Those Pictures: The Party
by Blzr

Part 7b

"You know I’m really sick of this shit!" We heard someone scream from inside the RV. "You two are always pulling this crap and it’s not fair! I should’ve won!"

Ashley and I had been standing outside the RV for the last several minutes listening to all sorts of shouting and cursing coming from inside, and I noticed none of the screaming sounded like the goddesses but more like it was directed at them. I imagined they were screwing somebody over again, I just didn’t know who.

"Sounds like World War 3 is going on in there," Ashley thought out loud. "If I know Stacy I know she won’t give up partying without a fight."

I wished that were all I had to give up. It would be so easy because I never partied. But no, I had to lose all of my clothes and run around in front of everyone with a pair of eyes and a camera. God so many people had seen me naked, and even more were seeing me right now inside on those computers, and if they had their way everyone in the world would know my body up and down. God Ashley figured out it was me in this costume by just recognizing my butt, it was just a matter of time before more figured it out too, although at least the kids at my school aren’t that bright and may take longer than most.

"No way! No phucking way!" Someone shouted angrily from inside and then the door suddenly swung open and Casey came storming out with a pissed look on her face which startled both Ashley and me. "No way I lost to that bitch!"

"Well I’m afraid you did," Emily said calmly as she stood in the doorway. "We counted twice and you came in third even with the five head start. The lipstick doesn’t lie."

"But I did all those guys first!" Casey continued to shout as she stomped her foot on the pavement. "You didn’t say anything about the last person being the one who gets counted!"

"Hey each game worth playing has a twist," Emily calmly explained. "The lipstick that goes on last is the one that glows, and the one that glows is the one that counts. It’s not our fault that all Tess could get was sloppy seconds but it ended up working in her favor and she’s the winner."

"Oh my God you’re kidding," Ashley said with a laugh as if she couldn’t believe it. That little fat ass won?"

"So I did all that work and yet I come in third?" Casey growled. "If I had known that rule this wouldn’t have happened."

"Yeah and it wouldn’t have been as much fun either!" CJ proclaimed as she poked her head out of the door. "Plus it’s not like you’re losing that much; just a lot of money but you still get the job."

"The reason I wanted the job was because of the money!" Casey shouted some more.

"Hey I don’t want to hear your bitching," Stacy yelled as she came out of the RV. "You can still have fun. According to these guys I now have to go to AA and give up partying, something I live for."

"Oh my heart bleeds," Casey mocked her. "Poor little Blondie has to behave herself and can’t go around slutting anymore. Oh boo-hoo. Welcome to the real world bitch!"

"Yeah well even with your five-dick head start I still kicked your ass at this," Stacy shot back. "I mean shit I would’ve won if taco girl hadn’t gotten a six head start."

"I would’ve won if this was a straight game you Britney wannabe."

"Yeah well you seem to have a lot of experience doing what you did. It must be in the blood since that’s what you slant-eyed bitches are known for."

Casey’s eyebrows raised at hearing this and she calmly replied, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me you rice eater," Stacy replied. "Don’t your people have contests to see who can suck the most guys off in the shortest amount of time?"

"That’s it, bitch!" Casey said as she stepped closer to Stacy. "You know we’re also known for being able to kick the snot out of lippy spoiled brats too."

"Oh please... I’d kill you," Stacy responded and stepped closer to Casey. "I don’t care if you can fly around like in that Tiger Dragon movie."

"Hold on!" CJ shouted and came down to get between the two of them. "We’ll have none of that out here. Now I understand your anger Casey but rules are rules and getting all pissy won’t change that you lost, and it’s your own fault Stacy that Tess was given a head start because you got all lippy with Em earlier. You two need to be better losers than this."

"I’m certainly happy with the outcome," Tess said as she appeared in the doorway with a large look of relief on her face. "What I was looking at was worse than what the two of you get combined. I’d like to thank the two of you for making the game so fair and just."

"Well, you see that guys." Emily said seeming pleased to hear that. "You’re welcome Tess, and the money will be sent to an account with your name on it and you may see Karl now anytime you want. We’ll take care of your dad so that he understands what’s going on. You played a good game and we couldn’t be more proud, plus we think you’ll make a good comic character."

"Can I call Karl and invite him over?" Tess asked hopefully.

"Sure, use the one inside," Emily answered.

"Cool." Tess then skipped happily down the stairs. "First thing Karl and I are going to do is find that butt pirate Travis and kick the shit out of him for opening his mouth." We then watched her butt jiggle in her skimpy costume as she walked around the RV and out of sight.

"Jesus, I need to find out who the drunken losers were that let her go down on them and give them shit," Stacy said in a spiteful tone. "How the hell did she win?"

"Shutup you drunken whore!" Casey spat at her.

Stacy was about to move towards Casey again but CJ stopped her and again had to keep the two of them apart. Right then I couldn’t help but look inside the RV and see how warm it looked in there; damn it sure wasn’t outside.

"So let me ask you two something," CJ asked Casey and Stacy. "Since you both wanted to win so badly would you be willing to try another competition to get what you want?"

"What kind of competition?" Casey asked with hesitation.

"I would," Stacy answered flatly. "Just tell me what to do."

CJ looked up at Emily and Emily just gave a little nod as if to OK something.

"This one is nowhere near as complicated and has no hidden twists or catches..." CJ began to explain. "Would that interest you Case?"

"I’m all ears," she replied.

"Don’t you mean all mouth?" Stacy teased.

Again CJ had to get between the two of them and push them apart as they tried to scuffle. "Since you two feel so aggressive towards one another I think you’ll like this game idea I have." CJ informed them after she calmed them down. "This will give you two a chance to see who the badass really is."

"Is it a shooter contest because if it is I’ll wipe the floor with her!" Stacy boasted.

"I’m sure you’ve wiped the floor many times while lying on your back." Casey fired back.

"No it’ not a shooter contest."CJ informed them. "hy don’ you two come with me and I’l explain on the way to the backyard. Karen would you be so kind as to come along, we may need you to make sure no innocent bystanders get hurt during this game."

"Oooh... I’d be happy to," Karen said excitedly as she came out of the RV. "Damn it’s chilly out here. I think I’ll need my jacket Ashley my dear. I’ll hold you close to me to keep you warm."

Ashley had that look of disgust she had earlier come back across her face as she took off and handed the jacket back to Karen. Karen then put her arm around Ashley and dragged her along as they followed CJ, Stacy, and Casey around the corner. God what was I supposed to do; just stand there?

"Come on in Crazy," Emily said to me from the top of the stairs to the RV. "You look cold. We can watch what happens on one of the monitors in here."

I was so glad to hear that that I ran into the RV as fast as I could and closed the door behind us. Boy that warmth was comforting. Inside both Bob and Ray sat in front of a large group of monitors with several different things happening on each one of them, one of them was showing the inside of the RV and on top of that monitor was the word "Mandy-cam, I guess that was the camera around my neck.

"Are people actually watching what I’m seeing right now?" I asked.

"No," Emily shook her head. "They were earlier but when you’re doing something boring like this we play the shots from when you were dancing, they’re more interesting than this. Right now though most people are going to be watching what’s going to happen in your backyard once Casey and Stacy start brawling."

"Brawling?" I found myself asking. "They’re going to fight?"

"Yepper skepper," she replied. "The game is whoever can strip the other naked first and throw her into the fountain wins. Pretty simple yet very entertaining. Karen and CJ will make sure they stay away from the grills and keep the spectators out of the fight. I really don’t know who is  going to win so this should be fun."

"Somebody could get hurt though," I told her. Why I cared  I don’t know but for some reason I did.

"Somebody usually does," Emily smugly replied. "We have medical people around in case of emergency so don’t worry your feather-topped little head sweetie. Oh cool they’re starting already."

We looked at one of the big monitors that was filming what was going on in the backyard and saw both Stacy and Casey had hold of each others hair and were dragging each other towards the fountain. The crowd instantly took notice of what was going on quickly divided to both watch and to give them room to fight. We could hear screaming from both the crowd and the two girls as they tried to pull each other down. They each began to attempt to kick at each other but neither one of them was very successful, and quite frankly it was rather amusing to see how bad they each were at fighting.

"Good grief what the hell are they doing?" Emily said with a laugh in her voice. "It’s like they’re trying to be Rockettes or something."

Finally Stacy was able to find a way to lift Casey off the ground and she tried to fling her over her shoulder, but in the process with Casey holding onto her hair they both ended up falling over on top of a table, which caused it to spill over dropping both of them on the ground. I covered my mouth in shock because I couldn’t believe I was seeing this. The crowd cheered them on as Stacy managed to crawl on top of Casey’s back to hold her down and then began ripping at the zipper to her costume.

"Oh here we go!" Some guy in the crowd shouted in excitement.

"Oh Goddammit," Emily disappointedly sighed to herself. "They’re going to ruin the Starfleet uniform. I’m going to have to pay for that now. Shit I wish CJ had just worn it."

Stacy had a good hold on the fabric and then once she had the zipper half-way down she began trying to rip it off of Casey and with some success. It came completely off Casey’s shoulders and was down around er waist when Casey was finally able to free herself. She stood up in her black lacy bra and what was left of the costume that was around her waist and instantly began to attack Stacy. They began rolling around with each getting on top of each other for a second before rolling again and the crowd just ate it up. A couple of girls in the crowd seemed to try to step in to break it up but both CJ and Karen stopped them before they could so the two of them just kept rolling around on the ground.

"Huh, Stacy lost her heels." Emily pointed out. "Casey’s boots could be both an advantage and disadvantage for her unless Stacy can get them off somehow."

Just then one of the phones rang and Bob answered it and then gave it to Emily.

"Yes," Emily said into the phone. "She is? When did she get here? Well she’s not supposed to be here yet. Her husband bailed her out? Yeah I imagine she is pissed. Well don’t let her near us right now we’re busy. I know she’s big but you guys should be able to handle her. Use your stun guns if you have to just keep her away until we can talk to her. I don’t know when that’s going to be just keep her away. Good God she is just one person even though she’s big. Just do it." Then she slammed the phone down. "I guess Gale’s husband bailed her out before we could and she’s really pissed at us." Emily said to us in an annoyed tone.

"That’s a scary thought." I said worriedly.

"It’ll be scary for her if she messes anything up tonight," Emily said coldly and went back to watching the catfight. "Oh shit Casey lost the rest of her costume."

She was right. Somehow Stacy had managed to rip off the rest of Casey’s Star Trek costume and was now in just her bra, panties, and boots while Stacy still had all of her costume still on, although her stockings now had long runs in them.

"Does she have to get her boots off of her for it to count?" Ray asked as she watched intently.

"No," Emily shook her head. "Neither does she have to get Stacy’s stockings off either. We don’t want to be here all night doing this. They just need to get everything else off."

We watched as Stacy charged at Casey but this time Casey seemed to get the upper hand and began spinning Stacy around and managed to get enough momentum to spin Stacy right into the fountain where she landed right on her butt. The crowd roared its approval.

"Cool they’re going to fight in the fountain," Emily said pleased. "That’s even better than what we had hoped."

Casey jumped in the fountain after Stacy and quickly managed to get on her back. Stacy tried to throw her off but it was no use as Casey began pulling away at Stacy’s costume. Soon Stacy’s top was ripped open and to everyone’s surprise Stacy had no bra on. This really brought the crowd to life.

"My God they’re beautiful!" We heard some guys shout.

"They’re even better than I imagined. I sure hope Stacy’s wearing panties," Emily said to herself. "Actually no I don’t!"

Stacy seemed to get desperate so she stood up the best she could and just fell backwards onto her back, dumping Casey right into the water. Soon Casey was fighting for air and in the process let go of Stacy. Stacy stood up and tried to compose herself the best she could, but once she saw that her boobs were completely out for anyone to see she became angry and jumped right on top of Casey. In less than a minute she ripped off both Casey’s bra and panties and threw them into the crowd and then pulled her up by her hair to show off her victory.

"There’s our winner!" Emily proudly boasted. "I guess she gets to stay a party girl."

The crowd cheered at Stacy’s triumph as Casey tried to pull away from her and cover herself at the same time. Karen came and made Stacy let Casey go and then CJ had Stacy come out of the fountain.

"Congrats, Stace," We could hear CJ tell her. "That was a heck of a show. Since you’re out here why don’t you go up on stage and introduce the band to your guests."

"Love to," Stacy said as she gasped for breath. "Who the hell are they by the way?"