by Bluewords

Nita was surprised and a little confused. Mark, her boyfriend of half a year, was showing her some contraption and she was unsure of how it was supposed to work. It looked like a random collection of pipes. Most of the pipes were the square kind with holes in them. They were bolted together, or in a few cases welded.

“We’ve tried bondage before, and I saw a picture of something like this, and you know how handy I am with tools, so I thought I’d try to make one.” He was standing looking at his “device”, smiling proudly.

One what? was the question. It was true they’d tried bondage. Although Nita had tied Mark up a couple times, she preferred to be the one getting tied up. Mark was a good lover, and he always seemed interested in pleasing her, even if that meant tying her down to the bed and fucking the hell out of her.

“What the heck does it do?” she finally asked him.

“Yeah, I guess it just looks like a bunch of pipes with padding on them.” He began to point out the features and she started to understand. “It’s kind of a small adjustable cage. You would kneel here and lean over this part, and I’d put in the cross-pipes, and you’d be stuck.”

Nita finally sort of visualized it. If she was kneeling down, the pipes were situated such that it would keep her knees and feet apart. There were short pipes sticking up in the back that if another pipe were attached over them, would keep her feet trapped. In front of those were a set that would keep her knees apart. A larger structure came up and held 3 long pipes parallel to the floor. These were set so she would lean forward about 45 degrees and be supported at her stomach and below and above her breasts. The top pipes had others that now looked like thick handcuffs – when adjusted would trap her hands. It looked like there were places to attach other pipes across her back so that she’d be fixed in place. She also noted clamps for pipes where her head would be, probably to attach some type of head restraint.

“Well, it’s certainly, uh, made of pipes.”

“Used the supplies I had. You want to try the fit? I padded everywhere I thought would be touching you. Obviously you should be naked.” Mark was standing there smiling, proud of his contraption. Nita was unsure of what to think.

“Well, I guess so. I mean you went to all this trouble…” She sounded a little less than enthused.

Mark turned to her. “Hey, I’m sorry I kind of sprang this on you. I had an idea and just went with it. If you think it’s too freaky, we can skip it, really. You know how I get sometimes.” He honestly didn’t seem too perturbed by her reluctance.

“No, it’s okay, really. I’m just, well, really surprised. I mean, you could have just tied ropes to the bed, you know.”

“I just thought this might be interesting to try out. Tell you what, you tell me when to stop. We’ll have a safe word, like usual. Pineapple, okay? Say it, and I’ll stop and let you out.” He kissed her on the mouth and she felt his tongue swirl around hers. She briefly wondered why she ever had doubted him. He could probably talk her into anything after a long kiss.

“Okay,” she nodded breathlessly when they broke it off. She began to strip.

Nita and Mark were in many ways opposites. She was more or less a city girl and worked at a white-collar job for a large firm. Mark was basically a country boy, or at least suburban, and worked in a machine shop. But they hit it off when they met, a blind date set up by mutual friends. Mark turned out to be a great lover, gentle when he needed to be, strong at times as well. It had been Nita that had suggested they try bondage, because she knew she liked it and thought Mark could handle it. He baulked at first, but eventually got used to it. First just a simple tie for her hands. Then tied spread eagle to the four-poster. Nita had tied him up a few times, but she preferred to be on the receiving end and apparently Mark liked to be on the giving end. They didn’t do it all the time, but it heightened lovemaking for both of them when they did.

Nita had thought the talk about “getting a few more toys” for the bedroom was just talk. She had been fine with scarves and soft rope. But Mark was a tinkerer and liked building things.

“Say, wait a minute. Where did you see a picture of something like this?” she asked him, eyeing him suspiciously. She had her blouse off and was pulling down her skirt.

“I went looking for advice online. Turns out you can find almost anything on the internet. I sort of stumbled over a site that had a bunch of different things like this. I wasn’t too interested in the pictures they had, but I thought I could make something like that. Turns out I could.”

She narrowed her eyes at him but also began to smile. She knew him well enough to know that he probably had not gone looking for pictures of naked women tied up but advice on ways to tie her up.

Once she was totally nude, he led her to the collection of pipes. “Hopefully the padding helps. Most of the ones I saw didn’t have any and I didn’t really want it to be totally uncomfortable.” He had her kneel in the middle of the device, facing “forward”. There were two sets of three pipes that formed a short, square upside-down ‘U’, attached to the base, and these kept her knees wide apart. He positioned her feet between the two short pipes at each side in the back. He positioned something over her right foot, she heard a “click”, and her foot was stuck. She had maybe half an inch of movement, and couldn’t pull her foot loose. He did the same to the left foot and now she was stuck. Leaning her forward, she rested on the three horizontal bars, one for her stomach, one just below her breasts and one right above.

He had her bring her arms up and out, upper arm horizontal, forearm vertical. He used some square piping that hooked on to the horizontal bars she was resting on to lock down her upper arm, and then her wrist. She could wiggle her fingers but otherwise had little movement of her arms.

“How’s that, so far?” he asked her.

“Well, a little weird, but not uncomfortable. Thanks for the padding.” She struggled a bit for his benefit to let him know how much she could move.

He nodded. “Great.” He did something behind her and there was a long bar now behind her knees. Using a few more attachments, he put a long bar behind her lower back. He set up a piece that went across her shoulder blades and under her armpits. He gently pushed her into the front bars, tightened something down and she was pulled into the front bars and held there. She found that the only thing she could really move very much now was her head. That would soon change.

Mark grabbed an odd piece that looked like half a cage. He put it behind her head and pushed it forward, hooking it to the top bar. It fit around her head, a pipe on either side in front of her ears and one in the back. There was a bungee cord that he put around her head from ear to ear. It wasn’t tight, but held her head in place. Now she could no longer turn her head or even move it much at all.

Nita couldn’t move and said so. “I can’t move at all.”

“That’s the general idea. Although I think that I may change it around for next time, assuming you want a next time, so that you’re standing. I don’t have as much access to you as I’d like.”

She tried to nod and found she couldn’t. “Uh, I guess it’d be hard to fuck like this.” It was a little annoying that she could only follow him with her eyes, and only when he was in front of her.

“Yeah,” he agreed. Then he stepped up in front of her and she saw the attraction of this position. “I can make use of other things, however.” His crotch was right at her eye level.

“Oh no, sir, whatever did you have in mind?” she asked in a higher voice.

“You’ll see, wench.” He smiled. “Actually, I thought I’d leave you like this for a few minutes before I do anything else, so you can get used to it. Maybe you can let me know what you like or don’t like or could be improved.”

Again she tried to nod. “Uh, okay. I’ll take stock of things, I guess.” He moved away and she heard him sit down on the bed although she couldn’t see it because of the angle she was facing. She tried to move her feet and legs and couldn’t. She couldn’t move her arms, or even move her torso from side to side. Her head was immobilized. She could wiggle her fingers, and talk, but that was it. She tried to move everything all at once, but she had so little play that it barely rattled the “cage”.

Mark came back in to view. He knelt down to look her in the face. “Seems to be holding okay.”

“Yep. I’m definitely stuck.”

“I’ve – got another piece, but I don’t know if you want to try it.”

“What is it?”

He held up an odd thing made of thick wire, kind of “U” shaped, that had two small rubber blocks sort of on the “U” tips. “It’s a gag, basically. It would mean you couldn’t say the safe word, though, so I’m kind of reluctant.”

She looked at the thing. In for a penny, in for a pound, she thought. “Well, if you really wanted to try it, you could give me a handkerchief or something to hold. If I let go you stop.”

“You really want to try it?” he asked.

“Sure. I mean, I’ve trusted you so far.”

“Great. That’s a good idea, by the way.” He got up and moved out of her view. She could hear him rummaging around. He came back with a washcloth. “How about this.” He waved it in front of her face, then put it into her right hand and she grabbed for it. “Let it go, as a test.” She let go and the cloth dropped to the ground. “Great.” He picked it up and put it back into her hand. She couldn’t see the cloth, so she grabbed it tightly.

Then he fiddled around behind her and brought the rubber blocks of the gag forward and guided them into her mouth. The fit between her teeth, stopping her from biting down and keeping her mouth open. The rubber was attached to the thick wire parts of the gag, which went out of her mouth and curved around her cheeks to hook to something behind her head. It apparently had an added benefit of making it even harder for her to move her head.

“Ish is er,” she told him. She could make sounds but not any coherent words.

“Great,” he answered. He stood up and moved out of view. She heard him stripping out of his clothes, then gathering up some other things. Oddly enough, she was thinking that earplugs and maybe a blindfold would make the helplessness even stronger. Oh god, she thought, I’m wet. I’m wet. I hope I’m not dripping.

She felt his hand lightly on her left asscheek. She would have jumped if she could have moved at all.

“Man, you’re wet already. I’m glad you’re enjoying this. Hopefully, this will help even more.” She could feel him spreading some kind of lubricant around over her pussy lips and over her asshole. Then he slowly pushed a dildo into her vagina. He held it in place while he pushed a thinner dildo into her ass.

“A, a, uh uu e” she said.

“Don’t worry, they won’t fall out, I’ve made a wedge to help keep them in place.” Something pushed against the base of the two dildoes and indeed kept them from sliding out. Then something flat was placed against her clit. It was apparently fixed in place since he got up and it didn’t move.

He came around in front of her and showed her a small remote. It had a slider switch on it that was set to “Off”. The highest setting was “High” and there were 4 dots in between.

“They’re hooked to a dimmer switch,” he said, as if that explained something. She watched as he pushed the slider up to the first dot. The vibrator at her clit came to life with a low buzzing. The two dildoes were vibrators as well, and they started gently moving inside her.

“Aaaa,” she said.

“Now, I think I’ll let you get used to that for a little while.”

She could do nothing. She couldn’t move, and the vibrations in her loins were too slow to do anything more than frustrate her. She wasn’t even able to rock and get the dildoes to move in or out. Stuck like a fly in amber, she thought. A sexy fly.

After a few minutes, Mark came back and squatted in front of her. “I’ve got just a couple more things I’d like try, then I want a blow job. These are to give you incentive to do the best job you can.” She felt him fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples, getting them harder than they already were. When they first made love and she pulled off her shirt and bra, Mark’s comment was, “I’m a very lucky man.” Nita had very nice breasts, according to Mark. A friend had once told him that any more than a mouthful was a waste, but he disagreed, as did Nita when Mark was kissing hers, which were definitely more than a mouthful.

She felt him slip something over the nipple and knew it was some kind of nipple clamp. There was not much pressure and it wasn’t the kind with teeth, thank goodness. He applied one to the other nipple and she was sure they were connected by a chain. He tugged at them and tightened them so they would not come off. He showed her the remote and pushed the slider up to the second dot. Then he moved behind her.

Soon she felt his hands running over her ass. She wondered what he was up to and didn’t have to wait long. She felt a sudden slap on her right butt cheek, followed quickly by one on her left side. He was spanking her, apparently with something like a ping-pong paddle. He stopped after the two slaps, ran a hand over her ass, then started again.

He had previously given her a few swats when they were fooling around, but nothing consistent. Nita had kind of wanted to try spanking as well, but had been a little reluctant to bring it up. Now she was going to get one whether she wanted to or not. He alternated between her cheeks, building up and spanking them harder and harder. It was starting to sting. She thought that maybe he’d also cranked the vibrators up another notch, but wasn’t really sure. The odd part was not being able to squirm or anything. Her ass was held in place and he was spanking it and that was that. She couldn’t move away or into it or anything. He gave her about 20 swats on each cheek before stopping.

“Wow. That’s pretty red.” He ran his hand over her ass again. She could feel the heat, and it stung like anything, but it didn’t really hurt. Much. “Did you enjoy that?” he asked.

“Aaa,” she said.

“Good. Want some more?”

“Aaaar,” was her reply.

“Okay. What say I double it?” He started swatting her again. He moved the paddle all over her ass, covering most of it with fast blows. Nita wished the hell she could reach down and rub herself. The vibrators were making her horny as all hell, as was the spanking, but she couldn’t move or do anything to help things along. Turn up the damn vibrators, she thought.

When he stopped, her ass seemed to be pulsing. It was the same pulse as her cunt. She wished she could beg him. Rub me! Fuck me! Damn, I’m so close.

She was a bit surprised to see him standing in front of her, dick long and hard. With no fanfare he slowly pushed it into her open mouth, which was drooling a bit. He was slow and careful not to gag her. She tried to swirl her tongue around as much as she could, and she tasted his pre-cum. Soon he picked up a rhythm that she could keep up with. He was also getting pretty far into her mouth, although she could tell his was making sure not to jam it all the way in as deep as he could go.

A few minutes of that and she felt the vibrators kick in faster, probably their highest setting. She moaned around his cock and she came from the stimulus. If she could have thought about it, she would have thought it was odd not to be able to writhe around while coming. Another minute and she was “rewarded” with Mark’s cum gushing down her throat.

“Oh, man, man that was good,” he said stumbling back. A small bit of cum trailed out of her mouth along with her drool.

“O o aaa,” she said. She was starting to panic a little because the vibrators were still on high and she didn’t think she could take any more. Luckily the same thought apparently occurred to Mark and he turned them do to low.

“I’m going to rest a bit, okay? Don’t go anywhere.” He chuckled and moved off somewhere.

Nita heard nothing but the occasional rustle and had no clue what he was doing or where he was. She was trying to recover from her own orgasm as well, and he hadn’t turned the vibrators off, just down. Despite herself, she was getting horny again.

She wasn’t sure how long it had been. She had kind of zoned out, just thinking about her orgasm and the current buzzing in her cunt. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. Mark began undoing some of the restraints. He pulled out the gag, and removed the head cage. Then he let her arms loose, although they were pretty useless after having been tied down so long. He pulled loose more of the bars and such until she was finally loose. It took several minutes. As he helped her up the two dildoes slide out of her. He carried her to the bed. He already had a pillow on the edge and laid her on her stomach so that her legs dangled off the bed. Nita couldn’t move very well yet and let Mark do most of the work. She winced a bit as weight was put on the nipple clamps, still attached. She felt Mark slide his cock into her wet and waiting cunt.

“Finally,” she whispered. Mark fucked her hard, riding her a long time. His thighs slapped her ass that was still a little sore from the spanking, but she didn’t mind. She was amazed that she came, and then came again a few minutes later. Mark eventually pushed in and came with a guttural sound. His movements slowed and he collapsed on top of her.

A little later they had both moved up the bed and were spooning. “So tell me the truth, did you like that or what?” he asked her.

“Which part?” she asked jokingly.

“Well, any of it, all of it.”

She paused. “It was weird and different, and I guess I loved it. All of it. Jeez,” she said, “at one point I was thinking maybe you could have used a blindfold, or even earplugs.”

“Huh. Really? Maybe next time. If you want to, next time.”

“Part of what heightened everything for me was not being able to move at all. I mean, if I’m over your lap and you’re spanking me, I can struggle or squirm, try to get away or even meet your slaps. But like that, all I could do was accept it. You were going to do what you were going to do, and I had to take it. I hope you don’t think I’m weird, but I liked that.” She was quick to add, “Maybe not all the time…”

“Well, I wasn’t sure how it would be received, so I’m glad you enjoyed it. We can try things where you have a little more play, too.” He rubbed her side a little. “You have some marks from the bars, even with the padding, but they look like they’ll probably go away in a few hours. No bruises that I can see. Hey, what’s this?” He motioned to her hand.

It was the washcloth. She still had a hold of it. “I was holding on tight, I didn’t want to drop it.”

“Well, since you still haven’t said stop, I’m going to have my way with you again.” He turned her over so that she was lying on her back and began to nibble on her breasts.

“Have away,” she sighed.

The End

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