The Rent


Katie's Request,  by BlueWords

Nina wondered how she kept getting into these kinds of situations. She hoped that eventually, she could put these type of things behind her. She still had over a year to go, living at Brian Cook's house under his rules, and working for Sarah Wickland under her similar rules. And her boyfriend, now fiancé Jim liked to have her under the same rules.

Those rules meant that she was naked almost all of the time. As part of her agreement to stay at Brian Cook's house, she remained nude all the time while she was there, so that Brian could study and sculpt her. Her boss Sarah was often a sadistic bitch, but although she could no longer abuse Nina or her friend and co-worker Helen, they both still had to work in the nude while in the offices. And Jim just liked seeing Nina nude all the time. Jim was always coming up with ways to keep Nina without clothes, and oddly enough, had never seen her with anything on.

Actually, Nina currently had some clothes on, if you could call them that. She had a short black top and short black skirt on. There were Velcro attachments on the sides and arms so that the 'uniform' could easily be removed in parts. Not that it hid much in any case, and Nina had not been given the back part of her skirt. This left her backside completely exposed, which was in fact part of the plan.

Nina was serving drinks at a party, where mostly very rich people mingled about. There were other women dressed similarly to Nina, serving drinks and snack foods. Nina knew Ashley, Katie's "friend", but didn't know any of the other servers. However, the other servers currently had all of their uniforms on.

Nina wasn't there just to be a server. She had a special job that night, a special 'service' she was going to perform for one of the people at the party. She was not looking forward to it; in fact, she was dreading it. But she had promised to help, and now there was no turning back.

Nina thought back to the phone call she'd received just four days before. 'My life is nothing if not interesting,' she thought.


"Nina, it's Katie," the voice on the phone said. Nina immediately sat up. She'd not heard from the other woman in some time, and liked it that way. Katie had helped Nina and her friend Helen out, but it had not been without its price. Nina wondered what Katie wanted this time.

"Katie, how nice. I haven't heard from you in a while," Nina said, trying to keep her voice even.

"Cut the crap, Nina. We both know that I'm not your favorite person in the world. But I do have something I need to ask you. I would like you to drop by the club after work. It's important."

"I don't know if I can. Helen and I were..."

"It won't take long. Just come, all right?"

"I - okay, I'll be there," Nina said. She heard a click on the phone. Just like Katie to say 'frog' and expect people to jump. Only in this case, Nina felt somewhat obligated to go. Also, she was a little curious as well. What could Katie want?

Just then the intercom crackled. "Nina, bring me those files on the Brown case," her boss told her.

"Yes, ma'am, right away." Nina jumped up and got to work.


Helen was driving a naked Nina to Katie's club. Helen was also naked from the waist down. She and Nina had to work without clothes, and Nina never even got dressed in the morning. Helen picked her up nude in front of Brian Cook's house, and drove her back there on her way home. Helen usually pulled her clothes off in the car before going inside the building in the morning, and put them back on in the car before leaving the parking lot. Today, she'd been in a hurry and only pulled her shirt on before driving off.

"So tell me again why we're going to see this witch?" Helen asked her friend.

"I'm not sure. She has something to ask me and said it was important."

"She didn't try and blackmail you again, did she?"

"No, although I guess the threat is always implied. For some reason, I don't think that was what she had in mind."

They arrived at the club and Helen pulled on her shorts before getting out of the car. Since she had to work in the nude all the time, she usually dressed fairly casually.

"You don't have to come in, Helen. She only wanted to talk to me."

"You don't expect me to let you go in there alone, do you?"

Helen had parked as close to the front door as she could get, because Nina had no clothes to wear and would be exposed from the car to the club door. Luckily, traffic was light in the area, and the club was not yet open for business. They made their way into the club, eyes having to adjust to the darkness. Even though it was brighter inside than it would have been at night, a full party going, it was still dark compared to the sunny day outside. The two women looked around. Neither of them was happy about coming back to this place; it held reminded them of things they would rather forget.

There was a man behind the bar cleaning up, and Ashley approached them as soon as they came in. Otherwise the place was deserted.

"Nina, I'm glad you came. Katie's waiting in her office." Ashley was wearing almost normal clothing, it seemed. A tight T-shirt and tight jeans made it obvious she had nothing on underneath. The leather cuffs around her wrists and the collar she wore around her neck seemed out of place with her otherwise casual attire. "She wants to see just you, Nina. Helen will have to wait out here."

Helen wasn't happy about that, but Nina assured her it was okay, and followed Ashley into the back. Ashley let Nina go through the door to the office but didn't follow her in. Katie was sitting behind her desk. Nina felt self-conscious being naked in front of Katie once again, but oddly enough, Katie didn't seem to pay much attention to that. Katie looked troubled.

"Nina, thank you for coming. Please sit down," Katie told her. With Katie, it sounded more like an order, but Nina noticed her usual crocodile smile was gone. Nina took a seat.

"I'll get right to the point, Nina. I need a favor from you. A big favor. I need to ask you to do something for me, and to be blunt, it's not going to be easy."

"Why would I want to do anything for you?" Nina asked her.

"Ah, well, yes, direct as always. I like that in you, you know. In fact, there is probably very little reason you'd have to want to help me out. I could probably blackmail you into it, I still have the video tape." Katie had gotten hold of a tape of her running around her old offices in the nude, and hiding under the desk of Donald Bell, a lawyer now working with Sarah. Nothing at all had happened, Donald had only been trying to hide Nina from a searching security guard, but the tape and the guard's written statement were very incriminating. Nina thought that if the tape got out, both her and Donald's careers would be over, not to mention their lives being thrown in upheaval.

"However, I'm not going to hold anything over your head. I'm going to ask nicely, because I really need your help, and in this case, I need it voluntarily."

Nina had never seen Katie this way. The woman seemed almost scared of something. It was kind of neat seeing Katie frightened, but at the same time, Nina wondered what could frighten her like that.

"I'm listening," Nina told her.

"I am giving a party this Saturday. I'd like you to come and be one of the servers, much like last time. Only this time, you'll have a special duty to perform."

Nina already didn't like it. Servers wore only the uniforms and nothing underneath. The uniforms they had to wear stayed on with Velcro, and could easily be pulled off. Often, servers tended to end up naked by the end of the evening at Katie's parties. She also didn't like the sound of the special duty.

"What is this special duty I'd have to do? I'm not going to have sex with anyone, if that's what you're asking."

Katie laughed. "No, no. If only it were that simple. I'll confess something to you, Nina." Katie paused. "You reap what you sew. I was taught by someone a long time ago how to keep tabs on people, to try and get any information you could to use on them, friends or foes alike. This person taught me well. Only, he practiced what he preached, and he got something on me. Never mind what it was, suffice it to say that when he asks me to do something, I generally oblige. Most of the time, even happily."

So even Katie had someone she was afraid of, someone that could hold something over her. She knew Katie wouldn't tell her what the man had on her, but she couldn't help but be curious.

"In any case, this man has some peculiar tastes, and sometimes he asks me to fill them. This time, I'd like you to be the one the does it."

"Well, if it's not sex, what is it? Another performance?" Nina asked sarcastically.

Katie smiled her normal, just ate the canary smile. "No my dear, although if you wanted to, I wouldn't mind one." Katie then dropped her smile. She remembered that she was trying to be nice to Nina.

"I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. I really am trying to reach out here, Nina." Katie paused, watching Nina closely. The other woman was guarded but curious. "I'm not sure how exactly to put this. This man likes to, well, he likes to spank women. He claims to have spanked literally thousands of women."

Nina showed her surprise. Thousands? "Why should I want to be one of those thousands?" she asked Katie.

"Normally, I suppose you wouldn't. I had hoped if I asked nicely you might consent."

"I don't understand why it has to be me? Why not Ashley, or yourself, if he's so important?"

"Nina, it's like this. He has in fact already spanked both Ashley and myself. He doesn't like to spank the same woman more than once. He uses his hands only, but it's a blistering, let me tell you. I still remember mine, and it was years and years ago." Katie actually smiled. Nina thought it odd that she would remember a 'blistering' fondly.

"I still don't get why you want me to be the one," Nina said.

"You weren't my first choice, girl! Whenever he comes into town, which isn't that often, he expects me to have at least one new server at my parties that he can talk into going into a back room with him and laying across his lap. He's amazingly slick and charismatic, and usually doesn't have much trouble with most women. In fact, he kind of likes a challenge. When he told me he was coming, I started to ask around. But I found that most of the women I knew would either outright refuse, wouldn't be in town, or had in fact already been spanked by him."

Nina found this all too weird.

"I started to run out of prospects. There isn't anyone that I have - information on that I can ask. Finally, it came down to you or Helen. I figured Helen would probably refuse outright as I have no leverage over her, but I thought that maybe I could talk you into it."

Nina shook her head in disbelief. "But, what happens when you can't find someone for him?"

"Maybe nothing. Maybe he'd just be disappointed and leave. Or maybe he'd be very upset. I don't want to take a chance, and I don't want to make him upset. So I try and keep him happy."

"I don't really want to do this," Nina told her, then added, "What would be in it for me if I did?"

Katie smiled slightly. "Yes, that's the Nina I know and love. I don't know, what would you like from me?"

Nina thought a while. "How about the tape? The one of Donald and me?" Nina asked.

Katie smiled again. "I thought you might ask for that. I don't think I can just hand it over, but I can do something else for you. In fact, let me tell you a little story." Katie stood up and walked around the front of her desk. It seemed like she was trying to get friendly with Nina, but the real reason is that she just wanted a better look at the naked beauty before her.



"After the last party you attended at my house, I watched the tape of you and Mr. Bell. I realized that there was probably another copy or two, and that the security guards probably had them. I had someone on my 'special squad' go to each guard's home and look through all their tapes. Not only did they find the original of that tape, they found a few others that I can make use of, although that's neither here nor there. The upshot is I now am pretty sure I have all the copies of that particular tape. I know that there's not a copy in the office building's archives. It's unlikely that Sarah made a copy and hid it somewhere else. So, I have them all."

"How does that help me?" Nina asked.

"Well, I'm willing to destroy all the copies except one. That one will be edited some more. What I'll do is have Donald Bell taken out completely. It will still have your little jaunt around the building but there will be nothing identifying whose office you were in. I'll shred the statement Mel made at the time. With no tape, Mel's word won't mean much. Donald should no longer have anything to fear."

Nina thought for a few moments. The tape could conceivably still be used to hurt her career, but at least Donald was no longer in any danger. It might be a fair trade.

"So, let me get this straight. All the tapes gone except for the bit about me, in exchange for my letting this man spank me?"

"That is about the size of it," Katie said.

"How do I know I can trust you to get rid of the other tapes?" Nina asked.

"Well, technically you don't. If you want, after Saturday, I'll let you watch me edit Donald out of the tape."

Nina did not want to let some stranger spank her, and she didn't want to help Katie out. But maybe she could help Donald. She thought of Donald's wife and children and how they might be hurt if the tape ever got out.

"I'll have to talk this over with Jim," Nina told the other woman.

"You can't tell anyone. Jim or Sarah, or especially Donald," Katie told her.

"No way. I have to tell Jim. He's my fiance for goodness sake, I don't keep secrets from him anymore. Especially about you, Katie."

Katie sat there for a few moments. "All right, but just Jim. No one else. If they ask about your red butt, you'll have to have some other story made up. I don't think it would be a good thing to upset the balance that you have at your office, anyway."

Nina thought about Jim, and how he occasionally spanked her. Another story wouldn't be hard. But it occurred to her that she wasn't gaining very much in the transaction. Even though Donald would be protected against an accidental exposure of the tape, he'd still be afraid of it. The dynamics of the situation were just too much. And Donald did seem to enjoy himself at times.  Perhaps leaving a little fear in him was a good thing. Nina wondered what would happen if Donald learn the evidence against him was no more. He seemed a little afraid of Sarah in any case, even after witnessing her spanking. Sarah had that kind of effect.

So Nina would be doing this for Donald's wife and children. But she needed something more.

"All right. But I want something else as well," Nina said.

Katie frowned. "And what would that be?"

"You need to leave Helen alone, from now on. You don't ever ask her to do anything like this, or come back to your club, or anything else, ever. I know you don't really have anything on her, and I expect you to not ever even try to get anything. She's off limits to you from now on."

Katie got up from her desk and walked back around to sit in her chair. "You are really no fun at all, do you know that Nina? Okay. I'll leave Helen alone from now on, assuming you do this."

"If Jim says it's okay, then I'll do it. And I'll expect to watch you edit that video the next day."

"It's a deal. Now go, ask Jim quickly. If you don't do this, I don't know what I'll do. Maybe I'll ask Helen after all..."

Nina stood. "Don't you dare! I'll call you tonight."

Nina left without saying goodbye. I hope Jim agrees, Katie thought. I need this.

Nina walked by Ashley and grabbed Helen's arm. "Time to go, Helen," she told her friend. Helen had been drinking a soda at the bar and talking with Ashley, waiting for Nina to come out. Nina didn't wait for her to finish her drink.

"Bye, Ashley," Helen called as Nina practically dragged her out of the nightclub.


Nina was in her room and Brian Cook's house, naked as usual. She sat on her bed, holding the phone.

"Hi, it's me," she said. The person on the other end of the line recognized her immediately.

"Hi, Nina, I wasn't expecting you to call tonight. Nice to hear your voice," Jim told her.

"Well, I need some advice, and I needed to ask you. I talked with Katie today."

Jim paused. Nina had wished there were time for them to meet face-to-face, but he lived too far away for her to make the trip to his house and back that evening.

"What did she want?" he asked cautiously.

"She needs a favor. If I do this - thing - for her, she'll help me out. Well, she'll help Donald Bell out, sort of."

"Maybe you should start from the beginning," Jim told her.

Nina told him the whole story, just as Katie had told her. Jim listened, saying little as Nina explained about the party and the strange man that wanted to spank her, and about how Katie promised to destroy the tapes, and alter what was left.

"Well, that's interesting. You say she seemed scared?"

"At first, yeah. She's afraid of this guy, whoever he is. I got her to promise to leave Helen alone from now on, as well, but otherwise that's it. She didn't want me to tell anyone else, but I said I had to tell you."

Jim was silent for a while. "Do you want to do this?"

"Not really! I mean, you've spanked me, but I love you, and it sounds like this guy was serious. But Katie sounded desperate, and if it's not me, she might find some way to get Helen to agree."

"Well, as odd as it sounds, if you're willing to do it, I guess I'd agree as well." Nina was surprised. She'd expected Jim to talk her out of it. "Only one more condition."

"What?" Nina asked him.

"She has to invite me to the party as well."

"What? Jim, no! It's going to be bad enough I have to be there, I'd feel funny if you were there too."

"That's the condition. You need someone there to look after you, and I'm the guy. I don't think that Katie will have a problem with it. Trust me."

Nina shook her head. "If you think so. All right. I'll call her and tell her."


Katie had accepted Jim's condition. Nina would work there at the party as a server and let the man, whoever he was, spank her. There were a few other wrinkles that Nina wasn't aware of that almost made her back out. The first was the costumes. It wasn't that she objected to wearing one, because it was more than she usually got to wear.

At this party, each server was numbered, and each piece of the outfit they had on was numbered as well. At various times throughout the party, Katie would use a spinner that would pick out a number. The server with that number would then have to spin again, and remove whatever piece of the uniform that the number indicated. This would go on during the party, randomly leaving the servers with less and less on.

Jim was going to drive Nina to the party, which meant she would be naked going there. Jim had something he needed to do, but would show up later, and after it was over, give her a ride home. At least when she started out, she'd have the uniform on, but there was no telling how much she'd be left with by the end.

On the way there, she had talked to Jim about getting spanked. She hadn't thought it was a big deal, since Jim spanked her on occasion and she usually even liked it. Jim warned her that, although he didn't know who the man was, he might spank her a bit harder and longer than he usually did. It might hurt.

"Remember when Sarah's dad spanked her? That was no walk in the park for her, let me tell you."

Nina was starting to regret agreeing to help Katie, but she kind of felt trapped. Even though she'd tried the rest of the week (or said she had), Katie had not managed to find anyone else that could come to the party that would either agree or hadn't already met the man. If Nina backed out now, Katie would be mad, and although she promised not to release the tape, there was no telling how she might try to get back at her. Helen had already fallen under Katie's spell once, and Nina was worried that it might happen again. It was why she had made the condition for Katie to leave Helen alone.

So Nina got up her nerve and decided to go through with it. Jim dropped her off and wished her luck. Katie met her at the door.

"Nina, lovely as usual," Katie told her. Nina was naked as usual. "Come in, your uniform is waiting for you in the back room. You're a bit early, so I can show you around and let you know what to expect."

Katie showed her to a bedroom. There was a rack of uniforms hanging there, and Ashley was just starting to put hers on.

"Hi, Nina," she said. Ashley was smiling, happy that someone else she knew was going to be there, and that they would be taking some of the heat off of her.

"Hi, Ashley." Katie walked to the rack and pulled out a hanger with her uniform on it. I've added stockings and garters this time. Your shoes are down here. Come find me when you're dressed."

Nina frowned. She seldom got to wear clothes anymore, but when she did, it was something revealing like this anyway. Nina began to put the thing on.

"I'm glad you're here, Nina," Ashley told her.

Nina looked curiously at the other woman. "Why's that?"

"Well, frankly, most of the attention is going to be on you tonight. Katie has been so busy trying to please Mr. Dover that she's been leaving me alone, for the most part. It's been a nice respite."

"Mr. Dover? That's his name?"

Ashley laughed about that. "No! I don't really know his name, he never said, and Katie never told me. I call him Benjamin Dover." She laughed some more. Nina looked puzzled for a few moments, then got the joke. 'Ben Dover.'

"So you don't even know who he is?"

"No. I just know that he really knows how to spank. Don't plan on sitting down anytime in the next few days. But, it's not without its pleasures, as well." Nina wondered how getting a hard spanking could be pleasurable.

Ashley had finished putting her outfit on. She actually looked kind of good in it, Nina thought, even with the addition of the collar that was around her neck. I hope I can wear it as well as she does.
"I need to go to help out with the food, and Katie will probably want to... well, I need to go. See you later."

Nina watched her go. She wondered what Katie had over her, and if Ashley would ever get out from under it. Nina finished getting dressed, but was in for a shock. Her uniform did not have the back part of the skirt. It left her butt uncovered. Nina sighed, wondering if it was a mistake or done on purpose. She found her shoes and put them on. They were very high-heels, and she had to practice walking in them for a few minutes before she was sure she wouldn't trip and fall. She went out of the room and back to the front. Katie noticed Nina coming.

"Nina, you look great. Be a dear and help Ashley in the kitchen, would you?"

"Katie, there's no back to this thing!" Nina told her.

"That's the idea, dear. I want my friend to be drawn to you right off."

Figures, Nina thought, frowning. She went off to find the kitchen and help out.

After a half hour or so, Katie found Nina and pulled her aside. "I need to tell you what to expect and how to act, Nina. The special guest will be here in an hour or so. He'll talk with others, but you should be the only one here he approaches and asks, since he's already done everyone else. He already knows that my help is 'willing'. I'd like you to play hard to get for just a bit, but not too hard."

Nina had been listening when something occurred to her. "Oh my gosh! He's not going to do it in front of everyone, is he?"

Katie smiled. "No! As much fun as that might be, he'll take you to an empty back bedroom. You won't have an audience." For some reason, that made Nina feel a little bit better about the whole thing.



"How will I recognize him?" she asked.

"He's hard to miss. He is very handsome, about six-foot tall, and very muscular. And he should be the only one here asking you if you want to go in the back so he can spank you." Katie grinned. "After he does it, he'll leave you alone. He might come back out and try to pick someone else up, for, um, other things. You can rest a while, but I must ask that you come back out and help with the serving again."

Nina wanted to protest, but decided against it. Hopefully, the party wouldn't go on too late. By going back out afterwards, she was risking other pieces of her uniform being taken from her

"I just thought, what if he doesn't like me for some reason? Or chooses someone else?"

"I don't think you'll have to worry about that. I suppose you're asking about our agreement. Well, of course, it would be off."

"That's not fair. I've come here willing tonight, to help you out. I want more than that or I'll leave now."

Katie blanched. "All right, all right! Tell you what. I'll hang on to the tapes, but I will give you Helen, just for your cooperation tonight. How's that sound?"

Nina considered the offer. At least she'd get something out of it. "Okay, deal."

Guests started arriving, and Nina became anxious each time the doorbell rang. She recognized some of the guest from the other party she'd been to at Katie's house, although this time there seemed to be fewer politicians.

Ashley was the first one to loose a piece of her outfit, and it was the front part of the top, leaving her breasts exposed. Nina was amazed to see that Ashley had both nipples pierced. There were gold rings through them, and a short gold chain hung down between them. She seemed embarrassed about having to show them off.

Besides serving drinks to the guests, Nina seemed to often get asked to do clean up duty. She was asked to go around and pick up empty glasses, a task that had her bending over a lot.

Nina had missed his entrance, but she was pretty sure that the man she saw near the punch bowl talking with Katie was her mystery man. He looked the part, and she'd been right, he was handsome. The suit he had on was impeccable, and he had an air around him that exuded charm. If Nina hadn't been engaged to Jim, she might have thought about flirting with the man for real.

Katie was nodding and laughing, and seemed to be pointing out the servers to the man. Nina turned and started walking slowly in the opposite direction, giving the man a good view of her butt. She wondered when he might make his move.

Throughout the evening, Nina watched the man mingle, and even served him a drink at once point. He didn't seem to be paying much attention to her.

Almost another hour passed before he came up to her. Nina was worried that he might not choose her, but then she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned and he was there. His gaze on her was intense, and Nina felt her heart skip a beat. The man seemed to have an aura around him. I love Jim, I love Jim, Nina repeated to herself.

"Excuse me, but I couldn't help but notice you, young lady," he told her.

"Yes, sir?" Nina replied. "Can I get you something?"

"Perhaps later. I'd like to ask you something, if I may."

"All right," Nina said. "What can I do for you?"

"There is nothing more I like than a beautiful backside. And while the rest of you is gorgeous, your buttocks are magnificent."

Nina blushed. She was supposed to flirt with the man and play hard to get. Flirting was going to be easy, but playing hard to get, not so easy.

"Thank you, sir."

"I like to - sample beauty, and would be happy if you would allow me to examine yours more closely."

"Well, I don't know, sir," Nina said, smiling. "I have work to do, and my employer might not take kindly to my taking a break."

"I'm sure Katie won't mind at all. In fact, I imagine she'd insist. Trust me, you'll enjoy it, too."

Nina tried to look concerned, but the truth was that the man had almost hypnotized her. Under normal circumstances, she would have gotten up the strength to refuse his advances. But she was supposed to give in, and even Jim knew what was going to happen. She was very conflicted, because she was suppose to go with him, but also because she wanted to.

"Okay," she answered in a small voice. The man guided her through the party and out of the room. Nina managed to give her tray to one of the other servers before she left. She had hoped to catch a glimpse of Jim before heading off, but he apparently hadn't shown up yet. The man led her down the hall to the end, to one of the back rooms in the house.

The room was sparsely furnished. There was a rather plain bed in one corner, a bedside table with a lamp on it, a mirror on one wall with a narrow table below it, but otherwise the room was empty. The curtains had been closed, and the lamp was on low, making the room dark, although it was still fairly easy to see inside. There was a door to one side, apparently to a bathroom.

In the middle of the floor was a lone chair. It had a padded seat and a straight back. Nina supposed it was put there purposely to allow someone to sit with someone else draped over their lap.

"Come," the man said, leading her inside. Nina followed him in, and he shut the door. He went to the chair and sat down, and motioned Nina to come and stand in front of him. "I find it best if you aren't encumbered by that uniform. So before we start, perhaps you could indulge me. Remove it."

Nina gulped. This was it. She began to take off the skirt. "Wait. Put some movement into it. Dance a bit." Nina felt odd, because she didn't feel like she could dance all that well, and there was no music playing. She tried to think of a song and move to it. If it was awkward, the man in front of her didn't seem to mind.

She slowly removed the front half of the skirt and tossed aside, turning her back to the man. "What should I call you?" she asked him.

"You may call me Tony," he answered her. Nina tugged at the back of the top, pulling it off and tossing it onto the skirt. As she danced, she wished that Jim were there. She would have felt better about her performance if it were also for him.

She didn't know that Jim was about to see it anyway.


Jim arrived shortly after Nina and Tony headed for the back room. He found Katie and asked what was going on.

"They've just gone back," she replied.

"Damn. I was hoping to get her before that happened. I don't suppose there's anyway I can see what's going on?"

Katie smiled. "Well, there's no cameras set up like last time, if that's what you mean. However... Follow me."

Katie led Jim down the hall and into a bedroom. She opened the closet and motioned him to step inside. It was a walk-in closet, but had nothing in it. She closed the door and it was dark inside. Then she headed to the back wall and pulled up a window shade. The window looked in on the next room, where Nina was dancing in front of Tony. It was obvious that the window was a one-way mirror; the couple in the room could not see them. Nina had just finished taking the last piece of her uniform off and was dancing in garters, stockings and heels.

"Why is she dancing?" Jim asked.

Katie kept her voice low, explaining things to Jim. "He probably asked her to. He can be very persuasive. By the way, this is soundproof, but don't yell or anything, they still might be able to hear it. I never tape him, we have an ... agreement. But I don't think he'd mind us looking on."

Jim wondered what this man had on Katie that would kowtow her like that. He'd never seen her that way before. So he asked her.

"It's complicated. I owe him a lot, and just for insurance, he has a few things on me. He's never really threatened to use them, too much the gentleman. But I'm afraid of some of the things coming out, so I try to please him."

"Would he really have been upset if there wasn't a new butt to spank at the party?"

"I've never found out. He's made it clear what he wants, and so I always oblige. I had two other candidates this time, you know. Both of them are out of town. And his visit was a surprise. I knew that you spanked Nina on occasion-"

"How, how did you know that?" Jim asked. He'd told no one, and didn't think Nina would have told.

"She goes to work nude, Jim! It's not like she can hide something like that. I keep my eyes and ears open. Anyway, I don't ever want to find out if he'd get mad or not. He probably knows that. It doesn't matter, though. I keep him happy, he does an occasional favor for me. It's mutually beneficial."

"He won't hurt her, will he?" Nina was down to rolling the last stocking off her leg.

"Well, Jim, it's not like that. Does Nina like it when you spank her?"

Jim nodded. "I think so. It's not that I do it very hard most of the time."

"It will hurt, like a bad spanking. But it will also be - it's hard to describe. After he's done, he'll let her rest in there. Go to her. You won't regret it." Jim wondered what Katie could mean. He watched the man intently. Maybe he could get some pointers.


Nina was now completely naked, having removed her garters, stockings and shoes. Tony motioned with his hand, and Nina came up and lay across his lap. Tony adjusted her until he was comfortable. He ran his hand over her buttocks. "Try not to kick," he told her. Nina hope she could keep her feet still.

Up until that point, only Jim had ever spanked her. She had found it strangely exhilarating. But it was because she loved Jim, and he loved her. And they usually ended up making love afterwards. There was no love between her and this man, and there would be no sex afterwards. She was only doing it to please him, to help Katie. She hoped it wouldn't hurt too much.

Nina was unprepared for the first blow, and let out a yelp. "Shhh," Tony told her. "There will be time for that later." He began the spanking in earnest. The room echoed with the slapping sound of his hand hitting her buttocks. Nina could feel the stinging heat grow over her buttocks.

Nina wasn't counting, but she figured probably fifty swats went by before Tony changed what he was doing slightly. The blows seemed directed somehow, and they sent shock waves through her flesh. She was starting to get turned on! She definitely felt vibrations in her pussy. She tried to think of Jim, and naturally thought of the last time he'd spanked her. That made her even more horny, because they'd made love right after that. Nina was fast approaching an orgasm. She began to whimper, from the pain and from the pleasure Tony was causing.

"That's okay, little one. Try thinking of your boyfriend or ... it is a boyfriend, isn't it?" Nina nodded, afraid to speak. "Think of him, if he were here, watching you." At that point, Tony, while still spanking Nina, looked up and diredtly at the mirror.


"Can he see us?" Jim asked Katie.

"No, but he probably knows we're here. Me at least. Not sure how he guessed about you. He's damn smart."

"Who is he?"

"Call him Tony. That's all I can really tell you, Jim."

Jim didn't understand. He turned back to watch his fiancee as she began to writhe on Tony's lap.

"Don't be too jealous, Jim. He's an expert at this, he's done it thousands of times, on thousands of women. I know of some women who've begged him for a second time. As far as I know, he's never spanked the same woman twice. And Nina wouldn't be there if I hadn't asked her."

Jim wasn't actually jealous. He was wondering if he could learn how to spank like that.

Katie and Jim couldn't clearly hear what was going on in the next room, but it was obvious that Nina was having an orgasm. It looked to Jim like she was crying out "No, no, no", and maybe even saying his name a few times. He felt a bit better then.



"Oh, god, no, no, no, ahh, Jim, Jim, JIM! Ahhh!"

Tony finally stopped his spanking. It had been most satisfying for him. This one had a beautiful butt, nice and firm and tan, and it looked even better the shade of red he had made it. He inspected her butt closely, admiring his handiwork, feeling the heat rising from it. It was a point of pride for him that he seldom caused bruises, and it seemed that there were none this time either. Her butt was a wonderful shade of red. Nina winced slightly from his touch, and seemed worn out from the ordeal.

Tony easily lifted her up and carried her to the bed. He placed her on her stomach. "Stay here a while. I'll be right back. Tony went to the bathroom and used one of the towels there to wipe his pants off. Nina had left a wet spot on them. There was a blow dryer as well, and he used it to dry the spot so that it soon was gone. Then he soaked a towel in cold water and took it out to Nina. He laid it across her buttocks.

Nina flinched when the towel was put on her, but then felt better under its coolness. "Stay here for a while before going back out, all right?"

Nina turned and looked up at Tony and nodded. "Thank you, Nina. You were most enjoyable." He turned and left the room.

Before leaving, and unseen by Nina, Tony gathered the top and front half of her skirt from the floor, taking it with him. Out in the hall, Katie and Jim stood outside another bedroom door. Tony handed the outfit to Katie.

"She won't be needing this the rest of the night. Very nice, Katie, you've done exceptionally well this time."

Katie smiled the biggest, happiest smile Jim had seen on her in some time. "Thank you, Tony. It's getting harder and harder as time goes by."

Tony smiled thinly. "I'm sure you'll come through, as always." Tony nodded, and Katie left him alone with Jim.

After she was gone, Tony laughed. "I always like to keep her on her toes," he told Jim.

"Well, I've never seen her like this before. You certainly have a way with women."

"You must be Jim, whose name I've heard so much recently," Tony said, continuing to smile.

"That'd be me. Speaking of women, I don't suppose you could teach me some of those moves you had in there. I'd like to get that kind of reaction sometime."

"I'm sure you'll learn, especially with her. From what I can tell, she loves you very much. I can't imagine what Katie had to do to talk her into consenting to my request."

"Yeah, that Katie. Always an angle on everyone. Says she learned from a pro."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Tony replied. "You should probably get in there. I think your Nina will be very happy to see you."

"I'll do that. You do realize that this was a one time deal, don't you? I won't allow you to do this again, regardless of what Katie does."

Tony put his large hand on Jim's shoulder. "Son, they are all one-time deals. I wouldn't have it any other way." He turned and walked back to the party.

Jim went into the room and found Nina on the bed, softly muttering, "Ow, ow, ow" over and over.

"Are you okay, wench?" he asked her.

"Jim, oh my god, I'm sorry, but the way he spanked me, I, I just couldn't -"

"Nina, Nina, it's okay. You did what we both thought you had to."

Nina looked up at him. "James Barb, I love you. Make love to me." Jim raised his eyebrows, then began to remove his tuxedo.


A while later, laying in each other's arms, Jim broke the silence. Not that their lovemaking had been silent; it was anything but. Jim had grabbed her butt as he thrusted into her, and the sensations he caused had sent her off on several more orgasms. He had needed to kiss her to muffle her cries, less the whole party come and see what was going on.

"I hate to say this, but they are expecting you to go back out and help again. Katie has been short a server for over an hour now."

"Can't she make due without me?" Nina asked.

"You should get back to work. I'll make it worth your while after the party's over." Nina sat up, flinching from putting weight on her butt.

"I'll hold you to that, Mister," she told him. She got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came out, Jim was starting to pull his clothes on. Nina found her garter belt and stockings and pulled them on.

"Have you seen my uniform?" she asked him, slipping her shoes on.

"Tony took it. Thought you didn't need it the rest of the night."

Nina grimaced. "I have to go out there naked?"

"Look at it this way. You might have lost most of your uniform to the spinner, anyway."

Nina shook her head. She guessed that it kept up her streak of never wearing clothes around Jim, but she just wished it weren't in such a public place.

"You know I like you better like that anyway," he added.

Reluctantly, she accompanied him back to the party.

Several of the other servers had lost portions of their outfits, but none was completely naked yet. Ashley still had the back of her top and the front of her skirt on. Nina made her way to the kitchen to get a tray of food, knowing that people were staring at her red butt. She wondered if they could tell she'd just made love to her boyfriend as well. Probably, considering her luck.

At least I can't loose any more of my outfit, she thought.

It turned out she was wrong. When it came her turn at the spinner, since she had already lost all of her uniform, they had her remove her stockings. Now she served people in only high-heels.

At one point, she noticed Tony talking to Ashley, and the two of them heading to the back rooms. Ashley was smiling and had even caught Nina's eyes and waved before heading back. Nina made a point to remember to ask her how he was. But with Ashley gone, Nina had to help pick up the slack. She kept busy the rest of the night.

By the end of the night, most of the servers were naked or practically naked. Luckily, the other party-goers knew that Katie had a "look-don't-touch" policy at this party, so Nina didn't have to fend off any groping hands, other than from Jim. Ashley actually ended up wearing the most; she had a collar around her neck in addition to still having her shoes, garters and stockings on. Nina had lost even her shoes. There were various jokes going around as to what would happen if her turn came up again, but luckily she wasn't picked another time.

After the guests had gone, a tired looking Katie told her she could leave. "I'll get Ashley to clean up," she told Nina. "If you want to come by tomorrow, we can take care of the tapes."

"I'll be here," Nina said. She and Jim went out front, and Nina stood by the door, waiting for him to pull the car around. The headed off for the long trip home.

On the way, Nina scooted over in the seat and sat as close to Jim as her seatbelt would let her. She was turned sideways so that she could reduce the pressure on her butt. It still hurt from her spanking.

"Hey," Jim said. "It's kind of late, and it's a long trip back to Brian's or my folks house. What would you say if we stopped off at, say, this motel here and spent the rest of the night? Then we could just head back up to see Katie about the tapes in the morning."

Nina grinned. "I don't suppose there would be much sleeping going on," she said.

"Probably not," he replied.

"Sounds great!" Jim turned the car into the motel parking lot. Nina tried to scrunch down in the seat to avoid being seen by the motel clerk. Jim came back with a key and they drove down a ways to find their room. Jim got out and opened the door, and Nina jumped out of the car and ran into the room.

"Great! Two beds. I guess that one's mine," she said.

"Not so fast, wench. I get the one next to the window." Jim grabbed Nina and tossed her down on the bed. Despite the pain in her rear, she could feel herself getting turned on again. Jim quickly joined her in nudity.


The next morning, after a fast food breakfast in the car, Jim drove Nina back to Katie's. Ashley answered the door. She was in cuffs and chains that hobbled her and reduced her reach, but she smiled when she saw them.

"We didn't expect you back so early, but it's good you came. Katie is in a good mood. She's in the breakfast nook. Follow me." Nina and Jim followed the shuffling naked woman through the house to where Katie sat in a robe.

"Nina, Jim! I didn't think you'd be coming so soon. You must have gotten up early."

"Well, actually, we didn't make it very far. It was late last night, so we stopped off at a motel," Jim told her. Nina playfully poked him in the ribs for revealing more details than she thought Katie should know.

Katie smiled, a warm, friendly smile. "Can we get you anything, coffee perhaps? Ashley knows how to brew a great cup of coffee."

"No, no, that's fine. We've had breakfast already," Nina offered.

"Well, let's get to business, shall we? Come." Katie stood and led them through the house. She opened a door and inside was a variety of computer and video equipment. Katie had quite a collection of high-tech devices. She sat down in a chair and opened a drawer. She pulled out three video cassettes, each of which were labeled "Nina West/Donald Bell".

"This is the original, a copy and a slightly edited copy." She put one in a VCR and pressed play. The video showed Nina running around naked, finally entering Donald Bell's office. Katie rewound the tape, then pressed a button on the player. The word "ERASE" came on the screen and a whining noise could be heard from the machine. Katie rewound it again and pressed play; only snow showed on the screen. She ejected the tape and dropped it in a wastebasket. She did the same to the first copy.

Katie then showed them the edited tape. When it came to the part where Nina entered Donald's office, Katie bookmarked the spot. She did the same when the tape showed Nina leaving the office. She used her machines to copy the tape to a blank cassette, without the part including Donald's office. The result was that Nina was shown running around the office floor, then leaving. The skip was obvious, but there was no indication of what happened. Since the office floors were pretty generic looking, it was hard to tell even what floor she was on.

Katie erased the original tape. She pulled out the document Mel had signed and put it through a shredder.

"Well, that's that. I don't have any other copies anywhere, and I think I've found all the other ones that were made," Katie told them.

"By the way, I talked to Tony last night. He told me, and I quote: 'Katie, you obviously saved the best for last. I know that you've felt obligated in finding me someone new every time I come into town. But last night you outdid yourself.'"

Nina stood shocked. She wasn't sure how to react to having a connoisseur of spanking pay her the highest compliment.

"Well, thanks, Katie. Except for my having trouble sitting down today, I guess everything worked out all right."

"Yes, thank you, Katie," Jim said. "I guess Nina and I will be going now."

Katie got up and showed them to the front door. "You know," she said along the way, "It helped that he choose Ashley afterwards as well. They seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit, from what I've heard." Katie lowered her voice conspiratorially. "Don't let her know, but I'm going to take it easy on her for a few days."

Nina shook her head in wonder. Such odd happenings, and yet everyone seemed happy, for once. She and Jim said goodbye and left Katie's house behind.

After Nina and Jim left, Katie went back to her high-tech room. 'Do I really need this?' she thought, referring to the tape of Nina. 'It's not like it's that big a deal any more. Nina goes to work naked because she likes it now, not because of this tape.'

She put the tape back in the editing machine. She pressed the ERASE button, wiping the tape clean. 'What she doesn't know won't hurt her,' Katie thought. 'I didn't mention what else Tony told me.'

"Katie," he had said, "I've never dissuaded you from the notion that you needed to provide me with someone at your parties when I showed up. Tonight was a treat indeed, so I'm letting you know that I don't expect you to top this one. I'll release you from having to scrounge someone up next time. I'll just find my own companion when I get to town after this."

Katie hummed to herself, putting the now blank tape back in her safe. 'Not a big gesture, I suppose. Maybe I'll tell her someday. Now, I wonder what Ashley would like to do today? I know what I'd like. Maybe she'd like it as well.' Katie smiled, happy.

Nina was also thinking about the tape and what she thought was still on it.

"Jim, I know I can't tell Donald or anyone about the tape being edited, but what's left on the tape, do you think it's really that bad?"

Jim thought a bit. "Actually, I suppose not. I mean, so you ran around the office naked? You do that now. Some of the other lawyers might not like it, but since you're working for Sarah, I don't think they'd complain too much. Hell, you could probably come up with a good excuse for it anyway. You spilled something on your clothes, needed something to wear in the meantime, thought you saw a sweater at someone's desk."

"So, the only reason I need to continue not wearing clothes at work is so that it doesn't upset the 'balance' too much. Right now, no one has the upper hand. We're all more or less equal, or at least, back to square one."

"Well, there's that, and the fact that I think you should continue to do it as well."

"You do?"

"I've yet to see you wearing much of anything, other than that mermaid's tail." They both laughed about that. "Besides, I think you don't mind it that much in any case."

"You're right," Nina murmured.

"What?" Jim asked, missing her comment.

"I said, okay. I'll keep doing it, for you, if nothing else."

"Say! You don't have to be back at Brian's at any particular time, do you?" Jim asked.

"No, why?"

He pointed to a motel coming up. Nina nodded her head vigorously, so he turned into the motel parking lot. It was some time before a very happy Nina finally made it back to her room at Brian Cook's house.