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Novelty Store - Batteries Not Included

by BlueWords


You see lots of interesting and odd things working in a store like this. Well, I do, anyway. The pay isn't that good but the benefits are often great. I've seen some wild things working here, and just when I think I've seen it all, someone else comes in dressed oddly or acting strange. It's enough to renew my faith in humanity's weirdness.

I guess the most interesting thing about the people that come in to Pamela's is that for the most part they are nice, decent people. They just have odd fetishes. And at Pamela's, that's what we cater to. It's a toy shop, for adults, if you get my drift. We're a high-class place, not like those seedy joints across town. High class is relative, I suppose, but we try to be as respectable as a business like this can be.

Me, I don't care, I just man the counter and stock the shelves. It's a 9 to 5 thing for me, or rather, 11 to 7, most days. It's something to do while I figure out what I really want to do with my life.

Anyway, this afternoon was a lot of fun. This woman came in and she was a looker. Nice long legs, muscular, runner's legs, attached to a beautiful butt. Round firm breasts that held up on their own, and I was pretty sure they were natural. I think her face was probably pretty as well, but - well, let me tell you what she was wearing.

Starting from the bottom, she had on some of the highest-heeled shoes I've seen. Around her ankles were leather cuffs locked on; and these were the good kind like we sell, not that cheap patent leather stuff that gets brittle and comes apart after a while. There was a chain connecting them, about a foot and a half long or so. It didn't exactly hobble her, but she wouldn't be running anywhere. The next thing was her bikini bottom. Like everything else she was wearing, it was leather, like a thong bikini that tied on the sides. It didn't really cover up very much. That brings me to her butt, which was bright red. She either had a very bad and oddly local sunburn, or she'd been spanked very recently, and with some kind of paddle, judging by the few lines I saw.

Around her wrists were also leather cuffs locked on, connected by one-foot chain. Covering her breasts, well, mostly, was something like a bikini top, only there were no straps or anything. Just two round pieces of leather shaped like bowls that somehow held onto her wonderful breasts. I couldn't quite figure out how they stayed on until I got a closer look a little later. There were chrome disks that seemed to be just a decoration over her nipples. Turns out they were nipple clamps, and that's what kept the leather part from falling off.

Above that was a leather collar around her neck, also locked on. But the final piece was the hood. Leather, again, it covered her head completely. There were small holes for her eyes, and an opening for her mouth. Sound must have been muffled, because there were no ear holes. There was a hole in the back where her hair, tied in a ponytail, came through.

So this masked, bound, almost naked vision of loveliness came into the store, kind of apprehensive about being there, I could tell. She was on a mission, looking for something specific but apparently she was clueless as to where to look, and after a few minutes, she was a little frantic about not finding it. She tried to avoid the other customers - there are only a few - but they couldn't help but stare at her. I finally took pity on her, that and I wanted to get a closer look.

"Can I help you, miss?" I asked. Normally, I'm not all that helpful to customers. Usually, they want to be left the hell alone. "Don't look at me, just take my money for whatever weird little thing I'm buying today." When gorgeous half-naked women come in, though, I make an exception.

She was a little startled by my question, but I saw her become resolute. "Please, can you help me?" she asked, a little louder than necessary, "I'm looking for some, uh, uh, a dildo."  Up close, I saw that despite her discomfort in being out in public like that, she was holding herself up well. She's been put up to this, probably by her husband or boyfriend, and felt like she had to do it. Maybe she's been ordered to do it, maybe she was a submissive, a bottom. Whatever.

I walked over to a display rack and pointed out the different kinds of dildoes we had. "Here you go."

She glanced over the choices, surprised by the variety. Then it hit me. She'd never been in a store like this before. Here she was, dressed-up in this revealing outfit (well, except for the hood), obviously having been spanked recently, and she'd never been in an adult toy shop. Stranger still, despite her apparently kinky lifestyle, she was surprised by what she saw here. It seemed really incongruous to me.

Finally, she said, "Isn't there supposed to be a kind that have, uh, like a remote control with them?" I pointed out a few that had wired remotes. "I, uh, think there's supposed to be one that has a, uh, wireless remote." She was trying to keep her voice kind of low, like any of the other customers cared what she was saying. They were all staring at her butt.

"Oh, we keep those behind the counter. Let me show you." I was thinking that she was probably very pretty under her hood. I wished I could see, but it was buckled on her tightly. She was having a hard time understanding me, I suppose because of the hood. I pointed the way to the counter but got her to walk in front of me. She had such a sexy walk, and her red butt glowed nicely. I wondered if it hurt. It looked like it might.

I went around and opened the counter and pulled out the item she was looking for. It was a small vibrating dildo, with a remote control so you can turn it on and adjust the speed while it's inside. I showed her the package and said something lame like, "Is this what you were looking for?", but inside I'm thinking "Can I help you with this?". Then, for the first time, I noticed the front of her hood up close. It had been cleaned off, but there were still a few blotches staining the leather. Gods, was that what I think it was?

"I think this is right," she said. "Does it come with batteries?"

The first thing that anyone ever asks about stuff in the store is "Does it come with batteries?" I know most of the merchandise, so I can answer without even looking at the package. "It has a special rechargeable lithium battery, but the remote takes two double As. We've got those right here." We sell a lot of batteries. She nodded, and I realized that she'd only gotten about half of what I'd said. It seemed like enough, though.

"I'll take this, then," she replied, looking around to see if anyone is staring at her. I could see it in her eyes, just then. Up to that point, she hadn't realized that her butt, being so red, was a magnet for eyes. Some people might wander around in bikinis, they might even decide to wear a mask. But most people don't go around with a freshly spanked butt. What little skin I could see under her hood turned almost as red as her butt. In fact, her entire body seemed to blush. The other two customers in the store that were staring at her butt didn't notice it getting even redder. Curiously, she seemed to be smiling under the hood as well, but then, it was kind of hard to tell.

I rang up her purchase and pointed out her total. That was another shock for her. She had been gripping a small wad of bills in her fist. "I, uh, I don't quite have that much," she said slowly, as if she'd been betrayed by the money in her hand. It was about two dollars short. She seemed confused then.

"Well, you have enough for the dildo, maybe you have some batteries at home you can use," I offered. She caught my meaning.

"No, you don't under... Look, please, I need the batteries now. Please, do you have any cheaper ones or something?" Her eyes were pleading. To her, this was serious. I wondered if she was really that eager to get off, or if she had been ordered not to leave the store without the batteries. Maybe she'd even been set up, her top giving her not quite enough money.  "Please," she said again, "I promise I'll come back later and make up the difference, but I really need these now."

I think she realized that she sounded odd. Normal people don't beg for batteries for their dildoes. I realized that she was serious, that this was very important to her. I was about to give her the batteries for free, I mean, the dildo wasn't exactly cheap, and I'm a sucker for a pretty face, even one covered with a leather hood.

"I have enough for the, uh, dildo, right?" she asked. I nodded, about to say 'just take the batteries', but she added quickly, "Can you open it for me?" The package was glued shut pretty tightly. Interested in what she had in mind, I kept quiet, found a pair of scissors and cut the package open.

She put her money down, and then pulled the dildo out of the packaging and examined it, installed its battery, then put it on the 'remote' setting. Then she looked around the store. I think she thought that there was a changing booth or something around, but there wasn't. Briefly, a look of panic crossed her eyes. "There's no - you don't have a, uh." Now I knew she'd been set up.

A look of resolve replaced her panic. She walked around the counter to where I was. Not much privacy, but at least the other customers would see less. She reached around behind her and fiddled with her bikini bottoms. It wasn't easy with her hands chained together. One side of the bottom came loose and flopped down a bit. She tugged at the bottoms a bit, but apparently something wasn't loose enough, so she sighed, and managed to untie the other side in back as well, and the front part fell down, giving me a very good view of her shaven pussy. She kept the bottoms from falling all the way off by keeping her legs closed. Her pussy lips were red and moist; she was horny as all hell. And if I had to guess, I'd say she'd had sex pretty recently. I did try not to stare too much. Yeah, right.

She was trying to move quickly.  She took the dildo and placed it right on her pussy, rolling it around a bit to get it wet. Then she slowly pushed it between her lips and up until it disappeared inside her. She moaned slightly. It was my turn to be astonished. She was basically putting on a show for me, just for some lousy batteries. She had to hold onto the counter for a few seconds to steady herself. Then she reached around to tie up her bottoms again. She managed to get one side, but the other side wasn't cooperating.

Finally, she asked me, "Could you please tie this one?" I managed to get it tied after just a few tries. I had to tug on it quite a bit, it fit her snuggly. She winced when I 'accidentally' touched her butt-cheeks. "Thank you," she said after I finished.

She looked at the remote and the batteries, wondering what to do, wondering, I guess, if her little show was going to be enough for me to give her the batteries. It was more than enough. I took the double As and inserted them into the remote, handing it to her.

This time I could definitely tell she was smiling, a big smile that might have been prettier not covered with a hood. "Could you please turn it on to medium?" she asked me. I fumbled a bit with the remote and hit the 'high' button by accident. Her legs wobbled and she needed to support herself on the counter again.

"Sorry," I said, and turned it down to medium. She seemed to be able to stand that a little better. "Seems to be working," I added with a grin. I handed her the remote which she took in a shaky hand. "I guess you don't need the packaging," I offered. She shook her head no.

"Thank you, for all your help," she said slowly, and made her way to the door and out of the store.

"Please come again," I called after her, not even realizing the double entendre entendre or the fact that she probably couldn't hear me. The other customers and I just watched her go.

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