Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 30

It had gotten dark by the time we arrived back in town. I was really dreading having to go to live with Mrs. Davis and I was hoping that maybe I could get them to change their minds. "Please don't make me live with Gale." I said to them resectfully. "I know you have a plan and all and I'm not trying to be demanding or anything but is there any way I can convince you to change your mind about this?"

"Nope." Emily answered without blinking. "As much as I understand your hesitation at having to live with that amazon I'm afraid it's quite nessisary. She has no life so she can devote a great deal of time to you, plus she can keep you safe and I know you won't disobey her."

"We can't really have you naked at home around your parents either." CJ added. "I mean really, how morbid is that. This way you can be naked and you won't get into any trouble."

"But she's not really all that nice." I continued in vein. "What if she gets carried away or something? I won't be able to defend myself from her."

"Oh Amy," CJ scoffed, "we wouldn't put you somewhere that would endanger you. Besides we have cameras all over her place, if she does something we don't approve of then you're out of there. She's having too much fun anyway to want to ruin this. She said the reason her husband left her is because he claims she was too dominearing, she had him do all the yard work and cleaning, including laundry, and he felt she was taking away his manhood. She says she really misses having someone to serve her so she's not going to blow this."

"She does all the cooking though." Emily added. "You won't have to do any of that. Besides we don't want to risk having you get burned by any hot stoves."

"Will I be able to talk to my parents?" I asked, abondoning hope that I could get out of the living arrangements.

"You can talk to them every night. But you should know that they no longer get a say in what happens with you." Emily explained to me. "For all intents and purposes we're your parents now. And we're gonna make sure you're okay. Gale's not going to hurt you, just make sure you do what she says."

CJ was driving through a neighborhood not far from the high school when she turned down a long driveway that came to a fenced gate that was in front of a nice looking one story house. The property was completely encased with a ten foot tall wire fence that looked like it might be electrified.

"She had this electric fence put in last week just for you babygirl." CJ explained. "This way no one will get in without letting everyone know."

CJ took out a small remote and pressed a button which made the gate automatically open. I began to feel like I was being transported to a prison, I guess in a way I was. When the gate was completely open we drove through and parked in front of the house. Gale came through the front door, still wearing her sweatsuit from school, and walked over to the SUV. Emily then got out and again opened my door for me and asked me to step out.

"Oh good," Gale said to me as she came over to our side of the SUV, "I see you're already in your uniform. The first rule of your new job is that you must be naked at all times while inside the fence, you cannot wear anything other than some sandals I have for you when you work outside." She then gave me a very strong embrace. "Welcome Amanda. I've been looking very forward to this for almost a month."

A month? She knew that far ahead of time that I'd be living here? I just found out today. I felt like I was on a train and had no idea where it was going to take me, and I just then realized I was on the train.

"Lets get inside, it's cold out here." CJ said as she bundled her coat tighter. "I don't like to be chilled."

I wanted to smack her for that one. She was complaining about being cold while she made me stand there naked. She didn't know what cold was.

"C'mon Amanda," Gale said as she took my hand, "I wanna show you your new home."

We walked inside and I was thrilled to see that she had a fire going in her fireplace. It made the room real warm and cozy and felt great on my cold skin. The living room was very spacious and well kept, and I noticed she had one of those heated chairs that they had in our hotel room.

"This is your chair Amanda." Gale said as she placed her hand on the heated chair. "You also have one of these in your room. You will be cleaning this room at least once a week if not twice, but you won't have to make any fires in the fireplace, I'll do those."

We then moved into the kitchen which was very large and had a big stainless steel stove and oven and several pots and pans hanging from racks. There was a small dining area with a table attatched at the end. It was quite impressive.

"Here's the kitchen." Gale continued. "I like to cook but I hate having to clean the messes I make so you'll be doing that pretty much everyday. You'll also mop and do the dishes everyday as well. I have an electric dishwasher but I don't like to use it, I'd rather you did the dishes by hand. Let's show you the laundry room."

She then led us to a small room with a washer and dryer and an area to fold clothes. I have to admit that I rarely did my own laundry since my mom never seemed to mind doing it. Although I didn't really have much laundry of my own to be doing.

"The washer and dryer are brand new and easy to use so you should find doing my laundry a breeze. Let's show you your bathroom next."

The bathroom was good sized and had a bathtub with the shower. I noticed that the shower curtain had been taken down though.

"You'll be using this bathroom. I have my own that's attatched to my bedroom. You won't be allowed in either of those rooms though since they have clothes in them, and no cameras so they'll be locked at all times. You'll find this bathroom is more than adequate for you anyway. The shower is great."

"Is there a camera in here?" I asked making a note of her saying that hers didn't have them.

"Yes there is." Emily answered. "Two of them actually. One is aimed at the shower while the other is aimed at the sink area."

"The toilet is next to the sink." I pointed out.

"It sure is. But don't worry. We have a place for you to have some privacy if you really want it. We'll show you that in a few minutes. Gale, lets show her her room."

Gale then led us across the hall and into what was going to be my bedroom. The first things I noticed were the three blown-up pictures of me hanging on the walls. One was of me laying stretched out on the bar at the hotel, I had a smile on my face and I looked like something out of Playboy magazine. I couldn't help notice I still had pubic hair in that one. The next one was of me running across the football field during the Duck game. I was caught in midstride with my breasts heaving and my vagina in clear view while the Duck football players watched from the sidelines. The last one was of me from last night sitting on my bed doing my sociology homework. I was sitting in the indian position on my bed with papers spread out before me. I actually looked like I was concentrating on something and the fact that I was naked was lost on me. It looked so natural. Looking at those pictures made me want to hide in a closet. The room was also filled with several crucifixes and images of Jesus, which also made me uneasy. There was a desk in the corner and the other heated chair was next to it. In the other corner was what looked like the same heated cot I had slept on at the hotel, it still didn't have any covers on it.

"What do you think Amy?" CJ asked me as she looked around the room pleased.

"Why is it like this?" I responded wanting to know what the point of the pictures was.

"We want you to always be reminded of who you now are. The crosses remind you that you took a vow before Christ and the Almighty and the pictures are to remind you of what the vow was for. The desk is just for you to do your homework." CJ then pointed to a small stereo in the corner by the door. "You can also listen to music in here to help you relax after a long day. We even bought you all of the Dave Matthews' Band CD's. Pretty cool of us huh?"

"Do I get any blankets?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Why would we get a heated bed if you going to have blankets? Silly."

I already hated this room. Everything I hated about this whole situation was in there. Those pictures of me naked, no dresser with clothes in it, the riminder of what they made me do in church with all the crosses, and a bed with no covers. I was sure there was a camera in here too filming all of this. The worst thing was that there was nothing of mine in here.

"Can I have the picture of me and my family from home in here?" I asked hoping they'll let me have something.

"I think that would be okay." Emily answered kindly. "We'll pick it up tonight when meet up with your folks."

"You said something about a place where I can have some privacy." I reminded her, wanting to know what that was.

"Oh yes. Let's go out back."

Gale then led us to the back door and out on a wooden porch where she turned on a floodlight. The entire back yard was instantly illuminated and I saw that it was good sized. The electric fence outlined the property and the far back contained a shed and a small flower garden. Gale then had me follow her down off the porch and over to the side of the house where there was a small stretch of grass that stopped at where the garage would be. I could hear the humming of the fence and I would say there was a good 7 or 8 feet between the house and the fence give or take a few inches.

"This is a spot where we have no cameras facing." Emily told me as she came over to us. "If you want to pee in privacy you can come out here to this spot. You could probably crap too if you really wanted to, you'd probably have to bury it or clean it up though."

I couldn't believe what she was telling me. If I wanted to go to the bathroom without being filmed I have to come out here and go like a dog? That was inhumane. I was a human being dammit, I shouldn't have to bury my own feces. God and it was cold out here too, oh the humanity.

"Anyway it's cold out here lets go back in, unless you have to go Amanda." Emily said in a patronizing tone. I just gave her a serious look to let her know I wasn't amused. "Gale. When we go inside me and CJ need a word alone with her before we go. We have one last thing to give her."

Gale went into the kitchen to start dinner while Emily and CJ led me into what was now my bedroom and closed the door behind them.

"Why don't you have a seat Amanda, this won't take long."

As I sat down in the chair in front of the desk Emily took what looked like a necklace box out of her purse. Both she and CJ then sat down on the bed and made eye contact with me.

"Amanda," Emily began, "we do feel it's fair to have to warn you that there are other reasons why we have to have you protected other than keeping you from being raped by horny guys. It's unfortunate but over the last few years both me and CJ have made a handful of enemies, I know that's tough to believe but it's true. Because of this we do worry that someone might try to get back at us by possibly trying to take you hostage."

Taking me hostage? Jesus Christ I hoped she was exaggerating about that.

"We have no intention of letting any of these vermin come anywhere near you," Emily continued, "but because we work with human beings there's always a chance of some kind of error. So we are going to take a precautionary measure by having you wear this."

She then opened the box and took out what looked like some sort of collar with a cross hanging from the front of it. The collar was black with gold trim while the cross looked gold with a series of different colored crystals on the outline. The collar looked like it fastend in the back with some sort of latch. To me it looked rather tacky.

"This has a homing device in the collar. It tells us where you are at all times and it has a lock on the back so it can't be taken off without a key. So if in case someone gets to you we can track you and find you from anywhere in the world, plus it is also able to tell us your heartrate so we know that you're okay. It's the same type of thing they use with people who are under house arrest except they use an ankle braclet instead of a neck collar."

Right then I'd rather have been someone that was just under house arrest rather than be their personal prisoner. I thought to myself that there was no way I was going to let them put that thing on me, who knew what else it did.

"I don't really feel comfortable wearing that thing if I can't take it off." I told her. "What if it's too tight or something?"

"It's adjustable." Emily answered. "It won't choke you. Plus it's light as a feather, you'll hardly know you're wearing it. It's also waterproof so you can shower with it and it's made so that it won't irritate your skin. It has a mini microphone on it so we can listen to you if you're somewhere out of sight so we know if you're in any danger. We added the cross to make the christians happy. It's for your own safety that you wear it."

"Does it do anything else?" I asked feeling there was more to this then what they were telling me.

"Maybe." Emily said with a knowing grin. "It's not a shock collar if that's what your worried about, I know we can motivate you without having to electricute you. You'll just have to wait and see if does anything else."

"What'll happen if I say no?" I knew I was taking a risk by asking this but putting on that thing might be worse than anything else they might do to me otherwise.

"Ooh." CJ said as she sat up in surprise. "She's feeling brave. We must've come to one of her breaking points. I guess you need a refresher girl. If you say no than your dad goes up the creek, your brothers kid grows up on welfare, and every image we have of you will become public domain."

"Now wait a minute CJ." Emily interupted. "I don't mean to contradict you in front of her but let's look at this for a second. Up to this point Amanda has done everything we've told her to, she's had to be prodded a little but that's to be expected from a normal human being. I think now she just needs a little extra prodding and I don't think it would take much." She then got off the bed and leaned down next to me beside my chair. "You must know that with your dad stealing money for all this time that it won't be much longer before the feds figure out on their own that some numbers haven't been adding up right. We've been doing are best to help him keep his tracks covered but the government is a huge operation and we can only throw them off for so long. If he does get caught how is he going to pay for a good lawyer? How will he make bail? How will your folks pay their bills? Did you ever think about that?"

I could see where this was going. I was beginning to feel like one of those kids from Korea that gets sold by their family to pay the bills.

"Will you take care of us if my dad get caught?" I asked trying to sound respectful.

"I guess that's up to you isn't it." she replied with a serious expression on her face. "We'll take care of everything as long as you do what we tell you."

"Does that include unforseen events?" I felt I needed to add that.

"We will take care of you." she answered looking directly into my eyes with a stern look. "Don't test my patience by asking again."

Actually feeling as if I may have accomplished something I respectfully gave into their request. It was a small victory but at least I knew now that my family was covered on all bases.

"You've made the wise choice Amanda." Emily praised as she stood up and took out the collar. "Now stand up and let me put this on you."

I still hated the idea of letting them put their dog collar on me but I really had little choice. I hoped God was going to give me lots of extra points for doing this for my family. I got out of the chair and stood with my back to Emily. I felt her place the collar around my neck and then heard the sound of it clicking into place. I could feel her take something to the back of it, probably a key of some kind, and I heard a locking sound as she pressed against it.

"There. Does that feel tight?" She asked.

"No." I answered truthfully. "It actually feels rather comfortable. You're right about it being so light."

"Cool. Just to let you know only CJ and I have a key that unlocks it. It does look good on you. What do you think CJ?"

"It works. But we're not through are we?"

"Nope. Sit back down Amanda and put your hands behind your back."

'There's more,' I thought they said it was one thing. I did as I was told and CJ pulled a pair of handcuffs out of her purse and handed them to Emily. I pulled my hands back in front of me at the sight of the cuffs.

"Hands behind you." Emily ordered firmly. "Don't make me get Gale."

Not liking the sound of that I put my hands around my back again. Emily immediately placed the cuffs around my wrists locking me to the chair.

"CJ would you be a dear and go get my laptop for me please?"

"Why certainly Em. I'll be right back."

CJ then got up and left the room as Emily went back and sat on the bed again. "I hate to have to do this sweetie but you've got to learn not to question us. Do you have any idea how much that tracking collar costs? I can tell it's more than Gale's salary at the school. For what we paid to have it made for you you're going to wear it. So to insure you don't question us in the future we're going to have do what we threatend to begin with, send some of those pictures of you to high school e-mail lists."

Oh shit. I now wished I had kept my mouth shut. My heart instantly came alive with heavy beats making me light headed.

"I'm so sorry Emily, I wasn't trying to question you." I began to plead. "It's just that all this scares me and having to wear this collar just made me crack a little. Please, please, please don't do this, I'm begging you."

"I'm afraid I have no choice cupcake. You tried to bargain with us, we can't have you doing that all the time. I'll tell you what, the schools we send them to will be far from here. More than likely the pictures won't make their way up here."

CJ then re-entered the room carrying the laptop which she then handed to Emily. As Emily turned the computer on I tried to appeal to CJ by giving her a pleading look, she just smiled at me and shook her head.

"Okay." Emily said as she typed something into the laptop. "I thought we'd send some to both Medford and Ashland High schools since they're both good size yet they're both down by the Cali border. They seem like good spots."

"Medford has two schools." CJ added. "Are you going to e-mail both?"

"Might as well."

Emily then typed some more into the computer as I could feel my stomache quivering more with each passing second. While both Medford and Ashland were hundreds of miles from here I still felt nauseated at the thought of hundreds, possibly thousands of high school kids learing at my naked body.

"What pictures are you going to use?" CJ asked Emily.

"I thought the origional shower photos and a couple of the ones of her running across the field to the baseball diamond would be good. Did you want something else added?"

"How about one of her sucking her thumb. I love those ones."

"Okay. We'll use one."

I leaned back in the chair and began to rock nervously in it at hearing what pictures they were sending. I began to pray for a miracle shutdown of the internet so that she couldn't mail them.

"Please don't do this." I attempted to beg one last time. "I'll sleep outside if that'll change your mind."

"You'd sleep outside anyway if we wanted you to." CJ reminded me. "Now just sit there and be quiet."

"Okay it's ready to go." Emily then stood up and turned the laptop around so that the screen was facing me. "Watch the screen Amanda."

Emily then pushed a button on the keyboard and I watched as the e-mail was sent out. The window on the screen that showed the processing popped up and I watched in horror as the blue line slowly crept from 0% on it's way to 100% completed. I actually tried to test my bonds on the chair in hopes I could break them and grab the laptop, but it was completely useless. When it hit 100% the phrase 'mail sent sucessfully' came across the window and my heart sank. What I had hoped to avoid was now really set in motion, I'm a high school pinup. I leaned forward in defeat and began crying.

"I'm sorry to have to do that Amanda." Emily said softly as she closed the laptop. "We still love you though. That was for your own good." Emily then unlocked the cuffs and I covered my face with my hands and continued sobbing. How was I ever going to get over this?

Part 31

I have to give Gale credit, she's a pretty decent cook. As upset as I was earlier with Em and CJ I would've thought that I wouldn't have much of an appetite but yet I was eating my second helping of fettuccini with alfredo sauce and scarfing down every bit of it. It was so good it just seemed to melt in my mouth. The only bad thing was that I had to eat standing next to the counter in the kitchen. Gale liked the idea of her sitting alone at the table and having me standing ready to attend to any needs she had, like refilling her glass of iced tea or getting her a clean fork because she dropped hers on the floor. It was quite apparent that she was going to let this maid thing go to her head.

Earlier I sat alone in my new bedroom for at least a good half hour or so after Em and CJ left trying to get a grip on myself. Before the two of them went to meet my parents they attempted to console me by telling me that with all the people who had already seen me and had their own personal photos of me that a few more shouldn't be that big a deal. While there was logic in that statement it didn't take into account that these were entire highschools full of people my own age, some of whom I might end up meeting in college or someplace like that someday, and all of them would have the same group of pictures of me which they could do with as they pleased. Needless to say their attempts at comforting me where as useless as my attempts at pleading with them had been. I spent most of my alone time in the room with my head in my hands and my eyes aimed at the floor. I didn't want to look up for the last things I wanted to look at where the pictures of me on the wall. CJ had turned on the chair I was sitting in before they left and it did help me calm my shaking limbs when it got good and warm. By the time Gale came and told me that she had finished dinner and she wanted me to serve it to her I was actually able to make myself get up and follow her without much trouble.

"What is that thing around your neck?" Gale asked from the table.

"It's something they're making me wear." I answered her as I poured myself a fresh glass of tea. "I can't take it off either, they have it locked on."

"Oh my." she said in bewilderment. "They're really shameless aren't they? Does it have a shocking device or anything like that?"

"They said it didn't, but they said it had a tracking device."

"It does? I guess any ideas about running away and hiding are out the window. They probably use a satellite for that thing." Gale then held up her plate.

"I'm ready for another helping Amanda, and bring the ice tea back with you."

I went over and grabbed her plate as I thought about what she had just said. 'She's right, I can't run away now.' I hadn't really had a real plan to try and run because of what they had on my dad but now any future chances of getting away were now gone as long as I was wearing this collar. Shit I hated those two, I was sure that was part of their motivation all along. When I had filled Gale's plate up I grabbed the pitcher of iced tea and took them over to the table.

"Thank you Amanda," she said to me as I placed her plate in front of her and filled her glass with tea. "Please stand here for a second, I'm interested in something." She then bent her head down in front of my crotch and took in a big whif of air with her nose. "Ooh. Smells like you've been aroused a few times today haven't you?"

I almost dropped the iced tea at hearing her say that. Of all the embarrassing things I'd heard said to me the last few days I think that one jumpped near to the top of the list. My shame caused me to step back from her a little and place my hand in front of my vagina, blocking her smelling.

"Oh it's okay Amanda." Gale said in a understanding tone. "It's perfectly natural to get aroused from the excitement of being naked. When I was in college I once streaked across campus and let me tell you that I was ready to go out and grab the fist guy I saw when I was done it made me so horny. As a matter of fact that's what I did, he never it saw it coming. He ended up having to be bedridden for a day or two after I was done with him."

The poor guy, he may have been afraid of women forever after that. The thought of Gale streaking wasn't something I wanted to think about either, people on that campus that day must still be having nightmares.

"Too bad you don't have that option." she continued. "It's too bad for you that they plan on keeping you a virgin, but there is one person you can have sex with though and still be virtuous." She then reached over and pushed my hand I was covering myself with into my crotch. "You can be your own best friend you know."

Again I almost dropped the tea. I didn't like at all where this was going and I walked back over to the counter and sat down the pitcher and hoped she would change the subject.

"Oh Amanda, I can see why you're still a virgin despite being so cute. You're too uptight. It's perfectly normal for a girl to double click her mouse from time to time, we all need a release. I'm not ashamed to say that I do it."

She should be. God she's putting more unwanted mental pictures in my head, at least Em and CJ had some tact.

"You're not being filmed 24/7 like I am," I told her as I washed my hands and went back to my plate. "Anything I do becomes something that gets held over my head and used against me. I have no intention of giving them images of me gratifying myself."

"You won't be able to hold out forever." She said with a smug tone. "One day you won't be able to help yourself. You know you do have the one hiding place with no cameras so you can have privacy."

You mean outside next to the house? That seems hardly ideal for something like that."

"It can certainly be used for more than just pissing. I imagine that soon you'll find yourself spending more of your free time out there than you might believe now."

"Is it okay if we drop this subject?" I asked not liking this topic. "I mean no disrespect but I'm trying to eat and I really don't like talking about masterbation with people."

She then burst into laughter and said "Oh Amanda. The more time I spend with you the more I see why they wanted you so bad. You're so shy about everything yet here you are standing naked eating dinner, incredible." She then began swirling pasta onto her fork. "Okay, we won't talk about that anymore for now. But I do still believe it's just a matter of time."

Part 32

It was now 7:45 according the clock on the microwave. I had finished mopping the kitchen floor and was thrilled to be done with cleaning the kitchen. Before I did the floor Gale had me put away the left over fettuccine, wash all the dishes including the pan she made the food with, clean all the counter tops including the stove and the kitchen table, put all the dishes away, and go out to the living room and refill her glass of wine what seemed like every fifteen minutes. She told me I'd be doing this every night as long as I lived there with her. She even took a few pictures of me while I was mopping with her digital camera, she said they were for her own personal collection -- great.

After I put the mop and bucket away I went into the living room where Gale was sitting watching Fox News and sipping her wine.

"I'm done with the kitchen." I said as I stood just behind her chair. "Is there anything else tonight?"

"I have some laundry you need to get started but that can wait until later." She then stood up and walked over to a closet and took out a jacket. She then reached down a picked up a pair of sandals and handed them to me.

"Here, you can wear these." she told me as she put the jacket on. "We need to walk down to the mailbox down the street and drop off some letters."

I hoped she was going to hand me more than just these sandals if she expected me to walk down the street with her. God couldn't I at least get a small reprieve from this?

"I don't have to go like this do I?" I asked refering to my nakedness.

"Of course you do." She answered cheerfully. "You have to do something like this every night, it's part of your new life. You have to get used to doing everyday things while you're naked or at least nearly naked."

Oh God I didn't want to hear that. I didn't want to be a nudist and have to do everything naked, what an awful way to live.

"But it's cold out there." I whined. "I could freeze."

"It's only in the 40's out there." she replied as she slung her purse around her shoulder. "It has to be below 32 for you to freeze. I hear you're taking special vitamins any to prevent you from getting sick. Besides it's only a couple of blocks to the mailbox, you'll be fine."

"Someone might see me and call the police." I pointed out in desperation.

"We'll deal with that if it happens," she responded unworriedly. "This is a quiet neighborhood so we shouldn't have any problems. How do you feel?"

"Like I don't want to do this." I answered looking at the floor.

"That's understandable. We have to do many things in life that we don't want to do but that's how we take care of ourselves and we become better people because of it. You're going to get through this and I'm going to make sure you keep getting through this, I have a great deal invested in you and I believe you can make me proud. Now put on those sandals and lets go for a walk."

She talked like the insane person that she was. Doing as I was ordered I slipped on the sandals and found them to be pretty comfy. Gale walked over and opened the front door and held it open for me to walk out.

"Can't we wait until later when we know most people will be asleep?" I asked her as I began to tremble at the cold air coming in.

"Don't worry I'll protect you." she said patronizingly. "I've got my pistol in my purse and I'm also a blackbelt in kempo karate so I intend to easily kill anyone who tries to attack you."

Jesus Christ that wasn't what I meant. Hearing her say that actually made me feel more vunerable rather than secure since she was the one that was so heavily armed and I was at her mercy. God I wished I could just wake up and find this was all a bad dream.

"C'mon Amanda, let's go."

"I'm really sick of being naked outside so please don't make me do this." I begged covering myself with my hands. "Don't you like me or anything? I've always tried to be respectful to you at school."

"Amanda," she said as she let go of the door and came over to me, "I do like you, that's why I'm doing this. I can't explain Emily and CJ's plan but it's something I find very exciting and want to be a part of. For this plan to work I have to make sure that you do what's required of you, and right now you are required to walk down to the mailbox and drop some letters into it. If someone sees you, then they are very fortunate someones." She then stepped back and looked me over again. "Just look at how cute you are. With your perky little boobs and your glowing skin that glows even more when you blush, and your lanky legs with their soft round thighs. You have a unique tushie with the way it hangs like a W, it just draws attention and you never noticed it in those baggy clothes you always wore."

God she was making me blush harder with every word, I wished I had on those baggy clothes now. I kept trying harder to cover myself and I found myself practiculy bowing in front of her in shame as I locked my knees together as tightly as I could. Against my will though I found myself becoming aroused at her teasing me about my body, I could feel my nipples harden under my fingers and hand. God make her shut up!

"And I think your tummy is so cute with all your babyfat that's around your naval." She continued. "It makes you want to poke your belly like the doughboy. CJ told me you were ticklish, maybe I should get you warmed up before we go."

"No please." I blurted out as I stepped back from her. "I'll go, just please no tickling."

"Lower your hands and I won't tickle you."

I moved my hands to my sides and looked away from her. Even though she had seen me naked for the last few hours I still felt nervous at standing in front of her, or anyone, like this and being looked over.

"Your pussy certainly looks unused," she pointed out, making me cringe even more. "And it looks so nice all clean like that, you should be proud to have one that's so pretty. Being a gym teacher I've seen my share of ugly snatches." She then put her hand under my chin and made me look her in eye. "And you really do have a sweet face. You have such big brown eyes and big pouty lips, and those little dimples that make your smile so nice. Even when you frown like you are now you're just as adorable."

She was making me feel like a small child, this was so belittling. Listening to this made me feel more and more naked and I was helpless to stop the growing exitement down in my loins as I could feel the wetness down there.

"C'mon now precious girl." she said softly as she let go of my chin and took my hand. "Lets have some fun and go drop off some mail. I can see you're now excited by the idea." she said as she looked down at my boobs. "The whole thing is pretty sexy when you think about it."

I was so overwhelmed with both embarrassment and arousal that I could only walk helplessly as she led me out the front door and down the driveway to the closed gate. The cold air only made my excitement worse as well as making me shake from a chill. Gale took a small remote out of her pocket and opened the gate with it. Outside of the fence the property was surrounded by trees so no other homes were visable from where we were. She began leading me past the gate and further down the driveway and after a few minutes I could see the lights from the street coming up ahead. I tried to convince myself that this was nothing compared to what I'd already had to do but it didn't help, I felt as upset at having to do this now as I did in the woods behind the mall last Thursday. God I didn't want anyone in this town to know I was doing this, I'd be the butt of every joke for dozens of years. I remembered that Emily e-mailed pictures of me tonight and I felt queasy about that all over again as well.

"Almost to the sidewalk." Gale cheerfully mentioned as we approached the end of the driveway. "We have to make a left and walk down about three blocks to the mailbox. There are houses on both sides of the street all the way down so we might want to look out for people who might be in front of their windows right now."

We came to a stop once we reached the edge of the driveway and Gale let go of my arm. Where I was standing now was shadowed by trees but about a foot in front of me was the sidewalk which was lit up by the streetlights. A car drove by which made me jump backwords and cover myself with my arms.

"They didn't see you, just calm down." Gale told me as she pulled a small handful of letters out of her purse. "I want you to carry these since you'll be the one dropping them in the box. I like how you look when you cover yourself like that so I'm going to let you keep doing that, just make sure you hold the letters in the hand your covering your tits with and not your puss."

She handed me the letters and then stepped out onto the sidewalk and looked both directions. "Okay, coast is clear. Go ahead and start walking and I'll be walking right behind you. If someone comes you may hide but don't lose those letters, I've been informed that is a punishable offense for you."

I tightend my grip on the letters in my hand as I drew in a deep breath. With great reluctance I willed myself to step out onto the sidewalk and very cautiously began slowly walking down the street. I looked around constantly to see if anyone was coming or were looking out windows of the houses that now surrounded me. I looked to make sure Gale was still behind me and was glad to see that she was following close behind, although I wasn't glad to see that she had brought her camera and had just snapped another photo of me.

"You're doing fine Amanda." she praised. "Keep going, no one seems to be coming."

I could feel my nipples hardening and poking at my arm that I was covering them with as well as I could feel my other hand getting wet from covering my slit, it seemed like covering myself like this made my body that much more excited, that and the cold air. I couldn't believe I kept getting turned on by this. I began breathing through my mouth as I increased my walking speed, which caused my heart to beat faster making me more shaky and nervous, hopefully though I could get this over with quicker. When a car suddenly pulled up to the end of the block I was coming to and stopped I thought my heart was going to jump out of my throat. I instinctively jumped behind some small shrubs that were in front of the house we were next to and held my breath hoping I hadn't been seen. I was crouched down completely behind the shrubbery in an almost fetal position with my face on top of my knees. I could hear the car's engine rev up and speed away despite the loud ringing of my nerves in my ear.

"He left Amanda." I heard Gale call to me. "He didn't see you, I hope you still have the letters."

I was relieved when I look at my hand and saw I still had them. I let myself breathe again but I could only manage short breaths due to the rapid beating of my heart.

"C'mon Amanda. Those letters aren't going to get mailed from behind there."

"Is anyone coming?" I asked as I continued to hug myself.

"All clear, now come on out."

I stood up, still covering myself with my hands, and nervously stepped back out onto the sidewalk. I looked over at the house whose shrubs I was just hiding behind and noticed that their front window had the blinds completely open and if anyone had been standing there they would've seen me clearly when I was hiding. Geez I was going to give myself a heart attack.

"You sure did have quick reflexes there." Gale pointed out. "You'd have thought someone yelled 'duck for cover' by the way you got out of sight."

I wished I could have been amused by all this like she was. Using alot of willpower I began walking down the street again towards the end of the first block. I was reluctant to walk up to the curb in front of the road but Gale told me to hurry and cross.

"Just make a quick glance to make sure no cars are coming and then just do it." she encouraged from behind me.

When I came to the crosswalk I had to stand directly underneath a large streetlamp which completely exposed me to anything that was around. If someone did see they didn't make any noise about it. When I saw no cars coming I quickly darted across the street. I have to say it felt surreal crossing an open domestic road naked like I was, it seemed almost unnatural. Once I was across I hid behind a car that was parked in it's driveway and waited for Gale to cross.

"You don't have to wait for me Amanda." Gale told me after she crossed and came over to where I was hiding.

"I don't mind." I told her as I stepped back out in front of her. "I like knowing where you are."

We began walking again and I couldn't help but feel more insecure the further we got from Gale's house. I noticed all the houses on this block had lights on in them, luckily most of them had their blinds closed. Seeing that gave me some relief and I was able to start taking deeper breaths which helped me in getting a better grip of myself. I just had to try and not think that I was walking down the street in a middle class neighborhood completely naked and out in the open. That shouldn't be any trouble... as if! Why was I doing this?

We came to the end of the second block without anyone coming or seeing me, much to my glee, when Gale suddenly had me stop.

"The mailbox is at the end of this next block on the corner by the street," she pointed out to me. I could see the box from where we were. "I'm going to wait right here while you go ahead and walk the rest of the way. I'll be watching and if someone comes and tries anything with you I'll be all over it. Now go on ahead and drop off the mail and we can go back, I'll even let you have a glass of wine to calm your nerves. Only one though, Em and CJ don't want you becoming an alcoholic or anything."

I wished I could have that wine now. I don't want to do the rest of this alone, at least I felt somewhat safe with her close behind me. Shit!

She then slapped me on my bottom and told me "Get going." and I then walked cautiously over to the lighted crosswalk and darted across the street when I saw it was empty. On this block I had to walk past an apartment complex which had many lit widows. I sped up my walking and tried to put my focus on the mailbox which was coming up but I couldn't help but constantly look around me for anyone who might be looking. Soon I was past the apartment complex and I broke out into a small run wanting to hurry and get to the mailbox. Before I knew it I was at the last house before the end of the block and I decided to crouch down behind a garbage can just to make sure that no one was around when I went over the mailbox and dropped off the letters. As I crouched down I caught my breath and looked down at the small group of letters that were in my hand, I'd be glad to be done with these. It looked like everything was clear so as quick as I could I ran over the mailbox and dropped the letters into the open slot. Yes, they were gone. It was just then that a set of headlights turned on across the street facing my direction. Shit they could see me! I hadn't noticed the car when I was looking because it was sitting in a darkend spot on the far side of street that crossed the one in front of me.

Oh shit it was a cop car too!

Without thinking I turned around and ran back the direction I came from. I could hear a male voice call out to me to 'stop' but I kept running instead. I believed they would try and catch up to me so I moved as fast as I could, feeling my boobs bounce freely and the cross on my collar jingle as I ran.

When I came to the street I had just crossed I saw no sign of Gale anywhere.

Goddamn her where was she? I quickly chose to turn and run down along this street and I ran across the first open yard I came to, hiding behind a tree that was next to the front porch of the house. I could barely breathe as I heard the cop car make a slow turn down this road and start to approach the house I was hiding next to.

The tree seemed just big enough for me to stand behind and not be seen. I was so scared that the police were going to find me, images kept playing in my head of me being arrested and put in the back of the police car naked and driven away. How was I going to explain this? I could tell them I was just trying to be daring, 'it won't happen again officer' I'd tell them knowing that probably wouldn't be true. Shit I could hear the car slowly drive closer and closer and I could now see that they were shining their spotlights along the houses to see if they could spot me. I began to breath heavily due to the increased pounding in my chest and I became worried that they might see my the steam from my breath when they passed by. I quickly placed both of my hands over my mouth and tried to hold my breath. Soon the spotlight was shining on the porch of the house I was next to. I moved over to the side of the tree more in hopes I'd be better hidden as the light crept up over to where I was. God I had to pee I was so scared, I hoped I didn't lose it. Now the light was on the tree, shit! I held my breath and said a quick prayer that I wouldn't be caught. The light stopped moving. Had they stopped? Shit did they notice me? Why weren't they going away? I could hear the voices on their radio from here.

Please go away!

I let my breath out as the car started moving again and the spotlight moved off the tree and over to the garage that was attatched to the house. I stayed still none the less just in case they looked back this way and I watched them slowly drive along the street until they were far enough away that they couldn't notice me. Damn that was close, where the hell did Gale go? She was not supposed to leave me I thought. I hoped Em and CJ kicked her ass for this, and then I'd love it if Gale kicked their asses back. I was going to have to make my way back to her house somehow and hope she's there and'll let me in... I had to pee real bad though, maybe I could just go on these people's flowers here. I couldn't imagine that there was a camera on me now, but I wasn't sure of anything anymore... I needed to feel better somehow. I stepped up against the side of the porch and squated down over some kind of plant, it was dark so it was hard to tell, and let the contents of my bladder flow out of me. I still felt very ashamed at doing this out here like this but it felt so good to relieve myself after being so close to being caught that I forgave myself. When I finished I stood back up and hugged myself as a chill rushed over me. Dang it was cold out here, I had to try and get going before the cops decided to come back.

As I was about to make a run for it the light on the porch suddenly came on causing me to jump and almost fall on my rear. I dashed back behind the tree and out of sight from the porch as the front door to the house opened and when I peaked around I saw Stacy Richards step out onto the porch followed by Ashley Peters, the star basketball player. Shit did one of them live here, did they see me?

"Thanks for coming over Stacy." I heard Ashley say to her. "I hope we did that math homework right."

"Yeah me too." Stacy answered as she stepped off the porch. "This upcoming test is going to be tough. Anyway see you tomorrow Ash, thanks again for dinner."

"You're welcome. See ya." Ashely answered and then went back inside.

I watched Stacy as she passed in front of me and started to walk towards the sidewalk where I was parked. I just hoped she wouldn't see me and just leave. That's when the collar I was wearing let off a loud 'beeb' out of nowhere which startled me and caused me to reach for the collar and try and pull it off, which I couldn't do. It only went off the one time but that was enough to get Stacy's attention.

"Is someone there?" she said with caution in her voice. "Hello?"

Shit what was I going to do? Why the hell did my collar beep for? God I already hated this stupid thing. She wasn't coming over but she wasn't leaving either, Goddammit it all to hell.

"I have a cell phone and I'll call the police if someone's there and doesn't come out." Stacy then reached into her jacket pocket and took our her phone and something else. "And I have pepper spray too if you decide to try anything."

"Stacy don't." I called out in panic of not knowing what else to do. "Don't call the police, it's me."

"Who's me?" she asked as she stepped closer to the tree I was hiding behind. "Why are you hiding behind there?"

"It's me." I said again as I poked my head out from behind the tree, trying to keep the rest of me concealed. "It's Amanda. Please don't come any closer."

"Amanda!" she screamed as she recognized me. "What the hell are you doing? Playing 'hide and go seek' or something?"

"I'm hiding," I replied nervously. "Please keep your voice down."

"Come out here," she demanded. "I don't want to talk to you from behind a tree."

"I... I can't go out there." I was having trouble getting my words out.

"Why? Are you naked or something?" She asked as she started to walk over to me.

"Please don't come over." But she was standing right next to me before I even finished saying it.

"Oh my God you are naked." She blurted out as her eyes lit up in surprise at the sight of me. "Holy shit are out streaking again?"

Just then the porch light turned off, making everything around us dark again, as the words she just said sunk in. What did she mean 'again'?

"I can't believe this Amanda," she squeeled as she placed her hands on my arm. "What's gotten into you? It was shocking enough to see you running naked at the Ducks game on saturday, I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked up and saw you running down the stairs stark naked and in front of so many people. I had to take some shots of you with my camera phone I had with me just to make sure I was actually seeing what I was seeing. Then when you ran across the field I wondered if I was dreaming. And when I saw in the hallway at school today in your running outfit it was too much, that's why I had to talk to you and wanted you to sit with me."

Oh my God she was at the game, and she took pictures! I couldn't believe she didn't come out and tell me earlier. I felt like I was going to pass out from embarrassment.

"Why are you hiding here for?" She then asked.

"Some cops spotted me and I had to hide." I explained nervously. "Did you show those pictures you took to anyone?"

"No." she responed kindly. "I'd rather find out why your doing this for. I've known you since forever and you've always seemed rather shy and wanted to be left alone, that's why this is so shocking. I have to say that I think it's real cool though if this is what you want."

"It's definitely not what I want and I sure don't think it's cool. Cold maybe, but not cool."

"And I never imagined you being one that shaves down there." she teased. "It is a good look for you. I've always shaved my pussy, even when I first started growing pubic hair, it just feels better don't you think."

Oh I didn't want to start this converstation. I just wanted to get out of here.

"Can I wear your coat?" I asked ignoring her comment and feeling vunerable standing here like this in the cold.

"Oh sure." She was about to take her jacket off when something caught her attention. "Shit there's a cop coming back this way. Stay here and I'll try and send them away."

Without giving me her coat she walked out from where I was and down to the sidewalk as the police car slowly came back by, shining it's spotlight on the houses.

"Excuse me miss." I heard one of the police officers say to Stacy. "We're looking for a naked girl we saw running down this way. Did you happen to see her?"

"A naked girl?" Stacy responded trying to sound surprised. "What did she look like?"

"White with pale skin and dark hair." the cop answered. "She didn't have any pubic hair either."

"I can't say I saw a naked girl out here but I just came outside so I might've been too late. If you catch her are you going to arrest her?"

"Only if we have to." he answered politely. "We really just want to talk to her if she's who we think she is."

"Really, and who's that?" Stacy asked curiously.

"Never mind. Sorry to bother you ma'am, have a good night."

"You too officers." she said to them as they started to drive off. "I'll keep a look out for your naked girl."

After they drove off Stacy came back over to where I was hiding.

"Thank you Stacy." I said gratefully. "I appreciate that. Can I have your jacket now, it's getting cold."

"You don't want my jacket." she said to me as if she didn't believe me. "I think you like this, why else would you do something like this? I mean even in the dark I can see how turned on you are, and don't try and tell me it's just the cold."

I couldn't believe this. Why was she now doing this to me? I wanted to put on her jacket so bad, yet she was now looking me over and teasing me.

"Do you live around here or something?" she asked. "How far did come from?"

"I'm just down the road, if you'll give me your jacket I promise I'll bring it back to you tomorrow at school."

"That's okay I'll just give you a ride," she said as she pulled out her keys.

"I'll just take you to wherever it is you came from and then I think we should have a talk. C'mon."

She then stepped out and went over to what I guessed was her car and unlocked the doors.

"All clear Amanda," she said sounding like Gale had earlier. "Get on in and let's go honeybunny."

She sounded like she now knew she was in control, it's the same tone that Em and CJ and all their cohorts seemed to use. What was messed up was that right now she was in control, dammit not her too. As she got in her drivers side of her car I made a dash for it and soon I was at the car and had the door open. Before I could get in though Stacy spread a small towel she had in the backseat across my front seat and then let me sit. As she started the car she looked over at me and chuckled to herself.

"I still wouldn't believe it if I weren't looking at you now." she told me in amazement. "Amanda Johnson the streaker. Who knew?"

Gale was waiting for me just inside of her driveway as we pulled up.

"Why is Mrs. Davis standing there for?" Stacy asked puzzled.

"This is her house." I answered embarrassed. "I... I live here now."

"You do?" Stacy screamed in even more amazement. "Holy shit you live with Mrs. Davis. You're not... you know, with each other?"

"No!" I replied in disgust. "It's just the way things are for me right now."

"Goddamn girl this is strange. What else is going on here?"

God this just kept getting more difficult.

Part 33

Gale was thrilled and still yet surprisd to see that I was with Stacy, she happily invited her to come back to the house with us. Stacy kept a constant look of surprise and awe on her face at the situation I was in, she seemed rather pleased by the whole idea of my nudity. I hoped she didn't start tormenting me now too.

"You have to live here and be surrounded by an electric fence?" Stacy asked me as we parked in front of the house. "This almost seems like a fortress."

Gale then came running up next to us and opened my car door for me. The look on her face as I stepped out told me that she was really excited about something, I was afraid to know what that might be.

"You did get the letters mailed didn't you?" Gale asked me as she closed the car door.

"Yes." I answered angrily. "I almost got caught."

"We'll talk about this in a moment. We have a guest now."

I rushed into the house the second Gale opened the front door. The living room was still warm from the fire earlier and I began rubbing my body to try and warm up faster. When Gale came in she walked over to my chair and turned it on.

"Let's get this warmed up for you Amanda," Gale said cheerfully. "I'll get the fire going again too. You might ask Stacy if she'd like something to drink."

"Oh no thank you," Stacy answered as she took off her jacket. "I actually need to use your bathroom real quick. May I?"

"Of course." Gale answered, her eyes widening. "It's the first door on your right in the hallway."

When we heard the door to the bathroom close behind Stacy, Gale grabbed my arm and pulled me over to a corner of the room. I was worried she was mad about something but then a big smile grew across her face.

"There's cameras in that bathroom." Gale said in a low and pleasant voice. "Anything she does in there is going to be filmed."

"Where the hell did you go?" I demanded as I ignored her statement about Stacy. "I thought you were supposed to help me if someone came? The damn police almost caught me."

"I was there," she began to explain, "I was hiding too. I'm supposed to watch and see how you handle being spotted. I have to say I think you did great. You didn't get caught and you delivered the mail, plus you brought Stacy back with you."

"What if I had gotten caught?" I continued berating her. "What was I supposed to do? What if they decided to arrest me?"

"I would've stepped out and said something. I was watching you pretty much the whole time. When I saw you were about to get into Stacy's car I ran back here. I must say all of this was quite exciting."

"Exciting!" I screamed. "This sucked. All of this sucks. I have to keep suffering while all of you get your jollies off. If you were in my shoes out there you wouldn't find this exciting."

Are you sure you didn't?" she said as she looked at my hardend nipples. "A part of you seems to like it."

"Goddammit I don't like this, any of it!" I yelled, tired of being told that I liked this. "I can't help what my body does under these circumstances. I can tell you truthfully that if this ended now I would never do anything like this again."

"Well you're going to tell Stacy you like it." She replied calmly and assuredly. "You're going to tell her that this is your calling and it was your idea."

"What?" I said feeling my sense of control being taken from me again.

"You and I and Stacy are going to have a talk and you're going to make her think this was your idea, that this is something you have to do. You're going to tell her this is how you're going to live from now on."

"She'll never believe that." I answered. "She's not as stupid as you might think. She knows that I've always been shy and that I don't show off my body. She also knows I'm not a good liar."

"I believe that last part." Gale said amused. "That's why when she comes back out I'll get you started. I expect you to agree with everything I tell her. This night will be a long one for you if you don't."

God I hated this -- not having any control over what happens was really a pain. We could hear the sound of Stacy flushing the toilet and knew she'd be back out here soon. Gale let me go and stepped away from me as Stacy came back into the room.

"Aren't you going to get dressed Amanda?" Stacy asked me, surprised to see I was still standing out here naked.

"She doesn't get dressed while she's home." Gale answered her. "Didn't she tell you? She's a nudist."

"A nudist?" Stacy replied in disbelief.

"Yes. That's why she lives here now, so she can be naked and not have anyone in her family bother her."

Stacy stood there silent taking in what Gale just said. She turned her gaze from Gale over to me and looked as if she was telepathically asking if this was true. I nodded to her and then looked at the floor.

"You see it was tough for poor ol' Amanda." Gale continued. "For years she fought the urge to live life in the nude, feeling that kind of lifestyle was wrong. She lived in denial for a long time, even wearing loose fitting clothes in an attempt to squash those feelings but they wouldn't leave. Then last summer she decided she had fought it long enough so whenever she was alone in her room at home she would be naked."

'This is such bullshit,' I thought to myself. 'I'll admit that Gale is doing a decent job of sounding convincing but still this doesn't sound believable.' I saw the look of puzzlement on Stacy's face and from my vantage point it looked like she was having trouble with this.

"Well as you can see by looking at Amanda she took to being naked fast. Tell Stacy what it was about being nude that you felt so strongly about?"

Shit what was I supposed to say? We didn't rehearse this. Stacy was now looking at me intently waiting for my answer. I wished I could tell her the truth. Instead I just said the first thing that came to my head.

"It just felt natural." I said with shame in my voice.

"It just felt natural." Gale repeated but with more emphasis. "But just being naked at home really wasn't enough was it?"

"No." I replied timidly as Gale looked to me to answer her.

"So then recently," Gale went on "she decided she needs to try and further her 'calling' so to speak by pushing the boundaries a bit."

"Like the Duck game?" Stacy blurted out. Damn she sounded like she was buying this crap.

"Yes," Gale replied pleased. "Were you there too?"

"Oh yes," Stacy answered, "my folks are both alumni. We go to all the home games."

"Wow." Gale said impressed. "Well anyway I was there too and when I saw her running through the crowd I almost fainted. One of my students bravely showing herself in front of thousands of people. I managed to catch up to her later and had her explain what she was doing. It wasn't easy with her always being so shy but when she finally told me I have to say I felt for her. It can't be easy to be a certain way and have to hide it all the time, plus I know Amanda, I know she's not a slut or anything. I just had to help her somehow. While this takes me some getting used to, especially with her now getting chased by the police, but she's such a sweetheart that I think everything will work out well."

"Is all this true Amanda?" Stacy asked sounding unsure.

"Yes." God I hated telling her that. "Yes it's all true. I need to be like this."

Stacy looked at me for a second as if she was deciding whether or not to believe me. Then a small smile broke across her face and she just said "Wow."

"Oh yeah. This is quite different." Gale explained. "But I have heard of things like this before. I must ask though Stacy that you keep this to yourself for right now, this could be very embarrassing for Amanda if it got out right away."

"No problem." Stacy answered and then gave me a wink. "Amanda's always been nice, I have no interest in making life tougher on her. The thing is she seems embarrassed right now. Shouldn't she seem more comfortable?"

"She's still getting used to being in front of people like this." Gale explained further. "You can't just wake up one day and say 'hey I'm a nudist' and expect it to just come naturally. That's why she was outside when you found her, she's trying to get used to this."

"Well that makes sense." Stacy said sounding satisfied at that answer.

How could that make sense? That whole story Gale just told her was pure bullshit. Maybe Stacy was just stupid, and she was student body president. I guessed she was blonde though too.

Gale took Stacy on a tour of her house while I got started on putting clothes in the washing machine. I could hear Gale talking from the kitchen, boasting about how well I cleaned it. I didn't want to imagine what was going on in Stacy's head right then. Did she really believe I was a willing nudist? I hoped she meant it when she said she'd keep all of this a secret.

The phone rang just as I pushed the start button on the washing machine. I could hear Gale run out into the living room and answer it, I could feel the ground shake from her running.

"Amanda." Gale called out to me. "You have a phone call."

Who would be calling me here? I walked to the living room where Gale was standing holding a cordless phone which she handed to me.

"Hello?" I spoke into the phone.

"Hi Honey." It was my mother. "I see you've suddenly moved out on us."

"Hold on mom." I then held the phone away from me and looked at Gale. "It's my mother. Can I go in my room and talk to her alone?"

"Yes you may." She answered kindly. "I'll finish showing Stacy around and then I'll send her to your room when you're done."

I ran back to my room and closed the door behind me. Seeing those pictures of me on the wall still made me uneasy, I couldn't believe how clear and colorful they were. Shit how was I going to talk to my mom, how was I going to explain this?

"Mom?" I asked into the phone.

"I'm here." Her voice sounded comforting.

"Mom I'm sorry about not telling you about this earlier, it just all happened so fast." I could hear the hurriedness of my voice as I said this to her.

"Well I was pretty surprised when your friends told me and your father that you had taken a job as a live-in housekeeper for your gym teacher. What's her name again?"

"Gale Davis, mom."

"That's right. But when Emily explained that Gale was a friend of their families and that she would pay you real well then I understand why you would take it."

"You do?" I was surprised by this. My mom was not at all happy when my brother moved to Arizona, she cried for a week.

"Oh yes," she replied, "and I'm so thrilled that you only live a few miles away, unlike Gary. I hope you like it there. Is it nice?"

"It's got plenty to clean. What did dad think?"

"He wasn't too sure at first. I don't think he liked that this was so sudden. But when CJ brought up the fact that they were looking for a place to rent and if we'd be interested in letting them move in with us he seemed to cheer up."

"Um, what?" I was dumbfounded. No way, they can't move into my house. Oh God I couldn't believe the gall of those two.

"They offered to rent both yours and Gary's old bedrooms from us. They said they would pay a thousand a month each for them and would pay the first six months upfront. That's twelve thousand dollars! The wrote us out a check right after dinner. I thought your father was going to start bouncing around like Daffy Duck. I couldn't believe it."

"I can't either." I wanted to scream. Oh I wanted to kill those Goddamn bitches. "They're actually going to move in and stay there?"

"Yes. Shocking isn't it? But they have great references and they showed us their current account at the bank the check was from and it's legit. Damn those two seem pretty well off. You making friends with them seems to have some pretty big bonuses."

For everyone but me. I pictured in my head both of them living in my bedroom and taking over my house while I was stuck over here, I felt like jumping off a bridge right then.

"Plus we just got a call from Gary. You're going to be an aunt." My mother squealed with joy as she told me this. "I can't believe I'm going to be a grandmother. You're father is very excited as well, he proclaimed today to be a great day."

Me leaving home was a great day for him huh? I guessed tweleve thousand dollars and news of a grandchild meant more to him than I did. If it wasn't for mom I think I might ask Em and CJ to go ahead and send him up river. I really hated him at this moment.

"Gary said that Kim is 7 weeks along," my mom continued happily, "so she'll be due sometime in May. Oh and guess what else? Gary got a offered a job today from the Pheonix Suns, you know the basketball team? He said they just called him up today and gave him a job in there publicity department. He didn't even apply with them. Isn't that incredible?"

"Wow." I answered trying to act stunned. At least those two are keeping their promise. The Pheonix Suns though?

"Your brother always did like basketball, although he always hated the Suns being a Blazer fan. He took the job though, he even gets a company car."

Well if it wasn't already true before, I was now officially stuck. If I even tried and quit now things would fall like a row of dominoes. I still couldn't believe my folks were letting those two move in with them, and it made me ill that I had to live here.

"Good for Gary." I tried to sound upbeat for her but it was hard. "I'm glad everything is working out for him. When are Emily and CJ moving in?"

"They're already here. They flipped a coin as to which one would get your room. CJ won. Your father is helping them get settled, he's practically being their butler. Oh here's CJ. I think she wants to talk to you. I'll call you again tomorrow honey. I love and you and miss you."

"I love you and miss you too mom." I certainly missed her right now. I didn't know why I was surprised that those two had already moved in.

"Hey babygirl," CJ squeeled into the phone, "did your mom tell you the news?"

"Why are you moving into my house for?" I asked both sternly but respectfully.

"All the hotels in this town stink. We just need a place to set up a more permanent headquarters and we feel this would be perfect. I get your room by the way. I intend to spruce it up a bit."

"I hate you," I told her truthfully but in a low tone.

"I bet you think you do," she replied after she let out a small laugh. "But I'm not worried. I know you'll come to love us, just like your father has. It's funny but when we were out eating your dad tried to give me a compliment by telling me 'I look like the black girl from 'Bring it on'', you know the cheerleader movie, I guess that's his way of being charming. I told him I looked better than her and he agreed. He's so funny."

"Please don't sleep with my dad." I heard myself say involuntarily.

"Don't worry, he's way too big a loser for me. I do intend to tease him a lot though. I intend to eat at the breakfast table in my underwear quite a bit to drive him crazy. Your mom thinks it's funny, she's real cool."

I didn't want to hear anymore of this, it was killing me inside. I could feel tears starting to well up in my eyes from the anger and helplessness I was feeling. Unlike my dad I thought today was one of the worst days ever.

"Can I go?" I asked her politely. "Gale has things for me to do and there's someone else over here right now."

"We know. By the way good job at hiding from the cops, you reacted real well. I have to say I'm impressed. Sorry we had to tip Stacy off of your hiding place but that was just too perfect."

"You made this necklace go off?"

"Sure. We saw and heard everything. We have a microphone in your necklace remember? That and satellites are great things to have at your disposal as well."

Satellites? Oh Jesus they're like James Bond villians.

"Why did you want to Stacy to know I was there?" I asked curiously.

"Just to see what she'd do. We knew she talked to you earlier so we felt we should see what interest she had in you. By the way you're in trouble with Em for asking Stacy for her jacket. You're not supposed to do that."

"You never said I couldn't ask anyone for their jacket." I replied quickly, as much as I hated them I really hated the idea of them being mad at me.

"I'll admit we weren't very clear on this but Em told you never to ask if you could wear anything when you're naked. That applies to everyone, not just us. I calmed her down and she forgives you, she was very pleased with how you helped Gale when she told her goofy story to Stacy, but from now on if you're naked you stay naked until whoever's in charge of you gives you something to wear. Understood?"


"Good. Now I want you and Stacy to have a good talk and try and find out stuff about her. Make sure she keeps believing that you're doing this because you want to, actually try and convince her you're doing this because you need to do this. You don't have to make her think that you love it or anything, but convince her that this is a decision you're sure about. Got it?"

"Yes. This really sucks though."

"Oh Amy, it's not like we're asking you to kill or... anybody. You're family is being well rewarded for your efforts as well. Just keep doing what you're told and things will be cool baby. I love you and we'll be watching you. Make us proud. Later slater."

She then hung up and I tried to keep myself from throwing the phone at the wall.

Gale knocked on my door and asked me if I was off the phone yet. I wiped a tear out of my eye and walked over and opened the door for her.

"I'm off," I told her as I handed her the phone.

"Great. How's you mother handling your living here now?" she asked.

"She seems fine with it." I answered sadly. "She said Emily and CJ are moving in with them. Did you know about that?"

"No." she seemed surprised. "They moved in with your parents? Boy they're too much. They say they love you, I wonder what happens to those they don't like?"

"Hey Amanda." Stacy said smiling as she walked down the hall to us. "I see you're off the phone now. Can I come in?"

"Go on in." Gale told her. "I'll let you two visit for awhile, I have school things to go over." Gale then walked away from us as Stacy dashed by me and entered my room.

She stopped in her tracks at the sight of the blown up photos of me, as well as the religious articles that were around.

"Holy shit Amanda." she said with both shock and laughter in her voice. "Look at these. This is unbelievable. Who took that one from the Duck game?"

"I don't know." I replied feeling myself blush all over again.

"It's breathtaking," she praised. "It's a perfect mix of you and the players watching you. They captured you in the just the right moment as you ran. It's almost like you're gliding. And all those guys looking at you, how did that make you feel?"

"Embarrassed." I said honestly.

"But was it hot as well." She looked away from the picture and over to me.

"It was actually kind of cold."

She broke out laughing at my comment. "That's funny." she said as she looked back at the picture. "I have to say this picture is really sexy. I'm going to admit something to you. I've often fantasized about doing that exact thing you're doing in that picture."

She had? Why the hell would someone have a fatasy about doing something humiliating like that? I was starting to think she was kind of off her rocker.

"I've often fantasized about streaking in public." She went on as she continued to stare at the picture. "I used to lay in bed and think about running through the mall parking lot in just my running shoes and dash between cars and let people chase me and then I'd just get away. It makes me real hot to daydream about that stuff. I've always slept naked and when I'm alone during the summer I sunbathe nude too. But I've never even come close to actually streaking in front of people. With my parents wanting me to follow them into politics I can't risk doing something like that, even though I'm a Democrat. But seeing you the last couple of days doing things that I could only dream of doing has really awoken something in me. I'm not gay or anything but I've masterbated more than I ever have before since I saw you at the game."

Oh this was sick. I could just puke. I didn't want to hear about she gratified herself to my humiliation. Sounded like Em and CJ should've chosen her over me, she sounded like she might like it. She then turned and looked at the picture of me doing homework on my bed.

"I've done that," she pointed out. "Although I didn't let anyone take my picture while I did it." She then turned to the last one. "That's real sexy too. I see you didn't always shave down there. Where was this taken?"

"At a hotel."

"Were there people there when it was taken?"


"Oh my," she replied in a lowered voice as if she had become excited. "Was that embarrassing?"

"Very." I answered sternly.

"Why are these crosses in here?" She asked noticing them. "Are you real religious?"

"A bit." I replied trying to sound convincing.

"Is that why you always tried to deny this about yourself?" she inquired, making me feel more ashamed.

"Ah, yeah. That's why." I stammered.

She then turned around and looked at me again and gave me a huge smile. "This is awesome." she cooed. "It's like your living out something I can never do. I promise I'll keep this to myself if you let me help you keep doing it. In fact are you able to come to my party on saturday?"

"Yes." I answered wishing I could say no.

"Great. Do you wanna come naked?" I can't believe she just asked that. "I promise it's a very exclusive party and I could set everything up so you won't be compromised by anyone. Most of the people there will be people who love to kiss my ass. You could be Lady Godiva or Eve or something like that. I could make you look real cool."

"I have a costume already though." I told her remembering Emily telling me earlier.

"Really. What is it?"

"It's a surprise." I said thinking quickly. "You'll see at the party."

"Is it really cool?"

"Oh yeah." I lied. I have no idea what it is.

"Well if you change your mind let me know. I can accomodate you." She then turned her gaze on me downward. "I think the bare look works for you. Do you wax or anything? That looks like you did something different than shaving."

"I used a hair remover someone gave me." I said, secretly hating that we were talking about this. "I didn't have to shave or wax."

"That's awsome. Everything looks so soft, it looks smooth too. In fact so does all of you. Did you use that stuff all over?"

"Yes." I said remembering having to use all of it on me.

She then reached down and felt my left thigh. "Oh my gosh that is smooth. Do you have anymore of that."

"No it's all gone. And please don't do that, I'm not gay either."

"I'm sorry but that just feels real good." She then took her hand away from my leg but then began rubbing both of my shoulders as she continued to stand in front of me. "Tell me about what it was like to run through the stadium like you did. I want to know what it was really like to have all those spectators watching you as you were naked."

"Stacy I don't like to talk about this stuff." I said ahamed as I began to relax a little from her massaging. "I'm not good at describing things like that."

"Then let me ask you some questions about it and you answer best you can. Were you scared?"

"Very scared."

"How did you make it through if you were scared?"

"Because I felt I had to do this."

"Really? Can I tell you a secret?"

"Yes." I again wished I could say no.

"Many times when I've fantasized about streaking, I fantisized that someone was making me do it." She then increased her pressure on my shoulders while she massaged them. "Someone has something dirty on me and they blackmail me into having to be naked in places with lots of people around. In my fantasy I don't want to do it, but I have to, just like you just said. It makes me real hot when I think about having to do something like that. I almost feel hot right now."

"Could you not rub my shoulders so hard please." I said as I began to feel myself becoming paralyzed from her strong grip.

"Oh shit I'm sorry." she apologized as she loosend her grip. "Why do you feel you have to do this? Is someone making you?"

Oh I wished I could tell her the truth, then at least someone who didn't work for Emily and CJ would know. But I remembered that I was being watched so I thought better of it.

"I feel like God wants me to do it." I told her as that popped in my head from looking at one of the crosses.

"God wants you to do it?" she asked puzzled. "I thought you didn't think this was something God would want?"

"I think I was wrong." I almost believed this myself. From the way things had gone for me lately maybe this was God's plan for me. "I feel like Joan of Arcadia and God keeps asking me to embarrass myself like he does her for the good of mankind."

"Really? That's interesting." She seemed intriged by this. "God doesn't actually take human form and tell you this does he?"

"No but I feel like God is speaking to me through other people." Especially a certain two people. There sure felt like there was truth in that statement.

"Wow. You're really weird, but I like that." She then changed the subject back to the football game. "Did it feel liberating to be naked in front of so many heavily dressed people like that?"

"It felt like I was out of place if that's what you mean."

"I always imagined there being face after face going by me and they're all either shocked, smiling, or making comments about my body, did it happen like that?"

"Yes and there was plenty of it. I didn't think it ever end."

"I saw that you were turned on when I watched you there."

"I couldn't help that. It was involuntary."

"Did it come from being so embarrassed?"

"I believe so."

She then stopped rubbing my shoulders and stepped back from me. "I could talk to you about this all night." she told me as I saw a growing lust forming on her face. "But I'd better go before it gets too late. I'll meet you tomorrow after first period and we'll talk some more." She then stepped forward again and gave me a hug. With as bad as today felt I have to admit that her kind hug was rather comforting, in a weird sort of way.

"I'll let myself out and tell Mrs. Davis goodbye. I'm really glad I found you tonight, this has been very interesting."

She then walked out and closed the door behind her. I went over and plopped down in my heated chair and tried to come to terms with the B.S. I just told Stacy. I did hope that this awful day was finally over.

Part 34

I was surprised at how well I had slept that night considering how traumatizing the day before had been. But when I awoke the clock on my desk said 6 o'clock, the last time I remember seeing was 10:30, I must've practicaly passed out. Last night after I finished the laundry Gale let me have that glass of wine she had promised as well as one of those mild sedatives I had taken before. I then took a nice warm bath, Gale gave me some really great smelling scented candles, and before I knew it the stress of the day was almost gone. I put on one of the Dave Matthews Band CD's they got for me and then went to bed and the next thing I know it was time to get up. I still wasn't used to not having any covers when I slept so I still found myself reaching for blankets that weren't there when I woke up. 'God that's right I'm a nudist now, shit this still isn't a dream.'

"Good morning sleepyhead." Gale said cheerfully as she stuck her head into my room. "Hurry and get up; let's get you started for today."

She then left and I could hear her humming as she walked down the hall. She seemed to be in a good mood. I didn't want to get up, the warm mattress felt real comfortable and I just wanted to continue lying on it. I knew I was in for more misery today and I wanted to delay it as long as possible. Man yesterday started out nice since I got to wear my regular clothes when I drove to school. From there everything went downhill starting with my class schedule getting changed all around. I could feel the cross that hung from my collar dangle against my skin, reminding me of how just how much was taken from me yesterday including my home and my privacy. I wish I knew what I did that was so bad that God was letting this happen to me.

"Amanda." I heard Gale call from the other room. "Don't make me have to pick you and carry you out here."

Dammit. I made myself sit up and I wiped my eyes trying to get the sleep out of them. I wished I had a robe or something to put on, I was tired of being naked.

"Oh there you are." Gale mentioned as I walked into the living room. "Did you sleep well?"

"I slept, that was more than I expected." I felt a little surley at the moment. I missed my morning espresso.

"That's the spirit." She cheered. I couldn't tell if she joking or not. "Now sit down. I have your chair warmed up and I want to comb your hair and then braid it into pigtails, being my assistant means you'll be excersizing and you need to have your hair tied back somehow. I'm really good at braiding hair so you won't look weird or anything if you're worried about that."

I sat there for almost a half an hour as she braided my hair into tight pigtails. Many times during this session she had to pull my head back because I kept nearly drifting off due to the warmth of the chair. I was glad when she finally finished because I was both hungry and had to use the bathroom. I will give her credit that she did a nice job with my hair, when she stood me in front of the mirror in the living room I saw that I looked pretty good with the two pigtails that been well braided. I thought I almost looked European.

"Not too bad if I do say so myself" Gale praised herself. "I'll make you some eggs and bacon in a minute if you're hungry."

"Oh yes please." I replied gratefully. "I need to use the bathroom first though."

"Oh, are going to go inside or out?"

Shit, I'd forgotten about that. The bathroom had cameras in it and if I wanted privacy I'd have to go outside. I don't want to do either, but even though they already had me on film peeing I just don't want to give them anymore right now.

"Can I have the sandals so I can go outside?" I asked her.

"No, I'm afraid I can't give you those just to pee. You'll have to go barefoot if you're going out back."

Dammit I couldn't believe the things I was forbidden to do. I couldn't wear sandals outside if I was going to the bathroom, I bet even Turkish prisoners didn't get denied things like this. I walked to the back door and slid it open. First thing I noticed was that it was starting to rain outside, oh just f*&%ing great. 'This is Oregon, it's going to rain eventually I guess.' I walked out onto the back porch and then stepped off and walked briskley to the side of the house where they said there was no cameras. The grass was cold and wet under my feet and the feeling of cold sprinkles landing on my bare skin made me shiver and hug myself. I looked around the small area to decide where a good place to go would be. God why didn't I just sniff around like a dog and find a spot, Lord knows I was being treated like one. I decided to go on a patch of dirt that was next to the house, I figured I should go in a spot I wouldn't accidently step on in the future. As I squated down and started going I could feel the rain start to get heavier and run down my back and off of my rear. At least with my hair being braided it won't fall in my eyes or stick to my face when it got wet. When I finished I got back up and ran back to the porch.

I tried to get as much mud off my cold feet as I could and then tried to open the porch door but found it locked. Shit what now? I knocked hard on the door as I began to worry that she was going to keep me out here. I was relieved when she came to the door and opened it.

"Sorry about that." she said apologetically. "I have to get that fixed, it jams like that sometimes. Get in here before you let out all the warm air."

I ran into the house and jumped into my heated chair in the living room to warm back up. I looked down at myself and saw all the rain droplets that were rolling down my breasts and stomach, I looked like I just stepped out of the shower.

"Breakfast will be ready in just a few minutes." Gale told me as she headed back to the kitchen.

I was still amazed that I still had such an appetite during all this. I ate three fried eggs, two hash brown patties, and I don't remember how much bacon. 'God I'm going to end up getting fat, and I won't be able to hide it either.'

"Amanda will you fill my orange juice glass again please?"

Like at dinner I had to eat at the counter so I could serve her while she ate at the table. I walked over and filled her orange juice glass and then put it away. Myself I had to drink a protien shake Gale blended for me, she said it would help give me the energy I needed and that my vitamins were already mixed in it as well. I was wary about drinking it because I now wasn't so sure about the vitamins I was taking, I was worried that they were doing more than just keeping me from getting sick. But under Gale's iron gaze I drank it anyway, like I really have a choice anymore.

At a quarter past 7 Gale told me that she was going ahead to the school. "I like to get there a little early." she explained. "Being the first one there is kinda nice because you get the whole school to yourself for a little while. I need you leave now too, but you won't be riding with me."

"Do I get to drive my car?" I figured.

"No. I'm going to give you your gym clothes for today and you're going to jog to school."

"What?" I protested. "Come on. It's raining out there and the school is at least a mile from here."

"That's not that far. You could run that."

"But I'm not a jogger. Plus I'll get really wet running in the rain."

"This isn't up for discussion." She scolded. "Now go ahead and do some stretching and I'll go get your outfit."

Boy this day was just picking right up where the last one left off. I now had to start jogging to school, how long did they sit around and think these things up to torture me with? I was sure my outfit would be embarrassing too.

"Here you are Amanda." Gale said as she came back into the room. "I think you'll look real fetching in these."

She then handed me my pair of running shoes along with what looked like a pink swimsuit. It was in two pieces with the top being a skimpy pink wife-beater belly tank top and the other looking like a pair of pink bikini bottoms, and a small one at that. I was going to look like I was wearing actual underwear.

"No sports bra?" I asked noticing it was missing.

"That's only for gym classes dear." she answered smugly. "Now did you stretch yet, don't want you getting a cramp."

I put on what I guess are considered clothes and started to do some light stretching. I couldn't help but notice that these scraps really didn't hide anything. The tank top totally clung to my boobs and actually enhanced them while the bottoms rode a little low on my waist as well and gave me cameltoe again. If these things got wet they were going to cling even more, as well as possibly become transparent. God I hoped I'd get hit by a car or something so I wouldn't have to do this anymore.

Part 35

The rain was now coming down even harder than before as I stood there under the cover of the front steps. The front door behind me was now locked so that I couldn't run inside, which I actually might've done if could've, and I had to watch and wait as Gale sat in her car and opened the front gate with a remote. After she drove through the opening she was supposed to stop and wait for me to start my jog. I had stretched as best I could and right now I was jogging in place to help me limber up more, and to help warm me up because it was f'n cold. This was going to be so embarrassing running in this tiny outfit, I'd almost be considered obscene by some peoples' standards. After I got wet I was really going to stand out.


Gale was now outside of the fence and was honking her horn to get my attention. I took my deep breath and made myself start jogging down the driveway. The rain was coming down hard and cold and I could feel it hit my legs, arms and face and start to trickle down. The chill instantly hardend my nipples, making running that much more difficult. As I passed through the gate I could hear it start to close. I peaked at Gale through her car window and she gave me a big smile as her windshield wipers came on the wipe away all the raindrops that were accumulating on her windsheild. She told me that she would wait until I reached the sidewalk and started down the street before she would completely pull out and drive to the school. I knew the general direction to the school from here but unfortunatley I wasn't familiar with this neighborhood so I wasn't sure of an exact route there. What I wouldn't have given right then to do something simpler like drop off letters in the mailbox then to have to do this.

When I reached the sidewalk and came out into the open next to the street I was instantly hit by a wave of even heavier rain. The trees next to the driveway had sheltered me some but out here I was completely exposed to the onslaught of water that was pouring from the sky. I was grateful that the rain was coming down behind me so that it wouldn't get in my eyes but I hated the feeling of being pelted in the back of the head as I tried to keep my head up.


I was startled by Gale's honking and I almost tripped as she drove past me. I managed to catch my balance and continue running but I could now feel that some raindrops had gotten into the back of my shorts and were now rolling into my butt causing some chilling discomfort. Shit I needed to hurry and get this over with. I could feel the fabric of my tank top was starting to cling tighter to me as it absorbed water and I was afraid to look down to see if it had become transparent yet, I decided I'd rather not think about that right then.

I came to the first street corner and was thrilled to see that it was clear and I could run right across without having to stop. One down, a shitload more to go. I could feel water was now starting to drip from my pigtails and down over my breasts making them both colder and more erect, and probably more exposed as well. 'Don't think about Amanda, just keep moving. Shit here comes a car this direction.'


I guessed he saw me. Even as cold as I felt I could still feel myself blushing at the sight I must've been. Hope I didn't know that person.

Honk! Honk!

Another person drove by the other way. I could see their brake lights come on as they slowed down to have another look at me. For a second I thought he was going to come to a complete stop but he then sped up and drove away. I came to the next crosswalk and was able to cross again without having to stop, two down and a shitload to go, and I picked up my pace as I ran by the apartments I went past last night. When I came to the next street though, the one with the mailbox, I had to stop. There were two cars lined up at the stop sign and the first one was ready to pull out but stopped once they saw me. The car behind him suddenly jerked forward and rear-ended the car in front. Oh crap. The guy in the front car suddenly jumped out of his door and ran to see where he was hit.

"What the..." I could hear him yell as he saw the damage to his car.

"Hey dickhead!" the guy in the other car yelled as he got out. "Why the f*&% did you stop like that for? Did you want me to hit you?"

"I saw her standing there and I forgot you were behind me. I mean Jesus I thought I was hallucinating." He then turned to me. "What are doing out like that? You're practically naked."

"Holy shit!" said the other driver as he noticed me.

I was trembling with cold and fear as I stood there looking at the fender-bender in front of me. How was I going to explain what I was doing? I had to get out of there.

"I'm jogging." I yelled at them and then darted in front of their cars and crossed the street.

"Hey you little slut get back here!"

I ran as fast as I could down the next block and then crossed over to the other side of the street and turned down the next block. I could still hear the guy yelling but I was far enough away that he wouldn't be able to catch me. I could feel more drops drip down into my shorts and start to make their way into my crevices stinging me with their coldness. I just had to keep moving, I wouldn't get cold if I kept running.

Going this direction gave me some relief from the downpour due to the houses blocking the direction of the rain. While I was still getting hit it wasn't as badly as before. I bravely looked down at myself and saw my areolas clearly through my top as well as most of the rest of my boobs. My arms and legs were completely shiny and slick from the constant wash of rain and my shorts clung to me like a wet pink napkin. I don't know if they can call it cameltoe if it's this visible. Why did I look down for? I just made myself more ashamed.

'That guy called me a slut too didn't he, no one's ever called me that before. I'm not a slut, ain't my fault that guy's got bad reaction skills.'


Another car drove past me in the opposite direction and another one was coming back my direction. I could see the second driver do a double take as he passed me. I felt myself blushing some more and even though it made running more cumbersome I covered my breasts with my arms and tried to hide them. Gale didn't say I couldn't cover myself. I was glad I did too because after I crossed another street and turned down another block I ran into a bus stop with a group of people waiting under a covered bench for the bus. God there must have been six or seven people waiting there. I didn't have much choice but to run in front of them.

"What the..." I heard a female voice say as I approached them. "Is she crazy?"

"f*&%in' A." One of the guys said as I ran past. "I need to wait at this stop more often."

"Look at that ass." Another guy said as I was running away form them. "That's one odd looking caboose. She must be Italian or something."

'Someone always has to mock something about me. If it's not my pale skin than it's my ass. How does Mariah Carey take having her body made fun of all the time? She must like it since she keeps wearing less the older and fatter she gets. I now have new sympathy for J-Lo though and the crap she must hear about her ass, although she at least has a choice as to when she shows hers off. I have to show mine off all day long.'

I came to another street and had to stop and wait for the light to change. A steady stream of cars drove past me and one drove by so close that they splashed me with water from a large puddle in the road. Even though I was already soaked I still felt numb from the instant cold the heavy splash had caused. Suddenly though the collar I had to wear around my neck became warm. At first I was worried that it was my skin reacting like it had with the overcoat yesterday but when I felt the collar it was I could feel heat radiate from it in my hand. As much as I hated to wear this thing right now its warmth was very welcome. Did Em or CJ make it do this? The light then changed and I ran across the street in front of several cars who all honked as I went by.

The rain was easing up but I was already completely soaked and as I had feared my clothes were now completely see through. Along with that my body was getting weary from all the running and I needed to catch my breath. I saw across the street that I was coming up to a small park that had swingsets, slides, and monkeybars, plus it had a small covered area that had benches.

I slowed down and looked behind me to see if any cars were coming before I crossed the street. Unfortunatley there were two cars heading towards me and I had to come to a complete stop in front of the street to let them pass, which also put me on display for them to look at. The expression of shock on the face of the lady in the passenger seat of the first car reminded me that I needed to cover myself and I immediatley raised my arms and held them over my breasts and privates. The second vehicle slowed down as it approached me and I could see that it was full of passengers. As the car slowly drove by one of the people rolled their window down and held what looked like a phone and I could see a finger press a button on it. 'Crap that's one of those picture phones again.' Then the person pulled the phone back into the car as it sped up and continued down the road. 'Dammit what if that picture gets around? I hope it doesn't turn out good.' Feeling humiliated at having my photo taken again I darted across the street and ran to the park as fast as I could, I stopped and stood under a covered area when I got there. The water was dripping off me at a heavy rate and I bent forward and wrung my pigtails which had absorbed a lot of water in the braids. The tanktop and shorts I was wearing also were storing alot of water and it was leaking down my down my body in small streams. There were three picnic style tables with benches underneath the covered area so I decided to crouch down between two of the tables, then I pulled the tanktop off and tried to wring it out as best as I could. I was well hidden between the table so I wasn't worried about anyone across the streets seeing me. After I had wrung as much as would come out I used the shirt to try and dry myself with. The shirt was still damp but it did get alot of the heavy wet spots on me much dryer. I wrung the tanktop out one more time and then quickly put it back on. I was so happy to see that it wasn't as see through now as it was before, my nipples were still poking out but the areolas were less noticable.

I then laid down on my back on one of the benches and slipped off my shorts, I almost called them panties, and then wrung them out too. There was now a large puddle on the floor from my dripping and from wringing out my clothes, you'dve thought someone had spilled a large bucket over. Before I put the shorts back on I heard footsteps approaching from the path outside the covered area.

'Shit, did someone see me?' I immediately I rolled off the bench and under the table and crouched down underneath it. I had my shorts balled up in my hand as I saw two pairs of jean clad legs coming my direction. My heart was beating through my chest again and I could feel my breath shorten so I covered my mouth with my hand to cover the sound of it. I wanted to put my shorts on real fast but I was worried it would make too much noise, tipping off whoever was coming.

"I thought I saw her head this direction," I heard a female voice say. The voice sounded very familiar. The two pairs of legs now stood in front of my table.

"She did." another female voice said, it was also familiar to me. "I saw her cross the street and run into the park. Someone was here not long ago, look at the puddle she left."

"You think she's hiding somewhere Missy?"

"She could be. I don't see her anywhere."

'Oh... not these two. I must've ran by their house or something when they were looking out a window. Please God don't let them find me.'


"What was that?" Missy said in reaction to my collar beeping.

"I think it came from under one of the tables." Danette ansered.

Damn, they gave me away again, Goddamn those two bitches Emily and CJ. I again tried to pull the collar off and again I couldn't. It was still warm though, as if somehow that was going to do me much good now.

"Who's under there?" Danette sang. "Could it be the lovely Amanda Johnson?"

Both sets of legs then began to bend and soon I was looking into their smiling faces, their eyes were aglow with excitment at finding me.

"Hey sexy." Missy patronized. "I see you're still showing yourself off, and now you're doing it in the rain."

"Look Missy she took her bottoms off." Danette pointed out. "I can see your pooch Amanda. It looks all shiny and wet. Is it from the rain or something else?"

I moved my hand over my crotch area and began to shake with fear and humiliation. I was terrified by these two and was very worried as to what they were going to do. I wondered if anyone else was around who was supposed to be watching me for Em and CJ? Dammit I wished I hadn't stopped here.

"Imagine our surprise when we were about to step out the front door and there you are standing in front of the street dressed in what looked like wet underwear." Missy explained as both her and Danette continued to have me cornered under a picnic table. "So we watched you as you crossed the street and ran into the park. We just had to come and see what you were doing, and I'm so glad we did."

"Yeah why did you take your shorts off for?" Danette asked. "Did we interrupt you while you were busy with yourself?"

"No." I shouted, but I know how my situation must look to them. "I took them off to wring all the water out of them. I just hid under here because I heard you coming."

"Oh." Missy said patronizingly. "Did we scare you? I'm sorry we just want to talk with you. Scoot over, let us get under there with you."

They both then began crawling under the picnic table on both sides of me. I was now becoming really scared because they would have me trapped under there with them and I had no idea what their motives were. They had me move over and soon I was sitting in between them and they pushed up tightly against me, I was so cramped I could barely move.

"Don't be scared Amanda." Missy said softly. "We're not going to try and hurt you. We just want to let you know that the whole school is talking about you."

"Oh yeah." Danette jumped in. "Yesterday people couldn't stop talking about you. How all of a sudden you're walking around in skimpy clothes showing off your goods."

"It was funny how they kept calling you over the loudspeaker to come to the office yesterday." Missy began again. "I heard that you wrapped your jacket around you before you finally walked to the office, some people thought maybe you weren't wearing anything down there and that's why you didn't want to go to the office. Was that true?"

"No." I practically whispered, I could barely talk my heart was beating so fast. "I just didn't want to wear those shorts into the office."

"Yet it was okay to wear them in front of everyone else." Missy replied. "I mean in gym class you were doing knee lifts and bicycle kicks in those things. Plus you have your shorts off now. Something's up with you girl."

"I bet it's pent up sexual frustration." Danette proclaimed. "She's probably a virgin and is trying anything to get noticed."

"If that's the case there are a few guys now who would be interested in servicing you Amanda. I heard two guys talking about how your boobs would fit nicely into their mouths, and I heard another group of guys saying that your pussy looked tasty."

"I'm not interested in that." I was able to raise my voice louder this time. "That's gross. I have no interest in having sex with anyone."

"Then what's up?" Missy asked confused. "Why has one of the biggest wallflowers in the school suddenly turned into a showgirl? I mean everyone is laughing at you, they really are. The fact that you're so white makes the fact that you're doing this so much funnier, most people would get some kind of tan first before showing themselves off. Plus you have a pudgy tummy, a bottom- heavy ass, your boobs are cute but their only B-cup, you look like you could stand to tone a bit, maybe lose a pound or two, and above all else you just reek of being shy and easily intimidated, none of this makes sense."

She just said a mouthful with that last part, none of this does make sense.

The ground that my bare butt was sitting on was hard and becoming uncomfortable. I wished I had put my shorts back on earlier; it was very awkward sitting between them like this. Her comments about my body didn't help either.

"Why do you care so much?" I asked shyly. "Does it really bother you that much?"

"It doesn't bother me at all." Missy said smugly. "In fact I find it very amusing. Plus I love rubbing your skin." She then began rubbing my leg with her hand. With them squeezing me in so tightly my arms were sort of pinned behind me so I couldn't push her hand away. Despite my displeasure at her touching me an excited chill shot through me just the same at her touch, my skin was still extra sensetive to being felt.

"Boy that feels wonderful." Missy proclaimed. "I've never been able to make my legs feel like this, if I did I'd never stop doing this."

"Please don't do that." I begged. "I'm not gay and that makes me very uncomfortable."

"I'm not gay either." Missy said sternly. "And neither is Danette. Nonetheless we're going to rub your legs for awhile and you're going to sit there and enjoy it. I can see you nipping under there, you don't think this is so bad."

Danette began rubbing my other leg and I tried to squirm my way out from underneath the table. They both just scooted in tighter next to me and I was unable to get out.

"Hold still." Danette ordered. "If you let us do this we'll keep this to ourselves that you were here undressing, we'll even give you a ride to school so you're not late. It's not like we're trying to rape you or anything, just let us touch you."

I just sat there helpless as the two of them explored my legs with their hands. A part of me wanted to throw up but my body just grew more and more aroused by the constant massaging. They were both gentle and their hands were warm, and they constantly praised at how good my skin felt. They also praised my braided pigtails and mentioned that they never realized what a pretty face I had, I hated the fact that it took something like this for them to notice that.

"What's the matter Amanda?" Missy inquired. "Does this embarrass you?"

"Yes." I answered quietly.

"Oh you are a sweet girl. C'mon Danette, I think we've had enough fun. We can have more fun with her during class this morning."

"She still hasn't said why she's doing this though." Danette pointed out.

"Something tells me she doesn't know why she's doing this." Missy replied. "I think loneliness has made her a little crazy. Now lets make sure she gets to school, people are going to want to see her in this outfit. I heard that many of them are planning on bringing their own cameras today just in case she's showing off again, I don't think they'll be disappointed."

They both took their hands off my legs and crawled out from under the table. I took this opportunity to slip my shorts back on, making sure I wiped any dirt off that got on my butt from sitting on the ground, and then crawled out myself.

"Boy those shorts don't hide much." Danette pointed out. "With her pussy pushing up against them like that it gives new meaning to phrase 'pink pussylips'. You know because the shorts are pink."

"That's very clever Danni." Missy said amused. "And you thought of that all your own."

"F*&% off." she responded jokingly.

"C'mon Amanda," Missy said as she took my arm. "My house is just over here. We'll get you to school on time."

Part 36

It was just before 8 o'clock when we arrived at the school. I had to sit between both Missy and Danette as we rode in Missy's little Mazda truck while they continued to massage my legs despite my protests.

"Can't help it." Missy explained as she parked the truck and then replaced her hands on me. "They feel like silk and it's intoxicating. Are we making you horny by doing this?"

They were but I didn't want them to know that, they have enough things to tease me about already. Earlier when they had me walk with them back to Missy's house they kept snapping the elastic on my shorts which made jump everytime, and they goosed my rear right in front of some oncoming cars when we were crossing the street. I didn't really want to ride with them and I was worried that I might get into trouble for taking it but I was also worried what Missy and Danette might do if I didn't go along with them.

"By the way Amanda," Danette began, startling me back to the present. "I don't know if you know or not but Stacy Richards is having a costume party this weekend and I think if you came with us we could get you in, we could take care of any costume you might need."

"I've already been invited." I told them. "I already have a costume too."

"Who invited you?" Missy inquired puzzled. "Last I checked you were still a nerd."

"Stacy invited me." I answered. "She's in my soc class."

"Stacy invited you?" Danette said surprised. "My, you showing off your ass has already raised your popularity quite a bit. That's very impressive."

"Yeah well a word to the wise Amanda," Missy interupted "Stacy ain't as sweet and innocent as she pretends to be. I know for one thing she's a major cocktease, she's given most of the guys around here blueballs by leading them on and then not putting out."

"Yeah and she's a coniving bitch sometimes too." Danette added. "She's the one that ratted out Gary and Neil for selling copies of the geometry final last year, some say she even bought a copy of the test herself. They both got kicked out school you know."

"She just invited me to her party." I explained. "We're not pals or anything. Can you now stop fondling me and let me out? We're here."

"Sure." Missy said with a laugh and then opened her door. "But you're walking to class with us. We need to make sure everyone who's here already gets a good look at you this morning."

Soon we were all out of the truck and started walking towards the school entrance. It was still raining and they made me walk slow so that my clothes would get wetter and more transparent, even though they left little to the imagination as it was. I didn't want to walk into the main school with them because I was worried that they might try something while in the halls, so when I saw my opprotunity to get away from them I took it. Instead of walking up the stairs and into the building I took off running down the sidewalk whick led to the side of the school which had a seperate entrance for the gym.

"Oh come on Amanda." I heard Missy call after me as I ran from them. "You're the one who dressed yourself like that."

"See you in class anyway." Danette added. "Hope you don't get too wet running out here in the rain."

I was thrilled yet surprised that they didn't try and run after me, they may have had something else planned. As I turned the corner of the building I began running by a lot of the classroom windows. There weren't alot of people in their classes yet but the few that were took notice of me as I passed by.

I saw more than a couple of guy's eyes bulge out of their heads along with a few dirty looks from female faces. I remembered what Missy said earlier about everyone talking and laughing about me. It now hit me that I'd become a joke around school, something I was trying to avoid by going along with all this in the first place. I origionaly was trying to avoid having people here see embarrassing nude photos of me and now here I was running around the school in little more than a couple of scraps of wet see-through cloth. How did I let this happen?

I soon came to the gym entrance and quickly ran inside and out of the rain. I went into Gale's office dripping from head to toe and she looked up at me from her desk.

"Well I see you made it." she smiled as she said this to me. "Where are Missy and Danette? Didn't they bring you?"

"How did you know that?" I asked, shocked that she knew about them.

"CJ called and told me about it. She said to tell you that you did the right thing by going with them and you're not in trouble." She then sat up more in her chair. "I heard they found you in a park with your shorts off, did all the excitment finally get you that you had to take care of yourself?"

"No." I shouted in disgust. "I was drying off, my clothes were soaked. It was very embarrassing."

"I'm sure it was. I'm sorry I missed it." She then looked me over. "I think you may have dried off a little too much though, I think you could stand to get a little wetter before class begins." She then stood up and put on her hooded windbreaker. "Let's go out and have you run a couple of laps around the track first just to make sure your clothes are good and drenched so they're more see through. You are supposed to be on display you know."

"Oh c'mon Gale." I pleaded. "It's cold out there and my clothes are already very wet, can't you give me a break please?"

"I have people I have to answer to about you." she explained harshly. "It's not in my best interest to go against them. They want you wet, so you're going to be wet. End of story. Now let's go."

When we came back in from the track I looked like I had been standing under a waterfall. Gale had me run into the wind so the entire front part of me was thoroughly soaked and my clothes clung to me in ways that only wet clothes can, and of course they were now completely see through. People were now in the lockerroom changing for class and their mouthes dropped when they saw me.

I blushed at their stares and quickly moved past them all and into Gale's office.

"Go ahead and let yourself drip for a couple of minutes." Gale said as I stood there shivering. "We can't let the gym floor get to much water on it. Someone might slip and hurt themselves."

"Can I at least dry myself off a bit if I leave my clothes alone?"

"No. I like the wet and shiny way your tummy and legs look, it's very sexy. That must've been why that guy got rear-ended in front of you, he couldn't take his eyes off you. Hard to blame him."

"He called me a slut." I said ashamed.

"He did? Well that wasn't nice. If I had been there I wouldn't have let him get away with that." Her eyes softend as she continued. "You're not a slut Amanda. Those of us who know you know that. I know Stacy last night was very excited about you, she seems to think you're pretty cool. Good job of convincing her about your nudism."

"Like I had a choice." I said as I continued to shiver from being so wet. "And what's worse is that she's into this herself. Why didn't Em and CJ pick her, she fantasizes about this stuff."

"I tried to tell them, but they wanted you and no one else. They really never considered Stacy. I guess you fit a specific desire for them." She then looked down at her watch. "Time to get out and begin class. I've added a few more knee lifts and a couple of squating routines to the warmups today. Can't wait to have you do them in front of everyone."

Part 37

I felt that taking a shower seemed rather pointless considering how much I was rained on today, but Gale insisted. Class had just finished and I couldn't be happier. Again I'd had to stand in front of the class to do warmups with Gale and as she said we did more knee lifts today. Most people in the class though did very little of the warmups, most of them were either laughing or were just in shock at what I was doing. My clothes were completely wet and transparent and doing those excercises made them cling and ride up on me in embarrassing ways, all the while Gale did nothing to stop everyone from gawking at me. I made an effort not to look at either Missy or Danette during all of this, I didn't want to see the looks of amusement on their faces anymore, but when warmups were over they walked by me and snapped my shorts again. All eyes were on me all class, both the girls and the guys, and like yesterday I heard my share of comments.

"How can she wear that?" One girl complained. "Doesn't she realize she looks ridiculous?"

"She must've lost her mind." Another girl added. "I've seen her wear more clothes than this on 90 degree days. Maybe she's getting some on the side or something. It just doesn't make sense otherwise."

"She must want to be f*&%ed man." I overheard one of the guys say. "She's always been shy. Maybe this is the only way she can think of to get someone to notice her."

"I don't think so dude. I tried to ask her out yesterday after class and she practically told me to f*&%off. And then Mrs. Davis stepped in and practically threatend to beat me up if I didn't leave her alone. Who knows what's up with her? But hey, if she wants to let all of us look at her shit than I have no problem with that. I wish more girls would do it."

That must've been the guy I talked to in the gym yesterday, nice to know he approved of my wardrobe, asshole.

"Hurry up and shower," Gale said to me, bringing me back to the present. "We don't need you being late for your next class."

"Can you make sure Missy and them don't bother me while I shower?" I asked her hoping she would help me out.

"Oh don't worry about them." Gale reasured me. "I told them not to bother you while you're in here or I'd have them kicked off the volleyball team. I'll keep an eye out for you if that makes you feel better."

She did keep an eye out but that didn't stop Missy and Danette from standing and watching me shower from outside of the stalls, they even commented when they thought I missed a spot. I wanted to throw things at them to get them to go away but I had nothing to throw and even if I did I'm outnumbered. God how did strippers stand doing this kind of stuff for a living? I was worried that they were going to stop me again when I finished like they did yesterday but this time they just stood aside and let me pass.

"Good show today Amanda." Missy called to me as I walked by her. "Can't wait to see what's next."

I dreaded what was probably coming next. I was sure whatever it was I'd hate it. Yet when I walked into Gale's office the first thing I saw were the clothes I had worn to school yesterday morning sitting in a small pile on the desk. I thought Gale had gotten rid of them.

"Here dry yourself off." Gale said to me as she handed me a towel. "I see you noticed your old clothes sitting here."

"What are they for?" I asked unsure of what she had in mind.

"They're for you to wear." she answered matter of factly. "I'm a little worried that some of the other faculty are starting to ask questions about your choice of outfits lately so I thought it'd be best if you wore some normal clothes for a couple of classes, just to throw them off a bit."

I was thrilled to hear that I could wear my own clothes again, after all I deserved something. But then it occured to me what happened yesterday at Tony Roma's with the overcoat. It was still possible that Emily and CJ did something to that coat that made me react like I did but what if it was my body reacting to having to wear something so heavy and long? If that was the case was it safe for me to wear my old clothes now? Oh shit I wanted to put those things on though, I missed my old stuff. My sweatshirt looked so comfortable and so did everything else. It was either these or the pink underwear gym clothes, and I knew which ones I wanted to wear. After I finished drying I had already made up my mind to try and wear my old clothes and I revelled in the joy of getting to put on a bra and dry panties, and it felt so good to pull that sweatshirt over my head and put pants on my legs that I became very aroused again. At least this time I wasn't embarrassed to be turned on. Then I slipped on my shoes and socks and I almost started jumping up and down I was so happy to be dressed again like a normal person. So far I hadn't noticed any discomfort from wearing these, hopefully it'd stay that way. I was startled when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in." Gale requested.

The door opened and Stacy popped her head in and smiled at us.

"Hi Amanda." Stacy said cheerfully. "I just came by to walk with you to class. I see you're taking a break from your calling. I haven't seen you this covered since last week. I'm almost disappointed."

"So is she." Gale jumped in, refering to me. "It was my idea to have her fully dressed. She didn't really want to. I just think she should slow down a little."

"That's probably a good idea." Stacy agreed. "People are waiting outside of the lockerroom for her right now. Some of them have cameras. Obviously people have taken notice of her sudden change in dressing habits. They're going to be so let down when they see her looking like her old self. Oh well f*&$ 'em if they can't take a joke."

I felt my stomache feel queasy when she said that people were waiting outside for me to come out. I was relieved that I would be dressed but still that was more attention than I ever would want. I'm shy for a reason, too much attention makes me nervous.

"Well lets go Amanda." Stacy said as she took my hand. "Lets get to class. There's something I want to ask you."

"Just a second." Gale interupted as we were about to walk out. "Here's your bookbag Amanda. You left it in the classroom yesterday so I kept it here for you. You'll probably need it for class."

Gale then handed me my bookbag, which I hoped wasn't messed with somehow, and Stacy and I walked out of the office. When we walked out into the hall I saw that Stacy wasn't kidding about people waiting for me. There must've been at least thirty or so people standing in a group with cameras at the ready to take my picture. The groan from the crowd when they saw that I was fully dressed was almost comical.

"Shit. I thought you said you saw her in a little pink number earlier?" I heard a very saddend male voice say.

"She did." another guy answered. "And she was all wet from the rain too. Dammit she changed her mind."

With everyone disappointed about me not being practically naked the crowd soon dispersed and for the first time in a few days I didn't feel embarrassed or ashamed to be around people. If only it could stay this way.

"So." Stacy began as we walked down the hall. "What are your plans for tonight?"

"I don't know." I answered honestly. I never know what's going on until it's about to happen anymore.

"Well I was hoping that maybe I could help you out with all of this nudist thing you're doing. I have a friend who owns a nightclub up in Beaverton and I thought that maybe you would like to go up there with me tonight. I can arrange for you to be able be naked while we're there so that you'll be in a safe place while you get used to being a nudist in public. I'll be there with you the whole time and the security will make sure no one gets out of line."

Oh God I hoped Emily and CJ weren't listening right now, this sounded like something they'd approve. Shit I didn't want to go to some nightclub naked, plus didn't I have to be 21?"

"I can see you're hesitent," she said as if she was reading my mind "but this is a Tuesday so it won't be super packed there or anything and the owner has a place for us to hide if the police come in and start checking ID's. Just think about it and get back to me. I think it would be good for you though."

Like she'd know what's good for me. Didsn't anyone think that maybe it would be better for me just to live my life my way? I guess it really wasn't my life anymore.