Those Pictures: The Party
by Blzr

Part 8a

After watching that disgusting yet fascinating display between Casey and Stacy, Emily led me back towards the house and the party. Emily seemed quite giddy over watching those two fight and then strip each other for everyone's entertainment. Myself, I just wished this night was over and I could get the heck out of there. I wondered if they'd let me have another drink; actually Lord knew they'd probably make me have another one.

As we approached the front door the little shuttle bus pulled up with more people for the party. Jesus how many people were going to be there, it was packed enough as it was.

"Oh cool," Emily said to herself, "the more the merrier."

The first people I saw get off the bus surprised the hell out of me, it was Terri and Lisa and they were dressed like flapper girls from the 20's.

"Did you invite them?" I asked Emily wondering if this was planned.

"You damn skippy I did," she replied. "I want to keep them close by so we can keep an eye on them."

"You can't keep an eye on them from afar? With all your tech crap you should be able to watch them from anywhere."

"Don't worry about it," she hushed me. "Let's go say 'hi'."

So instead of going into the nice warm house Emily lead me over to where Terri and Lisa were making their way over.

"Hi girls," Emily greeted them kindly, "so glad you two could make it."

"Well we're very happy to be here," Terri replied. "After where we've been we're happy to be anywhere."

"I heard about that." Emily said with a straight face. I mean she knew full well she was the one that had them arrested and put in jail. "That's gotta suck. What were you guys doing with all that pot?"

"That's just it -- it wasn't ours," Lisa answered ."Somebody planted it on us and then called the cops. Jesus you have no idea how scary that was being taken to the police station and then booked on charges you didn't commit. I almost started crying."

Oh I knew the feeling, I went through some of the same thing just the day before.

"Well I'm glad you guys were able to get bailed out so you could come tonight." Emily pretended to be happy. "How did you get out anyway?"

"I'm not really sure." Terri responded as we began to make our way over to the front porch. "My folks didn't do it I know that much; and neither did hers."

"Yeah they just let us out," Lisa added. "I don't care how though I'm just glad to be out. There were a lot of tweekers and whores in there and it stunk to high heaven."

"Where's Amanda?" Terri asked not knowing that I was actually standing right next to her.

"She'll be here later." Emily replied and gave me a sly smile and then introduced me. "This is my friend Crazy Littlebeaver. Crazy these are two of my new friends Terri and Lisa."

"Howdy." I said trying to not act like myself.

"Well hi," Lisa replied and then shook my hand. "You must be freezing in that little outfit."

"Yeah I am so can we go inside finally?" I answered in a surly tone.

"Good idea." Emily agreed. "You two go on in and make yourselves at home. I can hear the band is starting to play in the back but you may also stay in and help yourself to all the food and drink. Please just have fun, you two deserve it."

"Well thank you Emily, and when Amanda gets here can you send her over to us, we'd love to talk to her and tell her about our ordeal."

"Of course." Emily told them as we walked into the house.

"Holy shit what have you done to this place?" Lisa shouted as she saw all the changes on the inside. "This looks completely different than it did the other night. What do Amanda's parents think?"

"Oh they have no problem with any of it." Emily said with a wide grin. "It does look festive doesn't it?"

"It looks like a nightclub in a living room." Lisa said in astonishment. "I need your designer to come to my house."

"Oh my God they have a bar," Terri said in gleeful surprise. "Shit and it even has alcohol, and lots of it, and boy do I need a drink!"

As I watched the two of them practically raced over to the bar. I noticed that a small crowd was around the little cage that was near the front door. As I took a closer look I saw that a very naked Casey was inside of the cage trying to hide herself.

"Hey guys," Emily said to the group of teasing gawkers that were gathered around the cage, "be nice. No pouring drinks and no sticking your dicks in the cage. If you do we'll have to send you on your way."

"You and what army bitch!" A drunken guy in toga said to Emily as he began to unbutton his pants. Emily just rolled her eyes and then called for security who quickly came and picked up the drunken guy and proceeded to beat the snot out of him. Once they were done they dragged what was left of him out the door.

"Anyone else have anything to say to me?" Emily asked in a cocky tone.

"Well nothing along those lines no." Another guy said respectfully. "Can we feed her peanuts from the bar though?"

"As long as you don't pelt her with them." Emily told him. Oh God poor Casey. Dang she really did have it worse than me tonight. I wished they would quit doing this shit to people, it's just no way a human being should be treated.

"How you doing in there Casey?" Emily asked acting concerned.

"Emily do I really have to sit in here?" Casey asked in a glum tone.

"No you don't but if you still want that salary to go with your new job I'd recommend it. Plus it's only for another hour and then you can party the rest of the night away."

"Could I leave instead?"

"Well sure, you have had a busy night with fighting and blowing and such. By the way how badly did that Star Trek uniform get ruined?"

"I don't know. As far as I know it's still in the fountain."

"Oh God dammit. Oh well it's not your fault since CJ was supposed to wear it." Emily told one of the security guys to keep an eye on Casey and make sure everyone around her behaved and then she led me into where the kitchen used to be. In there we ran into Stacy who now had very wet hair and was only wearing a black t-shirt that said The Pleasure Squad on it.

"Hey guys." Stacy said in drunken tone as I noticed she also had a large drink in her hand. Boy she must have been very relieved that she could still drink. "Did you see me kick that bitch's ass out there?"

"Sure did." Emily praised her. "I'm very proud of you. Did the band give you that shirt?"

"Yeah they did." Stacy replied nearly slurring her words. "They couldn't wait to see me putted it on. I mean, putted it on. I mean... dammit I don't know what I mean."

A guy came in behind her and said, "Hey Stacy, how about we do what we did earlier again upstairs?"

"Hey, how about you go phuck yourself up the ass with one of your butt buddies pindick." Stacy replied angrily and then took another sip of her drink. "Great I'm going to have to live that shit down. Oh well, that comes with being hot."

Just then CJ came in the back door as we could hear the music blaring from outside.   "There you guys are." CJ said to us. "Did you watch all the fun from the RV?"

"Sure did and it was a good show." Emily replied happily. "How's the band being received?"

"Not bad. They sure loved Stacy's intro though. I imagine once everyone's gotten even more hammered they'll really go over well." CJ then turned her attention to me. "So how's your night so far Crazy?"

"It is what it is," I replied pretending not to care.

"Oh. Well you'll be glad to know that your friend Scott is having a wonderful time with Missy out there. They were giving each other the tongue not to long ago."

Oh God, poor Scott. He had to kiss that wretched girl. At least he wasn’t sitting naked in a cage.

"Did you see that our two friends just arrived?" Emily asked CJ. I could only assume she was refering to Lisa and Terri.

"Oh they did?" CJ said seeming pleased. "Well good, I hope they have fun tonight." The last part she seemed sarcastic.

Just then Emily's phone rang again. As she answered it Stacy came over to me and asked me quietly in my ear, "How are you doing?"

"Fine." I replied to her trying to stay in character.

She squeezed my shoulder in support and then said she was going to hang out at the bar for awhile and to come talk to her when I got the chance. Lord knew when that’d be.

"Well keep her out dammit." Emily said loudly into her phone. "Tell her we'll meet her at her house later tonight and discuss everything. No. I don't care I don't want her here right now. Thank you." and then she hung up.

"Who was that?" CJ asked.

"Gale is out there and wants to talk to us and I guess she's really mad." Emily sounded frustrated. "I told them to take care of it."

"Well she better behave herself or we may have to take care of her." CJ responded. "By the way I think it's about time we had our little talk with Crazy here about earlier events."

What earlier events was she talking about? Probably about Scott I would imagine.

"You wanna do that now?" Emily asked.

"There's something you should know." CJ replied. "Why don't we go upstairs to the safe-room and have a little discussion with our girl."

Oh God this didn't sound good...

"Yeah why not," Emily shrugged her shoulders, "it seems the party is taking care of itself now that the games are over for the moment."

With that I could feel the butterflies begin to flutter again in my stomach as I was led upstairs to a very full and active hallway. I saw people stumble up and down the attic stairs as the strong smell of marijuana smoke came from up there. In my old room everyone was gathered around a computer and from the discussions I heard I was the hot topic. I guessed they were on my website finding out everything I've been made to do up to this point.

"Dude she's at the party here somewhere." I heard someone say. "According to this webcam she's been here the whole time and is walking around. She must be in costume or something."

Oh shit.

"Dude we need to find her." Another person spoke up. "From the picture it looks like she's on the porch."

"I'll go look." Someone volunteered.

Thank God they had it on a delay. I really didn't want these people finding out who I was, Lord knew it was bad enough they now all knew what I'd been up to.

"Here we are." Emily said out loud as we stopped in front of my brother's old room. Emily then took out a set of keys and unlocked several locks to the door and then opened it for us. "We set this room aside for when we may need privacy." she explained to me.

"Hey ladies," said a guy coming down the attic steps who noticed us. "You having a lesbian threesome? If so can I watch?"

"No boys allowed." CJ teased him and then pushed me inside the room.

Once we were all inside Emily closed and relocked the door. There were a few  computers in there along with a bed but nothing like what was in the rest of the house. I noticed the curtains to the window were closed, I'm not sure why I noticed it but it did add to the seclusion.

"So Amy," CJ began, "since we are away from everything feel free to be yourself now."

"Okay." I said meekly as I was nervous about what we were going to talk about.

"First," CJ went on, "I want to say that for myself I'm very pleased with how you've handled yourself tonight. You've done what you've been told to do and you played your part well. I do recommend you stay away from the White Russians for the rest of the night because of the coffee in the Kalua, I'm sure anymore of that and you'll be humping anything that's standing still."

Oh God I didn't know that. No wonder my nipples got so damn hard there for awhile.

"But if I'm guessing correctly," Emily jumped in, "I believe we're here to let you know what's going to happen to you for not telling us that you've been communicating with my old boyfriend for the last few days. I mean we knew about it but you kept it to yourself and that's always a no-no."

"Well just a second Em," CJ cut her off, "while yes she kept that to herself there's something you should know."

"What's that?" Emily asked curiously.

"Well when you left the table earlier to get Scott his plate Amy here said something to him I find very interesting."

"Really, what's that?" Emily asked again.

"She told him she wasn't going with him and for him to leave her be."

"She did?" Emily said surprised. "You're kidding right?"

"Oh no." CJ replied and looked directly at me. "She told him 'I can't go with you' and that she was going to stay with us."

"No way." Emily said as she shook her head. "I know full well she wants away from us."

"Of course she does but she didn't think Scott could help her and that it would make things worse for her."

"She did huh?" Emily looked at me a little puzzled. "Okay Amanda what's going on?"

"Nothing." I answered instantly. "I just thought about it and with all you two are capable of I didn't think I could get away with him."

"Well you're right but I'm curious what brought that on so soon."

"What are you talking about?" I tried to sound convincing. "In the time I've spent with you guys I found out you know everything that goes on in and around me and you can do things I didn't think were even possible. I mean look at me. I can't hardly wear clothes, you have people believing I'm some sort of saint, you've watched my every move, you've cured a guy of paralysis, I mean it's obvious I'm totally beat. I certainly think the odds were very against Scott being able to help me so why not save ourselves the trouble."

Dang that actually sounded good. I was rather proud of myself.

"Well either that or someone, like maybe that DA from yesterday, told you we knew about Scott and you were trying to save him along with yourself." CJ said as she looked me straight in the eye.

"No." I answered as I did my best to return her stare.

"Em how is the descrambling of their video conversation coming along?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You don't really think we are just going to let some bad audio of your conversation with that woman just go by and do nothing do you?" CJ told me. "You best believe we plan of finding out what you two were talking about."

"I told you what we were talking about." I replied as my nerves began to hit me. "She's a fan and was telling me why she thought I was great."

"Yeah sure she did." Emily jumped in. "DA's do that all the time. She told you about him didn't she?"

"No." I lied.

"Something's fishy about this." Emily said to herself

"Damn right." CJ agreed. "I know someone has been screwing with us the last couple of days and I think it has to do with a certain public official."

"You two are completely insane." I told them. "Your actions have made you paranoid. I mean Jesus I'm standing here looking like an Indian stripper in my brother's old room in what used to be my house. You have me bugged 24/7 and cameras follow me everywhere, and you guys get worried because for two minutes some audio went out."

"We don't get paranoid honey." Emily said to me in a soft tone. "Not unless there's something to be paranoid about. I suggest you either come clean now, or when we find out the truth you will have hell to pay."

Those Pictures: The Party, Part 8b

"There's nothing to tell." I tried to convince her. "Why would I keep anything from you when I know you'll eventually find out?" Boy I hoped my bluffing would work, Lord knew they probably would find out the truth eventually but my hope was that Margret would get me away from them before they could.

"You're a bad liar Amy." CJ said disbelieving. "You're innocence always gives you away."

"I hardly feel innocent anymore." I shot back at her. "Thanks to you guys I'll always feel dirty."

"Well as long as you still look and act innocent then things will still be on the up and up." Emily teased me. Just then her phone rang again and after she gave a frustrated sigh she answered it. It was at this time that we heard some yelling coming from downstairs.

"What?" Emily shouted in her phone. "What the hell are we paying you for? Get her out of here! How could she have gotten by you guys? What do you mean they're still unconscious? She ain't that Goddamn big. Yeah I can hear them down there, don't let her up here or it's your ass! Use the tazers. What do you mean they don't work; she's not superwoman. Malfunctioning? We just bought those and they worked fine."

Just then someone outside the door shouted, "Oh shit it's Mrs. Davis!"

"Oh hell you've got to be kidding me?" CJ said to herself as we could hear more commotion outside the door. "That bitch better not make it up here."

"Lock the door!" I heard someone else outside shout. "Don't let her find the dope!"

I found myself getting a bit frightened at the thought of an angry Mrs. Davis being there. I remembered last year when she got mad at one of the football players and he nearly peed his pants because she was so scary.

"Hello!" Emily shouted at her phone. "Hellllooooo! Shit where'd he go?"

It sounded like there was some kind of fighting going on downstairs as the sound of things being thrown around and smashed emanated through the floor, not to mention the subtle vibrations from the house shaking. I saw Emily frantically punching numbers into her phone and waiting for someone on the other end to answer. "Dammit pick up," she said in hurried frustration. "Bob? What the hell's going on? That's impossible. What is she on a ‘roid rage or something? She couldn't have. Well do something. Bob don't be a pussy."

"She's not going to find us is she?" I found myself asking as my nerves began to go wild.

"Well the door is well locked." CJ answered me semi-confident. "But even if she does get in I'll knock her teeth out."

"What about the rest of her?" I asked.

"I'll knock that out too."

"Bob," Emily went on into her phone, "get somebody with some guns down here and take care of it before she gets up here. She's already on her way up? Well hurry the hell up then." She then hung up and turned to CJ. "You ready to beat the crap out of this woman if she gets in here C?"

"I'm always ready to kick some ass." She replied much more confidently. "You know very well I never lose."

"Hopefully it won't come to that." Emily said nervously, which was something I wasn't used to hearing from her mouth.

"Where are they?!?!" We heard Mrs. Davis shout to someone just outside of our door. Man she sounded insanely pissed. I guess they should've gotten her out of jail sooner.

"What the... I don't know what you're talking about." A scared sounding voice answered her hurriedly.

"Two stuck up little bitches!" she shouted again.

If it wasn't for the fact that I knew it was a long fall I'd have been tempted to jump out the window just to stay away from her.

"Which ones?" the scared voice asked. "There's about fifty of them here."

"A white girl and a black girl who are throwing this illegal party!" She shouted again, and she sounded like she was right outside our door. "Don't make me tell your parents what you've doing tonight Ivan!"

"My parents are out of the country." We heard him answer her in a terrified tone.

"Then don't make me hurt you like I did their poor excuse for security downstairs!"

"I saw them go in that room." I different voice told her. The voice sounded like the guy who talked to us before we came in here.

"This room?" She shouted at him.

"Yes that room." he answered. "Now put Ivan down before he shits himself."

"It might be too late dude," Ivan said meekly.

Suddenly there was a loud bang on the door and I nearly jumped out of my moccasins.

"CJ!!! Emily!!!" Mrs. Davis screamed from behind the door. "Open up you cunts; I want to talk to you!"

"You better back off bitch if you know what's good for you!" CJ shouted back at her.   Emily was on her phone again and was yelling at Bob to hurry up with more backup and she him to shoot her if need be. "Just get those guys up here quick!" she shouted at him.

Mrs. Davis was now trying to smash the open from the other side. The whole room shook with each blow she delivered and we could see the hinges and locks slowing beginning to give as she put all her might into it. Jesus Christ she'd gone nuts, maybe I should take my chance and jump out the window anyway.

Suddenly a hand broke through the door leaving a big hole, which Mrs. Davis used to look through at us. The look on her face nearly made me pass out from fear.

"There you two little backstabbing bitches are." Mrs. Davis grumbled at them. "When I get in there I'm going to rip your necks off!"

"You'll never get the chance Bigfoot." CJ replied as she began loosening up for the potential fight.

Mrs. Davis then punched another hole in the door but this time CJ ran up and grabbed her arm and twisted it against the door in an attempt to gain control over her. Mrs. Davis screamed for a second but then just punched a bigger hole in the door with her free arm and grabbed CJ by the neck. CJ quickly got out of her grasp and backed away from the door and delivered a quick kick through the large hole in the door and connected with Mrs. Davis's chest. Since CJ was wearing heels with her Ninja costume it actually stabbed Mrs. Davis pretty hard and she fell back for a moment.

"You better knock this shit off Gale or there's more where that came from." CJ informed her as she pulled her foot back through the door.

Just then I realized that both Emily and I had backed ourselves against the back wall in fear of what was going on. I quickly moved away from Emily since she was the one Mrs. Davis was actually after and not me, at least I hoped she wasn’t after me.

Through the door we could see that Mrs. Davis had gotten back up and was holding her chest, the look of anger was still prominent on her face and to my surprise she launched herself at the door and easily broke into the room. I quickly moved over to the side hoping that if she and CJ moved far enough in I could sneak behind them and get out the door and away from this.

"I'm going to kill you; you little black whore." Mrs. Davis threatend CJ.

"That's going to be hard to do with a broken neck you Amazon cow." CJ threatened back.

Mrs. Davis lunged at CJ but CJ moved and delivered a round house kick to Mrs. Davis's head which stunned her, and gave CJ the chance to start delivering punches to her face. She landed several of them. I was too in awe of what was happening to count them, before CJ picked up a computer monitor and bashed it over Mrs. Davis's skull. Mrs. Davis dropped to one knee and was bleeding heavily from a large gash on the top of her head, but as CJ backed off Mrs. Davis delivered a strong punch to CJ's gut that sent her back against the wall. CJ obviously did not expect that as she was bent over holding her stomach, and then out of nowhere Mrs. Davis ran over and grabbed CJ with both hands and threw her out the window. I could actually hear the thud of CJ hitting the ground outside. Oh my God she might have just killed her.

Those Pictures: The Party, Part 9

"You're next Emily!" Mrs. Davis shouted as blood poured down her face. This was especially scary considering she was looking right at me when she yelled that.

"What!" I screamed terrified. "I'm not Emily!" I guess Emily's wig and the fact she didn't have her glasses on fooled Mrs. Davis enough to where she didn't recognize her and for whatever reason thought I was Emily. My voice must've made an impression on her because she stopped just as she was about to grab me and a puzzled look crept across her face.

"Amanda?" Mrs. Davis asked seemingly confused as she recognized my voice. "Amanda is that you?"

"Yes." I said quickly in relief. "For the love of God yes it's me. Whatever it is you're angry about I had nothing to do with it."

"My God." Mrs. Davis said in quiet awe as she looked me over. "What have they done to you? You look completely different. You're so... tan."

Just then Emily hit Mrs. Davis from behind with another computer monitor nailing her in the back of the head. After Mrs. Davis wouldn't go down the first time Emily hit her again several times until Mrs. Davis finally fell down and appeared motionless. I found my heart was beating a mile a minute after witnessing all of this; and I had broken out in a sweat due to all my nerves working overtime. I just don't seem to handle watching violent acts very well.

About four or five security guards came rushing in, or should I say came limping in, and dove on top of Mrs. Davis just in case she got up again, which I couldn't imagine her doing after all the hits I saw her take from both CJ and Emily. Shit CJ, God I hoped she got hurt bad.

"Where the hell were you guys?" Emily said angrily as she caught her breath and threw the broken monitor down. "Do you have any idea how close I came to actually getting hurt?"

Just then Bob from the RV came in holding a small pistol in his hand and looking very nervous.

"Did they get her?" He asked shakily.

"More like I got her." Emily said still sounding angry. "Where are the guys with the guns Bob?"

"I couldn't get a hold of them." He replied rushed. "They wouldn't answer their radios."

"How the hell did she even get in here this far?" Emily said screaming. "What the hell do I pay all of you for? All you guys couldn't stop one person!"

"She wouldn't go down." One of the security guys tried to explain. "It's like she was on something, and man she hits hard."

"Where's CJ?" Bob asked noticing she wasn't there.

"You notice the broken window?" she asked him as she pointed to it. "She went out that."

"She did?" Bob responded in stunned amazement.

"Yes she did, would you mind going and checking on her and making sure she's still alive." Emily barked at him.

Bob quickly ran out of the room as a large crowd had gathered outside of it, which now sported a demolished door. The security guys put handcuffs on Mrs. Davis, who to my shock was beginning to stir a little, and then called for an ambulance.

"Are you okay Amanda?" Emily asked me in much more calm tone. "You looked like you about pissed yourself."

"I guess I'm okay." I answered as I tried to calm my heart down and my shaking body.

"Amanda?" Someone outside the door said surprised. "That's not Amanda Johnson is it?"

Oh no, just what I didn't need.

"I can't believe she thought you were me." Emily went on, either ignoring or not hearing what was just said outside the room. "I mean my tits are much bigger than yours and my ass is much smaller. CJ must've really hit her hard and she wasn't thinking straight."

"Shit you think that is Amanda Johnson?" I heard people asking each other.

"She could've gotten a spray tan or something."

"Boy so that's what Mrs. Davis looks like when she's really pissed?" Someone else pointed out. "I wonder what they did to her to get her that mad."

"I'm glad it wasn't me she was mad at." Someone else proclaimed.

"You know that might very well be Amanda. Look at the facial features, and the cameltoe." Another person felt the need to point out. "It's very similar."

I walked over to Emily, who had moved over to the now broken window to look out, and asked her, "Maybe we'd better end this party. The police are probably going to come anyway due to what just happened."

"The police work for us sweetie," she reminded me and then yelled down to Bob, "How is she?"

I looked down and saw Bob kneeling next to CJ, who was squirming around a bit and had a strong expression of pain on her face. God I hoped her back was broken.

"I think she may have shattered her hip in the fall." Bob yelled back up to Emily. "She's in a great deal of pain."

"But she's not dead?" Emily asked him.

"Ah, no." He yelled back. "I don't think she should be moved until the ambulance arrives though."

"Well then stay with her, I'll be down later." Emily told him and then backed away from the window. "Shit that sucks, she's going to have to miss the rest of the party."

"Miss the party?" I said stunned. "Don't you care that she's hurt?"

"Of course I do but the show must go on, she would've wanted it that way."

"That is Amanda!" A girl screamed. "Look at her ass, it matches the picture. It was her the whole time!"

"Um Emily," I whispered to her, "the people here are starting to figure out who I am. Anyway I can leave?"

"Yeah right," she scoffed sarcastically, "you ain't leaving till the party's over, and the party ain't over babygirl. This is just part of the fun."

"This isn't fun." I told her. "That was awful."

"Well I will admit there's something screwy going on around here and I intend to find out what." Emily said sternly. "I'm going to go find Karen, who must be getting head from Ashley or something because she seems to have missed all of this, and we're going to find out how this was able to happen."

"Well what about me?" I asked as I heard more people behind me commenting and figuring out who I was. "My cover is being blown. People are figuring out I'm not some Indian girl. What am I supposed to do? I can't keep acting like I was before."

Emily raised her eyebrow and a small grin suddenly grew across her face. "Well," she began, "it seems that pretty soon you're going to be the real life of the party."

"What do you mean?" I asked hesitantly.

"How are you feeling right now?" She asked me with a smug look on her face.

"I'm a bit of a wreck after watching all that." I told her.

"How do you feel about all these people here, people you know and have gone to school with for years, knowing who you are?"

"Shitty." I answered plainly as my breath began to increase again.

"And how do you feel knowing that not only do they know who you are, but most of them by now know by looking at our website what you've been doing the last few days?"

"What?" I found myself saying as my mind began to take in the fact that everyone here now knew what they've been making me do.

"How does it feel to know that everyone here knows that you're a nudist and have been running around and doing things completely naked in front of cameras and other people? How does it feel to know that they've all seen your naked body?"

"I... ah..." I couldn't answer anymore as I began to feel myself blush. It was like I couldn't get anymore words out.

"How does it feel to know that they've seen every inch of you, and with a big smile on your face? Kind of makes you feel all warm inside doesn't it?"

Yes she was right it did. With my breathing increasing and my body blushing hard I began to feel really warm, both inside and out.

"I think it might be close to the time that those last bits of threads you've been wearing tonight are going to come off for the last time, and you'll be the one to remove them."

Oh my God what was she saying?

"Are they starting to get a little warm under there sweetie? Don't you think it's about time you get undressed for the last time, and I mean the last time for a long time?" Her saying that just made me blush even more and as I turned around I noticed all the eyes out in the hallway were all on me, and it was then I noticed that my costume was beginning to get uncomfortably warm. Crap! Their effect must have been wearing off.

"I'll let you decide when you're going to take them off honey," she whispered in my ear. "Oh and by the way, there's a bottle of special soap downstairs behind the bar. You're going to want to ask the bartender for it eventually since it's the only soap that'll wash that fake tan off of you, and believe me you'll want to wash it off in the near future."

I could feel my eyes bug out when she told me that. Oh crap, this fake tan was going to make me hot too. Oh that Goddamn bitch! Why couldn't Mrs. Davis have taken her out too like she did CJ!

"Guys I'm going to find Karen." Emily said to the security guards and then pointed to Mrs. Davis. "Keep this huge piece of trash here until the cops arrive and then give her to them." She then walked towards the door but stopped in front of it and turned back to look at me. "Don't worry about this stuff sweetie, we'll take care of it. Just make sure you keep having a good time... Amanda."

I saw people’s eyes bulge out when she said that and I began to feel very fearful as she walked out of the room. I couldn't say anything as I saw everyone’s eyes go straight to me with many of the faces beginning to get large smiles on them, really happy and teasing smiles.