Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 12

The clock read 7:30. Soon Cassandra, the hotel manager, would be arriving to take me downstairs. Emily and CJ were going to make me pose for pictures downstairs. I had threatend not to do it but I was overruled.

"Amanda," Emily had said, "while I understand why you wanted off the phone with your mom, that doesn't excuse you disrespecting us."

"But I didn't mean any disrespect. Honest." I had pleaded. "And if I go down and let people take pictures, how do I know that people I know won't eventually see them?"

"That's a good point." CJ had began. "It's true that eventually some of the pictures taken today may be seen by people you know. But it won't be nearly as fast as we can make it happen. And to the degree that we can expose you."

That was a good point as well. I just needed to decide how much I'd be delaying the inevitable if I went along with there request.

"Well now let's be fair," Emily interupted, "having you call your mom while you were sitting in a vibrating chair was setting you up to fail. We both knew you'd fail this somehow because you're not someone who could pull something like that off, you're too emotionally healthy. But you were able to walk naked across an empty mall parking lot and escaped being caught by security. You were able to drive naked across town. You were able to run naked across a long athletic field in broad daylight. You went to classes dressed like a groupie. You just walked naked through a full hotel lobby about an hour ago. Now how come you were able to pull those off as beautifully as you did, but you weren't able to pull off the phone call to your mother?"

I was at a complete loss as to what she was saying. Was she on drugs? Was she trying to say I somehow liked running around naked?

Think about it Amanda. In many of the shots we have of you during your missions you are quite clearly aroused. I'm aware that embarrassment can cause arousal, so I guess you must be really, really embarrassed. I think you are a natural closet masochist, you get off by being humiliated by others."

"I do not." I responded sharply. "I don't enjoy this one bit. You're both awful people." I couldn't believe I said that last part. Oh God. My heart was pounding in fear again, oh man did I wanna go home.

"Wow." CJ sounded startled. "I think we hit a nerve. I guess we know how she feels about us."

"None the less Amanda. If you won't do it for the fun of it then do it so we don't have to send certain pictures and DVD's of you to relatives of yours across the country." Relatives? "You know like your brother in Scottsdale Arizona, or your uncle George and aunt Ginny in Boise Idaho, or how about your Grandpa and Grandma Vigil over in Denver. You want them to see what we find so special about you? I'm sure they'd want to call and talk to you about it."

They had me again. As much as I wanted to just call it off, I couldn't find the stregnth. Darn it, I sure wish I could rescued. After Emily rattled off the names of a few more various relations I gave in and agreed to my punishement. They called Cassandra and had her set it up. CJ explained to me that when I was doing my walk in the lobby she was going around asking people what they thought. I guess a few of them requested a session with me to take pictures. So instead of me going to their rooms to pose for them, I'd go down to a corner of the restaurant and pose for all of them at once for two hours.

She told that me no one was going to ask me any questions as to why I was doing this, and I wouldn't have to do anything nasty like open my legs wide or hold my butt open. And no one would be allowed to touch me other than to put their arm around me when getting a picture taken with me. But I had to let them take as many pictures as they wanted for the two hours, and I couldn't accept any covering during my time in the posing. How was I going to do this?

"Don't worry." CJ added. "There were only about 20 people that asked to have you pose. So it might not be as many showing up as you think." Twenty was way too many as far as I was concerned. "And Casey will be with you the whole time making sure you're safe. Make sure you refer to her as Casey, only her employees call her Cassandra, and make sure you do everything she tells you. She's instructed to inform us if you don't."

"Please don't make me do this," I begged her, "what you're doing is wrong."

"Probably. But you know what they say. Nice guys finish last, like you."

There was a knock at our door. 'That's probably Casey. God I'm going to have to go back down through the lobby naked again.' I tried to swallow but had trouble doing so because I was so numb. I wanted to run and dive under the bed. CJ opened the door and Casey entered and turned at me.

"She looks nervous." she said to CJ. "Have you given her anything to calm her down?"

"We don't drug her. We like her to be aware of what's going on." CJ nswered.

"She's too young anyway. Even though she's 18 her brain is still wet."

"Very true. Can't afford any brain damage at your age."

"She'll be fine. Just give her a little nudge if she needs it. She seems to respond well to it." They were talking about me like I was a pet that was being watched. I was so nervous, I didn't want to do this. If I did this there was no going back. I'd really be putting myself out there for people to see. I was feeling faint again.

"How many people are waiting on her?" CJ asked Casey.

"I'd say about 25 right now. Depending on how this goes more may participate. If they get too rowdy I'm going to shut this down quickly. I'm not going to risk any damage to the hotel."

"That's fine. We don't want babygirl here to get hurt either." My legs were feeling very shaky. I almost hoped I might pass out before this could start.

Then Emily entered the room.

"Casey, you're here." Emily greeted. "I think our Amanda is about ready."

"Great" Casey answered. "Everthing is ready downstairs."

"Terrific." Emily then turned to me and said, "If you get through this without any trouble than you're done for the night. If you cause any trouble or don't do as Casey tells you, well you might have to sleep in the car."

Crap, I hoped she wasn't serious.

"But I don't want to scare you. Just do what you're supposed to and everything will rock. Now go with Casey and remember we'll be watching you from in here."

God they must have cameras hidden in the hotel too. Just how big of an operation was this?

Casey then took me by my arm, as she had done earlier, and CJ opened the front door for us.

"Make us proud." Emily told me and then slapped me on my rear as Casey led me out of the room and into the corridor. The walkway at the moment was empty but that didn't make me feel any less nervous, it almost made me more nervous since I didn't know when someone might pop out. She then led me down the walkway and I noticed we were going away from the elevator.

"I thought we might use the stairs the first few floors, I thought it would give us a chance to talk before your modeling debut." she spoke very cheerfully, and very professional at the same time. "Of course you can't ask me any questions since I'm not allowed to answer any from you. But I do think I should fill you in on what you're up against." We began to decend the stairs slowly.

She had to help balance me because my legs were so wobbly, I could feel my vagina start to tingle with nervousness, I could almost feel myself becoming detached from what I was doing.

"I don't know how you became messed up with those two and their little outfit they run," she began. "but you should know that you're in for a long game. Personally, I wish I'd never met those two, and I'm someone that they like." I didn't like the sound of that and it caused another chill to go up my spine.

"I first met them in high school, I was a senior when they were freshmen, and within a month they were the most powerful students in school. Metaphorically speaking, they're still digging up bodies of those people who were in their way. I'm just grateful I'm still not one of those bodies. If you want to have any hope of someday surviving this ordeal, than I suggest that you don't cross them. If the devil had daughters they would be Emily and CJ." My legs became more shakey with each stair we went down. Her telling me this stuff wasn't helping. I had figured that both of them were going to great troubles to do what they were doing. But to hear her put them in that kind of perspective, it made me feel even more like my will was being taken from me. Oh no, now I could feel my breasts start to swell from the shame of this, I hated that this kept happening. "You know, someone once told me that they had talked about turning someone into a nudist who didn't want to be one. I thought not even they would try and do something like that. I guess I was wrong, unfortunately for you. And I must say that they have quite an eye, I thought they were bringing some young Pam Anderson lookalike but instead they bring someone shy and virginal like you. I don't know what they have over you but I guarantee you they won't be letting you go anytime soon."

By now I was completely leaning on her to hold myself up. A nudist. I didn't want to be a nudist. Oh God I had to escape. I didn't know how to though, right now I didn't have anything or anywhere to go.

"Anyway I just thought you should be given a heads up, just for your own good. And don't worry, I'll try and make sure this photo shoot goes easily for you. I'm sorry I have to make you do this but I'm not about to get on the bad side of those two. Here, we need to take the elevator from this floor because they want people in the lobby to see you come down it." She then led me off the stairs and onto the walkway of what I thought was the 4th floor. This floor had a couple of people walking down it, and they took notice of me and smiled at me as they walked past. I just looked away from them ashamed.

"This must be so awful for you." casey whispered in my ear. "I bet you wish you looked more like Pam Anderson." What did that mean? "You know, with her tan at least." Another pale comment. This seemed to be an endless source of ridicule. We reached the elevator and she pressed the down button.

"You are quite pretty. You look like the actress Anna Paquin but with a cuter face." I had been told that before, as well as I look like Racheal Leigh Cook but only taller. All I knew was I looked like Amanda Johnson and right now I wished I looked like someone else. Soon the elevator arrived and we stepped in. I continued to lean on her for support as the elevator decended to the lobby.

The door opened and sitting in the lobby were at least 3 dozen people with cameras, apperantly waiting for me. I had trouble making my legs move but with Casey practically dragging me I managed to walk out of the elevator towards my waiting photographers.

"Okay ladies and gentlemen," Casey spoke, "if you'll follow us to the restaurant we have an area set up where you can begin. Remember to treat this young lady with respect, and know that she won't answer any questions."

She then led me towards the hotel restaurant. I could feel myself begin to blush from all the people looking at me. The tingling in my vagina grew and I could feel it almost begin to quiver. I couldn't believe I was about ot do this.

Part 13

The restaurant was full of people, many of which had just finished eating or were still in the process of doing so. No matter what they were doing they all managed to put it aside and look up at me as I passed their table.

"Good Lord!" One lady blurted out. "If I was that girl I'd be so embarrassed. Just look at her." Well I ws embarrassed and everyone was looking at me. One table burst into laughter at the sight of me walking by. "Looks like someone lost a bet." A man from another table shouted and more people laughed. I could feel my body blushing down in my toes. I felt so exposed and so helpless to do anything about it. Casey then led me over to a corner where everything had been cleared out. This must be where I'm supposed to stand.

"Stand over here and make sure you smile to the audience. You have such a nice smile." she whispered to me. She let go of my arm as I stood and tried to keep myself under control, as well as forcing a smile on my blushing face.

"Okay ladies and gentlemen. For right now she will do a series of poses for you while standing up. You may take as many pictures as you wish and may ask her to hold different poses, as long as they're tasteful." This caused the first person to click off a shot of me, just while I was standing there, and two more followed suit. I could feel my lungs getting heavier so I had to concentrate harder to get myself to breathe.

"Could you put your hands on your hips please." A man in his 40's asked. I looked at Casey and she gave me a nod so I gently placed my hands on each hip as more cameras went off. "Good." the man praised. "Can you smile a little bigger?" I forced a wider smile which seemed to please him since he snapped off another shot. My shame was working against me again, I could feel myself becoming more euphoric with each passing second, and it was causing a stir inside that was taking over my senses.

"Can you keep that pose, but with your back to us?" I slowly turned around and exposed my back side to the audience which caused an even greater flurry of clicks to go off. When I was a kid I was told that native americans hated having their photos taken because they believed the camera took their souls from them. With every picture of me taken I couldn't help feeling a part of me was being taken and controlled by someone else. "Can you turn your head to us?" I swallowed and turned my head back at the audience and without being told made myself smile. The crowd behind the picture takers were coversing loudly, I tried not to think that much of their converstaions might be about me. "Now lets have her lean up against a wall and face us. Maybe have her one hand run through her hair." Already I found myself involuntarily responding to their requests. It was like I was on autopilot or something. I went over to the wall and leaned up against it. The feeling of my bare butt on the cold wall was very unnerving since it felt so foreign. I locked my knees together and ran a shaky hand through my hair to the sound of clicks and flashes. "Run your hand again please." and I did as was asked. "Could you spread your feet just a few feet apart, it shows off your thigh muscles better, and run your hand again?" Casey just nodded at me and with great hesitation I spread my feet apart untill they were even with my shoulders. Oh God I could feel my nether region getting wet again, dammit. More clicks went off. I looked around me maybe hoping for some kind of escape, but I knew there was none. What I did notice was a large man standing behind the people with cameras holding a video camera. Are they letting these strangers tape me as well, for their own private use. God this isn't fair. "Now turn your back to us again while you lean against the wall." More shots of my butt huh. I did as I was asked again, and this time with me leaning in my butt was forced to stick in the air.

This was so degrading, but if my nipples were doing the talking you'd think I was flattered. Not only did more cameras go off someone felt the need to whistle as well. This caused even those who weren't paying attention to me to look and see what I was doing. This was more attention than I had ever received, or wanted to receive, at any time in my life. The clicks from the cameras was almost deafening. I could feel every stare that was aimed at my exposed rear end, which made me even more embarrassed and even more excited.

"Can she do jumping jacks?" One of the handful of women with cameras asked, causing some nervous laughter throughout the crowd. "Yeah, lets have her do jumping jacks." One of the male photographers chimed in. "That's tasteful isn't it?"

"I don't see why not." Casey answered the group. "Go ahead," she spoke to me, "do a few jumping jacks." I thought she said she was going to try and make this easy for me? If I did jumping jacks everything on me that jiggles would jiggle. Oh God I couldn't believe I was going to do this. I stepped away from the wall, took a deep breath, and began going through the motion of jumping jacks.

Every face in that restaurant was looking right at me. The feelings of the jumps on my nervous and aroused body gave me a sensation that was both uncomfortable and yet pleasurable at the same time. The sensation grew stronger with every landing. Did anyone notice this? At least a third of every face that stood before me had a camera in front of it, and those cameras were all going off. I tried not to think about how my erect breasts must look bouncing up and down with my jumping motions.

"Now turn around while you're jumping." I began turning to the right with every jump until I was again facing towards the wall. The exersize was causing my heart to pump blood harder and I could feel my adrenaline kicking in. I could also feel my wetness between my legs grow and I could feel drops along my inner thighs. Gosh would I ever be allowed to keep any dignity?

"Man look at that rear bounce," was one of the comments I overheard. Most others I was able to block out. I looked over at Casey and gave her a pleading look.

"Okay Amanda, that enough." she said and I came to a stop and turned back around, I hoped my wetness wasn't showing up too clearly. "Here," Casey stated as she pulled over a large chair. "why don't you sit down and let them take some pictures of you sitting." As I was about to sit, she stopped me so that she could lay a small towel on the seat and then motioned me to sit.

I again locked my knees together as I sat and faced the audience. I noticed I was still catching my breath from the jumping jacks, which caused my stomach to move in and out with my breathing. This was not lost on the photographers as they snapped more shots of me. I glanced over at where I had done the jumping jacks and saw little drops of wetness on the floor. Oh God I hoped no one noticed those, they'd think I washaving fun or something like that. I didn't care what Emily thought, I hated this.

"She seems embarrassed doesn't she?"

"Wouldn't you be?"

"If she's so embarrassed, then why are her nipples pointing directly north like that?"

"Plus she's been smiling the whole time, she must be enjoying this some."

"You think she's a virgin?"

"I don't know but she has that look."

All these people were talking about me so casually. Did they even know that I could hear them? I couldn't help remembering yesterday at school when I had to wear those skimpy clothes. When I learily walked into the hallway after my second class I was met by the school photographer who snapped a series of pictures of me. "For the school paper." he stated as he then took one more shot and walked off giving me a sarcastic grin as he passed me. I wanted to run after him and kick him in the nuts but as usual I couldn't do anything but take it and walk away. I was feeling that feeling again now, but it was even worse. I sat there for what seemed like a long time letting my picture be taken. Many of the photographers changed disks or film in their cameras during this time, and even though a few finished and left they were always replaced by someone else.

I don't know how many times I had to run my hands through my hair or fold my legs up under my chin but I did it everytime I was asked. "Can she go and sit on top of the bar?" someone asked. "I'd like to have a shot of that."

"I think we can do that." Casey answered him. She then took my arm again and had me stand up. She led me over to the other side of the restaurant where the bar was. There she had me climb on top of the bar counter and sit. I was now in full view of the restaurant and I could also be seen from the lobby. The neverending sound of camera clicks flooded my ears again.

"Look. I think she might be wet down there." some lady commented. "I think she is enjoying this."

I felt myself becoming unglued. Having to sit here naked while these people made comments was so hard to take. I just felt so powerless without clothing, as if all my defenses have been taken away. If I was dressed none of these people would be able to talk about me like they were.

"Can she lay down on the the bar?" someone asked. I didn't even bother looking at Casey for approval, I just swung my legs over the bar and laid down on my back. "Keep your legs bent please." More cameras went off.

"Now lay them flat." More clicks. "Can you look at us and smile?" Click, click, click.

"Can ou put your hands behind your head?"

God I couldn't take much more of this.

"Arch your back. Try and hold it for a minute." This bar was not the most comfortable thing to be laying on, arching my back made it even more so. Click, click. My ears didn't miss a single snap of the cameras. I remember CJ saying earlier that they liked me to be aware of what was happening, they were getting their wish.

"Now can you lie on your stomache"

God I always had to do each pose in two positions. I turned myself over and lay face down on the bar. Man this didn't feel right.

"Smile at us." Click. I could see people standing on all sides of me taking pictures. They were all moving around to different sides once they got a shot of one side. I could also feel the wet spot on my stomach from where I was sitting earlier, please don't let this get any worse.

"Lie on your side now and face us." I rolled onto my side and propped my head up under one of my hands. I saw all the cameras go off at once and they took repeated shots. 'What are they going to do with those pictures? Why did I agree to do this? It's too late to go back now.' Click.

"Can you lift your top leg up?"

Oh no.

"I'm sorry sir but you cannot ask her to open her legs like that." Casey interupted. "This is not a Hustler shoot."

Thank God for small favors. I never thought I'd be happy to get such a small reprieve. I was quickly put back in my place with the sound of the next camera clicking a shot off.

"Do we get to have our pictures taken with the young lady?" One of the photographers asked.

"Yes." Casey answered. "In a few minutes we'll go back over to the corner and whoever wants their picture taken with her can line up."

'Great. It's like I get to play Santa Claus and I get to have my picture taken with everyone.'

"Why don't we let her take a small break to have something to drink." She then helped me down off the bar and led me to a table in the other corner and had me sit in a chair with another towel on the seat. "Would you like a Ginger Ale Amanda?"

I nodded to her, anything sounded good. I managed to take some deep breaths and get a hold of my wits. The bar clock said 8:35. Boy how time flies when you're being tortured. I knew that around 9:30 I'd be done. When my ginger ale arrived I helped myself to few quick gulps. I used to drink ginger ale when I had an upset stomach and it would calm it down. Right now my stomach was pretty full of angry butterflies so the ginger ale was very welcome. I looked over at the corner where I first started posing and saw the line of people that was forming to have their picture taken with me. It was long, and both men and women were in it. This couldn't be right.

After over an hour of letting people stand next to me and put their arm around me the line finally came to an end. God that was awful. Having to be embraced by all those people was bad enough, but to have to smile and let someone take our picture just made me want to hurl. While many of the people were polite, some where a bit drunk and felt the need to tell me they were available. Many of the women were nice but a couple of them took great joy in pointing out that their boobs were bigger than mine. One lady even handed me a card to a personal trainer and told me I should call. That one hurt a bit. To get through it all I just made myself think that with each person through the line, I was one person closer to finishing. It wasn't easy, I don't know how many times I had to say 'Go Ducks' or had to smile when I wanted to puke from the body odor of the person standing next to me. One thing I found out from having to be so close to these people, I was no longer aroused. While I was still nervous and embarrassed, having to be touched by these people made my skin crawl more than it made it quiver with excitment. In a small way it was almost a blessing.

"Well I think that's about it Amanda. I think they've finally become bored with you." Casey told me as she took out a cell phone. "I'm going to call up and see if I can bring you back to your room."

Please let it be yes...

"Hi this is Casey." she said to the phone. "Yes. Yes she is. I think it went very well, I only had to chastise a couple of people. I think she did very well. Okay I'll bring her up."

Part 14

After another embarrassing ride up the elevator Casey led me to the front door of my room. Everyone on the floor had stepped out of their rooms so they could take a peek at me before I disappeared behind my door. I have been exposed so much in the last two days that I just wanted to lock myself in a windowless room and hide under a mountain of covers.

"Well Amanda," Casey spoke, "I hope you have a pleasent evening. I thought the whole modeling session went rather well. I think you're a natural at this. I imagine they have big plans for you."

I wanted to snap her neck. For whatever reason this woman really got under my skin. I think it was because she knew what they were making me do but she just went along with it because it wasn't her butt out there in the open. One of the people in the room next to us snapped a picture of me as I stood there.

'Dammit, why haven't they opened the door?'

"I guess I should knock huh?" Casey said with a sarcastic laugh and then knocked. I wished I could throw her over the railing.

"Amy, you were fantastic!" CJ screamed as she opened the door. She then took my free arm and pulled me into the room, causing Casey to let go of my other arm. "Thank you Casey. Talk to you later." CJ waved goodbye at Casey and closed the door behind her. "Oh girl I'm so proud of you. You did your mission perfectly, you're so good at being humiliated. It's just delicious to watch."

God I couldn't stand to hear her talk like that. I'd never heard of someone being good at being humiliated before.

"Oh my you're really shaking. Come on let's get you in the shower." She then led me down the hallway and into one of the bathrooms and swiched on the light. I couldn't help but notice that it was quite a spacious bathroom with a large area to shower. "Here, stand still and I'll get the water ready for you." She let my arm go and went over to the side of the shower and pressed a button on the wall, causing water to come shooting out of the shower head. "It only takes a few seconds to warm up. These new shower systems are right on."

I really hoped she wasn't going to stand there and watch me while I showered, I was tired of being looked at. "Don't worry there are no cameras in here. Me and Em both use this shower too." She then reached into a drawer under the sink and pulled out what looked like a bottle of body wash.

"I want you to wash with this. It's really good and will make your skin feel real soft. Use alot of it, it's organic so it's not harmful. There's a bottle of shampoo in the shower on the self. Take as long of a shower as you like. When your done there are some hand towels by the hamper. Dry off and come out to the living room, don't cover up." She then walked over to me and kissed me on the cheeck, as well as placed her hand on my stomache. "We are so happy with you right now. We are going to answer a couple of questions for you tonight."

She then tickled my abdomen and left the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Standing in the warm spray of the shower I felt better than I had since I took that fateful shower back on Wednsday. The water felt so good flowing down my nerve-rattled body that for a minute I felt I was somewhere else. The body wash that CJ gave me smelled wonderful and made my skin tingle when I rubbed it on. I just wanted to stand here forever. I had the shower curtain pulled tight around the shower and I stood under the shower head as much as possible so I could feel even more covered.

'Man that water feels great. Posing for those pictures made me feel so dirty.' But the massaging from the streams of water really did wonders to aleave tensions that had built up over trip so far. After a day like today I could appreciate any comfort I could get.

I knew I'd eventually have to get out, but I wasn't going to yet. I kept thinking about how I got into this mess. All I did was take a shower after gym class. I couldn't imagine they were doing this out of some kind of revenge. Casey mentioned something about their little outfit. Did they have people working for them? Since I'd met them they hadn't seemed the slightest bit worried that I would disobey any of their requests. And I was afraid, I must admit, that I had complied with every one so far. I thought their confidence in themselves scared me. I'm ashamed to admit it but I've always let myself get pushed around alot for fear that standing up for myself might prolong the conflict, and possibly make things worse. My parents weren't always real good at backing me up either when I was in dissagreement, it was always up to me to turn the other cheek and let the other person win. Now look at me. I was the pawn of two people who gave away my clothes, kept me naked, and had taken over my life. I could take solace in knowing that I'd done nothing to deserve this, but that was a small consulation. I couldn't keep doing this. Before I knew it I was crying my eyes out. The shame of the day just came pouring out. I lowered myself to the shower floor and pulled my knees up under my chin and began rocking. CJ had said they were going to answer some questions tonight, I hoped I wanted to know the answers.

After I got out of the shower I picked up a couple of hand towels and dried myself. Cj said not to cover myself but I wouldn't be able to anyway because these towels were no bigger than washcloths. Once I was dried I knew I would have to walk out to the living room like this, something I still wasn't getting used to but was getting better at making myself do. I took some deep breaths and then walked out of the bathroom and began moving down the hall.

The feeling of the air in the hallway on my newly washed skin felt so foreign and strange, and yet it was a bit invigerating. Soon I was at the entryway to the living room and I hesitated to enter. I couldn't help feeling that my life might be about to take a permanent change.

"There you are," CJ proclaimed as she noticed me standing in the hallway. "I was afraid you'd stay in there all night. Come on, come in here." and she motioned me to enter the room. "Here, we got your chair all warmed up. Have a seat. I'll go get Em." She watched me as I sat down and then left the room.

The chair once again was a welcome comfort. With my muscles relaxed from the shower my body melted into a more lounged position in the chair. I was about to close my eyes and try to forget where I was when both Emily and CJ came back into the room.

"Hey Amanda, have a good shower?" Emily asked.

"She should've. She was in there for almost 40 minutes." Cj replied before I could answer.

"Well, she's a had a long day and she's far from her comfort zone. I think we can forgive her that. Do you agree CJ?"

"Oh yes. I've had long days myself."

CJ then came around and sat down in a chair that was to the right of me, while Emily sat on the couch that was facing in front of me. Emily had her briefcase with her and she sat in on the coffee table in front of us.

"Well Amanda I want to tell you that your photo session went splendedly." Emily began with praise in her voice. "You're amazing to watch. It's obvious to us that you're very ashamed of what's happening to you, but you keep going on. No matter how humiliated and uncomfortable you were you continued with your mission. You carry shame so amazingly and intirgingly well, we can't stop watching you. And from the looks of things, other people can't either."

"We want you to know," CJ started, "that we know all the people who were down there tonight. They are all contacts of ours in one way or another. They knew ahead of time that you were coming. So if you're worried that those pictures they took will wind up on porn sites or in the hands of people you know, you don't have to worry. While they may share them amongst themselves they know that they have to answer to us if those pictures show up where they shouldn't, and people don't ... with us. Plus it's just good business."

All those people knew these two? That couldn't be possible. I sort of hoped it was true if it kept those pictures from being passed around.

Emily than spoke again, "How did you like posing for all of them?"

"I hated it." I replied

"I thought you might say that. It seemed that you did better when you just posed for pictures than when you posed with people. I think just being looked at seems to work for you. I don't think we'll have you pose for people for awhile."

"I agree." CJ added. "I think having all eyes on her by herself brings out the sexy shame in her. Plus the fear of being seen and of being caught, she seems to thrive on that as well."

I couldn't help but remember back to something Casey had said earlier. She said they wanted to make someone become a nudist. Was this what they were talking about? I wished I could run and get help, but even if I was that brave my muscles were so relaxed by sitting in this heated chair I'd have trouble just getting up.

"Well anyway Amanda, let's get to why we're here." Emily said as she snapped open her briefcase. "These last two days have pretty much been a test for you. We wanted to get a first hand view of which way we should take this little partnership of ours. I'm thrilled to say that you passed with flying colors. You are beyond what we had hoped for. I must say I'm very excited about the possibilities that can come from this."

"Amy, you are perfect for what we have in mind," CJ added.

"Yes you are," Emily continued, "but for what we have in mind we need more insurance that you're going to go along with this. Those pictures we took of you were just a way of getting you started. We'll still use them if need be but we feel it's time to use a bit of information that will keep you bound to us for a while."

Part 15

Once again I was numb. I could not believe what I just found out. It was as if someone had punched me in the stomach. I looked down again at the stack of papers that Emily had shown me and still couldn't believe what they contained.

"Yeah it's hard to believe isn't it?" Emily asked with mock sympathy in her voice. "Your dad has been embezzling funds and gambling with them for at least 12 years now."

Hearing her put it into words like that just increased my disbelief. How could my father, who's someone who works for a non-profit organization that runs homeless shelters and soup kitchens be stealing money from the people who donate money to them? But yet they just showed me bank statements and copies of checks as well as other documents that showed that he had been stealing, at least 50 grand a year for the last 12 years. He had stolen over 600 thousand dollars and since he handled most of his own bookkeeping he has been able to cover it up. The knowledge of this was so overwheming that it caused me to shiver despite sitting in such a warm chair.

"I can't believe he bet so much money on the Seahawks." CJ added. "Talk about a frustrating team."

That was the other thing. They had copies of what looked like hundreds of gambling slips. Thousands of dollars worth of bets and loses on sporting events. I could not believe this. That's why he was always so stubborn about watching football and other sports on weekends, he probably had money on the games. And he was keeping all this a secret from us. He drove my mom nuts with his sports viewing habits.

"You know he could go to prison for a long time over this." Emily told me.

"Probably for dozens of years. And I'm pretty sure he doesn't have the resourses to pay it back. That would be a shame if it came to that."

My head was swirling. Not from the usual embarrassment like before, but from a mix of shock from learning this news and the rise of anger I was feeling towards my father. How could he do this to us? Mom has stood by him all these years and this is how she's treated. What an asshole.

"You know," Emily continued, "if he did get caught they'd put a hold on all of your assets. You and your mom would have to get jobs just to have some money. This would probably be really hard on your mother, and she's an innocent in this. Makes you think."

She was trying to get at something, and I was afraid to know what it was. She had enough goods on my dad to put him away, destroying my family in the process. I began to hyperventalate, the stress from the situation was getting to me.

"Oh dear she's cracking up." CJ blurted and then reached over and held my hands in hers. "Slow down and take deep breaths. It's going to be okay."

I managed to calm myself down, but I had trouble believing that everything was going to be okay. This was earth shattering, this was bigger than just my humiliation at having those pictures of me possibly mailed out, this was about my family's future existence. I could just strangle my father.

"Now nothing has to come of this." Emily continued. "Even though we went through a lot of trouble to acquire this evidence and make many copies of it, we would prefer not to have to use it."

"Did my father do something to you?" I asked, trying to figure out where they were coming from.

"No." Emily answered. "Yesterday was the first time we ever laid eyes on your dad. We're not doing this because of your father, we're doing this to make sure we have your complete loyalty. We've had this information from the beginning, we just now felt we should use it."

"Why? what do you want with me?" I heard myself ask.

"Your total co-operation."

"For what?"

"We like to keep things a surprise." CJ answered. "It'll keep things interesting for you."

God they had me so trapped. Even though I was mad at my father right now I couldn't send him to prison, he was still my dad. I was suddenly burdened with a family crisis and I had no choice but to try and bear the weight of it. I could feel the course of my future slipping out of my hands.

"So Amanda," Emily spoke profoundly, "are you going to hand over control of your life to us, or are we going to have to contact the attorney general's office?"

"As well as still e-mail all those pictures to all corners of the country." CJ added.

As much as I attempted to wrack my brain for an alternative, I knew there was none.

"I'll do whatever you want." I answered defeated. Hearing myself say those words was like hearing the sounds of nails in a coffin.

"For as long as we want?" Emily asked with a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

"Y... yes."

"I'm sorry, what was that?"

"Yes!" I yelled, annoyed at the request.

"Terrific. Well then lets get you ready for bed. We have a big afternoon tomorrow."

"How long have you been planning this?" I found myself asking.

"We've had our eyes on you for about the last two months now. When the evidence against your dad came into our possesion we knew we had what we needed to make you ours. Plus this is just the tip of the iceberg. If we need to have more insurance to secure your obedience, we have it and'll use it. It's like I told you yesterday, you belong to us."

"I think Amy gets the point." CJ butted in. "It's 11 o'clock now and I think we should show her where she'll be sleeping."

"Good idea." Emily replied. "First have her take another vitamin. It's going to get in the upper 30's tonight."

I was still taking in all that was happening when CJ handed me another pill with a bottle of water she had sitting next to her. I just took the pill without giving it much thought.

"Okay, lets put you to bed." CJ squealed and then helped me get out of the chair. Emily followed us as CJ led me to the patio doors. She unlocked the glass door and slid it open. A cool rush of air flowed in from out on the balcany and caused a chill to run up my spine as I was led outside.

"The cot he have for you has a rechargeable heated mattress on it." CJ began. "It's been charging all day so it'll stay warm for up to 10 hours."

"You want me to sleep out here on the balcony?" I asked in shock. "You can't be serious."

"Oh we mean it." Emily jumped in. "But don't worry. No one can see you out here and the heated cot will keep you from freezing."

"Where are the blankets?" I noticed as I looked down at he cot that it had no covers.

"Why would we go through the trouble of getting you a heated cot if we were just going to give you blankets as well? That makes no sense."

She just said a mouthful there. None of this made sense. I have to spend the night outside naked with no covers, this was too unreal.

"Come on, lie down on it." CJ ordered and they watched me as I laid myself onto the cot. Well it certainly was warm, even warmer than the chair in the living room. As I lay my head back on the heated pillow they provided I could feel the warmth relax my back muscles. The feeling of having no covers was foreign and was going to take some getting used to, but I had to admit this wasn't completely uncomfortable. How was I going to sleep though? Being out here would be too nerve-wracking. It could be hours before I nodded off. Oh I wanted to scream at my dad.

"There now." CJ continued. "Just relax and I'm sure you'll sleep fine. I know this may seem cruel but we need to get you adjusted to being exposed to the elements. If there's an emergency, and it better be an emergency, just bang on the door and one of us will come. We'll let you in in the morning otherwise."

She then bent down and kissed me on the lips and whispered, "We're going to take care of you. Everthings gonna turn out fine."

Then Emily bent over me and said, "We are so proud of you. Just keep doing what you're doing so far and you'll be okay." She then kissed me on the lips as well and then whispered, "We love you." and then they both went back inside the room. I could hear them lock the patio door after they closed it behind them.

Part 16

It's been light for quite awhile now and they still haven't come and let me in. I haven't been off this cot since I first lay down on it last night.

It was just too cold out here, the mattress was the only thing that kept me from freezing. The cot was actually borderline too warm, it wasn't unbearable but a couple of times when I woke during the night I was covered in sweat. The cool air actually felt good at times like when I had to roll over because I had laid on one side to long. It was similar in a way to when a cool breeze blows over you when you're laying out on a hot day, except in my case the stars are out instead of the sun. It felt like the night would go on forever. It was hours before I finally drifted off for the first time. I just couldn't get comfortable with not having any covers. I was the type of sleeper who loved to bundle up in something, even on warm nights I'd still wrap myself up in a sheet for a cover just because I slept better that way. Every time that I woke during the night I'd instinctively try and reach for blanckets, and when I wouldn't find any I'd let out a squeel and then curl myself in a ball out of shock. It was a very vunerable feeling waking up under these conditions, and it worried me that this might become common practice for me. During the handful of times that I did sleep I kept dreaming that Emily and CJ were pushing me around a park in a baby stroller. In the dream I kept trying to move but my arms and legs were too heavy. They kept talking to me in a patronizing babytalk tone and kept refering to each other as Aunt Em and Aunt CJ. They would each take turns pushing my stroller and would show me off to everyone that walked by. Most people oohed and ahhed over me like I was a child, but one old woman kept telling me I was a bad little girl and that I was going to hell. I woke up terrified the time that lady told me that.

Twice I dreamed that they put a baby's bottle in my mouth and twice I woke up with my thumb in my mouth. I didn't even want to think about what psychological meaning that my thumb sucking had, but it made sense that this situation was making me feel a bit infantile. Plus right now I was also very hungry and I had to go to the bathroom, this made me want to cry like an infant. I wasn't about to pee out here. I could go on one of the potted plants out here, but since I fully believed I was being filmed while I was out here I refrained. Even though it was really dark all night, from what I've seen of the technology that Emily and CJ used they would probably have high definition night vision cameras or something on me. I was fully intent on holding it in until they came for me. The fact that they already had images of me pissing in the atletic field of my high school was painful enough, I don't want to give them anymore.

God I wished they'd let me in. I remembered Emily saying last night they have had their eye on me for two months before they started with me the other day.

How did they find me and why did they pick me? They wanted me so bad that they were looking for dirt on me and my family to blackmail me with, and they found it with my father the secret high rolling gambler. I wondered why they waited till now to hold this over me instead of just using it to begin with? They said they were testing me to see if I met their criteria for who they looking for. They probably wanted to see how much of a fight I'd put up, being the pacifist that life has made me I didn't put up much of one. They wouldn't tell what all they had in store for me, but if what I'm doing now is any indication it'll be very drastic and I'm sure quite belittling. I hoped Jesus would give me huge brownie points for what I was going to do for my family. I really wanted to go inside now, where were they? For a long time last night I kept hearing honking from nearby traffic. You wouldn't think people would need to honk so much. During one stretch I must've heard at least a half hour straight of cars honking. I wondered if there was some kind of accident or altercation or something like that. I kept hearing drunk people yelling from down in the parking lot as well. I'd have to asume that the football game had something to do with all the commotion going on. I hope I don't have to be anywhere near that game today, but with Emily and CJ I couldn't rule out that I might have a mission that involved being there. I hoped my dad didn't have any money on this game. Poor mom. This was so unfair.

Finally I heard the sliding door unlock. I quickly sat up in anticipation of being let in the room. Emily stepped out from inside and smiled at me. She had her hair done up in curlers and was wearing silver silk pajamas and a robe.

"Good morning Amanda." she spoke cheerfully. "Don't get up yet, let me have a look at you."

I laid back down dissapointed that I had to stay out here a little longer. She stood over me and her eyes scanned up and down my body.

"Did you sleep well last night?" she asked.

"Not really." I answered honestly. "I had a hard time getting used to this."

"I know. I'm sure this sucks. But look at how beautiful your skin looks. It's practically glowing."

What was she talking about? I looked down at myself and saw what she was talking about. My skin had a radience to it now that it didn't have before.

It's hard to explain but it looked as if it had regressed in age. And she was right. With my skin being so fair, the change caused my skin to have a kind of a glow. It wasn't blinding, at least not literally, it was actually quite healthy looking. She then rubbed one of her hands on the side of my left leg and did so while she talked.

"Wow and your skin feels so good. It's so silky and soft. Feel it."

She took my hand and made me rub my leg. She was right. My legs felt so wonderful, even when she let go of my hand I kept rubbing them. Why was I just noticing this now?

"Well sweetie. I guess CJ's body wash worked well. It amazes me what those friends of hers at that organic pharmacudical company come up with."

Oh crap what did that mean? Was that body wash some kind of test product? I remembered it tingled when I used it and I used a lot of it, CJ had told me to. Plus it smelled so good.

"I guess it's also a hair remover. She told me that you wouldn't have to shave for a long time. I'm glad to see you didn't use any on top of your head."

Hair remover. CJ didn't say anything about that. I did use a lot of it on my legs and on my chest, although I didn't have any chest hair anyway. I also used some under my arm pits, I can't say I minded not having to tend to them anymore.

"I see you did use it down there though didn't you."

It occured to me what she meant by that. I looked down between my legs and saw my bare crotch. 'Oh my God. I'm bald down there!' There was no trace of hair around there anywhere. How did this happen?

"Look. There's a little pile of your pubic hair on the mattress." Emily pointed out.

The cot was covered with little brown threads of pubic hair. How could I not have noticed that it had fallen off last night, I guess I don't play with it enough. I could not believe my vagina was now bare. I felt even more naked now.

My whole a abdomen was smooth and stubble free. That feeling of being a small child overwhelmed me again. I looked like a little girl.

Emily then took my arm and helped pull me up off the cot. She said "Run inside and show CJ how you look now. She'll wanna see."

"Can I use the bathroom first?" I asked, feeling my full bladder might burst.

The cold air was slowly washing away the warmth from the mattress making me want to go inside even more.

"Sure. But come right out once you're done."

I ran inside as fast as I could. I loved the feeling of the air in the room, it made me know that I was now inside. I ran down the hall and into the bathroom closing the door behind me. Since I was already undressed I went straight to the toilet and sat down. Oh what a relief, I'd been holding this in for hours. I began rubbing my legs again and was soon caught up in how good they felt. It was almost intoxicating, I could probably do this all the time.

After I was finally done peeing I stood up and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My God with no pubic hair everything really showed! Even with my legs held pushed together my lower lips were still noticable. My boobs now had a roseyness to them as well, which gave the impression that they were floating. Plus my hair looked different. I had used that shampoo that CJ said to and now my hair was really shiny, and it even has some curl to it now.

It's never done that before. I looked like one of those girls in those old European paintings. I didn't know what to think about this look, other than I couldn't believe this was me.

I washed my hands and left the bathroom. I could smell food from the kitchen area and my tummy reminded me that I needed something to eat. I walked into the kitchen and saw Emily and CJ standing over a pile of food on a small table.

"Oh my gosh Amy," CJ responded to the sight of me. "You look great! That cool air really worked. You look even more virginal."

"Feel her skin." Emily told her.

CJ then came over to me and began rubbing my stomach. "Oh my God. This feels incredible. I can't believe that shit works this well. She'll have to wash with the rest of it tonight."

"You'll notice all her lower hair has been removed."

"Yes. I see that she's as smooth as a baby down there." CJ then slid her hand down my abdomen and brushed her fingers against my crotch. "Everything is soft and silky now."

Her touching me there made me feel queasy. I don't get touched there and with it feeling more sensitive now I slapped her hand away before she caused any arousal.

"CJ. Keep you hands away from there. She won't like that." Emily jokingly scolded.

"Okay, I deserve that. But boy she sure feels soft. And look at her hair. Damn those guys at the lab are geniuses."

I felt my stomache growl again. "May I have something to eat please?" I asked.

"Oh yes." CJ answered. "Please help yourself. Grab a plate of food and come into the living room."

I grabbed a plate off the counter and loaded it up with eggs, hashbrowns, some ham, and a piece of catalope. I snatched a some silverwear and went into the living room and sat my plate on the coffee table.

"Here's some fruitjuice for you." Emily told me as she sat a glass next to my plate. "I want you to know that your expresso drinking days are over. That stuff's hard on your immune system."

I see she knew about my like for espresso in the morning. I guessed I'd have to throw that in with wearing clothes as the file of things I wouldn't be doing much of anymore. I sat down in my chair and began devouring my breakfast.

I was so hungry. I'm sure if people were watching the way I was eating they would have thought I'd been starved recently or something. Everthing tasted so good though.

"Damn girl slow down." CJ told me as she entered the room. "You'll choke on all that. There's plenty more grub in there so take it easy."

CJ then sat down and set her cup of coffee on the table.

'Sure she gets to have coffee, but it's not good for me. It's not fair,' I thought.

Emily then went over and switched on the plasma TV.

"We were watching some footage of you sleeping from last night," Emily began, confirming my suspicions that they were probably taping me. "And we noticed something we found very interesting."

She then pushed a button on a remote control and an image of me laying on the cot from last night appeared. I was lying on my back and I appeared to be asleep. Then I watched as I put the thumb from my right hand into my mouth.

"Okay, I wasn't expecting to see you do that." Emily shouted in surprise. "Our hope was that maybe you'd masturbate in your sleep or something like that. But to see that you suck your thumb, that's something that blindsided me."

I looked so stupid sucking away at my thumb like that. I felt the same as I did when I was very little and I was teased because I had trouble tying my shoe.

"This is great though. This just adds to your innocence. You're so frustrated that you revert to childlike behavior when you sleep. It's really very sweet."

I couldn't tell if she was serious or if she was patronizing me. I was sure though that whatever's causing my regressive sleeping acts has something to do with the two of them.

"Wow Em. I guess she really is our babygirl isn't she?"

"I suppose so. I guess we'll have to try and be good parents won't we?"

This caused both of them to break out laughing. Would this ever stop getting harder?

"I'm sorry Amanda." Emily started after she finished laughing. "I'm sure you don't like to be made fun of. You're lucky you didn't know us in high school. If we'd had info like this on someone back then, well lets just say we're being nice to you."

I continued eating after Emily turned off the video. This day was off to a wild start.

"Tell you what Amy. When you're done eating, if you want to you can go sleep for awhile in my bed. You probably didn't sleep well out there and it's best you be alert later on. Plus you can keep the blankets on."

I took her up on her offer. After I got done eating CJ took me to her room and I gladly crawled into the bed and under the covers. Within minutes the secure feeling of being wrapped up had me sleeping away.

Part 17

The clock in the car said 12:15. The day before I'd overheard that the football game started at 12:30 and so far I'd seen no sign of any football stadiums, maybe going to the game isn't part of their plan. As usual they wouldn't tell me what was going on, I was in the dark as to where we were headed to.

Earlier when CJ woke me up and got me out of her bed, she told me that we were leaving soon and I would have a new task but said nothing else. When we left I was surprised to see how empty the hotel was. Emily explained that everyone had tickets to the game and had left for there hours ago. While I still felt uneasy about walking through the hotel naked, having fewer spectators did make it alot easier. Instead of going out the front of the lobby this time we went out the back entance. Casey was there to meet us outside and wished us all a good morning.

"My you look different today Miss Johnson." Casey said to me in surprise. "You seem more vivacious than normal. And there's something else different about today." Her eyes suddenly glanced down my body to my vaginal area. "Oh I see." she blurted out. She then gave me a sinister looking grin and said, "I guess those pictures taken of you yesterday will become collector's items now that you're clean down there. They might someday be considered rarities." This made them all break up into laughter, and made me want to kill that woman even more.

Plus this pointed out to me that with my pubic hair now gone there was now one more thing I'd be teased about. Like I didn't feel insecure enough already. A metalic colored Mercedes then pulled up next to us and a young man in a bell hop uniform got out of the drivers side. He handed the keys to Emily and said "Here's the car you requested ma'am. Everything you asked for has been performed on it." He then looked over at me and took in an eyeful before Casey told him to go back in. I was told to sit in front passenger seat while Emily drove and CJ sat behind me. Of course there was a towel already sitting on my seat before I got in, and the heat was already turned up. Presently we are now driving to some destination that was unknown to me. I kept expecting a stadium to come into sight any minute.

"You getting nervous babygirl?" CJ asked me from the backseat.

"I've been nervous since I first saw you guys at school." I answered in an attempt at being glib. They both responded by giggling.

"That's good." Emily said as she looked over at me and gave me a teasing grin.

"We intend to keep it that way for awhile. Your shame makes everything that much more exciting to watch."

I hated it when she talked like that. She was taking pleasure in embarrassing me all the time. And because I have so much shame in me she could keep doing it. I wished I could make them stop this, but thanks to my selfish father I couldn't.

I needed to be strong though, this was something I couldn't just quit. I had to do this for my mom. I didn't want her to have to suffer for dad's stupid mistakes.

I had to try and not let Emily get to me or I wouldn't be able to keep doing this. God I needed help. We soon turned down a road and come up to a large park.

"Pay attention Amanda." Emily said as she slowed the car down. "You notice the start of that path that leads into the park?" She then pointed to a paved path that started in the parking area and led past the picnic tables and into the main park.

"I see it." I answered quietly, expecting to be told to get out. Instead she began driving again and drove the legnth of the park, which appeared to be not quite a half a mile, and came to a parking area on the other side. She then parked next to the beginning of another path.

"This is the same path that you saw on the other side. It leads all the way through the park. You are going to get out and walk it and we'll meet you on the other parking area."

Oh God. Even though I knew this would come and I still couldn't seem to prepare myself to be able to handle having to do this. Even having been seen yesterday didn't make this any less dreadful, this was not something I wanted to get used to.

"What if someone tries to attack me?" I asked fearful of being raped.

"We have people set up already," CJ answered with undrerstanding in her voice. "If anyone looks like they're going to do something to you someone will step in."

"Okay Amanda," Emily started, "you may walk briskly but you may not run. If anyone talks to you don't answer any questions, other than that you're not being forced to do this. Don't try to hide, always stay on the path, and keep your hands at your sides. Make us proud. We'll be watching you."

CJ then got out of the backseat and opened my door. I don't want to do this. I just had to look on the bright side, at least this isn't the football game. Before I stepped out I looked to see who was around. There were only two people in the parking lot but they were close by. They were a middleaged couple who were in the process of retrieving something from the trunk of their car. I hoped they were too interested in what they're doing to notice me.

Swallowing hard and knowing I had little choice I made myself get out of the car. Instinctivly I scowered the parking lot and the park itself for signs of more people, I saw no others. CJ closed my door and then gave one of my butt cheeks a squeeze and got back in the back of the car. The couple hadn't noticed me yet so I decided to get moving down the path before they did.

Still being barefoot I took extra care to watch where I was stepping, but the path looked free of debris. I looked back and saw Emily and CJ drive away towards the other side of the park, leaving me with a feeling of being alone.

'I can do this. This isn't the first time now that I've had to walk across an area naked, although this is the first time in open daylight in such a public place. Crap this sucks. Okay, just focus on where I'm walking...'

The day itself was quite nice. The sun was out and it felt like it might've been about 60 degrees or so, certainly warmer than the last couple of days. I could hear birds chirping from the trees and the sound of a breeze flowing thru them. This would be a nice day to be in the park if I could wear something. I hoped everybody was out watching the game instead of being here. My heart was beginning to race already and I hadn't even been seen yet. That was about to change. A man riding on a bicycle came into the clearing and was moving down the path right towards me. My instincts screamed at me to turn around and run but my head told me to keep walking forward. I could see that he noticed me and a bit of a stunned look crossed his face.

"Nice pussy," he mentioned to me as he rode by. I could feel my body start to blush. God I hate that word, a pussy is a cat dammit. I'd heard girls refer to their vaginas as pussies all the time and I found it so tastless. I guess that makes me uptight. I kept walking and soon I was entering the wooded area that the bicyclist came out of. Being in amongst the trees made me feel a little more secure. I was relieved that the guy on the bike didn't come back, I had worried he might. I remember Emily telling me that they had people here watching me, but as much as I looked for them I saw no one. They must have been up the trees or something. I saw ahead of me that the woods came to an end and there was another clearing after it. Even from where I was I could see groups of people gathered around the area. I came to a stop and took some deep breaths. 'I have to do this, it's for my mother and my family.' Closing my eyes and taking another swallow I started moving again and within a minute I was walking into the open. I was actually able to get a few feet before anyone noticed me, but then I heard a yell come from somewhere off to the side of me.

"Well hey," a male voice called out. "lookie here. Someone is communing with nature."

I didn't look to see who was yelling, instead I kept walking. I figured if I just kept moving I'd have to eventually get to the end.

"My God girl have you no pride?" a woman yelled out. "What's with you college girls and your need for attention?"

"Nice bedroom tan." another woman shoated. "Did you just get here from Alaska?"

Back to the pale comments again. I hoped Emily and CJ changed their minds on not having me tan. I wished I had been motivated to get one before. I kept looking at my feet so to see where I was stepping, as well as to avoid having to meet anyone's glare as I walked by them.

"Well here's a nice sight." I heard a man say as I passed his group. "Gosh I'm glad we're here and not at the game. She's much prettier than the players are."

"Oh Phil." I heard a lady say to him.

I looked ahead to see how far I still had to go. I still had to walk through another wooded area before I'd get to the parking lot. These tasks of mine never went fast enough for my liking. I just had to keep moving. I could then feel my nipples become erect. 'Dammit not again!' I could feel them harden with every step. Then a breeze blew over me and they got even more aroused so that I could feel them really tightening. 'Just ignore it and keep walking, that's how I got through the lobby yesterday, I kept walking.' Another breeze blew and my vagina was awoken and it started to tingle. 'People are going think I'm a slut and that I like this.' I had got to get out of this park.

"Amanda." I heard a familiar voice say. I looked over to my right and to my horror there was my gym teacher, Mrs. Davis.

"Why Amanda that is you," she said in amazement as she walked towards me.

Awkward didn't begin to describe the way I felt at that moment. What was my gym teacher doing here? Of all the places and of the times. I made a weak attempt to act like I didn't notice her and kept walking but soon she caught up to me and made me stop. She looked me over and the look on her face was one of surprise, but she didn't seem upset. Again a part of me was screaming for me to get out of here, but yet I was frozen and unable to move. I could only stand there and await what she would say about this.

"This is unbelievable," she said in what sounded like disbelief. "But yet I'm seeing it with my own eyes."

I couldn't help but glance around as she spoke. Everyone in the park was watching us. The one group of people seemed to be amused by this and they all had large smiles on their faces. Oh God I was standing naked in the middle of an open park with my gym teacher and I couldn't go anywhere or cover myself. I could feel the tingling down there getting stonger as my heart pounded harder. I could barely understand what she said next with all the pounding in my head.

"I think we should have talk Amanda," she said softly. Mrs. Davis was a woman in her early 50's with alot of gray mixed in with her black hair. She was about 6 feet tall and in terrific shape. Even right then she was wearing a t-shirt that showed off her large and toned biceps. She was so buff that many of the guys at school were afraid to mess with her. She was also a demanding gym teacher, she wasn't mean but she sometimes pushed hard. Many of us were intimidated by her due to her size. As she stood there in front of me now I felt very intimidated. She was going to tell people about this. People like my parents and other teachers, maybe some of the other students would find out. Oh shit what was gonna happen? I knew I needed to get out of there before she started asking questions.

"Mrs. Davis," I began, making my best effort to talk my out of this. "I lost a bet and I really need to keep going cause this is really embarrassing and I want this to be over."

"Are Emily and CJ waiting for you?" she asked smugly.

My mind went blank. What did she say?

"W-what?" I asked, too stunned to say anything else.

"They're waiting in the parking lot aren't they?"

You know them?"

"They came to me to ask about you."

I thought I was going to faint right there. She's in on this?

"C'mon. I'll walk with you for a little ways." She then took my arm and began leading me down the path. "I never in a million years would've thought they could've gotten you to do this. I was plenty shocked when I saw you walk around school in your little belly shirt and shorts the other day, even more shocked when I saw your gym clothes. But I can't believe what I'm looking at right now. They even shaved you down there. They must really have something on you."

The fact that I was naked was now lost on me. Mrs. Davis knows about this? She asked me to stay after class on wednsday to help her put away equitment, she made sure I stayed there until everything was accounted for. I thought at the time she was being overly anal about everything, but now I think she was setting me up for Emily and CJ to take those pictures of me showering.

"I must admit when they first came to me and told me who they were I had no idea what they could want with you. Then when they informed me what they had planned I really couldn't believe it was you they wanted. I would've thought they'd be more interested in someone like Stacy Richards than in you. I even suggested her but they didn't have the slightest interest in her."

Stacy Richards was a very popular girl and the student body president. And she also happened to look like a mix of Britney Spears and Tara Reid. All girls wanted to be her freind while all guys wanted her.

"But now that I see you. I can see why they wanted you. You have such an innocence and modesty about you."

"What is their plan for me?" I took the opprotunity to ask hoping she might just tell me.

"You know you can't ask questions. I'm sure they'll tell you themselves when you're ready." She then stopped me again and had me look her in the face.

"Monday morning when you arrive to school come straight to my office in the locker room. We'll go over what you'll be doing for the rest of the term."

She then let go off my arm. "Now you better finish your walk, you don't want to keep them waiting. See you Monday morning Amanda."

Oh I didn't like the way this is now going. What were we going to be discussing on Monday? Oh God I was still standing naked in a park. I instantly began walking again. My head was still spinning from my talk with Mrs. Davis, and my nipples were still painfully hard. I wondered if she noticed that my body was aroused? I don't wanna know.

I finally reached the second wooded area and I entered it eagerly. I stopped again when I was out of sight and caught my breath. I gotta finish this. I had to ignore what just happened and finish this. I looked back and noticed I was being followed. A small group of young men were keeping a distance behind me but were all watching what I was doing. Great, I have a following. I started walking again and tried not to think about my admirers behind me, as well as the wetness in my crotch. Somebody in heaven must be having a good augh at my expense. I came to the next clearing and was relieved to be able to see the parking lot. I saw the Mercedes parked by the restroom near the entryway of the lot and couldn't wait to reach it. As I walked by the picnic area I noticed a group of young girls sitting around one of the tables.

"Holy shit," one of them blurted out, "what the hell are you doing?"

I just kept walking. My focus was on getting to the car.

"Hello," another girl yelled. "Girlfriend you ain't hot enough to be doing that."

From the looks of them neither were they. But also they weren't doing this, only I was.

"Looks like she has a fan club following her. They must be into plain janes then. This must be the only way she can get guys to look at her."

I was almost there. Just a few more feet.

oney, I think your ass is hanging out." They all broke out in loud laughter as I reached the car. I went to open the passenger side door but it was locked.

"Can I get in?" I asked Emily through the door window.

"What's the magic word?" she replied patronizingly.

"Please?" I answered pleadingly.

"Please what?"

"Please may I get in?" I heard the click of the lock and I quickly got in the car and closed the door. I began breathing heavily through my mouth and tried to calm myself down. CJ handed me a bottle of water and I took a big drink from it. She then began rubbing my shoulders to help me calm down.

"That was excellent Amanda." Emily praised. "Once again you've impressed me. I see you ran into Gale Davis. I hope you like her because she's going to be your mentor for the rest of your time in high school. I don't imagine you'll give her a hard time."

Emily then started the car and we left the park and headed back into town.

'Mrs. Davis is going to be my mentor? What kind of a mentor? God I really don't like that idea.'

"That was real good Amy." CJ complimented from the back. "But that was just to get you warmed up. The real mission is coming up next."

"What is it?" I instinctivly asked.

"Oh it'll be fun." Emily answered me. "And I'll give you three guesses as to where it's going to be."

She must mean the football game. God dammit.

Part 18

"Here, take your vitamins. We're almost there." CJ handed me two more pills and I washed them down with my water. I could see the stadium coming into view, something I'd been dreading since we left the hotel. I just knew that they had planned something with the football game, they just made me wait all day before they would confirm it. It was now after 1 o'clock, the game had started already. I wished I could stop time right then. Soon we were approaching Autzen stadium and I could tell that the huge parking lot that was surrounding the place was completely full of cars. There were still alot of people out walking around the area as we pulled up to the parking attendant.

"Sorry ma'am. This lot's all full," an elderly black man told Emily as she rolled down her window.

"Oh, we're the Cool Girls. We're expected," Emily replied to him with a friendly smile.

"Oh," the man said seeming to understand what that meant. He then looked over at me and said, "Yes, I've been told about you. Please go on in."

He then stepped back from our car and opened his drawgate and we drove thru.

Once again people knew ahead of time that I was coming. First the hotel and now the people at the stadium. This was unreal. As we drove through the parking lot towards the stadium CJ handed me a pair of blue canvas tennis shoes with white trim.

"You're going to need to wear these." CJ explained. "You're not going to have time to be watching where you step."

Even though I didn't like the sound of what she was saying, I was still glad to be able to put on the shoes. Granted they only covered my feet but at least it gave me some sense of security. I didn't have to worry about stepping on glass.

"And guess what," CJ continued, "you get to wear this jacket too." She then handed me a green Oregon Ducks windbreaker. Even though I thought it looked ugly I was still thrilled to have it.

It took me all of a few seconds to put it on and I was so happy to see it went down past my waist to my upper thighs. I was covered. This was such a great feeling, I almost became aroused again.

"Don't snap it closed." CJ ordered. "You can hold it closed with your hands but don't snap it up."

I could feel my nerves begin to calm. The feeling of being dressed, even in just a windbreaker, was so comforting. It was like arriving home after a long day.

"There she is." Emily said as she pulled up next to the stadium. A woman in a shirt that read 'Stadium Security' was waiting next to a crew entrance on the side of the building. She had bottle blonde hair and looked to be in her late 30's.

"Let's get out and meet Karen Amanda." Emily ordered and we all got out of the car. For the first time since I got home from school yesterday I left a car with something on. Even though I knew I looked ridiculous like this at least I wasn't naked.

"Hi girls," the lady greeted, "I see you waited till the second quarter to arrive."

"We had other business to do first," Emily replied. "This is our girl Amanda, we're very proud of her and we hope she'll do good here. Make sure you take good care of her."

"I will. She won't be damaged. At least not physically," Karen answered cheerfully.

"Amanda," Emily turned to me and said, "you go with Karen and do what she says. You might enjoy this more because this time you'll get to run. If you do really well you'll be done for the day after this and we'll go back to the hotel and have room service."

"Yeah and you can order anything you want," CJ added.

"Yes, that's right. And you can call your mom again without us in the room this time. Now make us proud. We'll be watching you."

They both gave me a hug and went back to the car.

"C'mon Amanda. Follow me."

Karen then pulled out a chain of keys and unlocked the service door to the stadium and opened it. I followed her in and she led me down a walkway to an elevator. She pressed the button and then turned to me.

"So you're CJ's and Emily's pet project. You're not quite what I thought you might be. But this works."

What works? I don't get what everyone means by saying I'm a good choice for this. What is it that I'm doing so well? I wish I knew so I could stop doing it.

"And if you don't mind my saying so," Karen continued. "I think you have really pretty long legs. Plus your skin looks so radiant, it almost glows."

Lucky me. I really hoped this lady wasn't hitting on me. I was nervous enough already. The elevator door suddenly opened and Karen motioned me to go inside. We both stepped in and she hit the button for the top floor.

"Here we go," she mentioned as we began moving up. "This should be fun."

The elevator door opened when we reached the top floor and we both stepped out and went down another walkway. She unlocked another door and we entered into a consession area. I could hear the sound of the crowd from outside an entranceway that led to the seats. The consession area was mostly deserted since the game was in progress, only the stand workers were there. Karen led me into the entranceway and we stopped halfway in it.

"Okay Amanda here's how it goes," Karen began. "You're going to give me your jacket and you are going to go out into the stadium. You're going to walk to your right down the walkway until you come to the first stairway and you will go down them. When you get to the next level walk down to the right again until you reach the next set of stairs and then go down those ones. Keep repeating this process until you get to the bottom. I'll meet you down there and I'll take you to the back. All the security guards know to look for you so none of them will try to stop you, they'll also protect you if anyone tries to attack you. You may walk as fast as you want but you may not cover yourself or answer questions. Good luck."

I thought Emily said I could run. If this was what I had to do I definitely wanedt to run. There must have been at least 70,000 or so people there. And there were alot of levels to this place as well. Oh God how was I going to do this? I just had to think about my family. I hated my father right then.

"Jacket please," Karen said as she held out her hand for it.

I looked at who was around. While I could hear plenty of people I didn't see anyone looking my direction. With much reluctance I let the jacket fall off my shoulders and into Karens hands.

"Oh you are cute," Karen added pleased, "and you're even bare down there. I could just fall in love with you."

Oh I thought I was gonna be sick. I knew I'd better get moving before she asked me out. I very cautiously began walking towards the opening to the crowd. i knew that soon I would be stepping into the sunlit walkway and in front of God knows how many people. I hoped no one else I knew ran into me today. I could feel myself getting aroused again. I was going to have to ingnore it again and try and focus on something different, like moving fast. I took off out in front of the upper level crowd and walked as fast as I could. The crowds reaction was immediate.

"What the..." someone yelled as I went by them. "Hey come back here."

Keep dreaming. I could see the first stairway ahead of me but it wasn't as close as I'd like it to be. I tried not to look at anybody but I still noticed that the top of the stands were filled. I saw no empty seats. Shit. At least I didn't have to start all the way up there at the very top.

"Shit. I guess the cheap seats get some love today." another person blurted out. I could also hear a loud group of cheers from up top that I believed were directed at me. If I was blushing as much as I felt I was I must have looked like a blood blister. I reached the stairway and immediately darted down it. It wasn't lost on me that the people sitting in seats that I was passing were getting a good view of my ass as I desended down the stairs. A round of cheers and applause broke out.

"Ha ha. Look at that bouncy piece of cheese go."

"You got it honey. You pump those ass muscles."

Two people passed me as they were going up. They stopped and watched me as I came down towards them. Their eyes were completely fixated on my vagina as I was sure that it was in full motion. I looked at the ground as I passed them but I did hear the one guy tell me 'thank you very much'. I reached the bottom of the stairs and went to the right. This level had more people walking down it than the last one did. In trying to avoid their faces I was forced to look out into the whole crowd. I could see from where I was that the whole stadium was full of people all the way around it. And in the section I was in hundreds of faces were looking my way. Dammit nipples stop getting hard, this was humiliating enough. As I passed a young couple walking the opposite direction I was forced to have to rub up against the girl and I could feel her hand brush against my thigh.

"Wow, that feels smooth," she said to me as I walked away from her.

"Ooh baby," someone screamed out from above me. "Get out of my dreams and into my car."

I tried to walk faster and I could feel myself begin to sweat from all the moving. God everyone was still looking at me. Oh shit those people had a camera. Oh God those people had a camera phone. I hate those things!


I reached the next stairwell and began to decend down it. This stairway was longer than the last one and much to my dismay more people were coming up this one. God this never got any easier.

"Mommy look! That girl has no clothes on." A young boy pointed in awe. "Why doesn't she have anything on for?"

"Oh my God Harold cover the childrens' eyes," a lady screamed at her husband.

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself you little tramp."

I received more cheers and more comments about my butt as I kept going down the stairs. I passed the first two people who were coming up and both of their jaws dropped at the sight of me but they said nothing.

"We need her to walk by the Huskies bench." I overheard someone mention.

"Since we're behind in the score maybe she can distract the players."

I began passing more people on the way down the stairs and now the group that was coming up was growing larger. Oh God they were all going to have a close up look at me. Each set of eyes on me that I passed by was replaced by another set right behind them, most of which went up and down my body as they looked. I was sweating harder now and my vagina was getting very wet. I did wish this was more pleasurable. I just kept moving. I was really glad I had shoes on, I'd have hated to think of how much slower I'd have been without them. I caught up to a group of people in front of me who were also going down the stairs and this caused me to pretty much come to a halt.

Dammit people let's move.

"Well look what stopped at our seat," a man sitting behind me said. "I don't remember ordering a piece of ass but I'll take it."

I suddenly felt a hand slap against my butt cheek which caused me to jump.

"Please don't do that," I said to the man in a pleading voice.

"Sorry. I'm only human," he replied.

Finally the people in front of me moved and I was able to start walking down the stairs again. Soon I was able to reach the walkway for the next level. I looked down the stadium and was relieved to see that I had only one more level to go down. The sooner this is over the better. But this walkway was really busy with more foot traffic. This time the applause for me was really loud, people were practically yelling in my ear. These people had more cameras too.

I could hear a whole series of clicks and flashes going off as I went by more of them. God I was sick of having my picture taken like this, would it ever stop? I looked ahead of me again to see where the next stairway was and I was again overwhelmed with how many people were here. God even if I wanted to quit this how would I? There was nowhere to go. I was basically trapped out in the open. I felt myself breathe harder at this thought and I could feel myself getting wetter.

"Hey miss. I think you left your headlights on!" A lady called to me. My nipples must have been making their feelings known.

"Remember when you used to go streaking Barb?"

"Yes. But I actually had a tan when I did that."

God I wanted to tell Barb to go to hell. I'm white okay. I couldn't help that. At last I came to the next set of stairs. It was as long as the last set with just as many people coming up it. Feeling like I had no pride left I began to go down them.

"Ooh nice pussy," the first guy coming up the stairs said to me. I wasn't holding a cat, asshole.

The next guy who passed me said the same thing as the other guy. At least you'd think they could come up with something different to say. I just needed to get to the bottom of the stairs and hopefully I could get away from all these people.

"God I'm glad I'm not you," a woman who was passing me said, "you must've bet on Oregon State last week or something."

"She does look like a Beaver fan."

Oh ha ha. That was really funny. Oregon State Beavers, I got it. Jerks.

"Look, her snatch is wet," another woman pointed out.

Shit I had to get out of there. I started to actually push my way down past people. Most seemed surprised when I passed in front of them and one person even complained that I pushed her too hard, I can't say my manners were high on my priorities right then. At last I came to the bottom of the stairs and went right again. I looked around for Karen and saw her standing way down the walkway. Couldn't she have been a little closer? I made my way past more people and tried to hurry to get to Karen. I was about to reach her when the crowd suddenly erupted with cheers. Apperently the Ducks scored a touchdown and suddenly I was grabbed and being hugged by a small group of fans. One of whom decided to squeeze my butt with both of his hands.

"Damn your skin feels good," he yelled in my ear over the crowd.

Instinctivly I kneed him in his crotch and took off towards Karen when he let me go. When I reached her she took my arm and pulled me down another flight of stairs. I could feel my butt getting slapped several times by joyous fans as I went down and with each slap I felt more shamed. When we got to the bottom we turned and went out an entryway. She then unlocked another door and pulled me inside and closed it behind her.

"Wow. I thought a riot was going to break out." Karen said as she was catching her breath. "What a time for the Ducks to score."

She then went over and pulled my windbreaker out that was sitting on top of some equitment and handed it to me. I immediatly put it on and wrapped it around myself.

"I'm glad that's over." I said to myself out loud.

"Oh we're not done yet dear," Karen corrected me, "you still have one more thing to do."

My heart sank with disappointment. I wasn't done yet. After that and I still had more to do? She took my arm again and led me around a corridor until we came to another door. She unlocked it but didn't open it yet.

"Out this door is the entryway onto the field. You are to run out on the field and cross the entire length until you get to the other goal post. You will then turn around and run back here. Don't worry, no one will try and stop you. I'm afraid I'll need your jacket again."

Dammit and I'd just put it on. I took it back off and handed it to her. Shit, everyone who hadn't see me already would have their chance now. I hated this.

Karen then opened the door and peeked around it.

"Great. Washington just took a timeout. This is perfect. Time to go."

She then grabbed me and pushed me out the door, closing it behind me. I stood there in the runway looking out onto the field. The far goal post looked a long way away. I just had to not think about it and do it. This must have been the part where I could run. Without giving myself a chance to backout I took off running out onto the field. The crowd suddenly roared when I passed the first goal post and entered the end zone. One thing about being on the field as opposed to being in the crowd was I couldn't actually make anything out of what people were yelling at me. I'm sure most of them were rude comments and I can't say I missed hearing what they were, but the loudness of the whole crowd caused me to quake in my bones a little. I ran as fast as I could towards the other goal post, feeling the wind flow over my body. I could feel drips of sweat drip down my face and back, as well as wetness drip out of my vagina and down my thighs. I could hear the marching band start playing again as I ran across the 50 yard line. The song sounded like Pretty Woman, I guess I should have been flattered. The way my breasts felt when I ran was very inhibiting, I could feel them move up and down with the motion of my running and it was uncomfortable. I tried to just ingnore it. My muscles ached as I crossed the goal line and came to the goal post. I wanted to stop and catch my breath but with all eyes on me like they were I didn't think that would be wise. I circled the goal post and then headed back across the field again. The crowd was now in a frenzy and were getting louder. I was the only one out on the field and I looked and noticed that both sidelines were watching me as I ran, no coaches huddles or nothing. I could understand why someone who liked attention might do something like this, everyone seemed to notice you. I personally didn't think I needed this kind of attention.

"Will the naked girl please get off the field," a man said over the loudspeaker. "We have a game to play young lady."

This caused the crowd to get louder. God I couldn't take much more public scrutiny right now. I could feel a cramp begin in my left leg. Oh no not now.

While I didn't stop the cramp did cause me to slow down. Come on dammit I was almost there. I pushed myself with everything I had and managed to pass the goal post again and then left the field. There was no one there to meet me though when I came through the field entrance. Shit what was I supposed to do?

"Over here Amy."

I looked and over and saw CJ come over to me and then take my hand. she had a huge amile on her face.

"You are the best babygirl. I can't believe you did that!" she praised.

"Can I have the windbreaker?" I asked as I panted heavily from running.

"I'm sorry honey Karen still has it. C'mon we'll get you to the car though and get you out of here. I think you've made quite an impression."