Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 6

Those sedatives I took seemed a bit more than mild. When I woke up it was 6:30 and I had slept like a rock. I hoped for a minute that everything that happened yesturday was somehow a bad dream and didn't really happen. When I threw the covers off me I was reminded that it was all to true. I was still naked. Last night must've been the first time in my life I had slept naked and I'd love it to be the last. Somehow I knew this was only be the beginning.


Oh god they put a camera in here. I immediatly covered myself with my hands and moved over to my dresser where the clothes they laid out were. For once I was relieved, the outfit was normal. There was a pair of jeans, sweatshirt, regular bra and panties. I quickly grabbed the clothes and darted out of my bedroom. This was so awful. My private haven had been violated, would there be nowhere I was safe?

I went to the bathroom and got ready for school.

I didn't want school to end today. Usually the end of the school day made me happy but today I had dreaded it. I was going to have to go on a weekend trip with Emily and CJ to Eugene and I had no idea what was instore for me, well I knew what was instore but didn't know the details. I kept seeing those DVD's of me playing in my head and worried that others might get to see them. Plus now there was a camera in my room too. In fact as I was driving out of the school parking lot I remembered that there's a camera in my car and I'm being filmed now. At least now I'm covered. At school I was asked a couple of times as to where my shorts were from the day before and I just gave them a dirty look and tried to ignore them. The one unsettling moment came in English class when I overheard two girls talking behind me.

"I was talking to my aunt last night," one of the girls said. "And she was telling me that yesterday morning when she and my uncle were going out for breakfast. They pulled up next to a car that had a naked girl driving it."

"A naked girl?" the other girl asked.

"Yes. My aunt said she tried to get her attention, she wasn't sure if the girl knew she was naked."

"How would someone not know if they're naked? That's just stupid."

"That's my aunt. Anyway I guess she took off when the light was green and drove out of sight."

"What kind of car was she driving?"

"A white Toyota of some kind."

"Really? Amanda don't you drive a white Toyota?"

I couldn't speak. I felt like getting up and leaving but knew that would be the worst thing I could do. I knew I had to give an answer so I forced myself to say, "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"Do you drive a white Toyota?"

"Yes I do."

"Were you driving around naked yesterday morning?"

"Of course not." I lied. "Who would do something like that?" At least who would do it willingly.

"I don't know. She must be some kind of whore or something."

I was not a whore but listening to them made me feel like one. The rest of the day I tried to listen to other coversations to see if anybody else had heard anything about seeing a naked girl around town, I was relieved that no one had. I suddenly wished I could go down to Arizona and live with my brother. He was kind of kind of a jerk sometimes but I could live with it. At least I'd be far from here.

I drove home as slowly as I could fearing having to go on this trip. I thought about not going home at all but I knew I didn't have a choice, they would probably e-mail those pictures out if I didn't show. As I drove down my block and approached my house I saw CJ's SUV parked in my driveway. Damn they're already here. I wanted to keep on driving past but made myself park in front of my house. I got out and walked over to the SUV and noticed they weren't in it. Where were they? Then Emily came out the side door of my house and walked my direction. How did they get in my house?

"Hey Amanda," she said smiling as she walked over and gave me a hug. "We've been waiting for you. We had copies of your keys made so we let ourselves in since your folks aren't here. Hope you don't mind?" Of course I mind. I mind this whole damn plot. They were completely moving into my life. Emily then took my arm and said, "Lets go inside for a little bit before we go." and then she led me into my house. As we walked through my living room she pointed to one of the family portraits on the wall.

"Is that guy your brother?" she asked pointing at the guy standing next to me in the picture.

"Yes." I answered. "He lives in Arizona now with his wife."

"Really? So I guess he won't be a problem. Your Dad looks like an old hippie. Is he?"

"Sort of. He listens to old 60's music."

"Cool." She then led me to the stairs and we went up to my room where CJ was waiting.

"Hi Amy. You ready to go?" She asked with a pleased grin. I'd never be ready to go on this trip, but I nodded to her anyway. "Great. As you noticed this morning we already packed your clothes for you but there's some clothes that need to be added to your suitcase." She then walked over to my suitcase and opened it. This was my big suitcase and I saw that it was packed with just about all the clothes that I usually wear. I couldn't help feeling surprised that we were bringing so many of my clothes with us.

"Now is the time for my favorite part." CJ proclaimed. "We need to pack the clothes you have on you."

"But what do I have to wear in car?" I asked, thinking they had another outfit for me. CJ just looked and me and ginned widely. "Why your birthday suit of course." No! No goddammit they can't want that. They wanted me to ride in a car naked for the whole ride down to Eugene? That's at least a two hour drive.

"Please don't make me do that." I pleaded but she just replied, "This isn't up for discussion Amy. Now get undressed and lets go."

God I have to undress in front of them again, and there was a camera in my room now that would film it. Gosh there's just no escape. I kicked off my shoes and began the routine of undressing. Once I took something off CJ would fold it and put it in my suitcase. Again she insistd that I be barefoot and soon I was naked again and she closed my suitcase and picked it up.

"That's that." She proclaimed. "Let's head off to the land of hippies known as Eugene." She walked out of my bedroom and Emily took my arm again and we followed. When we got to the side door Emily stopped and we waited while CJ went out and put my suitcase in the SUV. Then she called for us to come. I gave Emily a pleading look but she just smiled and led me out the door. I was now outside in broad daylight standing naked in my driveway. I was terrified my neighbors could see me from their houses. What would they think. Emily locked the door behind her and then led me over to the SUV. As we walked my eyes darted everywhere searching for someone watching.

"Amy gets the front seat next to me." CJ called out.

"Damn Amanda, ain't you the lucky one." Emily said jokingly. She then opened the passenger door for me and I quickly climbed in and closed the door.

"Seatbelt." CJ ordered and I fastend it around my shaking body. Emily climbed in the seat behind me and fastend hers as well. "Okay babygirl. We're off on our next adventure." With that we pulled out of the driveway and drove off.

Part 7

After driving a few miles we got on I-5 heading south towards Eugene. Luckily for me nobody I knew saw us as we drove through town to get to I-5, I was terribly worried we would. I tried to keep crouched down but CJ would then order me to sit up. I had to sit on a small hand towel that covered the bottom of the seat. Emily made a point of letting me know about the wet spot I left on my drivers seat in my car yesturday morning which added to my shame.

The two of them kept arguing about what music to play on the drive. I tried to tune them out because I was worried about other things but the disscussion became somewhat heated.

"Goddammit CJ I'm sick of ***ing listening to Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige. Can't we listen to some rock-n-roll for a change?"

"Well I don't wanna listen to those freakish bands that you always listen to. As far as I'm concerned KORN can get hit by a meteor."

"Lets listen to Jet then."

"Jet. They're AC/DC rip offs."

"Then play AC/DC then."

"I don't have any AC/DC."

I was worried this was going to go on the whole trip. I was secretly hoping that maybe they might kill each other and I'd be out of this awful situation, but I didn't think I'd be that lucky.

"What bands do you like Amanda?" Emily asked me.

"I like Dave Matthews Band." I replied quietly.

"Dave Matthews!" they both answered. "You're into nerd music? Figures." CJ said mockingly. I'm actully surprised they didn't already know this, they seemed to know quite a bit about me already.

"You sure you don't prefer The Barenaked Ladies?" Emily joked and they both started laughing. Gosh they make me ride naked and then they make jokes about it, real fair.

"How about The Beastie Boys? They rock-n-roll enough for you Em?"

"They'll do I guess." Emily answered.

"Like the Beasties Amy?" I actully didn't but I nodded anyway. What music they played was far down on my list of complaints. One thing I was happy about though was that the SUV we were riding in was high up off the ground so when we passed normal cars they couldn't look in on me, and those vehicles that were the same heighth could only really see my bare shoulders. This made not being allowed to crouch less unnerving. This all changed though when we approached a large semi-truck that was in the far right lane.

"Hey look, a big Pepsi truck." CJ pointed out about the truck. "Let's give the driver a good look at our Amy. It may brighten his day." She then began to pull up next to the cab of the truck. This time they were going to show me off to someone and my nerves took over. I tried to cover myself with my arms but Emily reached from behind my seat and pulled my arms away.

"Sorry sweetie. But no covering up." Emily whispered to me as she held on to my arms to keep me from covering back up with them. Like CJ she was much stronger than me. Within seconds we were driving right next to the driver of the truck. I felt like I was about to pass out as I sat there exposed, I couldn't believe this was happening.

"Oh, I think he's noticed you." Emily blurted. "I think he likes what he sees." I just keept my eyes on the floor. I began taking in shorter breaths and my heart was as loud as a drum.

"My god Em she's changing colors." CJ proclaimed. "She's turning a bright, beautiful colour of red. She's almost like a mood ring." Just then the truck driver wailed on his horn which was so loud it startled all of us and caused CJ to swerve a little out of surprise, let alone scaring the crap out of me.

"Look at him and give him a smile Amanda." Emily ordered, but I couldn't make myself look due to all the shame I was feeling. Emily tightend her grip on my arms, "Amanda, do as you're told or we'll do this with every semi-truck we come by." That was enough to get me to cooperate. Using all my will I turned my head towards the truck driver. He was a really ugly man, maybe in his late forties, with a long beard and a baseball cap. He leered at me with a toothless grin and honked his horn again.

"Smile Amanda." Emily ordered again and I managed to force a weak smile.

"Now wave." Then Emily pushed my right arm forward and I gave him a small wave before she pulled it back. Just then CJ reached over with her non-driving hand and began to gently massage my left thigh, this awoke my body into betraying me again. My nipples began to harden and my breath shortend some more. This felt good and awful at the same time. Seeing this made the truck driver smile even bigger. God please help me, this is the worst yet. CJ then moved her hand up my thigh and patted my vagina lightly with her fingers, causing a shudder to go up my spine. I had never been touched there before, she was the first. I was about to scream at her when she suddenly put her foot on the gas and sped on by him. He honked one more time but within a minute CJ had sped far enough ahead that he become a blur in the rearview mirror. They both laughed hysterically as Emily let go of my arms and CJ removed her hand from my leg.

They kept laughing for the next several minutes and then finally quieted.

Myself I wanted to curl into a ball and cry. I felt as small as a child from this experience.

"What did you think of that Amy?" CJ asked.

"I hated it. It was awful." My voice raising to my normal pitch.

"You didn't like it even a little?"

"Hell no."

"Good. You shouldn't. That just means you're healthy."

What was this, some kind of psycho babble? Was she trying to reassure me or something. This was going to be a long weekend.

The next few miles went by without anymore semi-truck incidents. We passed a few but CJ didn't pull next to them. I was still shaking from that incident and Emily kept rubbing my shoulders and tried to reasure me. This actully didn't help my shame much but it did help calm down my body. Soon we came up to the exit to enter Salem, the state capital and CJ moved into the turning lane.

"We have to make a stop here real quick Amy. It shouldn't take long." CJ then turned on the exit and came to a stop light. I was dreading that they were going to make me do something here like get out and walk. When the light turned green she turned right and then turned right again. After a few miles we turned into a parking lot. The building the lot belonged to read "GoodWill" and CJ parked about a dozen spaces from the entry.

"Be right back." exclaimed Emily and she got out of the car and went to the back.

"What's she doing?" I asked puzzled. "Just dropping off some unneeded junk." CJ answered with a sly grin. I heard Emily both open and close the back compartment and then she headed towards the store, with my suitcase in her hand.

"What's she gonna do with my stuff?" I asked, voice sounding panicked, which I was beginning to do.

"She's going to donate it all to Goodwill. Isn't that nice of her?"

"What?" I shouted. I could feel the blood rushing from head. "She can't do that!"

"Go after her and stop her then." She said with a laugh. She knew I would never get out while I was like this. Now this was really going too far.

"Why are you giving away my clothes for?"

"Because they're crap. We're doing you a favor, and getting a tax write-off as well."

"What am I supposed to wear?"

"What you're wearing now."

"The whole trip?"

"Yepper skepper."

"But what about when I get back? I can't go in my house like this! And what about school?"

"Don't worry, we'll get you new stuff. It'll all be swell." Oh yeah, swell ain't the word for it. Hell seemed a more appropriate word. If the clothes they get me are anything like what they had me wear at school yesterday I was as good as naked.

"What am I going to tell my parents about my clothes being gone?"

"We'll tell them your suitcase was stolen on the trip. Eugene is full of drugged out losers, they'll believe it. Just relax." Relax she tells me. The woman who is fully dressed in a sweater and jeans and has more clothes with her is telling me to relax. I wanted to strangle her. It hit me then I would have no clothes on this trip, two nights naked. Oh god no, this has to be a bad dream. After a few minutes of sitting in shock Emily came back and got back in the car.

"We got a hundred dollar write-off from all that." Emily proclaimed happily.

"That included the suitcase as well."

"Awesome." CJ replied. "That's more than I thought we'd get for that crap." CJ then restarted the car and pulled out. As we headed back to the freeway I watched in my side mirror as GoodWill, and my clothes, disappeared in the background.

Part 8

When we finally arrived in Eugene it had just turned dark, and since it was a Friday night traffic was fairly heavy. At least CJ was decent enough to have the heat in the SUV on high so I wasn't cold. I was still upset at the fact that they had just given away the majority of my clothes along with my suitcase, leaving me nothing to wear on this trip as well as very little to wear in general. This was all getting way out of hand. I almost wished I had told them to 'go to hell' when this first started. Sure they would've e-mailed those pictures to everyone, but at that time there were just the three pics of me coming out of the shower. Now they had tons more pictures, including ones of me urinating, and DVD's to boot. Plus if I had told them off I wouldn't be here now, I'd be sitting at home with all my clothes and not have to answer to these two. But now I'm sitting naked in the passenger seat of an SUV with two people I barely know, who are going to make me do God knows what, and I have no clue as to why they're doing this.

We turned off the interstate and drove thru the middle of town. Eugene was a good size city, the population was over 100 grand, and at this time appeared to be busy.

"I'm getting hungry." CJ announced. "Lets get some drive thru. What sounds good to you guys?"

"There's a McDonalds coming up." Emily replied."Let's just stop there and pick something up and take it the hotel with us."

"That sounds fine. That okay with you Amy?"

"Yes." I answered. Not really caring where we got food.

"Em. Why don't you call the hotel and make sure everything's set."

"Good idea." I heard Emily take out her cell phone and dial.

"Hi, may I speak to your manager please." she spoke into the phone. "Hi, this is Emily. Yes. We're doing great. I just wanted to let you know that we're in town now and will be arriving shortly, so we wanted to make sure everything is set up. Great. We won't get any hassles from anyone? Super. Is the car we wanted ready as well? By 7 o'clock. That'll be fine. Okay we're just going to pick up some grub and then we'll be there. Oh yes, she is. Okay, love you sweetie. Bye." And then she hung up. I didn't like the sound of what she was saying, it sounded like they had alot of big plans.

We came up to the McDonalds and CJ turned in and headed toward the drive thru. It wasn't lost on me that I was about to be exposed to the workers in the drive thru windows. There was a lengthy line ahead us so it would be a few minutes before it was our turn, but my head began to swirl none the less.

"Is everything set up at the hotel Em?"

"Oh yes. He says he's looking forward to our arrival."

"I bet he is."

The line in front of us moved up a car and I noticed a car get in line behind us. Soon we'd be at the menu. I felt completely trapped, I couldn't get out and run in the state I was in, I could only sit and face the inevitable. I wondered if I could actually die of embarrassment. I secretly hoped so just so this could end.

"You know what you want to order Em?"

"Yeah. Get me a Cobb salad with the grilled chicked and vinegraitte dressing and a diet coke."

"What do you want Amy?" I didn't hear the question at first because I was too busy watching our line move forward.

"Amy?" CJ asked again. "What do you want?" Breaking out of my trance I told her, "A chicken sandwich and a sprite." and then watched as the line moved again and we pulled up to the menu.

"Hi, can I help you?" a voice said from the menu speaker.

"Yes," CJ answered loudly, "we need two grilled chicked cobb salads, one with vinegraitte dressing the other with french. A grilled chicken sandwich, two medium diet Cokes and a medium Sprite."

"That'll be $16.58 at the first window, please pull through." There were now two cars ahead of for the first window.

"Can I please cover myself?" I pleaded."What if they call the police or something?"

"Of course you can't cover yourself, part of the point of this trip is to show you off." CJ replied. "And they're not going to call the police. This is a liberal college town, they're used to stuff like this." We then pulled forward again. I could see the lady in the drive thru window talking to the car ahead of us. She was youngish looking Hispanic girl with chubby cheeks. God what was she going to think when she saw me?

"Okay Amanda," Emily started. "keep your hands at your side and smile when we come to the window. If she asks any questions we'll answer them, don't say anything unless we tell you to." My heart began beating heavily again, something that was becoming a too common occurence for my liking. Then came time to pull forward.

"Hi," the drive thru lady said. "that'll be $16.58 please." Then she noticed me as CJ handed her a twenty. "Oh my." she blurted. "You seem to be dressed for comfort. Why are you like that?"

"She's always wanted to try it." CJ answered. "She's a bit of a thrill seeker."

"Really? She seems to be turning red. Is that thrilling to her?"

"She's fine. She's always naked around people, she gets off on it." Oh that damn bitch, she's making me sound like a slut. The lady never took her eyes off me.

"Wow. Well she's braver than me, I'd never do this."

"Yeah, she's quite the exhibitionist. Aren't you Amy?" I didn't answer at first but then I received a nudge from the back seat.

"Yes." I quietly answered.

"Well, as long as you're enjoying yourself..." She then began to hand CJ the change.

"That's okay you keep the change. Consider it a tip."

"Thank you." she replied gratefully. "Your order will be at the next window. Don't catch cold."

"Tell her thank you." Emily whispered in my ear. "Th...thank you." I managed to stammer and then we pulled away.

"Very good Amy." CJ praised. "You're off to a good start."

"Look, her nipples are getting hard from embarrassment." Emily noticed.

"They sure are." CJ then reached and tweeked my left nipple. "Being embarrassed really suits you baby."

"Please don't do that." I pleaded as she tweeked my other nipple. "That makes it worse."

"Oh Amy. Our little naked virgin girl. I forget you don't get touched often."

I actually don't really get touched at all, I rather prefer it that way. She pulled her hand away from me and then we pulled forward some more and had only one car in front of us for the next window. Then I saw a guy with acne all over his face stick his head out of the drive thru window and look over at us, I imagined the other drive thru lady tipped him off as to my state of undress.

"Looks like they're waiting for you Amanda." Emily stated. "You'll probably have the whole crew come say hello." Then the car in front of us pulled away and we came to a stop at the pickup window. The guy in the window looked directly at me and seemed at a loss for words. Just then another young guy came over as well and looked right at me.

"Your order will be right up ladies." the second guy told us. "Gosh you really are naked. This is so cool."

"Isn't she cute?" CJ asked them. "She looks so much better like this than when she's dressed."

"She looks good from here." the first guy answered. "I'm glad I came to work today."

I just wanted to die, die right there. My earlier thoughts of dying of embarrassment didn't seem to be happening, I was going to have to live through this.

"Where are you ladies going to be later?" the second guy asked.

"Sorry guys. She doesn't date, and we have plans."

"Just thought I'd ask." He was then handed a bag containing our food and promptly handed it to CJ, making sure he leaned in as far as he could before she took the bag from him.

"Thank you for coming by ladies." He said to us happily. "It's been a pleasure."

"Ours too." Then I received another nudge from the backseat.

"Thank you." I forced myself to say as CJ pulled away and headed for the exit.

Part 9

I couldn't get the vision of those two drive thru guys leering at me out of my head. Their eyes scanning me up and down taking in my form, it made me just numb with shame. Plus they both took such joy in my embarrassment that I couldn't help but hate them. Damn dorks. And somehow I felt this was just a warmup for what was comming later.

"Those dicks gave us the wrong salads." Emily blurted angrily after checking the bag with the food. "They gave us bacon ranch salads instead of cobb."

"They probably were too busy thinking with their hard-ons to pay attention to what they were doing." CJ replied and glanced over at me and winked. She then asked "Do you wanna go back Em?"

"No. These'll do. Plus we're almost to the hotel. What a couple of retards though. This was probably the closest they've come to a naked woman."

"Yeah, they're probably jerking off on the hamburgers right now." God that's a gross thought. The mental picture of those two thinking of me and touching themselves was quite revolting.

"Here we are." CJ announced as we pulled into the parking lot of a multi-level hotel. The first thing I noticed was that the parking lot was very full.

"There's alot of U of O ulumni staying here for the football game tomorrow." Emily explained as if she was reading my thoughts. "The whole place is booked up through the weekend." Great. While I knew the University of Oregon was located in Eugene I completely forgot that there was a football game here this weekend. Now I have to stay in a hotel full of rowdy football fans. CJ drove around the parking lot for a few minutes and finally parked in an empty spot in the back.

God I was not liking this at all, not that I have liked anything I've done with these two so far.

After CJ parked and shut off the engine she took out her cell phone and handed it to me. She then said, "Me and Em are going to go ahead and go in and get our room key and take our stuff up the room. When we're ready I'll call you on my cell, just press talk to answer, and then you'll walk on up."

"What!" I screamed. "You want me to walk like this through the parking lot, into the hotel, and up to the room! You can't be serious."

"When haven't we been serious?" Emily asked.

"But there'll be hundreds of people in the hotel, and they'll all see me."

"That's kind of the point Amanda. This trip is to get you used to being naked in front of people."

"Why? Why do you want to humiliate me like this for? I don't get it."

"You will in due time. But for now if you don't want those pictures e-mailed to people like those two dorks at McDonalds than I think you should follow orders."

"But what if someone tries to grab me?"

"Amanda, the people here know you're coming and they have plenty of parking lot security cameras and if anyone gets too close to you they'll be all over them fast. You'll be fine." That didn't really make me feel better knowing there were people at camera monitors watching for me as I strolled naked through the parking lot. Oh god my head felt like it was floating.

"I don't think I can do this." I pleaded, hoping for some kind of reprieve.

"You don't think you can huh." Emily pondered. "Well then I'll tell you what. This one time I will offer you a choice. You can either do what we just asked or I can give you my overcoat to wear and you can come in with us, but, if you choose the second choice I get to e-mail your pictures to three highschools of my choice. And I promise you they'll be big highschools with more students than people that are staying in the hotel. And you know they'll spread those pictures around." Dammit, once again they were giving an option that was no option. Sure I'd spare myself some embarrassment now, but I knew those pictures would get around. I just couldn't catch a break.

"What's it going to be Amanda?" Emily asked smugly.

"I'll do it." I answered defeated.

"You'll do what?"

"I'll go in like this." I couldn't believe I just agreed to that.

"Smart choice." With that Emily got out of the car and went to the back.

"You made the right choice Amy." CJ said trying to comfort me. "I understand your hesitation but it's for the best. I'll call you in a few and give you our room number and you can come up." She then got out of the car and joined Emily.

I sat there in the car for what seemed like hours, although I was in no hurry to get out, and I just pondered what I was about to do. Since we were parked in the back I would have to walk pretty much all the way around the building to get to the entrance, plus not having any shoes I'd have to watch for any broken glass that might be on the ground. I didn't even want to think about going inside. This is a nightmare. I was suddenly startled by the ringing cell phone. I didn't want to answer but made myself do it.

"Yes." I answered.

"Hey Amy. I can see you from our room. I need you to get out of the car first before I give you more instructuions."

This was it. I made myself open my door and looked around for anyone. When I saw no one I slowly stepped out onto the parking lot.

"Close the door hon." She ordered from the other end of line. Once I closed the door I heard the doors lock behind me.

"Isn't that cool. I can lock it from up here."

"Please. It's cold out here." I pleaded as a chill ran up my exposed flesh.

"Sorry. I just get excited. When you come inside use the glass elevator in the center of the lobby next to the restaurant. Go up to the 7th floor. We're in room 715. We'll leave the door ajar for you." she then added "You may walk briskly through the parking lot since it's chilly out, but once inside you must walk normally. Don't answer any questions, just keep moving. We'll be watching you." Then she hung up.

I stood there next to the Suv for a couple of minutes unable to make myself walk. If she hadn't locked the car doors I'm sure I would've gotten back in despite myself. I just tried to concentrate, just put one foot in front of the other. Finally I began walking. I tried as much as possible to stay in between cars so I could have something to duck behind if someone came. I was worried though that I might accidently set off someones car alarm, drawing unwanted attention to my location, but so far so good. The ground was very cold on the bottom of my feet which was uncomfortable but did motivate me to move faster and keep going. I was very fortunate that no one was in the parking lot at the time which was surprising to me but very welcome. Soon I made my way around the first corner and started down the side towards the front. I couldn't help thinking of my walk through the mall parking lot yesterday morning and the similarities of what I was doing now. One difference was this paking lot was full while that one was empty. I guess I graduated to a higher level mission.

After a few minutes I came to the other corner and peaked around it. To my horror I saw a small group of people standing in front of the entrance. They looked like they were smoking cigarettes and talking. Crap, I was probably going to have to walk up past them to go in the hotel. Again I didn't know if I could do this. But soon the cold air made me have to move. With great fear and trepidation I headed towards the entrance.

Part 10

I was moving closer to them with every step forward. From where I was standing it looked like three men and two women, all of whom were decked out in Oregon Duck merchandise. With this next step forward I'd come into their line of view.

They hadn't noticed me yet, so far so good. I could see the entrance to the hotel from here. God this is awful, I'm going to have to walk naked in front of these people to get inside. If it wasn't getting so cold I'd hide until they went back in. It looked like they were having a smoke and conversing with each other. Gotta keep moving. I'm getting closer. Oh crap! One of the women saw me.

"Oh my God!" screamed the woman in the green Ducks sweatshirt. "Ha ha. Look what's coming our way." Oh no they're all turning towards me. They were all looking at me!

"Holy shit!" blurted the man in the white Ducks sweater. "You don't see this every year."

"Can I help you with anything sweetheart," asked the woman in the lightning yellow t-shirt, that was over a black sweatshirt. "Like with anything to wear perhaps?" This comment caused them all to chuckle. This wasn't funny, this was humiliating. Keep going. Almost to them. As I made my way passed the small group of people my left breast rubbed up against the man with the green, yellow, and white Ducks jacket. God that felt revolting. Keep walking.

I was about to enter the first entrance door now.

"She's a shy little thing isn't she?" the other man commented (I didn't notice what he was wearing) as the first door closed behind me. Crap there was the front desk behind the second door. My God they were all looking right at me. Keep moving. I walked through the second entrance door and I felt a rush from the heat of the inside of the building. This causes a pleasent shiver to come over me.

"Good evening Miss Johnson." said the young man behind the front desk.

Shit they know my name. Gotta keep moving. Gotta get to room 715. Where's the glass elevator? I turned to my right and I noticed the lobby. Oh God everyone in the lobby as looking at me! I had to find the elevator. The rush of blood over my body from the from the humiliation, as well as the sudden warmth from the lobby, caused my body to begin betraying me yet again. The shame from all these stares caused my nipples to harden to where they almost began to hurt.

Oh I was feeling like I was going to faint. My instincts took over and I made myself walk towards the lobby. After a few steps I spotted the glass elevator on the far end. Crap this is an open air lobby. The floors all have balcony walkways so those staying here can look down on the lobby from their floor. I soon noticed that people are currently looking down on me, several floors of people. Got to keep going. As I moved towards the elevator people practically moved out of the way to form a path to it. I moved down it hoping to keep my legs from buckling under me. As I made my way down the path I felt myself getting wet down south, dammit this wasn't happening. A flash went off, someone took a picture.

"Smile." another person said as they snapped a photo of me. Oh Jesus! Keep going, halfway there. Don't think about it.

"She sure is brave."

"Looks like she's got that Oregon tan." "From her butt she looks like she might have some Italian blood in her."

Shit this was torture to listen to. Almost to the elevator. I finally reached the landing and I quickly pressed the up botton. I looked up and I noticed the elevator was currently moving up to a high floor. Please hurry up. I looked down at the floor and tried not to think about what I was doing, as well as how I must look.

"She seems to be embarrassed."

"But her headlights are on though."

"She is a natural looking girl."

"She's also cute."

Come on elevator hurry up. It finally stopped. My heart won't quit beating rapidly, I felt I might explode. Hurry up dammit! It's coming down. Come on hurry. I hear more cameras go off. Now others have pictures of me naked. I don't know if I can handle this. The elevator finally arrives and I dart in and hit the 7 botton. After what seemed like eternity the door closes and the elevator began moving upward. The upward motion of the elevator caused my body to become more involutarily aroused. It soon dawned on me that everyone could still see me since the walls of the elevator were made of glass. Great, just great. Why is it stopping on the 3rd floor? As the door opened three people on the floor shot pictures of me. This isn't fair. After they got several shots the door re-closed and I began to move upward again. Please don't stop again until the 7th. It passed the 4th floor, no stopping. 5th floor, no stopping. 6th floor, stopping! As the door opened a young asian woman in what looked like a hotel uniform stepped in the elevator and closed the door behind her. She then turned to me and spoke.

"Hello Miss Johnson. I'm Cassandra Lee. One of the managers of this hotel. I'd like to welcome you." Her english was perfect and her voice had a sound of intelligence to it. "I see that you have drawn quite a crowd of on-lookers. We had to warn everyone of your coming so that people with children, and those who are prudish, can go to their rooms until you have arrived to yours."

Finally the elevator reached the 7th floor and the door opened. "Let me escort you to your room." She then took my arm, just as both CJ and Emily had done before, and led me out of the elevator and down the walkway. "I want you to know that while you're staying here at this hotel you will not be bothered. We will be watch your room constantly to make sure the three of you are not hassled, especially you."

Were we almost there yet? There was room 713. 714. As we approached room 715 the door suddenly swung open and Emily stepped out into the walkway, blocking my entrance into the room.

"Casey, you didn't have to escort our friend to our room. That's really very nice of you."

"Part of the job Emily."

"I'm sure Amanda appriciates it."

"Miss Johnson is quite a find."

"She sure is. I'm so proud of her right now. Thanks again for walking her here."

"My pleasure. You ladies have a pleasent stay." Cassandra then turned to me. "If you need anything, let me know." and then walked off.

Emily then grabbed me and pulled me in the room and closed the door.

"That was great girl!" Emily screamed and then embraced me. Her hands ran up and down my my back and then she pecked me hard on the cheek. "We are so pleased with you."

Part 11

Emily released me from her embrace. She took a step back and met my eyes. Her face was overcome by a huge smile, she seemed quite pleased with herself.

"I'm so very proud of you." she sqeeled with joyous laughter. "This is going so much better than I could've imagined. Amanda you are a piece of gold."

"Some of them took pictures of me." I shakingly muttered from my shocked mouth. More perfect strangers have nude pictures of me. This has gone alot further than I could've invisioned.

"Yeah, a few did." Emily responded sympathetically. "But there wasn't anything we could do about that. The hotel lobby is public domain. Here come sit down in this chair. It's one of those chairs that has a heating system so it's nice and warm. Here let me take CJ's phone from you." She then took Cj's cell, which I totally forgot I was even holding, and led me to a large recliner chair. The chair had a small towel laid across the seat. "Here, sit." she continued as I lowered myself into the chair. I was instantly overcome by the warmth from the heated cushions. This chair felt good, my shaking began to slow down. "I see I was right to put that towel down." Oh God, she's so mean.

I can't believe I just walked through a hotel lobby naked. "I'll be back with your food. Just sit there and relax, you've earned it." I didn't know if I could eat anything yet, my stomache still felt queasy due to my exhausted nerves. This chair did feel good though, almost too good. I could feel my tense muscles begin to relax. I felt as if I was slowly melting. I looked around the room. It was quite nice. A big plasma TV was mounted on the wall and the furniture looked stylish and new. While this wasn't the executive suite it still looked expensive.

"Here you are sweetie." Emily entered from the kitchen area carrying a Tv tray with my chicken sandwich and soda. She set the tray down next to my chair and took a pill bottle out of her blouse pocket. "Take your vitamins before you eat. They'll keep you healthy." she then held out two more of the same vitamins Cj had me take yestarday morning. I swallowed them down with my soda.

"I don't know if CJ told you," she continued. "but these are the vitamins that people who are exploring the north pole, or work at the south pole take. They are very powerful against viruses and really stregnthen your immune system. In other words they'll keep you from getting sick."

This must have meant they planned to take me outside some more. What are they doing to me? "Okay now eat your sandwich. I've put some of my salad on a plate here for you because I want you to get some greens. CJ stepped out for a moment but she'll be back soon. I'll be in the other room on the phone so if you need anything, that's where I'll be." She then ran her hand through my hair as she left the room.

The faces of all the people I walked past were like a constant reel in my head. The smiles, the surprised looks, the clicking cameras. I didn't know how to handle this. Suddenly I became very hungry. I remebered when I went to the cafeteria yesterday morning after my mission across the athletic field. I wasn't all that hungry when I first got there, I was too worried what the lunch ladies were thinking about my state of undress in that skimpy outfit I had to wear. In fact one of them felt the need to tell me that I'll catch cold in my little outfit while another mentioned that I seemed to have a lot of leg to shave. God that made me feel vunerable. Anyway, once I sat down with my breakfast I became very hungry and I ate everything on my plate. Soon that's what I was doing with the food on the tray Emily brought me. Boy the chicken sandwich tasted good. Before I knew it I had eaten the whole thing. But I didn't stop to notice because I then instantly devoured the salad as well.

Gosh what brought that on? I wondered if those vitamins had anything to do with that. I'll probably never know. I drank down my Sprite and then sat back in the chair. Man this chair was comfortable. I was startled when CJ burst throught the door, shuting it behind her.

"Amy! That was fabulous!" she squeeled. "Oh here's my phone. Anyway you were a big hit. Everyone thought it was cool." She then ran over and hugged me squooshing my breasts into her shoulder before releasing me.

"Where's Em?"

"In the other room." I said without looking at her. She then darted out of the room and I was again alone. I kept wondering what those people where going to do with those pictures of me they took. They were their property and could do what they wanted. I'll never feel secure about being dressed ever again. God I want this to end.

"Amanda," Emily yelled from the other room, "would you come in here please?"

What did they want? I was so tired of this. I slowly got up out of the warm chair and walked over to the room and went in. CJ was sitting on the bed while Emily was standing next to the doorway.

"Here sweetie." she handed me another cell phone. "Have a seat and call your mom. Let her know you made it here okay."

"You want me to call my mom?"

"Yes. We don't want her to worry about you. I would if my only daughter was away with two ladies I didn't know. It's common courtesy."

"Can I call her in a different room?"

"Sorry, but no you can't. We need you to sit in this chair and call her. Don't cross your legs when you sit." She pointed to a chair in the corner and motioned me to sit in it. There was another towel on the seat. The chair sat up rather high, my feet barely touched the floor. I looked at the phone in my hand. "Just dial the number and press Talk." she told me. My mind was racing so fast I had to think for a minute to remember my own phone number. Even after I remembered it I dialed the wrong number the first time. I took a deep breath and then dialed my number correctly.

As the line on the other end was ringing I noticed Emily had turned on her laptop and was putting on a set of headphones. Crap what was she doing now?

"Hello?" a voice on the other end spoke. It sounded like my mother.

"Mom?" I asked.

"Amanda? Is that you?"

"Yes." I was so nervous I could barely talk. I had to put alot of effort into speaking loud enough for her to hear.

"Well hi honey. Is everything okay?" No everything was not okay. Everything was anything but okay.

"Yes. I... ah I was just calling to let you know I made it here alright."

"Well I'm glad to hear that. How was the drive down?" Awful! It was just awful!

"Fine." I answered.

"Great." she actually sounded thrilled. "Are you girls having a lot of fun so far?" Emily made a gesture telling me to say yes.

"Yes." She motioned me to draw out my answer. "Yes mom we're having a lot of... fun." I could feel my guts twisting from having to say that. Then I saw CJ click a remote control. Suddenly the chair I was sitting in began to vibrate lightly. Shit!

"That's good. Those two girls seem so nice. I can't believe you never told me about them." Oh no, that vibrating felt good. Shit, I could feel my vagina becoming aroused. God not now!

"I'm sorry mom. I just never got around to telling you about them." I swallowed hard as the vibrations slowly grew stronger. I was fighting this but I knew I wasn't going to win, with all that was happened so far to me, I was too weak.

"Where are you three staying?" My mom continued. I wanted to hang up but I couldn't, it would scare her. God the two of them were looking at me with smug grins, they must have known I was about to burst already.

"Amanda? Amanda you still there?"

"Y-yes, yes mom. We have a hotel room."

"You sound like you're out of breath."

"J-just finally got a chance to sit down." Oh God this was coming on too strong. I could feel drops of sweat start to roll down my forehead. My body was succumming to the vibrating chair and I felt helpless to stop it.

"Oh. Well it does my heart good to know your doing something with friends. I was starting to worry about you, spending so much time alone." This caused Emily to smile. She must have been listening somehow on those headsets. God the grip I had on the chair armrest was starting to hurt, but I was afraid to let go. I then noticed my mom was still talking, "You know it's not good for a girl your age to be so shy. You need to let people see who you are." Oh God. I knew my mom meant well but this wasn't helping. The vibrating just got stonger again.


"Mom. I... I have to go." I stammered. "I'll call you later."

"Oh okay. Thanks for calling pumpkin. I love you."

"I lo... love you too. Bye." I quickly hung up and tried to catch my breath. CJ quicky turned off the vibration to the chair.

"Well. I'd have to say I'm dissapointed in you Amanda." Emily said as she took off the headset and walked over to me. "I don't remember giving you permission to end the call." Oh God. Was she mad? "I guess we still have some work to do with you. What do you think CJ?"

"Oh yes. I think her hornyness clouded her judgement on this one."

I was suddenly overcome with fear despite still being slightly aroused. I was afraid I was about to be tested.

"Stand up Amanda." Emily ordered. The strictness in her voice made me more fearful. I did as I was told. "It's best you remember whose in charge. For ending the converstion with your mother on your own, you will now go down to the lobby and pose for pictures with other guests."