Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 3

Every step we took towards the parking lot was more difficult than the last.

By the time we got to the end of the trail out CJ was practically holding me up, my legs felt weak and wanted to buckle under me. CJ was humming some song but I could barely hear her through the pounding of my heart in my head. I was naked and cold and was about to be brought out in an open parking lot. The sun still hadn't come out yet luckily, but I knew it was wouldn't be much longer.

When we reached the opening to the parking lot CJ led me over to her SUV and stopped.

"Stand here a minute Amy while I put this stuff in my car." Luckily for me the spot where she parked wasn't well lit, but I was still very paranoid. I looked at all the windows in the mall across the parking lot and wondered if anyone was in there watching me. Sure it was closed an all but that hardly made me feel better. When CJ opened the back of the SUV I wanted to jump in it myself and crawl into a ball in the backseat.

"Did you want some more tea?" she asked me as she put the duffle bag in the back. "There's not much left and it is still warm." Again I couldn't speak I just nodded to her. She took out the thermos and poured me the last of the tea and handed it to me. As I drank it she closed the back of the vehicle and walked over the driverís side door.

"Hurry and finish hon, we need to get started." I finished and handed her back the cup. "Good girl." She opened her door and placed the thermos inside and then slid in the driverís seat herself and closed the door behind her. I didn't know what I was supposed to do, I hoped she would tell me to get in on the other side but she rolled down her window and looked directly in my eyes.

"Here's what's going to happen Amy. As you know Em has parked your car at the entrance of the mall. You are going to make your way from here to your car on foot. You may not run, you can walk briskly but no running. The only exception is if the mall security guy comes by, in that case you may run for cover. If you are caught you make no mention of either me or Emily or what youíre doing, you just take the consequences as given. If you tell on us the pictures will be sent immediately, including the new ones I just took. It's best you remember that you're only a click away from being a naked screensaver."

I thought I was going to faint, walk to my car on the other side of the mall.

Even though it was still dark the parking lot was well lit, and some point I was going to be very exposed. I've had nightmares like this. "Once you reach your car your keys will be taped under the passenger side door. You can retrieve them and get in your car. Em has completely cleaned your car out of anything that you could cover yourself with so don't even bother looking, you'll just waste time. You will then drive to your school parking lot. I know the gates don't open until 7:30 so you'll have to park outside of it. Once there you'll leave the keys in the ignition and get out and leave the car unlocked, we will be taking it again." This was getting worse. Drive naked across town to my school and leave my car there, how am I supposed to do that. "You then will sneak into the school grounds and go to the visiting dugout of the baseball diamond, you're bookbag and clothes will be waiting for you. Again if you're caught you don't know us, understand?"

Understand? yeah I understand, I understand you're a mean cruel bitch. Of course I couldn't actually say that, I again defeatedly nodded at her.

"I need to hear you say it Amy." She warmly demanded. "I... I understand." I had to force my voice to speak.

"Good. I'm going to pick up Em at your car and we'll be waiting at your school for you to arrive. If you see us don't come over, just stick to your plan. If all goes well you can go to school today and not worry if your classmates have seen your wet self." At this point she started her engine. "At the end of the day your car will be in the parking lot and the keys taped under the door again. We'll be in touch babygirl. Have a good adventure." She then backed up and drove away to the other side of the mall, leaving me standing there in nothing but a pair of binding sandals that weren't even mine.

I didn't want to do this. I wanted to run back into the woods and hide. I was alone and naked miles from my home. I was being forced to risk certain humiliation and I didn't know why. What was the point of this other than to make me miserable. I looked up at the sky and noticed it was beginning to get light. It probably was best if I tried to do this while it was still dark so I could at least have some cover. I swallowed hard and forced myself to start moving. I wanted to run but remembered what CJ said about that. I wasn't sure how they would know this since they were supposed to be waiting at my school but I didn't feel I could risk it, so much of this was a mystery. As I moved closer to the mall I was forced to walk under some parking lights, I had to close my eyes to keep me from thinking how the lights showed off my body. If anyone was in the mall, like janitors or security, they would be able to see me quite clearly. I decided to walk right next to the mall itself since the outside of it was lined with some shrubbery, if someone came by I might be able to hide behind some of it. The cold air forced my nipples to harden which added to my discomfort, as if I could've been more uncomfortable, and they pointed straight out. This was so shaming, if anyone saw me like this how would I explain it? Just out for walk or something.

After a few more feet I turned the first corner of the mall building and started down the side towards the front. So far I hadn't seen anyone but I still had a ways to go. I tried to convince myself that this wasn't worse than having my pictures sent to several thousand people but I was having a hard time doing it. The feelings I was felling now were worse than the feelings of dread I had before the meeting. I was actually walking naked across an empty mall to my car, and my clothes were on their way across town for me to retrieve. I wish I could just drop dead. It was then I realised my body was beginning to betray me. My nerves were forcing me to become aroused and I could feel a wetness in my vagina, a wetness that felt even more apparent when a cool breeze blew across me. This just made me feel so dirty and more degraded, I was doing something I hated and my body was enjoying it. Could this get worse?

Finally I come the next corner and was at the front of the mall. I looked out into the parking lot and saw my car parked out in the distance by the entrance, of course it was parked on the far side of the entrance just so I would have to go that much further. I stopped for a second and took a couple deep breathes to try and calm down before I stepped into the parking lot and headed directly to the car. I tried to stay in the dark patches of the lot that the lights didn't shine on but I soon found that took too long and I wanted to get to the cover my car provided so I walked right under some of the bright lights illuminating my skin. I thought if I'm going to be doing this I need a tan, my pale skin made me even more insecure. My hope was that I wouldn't have to keep doing this but any comfort was welcome. I was about halfway across the lot when my heart almost jumped out my throat. Around the far corner of the mall a vehicle pulled out. From where I was standing it looked like a golf cart or something of the like. I didn't wait to find out I just took off running for my car. CJ said I could run if someone was coming and I did. As I got closer to my car I noticed the cart was coming in my direction and I worried that I had been seen. Seen! I was not about to try and explain myself to whomever was driving the cart if I could help it and my legs surprised me at how fast they were moving. I reached my drivers side door and quickly reached underneath to try and locate my keys. Then it hit me that she said they were under the passenger door. Damn them. I noticed the cart was coming closer quickly so instincts took over. In my panic I barley remember running to the other side of the car, pulling the keys off the bottom of the door, unlocking my passenger door and getting in and crawling into the drivers seat, but I guess I did. Before I knew it I had the keys in the ignition and the car started just as the cart pulled in front of my car.

Part 4

He had me blocked in. Emily had parked my car rear first against a curb and there was no way I could pull forward without hitting the cart. I could see the person sitting in the cart, who looked like a middle aged man who was going bald, was wearing a security uniform. Must be mall security. He just looked at me with a confused expression of disbelief. Why was I running around naked was the sentiment I believed he was trying to relay to me. He was about to get out when out of desperation I put my car in reverse and backed up onto the curb and turned my steering wheel far enough as to swerve around him.

I could hear my car scraping the curb and I hoped it wasn't doing any major damage. The security guard looked surprised and motioned me to stop but my instincts took over and I shifted gear and hit the gas and managed to get around him without hitting him or the cart and then darted out the entrance and got on the main road. Damn that was close. I turned right at a stop sign and began heading towards my school. My heart was still beating heavily and I noticed I was perspiring, probably from nerves as well as having to act so fast when I saw the security guard. I saw my chest and stomach were glistening from a light layer of sweat. I looked at my face in my mirror and noticed I was crying, I was so preoccupied with trying to escape I didn't even notice the tears that were running down my cheeks. I wiped my eyes with my hands, which were shaking, and took some deep breaths and tried gain some control of the situation. I hoped the security guard didn't call the police, I was in no position to be pulled over and questioned. Had he gotten my licence plate number? I had to hope that I reacted fast enough so that he didn't have time to memorize it. Probaly too busy looking at my boobs through my windshield.

God I hope he never got a clear look at me, if he did he's the first man to see me naked. Not quite how I imagined it happening.

I looked at the clock on my dashboard and it read 6:51. The sky was getting brighter each moment and was already light enough that I probably didn't need my headlights on. It would probably take me 15 minutes to get to the high school and I don't know how long to park and attempt to retrieve my clothes. I tried to scrunch down as best I could so as not to tip of any other drivers as to my state of undress and I turned the heat up higher so I could at least feel warmer. Luckily I seemed to be the only one on the road right then but that would probably change when I get closer to the school. As I approached an intersection I had to stop for a newly changed red light. I hoped I wouldn't have to sit there long, the waiting would drive me nuts. It was at that time I noticed a large truck approach the light from the lane next to me. The truck was high enough that if anyone was in the passenger side all they had to do was look over and they'd be able to see me and what I wasn't wearing. Come on light turn green! I tried to shift myself over closer to my window so as to attempt to block their potential view and one of my hands instinctly covered my vagina. Turn green dammit. The truck slowly came to a stop right next to me and I bravely peeked with my left eye to see if someone was in the passenger seat. There was. From my brief glance it looked like a middle aged blonde woman. Turn green please! I wanted to hit the gas and run the light but there were cars crossing the intersection and I'm sure I would've gotten into an accident, making things even more difficult. How long is this light going to stay red? I wasn't sure if the lady was looking over at me until I heard her yell "Excuse me." out her window. Oh crap. I couldn't look back over at her due to my intense shame and tried to ignore her.

"Excuse me, miss." she continued yelling. "did you know you're naked?"

If it wasn't for the fact I was so scared I probably would haved laughed. Of course I knew I was naked, this didn't happen by accident.

"Miss. Hello." Boy she was persistent. Did she think she was trying to help me or something. I noticed my skin was beginning to turn from pale white to a colour of red, I didn't know how much of me she could see but the fact that she knew I was naked ment she saw enough. Would this light turn green please.

Finally it did and without hesitatation I floored my gas pedal and zoomed off. I checked my rear view mirror and saw they were behind me and trying to catch up. I decided I needed to take a different route so I quickly turned right down a side road and turned left down another one in hopes they wouldn't follow me. I drove down a couple blocks and turned left again for good measure. I didn't see them anymore and hoped that meant the didn't try to follow me. The urge to start crying again overwhemled me and a couple of fresh tears rolled out of my eyes. I pulled a napkin out of my glove box and wiped them away and again regained control of myself. I saw in the mirror how red my face had turned, not just from crying but from embaresment as well. The rest of my drive to school was fortunatly uneventful. I didn't see anymore cars the rest of the way. When I arrived at my school my clock said 7:12, because I took back roads it took me a little longer than I first thought it would. The gates of the school would still be locked but I knew where an open fence gate was that led to the football field. That way I could get in without having to do something like climb the fence, which would've been really difficult to do in the state I was in.

As I drove over to where the gate was I passed CJ's parked SUV. I looked over as I drove by it and saw Emily smile at me and give a small wave, I hope I wasn't supposed to wave back because I didn't. I wanted to give her the finger. I remember CJ telling me not to go over to them if I noticed them so I just drove past. I came up to where the walk-up gate was and pulled up next to it. My car was facing the wrong direction to be parked on this side of the street, but there were apartments on the other side and I felt I needed as much cover when I got out of the car as possible. I wasn't sure how I was going to make it to the baseball field without being seen. The diamond was on the far side of the athletic field, past the track and the football field, and the dugouts were on the far side of the diamond. It was full daylight now but still overcast, still anyone looking out there window would see me make my way across the field. There was an equipment shed that was in front of the track and if I ran to it and got on the side that faced away from the street I could hide there briefly from view.

There now was a new problem though, after drinking all that tea and mix it in with my heightened nerves I suddenly really had to pee. I felt I could hold it for a little while but I needed to get this done soon so my bladder wouldn't burst. Great, just what I needed. I opened my car door but didn't get out right away, my sense of modesty wouldn't let me just dart out and run. I had to study the windows of the apartments across the street first to see if anyone was looking out. As far as I could see no one was but it was hard to be sure. I took some more deep breaths and tried to convince myself it was now or never. I made sure the keys were in the ignition, as per instructions earlier, and crawled out of the car, I noticed a spot on my seat was wet from my nervous arousal which made me feel more ill, and then I hunched down behind the door after I closed it.

Another deep breath and I took off moving towards the fence door. It opened rather easily and I went through without closing the door behind me, and then headed towards the equitment shed. I tried not to think about the apartments behind me and consentrated on the shed. The pounding of my heart was not lost on my bladder and my urge to pee intensified. The sandals I was wearing began to chafe on my feet and made running more difficult. It occured to me that CJ said no running in the mall parking lot but she didn't say anything about here, so I prayed this was acceptable to her.

Finally I reached the shed and went around to the side facing away from the street and hunched down to catch my breath and decide what to do next. I looked over at the school to make sure no one was over there and I didn't notice anyone. I felt the next closest spot to run for would be the bleachers to the football field. I could hide underneath them while I made my way to the other side of the field. But before I made my attempt to reach the bleachers my urge to pee grew too strong, I would have to go before I went any further.

I looked around one more time and then got in a squatting position and began to urinate. I closed my eyes and felt even more ashamed than at anytime before, I had never peed outside before and even if no one could see me this was awful humiliating none the less. This turned out to be a long pee as well.

I was worried that soon a big puddle would form around my feet and I'd be standing in it. Finally I finished and stood upright. I hadn't stepped in any of my pee but it did make a decent puddle and the smell was strong. Damn I hated this.

I was now ready to make my next move over to the bleachers. I peeked at the street from the corner of the shed to make sure no one had come out to see what I was doing and I saw no one. I took another breath and ran as fast as I could and reached the bleachers faster than I did the shed. I quickly made my way underneath them and again stopped to catch my breath. I looked back over at where my car was and I saw CJ's Suv pull up behind it. She had told me they would take my car again, but watching Emily get into it and drive it away felt like a punch in the stomache. I was now stuck without an escape. I hugged myself tightly for a moment and forced myself to calm down, again. I began walking through the maze of metal beams and headed for the far end of the bleachers. Being under here was about as safe as any other part of this adventure since it provided good cover. There was alot of garbage under here and I noticed a few pop cans that had been made into pot pipes. I only tried pot once when my brother had me try some, I remember I couldn't stop laughing.

I almost wished I had some now, I could use a laugh. I reached the end of the bleachers and looked over to the baseball field. Most of the actuall field was blocked from my view due to the homerun wall that surronded it, I could see the tops of the dugouts poke up from behind the wall. I had no clue which one was the visiting dugout but I guessed whichever one had my bag in it was the one. The field was furhter away than either the bleachers or the equitment shed had been and even if I ran at top speed it would take me at least a couple of minutes to get there. One thing that motivated me though was the fact that this was the last leg of my journey to retrive my clothes. All I had to do was make it there and I could finally dress and feel somewhat secure again, although I don't know if I'd ever feel totally secure again.

With great apprehention I forced myself to step out from the bleachers and take off running for the baseball field. I felt as I was running that again my body was betraying me. There was a new wetness down in my vagina and I felt it get wetter with every stride I took. The cool air didn't help matters either and was only making things more unpleasent. After what seemed like forever I reached the outside of the homerun wall, which was too high for me to jump over so I had to run along side of it untill I came to the end. I moved to the inside of the field and crossed onto the dirt baselines and headed for the closer of the two dugouts. Once inside I hunched down in one of the corners and looked around. This must be the home dugout since I didn't see my bookbag anywhere. It figured. I peaked outside again out of habit to make sure no one was there and then darted across to the other side of the field and the visitors dugout. There to my joy was my bookbag. I grabbed it and sat down on the wooden bench inside the dugout. I quickly unzipped my bag and pulled out a plastic bag with clothes in it, the first thing I noticed though was that these weren't my clothes. I checked my bag again but found no other clothing. I emptied the contents of the plastic bag anyway and fumbled through what was there. The contents were a pair of powder blue thong panties with no bra, a small pink t-shirt that I didn't think would cover my whole belly, a grey hooded sweatshirt that zipped up and looked even smaller than the t-shirt, and a pair of extremely short black shorts.

They've got to be kidding. This seemed like something Mariah Carey would wear. Myself I've never worn anything like this, not to school or anywhere. There were a few girls who would occasionaly dress like this, but not on a cold overcast day like today. None the less it was better than nothing and I quickly put them on anyway. The panties fit well enough, although they felt foreign to me, but the t-shirt was too tight. Without a bra I couldn't hide my pointy nipples and they showed through the T quite easily. The sweatshirt didn't hang down as far as the t-shirt did and the zipper was broke so I couldn't close it up, but at least it did help hide my nipples if I held it closed. The shorts fit real snug around my hips and the very bottom of my butt poked out the rear, plus the fact that they were black made my legs seem that much whiter. While it felt good to be dressed I still felt a bit exposed, did they expect me to wear this to school? And where were my shoes and socks? Did they want me to wear these sandals all day too? In the plastic bag was also a note written on pink paper. It read: AMANDA. WE DECIDED YOUR CLOTHES WERE TOO BLAND AND BAGGY SO WE GOT YOU THESE. THEY BELONG TO YOU NOW SO TAKE CARE OF THEM. YOU WILL ALSO NOTICE YOU HAVE NEW GYM CLOTHES TOO WAITING IN YOUR GYM LOCKER. WE HOPE YOU LIKE THEM. CONGRATS ON COMPLETING YOUR MISSION. WE'LL TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR CAR TODAY AND HAVE IT BACK TO YOU BEFORE SCHOOL'S OUT. IN THE FRONT POUCH OF YOUR BOOKBAG IS 10 DOLLARS FOR YOU TO GO TO THE CAFETERIA AND HAVE BREAKFAST BEFORE CLASS, WE WANT YOU TO BE IN GOOD HEALTH ALWAYS SO MAKE SURE YOU GET PLENTY TO EAT. WE'LL TALK SOON. ENJOY YOUR NEW OUTFIT AND HAVE A GOOD DAY AT SCHOOL. LOVE, US.

After I was done reading I sat back against the dugout wall and pondered the long school day ahead of me.

Part 5

Where did they park my car? I scanned the school parking lot for it but still hadn't noticed it. They were supposed to bring my car back by the end of school and I didn't see it. The parking lot was still full of cars so maybe I just hadn't come across it yet. Another cool breeze blew across my bare legs and the chill went up my spine. I was holding my bookbag on one arm and holding the sweatjacket closed with my other. All day I wore these embarrasing clothes, and all day I was laughed at behind my back and received many strange and puzzled looks. At least three times I was asked 'aren't you cold?' and twice I heard someone mention 'someone needs a tanning bed'. I had to constantly hold the sweatjacket closed over my breasts so I could hide my erect nipples that were poking through the tight t-shirt I was wearing.

Unfortunatly a couple of times during classes they pushed their way out, to which I was told 'It seems a bit nippley today doesn't it?'. With it being so chilly today during the beginnig of each class I had to rub my legs with my hands to warm them up, which drew even more attention and embarrassment to me.

And I even received a few lustful glances from some boys, which turned my stomach. This was way more attention than I liked. One person did ask me why I was dressed like this and I just replied that they were my only clean clothes. The new gym clothes I found in my locker were even skimpier. They were the type of outfit marathon runners wear, with the little shorts that were really more like a swimsuit bottom and a mesh tank-top that was also a size too small. There also was a sports bra and a pair of white running shoes, but there was also a note telling me I could only wear them during gym and no other classes, and they would know if I did. It made me wonder if there were more people involved in this than just the two of the them. Did they have spies watching me?

Finally I spotted my car parked in the very back corner of the parking lot. As I moved toward the car I saw two guys who I recognized as football players were standing beside their truck and their attention quicky turned to me.

"Whoa, damn girl you look sweet enough to eat. Wanna go for a ride with us Amanda?"

"I have to go." I replied back and tried to hurry to my car. Neither one of these guys really did anything for me as far as looks go, plus I've found our football team is full of jerks.

"Oh come on. Just a quick one."

"No thank you." I began to move even faster.

"I love the way those shorts eat at your lovely pear-shaped ass."

I could've vomited right there. I was not used to being talked to like that. What the hell did pear-shaped ass mean anyway? Now I was even more self-conscience, I didn't know that was possible but yet it kept happening.


More with the 'love, us'. That was on the gym note too. What they were doing seemed like anything less than love. I certainly knew I didn't love them. At least this day was about over. I started the car and drove home.

It was about 7:30 that night when I was sitting on my bed attempting to do my math homework though I was having trouble shaking away the thoughts of what I had done earlier that day. I kept thinking of who saw me running around naked and how many there were, and were they thinking of me now. A shiver ran down me everytime I thought about it. When I got home I couldn't change out of those awful clothes fast enough. I wanted to throw them away but thought better of it, making Emily and CJ mad was not something I wanted to test out.

For the last few hours though I took great joy in the comfort of being heavily dressed and away from looking eyes. I put on some normal underwear and warm sweatpants and a sweater, and they had never felt so good before. I don't think I could ever take such comforts for granted ever again.

"Amanda. Could you come down here please?"

That was my mom calling me. I wasn't sure what she wanted but I had this awful feeling it was about something bad. I closed my math book and went downstairs. When I got to the kitchen where my mom was, there standing with her were Emily and CJ. Oh god what were they doing here?

"Amanda!" squealed Emily as she ran to me and embarced me with a strong hug. "I've been looking so forward to seeing you again." she said in my ear. I really wanted to throw her off me but I weakly returned the hug instead.

When Emily let go of me she then said "We've been here talking to your mom about you." My insecure feelings grew strong again, what were they talking about?

"We've been telling her how cool we think you are," this was CJ talking now, "and that we'd like you to come with us tommorrow to Eugene for the weekend."

The weekend, oh god I don't like the sound of that. A whole weekend with these two, I didn't want to think what they had in store.

I replied "I don't know I might have homework or something." I was trying to think of something so I wouldn't have to go. My mom then answered "Oh honey, you're always doing homework. I think it would be good for you to go away with friends for a weekend." Friends? "Plus how come you've never mentioned these two before? I was wondering if you even had friends." That kind of hurt a little coming from my mother, she made me sound pathetic. I really wasn't that interested in friends. Yet the sight of these two seemed to make my mother beam with joy.

"Come on Amanda." Emily broke in. "It'll be alot of fun." Yeah for them maybe.

I was sure for me it'd be quite humiliating. I looked over at my mother and she gave me an expression that she wanted me to go. I knew I really had no choice, if they wanted me to go I had to go.

"Okay." I weakly replied.

"Yes!" squealed Emily. "We are going to have a blast." She then put her arm around me and turned to my mother and said, "Don't worry Mrs. Johnson, we're gonna take great care of Amanda. She's in good hands." Emily then tightend her squeeze on me and CJ walked over and held my hand.

"Why don't you take us to your room and we'll help you pack for tommorow." CJ said to me smiling with a big grin.

"What time will you girls be leaving?" my mom asked.

"After Amanda gets out of school we'll come pick her up here and head out." Emily answered as CJ pulled me out of her embrace and began to have me lead her to the stairs. "It was nice meeting you." CJ mentioned to my mom just before we left the kitchen and headed to my room. CJ again was carrying a duffle bag with her, but not as big as the one she had this morning. Emily quicky followed behind us and I noticed she was carrying a briefcase with her.

Once inside my room Emily closed and locked the door behind her. This was violating to me. To have these two girls make me do the things they'd made me do was bad enough, but now they were in my home, my bedroom no less. It was like I had no sancturary anymore.

"First things first Amanda." Emily said as she set her briefcase on my dresser and opened it.

"First of all we want to tell you how pleased we are with you so far. You did your little adventure this morning wonderfully. I personally was expecting to have to e-mail your photos out today and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised." I couldn't help thinking 'what choice did I have?'.

It was either do it or become a pinup for all the highschools in Oregon. As bad as today at school was, it could've been alot worse if those pictures were mailed. Emily then pulled some papers out of her briefcase.

"We need you to sign these papers." Emily explained. "I'm sure you've been told not to sign anything without reading it first but we really don't have time for that. These papers are documents stating that you're doing these missions of ours of your own free will and not being forced."

'You've got to be kidding'I thought. I was most definitely being forced to do this. Emily must've noticed my expression because she followed with, "I know this seems unfair, especially since we seem like we're forcing you. But technically we're not. You have a choice as to whether or not to do what we ask you to do. You can either do it, or we can mail out those pictures. The choice is always yours."

She must be going to become a lawyer. She knew full well that was no real choice. "We must strongly recommend that you sign them. And If you don't I have my laptop in my case and it would take me no more than five minutes to send out those pictues of you." My point proved, I had no choice.

"Come on Amy," CJ pleaded, "you've done so well so far. Don't throw it away now."

Feeling defeated I took the papers from Emily and signed them. "Need you to sign the second one too." Emily stated. "It's just more of the same, but still important." I signed it as well. I couldn't help feeling this was going to come back and haunt me. After I finished signing I handed the papers back to Emily and she took her laptop out of the briefcase and put the papers back in.

"Great!" CJ squealed. Then she turned to me and smiled. "I think you're a bit overdressed Amy. Time for you to get naked."

Dammit. They were going make me strip for them in my own bedroom. With both of their eyes fixed on me I began to take off my sweater. After I did CJ held out her hand in a gesture for me to hand it to her and I did. She took it and folded it and put it in her duffle bag. God was she going to take these from me too? I then repeated this process with my sweatpants, bra, and then my panties. "Socks too." So I was forced to hand them over as well. Once again I was standing naked in front of my tormentors. The fact that they were covered from head to toe was not lost on me.

"Come sit on the bed with me Amy. There's something Emily wants to show you."

CJ then went and sat on my bed and motioned for me to join her on it. I was about to sit next to her when she opened up her legs and said "No honey, sit here so I can cradle you while we watch." She wanted me to sit between her jean clad legs. God I felt nauseous. I may not always be as much into boys like some girls are, but I definitely wasn't into women either, so I hesitated. "Come on. I don't bite." Again I still hesitated. "Amy." CJ said firmly. "Don't make me keep asking you. You're gonna hurt my feelings."

Knowing what that meant I forced myself sit down with her. "That's better." she proclaimed. She then wrapped her legs around my legs and locked her arms around my chest just below my breasts and began to rock me. "There, this isn't so bad." It actually did give me an uneasy comfort. "I think you're just adorable." she whispered in my ear and rocked me some more.

Emily set up her laptop next to my computer and turned the screen to face us. She then pulled out three disks that looked like CD's.

"Two of these are homemade DVD's and the other is a picture CD." Emily explained. "First we'll watch one of the DVD's." She put one of the disks into her laptop and pressed start. She then sat down next to us on my bed. Once the images came on screen I instantly wanted it to stop. There on the screen was me, completely naked, standing in front of the wooded area that was behind the mall. Oh god they were filming me! I tried to lower my head but Emily's hand tilted my chin back up. "Watch sweetie." She ordered. I then watched myself, in perfect clear view, make my way across the parking lot to the mall. My earlier wonder if there were more people involved was answered because I knew the girls were not anywhere near me at that time. But where was the person who was filming? I saw no one.

As the DVD continued I saw myself walk up to the mall and them make my way around it. I could see the nervous and paranoid look on my face very clearly. I could feel tears begin to well up in my eyes again but I tried to fight it.

I didn't want to give them the satisfaction. For several minutes I watched myself cautiously walk along side the mall and then go around the front.

"I love how the whiteness of your skin adds to your vunerability." CJ pleasingly stated. "I can tell you one thing girl. You are not getting a suntan. Your skin is so creamy looking. Almost like milk."

"Unlike you CJ whose skin looks like Chocolate milk." Emily joked, causing CJ to give her a playful elbow to her shoulder as they giggled.

"Oh wait," Cj blurted, "here comes the part with the security guard."

I watched myself crossing the parking lot and suddenly come to a stop. I saw the expression my face turn to anguish. This must be when I saw the security guard because after a second I saw myself take off running.

"Boy, look at you run Amanda." Emily spoke. "You'd think your legs had caught on fire or something." I continued watching as I got to my car and looked for the keys under my drivers side door, than run to the other side and crawl in the car. The security cart then came on to the screen and I watched in awe as I jerked my car up the curb and then squeeled around the security guy.

"Just like on 'The Dukes of Hazard'." Emily said as they both laughed.

"It's amazing what adreniline will make you do." As I watched my car drive off screen CJ whispered to me, "Listen to what the guy says to his walkie-talkie after you leave."

The camera remained focused on the security guard as he pulled out his walkie-talkie and spoke, "Matt? Yeah she got away. I don't know what she was doing. Must've been a dare I guess. Yeah I know. Well I could think of worse things to see in the morning than a sweet piece of ass like that."

Oh god I'm gonna pass out. CJ began rocking me harder as the two of them giggled at what the man just said.

The shot then ended and now the new scene was that of the athletic field and began with my car pulling up to the curb. God how did they get there so fast? Was someone else filming this part? I watched as I crawled out the car and entered the field through the fence door and began running for the equitment shed.

"I noticed you realized I didn't say you couldn't run here. That's very observant Amy." CJ whispered. I watched as my naked form was moving at top speed. I couldn't help noticing the form of my body as I moved, my breasts bouncing and my legs pumping. If it had been anyone else but me I might have found it to something beautiful, as opposed to dreadful. Then I moved in front of the shed and saw myself hunch down. Then I remebered what happened next and I went numb.

"Here comes the best part." Emily gleefully spouted. "This part is just priceless." The camera then zoomed in on me and I watched in horror as I squatted and began to pee. I tried to look away but again Emily's hand turned my head forward. "Eyes front." she ordered. I watched myself, in clear bold colour, urinate out in the open. The image was so clear you could actually see the pee leave my uretha. This time I couldn't hold the tears back and they came flowing out. CJ then unclasped one of her arms from me and began rubbing her hand on the small of my back.

"There there." she cooed. " I know this is embarrasing for you. It's gonna be okay babygirl." She kept rocking me gently and I was able to regain control of myself. I watched myself finish peeing and begin to run to the bleachers.

Once behind the bleachers I was out of sight. The camera couldn't follow me in and my image was blocked by the bleacher seats.

"Em. I think it's time we put in the other DVD."

"Good idea girlfriend. Do you mind Amanda?" I shook my head no. I certainly didn't mind. They could burn it for all I cared.

Emily got up from the bed and went over to her laptop and took out the DVD and put in the other one. As Emily pressed play CJ's arm squeezed tighter around me. The image that came up was that of the inside of...

the inside of a car. It looked to be the drivers seat. Then to my horror I saw my naked self crawl into the drivers seat.

"Oh my god you put a camera in my car!" I involuntarily blurted out. I could not believe the lengths they wee going to just to embarrass me.

"Damn Amanda." Emily replied in surprise. "I think that's the loudest I've ever heard you speak since we met."

As I watched myself I couldn't help noticing how terrified I looked. My eyes were constantly checking my mirrors for other drivers and I was hunched down in an attempt to hide myself. The placement of the camera captured me completely, everything was showing. "Em, I gotta hand it you." CJ praised. "You really know how to use these cameras. You can practically see inside of her. I bow to your greatness."

"Why thank you CJ. I do my best."

Soon it came to the part where I had to stop for the red light. I watched myself notice the truck pulling up next to me and then watched myself try to scrunch over to the one side in an attempt to hide myself better. In doing so though it caused my vagina to open wider, making it more obvious that I was wet down there. Geez this keeps getting worse. Did God hate me or something?

"Isn't it amazing how nerves and embarrassment can cause arousal." Emily chirped. "Look at how erect your nipples are too." I wished she would shut up.

Then we heard the voice of the lady from the truck on the screen, "Excuse me miss. Did you know you're naked?" This caused Emily to burst out laughing.

"This town is full of the most retarded people." she mocked. God this was getting to be too much, and CJ seemed to notice.

"Em. Why don't you turn it off. I think Amy has seen enough."

Emily gave me a sympathetic looking glance and turned it off. She then turned to me and said, "Don't bother trying to find the camera in your car. If you mess with it or take it out, well I probably don't have to tell you what'll happen." She then held up the third disk. "This disk contains all the stills from the DVD's, and their quality is the same as on the DVD's. There are some great shots of you peeing and they will be added to any mailings that we may be forced to send out. Plus we've made plenty of copies of the DVD's and we'll hand them all over town if you don't do as your asked. We went through alot of trouble to make these and we'll use them if we have to."

"Why are you doing this to me?" I weakly spoke.

"We don't have time to go into that now." Emily answered. "Plus you were told no questions, although we'll let this one slide due to the circumstances. It's best you know though that you now belong to us."

The way she said that showed she was in complete control and it caused me to start sobbing uncontrollably. CJ began rocking me some more and started whispering "Shhhh" in my ear.

"Em. Would you get those pills out of my bag please." Cj asked. "And get my bottle of water out too." Emily then retreived the items and poured two pills into her hand and offered them to me. "These are just mild sedatives Amy. They're not addictive, there just to help you relax." I took the pills in my shaking hand and swallowed them with the help of the water as CJ stroked my hair. "There you go. Now just relax. Tell you what, tomorrow you can wear your normal clothes to school. That way you can have a small reprieve from all the nudity. Does that sound good?" I just meagly nodded my head and continued sobbing. CJ stood me up for a second and pulled the covers on my bed out.

"Here why don't you lay down and try and sleep. We'll pack for you and let ourselves out. Okay?" As I laid down CJ pulled the covers over me and tucked me in. Emily then bent down to meet my face and spoke softly. "We do want you to know that we're not doing this because we hate you. We actually are quite fond of you." With that she kissed me on the cheek. Within a few minutes I had cried myself to sleep.