Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 1

I was numb. I could not believe what had just happened. I just stood there shocked as the two girls ran out of the locker room door. I wanted to chase after them but thought better of it. I was in no position to leave the girl’s locker room due to the fact that I was still wet and naked from the shower.

I had just finished my 5th period gym class and had been showering before I went to my next class. I was the only one in the locker room due to the fact that I had stayed late to help Mrs. Davis put away equipment, so the other girls from class had already showered and left. As I turned off the shower and turned to go back into the main locker area there were two girls standing there with a camera phone. Before I knew it I heard the camera click off three times, and then they were gone just as fast. Had what happened really happened, had I just had my picture taken while I was wet and naked?

I finally got my wits about me enough to grab my towel and wrap it around me. My heart began to pound hard and my head began to feel faint. I walked over to my locker and pulled my clothes out. I suddenly felt very shy about dropping my towel to get dressed. I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened.

What were they going to do with those pictures of me, and how much of me was showing? Could you even tell if it's me in the pictures? Oh god this isn't happening. I didn't even recognise either of the girls. Did they even go to this school?

I slowly and cautiously got dressed and left before the next class came in. As I walked through the hall my senses were heightened. I looked around for anyone or anything, where were those girls and what were they doing with those nude pictures of me. I was to upset to go to my next class so I decided to duck out the school and go to my car. I needed to think this out, what am I going to do? I don't want people to see me naked, let alone soaking wet and naked.

I'm not one who thinks of myself as a beauty. People have told me that I'm attractive but I'm too shy. They're right about the shy part. I've had real trouble making friends my whole life do to my being uncomfortable with people.

It's not that I hate people but I find them unnerving at times (like now) and I'm never sure how much to trust someone since I've been burned before.

The attractive part I wonder about. I don't think I'm ugly but I do feel I could lose a few pounds, I don't have cellulite but my tummy and thighs would be considered soft. My skin is clear but very pale, my brother tells me I almost glow in the dark. I'm about 5'8 and weigh about 130 lbs. My hair is long and brown and my eyes are brown as well. I've been told I have a pretty face, mainly due to my dimples when I smile and what my father calls my pouty lips.

What I'm really worried about though are the parts of me people don't see. My breasts are round but small and very pointy and when they're wet the pointiness is enhanced. I do trim my pubic region but I don't style it in any way since I have no intention of showing it off, so there's nothing overly flattering about it. The thought of people seeing me like that is more than a little unsettling, I'm sure if people wanted to they could find plenty to tease me about.

I sat in my car for what seemed like eternity trying to come up with a plan to prevent my potential humiliation from happening. I thought about telling one of my teachers but what worries me is that I didn't get the greatest look at the two girls. I could tell one of them was black with long hair that was tied back, and the other one (the one with the camera) was white and tan with blonde hair and glasses. They were both dressed casual in jeans and blouses but I can barely remember what colour their clothes were or any real description of them because it happened and was over so fast. I was afraid there really wouldn't be anything my teachers could do to catch them.

I really want this not to be happening. I had seen an episode of Joan of Arcadia recently where girls took a picture of Joan in her underwear with one of those phone cameras and e-mailed it to all the kids in her school, and she was greatly humiliated. Lucky for her though she at least had her underwear on, all I had on was a layer of water that was dripping of me. The thought of the whole school seeing these pictures completely overtook my thinking.

All my classmates looking at me knowing that I can't hide from them, having to put up with their leers and comments, knowing that I'd be known for my nakedness over anything else. It's too much. I began to cry uncontrollably, what's going to happen?

Eventually I went home, I could think of nothing else to do. I stayed in my room the rest of the day except for when I joined my family for dinner, during which I said very little. My parents don't bother me with much since I've never really gotten into much trouble in my life and have always been a good student. During dinner I could barely look at them, I felt so ashamed even though I really didn't do anything wrong. I wanted to hug my parents and cry on their shoulders but wouldn't let myself since it would alarm them.

After dinner I quickly retreated back to my room and wrapped myself in a blanket, I needed to feel as covered as possible. The more I thought about it the more I shivered. Then the phone rang. "Amanda, Telephone!" my mother yelled. I wasn't expecting a call. A million things ran through my head as I picked up my phone, did this call have anything to do with those pictures.


"Amanda Johnson?"

"Yes" I answered, not recognizing the voice of the girl on the other end.

"Check your e-mail."

Oh god, this was exactly what I was afraid of hearing. "Who is this?" I asked hesitantly.

"I recommend that you check your e-mail and follow instructions." was what was answered. Then after that the line went dead.

My heart took off beating like a jackhammer, how did they get my e-mail and what did they send me? In my heart I already knew what was waiting for me.

After sitting a few minutes staring at my blank computer I decided I'd better face the inevitable. I switched on my computer and opened my e-mail folder.

There at the top of my mail list was what I was supposed to look at. It read "Attention Amanda Johnson. Shower Photos". This made me nearly vomit, my nightmare was becoming reality. I clicked on the link and a brief note opened on my screen. It read "Amanda, we have the mail list of everyone at your high school including teachers and faculty. We also have the mail list of all the other high schools in the state. If you do not follow instructions these pictures on the attachment will be sent to all addresses." This was coming off just as I had feared, whoever these girls were they intended to show me to the whole state. Every high school student within hundreds of miles would have nude pictures of me. I could barely breathe as I read on. "Go to the wooded area behind the mall tomorrow morning at 6. Come alone. If we think anyone is with you we'll mail the pictures out right then and there. Make sure you're not late." Beneath the note was the link to the attachment. While I really didn't want to see what was on the attachment I felt it necessary.

I clicked on the link and the pictures appeared in front of me. I no longer wondered how much of me was featured in the images because I quickly saw that all of me was in them, all three pictures. My face was clear and recognizable with a look of surprise. My breasts were pointing out straight and shiny and gave the appearance that I was aroused. My tummy looked soft and wet and gave away that I didn't work out. My legs and feet also fit completely in the pictures and contrasted with the dark floor to show how white I was. But worst was the fact that my vagina was so clearly visible, even under the wet pubic hair. You could even see the water dripping off my lower lips. In one picture you could even see part of rear end because I was turning away from the shower at the time. These pictures were much worse than I even thought, and if I didn't go to the woods by 6 tomorrow morning the whole student population of the state of Oregon were going to have their own copies of them. My body began to uncontrollably shake with fear. I had to hug myself and get into a fetal position just to calm myself down. What was I going to have to do. I didn't even want to imagine.

Part 2

It was still dark at 5:30 when I left my house. It was mid October so it didn't start getting light until after 6:30. The air was chilly but dry and there was a slight overcast. I was mostly oblivious to this because I was on my way to a meeting to discuss nude pictures that were taken of me coming out of the shower in the school locker room, something I was really dreading.

I had no idea who I was meeting and what it was they wanted, the only things I knew were that two girls who I don't know are involved and the address on the e-mail I was sent was coolgrls5k. I truly felt I was going into a blind ambush.

I barely got any sleep the night before due to the torment I was under. Why was this happening to me? As far as I knew I had never done anything to these girls, or to anyone else for that matter. Why was I being threatened with dire public humiliation for, what had I done to deserve this? These thoughts almost caused me to tear up again but I tried to fight it, I had been crying most of the night already and I needed my wits about me to see if I can somehow get out of this.

At 5 O'clock I showered and dressed, everyone else in the house was still asleep and would be for at least another hour so I wasn't disturbed while I applied my make-up, my eyes were a little puffy from crying so much so I felt my face needed touched-up. I wanted to arrive to my destination a little early too just so I wouldn't risk being late and have my nude image spammed across the state. I left a note on my bedroom door explaining that I had needed to leave early for school reasons and then quietly went to my car and headed out to meet my fate.

At about 10 to 6 I arrived at the local mall, which was good size for such a moderate town, and drove to the back where a wooded area separated the mall from a main highway. I parked my car and waited for someone to show. My body cringed at the anticipation of what may be to come, my hope was it wouldn't be something so revolting that letting those pictures be broadcast might be the lesser of the two options, if that was the case I'm screwed.

At almost exactly 6am a dark SUV pulled up next to me. Inside the passenger side was the blonde girl with the glasses, the one who had taken the pictures with her camera phone in the girls showers. I could see that she was talking on a cell phone while she looked right at me. I suddenly began to feel anger growing inside me at the sight of this girl, she was violating me and it wasn't right. I had to stay calm and try to ride this out though, I could not risk what they were threatening. The blonde girl shut off her cell phone, got out of the SUV, and walked over to my window. She was very pretty and the glasses gave her a bit of a sophisticated look that was very flattering to her. She was dressed in a dark pantsuit and light overcoat. She didn't look very old, possibly a high school student or possibly older, but looked very mature for her age.

"Hi Amanda, will you step out the car please?" She said this in almost a friendly tone, which I found a bit unnerving since I didn't feel this was a friendly meeting. I was slow to respond to what she had said, I didn't want to get out, but this caused her to add "You don't want to test our patience sweetie, we have no problems with following through with our promise". Defeated I opened the door and got out of my car and stood in front of her.

"Who are you?" I asked nervously, barely able to get voice up loud enough to hear.

"No questions Amanda. You'll have your answers in due time. First up, give me your car keys."

Before I even realized what she asked she snatched my keys out of my hand. Just at that moment the driver of the SUV got out and walked over to us. It was the black girl that was with the blonde girl when she took those pictures of me. She as well was very attractive, this time her long dark hair wasn't tide back and was hanging down around her shoulders. She was dressed in a dark, and expensive looking workout suit. She was carrying a large duffle bag and a flashlight with her as she walked over to us.

"Hey Amanda. Glad to see you're on time." she spoke to me in the same friendly manner as her partner. "I'm CJ and this is Emily. Em will be taking your car and parking it at the entrance of the mall while you and I take a walk in the woods and have a chat." CJ then motioned me to follow her towards the trail in the woods as Emily walked to my car and got in the driver side.

Before she closed the car door she looked at me and said, "I'll see soon Amanda. If you’re good then we'll be having alot fun times ahead of us." With that she closed the door and drove off with my car. I followed CJ to the start of the trail where she turned on the flashlight and took me by my arm and led me into the woods.

"What do you two want?" I asked her as we started to walk.

"No questions. I believe you were already told that." she answered in the same friendly tone as before but with a firmness that wasn't present before.

"Things will explained as necessary to you but you cannot ask questions. It's best if you follow instructions for now."

Both girls seemed to be treating this a some kind of game so far, acting as if they had no worries about what they were doing or whether I would cooperate with them. I wanted very much to knock this girl down and beat on her until she agreed to destroy the photos and never bother me again. The problem with that idea was that it was obvious to me from the lock she had on my arm that she was quite strong and probably in much better shape then I was. She seemed to have no trouble carrying the duffle bag, the flashlight, and leading me down the path. She was maybe an inch or two shorter than me but was more evenly proportioned, my dad used to tell me I was all legs when I was growing up due to my legs being lanky, while this girl seemed to be perfect.

"I have to tell you I was thrilled with how the pictures turned out, you look so surprised and vunerable. And every part of you just shows off beautifully. I have to give Em alot of credit, she knows how to use that phone."

I was unable to respond to what she was saying. To know that other people looked and studied my body was horrifying. How much had the two of them been discussing how my privates looked and what flaws I had. I felt dirty just hearing her talk about it.

We stopped at what I figured was about halfway in, we were out of sight of both the mall and the highway, although I could hear some of the morning traffic going by. "Here we are Amanda." exclaimed CJ as she let go of my arm and sat the duffle bag on top of an old tree stump. "Do you mind if I call you Amy? I guess I may be lazy but I hate saying three sylable names, that's why I always call Emily Em. Saves time." I nodded to her without saying a word.

No one in my family called me Amy, they were too formal I suppsose. CJ then opened the duffle bag and pulled out a portable lamp and turned it on. The small area was instantly illuminated, it was almost as if we were indoors.

She then pulled out a metal thermos and then opened a small pill bottle and poured two pills into her hand. "I want you to take these Amy. I'm not trying to drug you, these are multi-vitamins. I want you to have a strong immune system since it's a little cold out today." I looked at the pills she was trying to give me and they looked like vitamins, but how was I to really know?

She noticed my hesitation and replied "Amy, I understand your hesitation but you have to trust me if you don't want those pictures showing up in every teenagers' inbox. I promise you these are harmless and so is the hot tea in the thermos. Now I'll ask you one more time to take them." I reluctantly took the pills from her hand and put them in my mouth. They did have that bitter vitamin taste so I believed she was telling the truth. I took the cup of warm tea she poured me and swallowed them down. "Very good." She warmly praised me as she took back the empty cup. It suddenly occurred to me what she said, about building up my immune system, what did that mean?

She sat the thermos down and them reached into the bag and pulled out a camera. It was a fancy digital camera that had a zoom lens. "I use this camera myself. I have trouble figuring out the phone cams, I leave those to Em." She then held the camera up to her face and pointed it at me. "I need a face shot of you sweetie so I need you to smile for me and I don't want you to make me repeat myself again." The last thing I thought I could do at that moment was smile but I was able to force one as she clicked the camera. "Terrific. Here, see how you look." she turned the camera around and held it for me to see.

I could see my face with a very shy smile facing back at me, I'll admit under the circumstances it looked good. Then came the moment I was afraid was coming. She then looked at me and warmly said "I need you to take off your clothes now Amy, and I mean every stitch. I want you barefoot as well."

I have trouble standing naked in front of a mirror, the thought of undressing in front of someone was so shameful I could almost feel the tears rushing to my eyes. I wasn't sure I could do it. "Come on Amy. I've already seen what you have. There's no reason to be shy. Just let it happen." Once again she was saying this so softly and warm that it seemed to contrast with what she was making me do. I swallowed hard and then began to kick off my shoes and socks.

I tried to think of other things as to distract myself from what I had to do.

As I was taking my jacket and sweatshirt off I could hear traffic from the highway pick up, it would probably be light soon. Next came my jeans, I wear them kind of baggy so they quickly slid down my almost shaking legs and I stepped out of them. I briefly felt brave and asked "Please don't make me do this. I don't know what I did to you but I'm sorry."

She just smiled back at me and said "You didn't do anything to me honey, this isn't personal at all. But I must insist you finish undressing, or else." I knew I wasn't going to get out of this. Reluctantly I reached behind me and though my hands were shaking I managed to unclasp my bra and pull it off my shoulders. The cold air was beginning to take its effect, I was starting to shiver from the cold as well as my nerves. I swallowed hard again and reached down to pull down my panties. It took all the will I could muster to take them off and once I did I involuntarily covered myself with my hands. CJ looked me over and a sly smile of satisfaction crept on her face. "I need you to step back a couple of steps from your clothes Amy." I did as instructed and felt the cold wet ground squish beneath my feet as I stepped. CJ then stepped forward and picked up my clothes in her arms and placed them inside the duffle bag. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would burst through my chest, and I couldn't help but notice the gooseflesh on my illuminted skin. Cj then pointed the camera back at me. "Smile cutie." I managed to force another one as two more clicks went off. "Lower your hands to your side, let me see you." I did this reluctantly and two more shots were taken. "Turn your back to me now and then turn your head to me and smile." Once again I numbly did as I was told and she took more shots. "Perfect. That's enough of this part." She then put the camera back in the bag (where my clothes were) and then poured another cup of tea and handed it to me. Without being told I took the tea drank it. The warmth of the tea flowing in my body felt welcome, it didn't calm my shivering much but it did warm me up a bit.

After I was done CJ put the thermos in the bag and then walked over to me. She gently reached for my hands and took them in her own and squeezed tenderly.

"I know you’re still a virgin Amy" She whispered to me. "And I want you to know we intend to keep you that way. You don't have to worry that we're going to turn into some kind of whore, we're not. You're virtue as far as that goes will be saved." this actually came as some relief to me, for it had crossed my mind that they may want me to do something sexual. "But," she continued, "you are going to be naked alot, and possibly in front of people other than me and Em. You should start getting used to this feeling of air on your skin, it's going to become a part of your life." With this my shivering grew stronger.

Being naked was going to be a part of my life, I don't think I could get used to that.

"Now for your next step." She let go of my hands and went back to the bag and pulled out a pair of open toed sandals. She then handed them to me. "You can wear these so you don't cut your feet while you're walking. They may not be the most comfortable but they'll do." I put the sandals on the ground and stepped into them. She was right that they weren't real comfortable but the were better than the cold ground. CJ then reached into her pocket and pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number. "Em." she said into the phone, "We're coming out. Is everything ready? Good. Why yes she has. She looks so adorable like this. I know. See you in a bit." and she hung up the phone. I could not believe this. She was humiliating me and patronizing me at the same time.

I can say I didn't feel adorable, I felt naked and ashamed.

CJ Then turned the lamp off and turned the flashlight back on. She put the lamp back in the bag, zipped it up, and flung it on her shoulder. She then took me by the arm again, picked up the flashlight and began leading me naked back the mall parking lot.