Those Pictures: The Party
by Blzr

Part 11

I had to push my way past a couple of people to get to the fountain, with the Police showing up much of the crowd was whipped up into a frenzy even though no one was being questioned or arrested, but once I got to the fountain it seemed more of their attention turned to me.

My skin felt like it was going to catch fire since the burning was intense and once I jumped into the cold water I felt instant relief. Without even thinking I had the costume off and I was splashing myself all over with as much water as I could, I even forgot where I'd set the bottle of soap for a moment until I saw it floating at the edge of the fountain. Thank God it was sealed, I'd really have been up shit creek if I'd spilled it.

I stood up to go get it and the second I did I heard a collective "Holy shit!" come from the males in the crowd as now I was naked, again, not to mention dripping wet and trying to rub the water into my skin to cool myself off. I really didn't have time to think about the fact that almost everyone at my high school was looking at me, although that didn't stop me from doing it, and it certainly didn't stop me from noticing the cameraphones coming out and pointing at me. It seemed they forgot all about the cops who were upstairs taking away Mrs. Davis.

I grabbed the soap and attempted to dump some on me when I saw that the top was still sealed and my wet fingers were not having much success at ripping it off. God why did this keep happening? Why couldn't something be simple?

"What is she doing?" a pointing girl asked. "Is this part of the show? Is she with the band?"

"That's Amanda." The girl standing next to her filled her in. "Amanda Johnson. She confessed upstairs after Mrs. Davis got beat up."

"Mrs. Davis got beat up?" The girl said in surprise. " Oh my God that is Amanda Johnson! This is a night of surprises."

"You can say that again." A third girl added as the guy next to her took pictures of me with a big grin on his face.

Dammit I couldn't get this thing off! I was getting hot again too. I skipped over and stood under the waterfall that was pouring from the top of the fountain which felt great but made opening the soap that much more impossible, plus it brought more hooting from the crowd. I stepped out of my makeshift shower and again attempted to pull the seal off the top of the soap when I saw Stacy standing in front of the fountain with one of her puzzled drunken looks on her face.

"What are you doing?" she slurred. "Whatever it is can I join in?"

Oh Jesus. I would have asked her try to open this but she was so drunk I doubted she'd have any better luck. Just then Amber came running up with a worried look on her face.

"Amanda is that really you?" she asked unsure.

"Oh that's her." Stacy informed her. "I guess she feels she needs a bath."

"Oh Goodness." Amber said to herself and then pulled the boots to her costume off and stepped in the fountain. "Are you okay?"

"This tanning crap is burning my skin." I admitted to her as I fidgeted in the water. "This soap is supposed to wash it off but I can't get it open because my fingers are too wet." Not to mention that everybody looking at me didn't really help.

"Here," she said softly as she took the bottle from my hand and ripped off the seal. "Where does it hurt most?"

"Everywhere." I nearly shouted. "My face is starting to hurt too."

Amber then poured some of the thick white soap onto one of her hands and before I could say something she began rubbing it up and down my stomach and torso. I didn't think it was possible but I actually heard the sounds of all the cameras clicking over the loud music when she started doing that.

"That stuff she's putting on her looks like gizz." The guy up front with the cameraphone commented loudly.

'Oh great, I suppose the goddesses did that on purpose.'

"Hold out your hand Amanda." Amber ordered me and then poured some soap onto my palm. "Wash your face with that."

Since my was face was burning up I did what she told me and used both hands to cover my face and forehead with the soap. As I was rubbing it in I heard even louder cheering since I could imagine what this looked like, and then the screaming got even louder when Amber began rubbing soap onto my breasts. She was both firm but gentle as she massaged her hands into my skin which made me take a step back, it felt both good and painful at the same time and I can't say I was comfortable with either feeling.

"It seems to be coming off." Amber told me as she moved her hands up and down my front. "It's coming off your face really good too. Here just rub a little more on."

As she poured more soap in my hand I saw Stacy jump in with a wild grin on her face.

"No way am I being left out of this." she said excitedly. "Any chance to touch that soft skin of hers in not one I'm going to pass up. Soap me Amber."

"Here," Amber began she poured some into Stacy hands, "get her back and I'll get the rest of the front. Make sure you get the back of her legs too."

"Oh no problem." Stacy happily replied and then went to work rubbing the soap into my butt. "I might need more soap to get all of her big pretty ass clean."

"Just get it started." Amber told her plainly.

Oh God this was awful. The entire fountain was now surrounded by people, most of whom had some form of a camera, as these two girls kneeded their hands on some very sensitive areas of my body. What was worse was it actually felt good, and the more they did it the more the tan washed off and the better it felt.

"Wow that's hot!" I heard from the stage as the band stopped playing. "I think we have a song to go with that."

They began playing something I'd never heard of as I felt Stacy's hands go into my butt crack which caused me to jump.

"Hold still," she said giggling "I have to get it all off and there's some in there, sorry precious."

"It looks like it's all off of your face Amanda." Amber told me as she stepped back to look. "Why don't you wash off under the fall for a second and then I'll do your legs."

I rinsed off under the waterfall and watched the water underneath me briefly turn brown before it diluted away. My stomach and chest were all clean but my arms were still tan. Amber gave me some more soap and I began cleaning my arms and shoulders as Amber bent down and began rubbing my legs, and I noticed Stacy was mainly still focused on my butt.

"Stacy could you get my back please." I shouted at her. "My butt isn't that big that it should take up that much time."

"Oh but it feels so good," she drunkenly teased. "Okay I'll get your back miss partypooper."

"Touch me! Touch me! I wanna feel your body!" The band sang. It sounded like a punk version of some old 80's song my mother used to listen to.

"Geez Amanda you look like you're having fun." One of the girls standing in front of the fountain teased me."What would Jesus think of this?"

Hopefully Jesus wasn't looking, or if he was some divine intervention would have been nice about then. Oh God Stacy's rubbing of my back felt good; she was good at that, not to mention Amber rubbing my legs felt good too, I was almost weak in the knees from all of this.

"Stacy you didn't get the back of her legs." Amber scolded her. "Don't waste soap we may need it."

"Sorry boss." Stacy replied as she began rubbing the back of my neck. "Can you get that while you're done there."

"I suppose." Amber sighed.

"Can you rub me while you're down there too." Stacy joked.

"Shutup Stacy or I'll tell your mother what you did tonight."

"Which thing?" Stacy asked.

"Oh Lord help us." Amber said to herself as she got the back of my legs.

For the next couple of minutes we kept washing me up and down as I watched people fighting for positions to get shots of me from all angles. Fortunately some of the security came over and at least made sure no one else got into the fountain with us. Soon I rinsed off again under the waterfall and I looked down and saw that almost all of the tan had been washed off, that was except for my feet and to my horror my bare genitals. Oh God I had to clean that out.

"I think you should do your womanhood yourself Amanda." Amber suggested. "Boy that's going to be awful having to do this here."

"I'll do it." Stacy offered.

"No Stacy." Amber said as she rolled her eyes. "She can sit at the base and do it and if we do her feet at the same time maybe we can block her from the crowd some so this won't be so obscene."

As if this hadn't been obscene so far. God I couldn't believe I had to do this, but I couldn't just leave it like that. I went to the middle of the fountain and sat down at the base of the uprising. The waterfall did block the crowd out a little but not enough for my liking, actually my liking would be in a locked room in an empty house with no one around. I saw Amber waving some girls into the fountain and she then turned to me and said, "We're going to use them to shield you more because these guys are being pigs."

I felt that was a good idea until I saw who was going to shield me. Missy, Danette, and Kaitlyn. Why did it have to be those three? Oh I saw Terry and Lisa doing it too, they weren't so bad, although this was going to be traumatizing no matter who was there.

"Wow Amanda." Missy said in a teasing tone. "That was you under all that. I never would've known that was you. Now you look like you have a reverse tan line down there."

"Okay girls just block everybody," Amber began as she handed me the soap bottle. "She has to wash off down there this has been embarrassing enough for her."

"Why are you doing this out here?" Lisa asked.

"The bathrooms are full." I answered her.

"Can't you wait?" Kaitlyn asked.

"No she can't." Amber said in a firm tone. "Are you going to help or not?"

"Sure." Kaitlyn replied with a bemused look on her face. "Small price to pay for a front row seat to this."

"Anyway you could turn your backs?" I asked them.

"Don't you need us to tell you if you missed a spot." Danette joked.

Oh screw it. I poured a handful of soap into my hand went to work cleaning myself out as Amber lifted one of my legs so she could wash my foot.

"This is hot," is what I heard Stacy say as I turned my face away from them and did the best I could to get myself clean without making things worse.

"What's she doing?" Someone shouted from behind the girls. "Dammit I know I'm missing something."

After a minute or so of touching myself, which felt good but yet horribly awful, I splashed water on me to rinse the soap off and saw that I still had a bit more to wash.

"You gotta really get in there girl." Missy gloatingly teased. "That spray crap can really seep in all crevases."

'I hate her.'

I took more soap and this time made sure I finished the job as Amber began washing off my other foot. I do have to say that she'd been awesome, at least somebody was decent in this world.

Once I was clean I immediately dunked myself into the water to rinse off and it was now beginning to hit me how cold this water was, shit doing this certainly woke me up. I stood up and then looked down at myself and saw that I was clean, my skin was now as white as it was that morning and I was relieved.

Thank God that crap was off.

"Let me check the base of hairline to make sure there's none there." Amber said just as she began checking my hair. "You're hair's still black, is that bothering you?"

"No." I answered her as the girls then moved back out of the way and gave everyone a view of me again. Cameras went off instantly as everybody seemed to be looking at me differently than they had before. I wasn't really sure why but maybe it had something to do with the fact that they knew me, it was weird though.

"Are you okay Amanda?"

I looked over and saw Scott had moved up front and had a small towel in his hand, presumably for me. I just nodded at him and gave him a weak smile as Amber told me she didn't see any more of that tanning stuff on me. I then walked over to Scott and gladly took the towel and began drying off.

"Can you get me out of here please?" I whispered to him. "At least away from all of them."

"That's a tall order but I'll try." He replied as he offered me his hand to help me out of the fountain.

"Where do you think you're going with him?" Missy asked as her voice turned angry. "He's my date tonight."

"He's helping me out alright." I told her as I stepped out of the fountain.

"Well it's not like it would matter anyway." She said boldly as she was suddenly between me and Scott. "I noticed you didn't climax or anything there. You're probably so uptight you'd never be able to please him anyway. You're probably A-sexual you naked little pricktease."

I didn't know really what it was about what she just said that triggered me.

I'm not sure if I was insulted or it was the fact that she said that in front of Scott or even if it just was all the frustration that had built up over the last few days from living out this awful nightmare up to and including just taking a public bath where two women essentially bathed me. All that I knew was that something in me snapped and the next thing I remember was watching Missy fall and hit the ground after my fist nailed her in the jaw.