Those Pictures: The Party
by Blzr

Part 10

I wondered if I jumped out the window and landed on either CJ or Bob if that'd be enough to break my fall so I wouldn't be hurt. That certainly sounded better than the alternative of facing my classmates now that they knew who I was and what I'd been doing these last ten days. 'My God look at the looks on their faces, I've got to get out of here.'

My costume was really beginning to feel uncomfortable and was even starting to sting a little. I guess with getting upset at watching all the fighting and then having Emily make me blush triggered whatever it was they gave me to make me alergic to clothing, but I couldn't take these off now, and not here in front of all of them.

"Damn Amanda," One of the guys said to me as his eyes ran up and down my body, "I never would've guessed that was you. You look really hot. Almost as hot as those pictures of you I saw on the internet."

"Are you really doing this for Jesus?" Another person asked. "Or is that just some kind of cover?"

"From what I saw of you tonight I think you're just a wannabee slut." One of the girls suggested in a harsh tone. "That was some dancing you were doing there earlier."

"Look," I began as I desperately began thinking of a way out this, "I'm not the Amanda you guys seem to think I am. My name is Amanda Cutler. I think you have me confused with this other Amanda you're talking about."

"Oh bullshit," the same girl scoffed. "Your bodies are just the same, you just have a coat of paint on."

"You do look hot though," the first guy praised me. "I never thought much of you before but man I've changed my mind."

"Look I need to go down and check on my friend outside." I lied. Personally I couldn't have cared less about CJ but I wanted out of there. "You all can believe whatever you want but I have things to do."

"Will you dance with me first?" The second guy asked. "You can explain to me about how Jesus is making you do this."

This caused a smattering of laughter from everyone and just made me more uncomfortable and embarrassed.

"My dancing card is full guys." I replied. "Now if you'll please get out of my way..."

"Well you're definitly Amanda." Another girl teased. "You're suddenly polite and shy, unlike how you were earlier."

Oh crap this wasn't going well and this costume was beginning to get hotter. I decided to try and dash past them, but of course once I was out the door they all tried to block me from leaving.

"Where you going sexy?" One of the girls teased me. "You're not going to leave like that are you? Don't you have to please Jesus by taking that stuff off?"

"Yeah come on girl," One of the guys joined in, "show us if your spray tan is an all over one."

"Oh my God Mrs. Davis is getting up!" I shouted. This caused everyone to turn their attention away from me, and before they could realize I was lying I ran past them and down the stairs. I heard them shouting behind me as I made my way to the front door, luckily the front room was mostly empty except for some people sitting at the bar and Stacy who was throwing peanuts at Casey in the cage.

"Little bitch wanna peanut?" Stacy mocked Casey as she threw another one at her.

I reached the front door but to my horror it was locked. I frantically tried to unlock it but for whatever reason it wouldn't budge. Jesus what the hell was going on? Soon everyone from upstairs was downstairs and telling everyone at the bar who I was.

"I thought Missy was the Indian girl." One of the drunk guys at the bar replied.

"Amanda Johnson is the other Indian girl."

"Oh." The guy figured out.

"Oh they figured out it was you huh?" Stacy turned to me as I tried in vain to open the door.

"You knew that was Amanda?" One of the girs asked Stacy.

"Yeah I knew," she replied drunkenly, "I've known for a week. She's the coolest girl I've ever known, and I just found that out recently."

"Is she really doing this for Jesus like it says on that website?"

"Yes she is," Stacy confirmed. "Just yesterday she prayed with me on a sidewalk down in Eugene. In fact she's prayed a lot of places and has been doing a lot of nice things for people."

Now they all were looking at me a little differently than before, it didn't make me anymore comfortabe though since they still were looking at me funny.

"Why didn't you tell us Stacy?"

"Because it's a surprise."

"Wait a minute I don't get this." A different girl said as she shook her head. "Why on earth would Jesus want you to run around naked? That's insane."

"Well she can't wear clothes," Stacy blurted out. "He's made it so she can't put anything on. It's like she's allergic."

"But she's wearing something now."

"You call that wearing something?" Stacy pointed out. "I have thong bikinis that have more fabric than that."

Not to mention this was getting even more uncomforatbley hot. God everybody was now really looking at me like I was some sort of freak, and they were probably right. I knew I wouldn't believe it if I heard it told like that. Damn I was getting hot.

"This just doesn't make any sense." The girl said still shaking her head. "If it was you Stacy I might understand but Amanda Johnson, that just doesn't sit right."

Just then there was a knock from outside the door.

"Hello this is the Police Department." A man's voice boomed from outside. "Can you let us in? I hear there's a violent suspect inside the house."

"Oh shit," said a bunch of the people in front of me. "The Police!"

"And I've been drinking..." A guy at the bar said in shock as he dropped his drink. "I've already got one MIP this year I can't get another. Don't let them in."

Ignoring the guy I again attempted to open the door but it was still locked solid. Dammit I'd really have liked them to come in.

"It won't open." I shouted to them. "It's locked for some reason and I can't get it unlocked. You'll have to go around the back and come in that way."

"We'll send someone around." The man told me from outside.

"What the..." the guy at the bar stammered, "what the hell did you tell them that for? Shit I got to get out of here."

"Yeah me too." Several more people agreed.

Suddenly and to my relief the crowd that had blocked me was now dispersing to try and avoid the Police. I knew they probably weren't going to arrest anyone but they didn't know that and I wasn't going to tell.

"God what the hell happened upstairs Amanda?" Stacy asked me in her drunken state.

"Mrs. Davis beat up CJ and threw her out the window." I told her.

"She did!" Casey shouted happily from inside her cage. "I never thought I'd see that day come."

"What happed to Mrs. Davis?" Stacy asked wide eyed.

"Emily hit her over the head with a computer monitor several times. Mrs. Davis thought I was Emily for some reason."

"Oh shit." Stacy said with a stunned smile. "I always knew Mrs. Davis was crazy."

It was then that my skin began to feel itchy and uncomfortable, and I'm talking about the skin that's not covered by my skimpy costume. Shit I had to wash this stuff off before it started to burn. I remembered Emily telling me about the special soap that was supposed to be behind the bar and I rushed over to it.

"Do you have some soap back there for me?" I asked the bartender who was picking up the glasses everyone left behind.

"Soap?" He replied. "You mean like to wash dishes with?"

"No." I replied as I began to figit in place since was becoming more uncomfortable. "It's supposed to be special soap that Emily put back there for me." Oh God please don't let this be difficult.

"Oh this?" He said as he reached down and then placed a bottle of white soap on the bar. "They didn't tell me what it was for other than someone might ask for it."

"Thank you." I said as I snatched it up and headed for the downstairs bathroom.

As I made my way I heard someone outside yell "Oh shit the cops!" and then some screaming. Just then three Police officers came in and walked up to me, blocking my way to the bathroom.

"Where's the perp?" One them asked.

"Upstairs under a pile of security guards." I told him hurriedly and tried to get by him.

"Thank you." He told me and then got out of my way.

I rushed to the bathroom and tried to open it but it also was locked. Shit! I began banging on the door repeatedly as my skin began to feel even hotter.

"Occupied!" Several people inside yelled. "Shitting and puking going on in here."

Dammit! I bet the one upstairs was being used too. Shit what was I going to do?

I found myself kicking off my moccasins since my feet were hot and I knew soon I'd have to take the rest off. I ran into the kitchen area to stand in front of the fridge until I could figure out what to do when I saw it through the window. The Fountain. Shit I don't want to do that, the backyard was full of people and there was a band playing. Dammit though this was starting to hurt, but I didn't want everyone out there to watch me shower and wash this shit off. Oh God what other choice did I have?

My skin was really beginning to sting now and soon I was beginning to forget about my modesty and knew I had to get this stuff off. Against my wishes I darted out the door and into the crowed backyard and towards the large fountain on the far end.