I could pass out again. Maybe then I wouldn't wake back up, that'd be nice. I noticed a very happy expression on Stacy's face as she took in the news that I would go with her tonight and I had to look away in shame for I hated how excited she was about this. It was a good thing I did too because when I turned my head away from her I saw my mother's car approaching us in the reflection from the passenger side mirror.

"Oh my God!" I screamed as I slid out of the seat completely and crouched down in front of it on the floor. "My mom is in that car coming up next to us. Can you speed up or something?"

"I thought that was your mom." She said as I saw her look in her rearview mirror. "That's why I slowed down to let her catch up."

"Why did you do that for?"

"Because I'm a weak woman sometimes."

I was very uncomfortable in the position I was in on the car floor. I had my knees up around my head and my breasts were pushed up against the seat. I could feel that my butt was pushed open on the floor and I could feel the texture of the floor mats on the inside of my cheeks. I then felt the car start to really slow down and it soon came to a complete stop.

"Why are you stopping for?"

"It's a red light. I can't run it."

"Is my mom still on the side?"

"Oh yes." Stacy then waved her hand at her. "Hello. If she only knew you were in here with me like this." Stacy then reached in her pocket and pulled out her phone again. "Say cheese."

She then clicked off a couple of pictures and looked at them with approval before putting her phone away. Damn her. I hoped we could go soon.

"You don't know how many times I fantasized about almost being caught naked by my parents." Stacy explained, as if somehow I was interested. "Being around you is like having my fantasies lived out in front of me. I'm so glad the real you came out before graduation in June. Idíve hated to miss out on you."

I wanted to lunge at her and try and choke her death but it hadn't left my mind that my mother was in the car next to us. It also hadn't left my mind that Stacy could probably kick my ass, or even worse throw me out of her car like this.

"Is the light green yet?" I asked growing impatient.

"Not yet. But when it does I'm going to drive next to your mom for a little while, this is just so sexy to stop right away."

Jesus she was a freak if she found this sexy.

"Please don't do that Stacy," I pleaded. "Don't you think you're just being mean?"

"Oh Amanda. I'd never hurt you. In these last couple of days I've found myself becoming so fond of you that I'd want to kill anyone who tried to hurt you."

It must've been then when the light turned green because I felt the car begin to move forward again. I hoped she was kidding about staying next to my mom.

"Are you away from her yet?" I asked hopingly.

"Not yet. In fact, I just missed my turn off. Oh well I'll turn around up here a little ways. Are you comfy down there?"

"No." I said sternly.

"I can see a wet spot that you left on your seat. I guess I forgot to put a towel down before you sat. I forgive though, I'm sure the vibrations from the road made it hard to control."

I noticed the spot she was talking about and it was streaked down the seat from my sliding off of it. Oh this was so shameful that I wanted to change places with someone else. I wished I could trade places with Stacy right now and let her live out her fantasy, it would serve her right.

"I wonder where your mom is going? Does she work?"

"She does volunteer work a lot." I answered.

"Oh. She must be volunteering then. Oh there she turned off. Okay Amanda, you can come out."

I felt relieved at hearing her say that and I slowly crawled back up onto the seat, but when I popped my head out the window to take a quick look there was my mom still beside us.

"Goddammit Stacy!" I screamed as I ducked back down out of view. "Why did you do that?"

"I'm sorry. Like I said I'm weak sometimes. She didn't see you, at least I don't think she did." She then started laughing and said "just kidding" but I didn't think it was funny. What would I tell my mom about what I was doing riding around town when I should have been in school, and also why was I hiding from her? God I wanted to kill Stacy.

"Okay she turned away for real this time." Stacy tried to convince me.

"You're lying again." I shouted back.

"I am not. Here I'm even going to turn around right now to prove it to you."

I felt the car slow down and I saw Stacy turn the wheel and we made a sharp turn around.

"See. That was probably even an illegal turn, and I did it just for you."

I slowly lifted my head and peeked out the window and was relieved to see she was telling the truth this time. I looked down at myself and saw that my nipples were rock hard and fully erect and my skin looked all flushed and a deep shade of red. I wished that would stop happening.

"Here's the turn off to my house Amanda." Stacy said as she slowed down to turn. "We'll be there in just a jiffy now. Soon you'll be feeling much better baby girl."

"Please don't call me that."

"What, you don't like being called baby girl? What can I call you then?"

"Amanda would be nice, since that is my name."

"Arenít we testy. You desperately need to cum girl, and soon."

Part 46

"Wait there and I'll get you something to drink that will make you feel better." Stacy said this to me as she walked over to and picked up a glass off of a shelf before reaching into the refridgerator and pulling out a pitcher of what looked like tea. We were standing in the kitchen of Stacy's house, which was quite impressive looking, and luckily was also empty of other people at the moment. Stacy told me that her parents are very busy people and were usually gone until sometime in the evening, plus their housekeeper had the day off so we wouldn't be bothered. I hadn't wanted to come in but she did park in the garage, out of sight from the neighbors, and she promised we wouldn't be here very long and she would take me to Gale's afterword. Of course she didn't give me anything to wear so I had to stand there naked in a strange home, she even had me keep my shoes in the car so I wouldn't dirty any of the carpets with mud.

"Here, drink this." Stacy handed me a glass full of what looked like iced tea but I was hesitant to drink it until I knew for sure what it was.

"What is it?" I asked her.

"It's just herbal iced tea." she answered unoffended. "I drink this stuff myself when I don't feel well and it really makes a difference. There isn't any weird drugs or anything like that in it, I promise."

"I don't want to masturbate in front of you or anything." I found myself saying. "I'm not someone who can or even wants to do something like that. So if you have some kind of plan to..."

"I'm not going to make you diddle yourself in front of me." she interupted, sounding stunned at what I was saying. "I'm sorry if that's what I made you think but I that isn't what I had in mind. What I was thinking was having you do something that didn't even require you to touch yourself at all, although you may still want to." She then pointed down to the glass of tea in my hand. "Drink that up first, I swear it's harmless and you'll feel better in a few minutes. After that I'll show you what I'm talking about."

"If I drink this and look at what you want to show me," I began "will you not take anymore pictures of me while I'm here?"

"Fair enough." she replied, sounding a little dissapointed.

I then started to drink the tea. It tasted like tea but it seemed a little oversweetend for my liking, but it still tasted good nonetheless. Stacy stood and watched me drink it down and she took the glass from me once I was finished.

"The tea had a good deal of ginseng in it" Stacy then explained as she placed the glass in the sink. "It's supposed to give you energy. It also tends to make some people very horny. We'll have to see how it effects you in a little while Amanda."

Oh that was a dirty trick. I'd heard for a long time from other people that ginseng can make you aroused. Why didn't I think of that before I drank that shit? Hopefully that stuff wasn't true and was just a stupid rumor.

"Come on." Stacy said as she gestured for me to follow her out to her backyard. "I want to show what it is I want you to do."

Even though I wasn't sure what she had in mind I followed her out the door and into her spacious backyard. I watched where I stepped since I was now barefoot, but I was able to keep up with her as she led me over to small covered area that was surrounded by a bamboo wall. Stacy turned a knob and opened what was a door that was in the wall and inside was a large hot tub.

"This is what I had in mind for you." Stacy said gleeming as she led me inside and stood me in front of tub. "This is an awesome hot tub, we use it all the time; and when I want to really get off I sit in front of one those jets that make everything bubbley. They work everytime and without fail. I think that's exactly what you need my nudist friend, and we're secluded enough that you can scream as loud as you need to and no one will know about it. Now hop on in and let's get you orgasming girl."

I wanted to run back inside the house instead. It wasn't that I was against having orgasms it was just that I didn't like the idea of someone trying to make me have them, especially under weird circumstances like this.

"Can we do this another time Stacy?" I asked hoping to avoid this altogether.

"It's just that I'm supposed to be at Gale's resting and I have to get ready to go out with you later and everything."

"I think you have enough time to try this experiment." she said to me, brushing aside what I was saying. "Besides I think you'll thank me for it later. Now let me move the covering off the top of the tub first, there we go. Okay get in, the water's a little hot so don't rush in all at once."

Despite my better judgement I slowly stepped into the warm water of the hot tub. I let myself get used to the water before I sat down, but soon I sat to where the water reached just below my neck. I have to admit that within a minute or so I was feeling very comfortable sitting there.

"Let me turn on the jets for you." Stacy then pushed a button that was on top of the rail of the tub and the water began to bubble. I could feel the water move all around my body and relax me even more. I didn't know why I was against this for this felt good.

"The jet that's on to your right there is the one I like the best." Stacy pointed out. "When you're ready that's the one I recommend. I'm sure it won't be long before you're ready to let out all that sexual frustration that you have building up."

"I don't have a lot of that." I replied softly as I let myself unwind in the warm water.

"Oh please," Stacy blurted, "you're a virgin who doesn't masturbate and has been running around stark naked in front of thousands of strangers. It's amazing you haven't exploded." She then stepped back from the hot tub and turned toward the door. "I'm going to go inside and put on my suit so I can join you in there. Go ahead and get started whenever you need to, I'll be right back."

Stacy then walked back out and closed the door behind her, leaving me alone sitting inside the hot tub. I hated the way she said I could get started when I needed to, like I was turning on an engine or something. What I wanted to do was close my eyes and drift off for a few minutes, although I couldn't do that or I might drown. I began to kick my legs in the water and I loved the feeling of the warm water flowing around me and into my crevices, awakening my body in ways that I had been trying to avoid before.

Oh shit I was starting to feel real horny again, and this time I was having a harder time fighting it than usual. Sitting in the hottub like this felt very sensual and I found my hands rubbing up and down my legs with them rotating from inside of my thighs to the outside with each stroke. I thought that ginseng tea was starting to take effect, so much for hoping it didn't work. A feeling of euphoria drifted over me as I found my hands move up my body and start to fondle the underneath part of my breasts and gradually make their way up to my hardend and pointy nipples. I hadn't fondled myself like this for a least a month or so, I shouldn't have waited so long. Soon my head was playing pictures of earlier when I was hiding behind a tree outside of the school when the fire alarm was going off and I found myself becoming more aroused at these thoughts, instead of more repulsed which is what I usually felt when I thought about that stuff. Suddenly the thought that I was trapped naked outside the school was all I could think about and I became increasingly excited as I remembered the sounds of the voices of the others waiting outside of the school as I hid from them. I was so close to being seen by the entire school in my birthday suit and there wouldn'tve been anything I could've done about it. The next think I knew I found myself scooting over and sitting directly in front of the hot tub jet.

'Oh here we go.'

Oh God Stacy wasn't kidding about the waterjets. I felt myself cresting again for the third time as I rubbed myself up against the current that shot through the hot tub and into my body. I couldn't believe that I had so willingly let myself act like this after trying to avoid it but there is just something about sitting in the hottub like this that made it so hard to resist. When the first orgasm came I found myself kicking wildly and uncontrolably and water splashed everywhere but it was so powerful and it felt so good that I was practically in another world and not in my right mind. When it had passed, after what seemed like several minutes, I tried to sit back and let it all pass but then I found myself thinking about how I had to streak through the stands at the Duck's game the other day and before I knew it I was grinding in front of the jet again. I couldn't stop thinking of all the surprised faces in the crowd as they turned my direction and saw my naked body move past them.

I kept hearing the sound of cheering in my head as I crested again and this time I found myself whimpering out loud as my body twiched wildly from the orgasm. After that was over I felt deeply shamed at having gotten off by thinking of something that was so humiliating and degrading to me, I could almost hear Emily laughing at me and telling me that she told me that I liked being naked.

I knew that wasn't true, but nonetheless, the memories of my shame had just made me orgasm and now I was about to come again. God forgive me. Shit this was better than riding on the back of a motorcycle anyday.

I had finally come back to my senses after I sat and let myself be for a few minutes. I felt liberated and like a weight had been thrown off my shoulders. I hated to admit it but Stacy was right, I had built up alot of frustration over the last few days and it came out in buckets thanks to this hot tub. The problem now was all the new shame I was feeling for letting myself go like that. I'm not the type of person who would just go and get off at a strange place like this. 'I wonder if someone filmed that? Shit probably. Dammit now I really feel dirty, I'm practically a porn star.' I felt so mad at myself that I reached over and turned the jets off in disgust. It was then that I noticed a group of figures move outside of the bamboo wall.

"I love the smell it makes out here after a good rain," an adult male voice spoke from what sounded like a few feet away. "Everything just smells so fresh."

I didn't move for fear of them hearing any noise that came from over here, I didn't know who was out there and I didn't want them investigating where I was. I thought Stacy said that no one was going to be here, and where the hell was Stacy anyway? She said she was going to change and come back out, that was awhile ago.

"What's that over there?" another male voice asked. "That's where we keep our hot tub." the first male voice answered, possibly Stacy's dad. "We use it year round so we had a little shelter built for it. My daughter uses it almost every night. I'll show it to you some time, maybe we can even use it later."

I felt relieved to know that they hadn't heard me or know I was in here, but they didn't walk away like I had hoped so I had to continue to sit in there motionless and hope they wouldn't find me. Thank God they didn't come out here a while ago when I was moaning out loud. God I felt like a whore.

"Dad!" I heard Stacy yell from a distance.

"Is that your daughter Phil?" the second male voice asked.

"She sure is." I heard Phil answer.

"Wow she's all grown up."

"Dad." I heard Stacy again as it sounded like she had come up to them. "What are you doing home?"

"I just brought by Sam here and his wife to talk some business. You're home a little early yourself."

"Oh yeah. There was a small fire at school so we got out early today. Nothing serious though. Shouldn't you guys go in before it rains again?"

"In a second pumkin. I was going to show Sam our fountain that we just had put in. Were you going to use the tub or something?"

"Why else would I be wearing a bathing suit in this weather dad?"

"That's a nice suit." the other male voice praised.

"Thank you sir." Stacy replied as she opened the door in front of me. "It's brand new."

I sat down as far as I could without dunking my head under water as Stacy opened the door wide enough to expose my presence to her and the two men.

"Hi Amanda. Sorry I took so long." Stacy said as she walked over to my side of the tub. "Dad this is my friend Amanda Johnson. I think you might have scared her a little since I told her no one would be here."

"Hello Amanda." Stacy's dad said pleasently. I couldn't help but notice what a handsome man he was for someone in their forties. "I'm sorry if me and my associate scared you. I didn't even know you were in there."

e didn't seem to notice I was naked under the water, which I was glad, and I gave him a smile and nodded a greeting to him. I felt so vunerable sitting there like this in front of them but yet I felt my nipples harden underneath my fingers that were covering them, dammit not again.

"I'll let you two alone then to enjoy yourselves." Stacy's dad said with a chuckle. "Nice to meet you Amanda. Stacy's friends are always welcome here."

The two men then turned and walked away out of sight. Stacy then looked at me sympathetically and put her hand on my shoulder. "I'm so sorry Amanda." she apologized. "I swear I didn't know they were coming home, I'm not that mean. Are you okay?"

"Maybe in a few years." I answered.

"You're funny." Stacy laughed. "I hope you were able to enjoy the jets before my father intruded."

Stacy then climbed over the top of the hot tub and got in. I couldn't help but notice what an incredible body she had. She was tan all over and her blue one-piece suit showed off her impressive cleavage and clung to her small hips flattering her at all angles. I could see why so many guys had lusted after her for all these years.

"Did you get off?" Stacy asked me bluntly with a wicked smile.

"No." I lied, I didn't want to tell her the truth and give her the satisfaction.

"That sucks. When my father goes in I'll give it a try and you can see what you may have done wrong."

"Is that really necessary?" I asked not wanting to watch her get off.

"Oh Amanda. How do you plan on being a nudist when you're so shy and such a prude at the same time?" She then splashed water on me and started laughing. "How did it feel sitting naked in front of my dad and his friend?"

"They couldn't see me could they?" I asked frantically.

"I don't think so. But you knew that you're naked and only a few feet in front of them. All they had to do really was take a step forward. My dad's real hot too isn't he?"

"I didn't notice." I lied again.

"Oh sure you didn't. Just wait until you see all the hot guys at the club tonight. And just wait until they see you."

"How am I going to get out of here with your parents home?" I asked changing the subject.

"I'll just explain to them that you're practicing to be a nudist. They'll understand."

"What?" I shouted.

"Kidding." She said as she started laughing loudly. "I'll sneak you a towel or something, don't worry. I'll get you home in a little while. Now relax and let's turn the jets back on."

Part 47

I was glad when Stacy finally took me back to Gale's house. I had to sit there and watch her make herself orgasm twice in the hot tub and then had to argue with her about not wanting to do one myself in front of her. I managed to hold out and she eventually gave up trying to talk me into it. She was unaware that I had already come three times while she was off changing. While she was dissappointed at my lack of co-operation she did take great joy in making me walk through her house and in front of her parents and guests in only a small wet towel that she had brought out for me. They just happened to be in the kitchen when we came in and since Stacy was behind me I couldn't turn back. Of course it was very embarrassing and the towel was soaking wet and left little to the imagination. Stacy felt the need to introduce me to everyone in which I was treated to a 'hello' and a smile from everybody.

Stacy's mom offered me something to drink but I couldn't make myself answer her.

"She's fine mom," Stacy answered for me. "I have to take her home in a minute so you'll have to interview her another time guys."

She then took me out to the garage and made me wait in her car while she went and changed out of her bathing suit and into her regular clothes, heaven forbid she got seen outside dressed like that while I had to wear nothing but a wet towel that barely covered anything. Now we were pulling up Gale's driveway and Stacy had just used the remote control to open the gate.

"It's funny that Mrs. Davis would have a setup like this." Stacy mentioned to me. "Is she really worried about people trying to break in here? And how can she afford this on a teacher's salary?"

I knew the answers to those questions but I couldn't tell them to her because I didn't want to get into anymore trouble so I just gestured that I didn't know and let Stacy pull up to the house. I soon noticed that a black Jaguar was parked in front of the place. I thought the goddesses were there.

"Nice car." Stacy pointed to the Jag. "That isn't Mrs. Davis' is it?"

Just then both Emily and CJ came out the front door and walked over towards us.

Emily came around to my side of the car and reached to open my door while CJ stopped in front of Stacy's door and motioned for Stacy to roll down her window, which she did.

"Hello," CJ said to Stacy in a kind tone. "I'm CJ. Are you a friend of Amy's?"

"Who's Amy?" Stacy asked puzzled as Emily opened my door for me and motioned me to get out, which I promptly did.

"That's what I call Amanda." CJ replied to Stacy. "That's Emily who I always call Em. Do you have a three syllable name?"

"Nope. I'm Stacy."

"Can I call you Stace?" CJ asked pleasently.

"Sure. Are you two friends of Mrs. Davis or something?"

"We're friends of Amy. We heard she got a little dizzy at school earlier so we came here to meet her when she got home." CJ then looked over at me. "Amy, now I know when you left for school you had clothes on. Did you lose them again?"

"Where'd you get the towel?" Emily asked me as she looked at me in serious expression.

"It's Stacy's." I said softly as Emily's expression made me uneasy. "She offered it to me because we were in her hot tub."

"Well give it back," Emily said coldly as she pulled the towel off of me and handed it over to CJ.

"Here's your towel Stace." CJ said as she handed it to Stacy. "Thank you for bringing her home. Are you the one that's taking her out later?"

"Yeah." Stacy answered as she continued to look puzzled. "We're going dancing at this club up in Beaverton. I know the guy who runs it and I have it set up with him for us to get in. I called him when I was changing to use the hot tub."

"That sounds awesome." CJ squeeled. "When are you coming to pick her up?"

"I was hoping a little after seven."

"Can you come a little early? The two of us would like to get to know you a little before we entrust you to take care of our friend, if that's okay with you of course."

"Sure." Stacy answered and then gave me a confused look as to who these two were. "I'll see you tonight Amanda. Make sure you get plenty of rest. It was nice to meet you CJ."

"Likewise. Thanks again for taking care of Amy."

Stacy then gave me one last glance before she pulled out and drove away from the house as the gate closed behind her.

"I think she still has the gate remote." CJ pointed out as she watched her drive away. "Oh well."

Emily then grabbed my shoulder and turned me so that I was facing her and then she put her arms on my shoulders and the back of her hands around my neck so that she could hold me in front of her.

"Amanda I love you but sometimes I wonder where your head's at." Emily told me as she looked me right in the eyes with a serious stare that made me look away from her. "Eyes front girl." Emily ordered. "When CJ left you last thursday morning in the mall parking lot what did she say to do if you got caught?"

I had to think back for a minute because Emily's intense stare is giving me trouble remembering what she wants me to remember. I remember being scared shitless standing naked at six in the morning freezing my ass off and being ordered to walk through the parking lot.

"Answer me Amanda." Emily barked. "What were you supposed to do if you got caught?"

"N... not tell them anything about you or w... what I was doing." It came to me suddenly but I still had trouble getting it out.

"Very good. Now did either of us ever change that rule?"

"Um... I don't think so."

"Well, the right answer is no we didn't."

I tried to look away from her again but she then shook me very hard until I looked her in the eye again. Normally her clear blue eyes were pleasant to look at, but not at this moment.

"So then tell me why then when some young Christian girl who we don't know and doesn't work for us starts asking you questions you thought it was okay to answer them, any of them?"

"I'm sorry," I said weakly, "I didn't think I told her anything important."

"You told her more than she needed to know." Emily said as she leaned her head in closer to mine. "You told her our names, how are we supposed to introduce ourselves now if she already knows what to call us? Plus you let her help you put books away. Our plan was for you to spend the whole period putting books away and having to climb ladders and run all over the library in your little outfit, but thanks to her there was hardly any of that."

"I'm sorry. I didn't know what to do, I'm not good at being rude to people who want to help me."

"Em, back off a bit." CJ said to Emily as she stood next to us. "You knew going in that she's passive. You can't just expect her to push people away."

"I can expect her to do what she's told." Emily responded. "And when she doesn't then she should expect to be punished. Now I appreciate that you were a bit overwhelmed and that later you passed out for a minute from hearing that I was mad at you. But you are part of something very big and we can't have you telling people things without approving them with us first, this is just too important to us. So from now on you don't tell strangers anything about us and if you have a mission you complete it on your own without help from outsiders. Also you will let anyone who wants to take a picture of you take it. I know that those volleyball players were a little rough on you earlier but that wouldn't have happened if you had let everyone take pictures of you that morning when they brought you to school. So from now on you're a full-time model for anyone with a camera."

"That doesn't mean that you have to stop for everybody who has a camera." CJ added. "It means that you can't stop anyone from taking pictures of you, you have to let them."

"And for your punishment," Emily began again "we are going to add a new rule for you. From now on when someone makes a judgement about your body, whether it's a good comment or a bad one, you have to thank them for it and welcome them to judge you more."

"What?" I responded, disgusted at what I was hearing.

"It means if someone tells you that you have a fat ass, you have to tell them thank you and ask them what else they think."

"I don't know if I can do that." I answered honestly. The thought of having to do that made me feel faint again.

"I think you can if you don't want your school to be the next one we e-mail those pictures of you to."

"But people have said some not so nice to things to me."

"And I've heard them say some very nice things about you. You'll have to learn to accept the good with the bad Amanda. Do we have an understanding?"

"Yes." I answered reluctantly.

"Good." Emily praised as the serious look on her face suddenly changed to a bright smile. "I knew you wouldn't give us any trouble Amanda, that's why we love you and we keep forgiving you."

"Of course now we have to forgive ourselves." CJ jumped in. "I can't believe we didn't think to put a camera on Stacy's hot tub. Amy finally pleasures herself and we have no footage of it except audio."

A great sense of relief flowed through my body at hearing this. I suddenly forgot what they had just made me agree to I was so overjoyed.

"Yeah you lucked out sweetie." Emily proclaimed. "But let me reassure you that won't happen again. I can't believe though that little bimbo Stacy found a way to get you to do it so easily."

"It's shocking." CJ added. "First thing tomorrow though a hot tub is going in the backyard, and it's going to have the best jet system."

"As well as cameras pointed at it." Emily chimed in. "As happy as you sounded in Stacy's tub I don't think you'll be able to hold out in the new tub."

They both then embraced me in a strong hug and I thought I was going to suffocate cause they were squeezing me so hard. As they let go they both planted a kiss on my cheeks.

"Lets go inside and let Amy take a nap. I think she's had a long day." CJ said as she started to lead me to the house.

"She has exciting night ahead of her too." Emily said with a sly smile as she opened the front door for us.

Part 48

The clock on the bathroom counter read 6:50 as I stepped into the shower to both get cleaned up for going out tonight, which I was totally dreading, and to wake myself up from the nap I took on my heated cot. I couldn't believe how easily I fell asleep but I was out just a few minutes after I had laid down.

Emily woke me up around a quarter after 6 and informed me that Gale had just finished making dinner and I was expected to serve it to them. At least this time I was allowed to sit at the table with all of them instead of having to eat at the counter like Gale had me do last night. Tonight she made homemade stew and cornbread, I only had two bowls of stew but I ate over half of the cornbread she'd made.

"Not big on counting carbs are you Amy?" CJ had joked.

After I had cleared off the table I was told to shower and undo the pigtails in my hair. I was about to go outside and pee but I was ordered to use the regular bathroom this time, they said that would be part of my punishment too.

I found myself checking the inside of toilet for cameras and at least to my eyes I didn't see anything like that. I peed as fast as I could and hoped that I was able to block wherever the camera was as best I could. Before I got in the shower I gladly undid the pigtails and shook my hair out as much as possible, I was tired of looking like a little girl. Looking at myself in the mirror though with my bare vagina and pale skin I still looked young for my age. Whatever was in that body wash really worked, my skin still felt as soft as it first did on Sunday and I had felt no trace of hair stubble anywhere on my body.

As I showered I used a bar of soap that was provided, I didn't know what brand it was but it smelled really nice and it did a good job of getting the grime off of me. I washed my hair with the same organic shampoo they had me use at the hotel in Eugene which also smelled wonderful and made my head tingle when I rinsed. The fact that I had no shower curtain reminded me that I was being filmed so when it came time to clean my private areas I tried to be as unsexy as possible and I even tried to hide it somewhat but I knew that was probably pointless. Still though I didn't want to get out of the shower because I wanted to delay the inevitable of having to go to that nightclub tonight.

Emily informed me that they were aware of the nightclub Stacy was taking me to and while Stacy did know the head manager there, both Emily and CJ knew the owner and had it set up so that I would have extra security and that they would be in contact with him throughout the night. They also dropped another bombshell on me, Emily said that while Stacy still wasn't actually in it yet, she'd be arriving with someone who was and was going to go with us tonight.

She wouldn't say who it was but it was someone who'd been in on it for a few weeks now. This intrigued me but I couldn't say I was excited about meeting someone who not only thought what I was being made to do was okay but who also wanted to take part in it.

I stood under the warm spray of the showerhead for about fifteen or so minutes and just let myself soak. I noticed the showerhead was removable, but there was no way I was going to use that for gratification purposes right now. It figured that they were going to have a hot tub put in now that I'd had a moment of weakness in one. They were probably going to make me sit in it all the time and try to make get me excited. Goddammit I knew I'd regret letting myself go like that. I heard the door open and I looked and I saw CJ come into the bathroom.

"Okay buttercup," she said as she stood in front of me "I think you've been in here long enough. Stacy has just arrived and Emily is talking with her right now about how you're not to have any alcohol or drugs or anything like that."

CJ had me turn the water off and step out onto the a bathmat. She then handed me three small hand towels and then leaned back against the sink counter to watch me dry myself.

"I love watching you when you're so naked and wet, you just look so vunerable. Are you scared about tonight?"

"Yes." I answered as I attempted to dry myself with the small towels. "How long do I have to be there?"

"At least a couple of hours. Not too late since Stacy and friend have school tomorrow just like you do."

"Do I really have to thank people if they tell me I'm fat or ugly?"

"Yes you do." she answered sympathetically. "Plus you have to ask them what else they think or why they think the things they do. It's meant to make you seem above reproach, like you're a bigger person. It also should embarrass the hell out of you."

"Why are you so mean to me?" I found myself saying as I finished drying. "Does it really excite you that much to see me humiliated?"

"I love it." she answered plainly. "I love it even more that you'll be activly playing a part in your own humiliation. It all just makes me love you so much; this is better than I ever imagined it would be. I think deep down you know you like it too."

"I don't." I said defiantly. "I hate every minute of it."

Well give it more time. I fully believe that you will adapt to this quite well and flourish at it, whether you enjoy it or not. Now c'mon, let me fix your hair and then we'll go out and greet your guests. I'm sure you're dying to see who's with Stacy."

I felt like a part of me was dying alright but it wasn't to see my new tormentor. I hated that this woman had control over me and was making me do humiliating things, and she even had the nerve to keep telling me she loved me, as if that made sense. I'd certainly never think of doing anything like this to someone I felt I loved. I wanted to kill her but all I could do was stand there and let her comb and style my hair. God I couldn't believe what they were going to make me do tonight, this was going to be so awful.

After she finished with my hair, which wasn't anything fancy but did look nice brushed off my face and left to hang down over my shoulders, she proceeded to spray me with perfume on my neck and stomach, and even a little above my crotch, and then she pulled out a make-up kit out of the drawer.

"Need to have that pretty face glowing babygirl." she said smiling. She then applied a small amount of make-up to my face, she more or less just touched me up, and when she was satisfied with her work she put the kit away and then took my hand.

"I have a pair of high heeled tennis shoes for you in the living room." She told me as she led me out into the hall. "They should be comfortable to go dancing in as well as make your legs look hotter. I want you to have some fun tonight so dance as often as possible and with different people. Make sure you don't answer any questions other than your name and the type of things you like or don't like. If anyone has a camera let them take pictures of you. If anyone touches you inappropriately someone will throw them out. No drinking or drug use, no asking for clothes or taking any that may be offered you. Definitely no sex, I don't care how hot the guy or girl is. Got all that?"

"I hope so," I said snidely, "I'd hate to be punished anymore by not following the rules."

"Hi Amanda." Stacy squeeled as she ran up to me and gave me a hug as I entered the living room. "I'm so excited about going out tonight. It's going to be such a blast. Look who's coming with us."

Stacy turned around and pointed out Ashley to me. She was standing next to Emily and had a big smile on her face.

"Hi Amanda." Ashley said cheerfully. "I see what Stacy told me is true; you're a practicing nudist." She then gave me a wink as a large grin grew on Emily's face.

"Your friend Emily here has informed me that you're more than just a nudist." Stacy began as she continued to have her arm around me. "I hear you took a vow in a church to be shameful or something like that. Is that true?"

I nodded my head embarrassed. I guessed Emily was going to continue to push that religious crap.

I've never heard of such a thing." Stacy went on. "And you did it in front of a whole congregation? Shit girl that gives me goosebumps. That sounds like something from some old horror movie."

"She's become very spiritual lately." CJ jumped in. "I'm sure you noticed the cross around her neck, she wears it all the time and many times like now it's the only thing she does wear. She feels it helps her find the strength to do what she feels she has to do."

"Be naked all the time?" Ashley blurted out.

"Carry the burden of shame." Emily corrected her. "By doing this she feels she's setting an example to others to do right."

"Amanda this is too much." Stacy seemed taken in by all this bullshit. "Never in a million years would I think of something like this. How did you come to this conclusion?"

"Dreams." I responded as I looked at Emily for approval. "I had a lot of dreams about it. They were so powerful." I hated lying like this, I couldn't believe anyone would buy this crap.

"Dreams huh?" Stacy pondered. "Did you're parents ever neglect you or not let you do things with others?"

"No." I answered straightly.

"Are you doubting our friend?" Emily accused. "Since we've met her she's been nothing but devoted to this ideology. Look at her now, would you ever greet guests naked?"

"Well no but..."

"Imagine how she must feel right now standing here naked in front of all of us, which she's doing out of faith, and having her friend question her in front of everybody."

"I'm not trying to say that you're lying or anything Amanda it's just this is the stangest thing I've ever heard. I mean don't you agree with me Ashley that to take a vow to humilate yourself in the name of God is odd?"

"Not any odder than some of the other things people do in the name of God." Ashley calmly answered. "At least she's not killing people or trying to take people's rights away."

"Well shit maybe I'm just crazy." Stacy said as she through up her hands in defeat. "Hey Amanda. If this is your thing you know I'm behind you. I really wish I hadn't waited so long to get to know you, you're one complex chick and I like that."

"Glad you came around." Emily praised. "I'm not trying to be a bitch or anything but me and CJ are very protective of our girl here. I can't help but be a little testy when someone doubts her beliefs. We just admire her so much."

"I understand that." Stacy agreed. "I certainly couldn't do what she's done already. Are we about ready to hit the road girls?"

"I'm ready girlfriend." Ashley proclaimed. "I'm looking forward to cutting loose on a school night. How about you Amanda?"

"Oh she's ready." CJ answered for me. "Let's just get those shoes I got for you on your delicate feet and off you guys go."

"Shouldn't we bring at least a coat or a blanket or something for her?" Stacy asked. "I mean it'll be cold tonight and I don't want her to get sick or anything."

"Do you want to take something with you Amanda?" Emily asked with a look on her face that told me what my answer was.

"No." I answered sighing. "I don't want to bring anything. I'll be fine, the Lord will watch over me." I felt sick at saying that last part but Emily gleamed with approval.

"I have a good heater in my truck." Ashley added. "I'll make sure you don't freeze."

Gale then came into the room and stood next to Ashley. It looked from where I was standing that Ashley was about an inch taller than Gale, she is a basketball player and all. It made sense why they would bring her in on this, she's tall and athletic and could kick my ass as well as several others.

"You can wash those dishes tomorrow." Gale told me. "I hope you three have a good time. Don't let anything happen to Amanda, you'll have me to deal with me if anything does."

"I'm not going to let anything happen to her." Ashley said assuredly. "I might even have to protect her from Stacy."

"There's no protecting her from me." Stacy joked. "If I want something I get it."

"We have that same philosophy don't we Em?" CJ chimed in.

"We sure do." Emily answered. "And we want our girl to have a good time tonight. So you guys make sure she does."

Next thing I knew I was being led out the front door and over to Ashley's little pickup truck. It looked like the three of us would have to squeeze in together inside.

"Oh heck Amanda," Emily began, "with the three of you in riding in there the bodyheat alone should keep you warm."

I wished that right then I would pass out again. I did not want to get in that truck with those two and go off to some dance club. But when Stacy opened the door and motioned for me to get in I did it without hesitation. Of course there was a small towel waiting for me on top of where I was to sit. When both Stacy and Ashley got in they rubbed up against my shoulders and I could feel their arms against my sides. It was cramped but no so much that we couldn't breathe, the problem for me was that the clutch sat between my legs and Ashley would have to reach down there everytime she wanted to change gears. This was going to be a long drive.

"Drive safely Ashley." CJ ordered from outside the truck. "Don't make anyone carsick."

"Wouldn't dream of it." Ashley said as she started the car and then reached down and pushed my leg aside so she could put the truck in reverse to back out. Her hand grazed the inside of my thigh as she did this.

"We're off honeybunny." Stacy said into my ear. "I'm sorry that I had to tell Ashley about you but she was insistant about what you were doing naked at school and once I told her she demanded to come too. But don't worry, she can keep a secret."

"That's right Amanda." Ashley assured me. "I can keep a secret really well." She then winked at me again.