Novelty Store - Ritual

by BlueWords


Working at Pamela's is so much better than my old job at the 7-11. The pay's a  bit more, I'm less likely to get shot, and the hours are better, even though I usually get  stuck with closing. I don't mind, I'm a night person. Most of the time, when my shift is  over, I head out down the street and have a beer, maybe dance a bit, before heading  home.

Pamela's, for those of you who don't cruise Greenville, is a lingerie and adult  novelty store. We're a little classier than those porno shops over on Harry Hines or  Mockingbird. We tend to get a more college crowd here, for some reason. There's a lot  of restaurants nearby, several bars and clubs, a barber, a jewelry store, a second-run  movie theater across the street, that kind of stuff.

We carry a wide variety of items, lots of teddies and nightgowns, the costumes  for nurses and pussycats, videos, books, magazines, gag gifts, lotions and oils, and a lot  of bondage gear. We get all kinds of customers, but I'd say that most are normal sort of  people, married and pre-married couples, not any of those weirdos in the raincoats or  anything.

We close at eleven on Fridays, and it was about ten when they came in. Only a  few other people in the store, browsers mostly. These two were different. They had a  definite purpose in mind.

Nice looking guy, average height but in good shape, short hair, preppy looking.  I figure he's a college kid. Has a sports shirt on, not with the alligator, but a horse or  shield or some such, and those pants, you know, like the guy on the train in those  commercials? The girl is good looking too, nice shape, about the same height as the guy,  blonde hair that looked naturally that way, down to her shoulders. She's wearing a nice  summer dress, goes down below her knees. I figure she's college too, same school  probably. She's holding a balled up T-shirt in her hand for some reason.

The guy walks up and puts a platinum American Express down on the counter  in front of me, then walks over to the wall and starts to pull things off. Pair of wrist  cuffs, the nice ones that are lined on the inside so they don't chaff so much. The girl, in  the meantime, starts to strip. Lays down the T-shirt, then pulls off her dress, unhooks  her bra, pulls down her panties, boom, she's standing there in just her heels. Nice, real  nice. She's got a nice, all-over tan and she's an athlete, runner maybe. Breast are just  about the size I like them, not huge, but enough for a mouth or a hand. And she's  shaved clean down there, so I can't tell for sure if she is a natural blonde.

By this time, there's only one other customer in the store, the others having left  before the show started. This late, we're not likely to get too many more. The other  customer, a man in his mid thirties, I'd guess, is standing near the women's lingerie  section, on the other side of the store from the bondage stuff, but still in good view of the  festivities. His mouth is open, eyes bugging out of his head, just like in the cartoons. I  hope he doesn't start drooling on the merchandise. I'm lucky I'm behind the counter so  I can adjust myself without it being too obvious.

The college boy goes up to the girl and puts the wrist cuffs on her. Attaches  them together behind her back. He pulls the price tag off and comes to place it on the  counter next to his credit card. I figure he probably won't need a bag.

He pulls a few more items off the wall, ankle cuffs, a leather collar, other types  of cuffs, a leather hood. He goes and dumps all this stuff at her feet and goes back for  more. The girl, all this time, is just standing there, trying not to look at anyone else, or  even her boyfriend ( I assume he's her boyfriend). She fidgets around a little but tries to  remain still. I think I can make out her goosebumps.

The guy has picked out a thin butt plug and some lubricant, the flavored kind.  She's looking a bit apprehensive, but she lets him bend her over at the waist. He puts  some of the lubricant on the plug, then he slides it in, as gently as he can. It's not going  in easy, so she spreads her feet apart some, and leans over a bit more. Finally he pushes  it in, and she lets out a gasp, her eyes popping wide open.

Not as wide open as the other customer. He looks like he might be in shock.  He's not smiling, he looks - well, I wish I had a picture of his face right then, and if  anyone ever asks me what complete and utter astonishment looked like, I could show  them his face. He hasn't moved an inch, I'm surprised he's remembered to breathe. His  pants are tented out in front, but he doesn't seem to notice.

College boy goes to the wall where all the dildoes are and starts to pull one off.  Just a run-of-the-mill dildo, one of the smaller ones. I decide to speak up at that point.

"Might want to try that one," I say, pointing to one a row or two over from the  one he's got. He looks at my choice. It's just a bit bigger than the one he has, but it has a  more natural shape to it, and it vibrates. He nods, puts the one he's holding back and  grabs my suggestion. I wave a pack of batteries at him, so comes over to install them.  After pulling the dildo out of the package, he twists off the end, drops in the batteries,  closes it and fires it up. He seems surprised by the strength of the vibrations, and turns it  off. "She'll thank you later," I say. He nods. Seems like he wants to grin, to join in the  little joke, but decides not to, not at her expense. I admire his dedication to her. He turns  his back to me and I'm grinning, ear to ear.

After lubing up the dildo, he slides it into her vagina easily. I figure she's pretty  wet down there by now. The dildo is going to slip out pretty quickly, I think, but he has  also picked out a leather thong bikini thing that he snaps around her waist and pulls up  between her legs. It's really just a couple of thin belts hooked together, but it'll keep the  dildo in place. He has the girl stand back up and proceeds to put the rest of the gear on  her.

He puts a small ball gag at her lips and she opens her mouth for it, becoming  apprehensive again as he fastens it around her head. Next he gathers up her hair and  holds it in a pony-tail, and slides the leather hood over her head, pulling the hair out the  back through a hole provided for just that. The hood is shaped like a head, it fits pretty  snugly. There is a zipper for the mouth, closed, a hole at the nose, and a removable  blindfold that he's left attached. There's no holes for the ears, so she's more or less deaf  now. The hood extends down to cover part of her neck. There is a zipper in the back that  is used to tighten the thing up, he pulls it down until the whole hood hugs her head  nicely. She's damn cute, blonde hair sticking out the top, head covered in leather, breast  thrust out and nipples hard, a thin leather bikini on.

The other customer is still staring, mouth agape, but he's actually moved. He's  still standing in the same place, but his right hand has reached up to grab a shelf to  steady himself on. His knuckles are white.

The boy puts the collar around her neck, locking the hood in place. Then he  attaches some cuffs just above her elbows and pulls her arms together so her elbows are  about touching. This pulls her shoulders back and thrusts her breasts out even more. He  puts on the ankle and thigh cuffs, but before hooking them together, he undoes the  bikini strap that goes between her legs, turns on the vibrator, then puts the bikini back  together. The girl kind of moves her hips around some, she's probably surprised as hell,  can't tell if she minds or not. He hooks her ankles and thighs together. She's not going  to be walking out of here, I'm sort of surprised she can still stand.

He's got this leather brassiere thing. It goes on like a bra, but where cups  normally are, there are just leather loops that can be adjusted. She has just enough breast  to fit into it, and he tightens the straps until her tits bulge out just a little. They start  turning a bit red. Doesn't look too uncomfortable, but then I've never had my breasts  tied up in leather.

He brings all the price tags he's saved over to the counter and puts them in a  pile. "Ring this up, please. I've just got a couple more things to get." There was a crack  in his voice, this was kind of tough on him. Of course, not as tough as on the girl. I  began to scan the stuff in.

He picks up a short leash, black leather like everything else, and then a set of  nipple clamps. The leash hooks onto a d-ring on the collar and hangs down between her  breasts. He has no trouble finding a target for the clamps, her nipples were about as hard  as they could get. Easy as he could, he puts the clamps on, first her right breast, then her  left. She starts to shake, her whole body, and he has to hold her shoulders to hold her up.  It was obvious to all three of us males there she'd just had an orgasm, pretty good one  from the looks of it. I was afraid she was going to fall down, but college boy holds her  up, until she recovers enough so she can stand on her own again.

The other customer has obviously had an orgasm too, judging by the wet stain  covering the front of his trousers. Funny thing, he doesn't seem to notice, and he hasn't  closed his mouth yet.

I probably had a wet spot in my underwear from all the pre-cum that was  leaking from my dick. I was going to have to jack-off after I closed the store.

I finish ringing up their purchases and college signs the payment slip. I give  him a bag after all. "For her clothes," I tell him. He nods again gratefully, and goes to  collect her dress and all and put it in the bag. Then he picks up her T-shirt and tugs it  down over her head. It had been cut off short, so that it just covers her tits. No words on  the shirt, just three Greek symbols on the front and back. I figured as much.

Then he collects her. He bends down, kind of leans into her at her waist and  hefts her up onto his shoulder. Her legs in front, head hanging down in back. Slowly  they walk out of the store like that. The other customer comes alive enough to run and  open the door for them, before following them out, his mouth still open.

It was past closing time, but I didn't care. It had been a good night, and a good  sale.

"Pledge week" is always interesting.

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