I owe a great debt to Leviticus for this story. He let me borrow several of his characters, and he helped me out all along the way, making suggestions and helping me clarify things. He also co-wrote the last chapter, since it needed a *lot* of help. There's 11 chapters in all.

To Catch a Smuggler

By BlueWords

Chapter 1

Rhianna Summer had had a long time to contemplate her current predicament. Five days so far. Tied up as she was, more or less blindfolded, stuck in a small room to herself, all she could do was think about how she'd gotten mixed up in this case for the FBI. Often she wondered why she'd said yes to agent Wilson and assistant director Vessor. Once again, she went over the events in her mind, starting the previous Tuesday.

Agent Wilson was part of a special FBI division that handled terrorist threats. That he had called Rhianna was curious, that he wanted to meet with her was even more curious. The work sounded intriguing, what she knew of it. One of her reasons for joining the FBI originally had been to get into exciting work, protecting the country. She knew that the job was not like the movies, but a part of her wanted to be the James Bond type spy, saving the world. The reality of the job had been quite different. But she had no regrets and had enjoyed most of the assignments she'd been on. The one that had been the roughest on her had been her last one, and she had only been back to work for a few weeks following her recovery from it.

That assignment had been to infiltrate a group of partygoers on a boat own by Hiro Atamo, to try and find information about kidnappings that seemed to be connected to Atamo. Not only had they not found any information, they had been captured and her partner, Cory Lincoln, had apparently been killed. They'd never even found his body, probably dumped out at sea. Rhianna herself had be held as a slave, abused and beaten. She had even been sterilized, although at first she thought she'd been given a hysterectomy. Throughout the course of her recovery, she had found out that she had instead been given a tubule ligation, and that the lack of periods all the women on the boat experienced had been due to some strange herbs they had been given in their food. Knowing that she wasn't completely sterile, and that there was a chance to reverse it, had done a lot to helping her recover. She was a strong woman, and the doctors soon pronounced her fit for duty again. She had come a long way, and had nightmares only occasionally now. Most of her scars had faded, and her hair, shaved off on the boat, had grown quite a bit since then.

She had been on a few routine assignments since her return, and longed for something more than surveillance. She was about to get her wish. She made her way to Agent Wilson's office and wondered again what this assignment was about. A secretary showed her in, and she took a seat across from agent Wilson, at the large table in the room. The only other person there was assistant director Vessor.

"Thank you for coming, agent Summer," agent Wilson greeted her. "We know you're curious about this so let's explain, shall we?" He punched a button on a remote for a slide projector and the room lights went out. A blurry picture of a man in a dark coat filled the screen. "This is Matthew Anderson, someone we know is an weapons smuggler. Anderson is a very good smuggler, and while we've been able to stop some of his shipments, we've never been able to catch him." There was a click as the next slide was shown. The picture was better than the last, showing Anderson's face clearly. Despite being a crook, he was a handsome man, Rhianna noticed. "We have information that Anderson is going to help smuggle in a very dangerous weapon, within two weeks. The weapon is a biological agent, and from what we can find out, it might be able to kill a city." The next slide showed some foreign agents that Rhianna recognized from some briefing she'd had earlier. "These men are paying Anderson a large sum of money to bring the weapon into the states."

Agent Wilson click through a few more slides. It showed the trail of evidence that had led to this point, and there wasn't much of it. What was there was scary enough, though.

"Why don't we just go and arrest Anderson?" Rhianna asked.

"Several reasons. First, we don't have enough evidence to hold him for long, and arresting him would obviously alert him. We think he would still find a way to get weapon in, and it would make it that much harder to finally catch him. He has an amazing ability to evade being followed. We can't count the times we've lost him. Second, we'd like to get the weapon, the buyers, and Anderson, if possible. We think it would put a big crimp in terrorist activities in the States if we did that." Wilson paused.

"For that reason, we've kept a low profile on surveillance on him. We've only done what we thought would escape detection. He has some sophisticated devices for spotting bugs, and he's naturally paranoid. We've been able to search his apartment briefly once, but we've had no luck coming up with his schedule for delivery." Wilson turned to Rhianna. "That's where you come in, agent Summer." He pressed a button to turn on the room lights.

"Okay," she said, "What do you want me to do?"

"We need someone that can get close to Anderson without arousing suspicion. Listen for details, look for the schedule, and report back to us. And we need someone to do this within the week. We need someone with special experience, and in talking to an agent Stabler," Rhianna grimaced at the name, "we think you might have the experience we need to pull this off."

Rhianna was on guard, very suspicious of this whole assignment now. Agent Stabler had given her and Cory the Atamo assignment, and she blamed him in part on Cory's death. A recommendation from him bothered her. Also, she wanted to know what special skills she had that they might need. She asked Wilson as much.

"Well, we've talked to his most recent companion about it. She didn't know anything about his work, but gave us a little insight into his character, and his likes and dislikes. We think you would be a good choice to, to fill in as his companion. That way, you'd be able to -"

"Fill in. What the hell are you talking about?" Rhianna asked, annoyed.

"He's a bit embarrassed about the subject, agent Summer." It was the other men at the table, assistant director James Vessor.

"Assistant Director Vessor? What subject?"

"What Wilson has been pussy-footing around is that Anderson is into the BDSM lifestyle, and his previous companion was his slave. In fact, she only left Anderson after we informed her he was a smuggler. She wasn't very cooperative with us, I think she was quite taken with him."

"I still don't understand what this has to do with me," Rhianna said.

"You are the type of woman that Anderson likes," agent Wilson answered. "Height, build, hair color. And, you've had some experience in these matters."

"These matters?" she asked. She was still confused.

"BDSM, agent Summer," Vessor told her. "Although it was perhaps traumatic for you, you do know have an understanding about the lifestyle that none of our other agents would have. And finally, there is the time factor. We only have a few days to prepare."

"For what, prepare for what?"

"Anderson's previous slave was of the opinion, for a number of reasons, that he would replace her soon, most likely within the week. In fact, he will most assuredly go to a place called the Kennel to pick a new slave. It's a part of the BDSM underground that serves as a kind of - hotel for submissives."

Rhianna had learned a little about the Kennel from Tonya, the woman who had helped her escape from Atamo's clutches. Rhianna hadn't spent much time with Tonya other than in captivity, but they had talked briefly since Rhianna's recovery, when Rhianna had called her to thank her. She didn't volunteer this information to Vessor, however.

"It's also where submissives can be - adopted, by men like Matthew Anderson  His previous companion was from the Kennel, so he's done this before and was pleased. She left somewhat abruptly, but on good terms, none-the-less."

"So, you want me to work at the Kennel, so I can meet him? I don't understand."

"No, agent Summer," Vessor told her. "We need you to be one of the Kennel's adopties."

Rhianna told them flat out no.

"You must be insane to think I, or anyone would do this. Do you know what you're asking? Do you have any idea?"

"Actually, agent Summer, "Vessor said, "I believe I do. I know this seems very harsh. But we do know that Anderson is nothing like Atamo. He treats his slaves very well and does not abuse them. His former slave said he was gentle and took it slowly with her. There is reason to believe that he won't be too demanding, especially in light of the upcoming shipment."

"You are playing with my life, and more! Besides, the last assignment was botched because I didn't know what I was doing!" Rhianna almost yelled.

"We think your experience on your last mission will give you valuable knowledge on how to act this time, more than any other agent we have available. Your being Anderson's type also helps." Vessor paused. "If we could see another way, we would do it. We know this is a dangerous assignment, and you'll have little if any contact with other agents while with Anderson. In fact, your part in this is known only to us," he said, indicating the three people in the room. Vessor leaned forward, resting his arms on the table.

"The fact is, no one else will be able to get as close to him as you could. There is no other way to discover the schedule. We don't see any other way to catch Anderson and put a stop to a terrorist organization's plot to do a lot of damage, possibly killing thousands, perhaps millions of Americans."

Rhianna sat there for a minute, trying to calm down, thinking about what they had said. What they had said and showed her seemed to make sense. She could see that she would be in a unique position to get the information they needed. Keeping close to Anderson, she might be able to determine his plans. She thought about what had happened to her aboard Atamo's boat. Finally she spoke.

"I can't. I just, I just can't."

Vessor looked at Wilson and nodded, and Wilson went to his safe. Vessor turned to Rhianna. "Agent Summer, I think I understand. We've put you in a bad position. The last thing I want to do is aggravate any problems you might be having due to your capture. There is, however, a reason you were picked beyond being Anderson's type."

Rhianna looked up at Vessor. "I've read the reports from the doctors, concerning your recovery. You're a very strong woman, agent. I wouldn't have approved you for this assignment if I didn't think you could handle it. The last thing we need is someone falling apart during the operation."

Agent Wilson came back from his safe with a large envelope and placed it in front of Rhianna. The envelope was marked "TOP SECRET" top and bottom, and "CIA" in the middle. "There's a few more  reasons we've picked you, Agent Summer. Time is of the essence, and even if it weren't, you'd still be our best candidate." He paused, reluctant to let Rhianna see the contents of the envelope. Finally, he continued. "That, and those." Wilson pointed to the envelope. "Go ahead, you've been cleared to see them, as a condition of working on this case."

Rhianna picked up the envelope and opened it up, pulling out some papers and a stack of photographs. Glancing through the photos, a look of horror came over her face. "I don't understand, what - what are these?"

"It used to be a small village of Kurds in northern Iraq. At first, we thought Sadam was up to his old tricks, but it turns out it wasn't him at all, at least not directly," Wilson told her.

"But all these people, what killed them?" Rhianna asked.

"The same biological agent that we believe is being smuggled into the country by Anderson. It appears to be related to the plague, but it acts much quicker." Wilson leaned over and tapped on one photo. "We think this man lived for a few hours after coming down with symptoms. He took his own life." Most of the pictures showed numerous dead people lying in the streets in bloody pools.

"The bubonic plague? Like in the Dark Ages?" Rhianna asked.

"Actually, the pneumonic form," Wilson said. "Seems to kill within a day, maybe within 12 hours. A modified form of the Yersinia pestis bacterium."

"This seems to have been a test," Vessor told her. "The village is in a valley, and is very hard to get to from the outside. The dead weren't discovered for days."

Rhianna was horrified by the photos, but she kept her professional calm about her. "These are CIA photos."

"Yes, they're asking for our help, especially since we've dealt with Anderson before, in a manner of speaking."

Rhianna looked over the photos. The accompanying papers said the 78 people in the village had died. It was the entire village. Rhianna sighed.

"All right, what do I need to do?"

The plan was to take her to the Kennel and have her pose as one of the ownerless slaves, available for adoption. They had already talked with the Kennel's management, and they had, somewhat reluctantly, agreed to place Rhianna in the adoption ward. In fact, she was going to be looked after by Tonya.

"We'd like you to be there this afternoon," Vessor told her. "You'll have to wait for Anderson to come in and 'adopt' you, but the people running the Kennel said they would go as easy on you as they could. You'll have to be prepared to spend your time like the rest of the 'Pets' there, however. That means you'll be chained up."

Rhianna almost backed out right then. She had just gotten over having nightmares about Atamo and his men mistreating her. She had to keep reminding herself that this was to stop smugglers and terrorists. She thought of the dead Kurdish village.

"Agent Wilson will pick you up later at your place. I assume you'll have a few things you'll need to take care of first?" Vessor asked her.

"Yes sir, there are some things I need to do first. But, if I could, I'd like to ask that you be the one to take me there."

Vessor was slightly surprised by this. "Well, I will if you think it would be better, agent Summer. Any particular reason?"

"I think that we need to keep up appearances the whole way, sir, just in case. No offense, but agent Wilson doesn't strike me as someone who'd be turning in a slave for adoption." Rhianna didn't trust Wilson, but didn't want to say as much in front of him and Vessor. Assistant director Vessor just struck her as more confident, more "masterly". If Wilson was offended by her choice, he didn't show it. If anything, she noticed he seemed a bit relieved.

"I think it might be a good idea after all, agent Summer," Vessor said. "I'll be by to pick you up with a limousine at 3 o'clock."

"All right," she told him, and left.

End Chapter 1

To Catch a Smuggler
By BlueWords

Chapter 2

Rhianna's reverie was interrupted by a bell. That meant lunch time. It might also mean that she was being viewed, she wasn't sure. Rhianna was in one of the special rooms that were in the adoption area of the Kennel. She knew that at any time they could open a window or adjust the lighting or something, and show her off to prospective masters. Of course, she knew that the only one they'd show her to was Anderson, but she didn't know when that might be, so she had to act like she was supposed to.

She got up and shuffled over to the food dispensing area of the room. The floor was marked in blue. There, she knelt up and found a thin dildo that fit well into the hole the gag made with her mouth. She began to suck and a salty fluid came out in. She knew this was food, flavored to taste like ejaculate, but is was still a bit disquieting. In the position she was, she knew that she would be showing off most of her nudity to anyone watching through the window.

After several minutes of "food", the dildo stopped its flow, so she switched to the other dildo which dispensed water, and took a drink. She had to suck on that dildo as well, to get it to give her any water. She thought that it wasn't quite like giving a man a blowjob, but it was close enough. After being there for five days, she'd gotten used to the routine.

She was a bit disappointed that nothing else happened. If she was being shown to Anderson, there was a good chance he'd want to see her face, and they had a procedure for that as well. When no one came by to remove her blindfold, she knew that Anderson wasn't there yet.

She thought back to when she first got the blindfold, back when she entered the doors of the Kennel. Back when Vessor had come to pick her up from her apartment.

Rhianna didn't have very much to do to get ready for the case, she just wanted a few hours by herself before going under cover. She was sure that this assignment was probably the right thing to do, but that didn't mean she had to like it. She ate a good lunch and took a long shower, unsure as to how long it might be before she would be able to do those kinds of things again.

Despite the other agents' confidence in her "knowledge", Rhianna wasn't at all sure she knew how to handle the situation. She wasn't impressed with agent Wilson's compliments to her, or agent Stabler's recommendation. Perhaps he thought he was doing her a favor, but Rhianna couldn't bring herself to trust him, not after the botched Atamo assignment. She really didn't know much about the Kennel at all, and had no way of knowing what to expect from Anderson. There had been no time for her to talk with his previous "companion", and she wasn't even in the state anymore. Rhianna hoped Tonya would take it easy on her. At least there would be someone there she knew.

Finally, the phone rang. It was Vessor, downstairs in the limo. This was it, she told herself, the point of no return. To catch a smuggler, terrorists, and stop a bomb, she was about to put herself in great personal jeopardy. She wouldn't even be able to have her gun, or any contact with other agents once undercover. Rhianna sighed as she locked the door to her apartment, and headed down to meet Vessor.

The limousine was very luxurious, and the ride was going to be about an hour long before arriving at the Kennel. Rhianna was looking forward to relaxing during the trip, ironing out the last few details with assistant director Vessor. Vessor had other ideas, however.

"We need to get into character for our arrival," he told her, "so we'd better start. Take off your underwear."

She was slightly taken aback by the request, but realized he was probably correct. They weren't sure how paranoid Anderson was, and they needed to make a good entrance just in case he was having the Kennel watched. She had dressed the part as well as she could, with a short skirt and silk blouse, and her highest heels. She pulled her panties off easily enough but had a little trouble with the brassiere. Finally, she unbuttoned her blouse all the way and pulled it off, the bra with it. She quickly put the blouse back on, embarrassed. She noticed that Vessor neither stared nor turned away. She got the feeling he was somehow familiar with this situation. Unsure of what to do with her underwear now, she handed them to Vessor.

As if expecting it, he took them and put them in his briefcase. "Turn around, hands behind your back," he told her. Rhianna resigned herself to being treated like a submissive, and turned so that Vessor could put a pair of handcuffs on her. Then he bent down and attached a set of cuffs with a two-foot long chain between them to her ankles.

"You came prepared," she said. Vessor said nothing in response. He pulled a small ball-gag out of his briefcase and showed it to her.

"You know, Rhianna, I have a lot of confidence in you. I've kept track of your career, even before your last assignment. You show a lot of promise, and I know you can handle this case."

Rhianna was momentarily speechless. "Thank you, sir," she said finally.

"It's going to be rough, I know, but I think this is a risk that we need to take to catch this man, and stop this threat."

"Are you sure I'll be able to find out something, sir?"

"From what we know about Anderson, he likes to handle everything personally. I'm sure he'll have some information around. Look for information regarding his art shipments. He smuggles the weapons in with his regular cases of paintings and statues and the like. There will probably be one that stands out in some manor, one where the shipper isn't listed, or something like that. We have a suspicion that it might be coming through Mexico. Also, we know it's coming in sometime soon, less than a week. If nothing else, having you with him might make it easier for us to track his whereabouts."

"How will I contact you, when I do find some thing?"

"I've a special number you can call," he said, telling her the number. "You know Morse code, of course?"

"Yes, sir. Used it in the coast guard."

"Well, in case you're gagged, you may need to use it again, over the phone. The agents on the other end will know that it might be the only way you can respond and they'll be ready. Anything else, agent Summer?"

Rhianna had lots of questions, but didn't think Vessor could answer them. She shook her head no.

"I guess we're getting close. Open up." He held the gag at her mouth. Rhianna was about to say that she thought they were at least a half hour away, but when she opened her mouth to speak, Vessor gently pushed the gag in her mouth and buckled it around her head. Rhianna tested the gag with her tongue and found it was not coming out. It wasn't too uncomfortable, if she had to be gagged. She sat back on her legs, kneeling on the floor while her "master" sat on the limo's leather seat in front of her.

Before too long, they pulled up in front of the Kennel. Before getting out of the car, Vessor put a pair of wrap-around sunglasses on her. The glasses were painted over, and she was effectively blindfolded. He helped her up and out of the car and walked her into the building.

Inside, they were greeted by Tonya, Rhianna recognizing her voice.

"I'm John Smith, I believe you're expecting me," Vessor told Tonya.

"Yes, sir. This is your slave?" Tonya asked. She knew very well what was going on, but was also staying in character.

"Yes. We've grown apart, and she's decided that this is what she wants."

"All right, sir, if you'll just sign these papers, we'll take care of her." Rhianna was left standing alone while Vessor took care of the paperwork. After a few minutes, she heard Tonya say, "Very good. We'll take care of everything."

Vessor touched Rhianna's cheek lightly. Rhianna assumed it was to continue the act of a caring master giving up a slave. She heard him walk away.

Tonya touched Rhianna's arm and led her into another room. Rhianna somehow sensed that there was someone else in the room.

"Normally," the other person began, "I'd have to give you an examination, but we'll forgo that in this instance. I'm Dr. Jane Carey, the director of the Kennel." Tonya removed the sunglasses, and Rhianna could see the other two women. Tonya unbuckled the gag and let Rhianna spit it out.

"Thank you," Rhianna told Tonya.

"Don't get too used to it, in a little while, you'll be trussed up just like all the other Pets. Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

Rhianna nodded. While they talked, Tonya removed her handcuffs and leg cuffs. "Yes, Dr. Carey. It's important that I get picked up by Anderson." The FBI had told Dr. Carey some of what was going on, but not all of it. They knew who Anderson was and that they should try to make Rhianna as appealing as possible to him.

"Well, we'll try to go as easy on you as we can, but there isn't a whole lot we can do to break our normal procedure. You'll get a little more 'exercise' time than others might, but otherwise, you'll experience the Kennel just like all the other Pets."

"And I'll be taking care of the adopties for the next two weeks, so I'll try to help out if I can," Tonya offered.

"We'll, we are going to do what we can to help the FBI," Dr. Carey said, just a slight tinge of annoyance in her voice. "If that's all, Tonya will get you prepared."

Rhianna couldn't think of anything else to ask, so Dr. Carey left the room.

After the doctor had left, Tonya hugged Rhianna. "It's so good to see you," she exclaimed. Rhianna hugged back.

"I'm glad we're going to spend some time together, although I have to admit, I wish it were under better circumstances."

"I think we'll have some time to talk. I'll try to give you pointers on how to act and all."

"I think that would help greatly," Rhianna said. She noticed Tonya's outfit for the first time. It was a simple white tunic, something like the top part of Judo outfit. The tunic was covering some kind of leather harness.

"Well, I guess we should get started. Please take your clothes off," Tonya told her.

Rhianna complied, not having much on to take off anyway. She wasn't really embarrassed in front of Tonya. She realized that Tonya must see many naked bodies all the time, and anyway, she had been with her for sometime when they were captives, both of them naked.

Tonya began by placing a stiff, wide collar around Rhianna's neck. It was a posture collar, and made it difficult if not impossible for her to turn her head or tip it forward or backward. She fastened a harness around Rhianna's head, pulling her hair through a ring in the back to make a short ponytail. Tonya then put a gag into the other woman's mouth.

The gag was something like a horse's bit, but without the bar across the middle. A padded metal prong extended down each side of her mouth between her teeth and was wedged in the space between her back molars. Tonya told her to bite down, and a chin strap was fastened. The result was that Rhianna couldn't open or close her mouth much at all.

"Just relax," Tonya told her, "It's easier that way." Rhianna tried to calm down and found that the gag wasn't too bad.

Tonya held a wide piece of leather up to Rhianna's face and attached it to the head harness. The 'blindfold' didn't leave her blind, but she could only see straight down to her breasts and the floor below. She waved her hands in front of her. Her field of view was very limited.

"It's so that you can see to walk," Tonya offered. "Now for the rest."

She fastened a harness of straps over her shoulders and around her body. A wide belt was put around her waist, and a chastity strap passed between her legs. A strap was placed around her chest with two cups fitting under her breasts for support. The cups helped lift, but did not cover her breasts. Tonya then attached leather wrist and ankle cuffs on her, adding a hobble chain between her ankles. She locked the wrist cuffs to the belt around Rhianna's waist.

"Walk around a while, to get used to it," Tonya told her.

Rhianna moved around the room a little, but she wasn't used to being tied up like this. Even when Atamo had chained her to the galley, she'd not been blindfolded. Rhianna felt Tonya come up to her. A leash was attached to the posture.

"You're going to be my little pet for a while," Tonya told her teasingly.

Rhianna made a gurgling noise.

"Okay, we should go and get you settled in." Tonya pulled on the leash.

Rhianna could only follow, not being in a position to argue.

Tonya walked Rhianna through a door, down a hallway, then down another hall and through another door. Finally, they rode up an elevator one floor. Rhianna wasn't sure how far they had gone, or if they had passed other people on the way. She was very aware of just how naked she was. Tonya stopped her at a point where the floor had a number 6 on it.

"This will be your room while you're here," she was told. "You're lucky you're not in the general population, they just have cages. You'll be able to move around and stand, at least. Let me take you to the facilities before we get you in the room." She was led a short way, passing through a door and into a room with yellow tile on the floor.

"This is the bathroom and shower area. I know you can't see it, but all you need to know is on the floor. I'll lead you around and you pay attention to the color of the floor. We're now on a yellow area, this is where you will urinate, when you are told to. This might be a good time to do it, if you need to."

Rhianna did need to, but was embarrassed to do so. She also didn't want to pee on herself later, and didn't know the schedule or when she might get to do it again. She squatted down and relieved herself. The chastity strap apparently had a screen or something in it, she could pee right through it.

"We're now in the brown area, here is where you defecate. If you can, please do so now."

Rhianna wasn't sure she could go through with it. Finally, she decided the didn't need to and tried to shake her head. She had forgotten that the posture collar wouldn't let her, and what she ended up doing was instead shaking her breasts from side to side.

Tonya led her back out to her room. "I'll be taking care of the adopties, but I'll have help, and the rooms are always monitored. I might not always be the one to get you for various activities. Remember your number, 6, and generally just obey what you're told to do. Let me explain your room."

Tonya opened up the door and they walked into the room. It wasn't very big, and there was no furniture inside. The floor was colored an off white. Rhianna noticed that the floors padding was in wide strips, and the color of the strips got slightly darker the further they went into the room. At the back of the room was a small area of the floor that was noticeably darker.

"This is the back wall to the room. The wall is basically a big window, but there is small door in it so we can show you off better to clients. You'll here a set of bells, and each bell means something different. I'll go through them later, but one is for dinner time, one is to tell you to present yourself at the window, and one is to go to the front door to be let out."

Tonya guided her to one wall. "Here is the feeding area. You'll have to kneel to get your food." Rhianna looked down and could make out two dildoes sticking out of the wall. "One is for food, the other water." Rhianna realized she was going to have to suck on the dildoes to anything out of them. Finally, Tonya showed her an area of black in the corner. "This is where the panic button is. The room is monitored, but if you have any kind of problem, you can press the big button there. It's for things like odd pains, cramps, something like that. Don't use it unless it's an emergency."

So this is my world for the next few days, Rhianna thought. It's an odd place.

"I'll be back in about a hour or so to take you out to the exercise yard, okay?" Tonya said. She was so cheery, Rhianna felt better that she was going to be there with her.

"Here's one of the bells." Tonya apparently pressed a button on the wall outside the room. A chime sounded. "That's the call to come out of the room. You'll need to get up and face the door of the room so that you'll be ready to get out when someone, usually me, comes to get you. Don't dawdle; if it's not me, you might get punished for not obeying. See you in a bit."

Rhianna heard the door close behind her.

End Chapter 2

To Catch a Smuggler
By BlueWords

Chapter 3

True to her word, Tonya had talked a lot more with Rhianna; about the Kennel, about Tonya's life, about all sorts of things. The two of them had a horrific adventure, both captured by Atamo, and they hadn't talked about it very much at all. After they were rescued, Rhianna had come down kind of hard, and had taken a while to come to grips with what had happened to her. Tonya hadn't liked it the treatment, but she was more used to the lifestyle in general.

They spent several hours a day together, as Tonya had only the adopties to take care of (with help from a few others), and there weren't as many of them. By Rhianna's chart, Tonya was supposed to make sure that Rhianna got some exercise everyday. She could watch her in her room, or take her out to the yard after the general population Pets had gone back in. They talked about a lot of things, the conversations being mostly one-sided due to Rhianna's gag. Tonya gave her some pointers on the BDSM lifestyle.

"Safe, sane and consensual", Tonya told her. "At least, that's how it's supposed to be. Most of the people in the community practice that way. You get the weirdos like Atamo, or my ex-boyfriend, that don't care about other people sometimes, but if you were to meet someone that was part of the local BDSM community, they would be a different story."

Rhianna had never realized it was even this well organized. The Kennel wasn't the only place people brought their pets. There was a farm for the animal fetish types. And many people in the "community" got together regularly for parties and lunches. There were rules and regulations for slaves bound by contracts. Rhianna spent a lot of time in her room wondering what they all saw in this lifestyle. She didn't really like being tied up the way she was, it wasn't sexual stimulating for her at all, other than the slight thrill of being exposed, and the rubbing of the chastity strap. Tonya talked about it in generally glowing terms. She really enjoyed her job, where she spent two weeks on, basically 24 hours a day, and one week off.

Mostly, Rhianna was bored. There was time in the yard getting some exercise, and having Tonya talk to her, but most of her time was spent in her room. Definitely not cheaper than a hotel, Rhianna knew. She was glad the Kennel was picking up the tab for her.

Rhianna did find that, despite herself, kneeling and sucking on the food dispensing dildoes was stimulating, and at times she wished her hands were free so she could do something about it. For all the nudity at the Kennel, there was no sex allowed at all.

Tonya knew that Rhianna was going to have to pretend to be a submissive, so she tried to help her out by describing what it was like. She wasn't sure she was making sense. Finally she told Rhianna, "Just do what you're told. Whatever it is. You can hesitate a little, but you have to quickly give in. You are a submissive, and your master knows what is good for you." Rhianna promised herself that she would do that. Her refusal to obey Atamo had gotten Cory and her in trouble on the boat. They had dressed the part, but weren't prepared mentally.

Rhianna started hoping that Anderson would come and get her out of here. It was an odd feeling. She realized that she wanted to be doing something, and had to look at this like a weird extended surveillance.

Finally, after 5 days, her routine was broken. The special bell rang in her room for presentation. There were a few signals that slaves got taught if they were in the adoption ward. One meant they were to stand and present themselves to the back of their room, where Rhianna knew that the window was opened to allow viewing into the room. She stood there, realizing that she was showing off most of her nudity. Another bell, and she turned around and knelt down to get a drink of water. A different ring, and Rhianna crawled up to the window and pushed her head towards a small door just below it.

The small door was opened, and Rhianna knew that it revealed her masked face. Some clips were attached to her harness to prevent her from pulling back and her blinder was taken off. She knew, as a slave, she wasn't supposed to look a prospective master in the face, but Rhianna couldn't help but momentarily glance at the man before her.

Oddly enough, she couldn't really tell if it was Anderson or not. The man looking at her was wearing a mask that covered his head and let only his eyes show through. Rhianna quickly looked down. Of course, it's Anderson, she thought, they wouldn't show me to anyone else like this.

No one said anything for a few moments, and Rhianna was beginning to think that it had all been for nothing, that she had stayed there, tied up, and now Anderson wasn't as taken with her as they thought he'd be. Finally, the man said one word that strangely brought great joy to her.

"Perfect," he told the attendant. Rhianna was so relieved that she'd be getting to work at last, that it didn't immediately cross her mind that she'd just been sold.

While the man and the attendant left the room to arrange the final details, Rhianna's blindfold was put back on and she was allowed to go back into her room.

Agent Wilson came into the director's office. "The agents we have watching the Kennel report they sighted Anderson going in alone and coming out with a woman. By their description, it's agent Summer."

Assistant director Vessor looked thoughtful for a few moments. If this worked out well, then he would have - well, no use counting one's chickens before they're hatched.

"Good," he told Wilson. "Tell the agents they can end that surveillance, he won't be back there. Let's hope that she can find the information we need, and soon."

"Sir, I, well, I feel odd about sending agent Summer on this assignment, especially in light of what we've told -" Vessor cut him off.

"Agent Wilson, the ultimate responsibility for assigning agent Summer to this case it mine, and if necessary, I will answer for it. I think agent Summer can handle herself, and that she is in fact well suited for this job."

"But, she'll have to stay with him, regardless of when she actually finds the information. Until we catch him, she -"

"I'm sure agent Summer appreciates your concern, but I am also sure that she understood what she was getting into. I don't believe her situation is inherently dangerous, agent Wilson, but of course there are risks."

Wilson seemed unconvinced. He was about to argue something else, but realized that the situation was already too far gone. Regardless of the danger, Rhianna Summer was now deep undercover, and the only way out was to help them catch Anderson. Unhappy, Wilson turned and left the AD's office without saying anything else.

Vessor hoped Wilson would remain cool and level-headed about this. He probably would, he had no choice now but to accept the situation. Vessor hoped he had guessed right about Rhianna's abilities and adaptability. Her life, and possibly the lives of millions, not to mention Vessor's career, depended on it.

The car was limousine, with wide, comfortable leather seats. The driver had raised the privacy glass. Rhianna sat next to Matthew Anderson, slightly afraid of what might happen, knowing that she needed to respect and obey him. She figured her fear would add to the realism of her acting.

Rhianna had used her real first name at the Kennel. She knew she needed to respond to Anderson quickly, and she didn't need to waste time trying to figure out if he was calling her or not.

"Rhianna?" Anderson asked her. "That is a pretty name. It fits you, pet."  Rhianna sat next to him in the back of the car. Her hands were cuffed behind her, but otherwise, she was not bound. He had removed her sunglasses for her.

"Thank you, uh, sir," she said, uncertain of what to call him. Anderson noticed.

"Sir will do nicely. There may be times that I'll want you to call me something else, but I've never really liked 'master'."

"Yes, sir," she said, trying to be deferent.

"Don't be frightened, pet. I don't bite," he told her, adding, "too hard." A grin played across his lips. "Let's have a better look at you."

Rhianna was wearing a mumu type dress. They had handcuffed her, and draped the dress over her to hide her naked body and cuffed hands. Anderson reached down and pulled the dress up her legs, and Rhianna accommodated him by lifting up her bottom, allowing him to pull the dress up and off of her. He tossed the dress aside and turned to look at her.

"Nice, very nice," he told her, running his hands lightly over her breasts, causing her nipples to harden. Rhianna had thought long and hard about how she would react once in this situation, but now it didn't seem to matter. She couldn't fake either interest or disinterest. She finally decided that she would let herself pretend to like Anderson, and react otherwise how she might normal react to someone she liked. She reminded herself that she didn't need to like him, and didn't need to respond to him like a lover, at least at first. He wouldn't be expecting her to be in love with him at the start in any case. Still, his touch felt good.

Anderson continued to fondle her lightly. "Tell me a bit about your past masters," he asked her.

"Well, I, uh, sir, that is, uh, distracting, sir," she said, squirming slightly in her seat.

"Never the less, tell me." He didn't stop his wandering hands.

Rhianna, Wilson and Vessor (although, mostly Vessor) had come up with a background story on her. She was relatively new to the BDSM scene, still inexperienced. Her first master was nice at the start, but had gotten cruel. That would explain the scars on her body that hadn't healed yet, and the few than might never heal completely. Luckily, she'd gotten away from him. She wasn't turned off by having a bad experience, though, and sought out a kinder master. Her second master proved to be not 'masterly' enough, and they both eventually decided to split up. Rhianna hoped that putting herself up for adoption would help solve her problem. This is what she told Anderson, all the while trying to ignore his probing hands.

Anderson had nodded during her explanation, but not said anything. Now, still silent, he motioned for her to open her legs. His fingers slid over her trimmed pubic hair and over her vaginal lips. Despite herself, Rhianna had responded to his touch. She had been denied release at the Kennel, and hadn't had much of any kind of relationship for a while. Being fondled in such an overt manner was turning her on.

Anderson slid a finger into her vagina. She was wet, much to her embarrassment, and the finger entered easily. He brought the finger up and rubbed her clitoris with it. Rhianna moaned, and fought to keep her composure. Anderson kept up his fingering her, and Rhianna found that he was quickly bringing her to orgasm. Rhianna knew from Tonya that some masters teased there submissives, and that in general, they weren't allowed to come without permission.

"Sir, I -" she began.

"Come for me, pet. I want you to come, now." His voice was gentle and soothing, his hands seem to know just what to do. Rhianna could hold back no longer. She forgot she was in the back seat of a car, forgot they were driving through a crowded city. She leaned her head back and moaned out her orgasm.

When she regained her composure enough to open her eyes again, she noticed Anderson watching her, his fingers still inside her. Seeing her look at him, he removed his hand and held the fingers up to her mouth, still glistening with her juices. Rhianna had failed this test before, and although she would have preferred not to do it, she would not fail again.

She opened her mouth, and sucked his fingers in, licking them clean. She tasted herself; salty, slightly sweet. Not bad, just not something she really wanted to do. But that was what this whole assignment was about, wasn't it. Subverting herself and doing whatever was asked of her. She hoped the millions of lives she was saving appreciated her sacrifice, even if they would never know about it.

Anderson reached down and inserted a finger into her again. He brought it out, but instead of offering it to her, he sucked on it himself. "Mmmm. I'll have to taste more of that later," he told her. "Looks like we're here," he said, glancing out the limo's darkened windows. They had driven into an underground parking area, and the limo driver pulled up close to the elevators. Anderson got out, then reached in to help Rhianna out. He made no move to put her dress back on.

It took all of her will not to jump back into the relative safety of the car. She was naked, her hands cuffed behind her, out in a public place. "Your master knows what's best," she remembered Tonya saying. Steeling herself, she walked to the elevators, with Anderson lightly holding her arm.

The ride up to his apartment was nerve-wracking for her. She kept worrying about someone getting onto the elevator with them. The elevator's mirrors reflected her nakedness back at her. As they walked down the hall, she worried that someone would come out of another apartment. Finally, she knew that there was nothing she could do about it even if it happened. Anderson evidently wasn't worried, but oddly enough, she felt a big sense of relief when they closed the door of his apartment behind them, and she was completely alone with him at last.

End Chapter 3

To Catch a Smuggler
By BlueWords

Chapter 4

Rhianna looked around at the apartment. It was nicely furnished. A bit more Spartan than she might have done but tastefully done. The furniture was good quality with out appearing ostentatious. It didn't seem like a dungeon, and she didn't notice any hooks on the walls or chains lying around.

Anderson left her standing by the door and walked over to a wet bar. "Would you like something to drink?" he asked her. She stepped into the room, trying to take everything in. Here she was, naked, hands cuffed behind her, and he was acting as if this was a normal, everyday occurrence. Perhaps for him it was.

"Please," she answered. She had been about to ask for wine, if he had it, but she realized that she wasn't supposed to ask for things like that. Being a submissive was hard for her, and she constantly had to be on her toes. Strangely enough, he brought her a glass of red wine. As she couldn't hold the glass, he held it up to her lips and tipped it so she could drink.

"Thank you, sir," she said politely. Be overly polite, she told herself. He set the glasses down.

"I imagine it will take a little getting used to. I'll explain your duties later. I had actually planned on waiting for a week or so before seeking a slave, but for several reasons I decided to look this week. I'm so glad I did," he said, adding, "you might have been gone if I had waited too long." He fondled breasts, then pulled her close to him, one hand grabbing her ass, the other guiding her neck while his mouth hungrily devoured hers. His tongue met hers and Rhianna lost her breath.

If she had had a rational thought right then it might have been, "God, he's a great kisser." As it was, she found herself surrendering to his kiss, forgetting for a moment why she was even there. Finally, he let her go, and she took a moment to get her bearings.

"Kneel, please," he told her. Rhianna knelt on the carpet. She was about to pull her legs together, but realized as a slave that she wasn't allowed modesty. Instead, she forced herself to spread her knees apart. Anderson undid his zipper and pulled out his semi-erect cock.

Very briefly, she considered the utter perversity of the situation. She wasn't happy about being there, but giving him a blowjob was going to help save lives. She didn't think she would mind if this were a normal relationship, so she tried to keep that in mind as she began. This is where my practice on the food and water dispensers will pay off, she thought, perversely.

She took the head into her mouth and gently licked it, then sucked some more of the now hard member into her. Anderson let her do all the work, and evidently she was doing a good job. She looked up at him, but his head was tilted back, mouth slightly open. After a few minutes, she felt him tense, and he shot his load into her mouth, down her throat. She was able to swallow him easily, and she thanked the "training" she'd gotten at the Kennel. She decided she had not found the experience unpleasant, given the circumstances.

Anderson recovered, pulled out of her mouth and zipped himself back up. He went and sat on the couch and picked up his drink. "I made a good choice," he told her, motioning for her to come over to him.

She crawled on her knees over to where he sat and laid her head on his leg. Anderson gently petted her hair. Rhianna was surprised at herself for getting into her role so easily, for doing what she did so readily, but mostly, for enjoying it as much as she did. The revulsion she had thought she would have wasn't there. Being Atamo's captive had been hell, everyday. This was so much different, like night and day. She wasn't quite here willingly, but she wasn't quite a captive either. Mostly she was confused about how to feel.

She decided just to enjoy it for the moment.

Anderson explained her duties around the apartment when she was not otherwise engaged. She was to clean up the place and generally do maid duties. She was also to be the cook, although he had simple tastes and wasn't expecting her to be a gourmet chef. Rhianna bristled a bit at that, she was a pretty good cook, and vowed to show him when she got the chance.

He had taken her into the bedroom and removed her handcuffs, but quickly replaced them with leather restraints. She was now wearing a collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. A hobble chain, slightly longer than the one she wore at the Kennel, connected her ankles, and her wrists had a six inch chain between them. In addition, he had her put on 4 inch heels.

"Luckily, you're about the same size as my last slave," he told her. Actually, the shoes were a little tight, and he said they'd go and get her her own pair the next day. Rhianna had some trouble walking in them, she wasn't used to wearing heels that high, and she'd been barefoot at the Kennel.

Throughout it all, he couldn't seem to keep his hands off of her. He was always fondling her, kissing her nipples or her neck, rubbing his hand over her ass. Rhianna found that all the attention made it hard for her to think. She was constantly in a state of arousal. The fact that he kept his clothes on and she was always nude didn't help matters any. She found that it was easier to fake interest in him than she had thought it would be.

While he was putting her cuffs on, Rhianna decided to ask him some questions, to see if she could get any idea of something going on.

"Sir, permission to speak?" Rhianna asked.

He looked at her a bit quizzically. "Oh, yeah, sure," he said after a moment. "Listen, I might demand a lot out of you, but the not speaking thing, well, I don't really get into that. One of the things I do like is conversation. I make ask you to be quiet at times, but in general, you can talk about whatever's on your mind. Usually, if I want you quiet, I'll gag  you." He looked at her a moment. "You know, you're a bit of a puzzle."

Rhianna was a little surprised. She hoped that she hadn't done something to give herself away. "What do you mean, sir?"

"Well, you're about the most polite sub I've had, and yet, it seems like you're struggling in some ways."

"I'm new at this, sir," she answered carefully, "I, I guess I'm not sure how I should act all the time." Then she added, "I want to learn, sir."

Anderson looked at her up and down, then motioned her to spread her legs. Putting his hand on her neck, he bent her over at the waist. "Grab your ankles," he told her. Rhianna tried to, but the chain on her wrists prevented that. She settled for grabbing her hobble chain. She felt his hand roam over her buttocks. "Are you mine?" he asked her.

Feebly, she answered "Yes, sir."

"You'll do whatever I want, and I can do whatever I want with you?" His hands lightly massaged her butt cheeks. The threat of a spanking his massage implied scared her a little.

"Yes, sir," she answered, more strongly this time. He let his hand wander down to her vagina, and slowly inserted a finger. He pushed the finger in and out of her a few times, then trailed the slick digit up over her anus, continuing around and down her back, almost to her shoulder blades. The hand was suddenly back on her buttocks, and Rhianna almost gasped, afraid the spanking was going to start.

"Well, good," he said, finally. "That's all you need to know." He pulled on her collar, motioning her to stand up again.

Rhianna was visibly relieved. She stood awhile, unsure of whether she should move or not. She remembered what she was going to ask him. "Uh, sir, I was wondering, well, you said that there were several reasons you picked out a submissive today, and I was just wondering what they were."

"Yes, well, let's see. I had a very good lover and submissive until just recently, but she had a change of heart, something to do with family problems, I believe. I was sorry to see her go, to tell you the truth, but these things happen, and I suppose that in a way, we were growing a bit apart. That's one reason. Another is that there is a party coming up, tomorrow in fact, and I like to attend as part of a couple. We'll have to get you ready for it tomorrow."

Rhianna felt her face go white. A party? She pictured some kind of orgy, of having to have sex with many other men, maybe women. She never would have signed up if she had known that.

As if he could read her mind, Anderson answered her fears. "Oh, god, don't worry about that, pet," he said, grabbing her chin and looking into her eyes. "I'm a selfish master. Others can look, but not touch. I'll want you all for myself, all right?"

Rhianna clamed down quickly. She found herself trusting this man. A man she knew smuggled dangerous weapons into the country. She had a hard time reconciling her two views of him.

"Anyway," he continued, "I really do need someone here during the day to clean up. I prefer my maids naked and in chains." He smiled at her. "Finally, I'm pretty horny, and like to keep someone around." At that, he grabbed her neck and kissed her deeply. When he finally let got, Rhianna found she was dizzy. He patted her on the butt. "Why don't you go and make dinner, and I can see how well you cook?" he said.

Rhianna shook herself, then shuffled off to the kitchen to see what he had to make.

Rhianna managed to cook up a pretty good dinner with what Anderson had in the kitchen. It wasn't fancy but it was tasty. She had to adjust to cooking with a chain restricting her reach, and being in the nude. She found herself wondering what was going to happen that night. To save lives, she had volunteered to become a slave to this man. That included the probable event of her having sex with him. She originally had steeled herself to the inevitability of the event. She had hated every day on Atamo's boat, but this was so different she didn't know what to think. So far, what she had seen of Anderson led her to believe he was in general, a nice guy. If she had met him under other circumstances, she would have probably talked with him, even accepted an invitation to dinner. He was suave and handsome and so far, a good lover. Knowing he was a weapons smuggler soured her feelings for him. That part of his life didn't jive well with the rest of what she knew of him.

In the end, she had to resign herself to doing whatever he wanted her to, at least for the duration of the assignment.

She was about to serve dinner when she thought of something else Tonya had told her. "Try not to make any assumptions." She shuffled into the living room where Anderson was watching TV.

"Sir, dinner is almost ready," she told him.

"Good, good. I'll have a beer along with it, as well."

"Yes, sir," she answered. "Sir, I was wondering, should I set out one place or two?"

"Two will be fine," he replied.

She went back and set up the table, and placed the plates of food down as he approached and took his chair. She brought him his beer. Before she could take her seat, he stopped her.

"Come here," he said. She stood beside him, and he removed the chain from between her hands. "Turn around, hands behind you." He attached the chain again, locking her hands behind her back. "Kneel here, facing me." She knelt down, legs spread wide, butt resting on her heels. He reached over and pulled the second plate of food nearer to his, then began eating.

She sat there for several minutes, watching him eat, getting hungrier by the minute. For his part, he continued eating, smiling at her, occasionally telling her how good the food was. Finally, her stomach growling, she asked him for something.

"Please, sir, may I have some food?"

"Yes, of course," he answered, amused. He cut a few bites from her plate and feed them to her. The food really was good, and getting a few bites had only made her hungrier. After a little while longer, it became clear to her that he was only going to feed her if she begged.

"Please, sir, may I have some more food?" she asked again. He gave her a few more bites. The entire meal followed that pattern. She would wait until he finished several forkfuls before asking for some of her own. It was odd, but seemed to amuse him.

After they were both done, he had her get up and he reattached the chain in front of her so she could clean up. After she was finished in the kitchen, she went to find him sitting on the couch, watching the international news. Unsure of what to do, she knelt on the floor beside him. He watched for about a half hour before seeming satisfied, then said, "Time for bed." They both got up and she followed him into the bedroom.

Anderson released her hands and feet so Rhianna could get ready for bed. He even had a new toothbrush for her. Once in bed, he had her lie on her stomach, and put her hands behind her. He clipped them together, and then attached her ankle cuffs together as well. Anderson was wearing pajama bottoms. He lay down beside her and said goodnight. Rhianna thought about trying to stay awake until he went to sleep, but she quickly fell asleep herself.

End Chapter 4

To Catch a Smuggler
By BlueWords

Chapter 5

A slap on her butt woke Rhianna somewhat rudely. "Bathroom, then breakfast," Anderson told her. She was surprised to find that he'd already removed the chains between her cuffs. She was slightly disoriented, but quickly remembered where she was and who she was supposed to be. Her nudity in front of a strange man bothered her for a few seconds, until she realized she'd been naked since the previous day in front of him, and really for about a week, since she entered the Kennel. Anderson was still in his pajama bottoms, seemingly just awake himself.

She quickly took care of her bathroom needs, then headed out to the kitchen to scrounge up some breakfast. For some reason, she thought, I didn't expect to become a slave cook. The idea seemed funny to her and she was smiling when she served Anderson his breakfast. He had gotten the newspaper and was sitting at the table reading it as she served him.

"What's so funny, pet?" he asked her, setting aside the paper.

"Oh, sir, I wasn't expecting to have to cook so much. It's almost like I'm you slave." She giggled.

"Come here, you," he said, grabbing her wrist. He sat her in his lap and began eating breakfast. One hand held the fork, alternating bites between her and himself. His other hand gently roamed over her body.

"I'm going to have to take care of some business this morning, so I'm going to leave you here, tied up, of course. Later we'll go shopping for your wardrobe for the party tonight."

"What kind of work do you do, sir?"

"I'm in the importing business. All sorts of things, but mostly art, cultural pieces, things like that."

"That sounds interesting, I'd love to see your office." She didn't think he'd take her there, but she did want to try and get him talking about his work as much as she could.

"Well, I don't have much of an office really, except for here. I just need to make the arrangements, sometimes handle delivery for picky clients. I do most everything from here. Miracle of modern technology," he said, pointing to his computer. "That and the cell phone, and I don't really need an office."

She asked more questions about his work, if he had any examples of things he brought in, was anything interesting coming in soon. She tried to sound interested and not interrogating. He didn't seem to notice or care, but gave only vague answers to most of her inquiries. Finally, smiling, he said, "I may need to gag you after all, what with the third degree and all."

"I'm sorry sir, please forgive your - pet," she replied, trying to appear contrite.

"That's okay." He reached up and pulled her head to his, kissing her deeply. She felt him harden beneath her, but oddly enough, he did nothing but kiss her. Then he motioned for her to get off his lap. "Clean up in here, then come into the bathroom." He got up and headed for the bedroom, leaving her in the kitchen.

After she finished, she went to the bathroom. Anderson was getting towels out. Apparently he was planning on them both taking a shower. He started the water, then unlocked her cuffs, leaving her completely naked. "After you," he said. She went into the shower and stood under the spray. It felt good to be taking a nice hot shower. Anderson came in behind her, so she moved out of the way.

Trying to imagine what a submissive might do, Rhianna grabbed the soap and started to soap him up. He let her wash him, turning around for her. She knelt down to get his legs and feet, and his penis, still half erect from breakfast, began to stiffen. "I think you missed a spot," he said, indicating his penis. She soaped it up, and stroked it, fondling his testicles. He squirmed a bit, and turned to rinse the soap off. "A little more detailed cleaning is called for." She nodded, taking him in her mouth. She thought back to other men she'd been intimate with. She had usually enjoyed oral sex, especially when it was reciprocated. Here, she had to make sure she pleased, with no expectations in return. She felt herself getting turned on despite that.

He didn't taste like the food she had at the kennel, he was more earthy or something, she couldn't decide exactly what. Oh cripes, she thought briefly, here I am on my knees comparing come taste.

"Jesus, you're good," he said, leaning against the shower wall to recover.

"Thank you, sir," she said, still kneeling.

"Here, stand up." He took the soap from her and soaped her body. His hands felt good, and he paid close attention to her breasts, crotch and ass. He rubbed her clitoris a little while, but only enough to make her horny. Finishing up, he whispered in her ear, "Tonight." She wasn't sure what he meant, and he offered no further explanation.

They finished their shower, and she toweled him off before grabbing her own towel to dry herself.

"I'm impressed. You learn fast for a 'beginner'."

"Thank you, sir," she told him again. Once she was dry, he locked her cuffs and collar back on her, but left the connecting chains off.

"In here, pet," he told her, walking into the bedroom. He had laid out what looked like two belts and two dildoes on the bed. Rhianna recognized that the belts would make a chastity belt. Is he going to put those in me first? she wondered.
The answer was yes. He fastened a wide belt around her waist, cinching it tight. "Bend over, lean on the bed," he told her. She felt him rub some lubricant on her anus, and then slowly push a thin dildo in. "Just relax, this is small," he said. She had never had anything bigger than a finger in her ass, and it felt very weird. He then pushed the other dildo slowly into her cunt. It wasn't very thick, but was the first thing she'd had in her in some time. Making sure they didn't fall out, he took the other belt and attached it front and back, locking the dildoes in place. "Stand," he bid her.

Rhianna stood. She felt very odd indeed, doubly penetrated as she was. He attached her hobble chain again, and the 6-inch chain between her wrists. Then he hooked the wrist chain to the belt, restricting further the range of her hands. The belts were finally locked in place with small locks. Rhianna wasn't going to get out of this without a key.

"At last, but not least," he said, holding up a ring gag. She had never seen one before, but could guess what it was for. Rhianna frowned, but opened her mouth. He buckled the gag on. She was now about as tied up as she had been in the Kennel.

"Now, while I'm gone, I'd like you to get familiar with the apartment. The shelves and tables need dusting, I think. You'll find what you'll need in the kitchen under the sink. After I get back, we'll go shopping for some clothes for you to wear to the party. I shouldn't be gone for more than an hour or two."

Rhianna nodded, almost a bow, as she was used to the more restrictive posture collar at the Kennel.

Anderson went off to his closet to get dressed, so Rhianna went to find a dust rag.

He left her as she was trying to wipe the coffee table clean. It wasn't easy tied up the way she was, and she had to kneel and lean over it.

"God, you have a gorgeous ass," he said before he left. "And that gag, I may have to try it out when I get back."

Rhianna tried to say something, but only an unintelligible noise came out through the gag.

"Oh, what's that, you'd like that very much?" he asked in a mocking tone. Rhianna knew he was kidding around, but was unsure how to respond. She decided to nod yes. It was, when she thought about it, a truthful reply. "Even as horny as I am, I think I'll save up for the party tonight." Rhianna nodded again, and he turned and headed for the door. "See you in a bit," he called out as he left. Before he left, he set the security system to the apartment.

The first thing Rhianna checked out was the security system. From what she could tell, it was a pretty good set up. It looked fairly tamper-proof. Rhianna knew that with the right tools, someone could bypass it, but this system was set to slow them down as much as possible, and it seemed like it would indicate tampering in an obvious manner. She wondered how the agents had gotten into the apartment without alerting Anderson. Probably why they hadn't been able to stay very long or get much information.

After cleaning off the table and a few shelves, Rhianna started to look around to see if she could come up with any clues. She looked over his desk where his computer was. It was turned off, and she didn't have any idea of the type of security it might have. Maybe later, if she knew she had more time. There was a phone there, and the normal pens, pencils, stapler and tape dispenser of an 'office' type desktop. There were a few stacks of papers on the desk, but nothing that looked like a schedule or delivery. In fact, there didn't seem to be any work related papers on the desk at all, and the drawers were locked. She wondered if the security system extended to the desk.

She looked into the bookshelves, but the dust indicated that nothing there had been disturbed in a while. She cleaned while she looked, knowing that she had to keep up appearances. After her first efforts, she decided that she would have to gain access to his computer. Maybe she could feign interest in wanting to play some game, or in email or something.

Throughout her search, Rhianna was continually distracted by the dildoes in her. They kept her aroused, but weren't enough by themselves to cause her to achieve orgasm. This annoyed her to no end. She wondered if his promise of "tonight" meant they were going to have sex. Then she thought about the party, and wondered what was going to happen there. This is all so bizarre, she thought.

After two hours or fruitless searching, she heard his key in the lock of the door. She went to a shelf and pretended to just be finishing up.

"Still at it? I guess it's harder to do with your hands chained up like that." She nodded, showing him that she couldn't reach every shelf. "Oh, can't reach, huh? I can fix that." He took a set of keys out of his pocket and unlocked the chain holding her hands to the belt. Then he took that chain and attached it to her collar. Now, her hands could reach higher, but were still held in check. "Finish up the top shelves," he said.

Rhianna watched him walk over and sit down in front of his computer and turn it on. She tried to watch what he did, but didn't have a good angle to see. From what she could tell, he didn't seem to have typed in a password. Rhianna made her way over to him as she cleaned. When she finally could see what was on his screen, she was surprised.

He was playing solitaire. No secret plans or business software. Just a card game. He caught her looking at him. "You almost finished?" he asked. She looked around. She'd done most of the places she could reach. She nodded yes. "Good, we can go shopping now, I guess." She tried to give him a questioning look, then look at the computer screen. "You know, I can't understand a word you're saying. Come here." She walked up, and he reached up and removed the gag.

She worked her jaw a bit, then said, "Thank you, sir."

"You had a question? Wanted to suggest the 5 of clubs on the 6 of hearts?"

"I was just wondering, well, I thought you'd be using it for business, sir," she stated.

"Hell, I'm lucky if I can bring up the solitaire program. I've never been very good with computers. Someone said I needed one, so I got one, but I usually only use it for email."

"You don't keep your accounts or schedules on it?"

"No, I've stuck to paper." He unlocked a drawer and pulled out a folder. "Just like this. It's easier for me."

"I would have thought having a billing system might be useful to you."

"Well, I don't know. It takes some time to settle accounts, but I can do fine with paper. Do you know how to do that stuff?"

"I've done some of it," she said. Rhianna knew computers pretty well, and she thought he might give her access to his. He was probably telling the truth about not knowing much how to use it, but she decided it wouldn't hurt to snoop around, and she might be able to read his email for clues.

"Maybe I'll let you set something up for me in a week or so. For now, lets go get you a dress for tonight."

She followed him into the bedroom. He had her stand near the bed, then he went into his closet and rummaged around for some clothes. He came back, laid the clothes on the bed and proceeded to remove all of her restraints. "How did you like these?" he asked her of the dildoes.

"They were - distracting, sir," she replied.

"That all? Next time I'll have to turn them on." Rhianna was surprised. She had a hard enough time getting around with those things in her. If they were turned on, she didn't think she'd be able to stand.

"Stay there," he said after she was nude again. He got some things from a dresser drawer and brought it back. One was a bracelet, that he closed around her wrist. She held up her hand to look at it. It appeared to be silver, a nice design, with a small loop to one side. She noticed that it locked on. The other item was a black choker that he placed around her neck. "It's just symbolic, but I want you to have a reminder." He reached for the clothes on the bed. "Put these on," he told her.

There was a white blouse that was close to her size, and a short black skirt that also fit fairly well. "Luckily, you're the about the same size as my previous pet," he said. He handed her the same shoes she'd worn the previous day. "We'll get you a better size while we're out."

Rhianna looked at herself in the mirror. I looked pretty good, she thought. It was a simple outfit, but it made her feel sexy. She wondered briefly what Agent Wilson or Assistant Directory Vessor would think. With the surveillance on Anderson, they'll probably have photos soon enough.

Agent Wilson called Vessor on his cell phone. Vessor picked up on the first ring.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Sir, He took agent Summer out. They took a cab to Macys, and we lost them in the store. We think they've left, and we're not sure where they've gone."

"Damn. Well, nothing to do but continue the watch on the building, and hope agent Summer can discover his plans."

"Yes, sir."

"Why all the running around, sir?" Rhianna asked Anderson. They were sitting in another taxi, heading to where, Rhianna didn't know.

"I have odd rivals in my business. It's - well, hard to explain. I'm just very careful when I go out."

Rhianna nodded. After they had gotten in the second cab, Anderson had attached a short leash to the bracelet on her wrist. She simply accepted it. The cab brought them to a small store. The sign said "Cynthia's", but Rhianna couldn't tell what the store might sell from the outside. Anderson led her in to the store by the leash, which embarrassed her some.

It was a small clothing store, and a woman approached Anderson as soon as they entered.

"Matthew, how good it is to see you again. You're right on time. What have we here?" she asked, referring to Rhianna. The woman approached Anderson and feigned a kiss on each cheek. Then she looked Rhianna up and down. "Oh, she's a pretty one, Matthew. What are we going to do for her today?"

"She needs her hair done, shoes, and a new dress, for the party tonight."

"Oh, darling, yes, I do believe I have some things that will look just wonderful on her." The woman turned to Rhianna. "Do be a dear and go take your clothes off in the changing room. Continue on through into the tryout room and I'll be right there, all right?"

Rhianna nodded and went to the changing room. She took the blouse and skirt off and hung them up. She kicked the tight shoes off, glad to be out of them. Her feet hurt from walking in them, especially since she wasn't used to heels. She didn't want to leave the confines of the changing room, now that except for her choker, she was nude. She wondered how many more people were going to see her body before this assignment was through.

She reluctantly left the changing room and found the tryout room. The entire room was wall-to-wall mirrors, reflecting her body back to her. In the center of the room was a slightly raised platform. Rhianna wanted to run, but instead stood near the platform and waited, observing at how she looked. Not too bad, she thought. The woman walked in holding several dresses, followed by Anderson.

"Oh, Matthew, she is gorgeous. Where ever did you find her?"

"At the Kennel, Sylvia. She was an adoptie." Both Anderson and Sylvia were openly admiring Rhianna's body, and she felt self-conscious about her nudity.

"Who would ever have given her up, Matthew? What a fool he was. If I had seen her there, I'd have picked her for my own." Sylvia came up to Rhianna and walked around her, studying her. Rhianna jumped slightly when the other woman traced one of her long scars down her back. Rhianna looked at Anderson with pleading eyes.

"It's all right, pet. Sylvia likes to joke."

"Oh, I'm harmless, dear, mostly. You're very lucky to have Matthew here as your master."

"Why do you say that, ma'am?" Rhianna asked her.

"He'll never do this to you, dear," she answered, touching a scar line on her back. "Let's try these on, shall we?"

Rhianna found herself warming up to Sylvia more and more as she tried on the clothes. All of the dresses seemed very expensive, perhaps designer gowns. Sylvia always had a comment about the dress, and Anderson sat back and watched the show. They finally decided on a silver, shimmery dress that tied on the sides. It was long, but slit up the side, and showed more flesh than any other party dress Rhianna had been in. But she had to admit it did look good on her. Rhianna realized that it would be easy for her to get out of this dress, even if she were tied up, and wondered if that was its purpose.

After they had decided on a dress, Anderson said he had some things to do and would be back in a few hours. He kissed Rhianna on her cheek before he left, whispering "You look great," in her ear. A little louder, he told her, "You do what she says, all right? I'll be back soon."

After he left, Sylvia told her "Take the dress off, and come with me."

End Chapter 5

To Catch a Smuggler
By BlueWords

Chapter 6

Sylvia took the dress from her and walked into another room. There, she put the dress in a box that said "Cynthia's" on it. Rhianna was holding back a little, not quite sure what she should be doing. Sylvia noticed this.

"Come on, dear, I won't bite," she said, "not too hard, in any case." She smiled, and Rhianna became just a little more worried. Still, she stepped up to the other woman.

"You really are delicious, little one," Sylvia told her. Rhianna was actually an inch or two taller than the other woman, even though Sylvia was wearing heels. "If it weren't for Matthew's possessiveness, I'd have you between my legs right now. Alas, the customer is always right." She turned and went into a part of the store that the shoes were on display in. Rhianna followed her. She was a little concerned about being naked in the store, but apparently this store catered to masters and slaves, so Rhianna figured that she wasn't going to surprise any customers. In fact, there didn't seem to be anyone else in the store right now. At least there weren't any windows to the street.

Sylvia picked out a few pairs of shoes for Rhianna to try on. There were no chairs, so Rhianna had to put on the shoes standing up. The first pair were black, and had 4 inch heels. Rhianna didn't think they went with the silver dress.

"Those will replace those awful ones you came in with, my dear."

"Yes, ma'am," Rhianna answered, thinking she should probably speak every once in a while.

"You may call me Mistress Sylvia, dear," Sylvia told her.

"Yes, Mistress Sylvia," Rhianna replied. This brought a wide smile to Sylvia's lips.

"I'm simply going to have to ask Matthew to borrow you a while," she said softly. Rhianna hoped that Matthew would remain steadfast in his "possessiveness". It suddenly hit her that this assignment would likely be over before that became a problem. I'm not his slave, she reminded herself, I'm just pretending to be.

"Let me see you walk around in them," Sylvia bade her. Rhianna strode around the room a while, having some dificulty.

"You're not used to heels, are you dear?"

"No, Mistress Sylvia." Over the next fifteen minutes, Sylvia gave her pointers in walking in the shoes. Rhianna noticed that walking in the shoes seemed to add a natural sway to her ass. Is that what men like? she wondered.

Sylvia chose a pair to match the dress, then put them in their own boxes. Then Rhianna followed her to yet another room. It looked like a normal beauty shop, with a few modifications. Sylvia took her to a chair in front of a sink.

"Sit here a while, I'll get someone to do your hair." After she sat down, Sylvia hooked a short chain from the arm of the chair to her bracelet, then walked off. Rhianna examined the chain and discovered it was locked to the ring in her bracelet. She wasn't going anywhere for a while.

Less than a minute after she was left there, a young woman came in. She was dressed in an apron that covered her front and her rear end, but it was clear she wasn't wearing anything else underneath. She had leather cuffs on wrists and ankles, and a collar locked around her neck.

"I'll be doing your hair, miss," the woman told Rhianna politely.

Having her hair washed, her scalp massaged felt wonderful, and Rhianna didn't want it to end. After she was done, the woman released Rhianna's wrist and took her to a salon chair. The woman didn't cut much from Rhianna's hair, it was fairly short still, from having been shaved off on Atamo's boat. She had noted that her hair had grown longer than Tonya's had.

Rhianna found that really liked the style when the woman finished. The other woman hadn't said more than necessary during the cut, and Rhianna didn't push it. She supposed that the stylist was a worker like those in the Kennel, or maybe even one of Sylvia's slaves (or Cynthia's, whoever she was).

The woman indicated for Rhianna to spread her legs, and proceeded to trim her pubic hair. When she was done, it was in the shape of a small triangle pointing down to her vagina. Rhianna wondered if it would itch later. Then the woman began to apply wax around her more tender parts, and Rhianna wanted desperately to close her legs. The wax was warm, and she had never had this done before. She wasn't sure she could trust this woman. The woman, for her part, was being very careful not to hurt Rhianna at all. If Rhianna were to get hurt in any way, the woman would be punished.

Rhianna was surprised that the waxing didn't hurt very much. A slight stinging when the wax was pulled off, but otherwise it was fine. After she was done with that, the woman put lotion on Rhianna's legs and shaved them smooth. She did the same for Rhianna's armpits. Rhianna wasn't used to getting so much attention to her appearance, but she found that she liked it.

The young woman left Rhianna chained to the salon chair, and went to get Sylvia.

After ten minutes or so, Sylvia came and freed Rhianna from the chair.

"You look delicious, child," she told Rhianna.

"Thank you, Mistress Sylvia," Rhianna responded politely. "Mistress, may I ask you something?"

"But of course, girl, what is it?"

"How well do you know Math-, I mean my master? I've only been with him a few days."

"Yes, I know. Well, he's a gentle man, in general. He is a bit demanding when he plays, but never cruel. He likes to show his slaves off, at least at parties, thus the full treatment you've received. During the rest of the time, he's fairly private. I don't really know much beyond what I've observed during our social occasions."

"Thank you, Mistress Sylvia," Rhianna said. It actually put her mind a bit more at ease. At least it was unlikely she'd be whipped while with Anderson.

"Well, seeing as Matthew is not back yet, and we need to find something for you to do, don't we?" Rhianna was sure she didn't like the implication of that. She followed Sylvia into the mirrored room, and Sylvia directed her to stand on the platform there. "Now, what can we do? Oh, I know. Why don't you masturbate for me, dear?" She had made the request as if it was the most normal thing in the world to ask.

"Mistress Sylvia, I, I don't think I can, I-"

"Nonsense, dear, I'm sure you're quite capable. And what did Matthew say before he left? 'You do what she says, all right?' I believe were his words." Sylvia took a seat and looked expectantly at Rhianna.

Rhianna slowly moved her hand down to her freshly trimmed pubic hair. She was not lubricated at all, so she licked her finger to make it easier to rub herself. Throughout it all, she had a slightly pained expression on her face. She wanted to be anywhere but there right then.

"Dear child, do please try to smile. You act as if you've never had an audience before."

"Mistress, I haven't," Rhianna answered.

A curious look came over Sylvia's face, and she studied the nude woman in front of her for a while. "You should think of this as practice for tonight, then. Do you realize what might occur at the party?" Rhianna shook her head no.

"Well, then, try to think of Matthew, then. His strong arms around you, his hard penis thrusting inside you, his mouth upon your breast." Despite herself, Rhianna found the picture the other woman was painting erotic, and she closed her eyes to picture it better. It was strange but it was turning her on. Matthew hadn't made love to her yet, and she wondered what he would be like. The penis she'd had in her mouth, thrusting deep inside her vagina. She began to rub a little faster, and her other hand rose of it's own accord to her breast, playing over her nipples. She almost forgot she was standing in a room full of mirrors in front of another woman. Almost.

After a few minutes, Rhianna began to moan lightly. "That's it my dear. Fuck yourself." Rhianna opened her eyes in surprise, to find Sylvia standing only a foot or so away. She was surprised to hear the other woman curse. She did not stop what she was doing, however.

Some small part of her thought about the absurdity of the situation, standing there, trying hard to bring herself to orgasm, another woman watching her so closely. That small part was overwhelmed by the approaching waves of pleasure. Her moans got a little louder.

Right before the orgasm hit, her eyes were closed, and she was thinking of Anderson, inside her. "Oh god, Matthew," she said breathlessly as she came, falling to her knees. After it was over, she found herself very surprised that she had been able to do it, and how strong the feelings were. She shook her head slightly.

"That was wonderful, dear, absolutely wonderful," Sylvia told her.

"Yes it was," a male voice came from the doorway.

Rhianna's eyes flew wide, her finger still inside her. She felt her a hot flush cover her body from head to toe. Anderson walked over to her.

"Here, pet, stand up, and go get dressed, okay?"

She nodded dumbly. "Yes, sir," she whispered to him. She managed to walk to the changing room without stumbling.

"Curious girl, Matthew, but superb," she heard Sylvia say. She did not hear Anderson's reply.

Wearing her blouse and skirt, her new black shoes, and carrying her outfit for the party in its boxes, Rhianna left Cynthia's with Anderson, going  to lunch. They picked a small French restaurant a few blocks away. Anderson ordered for both of them, in French, so Rhianna didn't know what she was going to have until it came. It turned out to be a light salad and cold, but tasty soup. She was very hungry.

"Sylvia overstepped her bounds with that stunt," Anderson told her. "Still, I'm very proud of you, pet," he said, smiling at her. His smile was infectious, and she smiled back.

"Thank you, sir," she said, almost meaning it. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, a small voice was saying "weapons smuggler", and she was wishing that voice would shut up and let her enjoy lunch.

"Sylvia found you kind of curious," he told her. "She told me you didn't seem familiar with the lifestyle, but that you tried very hard."

Rhianna thought about what her response should be. Stick to her story first, then be as truthful as possible. "I guess I'm not that familiar with the 'lifestyle', sir. My first master was only into whipping, and my second was not really heavily into anything, himself. I needed something more. He didn't know very much, except he knew about the Kennel. I decided that it might be the thing to try."

"So tell me, what was your first bondage experience?"

"My first boyfriend, sir. He was a nice boy, and once he tried tying my hands together with his shirt. My orgasm was so loud, we almost got caught by his parents." Okay, so no truth so far, but Anderson seemed to be buying it. Not a bad story in any case. "We broke up for other reasons, and I couldn't find a boyfriend to, well, dominate me until my first master. Then, he went too far, and I had to literally run away from him. My second master promised he wouldn't mistreat me. I think he wanted me to fall in love with him, but I really don't think he was my type."

"What about me?" he asked.


"Am I your type?"

Rhianna paused. In truth, he was. If he was not a criminal, Rhianna would have loved being with him, maybe even playing some 'games' like they were doing, although not all the time like he expected. Maybe that meant he wasn't her type. "I don't know, sir. I do like you."

He nodded, and hoped the truth was the right answer. "I like you, too, pet." He took a sip from his drink. "We'll see how it goes, all right?"

Rhianna nodded.

"We'll head back to the apartment after lunch and take it easy before the party. You might want to take a nap, parties tend to be very energetic."

"What is going to happen there, sir?" she asked.

"Oh, you'll see. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself." His mouth formed a mischievous grin, and he did not elaborate.

She decided to change the subject. "Sir, I was curious about your work. It sounds very interesting."

"It was at first, but now, it's kind of a job like anything else. I thought I was getting into an interesting line of work. I've always liked art, I have a Master's degree. And this was a way I could make a lot of money. I get requests from rich people to find certain types of art work, and import it if necessary. Before I imported art, I worked selling cars, if you can believe it." Rhianna could, she'd seen his profile. "Then I found out about importing expensive sports cars and the like, and I managed to do that for a while, made a lot of money. Then I found out I could make even more money importing art, and I didn't have to get the art modified to fit California's Clean Air laws.

"I had a secretary working for me once, but she became bored, not having much to do. I found that for the most part, I could handle my end of the business by myself. I've even had a few commissions from Museums. It's been fun for the most part, except for the paperwork. But you get that down to a routine, and it's pretty straightforward. Mostly, this job is about having contacts in other countries."

"Do you speak other languages, besides French?" Rhianna asked.

"A little of a few. I don't need much, most of the time. Anyway, that's what I do."

"It sounds interesting to me, sir," she said. "Do you get to fly off to other countries?"

"Well, I used to. Now, mostly, I have contacts in other places, and they set stuff up for me. I suppose it sounds like a glamorous-type job, but it's more or less routine for me now." Rhianna noticed that he had a slight pained expression when talking about his contacts in other countries. She wondered if he had problems with them.

"I'm sorry it's not as fun as it used to be, sir."

"Well, that's what I have you for, now isn't it?" Rhianna blushed slightly from that statement, not sure why.

They finished lunch, and took a taxi back to his apartment.

Rhianna was hobbled with short chains between her ankles and her wrists. Anderson suggested she take a nap.

"I think I will in a while, sir. I was just wondering, did you want me to try and automate your billing a little more? It's something I'm pretty good at, and it might help you out." She had made her way over to his desk and flipped through the folder he'd left out the previous day.

"You know, that might not be such a bad idea after all. My tax lawyer is always after me to keep better records. Not my strong suit, I'm afraid. If you think you can, when you have a spare moment, go ahead."

Rhianna nodded. She was trying to glance through the folder without appearing like she was looking for clues. It appeared to be a jumble of papers, invoices, shipping receipts, schedules. She'd need more time to look through it, but it didn't seem like much right then. She decided she'd have to try and look through it more the next day. Right now, she supposed she would take the nap. She was a little tired, and Anderson said they might be up late. She shuffled into the bedroom and laid down on the bed.

Anderson resisted the urge to follow her to bed and ravage her. He wanted to save it for this evening at the party. It was almost perfect, having a new slave for the party. Despite his other worries, she was going to be perfect.

End Chapter 6

To Catch a Smuggler
By BlueWords

Chapter 7

"Sir, Anderson has left in a limousine with Agent Summer. They've headed north up Long Island. The agents watching them said they were both very well dressed." Agent Wilson set down a few photographs of Rhianna and Anderson getting into a long car.

Vessor studied the pictures. "Heading to a party, it appears," he told Wilson.

"Do you think Anderson is going to try anything tonight, sir?"

"No, it's unlikely. I think Agent Summer would have been able to make some sign to us. It seems unlikely that he's going to try and make a pick up tonight. He is being followed, isn't he?"

"Yes sir, oddly enough, he made no attempt at any kind of evasion."

"Well, even more reason to believe there's no shipment tonight."

"You're working late tonight, sir. I thought you had a function to attend."

"I did, but I had to cancel for - personal reasons. I'll make the next one." Vessor nodded to Wilson with a dismissive gesture, and resumed the paperwork he'd been checking when Wilson came in.

Wilson smiled awkwardly, turned and left the room.

They drove out to a large estate somewhere on upper Long Island. Rhianna had a blindfold on the entire trip, so she didn't see exactly where they were going. Hopefully, the FBI had managed to follow them, but she was unsure as to what they could do anyway, so she guessed it didn't matter. She didn't think Anderson was going to be able to smuggle anything in tonight.

"I want you to call me 'Master' at the party, pet. Just for tonight. It's kind of expected, and well, I hate to sound vain, but I'm trying to show off tonight."

"Yes s- master," Rhianna replied. She was kneeling on the floor boards at his feet, with a blindfold covering her eyes. She noticed this was the same position she was in when Vessor had dropped her off at the Kennel. Anderson would reach up and fondle her breast through the dress a few times, but for the most part left her alone.

"I think you'll enjoy yourself at the party, pet. I know I will."

"Yes, master," was all she could think of to reply.

He helped her out of the car when they got there, and Rhianna found it slightly funny that this was twice in one week she needed help getting out a limousine while tied up and blindfolded. He led her inside with a leash attached to her collar. She had her wrist and ankle cuffs on, her wrists hooked together behind her, her beautiful dress and new shoes, and nothing else. She stepped carefully, trying not to stumble. He left the blindfold on until after they'd passed through the door of wherever they were. Once inside, Rhianna blinked in the light, then glanced all around.

The mansion, for she was sure it was, was lavishly decorated. She was in a large foyer, and off to either side were long, tall hallways. In front of her was a large room, looking something like a dance hall. There was a mirrored ball hanging from the ceiling, and some sort of ambient music playing. The people were not dressed like those going to a dance, however. Rhianna noted that she and Anderson looked normal amidst the crowd of leather, rubber and plastic.

There were many men and women who were dressed in normal, fancy party clothes. Rhianna guessed that these were the masters and mistresses. There were as many other people who were dressed in leather cuffs, chains, rubber suits, confining outfits of all types. One woman walked by her on a leash similar to her own. The woman was in high heeled boots which were hobbled by a short chain, and a rubber suit that covered almost all of her body, except for her face, her breasts, her ass and crotch. Her hands were locked behind her back, and a small chain connected her nipple rings together. She was gagged with what looked like a very large black ball.

There were other slaves similarly dressed, or undressed. Some were almost naked except for their chains. Others were covered head to toe in some outlandish outfit. A few were dressed as Rhianna was, in a party dress or a tuxedo. Almost all had a collar or some other obvious restraint device on.

Rhianna and Anderson made their way through the crowd. Anderson grabbed a thin glass of champagne for himself and sipped it absentmindedly while they walked. He would often say hello to people they passed. Many people seemed to know him. He took her to one side of the large room and showed her a display that was set up in a small alcove.

Rhianna was shocked speechless. A woman was tied to a large 'X' shaped cross with what seemed like dozens of yards of rope. A large dildo was held loosely inside her with more rope. There were thin wires leading to her breasts and her crotch area, the wires coming from a box that a man in a chair was manipulating. The woman seemed to spasm, and Rhianna watched as the dildo went in and out of her, from the woman's muscle action alone. The woman jerked in her bonds in a way that made it obvious to everyone there she was having an orgasm. The man with the box did not let up, and soon the woman was having yet another orgasm, straining in her ropes.

Anderson walked on and Rhianna followed. There were many such 'scenes' going on. A man, suspended horizontally face down, by his legs and arms and a wide waist belt attached to chains from the ceiling. He as otherwise nude, a large gag filling his mouth. A woman behind him wore a strap-on dildo that she was lubricating. She approached the man from behind and rather quickly pushed the dildo into his ass and began roughly fucking him. The man moaned and squirmed, his eyes going wide and meeting Rhianna's eyes for a moment. Then he jerked, and come spurted out of his hard penis to the floor. The woman behind him laughed and continued fucking him.

Other scenes, a woman tied to a chair, and man bent over a bar being spanked, another woman, not tied down at all, simply laying on a bench being fucked by her lover. Rhianna wondered what Anderson had in store for her.

They came upon a scene where a woman dressed in laytex and apparently wearing diamonds was gleefully using a whip on a tied up girl. The girl hanging there had already taken several blows from the whip and jerked from another when Rhianna and Anderson came up. Anderson saw the mistress and turned his head away in disgust, tugging on Rhianna's leash.

"Come on, let's get away from this one," he said, sounding upset. Rhianna didn't move, though. After her first view of the scene, the girl being whipped, she had frozen in place and shut her eyes.

"No, please," she whispered to no one.

Anderson suddenly realized his charge was not moving along behind him when he had to tug on the leash.

"Pet? Let's go - pet?" Rhianna didn't seem to hear him. "Rhianna?" he asked her, uncharacteristically using her name. "Rhianna, are you all right?"

Rhianna felt the floor move under her feet. In her mind, she was tied up again, seeing the face of Atamo's ugly henchman. He was raising the whip, about to strike her when someone called her name. They never had used her name on Atamo's ship. They'd given her some other name. What was going on?

Rhianna struggled to remember. She wasn't on the awful ship anymore, she'd been rescued, along with Tonya and, and Maria. Instead, she was at a party, pretending to be the slave to someone. Anderson, Matthew Anderson, and he was calling her name. She opened her eyes.

"Sir," she said, almost inaudibly. She looked around, making sure she wasn't on a boat.

"Pet, are you all right? What's wrong?" Anderson was genuinely concerned.

"I'm sorry, master, I'm sorry. The, the woman with the whip, she -" Rhianna shuddered slightly. Anderson put his arm around her and led her away from the scene.

"It's okay, pet. She's an evil bitch, and I try to avoid her if at all possible. My few dealings with her have been very distasteful." Anderson had his arm around Rhianna, and if her arms weren't tied behind her, she might have almost felt normal. "Was that, did you first master do that?"

"Yes sir," she said softly in his ear. "I was whipped a lot. I'm sorry, master, for -" Anderson put a finger on her lips.

"It's all right, Rhianna. I will never do that to you. You're safe with me, okay?" He smiled at her, and she did feel safe. "Are you okay, now? We could leave if you felt ill."

Rhianna was surprised at his statement, expecially since he'd been looking forward to this party. She started to worry about completing her assignment, and if she couldn't hold up at the party, he might decide to get rid of her. She felt that she had to stay. Besides, she felt better about things now. He wouldn't treat her that way, he actually seemed to care for her.

"No, master, please. I'm fine now. I promise, that won't happen again." Anderson looked at her and seemed to decide that she was telling the truth. They were well away from the whipping now, so he removed his arm from around her and took up the leash again. He continued to lead her around, as before. But every once in a while he glanced at her to make sure she was all right.

A well-dress woman about Rhianna's age approached Anderson. "Matthew, how are you?" she asked excitedly. She grabbed his head and kissed him full on the mouth, making a big show of it.

Anderson seemed slightly peeved at the woman. He took a step back from her. "I'm just fine, Gwen." He turned to Rhianna. " Gwen, my new pet. Pet, this is Gwen." Rhianna tried to do a small curtsy.

"She's lovely, Matty, just lovely." Gwen made a reach for Rhianna's dress, as if to lift it to get a better view of what was underneath. Anderson lightly slapped her hand.

"Now, now Gwen, you know better," he told her.

Gwen made a pouting face. "You and your no touching policy," she said, grumpily. Then her face changed to a smile, the incident apparently forgotten. "So, how long have you had her, Matty?"

"Just a few days. This is her first party."

"Well, we'll just have to make her feel very welcome." Gwen leaned in and lightly kissed Rhianna on both cheeks, fondling her breasts as she did so. Rhianna was a little taken aback.

"Thank you, mistress," Rhianna said haltingly.

Anderson suddenly caught sight of a very tall black man in the crowd. "Good god, it's Mumbusu Mulata. I've been waiting to talk to him for months." He turned to Rhianna. "He's a very important man in African art circles. If I could talk to him . . ."

"Well, why don't you go ahead," Gwen urged him.

"I've heard he's gay, and doesn't like talking with women around." He inclined his head towards Rhianna, indicating that Mulata might not like her presence.

"I can watch you pet, Matty, if you want to go talk to Mr. Mulata." Anderson turned to look at Gwen, studying her for a few seconds.

"You promise not to touch?" he asked her, his look almost a glare.

Gwen gave another pout. "Yes, I promise, Matty. Go have your talk. Us women will get along just fine without you."

Anderson turned to Rhianna. "I'll just be gone a few minutes." He handed Rhianna's leash to Gwen and went off to talk to the tall black man.

"Now," Gwen told Rhianna, pulling her along, "let's go see what trouble we can get into.

Gwen lead Rhianna around the room, looking at the tableaus taking place. It was like no party Rhianna had ever seen or imagined in her life. Looking into the crowd of people in the middle of the room mingling, it might have almost seemed normal, if you considered what people were wearing, or not wearing as normal. But along the edge of the room it was another story. There were many different restraint devices along the walls of the room, each in their own alcove. Most were being used.

They came upon a man who was tied rather simply. A pole came up from the floor to about four feet in height. The man's arms were bound behind him, tied to the top of the pole. His legs were kept apart by a spreader bar attached to ankle cuffs. There was a thin blindfold around his head. The only other thing he was wearing was a leather cock and ball harness, that kept his eight or so inches of cock stiff and straight out in front of him. There was no master or mistress around, and Rhianna noticed a sign that said "Please Use", hanging down from a chain hooked to nipple clamps. He had been left there for anyone, apparently.

"Oh, god, look at the size of him, dear girl," Gwen said. His cock was thick and hard, the head purple, a small amount of pre-come dripping from it. "Wouldn't that be just glorious to have in your mouth, dear?" Gwen went up to the man, tugging Rhianna after her. "Why don't you give him a thrill?" Gwen asked her.

"Mistress, no, I - my master wouldn't want me to." Rhianna hoped she wouldn't be forced to suck this man off, and hoped that Gwen would honor her promise.

Gwen pouted again. "Oh, that's right. My god, you're as bad as he is, aren't you?" She reached out and grabbed the man's penis and began stroking it. "Are you sure you don't want to taste this? I won't tell, you know."

Rhianna shook her head no. If had she wanted to 'give him a thrill', she would not have trusted Gwen not to tell. Gwen sighed and let go of the man's cock. "Oh well," she said.

They walked on, and Rhianna was continually amazed at the sights. At one scene, her eyes opened wide in surprise, and Gwen noticed.

"Oh, would Matty's pet like to try that?" Rhianna shook her head again, but couldn't seem to stop staring. On a slightly raised platform, a woman was tied down to padded saw-horse looking bench. Her legs and arms were fastened to the legs of the saw-horse and her head and ass hung off each end a little. There were two large, well-muscled men, one at each end of her. One was vigorously fucking her cunt, and the other was shoving his cock well down her throat. To top it all off, there were two women, mistresses, Rhianna assumed, spanking the men with long paddles. It was one of the most bizarre things Rhianna had thought she'd ever seen. She felt a tug on her collar, and Gwen was walking off. Rhianna was embarrassed by her curiosity of the scene.

They came upon a setting where no one was tied up. There were chains hanging from the ceiling and some more bolted to the floor.

"Here, let's have a little fun," Gwen told her. She had Rhianna step up to the middle of the chains and unhooked her hands from behind her. "Here, lift your hands up." Rhianna wasn't sure how to react. She was sure this was a bad idea, but wasn't sure if she should resist Gwen or not. She had promised not to touch, but who knew what she was thinking. Where the hell was Matthew, anyway?

Gwen attempted to unhook Rhianna's hands so she could attach it to one of the chains hanging down. Rhianna decided that Matthew would not go for this, and she sure as hell knew she didn't want to be tied up for Gwen. She pulled her hands away from Gwen.

"Mistress, please. My master was clear in saying no touching. I don't think he'd want this."

Gwen's face turned angry. She was about to say something when Anderson walked up.

"And you'd be right. What were you up to, Gwen?" Gwen's face changed from anger to a smile in an instant. Rhianna had thought Gwen was about to hit her, but now she was all sweetness.

"Oh, Matty, I was just going to show you 'pet' here how these things worked. She was asking about them and -"

"Oh, I just bet you were, Gwen. If I hadn't been so desperate to talk to Mulata I would never have left my pet alone with you. I should just trust my instincts more."

"Matty, I wouldn't have hurt her. You know me, I was just going to -"

Anderson interrupted her again. "You were probably going to spank her, I know what you like, Gwen. Rhianna is very skitterish around whips and all. Her first master mistreated her badly."

Gwen's face softened then, as she looked at Rhianna. "Oh, you poor thing. I'm sorry, really I am. Matty knows I was just playing." She couldn't whether the other woman was being serious or not, but she seemed to mean it, so Rhianna took her at her word.

"I am sorry if I offended you, mistress," Rhianna told her.

"Oh, Matty, she just is ever so sweet. No offense taken, dear," Gwen said. She leaned into Rhianna as if to kiss her cheek, and whispered in her ear, "What I really wanted to do was take you somewhere and fuck you silly. Maybe if you're lucky, Matty will do that. I've heard he's very good, if you like that sort of thing." Gwen kissed her cheek and stepped back.

"Well, Matty, I guess I'll be off to find another victim." She laughed out loud as if at some very funny joke, kissed Anderson on the lips again, and wandered off.

Matthew shook his head. "I just don't get her sometimes. Hell, I don't get her at all." He looked Rhianna over. "Are you all right?" he asked her.

"Oh, master, I'm doing very well, now that you're here," she replied. She was momentarily surprised at her own answer. Where had that come from? she thought.

Anderson kissed her full on the lips, very passionately. Rhianna found herself wishing her hands weren't still tied together, so that she could hold him during the kiss.

"I seem to have a problem leaving you with other people, pet," he said, breaking off the kiss. "I'll have to try and be more available myself. If it's any consolation, my talk with Mulata was very productive."

"That's very good, master," she said.

Anderson led her a few steps away from the chains, then turned to her. "I know we've not been together long, but I'd like to ask you, do you trust me, pet?"

Rhianna was a bit startled by the question, but found herself answering before she'd thought what the proper answer might be. "Yes, master, of course I do." Another surprising answer, she thought, more so because it was the truth.

"Well, good, because I found what I was looking for, across the room. But first," he said. He unhooked her hands from behind her and then undid the ties holding her dress on and pulled it off of her, leaving her naked. "Okay, let's go," he said, now holding her dress in one hand, her leash in the other.

End Chapter 7

To Catch a Smuggler
By BlueWords

Chapter 8

He lead her by the leash off to the other side of the room. Rhianna was a bit embarrassed by having to walk through the crowd naked, on a leash. She noticed that she was getting stares, too. She couldn't decide on what to do with her hands. She wanted to cover herself with them, but knew that would not be appropriate. She almost wished that he had hooked them back together behind her, at least she wouldn't have the temptation to bring them up over her breasts. Finally, she decided to hold them together behind her back herself, feeling this was a properly submissive gesture.

Anderson led her to another alcove that was currently unoccupied. There was a low wide leather ottoman there. It had been modified with places to attach chains or ropes on the sides. Anderson had Rhianna sit on the edge of the stool while he set her dress down and retrieved some rope.

"Lay down, pet, on your back," he told her. She did so, and he began to tie her to the stool. Using her cuffs and the hooks on the ottoman's side, he bound her arms, then her legs, so that she had very little movement. When he was done, her legs were spread wide, bent at the knee. She could lift her head, but otherwise was pretty helpless.

He got a set of nipple clamps, and showed them to her. "They aren't set very tight at all, it will be more like a kiss than a pinch." He bent down and sucked on her right nipple, making it very hard. Then he gently applied one of the clamps. It was tight enough to hold on to the nipple when pulled, but didn't hurt at all. He did the same to the left nipple. Rhianna was slightly squirming now. She'd never had nipple clamps on before, and she found them very distracting, causing all sorts of odd sensations. Anderson lifted the chain between the clamps a little, and Rhianna let out a low moan.

Anderson dropped the chain and went off to get something else. He bent in front of her and she had a hard time seeing what he was up to. She turned her head and looked out into the crowd. A few people had gathered to watch as Anderson did whatever he was doing, and Rhianna felt her skin flush in embarrassment.

She felt his fingers between her legs, touching her anus. "Oh, sir," she said breathlessly.

"Relax, pet. Relax and enjoy it." His voice was calm and soothing, and Rhianna felt a little better about it all, knowing he was the one there, doing all these things to her.

Anderson slowly pushed a lubricated finger into her anus, and moved it around. Rhianna moaned again. He removed his finger, but replaced it with something slightly harder and slightly bigger. Rhianna had never seen a butt plug before, and now she had a thin one inside her.

Anderson trailed a finger up her slit and lightly grazed her clit. "Oh, god," she said involuntarily. Her rational thought was quickly leaving her. Even though she was tied down, what he was doing was really turning her on. Maybe even because she was tied down. A finger entered her cunt, and she realized that she was very wet. I'm an FBI agent, she tried to think, but somehow it didn't seem to matter right then. She wanted him to keep doing what he was doing.

He continued to tease her with just one finger for a while, pushing it into her slick cunt, lightly touching her clit on occasion. He stood up and removed his jacket, and then knelt back down and continued his maddening assault. When his tongue passed over her now engorged cunt lips, she gasped.

"Oh, sir, uh, master!" she moaned. She wanted to beg him to continue, but he only teased her some more. Feelings were building in her, but they never reached the boiling point. Finally she couldn't take it anymore.

"Please, master," she said.

"What, slave?" he asked.

She tossed her head from side to side. Why couldn't he just let her come? "Please, master, let your slave come. Please?" She sounded so pitiful, even to herself, but she no longer cared.

He didn't answer, but just kept up his slow torture. From somewhere he had gotten a thin vibrator and it was buzzing in his hands. He rubbed it gently up and down her labia and pushed it a short ways into her vagina, but avoided touching her clitoris. Rhianna felt that she was so close. She wasn't thinking much about her role-playing, only her need to come. Some where in the back of her mind, she heard Tonya telling her that slaves weren't supposed to come until their master let them.

"Please, master," she pleaded again, "please let me come."

"You may, when I tell you to," he replied. He continued to tease her with the vibrator. Then he held it over her clit. "All right, pet, now," and he placed the buzzing tool directly on her now engorged button.

Her orgasm hit her immediately and seemed to explode through her. Rhianna screamed out and bucked against the stool. Anderson didn't let up, and her orgasm blasted away any thoughts she might have had.

Finally, he let her come down from it. Tears streamed down her face, running her makeup. When she could think again, she felt like she had just run several miles. The fluid from her cunt had run down her legs and stained the leather stool. Rhianna felt great, but exhausted.

"How did you like your first orgasm of the night, pet?"

Rhianna was going to answer that she loved it, when she realized what he said. "First, master?" He just laughed in reply.

Anderson retrieved something else, and Rhianna wondered how much she could take. He fastened a strap around each of her legs, high on the thigh. Then he place something that was attached to the straps over her clit, snuggling it between her lips. He removed the plug from her anus, and slowly slid a thin vibrator in its place. Then he turned them both on.

Rhianna's mouth formed an 'O', but no sounds came until after her orgasm hit her a few seconds later. This one seemed to last forever. Rhianna thought she might have passed out briefly, because when she came to her senses, the two vibrators were gone.

Anderson played her for a long time. She lost track of how many orgasms he had given her. Sometimes she pleaded to come, but most of the time she just screamed out her pleasure. He occasionally gave her a sip of water to help wet her mouth. At one point he removed the nipple clamps and that set off another orgasm. He replaced them, set slightly tighter. The small butt plug was exchanged for a little large one, and she'd had many different types of dildoes and vibrators on and in her.

It seemed like days to Rhianna, but it was really only an hour or so. Anderson had teased her mercilessly for a while, not allowing her to orgasm, but bringing her close over and over again. Finally, she thought she realized what he wanted, what he wanted from her, for her to say. And she knew that she wanted it, too.

"Please, master, please make love to me," she asked between moans.

Not stopping what he was doing, he goaded her. "What?"

"Please, master," she asked again, almost whispering, "please fuck me."

"What?" he asked her again, pretending not to hear.

"Please," she begged, unashamed now, her world reduced to a glowing spot between her legs. "Please, master, fuck your - slave."

For his part, he could take no more. He originally had not planned to do anything but drive her wild, over and over again. He found that he was so hard he could no longer stand it. He stood up and unzipped his pants and pulled them down lightly, letting out his jutting cock. He bent over and fingered her some more, causing more moans. He gently tugged on the chain connecting her breasts, causing yet further moans.

"Fuck me master, fuck your slave, please, fuck me," she begged aloud, unabashed.

That had been what he was waiting for. He knelt down in front of her and quickly pushed his penis into her wet cunt. Rhianna was no longer thinking of anything except how good it felt right then. "Oh, god, master," she softly cried out, as he began to pick up the pace. He leaned up and over her, his hands on the stool at her sides, his arms holding him up. Rhianna couldn't remember when she'd made love like this, if ever. She saw and felt the attraction of being tied down, unable to do anything but feel the pleasure.

She looked up and saw him over her. He was looking at her intensely, and she wished she could kiss him. She vaguely remembered she was acting at something, that she was supposed to be submissive.

"Master," she said breathlessly, "I, may I come?"

As an answer, he leaned down to kiss her deeply on the lips. Rhianna's mind left her then, blown away by yet another powerful orgasm. Waves of pleasure radiated through her. The only thought she had was how happy she was when she noticed his face turn into a sensual grimace, indicating his orgasm. She felt him pulse inside her.

Rhianna was slowly coming back down off of her high, basking in the wonderful feelings running through  her body. Anderson had slowed down, but not totally stopped thrusting into her.

"Oh, Matthew," she said.

"You're welcome, pet," he whispered to her, kissing her, either failing to notice or ignoring her breach in protocol.

To her surprise, he began to pick up his pace again. She looked at him, eyes wide, as she began building to another orgasm. "Master?" she asked, and he laughed, and began fucking her stronger.

"Oh god, master," was all she could get out before her words turned to continuous moans.

He had untied her, and she had barely been able to sit up. She had never felt so - so well fucked. Her body was tingling all over, and she was covered in a sheen of perspiration. No she thought, sweat. Her cunt was still throbbing, and she was surprised to find out how wet the stool had become. She looked up to find Matthew coming back with two glasses of champagne. He handed one to her and stood before her.

"Thank you, master," she said.

"How do you feel, pet, after your first time at a party?" he asked her.

She was sure she looked a mess, makeup running she was sure, hairstyle ruined, fluids leaking from her cunt down her legs. She looked around. There had been a crowd of people watching their show, but now most of the onlookers had left, and she got only occasional glances from people walking by. She was tired and a little sore, and she still had the clamps hanging from her nipples, not to mention the butt plug.

"I feel great, master," she said truthfully. He may be a smuggler, but he's a damn good lover, she thought. I'll miss him when he's in jail. A frown momentarily came over her face.

Matthew noticed it. "Is something wrong, pet?" He looked concerned.

Rhianna forced a smile. "No, master. I, I just am not used to all of this, sir. And I think I'm still a little light-headed." She drank a sip of champagne and giggled.

"Well, I guess this is a bit much for a first date, but you did wonderfully, pet. I'm very pleased with you." Rhianna felt proud at that statement before she realized what it meant. Then she just felt confused. "There's one more thing you must do, then we can wander around some more, maybe get a bite to eat."


"You need to clean me off, pet," he told her.

Rhianna looked around for a towel before it hit her what he meant. She set her glass down, then dropped to her knees in front of him, pulled his now flaccid penis back out of his pants and began to lick it. This is what sex tastes like, she thought as she sucked both of their fluids from him. She found that she didn't mind the taste. It did remind her that she was hungry.

After she finished, he was semi-erect again. "That'll have to wait until later," he laughed. He zipped himself back up while she knelt there. Once dressed, he asked her to stand. "Turn around," he said. He locked her hands together behind her, then grabbed her leash again. Before going on, he reached up to the clamps on her nipples and turned the thumb wheel, tightening them a little more. "Just to make sure they don't fall off," he said.

Rhianna felt the slight additional pressure. It didn't hurt any more, but she found that it did serve to keep her stimulated, even after all she had been through. With a tug of the leash, they were off to find the buffet.

Matthew had gotten a large plate of food from the buffet, and they had found a chair he could sit in while they ate. Rhianna knelt next to the chair, waiting for him to feed her pieces of food. For his part, he was making sure that she became even more of a mess than she already was. He 'accidentally' would miss her mouth, getting sauce on her face, or dripping it onto her breasts. She didn't mind that much, she was very hungry. Most of the food was finger food, perfect for feeding to your slave, she thought.

Even at the buffet, things were odd. There were two people tied down to the table, one man and one woman. Much of the food was arranged around and on top of them.  The couple on the table weren't able to partake, as they were gagged as well. Rhianna wondered just how weird the party could get. She was about to find out.

After they had eaten their fill, Rhianna needed to go to the bathroom. "Master, I need to, um, use the ladies room, please."

Anderson smiled. "You probably just want an excuse to take out that butt plug," he laughed.

"No, sir, I, it's okay, I mean -" she stopped, flustered. She hadn't even thought about the plug, it no longer seemed very big, and she'd almost forgotten about it. She didn't want to seem like she was complaining about it, since that didn't seem like something a submissive might do.

"That's okay, pet, I was just pulling your leg. Let's go find the bathroom." They got up and went off through a door and down a short hallway. Anderson led her right into the bathroom. Inside, there was an attendant.

The attendant was a woman dressed in rubber. From her high-heeled boots, to the top of her head she was encased in rubber. A short chain hobbled her boots, but her hands were free. The only skin showing was a small circle around her eyes. Coming from mouth, which appeared to be gagged, was a thin tube with a bulb on the end. Two more of these hung between her legs, and one hung down from the middle of her rather ample chest. The woman had been standing, but straightened up when they walked in.

Anderson had Rhianna bend over and he removed the plug and tossed it in a sink. Then he motioned for Rhianna to use one of the toilets there.

There were two toilet bowls, but no stalls for privacy. Of course not, thought Rhianna. Anderson stopped in front of the rubber covered woman and nodded. The woman led Rhianna to one of the toilets and helped her sit down. The rubber woman stood next to her as Rhianna sat there. After she was done, the other woman wiped her off, and helped her stand again. Anderson picked up Rhianna's leash and took her out of the bathroom.

"What were those bulbs for, master," she asked Anderson.

"They are used to pump up her various, uh, devices. She has a gag, and two dildoes, and her bra. They all inflate. They were pretty pumped from what I could tell." There was a little bit of disbelief in his voice, as if he couldn't quite understand the woman's bondage either. Before going back to the main 'ballroom', Anderson turned to Rhianna.

"Pet, would you be terribly disappointed if we left for the apartment soon. I think I'd prefer to be alone with you for the rest of the evening."

Rhiana felt a smile form on her lips. "Master, it's for you to decide. I'll do whatever you wish." She found herself sincerely wishing that they'd leave the party, and not because she just found the whole thing weird.

Anderson smiled back at her. "Good answer, pet, but tell me, what would you really like?"

Rhianna didn't have to take long in answering. "This party is a bit - odder than I imagined, but really, sir, as long as we stay together, I'll be fine."

Anderson considered her words. "Well, lets go wander around a little more and then we can head off home."

End Chapter 8

To Catch a Smuggler
By BlueWords

Chapter 9

They wandered around the party some more. Matthew told her that the party encompassed a lot. It was more than just a "bunch of perverts getting together and tying each other up." Some people liked the performance. Some liked the notoriety of being among others who could appreciate their handiwork. Anderson himself didn't really like "performing" to a crowd, but he did like showing off his pet. He told Rhianna that she had done better than he had hoped, and that several people in the crowd watching him bring her to orgasm again and again had abruptly left to go 'relieve' themselves. Rhianna felt her blush over the full length of her body, but at the same time, felt an odd sense of pride at having done well and pleasing Matthew. She was confused at those feelings.

Anderson went on to say that since most of the people here were generally rich, a lot of business deals went on. He himself had made plans to meet with Mulata again and discuss some art transfers. And finally, it was a party in the truest sense of the word, and people came to dance and drink and eat. There was even a fashion show held in another room that they had missed due to their being otherwise occupied.

Rhianna noticed as they went about looking at more scenes, that he was avoiding the ones that seemed to have a heavy element of corporal punishment in them. At first she was pleased, but after a while, she felt like she might be running away from a problem that she needed to face. They came upon Gwen, changed from her party dress into a leather dominatrix dream. Anderson started to veer away, but Rhianna spoke up.

"Master?" she asked, getting his attention. "Can we, can we stay to watch?"

Anderson studied her a moment. He seemed to immediately grasp her reasons. "Are you sure, pet?"

"Yes, master, I am." He nodded and the moved closer for a better view. Anderson had her kneel in front of him and he absently massaged her shoulders as they watched the scene.

Gwen caught sight of them and looked perplexed briefly, but then continued with her preparations. Near Gwen was another woman, dressed only in ankle cuffs and high heels. The woman was slightly larger than Gwen, and her breasts could be called 'ample'. Gwen turned to her, making quite a show of the whole thing. Rhianna thought it looked a little silly.

"Do you give yourself to me, slave?" Gwen asked the other woman.

"Yes, mistress, I do," she answered.

"Assume the position." The acting was atrocious and overdone, but apparently heartfelt. The other woman straddled the device on the platform. It was a wide sawhorse that was attached to a set of stocks. The woman laid down on the padded bar of the sawhorse and allowed Gwen to put her arms and head in the stocks and lock the top part down over her. Gwen then attached the woman's ankle cuffs to the back 'A' part of the sawhorse. The woman was now trapped, her ass sticking out prominently, her breasts hanging down. She was also unable to see what was happening behind her now.

Gwen picked out a long, flat leather covered paddle. It did not bend, so Rhianna guessed there was wood under the leather. Gwen didn't hesitate, she swung at the target so well presented to her. There was a loud retort, and a wide red mark appeared on the woman's ass.

To her credit, the slave didn't cry out. Instead, she grunted slightly, and said, "One, thank you mistress."

Rhianna shuddered slightly, and Anderson leaned down and asked her if she was all right.

"I'll be fine, master," she replied in a whisper.

The spanking continued on, and after 30 or so strokes the slave was no longer able to count. Through it all Rhianna tried hard to remain calm. She was at first appalled, but after a while she noticed a wetness coating the insides of the slave's thighs. This confused her, because she could only think of the pain she had endured when she was whipped. Here was a woman that not only asked for it, but liked it as well.

Gwen didn't seem to mind that the slave wasn't counting any more. After a few more strokes, the woman cried out. "Mistress, may I please come?"

Gwen's smile got even bigger. "Of course, slave," and she swung more rapidly, although with less force. Three swats later and the slave was crying out, shaking in her bounds, her orgasm taking her. Gwen stopped the spanking there. She released the other woman's ankles and opened the stocks. The slave was a bit shaky, but she knelt in front of Gwen.

"Thank you, mistress," she said, this time definitely not acting.

At that point, Anderson bade Rhianna to get up and they walked away from the scene.

"She likes it, doesn't she, master?" Rhianna asked.

"Yes, and Gwen loves spanking her. I wouldn't be surprised if Gwen takes her off in a little while to one of the rooms here and makes love with her."

"There are private rooms here?"

"Yes. I would have had us retire to one earlier, but the way you were begging, I just couldn't wait anymore. I don't usually fuck out in the open like that. You just looked so sexy like that, I couldn't stand it anymore."

Rhianna thought about how she had looked and still looked. Her makeup and hair a mess, covered in sweat, fluids drying on her legs. Yet he thought of her as sexy. She found that she did not understand the scene they had just witnessed, but she wasn't scared of it anymore.

"Thank you, master, for letting me watch Gwen," she said.

"Well, of course, pet. I'm not into the corporal side myself, but Gwen puts on a good show."

He decided they should leave at that point. Rhianna was surprised to see it was past 1am. Anderson had collected her dress and led her by the leash out the door. She wondered why he had even bothered to get her a dress, for how little she had worn it. Just before they left, he pulled off her nipple clamps and tossed them on a table by the door. The pain/pleasure that rushed to her breasts caused her knees to weaken. He held her up for a minute, until she recovered.

"I'm sorry, master, I, I just had another orgasm, and I didn't ask permission first." Rhianna looked at him with a slightly pained expression. She truly felt bad about it.

"It's okay, pet. I won't punish you," he told her, adding, "this time." Rhianna didn't know how to feel. It was too easy to get into this role, she thought. She wondered what he might do to punish her.

During the limo ride home, they cuddled and kissed, but didn't go beyond that. Anderson let her sit in the seat with him, and Rhianna felt almost like a girl on a date after the prom. She barely noticed that she was still naked when they went up in the elevator.

Anderson told her to take a quick shower before bed, as messy as she was. He released all her cuffs and collar first. When she came out, he was already in bed and asleep, holding onto her collar. I guess he was going to tie me back up, but fell asleep first. She gently pried her collar from his fingers and shifted him in an attempt to make him more comfortable. He did not wake up or even rouse much.

Rhianna was deathly tired herself, but she realized that this might be an opportunity to look around some more. Unsure what to do with the collar, she fastened around her neck, then went off into the living room to search some more.

She immediately noticed the folder that had been left out, so she flipped through it. It contained invoices, shipping documents, receipts, bill of sales, a good trail of what Anderson had been up to for the past 6 months or so, as well as the next months activities. She noticed art had come from Europe, Africa and even one shipment from Mexico coming in the next day. No, make that today, she thought, it's after midnight. Hell, it's after 2, I'm going to be dead tomorrow. The words on the papers were getting blurry, Rhianna knew that she needed to get some sleep, she could barely keep her eyes open.

Back in the bedroom, Anderson was snoring. She looked at her cuffs lying on the floor and decided he would probably have put them on her if he'd stayed awake. She picked them up and buckled them on. It almost felt normal, she'd spent most of the past week in bondage. She looked around but couldn't find any chains to link them together, so she just lay down and fell promptly to sleep.

She woke up just after 9am. To her surprise, Anderson was still asleep. She took care of her bathroom needs, then decided to make breakfast before waking him up. Before she started, she found a hobble chain for her feet, and a longer one for her hands and attached them. Hopefully, it would please Anderson, but she wasn't sure what he might think. He might be mad that she'd done it herself. Nothing to do but see when he woke up.

She was almost done cooking breakfast when he came in the room, wearing a robe loosely tied. He came and stood near the dining table, slightly confused about what was going on. Rhianna decided she should go kneel before him, so that's what she did.

"Good morning, sir, breakfast is almost done."

Anderson yawned. He looked down at her quizzically. "I didn't do that, did I?" he asked about her bonds.

"No, sir. I put the cuffs on last night, the chains this morning. I hope you don't mind, sir, I thought it would be what you would want."

"I suppose. I would have if I'd been awake, I guess. Next time, ask, okay? If I don't give you explicit instructions, ask. It was okay, even the right thing to do, except for the not asking. All right?"

Rhianna nodded, slightly confused. "Yes sir, sorry sir."

"Come here," he told her, bidding her to stand up. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply for several minutes, taking her breath away. Then he slapped her butt. "Get me some coffee, pet."

Rhianna had cheered up. "Yes sir!" she said, smiling.

He fed her off of his plate while she knelt beside him. She didn't have to beg this time, he would give her a bite after taking a few himself. After she cleaned the dishes off, they went back into the bedroom.

"Lie on the bed, on your stomach," he told her, undoing her hobble chains. He attached her cuffs to the corners of the bed with some rope, leaving her spread eagle. Then he put a blindfold on her. "I'm going to take a shower, I'll be right back."

Rhianna tested her bonds. They weren't too tight, she had some room to maneuver, but she wasn't going anywhere soon.

Anderson's shower was short. Rhianna could hear him approach, she figured he was still naked. He ran his slightly damp hand over her back, buttocks and legs. Rhianna shuddered in delight at his touch. He stopped for a minute, and when he came back his fingers were at her anus. She felt him spread cool lubricant over her back orifice, then gently push a finger in. She'd not had anything enter her there before this assignment, not even on Atamo's boat, and she found that it felt okay. She wanted him to touch her vagina and clitoris as well, but he left them alone.

He kneaded her ass cheeks with one hand, and continued slowly pushing his finger into her anus. Infrequently, he would trail a finger over her labia, but he was concentrating on her rear. Rhianna found herself given into the feelings, enjoying his touch. She assumed he was going to put another butt plug in like the night before and then screw her silly, and she frankly couldn't wait. A bizarre thought hit her just then and she tried not to laugh about it. She wondered if they would allow her conjugal visits at whatever jail he was in.

Anderson stopped his ministrations long enough to climb up on the bed between her legs. He laid down on her and she could feel his hard penis on her back. "No sounds, pet, I want you to be as quiet as you can," he whispered in her ear. "No coming until I give you permission. Understand?" Rhianna nodded. Anderson knelt back up, and did something, but Rhianna couldn't quite tell what he was doing. Then he laid back down, trailing his penis down the crack of her ass. Rhianna was eagerly waiting for him to drive it into her vagina, which was now very wet.

He stopped at her asshole, and slightly pushed. Oh god, Rhianna thought, he's going to fuck my ass. She panicked a little. Anderson whispered calming words into her ear. "It's okay, pet, just relax. That's it, it's all right." Rhianna calmed down some hearing his voice. "I'm going to take it nice and slow, pet." The head of his penis slide past her sphincter. It felt bigger than any of the plugs he had used. She tried to relax.

Anderson continued to push into her. Rhianna didn't know what to think. It felt full/stretched/odd/good. He picked up his pace a little, and was now actually fucking her. She wanted to - she wasn't sure. Part of her want it to stop, part wanted more. He reached under her and lightly rubbed her clitoris. Rhianna almost lost it then. She was surprised at how easily he could bring her almost to orgasm. Her mind was quickly drifting away. She wanted to beg him, but whether it was to stop or go faster, she didn't know. She couldn't do anything about it anyway. She was under his control.

"Fuck me, please" she mouthed.

"Shhh, pet," Anderson said, stoking her hair with his free hand. He kept the pace slow, not letting her get all the way to her orgasm. She was tight, and he wanted to control himself as well. Soon though, he was approaching his own orgasm. "All right, pet, come, now," he whispered.

Rhianna found she couldn't stop herself if she had wanted to. The orgasm exploded within her, and it seemed all of her muscles were clenching and releasing. She could feel his penis spasm inside her, could feel the warm fluid jet into her. She groaned out loud then, through clenched teeth.

Anderson lay still on her, letting himself go flaccid inside of her. They both lay there for many minutes, listening to the other breathe. "Did you like that, pet?"

Rhianna nodded. "Yes sir," she said. She had thought it would hurt more, but he had been so gentle with her. It wasn't like anything she'd felt before. She felt she'd prefer straight intercourse, but that hadn't been bad. She couldn't see him, but somehow knew he was smiling. He got up off of her and left her there for a few minutes.

She reflected on all the odd things she'd had to try during this assignment. She couldn't say that she'd disliked any of them.

Rhianna felt very well fucked. Matthew had come back and this time used her vagina, screwing her a long, long time. He had only let her have two more orgasms, but they had been spectacular. It had been a lot of work holding back until given permission, but it added to the feelings as well. She was now standing in the living, a short hobble causing her to take mincing steps. Her hands were attached together at the wrists, and a short chain hooked to her collar kept them up, almost like she was trying to modestly cover her breasts. Clamps pinched her nipples, tight enough to keep from falling off. On her head were straps of a harness holding a ring gag in her mouth.

"I need to set some stuff up for a delivery tonight. I should only be gone an hour and a half, two tops. I think the bathroom needs cleaning," he said with a smile.

Rhianna nodded, and immediately regretted it. One final addition to her "outfit" had been a thin chain running down from the back of the straps on her head, between her legs and labia and up to the chain between her nipple clamps. If she moved her head too much in any direction but back, it tugged on her nipples. She wondered how she was going to bend enough to clean anything. Anderson came up and kissed her cheek, then pulled something out of his pocket.

"In case you miss me," he told her. It was a short penis shaped gag that fit in the ring holding her mouth open. He pushed it in, silencing her. He left her standing alone in the apartment.

End Chapter 9

To Catch a Smuggler
By BlueWords

Chapter 10

Rhianna started to get things she'd need to clean the bathroom, but stopped when she realized that she still needed to figure out when the bomb was arriving. She shook her head. Her whole assignment, and she'd almost forgotten, simply because Matthew had told her to clean the bathroom.

She went back to the desk and to the folder. It was slow work, flipping through the pages with her hands tied up, trying not to tug on her breasts too much. She finally got a good idea about the way Anderson did business. Most of his artwork came from either Europe or Africa, and most of it was delivered via air freight. The more she looked through the folder, the more she became convinced that the shipment tonight was the only odd one, and the only one that fit in the time frame Vessor had given her.

It was arriving from Mexico by boat. There were no dollar amounts on the invoice, and it wasn't cross referenced to any other paperwork. Just a single shipment schedule, and incomplete at that. Supposedly, there were 4 crates, and three contained some kind of Inca artifacts. The people responsible for the delivery weren't listed, and the party that would receive the shipment was down only as "A.B." The next closest shipment was more than a week away.

Rhianna decided that this was it, and she needed to call her contact. She picked up a pen and tapped it on the desk. It'll have to do, I can't make any sounds with this gag. With difficulty, she got the phone off the cradle and punched in the number.

"Joe's Pizza," a voice said on the other end.

Rhianna began tapping out her message in Morse code, leaning over the desk. After she finished, she heard the voice on the phone repeat the message back to her. "Shipment tonight at 8pm." It went on, indicating that is was by boat, and what type of packages to look for, finally confirming that she didn't have a precise location, and this was her best guess. She tapped out "affirmative". The voice asked her if she needed assistance. Rhianna paused. She needed to continue on being under cover, staying put until the bomb was found. She tapped out "negative". The voice repeated her initial message once more. Rhianna confirmed again, and then, having nothing else to report, she hung up.

"Yes sir, we've just got word from her." Wilson was on the phone with Vessor. "She's apparently okay, and she's come up with information indicating that the shipment is tonight." Wilson relayed the time and method.

"Well, that certainly fits in with everything else we know, and now we have a better idea of the time as well. Get the team ready to go. We'll have to make sure we can follow Anderson, so bug all his vehicles if they aren't already. Make sure the bugs can hide from a spy-store scanner."
"Yes sir. I'll get the HAZMAT team prepared as well"

"Make sure they can stay out of sight until they are needed." Vessor hung up. It was all coming together, just as planned.

Rhianna had barely even begun to clean the bathroom when Anderson returned. It had taken her longer than she thought to examine the folder and call in. He looked at her down on her knees and chuckled. Her nipples were swollen, and her labia puffed and red from the chain rubbing it. Even though she'd only been working for perhaps ten minutes, Rhianna was sweating from the exertion of having to be careful not to move too quickly. She'd nearly given herself an orgasm.

"That's enough for now, pet. Get up and come here." He watched her as she struggled to her feet. She followed him into the living room, where he sat down on the couch. He pointed to the floor in front of him, and she tried her best to give him an exasperated look as she knelt down. Anderson removed the penis gag from her mouth. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled them down some, his hard penis springing into view.

Rhianna sighed and scooted closer so she could take him in her mouth. Anderson didn't help at all, and the bobbing of her head that she needed to do to suck him off cause the chain to tug at her breasts and rub over her clitoris. "As soon as I come," he said, slightly breathlessly, "you may come as well." He leaned back and closed his eyes, letting her do all the work.

Rhianna felt him start to tense, which was good, as she was about to have her own orgasm whether she wanted it or not. He came in her mouth, and she sucked it all down, then she moaned around his penis as her own orgasm struck. Anderson grabbed her head and pumped into her mouth, shooting yet more cum down her throat. Rhianna swallowed it all, her mouth running on automatic while she came. When he couldn't stand her mouth and tongue on his sensitive penis any more, Anderson pushed her off.

Rhianna sat between his legs and watched him as his breathing slowed back down. He had his eyes closed and was leaning back against the couch. She thought he was very handsome, watching his face as he rested. She wondered if he might lay her down and fuck her now. He'd proven he could usually get it up again quickly. Strangely enough, she found herself hoping he would do just that.

Instead, he got up and zipped his pants back up. "Make us some lunch, pet," he told her as he went off to the bedroom.

Rhianna was disappointed, but she tried not to show it. She had to play slave, and slave's didn't get to choose what they wanted. That really sucks, she thought. Fucking men. The unintended puns caused her to laugh, at least as much as she could gagged as she was.

"Someday, you are going to have to tell me what's so funny. You're always laughing," he said from across the room, standing at his desk. He glanced down at the folder then up at her. Then he took it and put it in the drawer. Rhianna saw him lock the drawer. If he noticed or cared that the folder had been looked through, he didn't say anything. He walked to the kitchen. "Now, what's so funny?"

"I ah oh uh ooh," she said. I want to fuck you, although she knew he wouldn't be able to tell what she'd said.

"Oh, is that so?" He loosened the straps and removed her gag, and the chain hooked to her nipple clamps. She worked her jaw a bit to loosen it up. "Now what did you say?"

"Lunch is almost ready, sir," she lied.

"Okay, let's eat in the bedroom, on the table by the window." Mercifully, he unhooked her hands from her collar, which let her carry things much easier. She brought the tray of food into the bedroom and set it down on the table. Anderson had opened the curtains, and the window looked out on a spectacular view of the city. She knelt beside him as he ate, and he would absentmindedly feed her a bite every once in a while. His mind seemed pre-occupied with something. The shipment tonight? They ate in silence, just enjoying the view.

Finally, Anderson broke the silence. "What would you like to do, pet? What's something you'd want to do, right now?" It was an odd question, and Rhianna was taken aback momentarily.

"I'd like to, I," she began. "I'll do whatever you want me to, sir." The slave answer.

"I must be an odd master, pet. I want you to be subservient to me, to do as I ask without hesitation, but I also want you to have a mind of your own. And I know you do. You try hard, very hard to be the good little slave, and you are succeeding marvelously. But I know you have a good mind in there," he said, tapping her head, "and I want to know what it's thinking. You're a sub, we've established that already. I want to get to know you, pet."

Rhianna looked at him with no real emotion on her face. "I, I'd like you to make love to me, sir," she said.

"I told you, I -" he started. Rhianna interrupted.

"Sir, you misunderstand. I mean, really make love, without the chains, without rope, on the bed, like normal. Just once, sir."

Anderson stared at her for a few seconds. He brushed a stray hair out of her face, and nodded. Briefly, he wondered if he was going too fast with her. She wasn't quite like any other slave he'd had. Sylvia had been right, there was something peculiar about Rhianna. He found that he liked that peculiarity.

"Something else I wanted to ask you, pet. Would you mind if I got a ring put in one of your labia? Simple silver, with one inlaid diamond. It would have my name engraved on the inside."

"Would, would it hurt, sir?" she asked, slightly panicked at the thought, missing the overtones of his question.

"No, no, pet, not at all. Of course, you have to let it heal for a while, and it's similar to getting your ear pierced, only in a more - interesting place. You'd need to clean it with antiseptic, and take care of it until it healed. Not much pain involved at all."

"I, I am yours, sir. If you wanted it done, of course I would do it. I, I guess I wouldn't mind, if given the choice." Rhianna wondered what the 'right' answer was. She didn't think she want such a ring. But a sub might.

Anderson nodded again and looked out the window. Then he stood and asked her to stand. He undid her wrist cuffs, then removed her ankle cuffs. "Hold on, and don't come," he said, releasing her nipples from the clamps, one at a time. As blood rushed back into her nipples, Rhianna had to hold onto him for support. Finally, he removed her collar, took her hand and led her to the bed.

They had made love for hours. Rhianna had never had such an energetic lover. He took his time, and kissed and massaged just about every part of her body. They were both sweaty, and there were many stains on the sheets. When they finally tired, they simply laid in each others arms. Rhianna had her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

"It's just as well that you were free this afternoon, pet. I'm going to have to go out this evening, and I was going to leave you in some tight bondage."

"Leave me, Sir? Can't I come with you? You can still tie me up." Rhianna wasn't thrilled about being left in bondage, and she wanted to be there when the arrests were made.

"No!" he said, more emphatically than he'd intended. Then, calmer, "Uh, I don't think so, pet. It's kind of important, tonight, and I don't want you in the way."

"Please, sir. Other than the party, I don't get to get out much. You could leave me in the car. In the trunk, if you wanted." She had to convince him and wasn't sure how.

Anderson looked torn. Rhianna could tell he didn't want her along, but not because she'd be in the way. Finally, he gave in. "Well, I guess I could leave you in the office, you wouldn't get into too much trouble there."

Rhianna sat up and smiled. "Thank you, sir, thank you." She straddled his hips and fondled his penis, feeling it harden again. "I'm ever so grateful, sir," she said, sliding down his legs and taking him in her mouth.

"God, you're insatiable," he said, as her mouth began to have the desired affect.

Vessor picked up the phone, knowing it was Wilson calling. "Everything is in place, sir. The HAZMAT* team will be able to get in there in less than a minute after the bust goes down. Our team knows to handle this carefully, and we've got some of the non-lethal containments ready to use to try and reduce casualties and the risk of breaking anything. There will also be snipers ready, if necessary."

"Very good. Good luck to your team, agent Wilson." Vessor hung up. He was nervous about tonight's action. It seemed like things were going well, but he knew the first casualty of a battle was your battle plan. If things went as planned, then it would be a major coup for him, and everything he'd been working for would fall into place. If something went wrong, worst case was he could conceivably end up in jail.

"Well, I just have to hope nothing goes wrong," he said out loud to himself.

Rhianna was not currently very happy, or very comfortable. Luckily, the vibrators in her ass and vagina had stopped buzzing a while ago, the batteries having run down. She had a belt around her waist, and another between her legs, locking the vibrators in. Straps went around her thighs, calves and ankles, binding her legs together. Her knees were bent and her feet tied to the belt at her waste. She had more straps around her chest, above and below her breasts, and a thick collar around her neck. Her arms were drawn up tightly behind her back. She was blindfolded, and a gag that inflated filled her mouth. Ropes around her arms were tied off somewhere and kept her from moving or rolling over. The final insult had been some kind of nipple clamps that he had applied and then made her lay on.

She had lost track of how many orgasms she'd had. When her mind came back down, she wanted to be mad at him, but found that she wasn't. She was tired and sore, and wanted nothing more than to stretch a little bit. She had to remember to thank him for the bondage when he let her go, he had told her to do so. She had to pay for being allowed to go with him that night, as well as her freedom earlier, and he said the best way to do that was tight bondage, something he hadn't really done to her yet.

Rhianna felt a slap on her butt. She couldn't respond, tied up as she was. He slowly let her loose. He left he gag in until last.

"Thank you, sir, for the bondage," she squeaked out, barely able to form words. He had a glass of water handy and gave her a drink. "Thank you," she said again, clearer this time.

"We need to leave soon, but I think you should show me just how grateful you are, before we go." He opened his robe, so Rhianna knelt up in front of him and took his hardening penis in her mouth.

End Chapter 10

*HAZMAT - HAZardous MATerials

This chapter was written in a large part by Leviticus, as he had a much better idea for the climax. He's helped me all along, making numerous good suggestions. However, if there are any mistakes here, they're mine.

To Catch a Smuggler
By BlueWords and Leviticus

Chapter 11

She was almost naked, but otherwise unencumbered. She sat next to Anderson in the car he was driving. No Limo today, she supposed. Anderson had done some surprising driving, and Rhianna thought that they would have lost anyone following them by now. He'd even checked the car for bugs first and it had come up clean. Rhianna knew there were tracking devices that only sent intermittent signals and were unlikely to be picked up by any detector Anderson might have. She hoped that her fellow agents had managed to get one of them in the car, since she hadn't been able to tell them the exact location of the shipment.

Rhianna wondered what made Anderson so paranoid. Yet, he didn't suspect her.

She had a long T-shirt on, but nothing else. That was so they wouldn't get pulled over in case the police saw them, he told her. She didn't know where they were going.

Eventually they left the city and began driving down the coast. The drive was pleasant, the weather warm even with the sun low in the sky, and Rhianna became increasingly concerned about the opening countryside.  The less there was around them, the less there was to hide her backup.  Despite the relaxed surroundings, Rhianna became increasingly nervous.

Finally they pulled off the highway and headed toward the Atlantic shoreline. They drove until they came upon a group of buildings right next to the water.  Rhianna recognized them as boat houses, all in disrepair. She wondered how, with the price of real estate here, these buildings had been left to rot.  She didn't know that Matthew Anderson owned this stretch of shoreline and the buildings on it. The neglected look was a necessary disguise for his business.

They pulled up to one of the largest and most solid looking buildings, and Anderson stopped the car.

"We're here," he said unnecessarily and got out. He opened her door and she
stepped out gingerly with her bare feet. Matthew smiled at her. "You can give me the shirt now."

Rhianna looked around, unwilling to go naked in such an open space. "It's alright, Pet. There's no one to see. This is part of the price you pay for wanting to come with me," Matthew said, holding out his hand.

"Yes, Sir," said Rhianna, and she peeled off her only clothing and stood naked in the gathering dusk.

He took the shirt, and pulled a set of hand cuffs out of his pocket. "Turn," he ordered. Rhianna did as she was told, and in moments her hands were cuffed behind her.

Without a word he walked toward the door, and Rhianna followed. She quickly forgot her nudity as she became anxious about what was inside the building. She took another look around the deserted shoreline.  Matthew noticed her scan, and thought she was just being nervous about her nudity. He was unaware that Rhianna was actually wondering where her fellow FBI agents were.

Matthew unlocked the door and they walked inside.  The interior of the boat house was in darkness until Matthew hit a switch on the wall.  The far end began opening up like a big garage door, revealing the ocean beyond it. Being Ex-Coast Guard, Rhianna was pretty familiar with boat houses, and she was surprised to see that despite it's shabby exterior, the inside of this one was fairly well kept up. The concrete, horseshoe shaped dock was clean and in good repair, and Rhianna could see that a hoist on rails was installed in the ceiling for hauling heavy loads out of boats.

"May I speak Sir?"  Rhianna asked as they made their way toward what looked like to be a glass enclosed office area.

"Sure, what is it?"

"This place seems kind of unusual to do business in."

Matthew turned to look at her.  "The client I'm seeing is somewhat eccentric," he said after a moment. He stared at her for a minute, making her feel rather uncomfortable with her arms trapped behind her, then he turned and unlocked the office door and led her in.

"You're going to have to stay in here for a little while," he said, rummaging through the draws of the desk in the center of the room. "I don't want anyone to see you or know you are here." He looked up, and Rhianna saw he had found a ball gag.  "You wouldn't want them to find you like this anyway, would you?"

"No, Sir."

"No Sir is right!" he said smiling. Matthew came over and took Rhianna in is arms. He gave her one of his body-melting kisses, before popping the gag into her mouth and locking the strap with a small lock. "Don't worry. You'll be fine. Just stay quiet, and we'll be heading back home soon. Tomorrow we can see about getting you pierced, okay?"

Rhianna nodded, wondering if she should have consented to getting pierced, wondering what it was like. Then she remembered that if things went to plan, there wouldn't be a tomorrow with him.

"Good girl."  Matthew kissed her on the forehead, and left her alone, locking the door behind him.

Rhianna looked around her prison. There was not much to see. A desk, but no chair, a couple of filing cabinets, and another door that Rhianna assumed led to the outside.  There was also a wrought iron circular staircase that spiraled up to what could be another office.

Rhianna decided to look around down where she was first.  She wondered what Matthew was up too, but since all the windows had been painted over, she couldn't see him.  Well, that meant he couldn't see her either. She sat on the desk and managed to wriggle her cuffed hands under her butt and past her feet so that they were now in front of her.  She then began a search of the office.

The desk was practically empty except for some blank notebooks and a few more bondage toys.  Rhianna felt she wasn't the first of his women to have been brought here.

She examined the file cabinets and found them locked. Rocking one with her shoulder, she discovered it to be quite heavy. Perhaps this was where he kept the records of his criminal activities.

On top of one of the cabinets, pushed toward the back, was a plastic bag. Curious, Rhianna managed to reach it and she opened it to take a look inside. She paled at its contents.

Inside was a bullwhip. Just looking at it made the scars on her body begin to itch. With her hands cuffed she managed to pull the whip out of the bag and examine it.  Despite all her contact with bullwhips in the past, this was the first time she had actually held one.  It was heavier than she had thought it would be, the handle smooth to the touch with two initials carved into it, "I.J.". The smell of the leather brought conflicting memories to the surface.

The feel of bare metal on her back, her arms held clear as oriental faces barked at her. The soft touch of Matthew fingers tracing a line from nipple to nipple. The pain of her own body weight pulling her arms out of their sockets as the lash fell. Rhianna swallowed and forced herself to remember these things, the good and the bad.

As she held the whip she wondered what Matthew was doing with it.  She had been told that he was not into this side of BDSM, yet here it was.  She wondered why she had ever trusted him at all!

Rhianna began to hear a low rumbling from outside the door, and she realized that a boat was coming into the dock. Looking around, she wished she could see what was happening, but the windows were well covered. However, there was the staircase.  Maybe upstairs there was a way to look out.

Whip in hand, she climbed the dusty staircase to the second floor, another office with only a rotting desk in it. Unlike the floor below, nothing had been touched in here in years. Rhianna treaded carefully through the dirt towards the windows. She was in luck. The windows had been painted over or boarded up, but one of them was broken and had a corner missing. She could see out into the boat house. She was just in time too, the engine of the cabin cruiser that had pulled in had just shut off.  She saw Matthew tying off the stern line to a cleat set in the concrete.

"Matthew! My man!" said the boat's pilot.

"Rico," acknowledged Anderson.

"Everything went off great!  Mario decoyed the Coast Guard with a phony S.O.S. and we were able to get the pallet off the ship without anyone seeing us.  Wouldn't want this stuff going through customs would we!" Rico began to laugh until Matthew quieted him down. Matthew kept looking over his shoulder at the office he had locked Rhianna in.

"Keep it quiet, man."  Anderson said softly, so softly Rhianna could barely hear him.

"Uh... you got a babe in there again?" she heard Rico whisper dramatically. So much for no one knowing she was there, Rhianna thought.

The two men kept their voices low as they worked on the boat.  A canvas cover was pulled back off the deck to reveal a pallet with four large crates attached to it.

Anderson jumped back onto the dock and worked the controls of the crane. They had  just finished lifting the pallet out of the boat when Rhianna heard a couple of vehicles outside.

Thinking it might be her team making the bust, Rhianna went over to one of the outside windows and managed to peak through one that was partially open. What she saw was not her salvation, but a sedan followed by a van.  The two vehicles stopped almost out of sight and Rhianna had to strain to see who got out.  Several men in casual clothes, and one dressed a little more expensively.

These, Rhianna assumed, were the terrorists. The group Matthew Anderson was smuggling for. Remembering the pictures Vessor had shown her so long ago, Rhianna wished she had a gun.

She took another look around, wondering where the hell her teammates were, and then tip toed back to the broken window. Rhianna was feeling the strain of the gag now, and was having to consciously swallow her drool. She wished Matthew hadn't gagged her with such a large ball gag. Then she hit herself thinking that ANY gag was bad in case she had to identify herself to any cops that stormed the building. At least they would be unlikely to shoot a naked woman in handcuffs.

You're getting to used to this, she thought to herself, too comfortable. She saw Matthew standing on the dock, talking with the well dressed man. As much as she could tell, Matthew seemed both annoyed and relieved that the man was there. Most of the other men were also dock side, snapping the bindings that held the crates to the pallet.

Rhianna was beginning to think that if nothing happened real soon, than she might be forced to do something. But what could she do, naked, cuffed and gagged.  She couldn't even yell "Stop, FBI!"

That's when she heard the rumble of engines from above as a large helicopter passed over the building. Startled, the men on the dock dropped what they were doing and pulled hand guns from their shirts and pants.

Rhianna ran to the outside window to see two Coast Guard Dauphin choppers hovering over the parking lot. A third helicopter, larger, with FBI printed on the side touched down and several men in riot gear jumped out, weapons ready. A fourth helicopter swooped in and released more men in suits and regular FBI jackets.

Immediately she heard gun fire from one side of the building where she couldn't see. The men outside returned fire and began running in that direction.

Frustrated, Rhianna ran back to see what was going on inside the boat house. Rico was at the wheel, and the big diesel engines of his boat roared to life.  He was getting out the way he had come.  The other men were all at the door on the far side, or working on the pallet. Rhianna strained to see Matthew, but couldn't find him.

"Rhianna?" she heard from below her. He was in the office. Rhianna reluctantly tore herself away from the window and moved to the stairs. She met Matthew coming up.

"Come on! We have to go!" he ordered loudly, not giving her a second glance.

She followed him down silently and as he began to unlock the office's outside door she made a decision that she had been putting off for a while now.

With his back to her he didn't see her coming as she used the only weapon she had on him, her own body.

She ran full tilt into him, crushing him against the door which burst open with the impact. The two of them fell to the ground, but Rhianna recovered first. She leapt on top of Anderson who was momentarily stunned and rolled him onto his back.

"Rhianna?"  Matthew choked out as he struggled to free himself.

Rhianna Summer knew she had to act quickly, with her hands cuffed she was at a great disadvantage.  She uncoiled the whip she had been carrying all this time and caught one of his wrists with it.  Using all her strength she bent his arm way up behind him, making him yell.

Anderson began struggling wildly, but Rhianna used her weight to keep him on his stomach. She did not dare release the pressure on his arm, for who knew what he would do to her relatively helpless body if he got free.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"  Anderson kept yelling at her. She wished she could reply, but it was his fault she couldn't.  As the struggling went on she was beginning to feel another affect of wearing such a large ball gag. Breathing only through her nose she was quickly running out of oxygen. She couldn't draw enough air to cover the energy she was expanding.

"Agent Summer!" she heard someone yell behind her. Rhianna couldn't spare the energy to turn around.

"Agent Summer?" asked the voice, closer and beside her. Rhianna glanced over to see an agent in a company jacket standing with his weapon pointed at the ground. He was evidently shocked to see a nude, cuffed and gagged woman manhandling another man.

Rhianna gestured with her head toward Matthew, and, the spell now broken, the agent moved where Anderson could see him. Knowing he was caught, Anderson stopped struggling.

"Agent Summer!" said another voice, this one familiar. Tired and sore, Rhianna let go of Matthew and rolled off his body. The agent took over, a set of hand cuffs in his hand.

Rhianna rolled on her back to see Agent Wilson looking down at her, also with weapon in hand.

"Rhianna?"  he asked.

Suddenly very conscious of her nudity, Rhianna got up and tried to cover herself. With her hands cuffed she could only manage to cover her groin, which left her topless and very embarrassed.

Wilson was also embarrassed and in no time at all he had his FBI windbreaker off. He draped it over Rhianna's shoulders, but she would not really be able to put it on until she got her cuffs off. Wilson dug for his key. Rhianna looked over to where Anderson was being cuffed, at the same time hers were being removed. Another agent had joined them and the two agents tried not to look at her as they helped Anderson to his feet.

Rhianna was very aware that the jacket she wore only just covered her groin and buttocks.

Anderson himself just stared at her, a look of total disbelief on his face. "AGENT Summer?" he asked her.

Rhianna dropped her eyes, and spotted the bullwhip lying in the dirt. She kicked it as Wilson finished undoing her cuffs. Matthew understood, even though no one around them did.

"Ah, it wasn't - I wasn't going to use it," he said, "its, its just something I picked up at an auction.  It's movie memorabilia, one of the whips used in the 'Indiana Jones' movies." Rhianna was still suspicious but it explained the initials on the whip.

The agents finished patting Anderson down and tossed Wilson the only thing he carried, a set of keys.  Wilson was happy, because Rhianna's gag had a lock on it.

"That's it, Sir," said the agent, not looking at Rhianna.

Rhianna wished Wilson would hurry up, she wanted to pull the jacket on properly, but couldn't with him fiddling with her gag.  She didn't want to think about Matthew right now, she avoided his eyes.

"I never would have taken you for a cop, Rhianna," Matthew said to her. "You did all this for a drug bust?"

"We're booking you for terrorism, Mr. Anderson."  Wilson replied, not finding the key he was looking for on the ring he had been given. "International terrorism, as well as smuggling a weapon of mass destruction into the country."

"Weapon of what?  You mean like a bomb? There's no bomb. It's just cocaine! Shit, I mean, they, they told me it was cocaine! Rhianna, you believe me don't you?"

Rhianna had turned away, unwilling, unable to face him.

She had tears in her eyes as she shrugged her jacket on, clutching it tightly to herself as she tried to get her dignity back. She felt sick at what she had done, how she had felt toward this man who dealt with death so casually, and now lied about it. She tried to stop crying as she looked out to sea where a Coast Guard cutter had intercepted Rico in his boat.

"Where is the key to her gag, Anderson?" she heard Wilson ask, upset.

"I, oh shit, it's at home, I didn't bring those keys with me."

"Dammit.  Take this asshole away!"  Wilson ordered.  "And someone bring Agent Summer here something better to wear!"

A large panel truck pulled into the parking lot with a lot of other vehicles, and men in silver contamination suits piled out and headed toward the building.

The shoot out had evidently ended with the bad guys loosing as usual. "Let's get clear of the building." Wilson said to Rhianna, and he guided her away to one of the cars.

She sat quietly in the vehicle until someone came up with a set of coveralls, which she gratefully pulled on. Then someone appeared with a bolt cutter and in seconds the gag was out of her mouth.

As she worked the stiffness out of her jaw, she couldn't help noticing the looks the other agents gave her. Word of her condition had spread. No doubt it would be all over the office by the time they got back. Well screw them, she thought.

She waited, as did the rest of them, for the HAZMAT team to do their thing. Sooner than they thought it would be, a silver suited figure came out of the building and took his helmet off.

He came over to Wilson, who was standing close by where Rhianna sat.

"It's okay, there's no bomb. But there's enough material there to make several. It looks like they were more concerned about shipping it is safely, for it's very well packed. We can move it as is without any problem."

"Good. Do it." replied Wilson.

The silver man nodded and went back to his job.

As word spread, there was a palpable sigh of relief among all those present.

"I can give you a ride back to the office."  Wilson said to Rhianna when they were alone again.

"No, thanks. I think I'd rather drive alone, if I could. Is there a car I can use?" she asked.

"Sure, take mine, I'll ride back with the others. But be careful."

"I will. Thanks."

Rhianna drove off, leaving the bustle of activity behind her. She tried to sort out her feelings about Matthew and everything that had happened, but had a hard time thinking about it all in any reasonable, unemotional way.

Instead, she just drove.

End Chapter 11


Rhianna stormed past Wilson's secretary and burst into his office. "You asshole," she cursed at him, "you lied to me!"

Wilson was momentarily surprised, but recovered quickly. His secretary left and closed the door when he nodded to her that it was okay. He turned back to Rhianna. "Agent Summer, let me explain, I -"

"Don't fuck with me anymore, Wilson, you don't have a clue as to what I went through. You told me Anderson was a weapons smuggler."

"I'm sorry, Rhianna, I truly am. I wanted to tell you from the beginning, I -" Wilson stopped abruptly. He realized that he'd said too much, and was probably in big trouble now, although he wasn't quite sure why.

"You wanted to tell me from the start? Well, why the hell didn't you?" As soon as she asked the question, she knew the answer. "Vessor?" She sat down in the chair in front of his desk.

Wilson nodded slightly. "He, he said that you would need motivation for this. I mean, Anderson is a smuggler, just not of weapons."

"I've seen the file. Mostly, he's smuggled art that was 'illegally' obtained. Hell, in most cases it was for museums here anyway. Hardly the terrorist you both made him out to be."

"I think you may be understating his crimes a bit, Agent Summer. Didn't he say that he thought this shipment was drugs? Anyway, the assistant director thought that if you thought Anderson was more, well 'evil', that you would be able to be more objective in your assignment. He apparently felt Anderson was very suave, and might be able to influence you somehow, or, hell I don't know. Get you to fall for him? Vessor was clear that we should vilify Anderson, he said it would make it easier for you. Apparently the A.D. knew about Anderson before this case."

Rhianna was still fuming, but she had calmed down since entering the room. Wilson was a jerk, but he wasn't the one pulling the strings here. It seems Vessor was up to something and she wasn't sure what. Did it involve her, or Anderson, or both? They'd wanted to make it harder for her to fall for Anderson? To late for that, she thought wryly. But was she ignoring Anderson's crimes? He was hardly a choir boy. He had said "They told me it was cocaine." What had that meant? Wouldn't he have known? Finally she turned to Wilson.

"I expect to be told the truth when I am sent out on assignment, Agent Wilson. I expected to be treated with respect, and to be trusted to do my job as best I can. I can't do that if information is withheld from me. You know what happened to me the last time."

Wilson sighed. He had felt bad during the entire assignment, and there was nothing he could do to make it up. "Agent Summer. Rhianna, I, I owe you a big debt here. We breached a lot of protocols on this one, I think you know. We can't even file a complete report. I've had to leave out all the parts about the sex and all, and I need to ask you to do the same in your report." He looked up at her, a frown on his face. "I believed the A.D. when he said that this was likely the only way to collect both the weapon and the terrorists, and it seems to have worked out that way. We never really cared about Anderson much at all, you're right, he's small potatoes. All I can say, is that from now on, I promise to tell you everything I can about your assignments. I think you performed admirably here, and given the circumstances, above and beyond the call of duty." He paused, and Rhianna just sat, listening to him.

"I will definitely recommend you for a commendation for this assignment. You already have a week off to recover if you need it. If there's anything else I can do, please, let me know now."

Rhianna shook her head. "I - there's nothing, Agent Wilson." She sighed as well. "Thank you for your time, sir," she told him resignedly, and got up to leave.

"Agent Summer, I," he said, pausing. "The story I told everyone was that somehow, Anderson figured out you were an agent, and tied you up before the bust went down. I think it had the desired effect, most of the other agents were impressed that you got away and stopped Anderson on your own."

Rhianna had wondered why people had been treating her well, instead of making crude jokes. Well, it was half true, anyway. "Thank you, sir, I appreciate that."

"Please, Enjoy your time off. Get away for a while if you can."

"I plan on seeing if some friends of mine can put me up for a few days. They live - in the country."

Wilson smiled and nodded, but Rhianna left without seeing his smile turn into a frown.

"Send him in," Vessor told the man at the desk as he walked by. He made his way to a room in the back and went in. Nothing in the room but two chairs and a table. He had to wait only a minute before an officer brought Anderson in, hands cuffed behind his back. Vessor smiled at the irony of that.

"You can remove his cuffs," Vessor told the officer. The man hesitated for a few seconds before complying, then unlocked the cuffs. Anderson rubbed his wrists.

"Thanks," he said to Vessor.

Vessor nodded to the officer and the man left, leaving them alone in the room. They both sat down.

"Christ, Jim, what the hell is going on?"

"So you really didn't know what was in that package?"

"Shit, no! Someone said it was a, a bomb? They were blackmailing me to get me to bring it in, I had no choice. I still don't know what happened to Emilio."


"Emilio Vercosi. He's a good connection I had in Italy. They kidnapped him, said they'd kill him unless I got this package in. They never said it was a bomb, Jim, honest."

Vessor frowned. He'd seen that name recently, and Anderson wasn't going to like the news. "I'm sorry to report that they did kill him. He was found murdered just outside of Rome, several days ago. I'm sorry."

Anderson's shoulders fell, and he shook his head. "Bastards! I did everything they wanted me to. They said he was okay. I, I thought it was drugs, Jim. A large shipment of some kind of powerful cocaine-like substance. I was going to turn them in, but with Emilio's life on the line, I couldn't risk it."

"Why did you pick up a new pet, Matt? Seems like you would have been preoccupied."

"I was, dammit. I didn't want to, actually. They said, act normal. Take your slave with you to the party, whatever, don't let on. Then Sharon leaves me, not a week before. I left a folder out, left Rhianna alone in the apartment. I wouldn't normally have done that. I'm a little more on the ball than that, Jim, you know me. I still managed to avoid being followed. I guess that was you all tailing me those times. I thought it was my 'clients'." When Vessor said nothing, he continued. "So, she was one of yours? Kind of a long way to go in the line of duty."

"She's - special," Vessor said carefully. "She knew the risks. The weapon was serious, Matt. We had to be sure to get it, the terrorists, everything all at once. I wasn't sure if I could count on you to be forthcoming, given your past. It was a big, but calculated risk. But," Vessor paused, for dramatic affect, "I think I can help you."

Anderson perked up. "How? They are talking about putting me away for a long time. Jim, I didn't do anything!"

"I believe you, Matt. I've known you a while, and this just didn't sound like you. You've done questionable things before, but nothing so dangerous. And if we can corroborate that Emilio Vercosi was kidnapped before he was murdered, and that he worked for you, I think I can get you off with just a few months jail time, maybe even probation."

Anderson visibly relaxed a little. He'd known Vessor socially for some time, and had no reason not to trust him. "I'll do whatever I have to, Jim. I can give you information on these guys, whatever you need."

"I'll let you know, Matt. I think we have everything we need on them, but you input would certainly help both of us. You know that two of them were killed in the shootout. Those remaining were very cooperative. But, I'll send an agent down to get your statement, in any case. I'll talk to the judge about your detainment, see if I can't get them to reduce your bail."

Anderson looked to Vessor like a starving dog looks to the butcher. "Thanks, Jim. I really appreciate this." Vessor nodded. "Um, can I, I mean, do you think I can talk to Rhianna? I guess she was just acting, but, well . . ."

"I'll let her know you inquired about her. I think it might be best if you waited until after you were out of jail before contacting her."

Anderson nodded rapidly. The past few days had been a whirlwind, and he still hadn't settled down. Poor Emilio. And Rhianna! He didn't know how he felt about her, but he thought they should at least talk. He'd grown to like her in the short time they were together. Like her? Maybe more. And he was sure she was a sub, whether she knew it or not.

Vessor was standing. Anderson got up to shake his hand. "Thanks for helping me out, Jim. My lawyer said there wasn't anything he could do, the charges were too serious."

"I'll be in touch, Matt. Take care." Vessor went to the door and rapped on it. It opened, letting him out, leaving behind a grateful Anderson.

As Vessor left the building, he smiled to himself. It had been a huge gamble, but it had paid off. He hadn't been entirely comfortable with the whole situation. In retrospect, it had been very risky. But well worth it.

Through his contacts in the CIA, he knew that the terrorist's home base had been taken out, and their facilities for making biological agents were destroyed. In fact, they'd put a big dent in the entire terrorist organization.

And now, he had the operative he had needed for so long.

End of To Catch a Smuggler