Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 38

It was just too good to be true. My sociology class was now half over and I was still sitting comfortably in my normal clothes. I felt like a weight was off me and I could relax and not have to worry if I'm sitting in a position that exposes something embarrassing. I wished I could stay like this all the time again, I liked being the old Amanda over this new one I was forced to become. I would go back to wearing baggy clothes and keeping to myself which was the way I've always liked it. For the past half hour or so I felt like myself again and it was a wonderful feeling. But as I said at the top of the paragraph, it was too good to be true.

I saw that class had another twenty minutes to go when I felt my skin begin to get warm under my clothes. I hoped that it was just from the classroom being so warm and not my body reacting like it did yesterday to the overcoat. I pulled the sleeves up on my sweatshirt to let my arms breathe and to hopefully cool me down. My teacher was lecturing about the class system in India and I was trying to pay attention to what he saying so to distract me from the slowly growing discomfort of my clothes getting hot. 'Oh please God don't do this to me.' I looked over at Stacy who was sitting next to me and noticed her bottle of water she had next to her desk. I tapped her on the shoulder and made a gesture as to ask if I could have some. She nodded and I grabbed the bottle and took a very large drink out of it. It did help a little but it wasn't enough to cool me off, and after another minute I started feeling warmer again. This was just unreal, how could this be happening? They either did something to the clothes or something to me, and I was very worried that it was the latter. Taking all these strange vitamins and washing with some experimental bodywash had done something to me other than make my skin so soft.

"Are you okay?" Stacy whispered to me. "You look a little hot."

"I suddenly don't feel well," I answered her as my clothes became more and more uncomfortable.

"You can have some more water if you want. I have two other bottles in my bag if want to keep that one."

"Thank you." I told her and then took another big drink out the bottle she gave me. Within five minutes I had drunk the whole bottle. My mouth was happy but the rest of me was starting to burn up. I wiped my forehead on my sleeve and saw that I was starting to sweat. God pretty soon I was going to feel like I was burning alive. Shit, I hated to say this but I had to get out of these clothes, dammit.

"You look like you're on fire or something kiddo." Stacy pointed out as she whispered. "What's going on?"

My hand suddenly shot up to get the teacher's attention. Even though he was in the middle of his lecture he stopped and called my name.

"I need to go to the bathroom sir." I said as I started to pant from the heat. "I don't feel well."

"Go ahead." he answered kindly. "You do look a little flushed."

Once he gave me the go ahead I burst out of my seat and out the door. I wanted to go to the locker room and see if Gale had something else for me to wear but once I got out into the hall the heat became more intense and it felt like my skin was starting to burn under my clothes, so instead of making it to the locker room I ran into the nearest girls bathroom. Once inside and seeing it was empty I quickly stripped off my sweatshirt and jeans and placed them over the top of a stall. I immediately started to cool down but my bra and panties were still burning hot on me and my feet were feeling pretty warm too. I didn't have much choice but to take them off as well and once I did my body completely cooled off. I was surprised to see that my skin had just barely turned pink from the irritation, the way I felt before I undressed I expected to see burns on my skin. What the hell was going on with me and what was I supposed to do now? I was sitting there naked in the girls room right outside my class and I couldn't put my clothes back on because they burned. I could just wait a couple of minutes and see if I could put them back on long enough to get to the locker room, or maybe I could just wrap myself in them or something.

Shit if I don't how was I supposed to get out of this bathroom? I leaned up against the stall and tried to think of a plan when Stacy came in.

"Oh my," she said as she saw that I had undressed, "are you alright?"

"I am now." I answered embarrassed.

"What, your clothes made you sick?" She looked puzzled when she said that. "How did that happen?"

"I don't know. Maybe it was the detergent that they were washed with." I was trying to come up with some excuse for her to buy. "All I know is that I suddenly got real hot."

"Maybe it's mental." she proclaimed. "Maybe it's your mind telling your body you don't want to wear these. It could be the same thing as your overwhelming need to be a nudist."

She was insane if she believed that. Although she was supposed to be under the impression that I chose to humiliate myself rather than being forced to.

"Maybe." I answered her. "Who knows? Would you mind going to gym for me and have Mrs. Davis bring me something else to wear. I don't know what else to do."

"You could walk there yourself." She said with a wise grin on her face as she came over next to me.

"What?" I answered confused at what she meant.

"You could streak through the halls to get to the gym. People are in class for the next ten minutes or so, you could probably do it without anyone seeing you."

"You've got to be kidding?" I said to her, but her eyes told me she wasn't kidding. She seemed quite serious.

"Oh come on." She said as her eyes gleamed with excitement. "That's a good test for you. Plus it's just so sexy and dangerous. I think you should do it."

"C'mon Stacy be serious. If I'm seen I'll never hear the end of it. I can't streak through school, I could be expelled."

"But you have the student body president on your side. I know most people don't think that means much, but when you have the connections that I do it's a good thing to have on your side. Plus you don't have a choice."

She then grabbed my clothes, except my shoes, from the stall and ran over to the door and stopped in front of it. I was in shock at what she had just done and wanted to grab her before she could leave with them.

"Sorry Amanda." She said as she stepped halfway out the door. "I can't help it. This has always been a fantasy of mine and I have to have you do it. I'm going to put your clothes in the lost and found box in the office and then go back to class and tell them that you went to the nurses office. The gym is only around the corner and down the hall and I recommend you go soon before class gets out, you don't want anyone finding you in here with no clothes do you? Have fun."

"Stacy please don't..." I tried to plead but she was out the door before I could get to her. I couldn't believe she'd just done that, now I was really stuck.

All I had were my shoes, she even took the socks, and nothing else. I wished that I could just die. God that f*&%ing bitch.

Part 39

I considered all my options for what I should do next and I didn't like any of them, except for the one were I get someone to kill Stacy for me, but I had to chose one before one of them got chosen for me. I stood inside a stall in the girls room wearing nothing but a pair of shoes, which felt better without the socks, and no other clothes to wear. My options were to either hide there in the bathroom for the rest of the day and hope that I don't get discovered somehow, hopefully Gale would come looking for me at the end of the day.

Another option was to wait until someone I could trust came in and I could ask her to get Gale for me. The problem with that was that I didn't really trust anyone that much right now. I remembered that I couldn't ask anyone for any of their clothing so that wasn't an option. I had thought about trying to wrap myself in paper towels and then try to get to the locker room but to my dismay all the paper towel bins were empty. I wonder why I didn't see that coming? Anyway the only other option I could come up with using my nerve rattled brain was to try what Stacy wanted me to do, try and get to the locker room between classes and hope I didn't get caught or seen. I didn't like that option, that seemed like the riskiest of all of them. Remembering that my collar had a microphone in it so that Emily and CJ could listen in on me I went ahead and asked if they would help me. I knew this was probably pointless since this seemed like something they would want me to deal with but I asked anyway. I could almost picture them saying 'hell no' in my head as I asked. I knew the bell was going to ring soon and I felt it best if I at least waited untill after 3rd period started to try anything. I did not want to get caught out in the hall when class got out. I knew Stacy told me I should go before the bell and I was worried that she might have something planned if I don't but I felt it was worth the risk. I didn't fear Stacy like I feared getting caught in the hall.

I looked down at myself and couldn't believe I was naked again and I was the one that chose to undress, no one made me. Those clothes were just burning hot though and I didn't have a choice, and those were my own clothes too. God I couldn't believe what had happened to me, how long was all of this going to last? How much clothing could I wear and did it have to be a certain type of fabric?

Would this get worse or would it get better? How come my underwear burned too and my gym clothes didn't, the underwear wasn't any heavier than what I had on earlier. Was it from my outer clothes pushing on them? None of this made sense. I felt like I was on a reality show and everyone was sitting at home laughing at me. Who knows, maybe this was a reality show.

I put down the lid on the toilet and placed a paper cover on top of it before I sat down. I pulled my knees up under my chin and started rubbing my legs to help comfort and ready myself for what was to come. The bell than rang and I knew it was likely that someone would come in before the next bell went off in ten minutes. I hoped I could get through this part without getting caught or noticed. Sure enough two girls came straight in and went into the stalls next to me.

"God it rained hard this morning." One of the girls said the other through the stall walls. "I passed someone who had gotten rearended over on Elliot Street and I bet it had to do with the rain."

"Someone told me they saw someone jogging out in it." the other girl said. "He said she wasn't wearing much either and what she did wear was soaked and transparent. He wondered if it Amanda Johnson."

"Can you believe what she's been wearing lately?" The first girl said in disbelief. "She doesn't really have the body to wear that type of thing plus the weather isn't right to be dressed like that either. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets the flu or something worse."

"It's funny too, she's always been so introverted and conservative, it just doesn't make sense what she's doing. I did see her between last class, she was dressed like she normally was."

"Really. I hope she stays that way. I can't say she's someone I want to have see like that all the time. Now if Ben Trammer wanted to start dressing like that I'd approve."

"You're such a slut."

While I didn't enjoy hearing that my body wasn't up to standard in her opinion I did understand why she wouldn't enjoy having to see another girl flaunt her stuff all the time, I know I wouldn't enjoy it. I also didn't like hearing that someone here was talking about seeing me jogging. I wanted to unbraid my pigtails so that whoever saw me wouldn't connect me with what they saw but I felt sure that Gale wouldn't like that and would punish me somehow. I decided I would tie them back when I got a chance to, I don't have anything to tie them with right now. I heard the girls flush their toilets and then continue talking at the sink.

"Are you going to Stacy's party this weekend?" the first girl asked.

"Of course. I'm going to be Catwoman. I have an awesome pair of leather pants my cousin loaned me and they look rad on me."


"What was that?"

Goddammit. So much for hoping that Em and CJ were gonna help me.

"I think it came from in that stall."

"That's just my beeper." I said to them through the door. I felt I should say something so they wouldn't investigate.

"That sure was loud." the second girl pointed out. "That won't go unnoticed."

'I hate this f*&%ing collar. That's the third time it's gone off when I've been hiding. There just has to be a way to get this damn thing off.' I wondered if I could short it out somehow? I'd probably get electrocuted or something though. I was relieved when the two girls left after they washed their hands, at least this time giving me away didn't have any consequenses. Right after that though another girl came in and it sounded like she was just checking her makeup in the mirror when thirty seconds later another girl came in.

"Oh hi Tami." the girl who entered said to the other girl

"Hi Wendy." the other girl answered. "Come in to touch up too?"

"Oh yes. How's gymnastics going?"

"Great. I'm hoping to get an athletic scholorship to OSU next year and so far it looks good."

"Cool. I have to go to U of O next year. It's a family tradition so I don't really have a choice. I already met the assistant Dean. She seemed nice though, but she kept looking me over like she was checking me out or something. I hope she's not a dyke."

"Maybe she just wants to see you naked."

"Oh goody. Speaking of naked I saw Amanda Johnson this morning in the gym, she was wearing something even skimpier than yesterday. She was soaking wet too and her tits were visable through her shirt. God what's gotten into that girl?"

"I don't know but I think she looks cute like that, plus is it just me or does she seem uncomfortable dressed like that?"

"I would be, especially since no one else is dressing like that now. It's too chilly right now to do that. But you're right she does seem a little embarrassed."

More like a lot embarrassed. Did everybody have to talk about me?



"What was that." Tami said in reaction to my necklace beeping.

"Sounded like one of those smoke detectors when they go off. It was certainly loud enough anyway."

"Sorry about that," I said apologetically. "I'm having beeper problems."

"I hope it doesn't make you deaf." Wendy said sarcastically.

I was going to have a heart attack by the time this was over. That damn beeper scared the shit out of me (not literally) everytime it went off. It's amazing the whole school didn't hear it.

"Stacy!" Both Wendy and Tami said in unison as I heard someone walk in.

"Hey ladies." Stacy said them. "Is there anyone else in here with you? I'm looking for someone."

"Yeah there's someone in the stall there." Wendy answered. "She's having beeper trouble."

"Oh is she?" Stacy replied with fake surprise in her voice.

"We better go. Class is about to start. See ya Stace."

I could hear Wendy and Tami leave and then I heard Stacy walk in front of my stall.

"Amanda. You're still in here are you?" she said smugly. "I see you decided to wait. Let me in there with you."

I reached over and unlocked the stall door. She then stepped in and closed the door behind her. She looked down at me and smiled her big pretty smile. "You look adorable sitting there like that." she told me in a patronizing tone. "If I had more room in here I'd take your picture with my camera phone."

"Stacy will you please go get Gale for me?" I asked hoping I could appeal to her. "I'll go with you tonight if you help me now. Please don't make this so hard."

"I know this is mean of me but I really want you to do this." she replied sounding commited to having me run throught he halls like this. "I mean it's not like this is new to you. I can live if you don't want to go to the nightclub tonight but this is just too good to pass up, and you know I told you part of my fantasy is for someone to make me do those things so I'm going to play that part this one time. If you do get caught or anything I'll stand by you, I promise. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you don't get expelled or anything." She then bent down and met me at eye level and then put her hands on my hands. "This period I work in the office so I'm going to check back here in about twenty minutes or so. I don't want you to be here, if you are I'll be forced to show those pictures I have of you streaking at the football to some of my friends. They'll keep it a secret but that does mean more people will know about you and they might want to play with you like this too. I don't want to have to do that so make sure you at least you get out of this bathroom if nothing else. Good luck sweetie, I hope you make it okay. I'll make it up to you later for making you do this." She then gave me a small hug, which I did not return, and then left the stall.

"I'll be back in twenty minutes, don't disappoint me." I then heard the door close as she left.

I guessed that ten minutes had passed since the bell rang which signaled the start of class. I stood by the door inside the bathroom and peaked out into the hallway as much as I could. I couldn't believe someone else was now blackmailing me into doing humiliating stunts by threating to show nude pictures of me, and I couldn't believe I was about to go along with it. I tried to see if anyone was still out in the hallway before I even attempted to step out into it, I couldn't risk anyone seeing me out there. I kept trying to tell myself that I'd had to do worse than this but that brought no comfort to me. I still felt scared and nervous just like every other time I've had to do something like this; maybe even more so since I was worried about getting caught more than usual. Luckily I don't have that far to go, only around the corner and down the legnth of the next hallway and then around another small corner, it would've only taken a minute if I was doing it under normal circumstances.

"I'm going to do this." I spoke into my collar, figuring Em and CJ were listening. "Please don't sound off the necklace while I'm out there. I'm not trying to be demanding or anything I was just hoping you could let me try and accomplish this without having to be seen."

I hoped I wasn't just wasting my breath but I felt it was worth a try. If that collar beeped like it had been while I was out there I would be screwed as far as not being noticed.

I poked my head further out the door and looked down both sides of the hall. No one was coming and I didn't hear any voices or footsteps coming from anywhere. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and then took a trembling step out into the hallway of my high school. Once I had stepped completely out into the hall I was overcome with panic and helplessness at the fact that I was living out a nightmare that I'd had in my sleep many times, being naked at my school with the possibitlity of being seen by fellow students. I wanted to run but my legs wouldn't move any faster than one slow step at a time.

My legs were almost like rubber and I was becoming worried that they might freeze up on me while I was doing this, not something I wanted to happen. Shit I was able to move fine when I was moving through the stadium at the Duck game, how come I couldn't now? I thought about going back to the bathroom but my legs kept walking forward with each zombie like step. I covered myself with my hands and arms but only my front, my butt was out there and uncovered for anyone to view if they came up behind me, I feel nauseated at that thought. I could feel my heart beating through my whole body now instead of just my head and chest and I could feel my breathing becoming more restricted. I was becoming worried that I might pass out before I get to the lockerroom, I don't want to imagine how that'd look with me being discovered lying naked and unconscious on the hallway floor, yeach. I just had to make myself move faster.

Just then I heard voices from behind me. My heart nearly stopped at the sound of them and my feet did. I turned my head to look behind me and I could hear the voices getting closer and were about to come around the corner. My feet woke up and I ran down the hall and turned around the first corner before they could see me, but once I was around the corner I stopped in my tracks. I had been just about to pass in front of an open classroom door with a class inside that was facing my direction, if I had run by the entire class of students inside would've been able to get a good glimpse of me as I passed. Shit! I stood back against the wall outside of the classroom out of sight from those who were inside of it and covered myself as best as I could. I could hear the teacher inside the class lecturing about proper sentence structure, something I'd never been good at, and I could hear some of the students yawning from the lesson. I looked down the hall and saw all the other classroom doors were closed and luckily no one was outside of them. I cautiously went back and peaked around the corner where I had just came from and I saw two older women, I assumed they were faculty somehow, standing and talking way down at the end of the hall. If I tried to go back to the bathroom they would certainly see me. I was basically trapped here in this corner of the hallway with no direction to go if I didn't want to be seen, yet I was out in the open and had nothing to hide behind. I was now breathing heavily from fear and nervousness and I began to tremble even harder. But even as scared as I was my body again began to betray me by becoming aroused. I could feel myself becoming flushed from the sensation of my nipples becoming more erect under my covering arms and the harder I pushed down on them to keep them covered the stronger the feeling grew. Shit this never let up.

"Ms. Harding. Could I use the bathroom?" I heard a male voice ask from inside the classroom. Oh God I was going be caught.

"No Gerald." I heard Ms. Harding tell him bluntly. "You had plenty of time to go in between classes. You can wait."

'Oh thank you God.' I peaked around the corner again and those two ladies were still there talking. Why did they have to stand there and talk for, didn't they have a lounge or something they could go to? I couldn't keep standing here like this, I was too out in the open and someone would probably see me. I began to tremble even more as I wondered how I was going to get through this. It was then I heard more footsteps. They sounded like they were coming from the direction of where the two ladies were standing. I peaked around the corner again, this time ultra-cautiously, and saw Stacy walking towards the bathroom that I had just come from. Shit had it been twenty minutes already? At least she'd be happy to see that I wasn't hiding in the bathroom anymore.

"Ms. Harding may I please go use the bathroom? I really have to go."

"Gerald. You should have thought about this before you came to class. You'll have to wait at least until I finish my lecture."

Thank goodness for stuffy old Ms. Harding and her contempt for bodily functions. Now was not a good time for whoever Gerald is to come out into the hall, although he might disagree.

I'd been standing there up against the wall with my arms over myself for what felt like an hour and so far I'd been fortunate that no one had walked by, but those two women were still talking down at the end of the hall so I was still stuck in that spot. My head kept playing out a scenerio where my parents were called by the principal and were told that their daughter was caught running naked through the hallways at school. What made those thoughts so scary was that right now there was a good possibility that they'd come true.

'Dammit I wish those two women would hurry and move on before Ms. Harding finally lets Gerald use the restroom.'

I then heard footsteps again, and they were approaching loudly coming from the direction I had just came from earlier. It wasn't either of the two women because I could still hear them chatting from the same distance as before so it had to be someone else. I stiffened up against the wall as tight as I could and held my breath as the footsteps were about to pass me. I almost fainted as a figure suddenly came around the corner and looked directly at me, I was relieved to see that it Stacy.

Her eyes beamed and the expression on her face when she saw me standing up against the wall with my arms covering my breasts and vagina was of surprise and of great excitment.

"You're stuck aren't you?" Stacy whispered through a huge smile that was on her face. "How long have you been here?"

"Too long." I whispered shakingly. "Can you close that classroom door so that I can pass."

"Sure." she answered as she reached into her front jacket pocket and pulled out a cell phone. "Just let me have a couple of shots of this to remember you by."

Oh she had to be kidding! I was in danger of being caught out here but she wanted to take pictures of this first. She obviously wasn't the one who was naked.

"Okay hold still," she said to me as she stepped back and opened her phone up. "I want as much of you in this as I can fit." She then hit a button and I could hear the click of the photo being taken. She then proceeded to take two more pictures before stepping back over to me.

"I want to take a couple with your arms at your sides." She then put her hands around my arms and moved them off of my body and she placed them back against the wall. She then stepped away again and took several more pictures with her phone.

"Boy these are great." she said as she revelled in her own handywork. "These are really sexy. I'm keeping these for a long time."

"Stacy can you please help me now?" I pleaded as returned my arms to their covering position on my body. "Someone is going to come soon."

Stacy then went over and peaked around the corner and noticed the two women were still there talking.

"They don't seem to be going anywhere." she whispered intently.

"But someone from that classroom might stick their head out or something. Do you want me to get caught?"

"No." she answered sullenly. "I don't want you to get caught. I guess I'm getting carried away."

She then went over and stepped into the classroom and partially closed the door enough to where she was blocking the view of the only opening from inside the class.

"Is Dan Parker in here?" Stacy asked the class as she held her hand behind her and waved for me to go by.

As shaky as I still was I had no trouble this time getting myself to run. I darted right past Stacy and the classroom and ran at full speed to the end of the hallway and stopped at the corner to peek around first. I looked back behind me and saw that Stacy had come back out of the classroom and was standing down there holding out her phone and taking more pictures of me. I hoped they were from too far to turn out, f*&%ing camera phones. I peeked around the corner and saw that no one was in this hallway and I could see the door to the locker room was just a few feet down from where I was. Cool, I thought I was going to make it. Feeling confident I ran around the corner and reached the locker room door within seconds and I could feel a sense of relief flow over me as I reached for the doorhandle. I had made it without being seen despite having to be out in the open for so long.

The door wouldn't open.

I tried repeatedly but it was locked and wouldn't budge. This wasn't right. This door was never locked during school hours, at least not as far as I'd ever known anyway. Again I tried to no avail to open the locker room door.

Shit, what was I going to do? This wasn't happening. I looked around for anyone coming and was still relieved to see that no one was, although I half expected Stacy to come around the corner to see if I'd made it.

"God don't do this to me." I said outloud as I continued to struggle with the door handle. "Not now."

Just then things got worse. The fire alarm suddenly went off which caused me to jump back from the door. 'Oh shit this isn't cool. Soon the hallways are going to be full of people trying to get out of the school. Did Stacy do this?'

I looked down the hall to my left and saw classroom doors suddenly spring open and I felt my body almost go numb with fear. In my panic I didn't think what was the best way out of this I just did what came to my head first. I took off running to my right and without stopping to think I ran out the exit before any more classroom doors opened. It was still raining outside and the cold air blew over me as I ran down the side of the gym and then turned and headed out into the small wooded area that divided the athletic field from the main school. Once I reached the trees I found the one with the largest trunk and ducked behind it so that I was hidden from the school area. I stood with my back to the tree and tried to catch my breath as I realized now the situation I'd just put myself in. I was now naked outside of school and I had nothing to put on out here and soon the school was going to be surrounded by students as they waited for the fire drill to be over. Shit I couldn't believe this.

Part 40

I could hear the sounds of voices from the hundreds of students that I imagined were gathered outside of the school as they waited for the fire alarm to cease ringing. I had to imagine that this was what they were doing since I was way too scared to dare to peek around the tree I was hiding behind. I stood with my back against this cold, wet, and sticky tree and quietly prayed for no one to come by and find me here like this. The trees that surrounded me did a nice job of sheltering me from the heavy rain, but I was still getting wet from large drops that fell from the tree branches and these were colder than the regular raindrops. I had my arms wrapped around myself to help keep myself warm and to try and calm down my shaking body, but it was a difficult task. My breathing was becoming heavier with each passing breath, making my stomach go in and out more each time. I knew that I had to stay still so that no one looking over here would see me but I had a tremendous urge to run for it and see if I could make it to the baseball diamond without anyone seeing me. I thought that I could hide in the dugout, and out of the rain, and see if I could come up with a plan on what to do next. But the problem was that in order to get to the baseball field I would have to leave the wooded area and run several feet out in an open area which would expose me to anyone looking in that direction. While I could probably make it in just a couple of minutes that wwas more than enough time for someone standing in the front of the school to glance over and see my bare ass moving though the field. That was just too risky.

I hated having to stand there like this. I could hear the voices getting louder which made me quiver even harder. I couldn't believe I ran out here like this, there had to be some better choice I could've made instead of just running out of the building. The damn locker room door was locked though and there was no other place to run to, plus people were about to start coming into the hallway so I had to move quick. 'Dammit, I blame Stacy for this. She probably set off the alarm that nasty bitch. I can't believe I voted for her, I want to take my vote back. Dammit and I just got dripped on again, right on my f*&%ing nipple.'

Shit that was cold. God I've never cursed so much in my life before all this happened. Now I heard myself and I sounded like a f*&%ing drunken asshole sailor.

Shit that was another drop and that was even colder; shit, shit, shit! This was hell.


'No! Goddammit not now! I hope that fire alarm is loud enough so no one over there can hear this thing.' I tried again in vain to get the collar off but it was a wasted effort. 'Goddamn those two bitches!' This time it was one long continuous beep instead of one quick loud one like before. 'Shit they're going to force me to run. Oh God please don't let anyone see me.'

Taking a deep breath I made myself start running at full speed towards the baseball field. Once I was out of the wooded area I was hit with the cold rain which nearly blinded me at first when a drop got in my eye. I managed to continue running ahead despite the rain in my eyes and I made sure that I kept the wooded area directly behind me so that it would block me from the sight of most of the school, just not quite all of it. 'Please no one look over here.' As I got about halfway across the open field my collar stopped beeping. I was relieved but also a little mad because they made my choice for me again by sounding that thing off. I hated the fact that they wouldn't let me hide.

When I came up to the homerun wall I turned to the left and followed the curving wall to the entrance to the diamond. I looked down at myself and saw that I was glistening wet from the rain and water was bouncing off me as I ran. I'd been wet a lot so far today. I was glad when I made it to the dugout and could get out of the rain. I dripped heavily on the floor and I again wrung some excess water out of my braided pigtails. I looked around for anything I could dry myself with but the dugout was empty. I could still hear the fire alarm from here so it was probably loud enough to cover the noise from my collar, hopefully then no one heard me. I looked out of dugout back towards the school to see if anyone who may have seen me is coming. I saw no one so I hoped that was a good sign.

I sat down on the cold bench inside the dugout and tried to think of something. 'F*&%, what am I gonna do? I don't want to sit here all day it's too damn cold. To get back to the school I'll have to cross all of that again and then try and sneak into the school and into the locker room and hope no one sees me.' Of course to even think about that option I'd have to at least wait until this fire drill was over and for everyone to go back inside. I was surprised it wasn't over yet, usually they were over by now. I pulled my knees up under my chin and hugged myself to try and keep warm as I continued to think.

'If there's a tracking device in this necklace thing I'm wearing then they must know that I'm here, maybe if I wait long enough someone will come and get me.'

I couldn't imagine they wanted me here all day. Maybe they'd send Gale with a t-shirt or something. I was probably being too optimistic about their intentions with me right then. Just then the collar around my neck became warm again like it had earlier when I had to jog through town. As much as I hated wearing this thing I was glad for the extra warmth it radiated. It was warm but it didn't burn or anything, unlike how my clothes felt earlier when I had to take them off. I was even more glad that the collar was warm because it started to rain even harder, causing large streams of water to pour off the front of the dugout. I was glad I was at least out of the rain then.

My comfort became short lived though when I looked over and noticed that there were people sitting over in the other dugout on the other side of the field.

Holy shit were they there the whole time? I never even noticed them. I must've been too focused on what I was doing I didn't think to look and see if anyone else was there. I could see three people standing inside the dugout and they were all looking straight at me, two guys and a girl. I was frozen with fear as they stepped out of their dugout and began to approach me.

'Oh shit I think I'm in trouble. Should I try to run? Where will I go if I do?' Before I could do anything they were in front of my dugout. I recognized the girl as Tess, a Latino girl who was a grade behind me and who I had in a class last year. The two guys were familiar but I didn't know their names, the fact that they were guys was bad enough for right now. I could see the excitement in their eyes as they looked at me huddled here on the bench.

"It is Amanda." Tess shouted as she came inside the dugout. "And she is naked. Oh my God girl what are you doing?"

I didn't know what to say to her. I was paralyzed with fear at having the three of them trap me here like this and I was unable to say anything. The two guys stepped into the dugout but stayed behind Tess who was now standing right in front of me.

"You look cold." Tess pointed out as I avoided her gaze. "Running in the rain without any clothes on is a good way to get yourself sick."

"She's been running around practically naked for the last few days." the first guy standing behind Tess added. "It's amazing that she's not sick already."

"I want to know why she's out here like this." the second guy demanded. "I mean really, what would inspire someone like her to do this?"

Again I was unable to answer them. I opened my mouth but nothing was able to come out. This was beyond awkward and I thought I was going to die of embarrassment right there and then.

"She seems like she's in shock." Tess pointed out and then sat down next to me on the bench. "I don't think she expected us to be here. I think she came here to hide from the fire drill. Is that right Amanda?"

I gave a timid nod with my head but was still unable to say any words. I squeezed myself tighter and slowly began to rock in place.

"Why are you naked?" The second guy blurted out. "That's the real mystery here."

"I was showering..." I forced myself to begin, using the first answer that sprung into my head. "When the alarm went off I couldn't find my clothes and I panicked and ran out of the locker room."

"You couldn't grab a towel or anything?" Tess asked. "I know I wouldn'tve run outside without a towel or something."

"I didn't see one." I answered.

"But you were able to grab your shoes?" the second guy asked suspiciously.

"You couldn't find your clothes but you found your shoes okay?"

"They were just right there." I replied trying to sound convincing. "But my clothes were gone, I couldn't find them."

"I still wouldn't have run out." Tess told me. "I don't care if there actually was a fire. I think your story has a lot of holes girl."

"I do too." The second guy agreed. "I think something is up with this little tramp."

"Hey watch your mouth Travis." Tess scolded the second guy and then turned to me. "Travis is a little testy with women who show themselves off, being gay and all he gets jealous that he can't be a chick and show off for the guys like he wishes to. Yet he is right that your story sucks."

"I don't even believe it." the first guy added. "I saw you this morning when you ran past the window in my first period class and you looked slightly more dressed than you are right now."

I could feel tears start to well up in my eyes and I felt so vunerable sitting there having them question me like this. I began to shake even harder from the humiliation of this whole thing.

"Alright guys, back off a little." Tess said as she slid closer to me. "I think she's pretty scared right now." She then reached into her pocket and pulled out a pipe with marijuana in it and offered it to me.

"This is some good shit girlfriend." she said to me as she pulled out a lighter as well. "This is what we came out here for. I thought we were hallucinating when we saw you running along the outside of the field before. I was like damn this shit is strong."

"I thought it had to be a dream." the first guy added. "I know I don't see naked girls running around here, ever. I even look for them."

"Karl you're a pig." Tess proclaimed. "I don't know why I stay with you?"

"Because I have a truck." Karl answered back smiling at her. Again Tess tried to hand me the pipe but I refused to move my hands away from my body.

"Oh c'mon Amanda." Tess pleaded. "I think you could use it. I promise I won't let either of them try to rape you or anything so just relax."

"Like I would rape her anyway." Travis blurted out. "She's not hairy enough for me. Karl here on the other hand."

"In your dreams fairy." Karl responded jokingly.

"Here Amanda." Tess continued to hold the pipe out to me. "Just take one hit and I'll let you wear my jacket."

"I can't wear your jacket." I replied timidly.

"Why not?" she asked puzzled.

I remembered CJ telling me yesterday that I wasn't allowed to take any clothing from anyone unless they were in charge of me. In charge of me, I hated thinking that. As much as I wanted to take her coat I was afraid that wearing it would make things worse for me in the long run.

"I can only wear certain types of fabric." I tried to explain to her. "If I wear the wrong kind I break out into a rash."

"What?" Travis asked disbelievingly. "Since when have you had this problem?"

"For a couple of weeks now." I answered as best I could. "It just recently started."

"You just don't want to put clothes on do you?" Travis accused me. "You want to be naked all the time."

"Travis, just calm down." Tess yelled. "Can't you see this is hard for her, she's practically crying. Quit acting like such a drama queen. And Karl quit trying to look at her tits. You've got mine to play with and that more than enough for you." She then turned to me again. "Now come on and take a hit. I'll even hold to your mouth and light it for you, I swear it'll calm you down."

I decided to go ahead and take her up on her offer. It wouldn't be the first time I tried pot and right now I could really use something. Tess then placed the stem of the pipe between my lips and I inhaled as she lit the marijuana with her lighter. I inhaled as much as I could before my lungs were about to explode and I started coughing furiously. I was coughing so heavily that I had to lean forward to help catch my breath which caused my boobs to become exposed to everyone and they jiggled along with my coughing.

"Easy girl." Tess said softly as she started to rub my back. "I told you that was good stuff. Now just try and relax and let it wash over you."

After another minute of heavy coughing I felt the pot taking effect. I felt a wave of calm relaxation flow across me and I leaned back onto the bench and put my legs down and just let my hands cover me as I continued to catch my breath.

"See. You're calming down already." Tess pointed out. "Look you're even letting yourself hang out a bit now. We'll each take a hit and then you can have another one. And if you want to stay naked than that's your thing. Just don't flirt with my boyfriend."

"Oh c'mon." Travis said annoyed. "What a crock of shit. I still don't understand what she's doing."

"Who cares dude." Karl jumped in. "Whatever the reason is I ain't gonna complain. I wish Tess would do this sometime."

"It ain't gonna happen baby." Tess replied just before she hit the pipe.

I was feeling a bit more relaxed since I took that hit but I was still very nervous and embarrassed to be around these three and I still wasn't sure of their intentions. But I do have to say that my limbs right then felt a lot heavier and my breathing has slowed down. After I took the next hit, and after another coughing fit, my body really felt calm and my shaking slowed way down.

I knew I was still blushing but I wasn't feeling quite as jittery as before.

"Wow. Check out how stoned she's gotten so far." Tess said excitedly. "She must not smoke this stuff very much. I sometimes get real horny when I get high. Do you feel horny right now Amanda?"

As much as I hated to admit it I was becomming very aroused from the waves of relaxation that were flowing over me. Even though I was embarrassed with all three of them looking at me my nipples still got real hard and I could feel a growing tingle down in my vaginal area. Oh God I didn't want to be horny in front of them, they'd think I liked this.

"I think she was horny to begin with." Travis tried to convince them.

"She probably thinks she's gone to heaven right now."

"She seems awful scared for someone who's supposed to be enjoying this." Karl pointed out to Travis. "But I can see that she seems to be getting excited."

"I see that too." Tess agreed. "Here Amanda, take another hit." She then held the pipe up to me again and I took another deep hit from it.

This time I didn't cough nearly as much and I held it in for over a minute before I blew the smoke out.

"She got all of that one." Tess pointed out and then put her arm around me and snuggled up against me. "Don't you feel a lot better now?"

"A little bit." I answered softly. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." she answered kindly. "Here. Lets put your hands to your sides now and let us have a good look at you."

"Oh c'mon Amanda, just give us a quick look. We won't laugh at you." Tess kept proding at me to put my arms down and let them see what I was hiding. I was feeling really stoned and I started to laugh out loud despite myself which caused my body to jiggle.

"That's sexy." Karl proclaimed at how I must've looked. "I think she needs to get baked more often."

"Check and see if she's ticklish Tess." Travis requested with a sneer on his face.

"Good idea." Tess praised. "We'll get her to lower her hands one way or another."

"Oh God no." I shouted as I quit laughing and jumped back from Tess who was about to start tickling me. "Okay I'll show you, just keep your hands away from me."

"Fair enough." Tess answered and then sat back and looked straight at me. "Now stand up and put your arms at your sides."

Shit I couldn't believe I'd just agreed to this. I couldn't stand the thought of being tickled in front to them, as aroused as I was I might really embarrass myself more than usual. With the three of them squaring their attention on me I did as Tess asked and stood up and let them look at me. In my drugged state I didn't shake as much as I had been but I still felt myself blush as their eyes started inspecting me.

"Look at that tubby little tummy." Travis said in a mocking tone. "It goes well with your smooth thighs. You have nice tits though. I'd be happy with tits like those."

"Mine are bigger." Tess felt the need to share. "But hers are cute, they're very perky. I like her legs, they're nice and long but they're not too skinny like some are."

"Can you turn around and show us your ass?" Karl requested.

"Hey," Tess said as she shot Karl a harsh look, "don't be looking too hard at her or looking is all you're going to be doing tonight." She then turned back to me. "Go ahead and turn around."

Thank God I was stoned right then because this would really suck otherwise. I did as she asked and turned my back to them and let them look at my butt.

"Wow that ass almost looks like a bow tie." Travis professed. "You don't see a lot of asses like that on white girls."

"That's odd looking alright." Karl added. "But it's awesome. It's like your butt Tess but more compact."

"What did you say?" Tess shouted at Karl. "You didn't just say what I think you said?"

"It's not as nice as yours is." Karl scrambled to cover himself. "Hers is much fatter than yours is baby."

"You watch yourself boy." Tess said as she pointed her finger at him. "I think I get Burger King tonight for that."

God this was awful. I had to stand here naked and hear about my ass, and for the record her ass was twice the size of mine. I could have used another hit from her pipe.

"Are you guys done?" I asked as I turned back around and faced them.

"Just a couple of more minutes." Tess answered me and then leaned forward to take a better look at me. "You have a cute snatch. Are you a virgin?"

I couldn't bring myself to answer her and I just looked away from her and out into the field. I noticed that the fire alarm had finally stopped blaring from the school.

"I'll take that as a yes." Tess stated as she stood up and came over to me. "That's a cool cross you have around your neck. Are you religious?"

"Yes she is."

I turned around to look and saw Emily coming around the corner of the dugout and stepping inside. She was carrying an umbrella and was folding it up when she came over and stood next to me.

"I'm glad I found you." Emily said to me as she put her arm around my shoulder. "You must be cold out here like this. I guess there was a small fire in the cafeteria, that's why the fire drill was so long. They put it out though without much damage. That must've scared the shit out of you when that alarm went off Amanda."

"Who are you?" Karl asked as he glanced over Emily with lustful eyes.

"I'm sorry, I'm Emily. I'm a friend of Amanda's here. I've been worried about her lately with the changes in her life and when I saw everyone standing outside the school when I was driving by I had to see if she was okay. When I heard that Stacy saw her run out of the school stark naked I thought I'd better look for her. I'm glad you're okay Amanda. You looked stoned though. Did you guys get her high?"

"Maybe a little." Karl answered. "We didn't make her."

"Oh Amanda." Emily scolded me as she sat me down on the bench. "You shouldn't do that stuff, it's not good for someone like you. Me on the other hand is another story."

Emily then reached into her pocket and pulled out a bag full of pot and held it up in front of the three of them.

"Look at this." Emily requested. "While whatever you guys were smoking smells like good stuff, I promise you that you've never had anything like this shit. Wanna try it?"

"Sure." Tess answered with an excited look in her eyes. "Look at the crystals on that stuff. shit that looks powerful."

"Just let me put my coat over Amanda here." Emily said as she took off her overcoat and placed it over me like a blanket. "You need to warm up sweetie. If that becomes hot or uncomfortable just set it aside."

I was glad to be covered and I was even a little surprised that Emily was the one that gave it to me. I had almost forgotten how cold it was and the coat felt nice and warm around me. I could feel the collar around my neck start to cool off once I had the coat over me.

"She wouldn't wear my jacket when I offered it to her." Tess pointed out. "She tried to tell me that she broke out if she didn't wear a certain kind of fabric or something."

"She's right." Emily proclaimed. "She can't wear anything to heavy for too long or it hurts her skin. She has to wear light clothing from now on until this gets better. This just started recently. No one knows what it is."

"Really?" Travis responded. "That's tough to believe. I mean she's got that coat on right now."

"She's not actually wearing it though." Emily pointed out. "Plus she's cold so she can stay covered until she warms up. Don't be surprised if she has to take it off before too long."

"That's crazy." Tess said in disbelief. "How could something like that happen?"

"No one seems to know right now. That's why I'm so worried about her. I think it might be in her head."

What the hell was she talking about? She knew full well that anything wrong with me was because of something she did. Now she was feeding them a bunch of bull just like Gale fed Stacy last night. I could do nothing though but sit and listen to her spin her yarn about me.

"What do you mean it's in her head?" Karl asked confused.

"She means she's doing to herself." Tess answered for Emily. "She's causing it but she doesn't know it."

"Right." Emily praised. "Ever since she saw that Passion movie about Jesus and became a follower all this strange stuff keeps happening to her. Here give me your pipe and I'll load some of this stuff up and I'll explain more."

After what seemed like a half hour or so they had finished smoking several pipeloads of Emily's marijuana, which Emily barely smoked any of herself, and heard more of Emily's crazy story about how I became this Christian and had become very ashamed of how I had lived my life before and that suddenly I couldn't wear heavy clothes anymore. She tried to convince them that she believed I had made myself feel so guilty about my sins that I caused this to happen to myself. That I was somehow self punishing myself to make up for all the guilt I felt. It was all bullshit but she did tell it well, and pretty soon the three of them were so stoned they believed anything she told them. By the time she was done they were practically passed out.

"Wow." Tess said half consious. "That must suck Amanda. It must've been humiliating having us look at you like that and you couldn't do anything about it. Sorry to make you do that."

"I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time." Travis added. "I'm just a real bitch myself sometimes. I do think you're a very pretty girl, I wish I could be as pretty like you someday."

Oh Jesus Christ they were really buying this crap. Shit this was unreal. Dammit and the coat was starting to get hot now. Great, now I'd have to take it off. Reluctantly I slid the coat off of me and set it on the bench and then covered myself with my arm again.

"Oh my God she just took that off." Karl shouted. "She's not kidding. Whoa that was some good weed."

"God I'd hate if I had to be naked or nearly naked all the time." Tess said as she leaned back next to Karl. "Having everyone look at me and have to hide all the time. Damn I'm starting to feel horny."

"Me too." Karl replied. "Personally I'd love it if you were naked all time Tess. That's hot."

"How do you look naked Tess?" Emily inquired. "I bet you have a nice little body under there."

Travis broke out laughing after hearing that, and it was hard to blame him. Tess was a little on the chubby side, not obese or anything but not slender by any means either. She did have big boobs and a pretty face but she wouldn't pass for Selma Heyek anytime soon.

"Shut up," Tess fired at Travis. "You wish you were me."

"Then strip then." Travis dared. "Show the blonde what she just asked to know."

"Go ahead Tess." Karl urged. "I know you look great."

"I don't think so." Tess replied. "Not my thing."

"I'll give you the rest of this bag if you get naked." Emily offered, holding up the rest of the bag of pot she had. "There's at least an eighth in here if not more."

"Oh God do it Tess." Karl demanded. "That's shit is awesome."

"Okay." Tess answered unflinching. She then stood up and started kicking off her shoes. "I've never had shit that good before."

I couldn't believe she was doing it. She must have really been stoned. I sat there and watched in disbelief as Tess slowly took off all of her clothes in front of us. I had to admit that she did have a nicer body than I thought she would have. Her boobs were pretty and very natural looking and her thighs were a lot more slender than they looked in her jeans. Her ass on the other hand was as big as a house and her vagina was surrounded by thick black pubic hair. I guess you'd say she was retro looking down there.

"Christ you look like you have the Amazon rainforest growing around your pussy." Travis mocked her. "Karl have you ever lost your penis in there?"

"F*&% you, you damn peter puffer." Tess shouted at Travis and then stepped forward and tried to hit him. While she was doing this Emily pulled out her camera phone and snapped a few pictures of Tess.

"What the..." Tess screamed as she saw Emily stick her phone back in her pocket. "Give me that phone."

"I've already mailed the pictures to my account." Emily said calmly as she stood up in front of Tess. "Giving you the phone won't make any difference you know. I got some good shots of you too. I'm sure others would like to see them for themselves."

Tess immediately grabbed her clothes and started dressing. I noticed the concerned look of shock that was growing on her face while she did this.

"You bitch." Karl yelled at Emily. "What the hell did you do that for?"

"Don't worry." Emily said trying to calm them down. "All I ask is that you keep what I told you about Amanda here a secret for now and no one will see Tess' fat ass. You can even still keep the weed."

"That's really shitty." Travis said and then smiled. "I love it. Gosh I want to be like you someday Emily."

"You'll have to have an operation first semen boy." Emily joked.

"This is f*&$ing bullshit." Tess stated as she finished dressing. "I should kick your ass anyway."

"I don't think you want to piss her off pumpkin." Karl said to Tess as he gave her a hug. "Something tells me Amanda has it worse than you right now."

"If you don't keep your mouths shut about this she'll wish she had it as good as Amanda." Emily threatened. "Now take your weed and get the hell out of here. Don't ever get Amanda stoned again or even f*&% with her. You'll regret it if you do."

With that the three of them slumped and walked out of the dugout and towards the school. I just sat there and looked at Emily in shock.

"For punishment for getting stoned without permission is that you'll be going with Stacy tonight to the night club she was talking about." Emily told me and then put her arm around me again. "Now come on, CJ's waiting in the SUV across the street. Let's get you some lunch and then we'll get you back to school."

Part 41

"I can't believe you got high with those stoners Amy." CJ said laughing as she turned the SUV into the Arby's drive thru. "Just look at you, your eyes are all red and shit."

"Please don't make me ride through this naked." I pleaded ignoring CJ's cracks about my eyes. "I might know the person at the window or something. Please."

"You know Amy, I think you need to get used to the idea that you're not going to be wearing clothes very much anymore." CJ told me plainly. "That means that occasionally you're going to have to let people look at your exposed little self."

I hated the way she said things like that, 'your exposed little self', it made me feel even more naked and more vunerable. It didn't help either that she and Emily were dressed so warmly in things I wished I could be wearing.

Sweaters and jeans, I missed them so much. The car in front of us moved and we pulled up to the menu.

"What do you want Amy?" CJ asked me. "I imagine getting stoned has awoken your appetite."

She wasn't kidding, I felt like I could eat everything on the menu. Oh shit those onion petals looked good. "I'll have a ham sub and a big thing of those onion petals please." I was practically drooling when I said that.

"Sure thing stoner girl. Anything to drink with that?"

"Can I have one of their cappacino milkshakes?"

"Hell no." Emily yelled from the backseat. "You don't get anything with coffee in it dear. I'll have one of those though, and get me their baked potato but have them hold the sour cream and put extra bacon bits on it."

"Still need to know what Amy wants to drink." CJ said patiently.

"Large Sprite please." I answered sullenly. I wanted the milkshake dammit.

"And can you ask for extra dipping sauce for the petals?"

"Anything else babygirl?" CJ asked in a droll voice. "You want a danish too?"

"Would you mind?" I asked timidly which caused both of them to break out laughing.

"You're funny when you're stoned Amanda." Emily told me. "Well have to get you high after Bible study tommorrow. That should be funny."

Bible study! What the hell was she talking about now? I had to go to Bible study with them?

"We should get her high before Bible study." CJ joked as she lowered her driver's side window to give our order into the speaker. "That would be hilarious."

"No. Part of the point is for her to fully expirience and feel what's happening to her. She can't do that as well if she's high."

"Bible study!" I said loudly and then turned around to face Emily as I heard CJ begin to say our order out her window. "What am I going to Bible study for?"

"Why does anyone go to Bible study?" Emily answered smugly. "To study the Bible. Something tells me you could use some freshening up on it."

"Do I have to go naked?"

"Not tomorrow. We'll have something for you to wear this time, but it will be embarrassing."

"Oh what a shock." I said out loud. "What I haven't I had to endure lately that wasn't embarrassing. At the rate you're having me go I expect that I will soon lose my mind."

"We're not going to let you lose your mind Amanda. We love you too much to let that happen. Plus you're doing so well, much better than we could've hoped for. We can forgive you getting high this time but in the future, just say no."

"I can't believe you're giving me shit about that." I was surprised to hear myself talking so boldly but it just came out. "What was I supposed to do? I mean Jesus it was scary having to be around those three like that, I didn't know what they were going to do. It's you guy's fault that I was even at the dugout in the first place with you making this stupid collar go off all the time when I was trying to hide. I mean can you cut me a little slack please."

"Listen to you." Emily said surprised. "Gosh I didn't know you had that in you sweetie. While I don't really like the tone you're using I'm glad to see you're not completely passive."

"Can you guys keep it down for a second." CJ scolded us. "I'm trying to give our order and explain to this person about extra bacon bits on Em's f'n potato and it's hard to with both of you clucking like hens in here."

"Sorry dearest." Emily said mockingly. "Didn't realize that my potato would be so difficult."

CJ then went back to talking to the menu and I turned away from Emily and decided to drop it for now, I don't want to push my luck. But to my surprise Emily handed me a grey and white tank top and what looked like a pair of burgundy colored silk panties. She then leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "Put these on. They're light enough so you can wear them for a long time before they get uncomfortable. This is what you'll be wearing when we take you back to school after we eat and you sober up a bit. I hope everyone likes them when they see you in them."

"These look like underwear." I turned to her and whispered back. "Even more so than the last stuff. These don't look like shorts at all. What if I get in trouble?"

"They're not see through or anything." Emily replied. "Plus don't worry about getting in trouble at school for stuff like that, we have Gale to take care of that crap ahead of time." She then leaned in closer to me. "Just for the record, when those stoners made you show them your body I thought it was very hot. I love how some people have figured out you're a virgin by just looking at your pussy, that must be so humiliating and such a turn on for you at the same time. It is for me anyway. You are just so much fun Amanda, I'm so glad we found you." She then planted a kiss on my cheeck and than sat back in her seat away from me.

"God the guy working here is a retard." CJ said as she finished ordering and then pulled forward. "You'd think I was asking him to build the space shuttle or something. If anything on our order is wrong I'm going in there and beating him up." She then turned to me. "Ooh put on your new clothes Amy, I wanna see you in them."

While I was glad to put something on I would've liked something a little less attention getting. The panties were a size too small and the burgundy colour really contrasted with my white legs and tummy, and they looked every bit like underwear with the lacy trim on the elastic. On a good note the silk felt wonderful on my skin, if not a little snug. The tank top was better, and not as see through as the one I wore earlier, but my nipples still stuck out and it only came to about an inch or so below my breasts. God I was really going to get laughed at now.

"Oh you're so cute." CJ squeeled. "I can't wait to get you back to school."

"Do I really have to go with Stacy tonight?" I asked hoping they would devulge some details.

"Ah yes." Emily answered bluntly. "Did you think I was kidding?"

"No." I said timidly. "It's just that it doesn't seem like Stacy works for you."

"She does now." CJ stated. "She doesn't know it yet but she does. Can you believe that she fanatasizes about the stuff we're doing to Amy, that's some shit right there."

"I know what a stoke of luck." Emily replied. "Who'dve thought that that Britney clone diddles herself to thoughts of being forced to run around naked. She sure seemed turned on by what she had Amanda do earlier, I bet she thinks she's struck gold."

"Do you wish that you chose her over me?" I asked wanting to know the answer.

"We didn't choose you over her." Emily began to explain. "She was never considered. We didn't want a Britney knock off like her, we wanted you sweetie and no one else."

"Why?" I asked wanting to understand. "She's much better looking than me and she might even enjoy this."

"We don't want someone who enjoys something like this. If that were the case we'd put an add in the paper Amanda. The fun is the fact that you hate this and it embarrasses you."

"But why me?"

"That's for later gator." CJ said smugly and then pulled up in front of the drive thru window.

"All in due time Amanda." Emily jumped in. "But just to let you know, Stacy is not better looking than you. In our eyes you're ten times the beauty she is. And we intend to let that be seen."

Part 42

"Can't you give me a pair of shorts or a miniskirt or something else I can wear over these panties?" I begged as we pulled into the school parking lot and made our way to the front of the school.

"Nope." Emily answered plainly. "Besides those are cute panties and they look nice on you. I think you'll find when you walk in them just how good silk feels down there. Of course if you'd rather not wear anything instead of the panties that would be okay."

"I'll wear them." I replied bluntly. "I hate you guys."

"But we love you." CJ said kindly as she stopped in front of the school. "We love you so much that we think about you all the time."

"By the way." Emily jumped in. "We love living at your house. Your mom made us breakfast this morning, she makes good hashbrowns."

Yes she does, and I wasn't there to eat any. The thought of them being doted on by my mother didn't sit well. They were getting what I should have been getting.

"You should've seen your dad this morning Amy." CJ said to me with a giggle in her voice. "I came down in my pink panties and he nearly had a heart attack. It was funny, he refused to get up from the table for the entire breakfast. I think he was hiding his hard-on. What's really funny is that you're mom finds it so humorous, I guess she figures I'm just f*&%ing with him. I think I'll start leaving the bathroom door unlocked when I shower and we'll see if he tries to walk in on me."

God I wanted to kill my dad. A lot of why I was stuck doing this was because of him and his gambling, but yet he was having fun with CJ while I was being forced to particepate in my own public humiliations. I still couldn't believe my parents let these two move in with them.

"I can't wait for you to see what I'm doing to your old room Amy." CJ continued. "I'm having a new bed put in it and I'm going to have the walls painted. It's going to be all that and a bag of chips."

She was throwing out my bed? Oh I wanted to kill her. This was so unfair, I didn't do anything wrong yet I felt like I was always being punished. An angry shiver ran up my body and I held back from yelling at them so I wouldn't make it worse for myself. I hated that she referred to it as my old room as well, bitch.

"Well you better get going sweetie." Emily said to me as she leaned forward from the backseat and put her arms around me. "Your lunchtime period is about up and I think you're pretty sober now after eating everything in sight."

While she was exaggerating a little I was very full. I ate my sandwich and all of the onion petals, they were awesome by the way, and I even ended up finishing CJ's sandwich for her. My stomach felt very heavy right then and I worried that I might put on weight from all the eating I'd beem doing lately.

Before Emily let go of me she kissed me on the cheek again and then stepped out to open my door for me. Before they made me get out CJ reached over and gave me a hug and kiss too.

"Have a good afternoon babygirl." CJ whispered in my ear before she moved back to her seat.

I looked down at myself again before I got out and saw how I looked. I was in underwear and I had to go walk through my school like this. This was worse than those awful gym clothes, at least they somewhat looked like shorts unlike these. The panties were so shiny too and of course they gave me cameltoe... I don't want to get out.

"Today Amanda." Emily barked. "Let's not keep everyone waiting."

I swallowed hard and took my customary deep breath and reluctantly stepped out of the vehicle. Emily got in the front seat after me and closed the door.

"Make us proud Amanda." she said to me through the window. "We'll be watching you." They then drove off out of the parking lot.

I must've stood in front of the front entrance to the school for several minutes. I really didn't want to go in like this. It was about ten minutes before sixth period started, I'd checked the car clock before I got out, which if I remembered correctly was supposed to be a work period for me. Shit what was Gale going to have me do? It was cold standing out here like this, at least I wasn't completely naked this time but these clothes weren't much warmer than nothing and I needed to go inside. I thought about going along side of the school and using the gym entrance I used before but the problem was that people were still out for lunch at the sides of the school as well as the cafetiria would be full of people waiting for next period to start. I really didn't want to walk past them if I don't have to.

The hallways inside were probably empty right now but I'd have to walk by the front office if I went in through here. The office was always full of people. Maybe I could run past it quick enough so no one would see me. I didn't really have too many other choices than those. I knew that no matter what I did I'd be seen by somebody, I wished I could get used to this but so far that wasn't the case.

Fighting back an urge to run and hide again I opened the front door to the school and stepped inside after I took a quick glance to see who was around. No one was in the halls right then so I went ahead and closed the door behind me and slowly walked to just in front of the office doors. I tried to look in the door windows to the office as best I could and even from where I was standing I could see that the office was very busy right now. Shit! I was just going to have to hurry by it. I didn't look over at the office as I ran by so I could only hope that no one saw me. I had to admit that Emily was right, the silk felt great when I moved. It felt almost too good, the panties were so snug that they rubbed up against my clit when I ran which felt so good that I was becoming aroused down there. Oh God that felt intoxicating, I needed to get to the gym before it got worse. I decided to keep running and I made my way down the halls without seeing anyone until just before I got to the gym. I thought I'd wait inside the locker room until Gale came back from her class, that way I wouldn't be out of place if someone saw me. But unfortunatley for me Missy and Danette were standing in front of the locker room door with some other girl I recognized but didn't know her name. I was going to try and turn back but they saw me before I could.

"Well looky looky." Missy said as she noticed me. "Here's our buddy and look what she's wearing now."

"Holy shit." Danette blurted out. "Nice panties girl. Like the colour. Did your other clothes get too wet."

The three of them walked over and surrounded me there in the hallway and Missy put her hand on my thigh.

"Feel her skin Kaitlyn." Missy said to the third girl. "It feels like silk."

"Just like her panties that she has on." Kaitlyn answered and the three of them giggled.

"Please don't do this now." I pleaded as Kaitlyn put her hand on my tummy and started rubbing.

"Oh my God she does feel silky." Kaitlyn said ignoring my plea. "How did you get your skin to feel like this?"

"Guys please." I again tried to plead with them. "This is very uncomfortable for me."

"Well if you hadn't run from us earlier we might be nicer now." Danette told me as she put her hand on my other thigh. "But you hurt our feeling when you darted off like that." She then snapped my panties which made me jump.

"She's a little jumpy is she." Kaitlyn teased as she then snapped the elastic too. "I guess I would be too if I was walking around school in my underwear."

"You know you disappointed alot of people today when you came out of gym in your regular clothes." Missy told me as she continued rubbing my thigh. "So many brought cameras just to take your picture. I think we should wait out here until class is over. That way when people come out they can get what they came for the first time."

Oh God, I didn't want any more pictures of me taken. And I certainly didn't want them taken by my fellow classmates. I tried to move past the three of them but they managed to block me and continued rubbing my body.

"Look she's nipping out." Danette pointed out to my dismay. "She's either loves this or her skin is real sensitive."

"Probably both." Missy said with a laugh. "I have to admit I could do this all day, does this mean I'm turning gay?"

"If you are then so are we." Kaitlyn joked. "Are you gay Amanda?"

"No!" I shouted and again tried to push their hands away to no avail.

"Then you must hate this?" Kaitlyn said smiling. "Too bad for you."

Then to my horror the class bell rang. I again tried and failed to get away from the three of them. This time they held me by my arms to keep me from getting away. Soon classroom doors sprung open and people began to file into the hallway. It was no time before they all noticed me.

"Crap there she is." One guy yelled out. "My God look at what she's wearing."

Within seconds I heard the sound of cameras going off around me. As much as I struggled I couldn't get away from my captors who were holding on to me tightly.

"Wow look at her little panties." A laughing female voice blurted out. "She must be crazy or something to wear those outside like that. Look at her tummy too."

I thought I was going to faint as a large crowd gathered around me and kept taking pictures. The clicking was non-stop and I heard them from all angles. God please help me.

"Get away from her." Gale yelled as she came out of the gym. "What do you all think you're doing to this poor girl?"

The three girls who were holding me suddenly let go and took off running down the hall. Gale grabbed me and pulled me into the locker room and away from the crowd.