Those Pictures: The Party
by Blzr

Part 7a

Emily had me follow her back into what used to be my house in order to meet Tess, Stacy, and Casey and find out who won the sick contest they were forced to play. I had mixed feelings about what happend with Scott, on one hand he wasn't going to be severely punished for trying to help me escape from the Goddesses which is good, but on the other hand seeing him have to hang out and be nice to Missy and Danette as he was now wasn't the easiest thing to see, especially since they were grinding with him on the dance floor. I think Missy's enjoying that way too much for my taste, what a slut. Speaking of sluts the idea that he's been with Emily doesn't sit that well either, at least he doesn't seem to like it. Poor Scott, I can't help but like him though since he honestly did try and help me and obviously is not a fan of either of the Goddesses. My best hope now is that Margret is near by and has some kind of plan that might actually work so I can finally be free of these power hungry lunatics.

We found the three girls sitting at the bar and looking worried, at least Tess and Stacy looked worried, Casey seemed a bit more confident then the other two. Of course Stacy was downing some large drink which if she loses may very well be her last, although I don't blame her because if I had to do what she did I'd want to wash the taste and the memory out as fast as I could too. "Well I see the three of you are anxious to find out how the game went." Emily patronized them. "Right now CJ is rounding up all the guys you three have been with and is tallying up the score. I belive Casey gets an extra five points and Tess gets six because Stacy was so reluctant earlier."

"That's such bullshit." Stacy said to herself in a near whisper and then finished off the rest of her drink.

Emily ignored Stacy's remark and went on. "Lets go find Karen first and then we'll go out the motorhome where everything's being monitored, I want some muscle around in case one of you is a sore loser."

It didn't take long for us to find Karen, who was over by the front door with her arms wrapped around Ashley and was kissing her neck. Ashley looked like she wanted to puke but she let her do it without fighting back.

"You and your date having a good time?" Emily asked Karen.

"Having a blast." Karen replied with a happy look on her face. "I almost feel bad about getting paid for this tonight."

"Oh don't feel bad," Emily assured her "the look on Asley's face is worth every penny. We're going out to the RV to see who won the game, wanna come and help keep things in order?"

"Do I?" Karen shouted excitedly. "Damn right I do. Tonight just keeps getting better and better."

It was very chilly outside as we walked out the front door. The backyard was much warmer than it is out front. Must be because of the grills and the lights. There were a few people hanging out on the porch smoking cigarettes and one of them made a comment to Ashley about Karen which made Ashley respond by flipping the bird at them. As we walked out to the street I saw a large motorhome parked across the way. Was that there earlier? Crap I can't remember. We walked over to the other side of it and Emily lightly tapped on the door. The door soon flung open and Bob, the guy from the other day outside of my school, stood in the doorway.

"Oh hello Ms. Murdoch." he greeted her. "I know what you're here for."

"Has CJ started yet?" she asked him.

"Yes she has." he replied. "She's already gone through two groups of guys already, which we have on tape so they can be revarified. Ray's in here watching it now. You might want to leave a couple of people out here though because with all the equitment in here it'll be a little crowded."

"Fair enough." Emily sighed and then turned to me. "Crazy, I think you and Ashley here should hang out outside . We might be a few minutes but I want you to be here when we're done."<

"Can I have a jacket or something?" Ashley asked as she rubbed her bare arms for warmth. "This bikini isn't very warm."

"You can wear mine while I'm in there love." Karen offered and then took off and handed Ashley her coat. "I'll want it back when I come out though, I like showing you off."

Ashley made a disgusted face but gladly took and put on the large coat which barely hung down to her bottom.

"What about the injun girl?" Tess asked.

I looked at Emily who just gave me that 'you know how to answer that' look and I just said "I'm fine thank you." Didn't matter anyway I probably couldn't wear it for long to begin with.

"Okay girls, lets go in and see how the three of you did." Emily announced and then stood aside as Casey, Stacy, Tess, and Karen made their way into the RV. Emily gave me a quick wink before closing the door and leaving me and Ashley outside to wait.

"So I'm having a shitty time tonight," Ashley said to me after we were alone "how about you Amanda?"

"Huh?" I found myself saying once she said my name. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Oh please." she scoffed as she began rubbing her bare thighs to warm them up. "I've seen your ass enough times to know who you are. A gallon of brown paint on it isn't going to fool me."

"Um..." I didn't know what to say. I couldn't admit who I was without risking more punishment but it was obvious she knew it was me.

"Don't worry." she reasurred me. "I'm not going to announce it to anyone. I'm sure they'd come down hard on me for doing it and I just want this nightmare of a night to end. That Goddamn dyke has had her hands on me the whole party so far, not to mention a few times her fingers have found their way inside. I can't wait to get home and take a three hour shower to get the feel of that awful woman off of me. Although at least I haven't had to suck anyone's dick tonight, I guess I should be grateful for that."

"Why did you get messed up with them for?" I found myself asking her. "Didn't you think something like this would happen to you?"

"No I didn't." she said honestly. "But hey if I can go to Duke it'll be worth it, plus at least I'm not you. I will say though that you do look hot in that costume, I've been hearing many people ask who you are tonight. I think they liked your dancing earlier."

"Great." I said sarcastically and then attempted to change the subject. "Do you know who's winning in there?"

"I don't know but I'm sure glad I didn't play." she answered with a grim look on her face. "Do you know how they're tallying up the score?"

"No I don't."

"I do. You know that lipstick they had to put on and then reapply after each...guy?"


"Well it glows under a black light."

"Really? What does that have to do with anything?"

"Well CJ's having the guys go into this room with a black light and pull out their pricks and see what color they glow."

"Ewwwe!" I found myself saying in disgust. "That's gross. Wouldn't it wipe off in their pants?"

"No I guess it leaves a residue that lasts a day or so, at least that's what Karen told me as she had her finger in my ass. I guess they see what color it glows and then add it to the total of whoever wore that color and whoever has the most wins."

"They know all the guys they did?" I asked even though I knew full well that they probably monitored all of it.

"I guess so, they seem to know just about everything."

Just then one of the guys who was smoking on the front porch came around the side of the RV. He was wearing a John Kerry mask which startled us.

"Jesus man take that stupid thing off." Ashley ordered and then the guy took off the mask. "John." Ashley recognized him. "Why did you come dressed as him for?"

"Because he's going to be our next President is why." He replied. "Just you wait and see. What are you two doing out here."

"This and that." Ashley avoided answering. "Hey you got an extra smoke?"

"Aren't you in training for the season?" He asked.

"Coach ain't here besides I need it."

"What are you doing with that big woman?" He asked as he handed her a cigarette, something I wish I could have right now since it has the antidote in it. "You two going out or something? That's really hot if you are."

"No we're not going out." she said harshly as she took his lighter and lit her smoke. "She's just into me."

"What about her." he said referring to me. "Are you two going to get together? That be really hot too."

"Phuck off." she told him. "You got a dirty little mind Johnny boy."

"I like both of your costumes, but aren't you two cold?"

"Yes." We both answered in unison.

"Can I warm you two up?"

"John go back to the porch before I scream 'rape'." Ashley ordered him. "Me and my Indian friend have important things to discuss."

"Like who's on top?" he said wide eyed.

"John get lost or I'll have to tell your mother you're smoking again you perve."

John laughed but did leave us, although reluctantly.

"What a dumbshit." Ashley proclaimed. "I know I saw him and his friends freak out when they saw those pictures of you on the TV earlier. I think they're planning to ask you out on monday at school."

Oh God monday. The day I'm supposed to start going to class naked. Lets not think about that now.

"That's bullshit!" I heard a femal voice yell from inside the RV. I'm not sure who's it was but they didn't sound happy.

"Sounds like someone's not happy with their current score." Ashley joked.

"Probably Stacy. What happens if she loses?"

"She has to stop drinking or live out that story you showed Emily the other day."

"Oh shit." Ashley said stunned and took a drag off of her cigarette. "She has to quit drinking huh? She ain't going to like that."