The Further Adventures of Alice

By Bluewords (inspired by characters created by Leviticus, editing by Suzi)

Alice Has Lunch and
Delia Gets the Wrong Package

"Why did they send me this?"

Delia was in her room, with an open box and a handfull of leather and chains. Her two friends and fellow maids, Kathy and Becky, were standing near. All three were examining the contents of the package Delia had received in the mail.

"It was supposed to be a dress, a leather dress," Delia said.

"Doesn't look like a dress to me," Kathy grinned.

"Looks like a bunch of belts and chains," Becky added.

"It's not a bloody dress," Delia said, exasperated. "It's some kind of bondage gear." She pulled the item out of the box. There were a lot of thin chains connecting several belts and cuffs. She laid it on the bed and after some rearranging they finally figured how it was supposed to be worn.

There was a wide leather belt that would go around the waist; cuffs that went on the ankles, thighs, wrists and upper arms; and a wide collar. Chains connected all of the items, and the chains could be reattached to each cuff in just about any fashion, allowing for a variety bondage positions. There was a paper in the box explaining how to use the 'outfit.'

"Why did I get this?" Delia asked again. Kathy had pulled a catalog out of the box as well, and was flipping through it.

"Was this what you ordered?" she asked. She was pointing to a black form-fitting dress, modeled in the catalog by a busty woman with dark hair. Delia would be able to fill out the dress as well as the model.

"That's it! That's what I wanted."

Kathy showed her the facing page. It had a picture of a model in the outfit that was now on the bed. "Here's the problem. The item numbers are similar. This one's ends in five oh, the dress in oh five."

Delia picked up the packing slip and checked. "It's got the right number on this. They just packed it wrong."

"I'd keep it," Kathy told her. "It costs twice as much."

"I don't want this thing, I wanted the dress."

"Why don't you try it on and see?" Becky suggested.

"I don't think so," Delia replied. "I mean..."

"Oh, come on, just for a while. If you don't like it, you can send it back and get your dress." Becky picked up the waist belt and unhooked it. Delia seemed unsure, but then shrugged.

"I guess since I've got it, I can try it on," she said. She pulled off her corset and stockings she'd been wearing and let Becky and Kathy put the bondage outfit on her. The belts and cuffs were padded inside with soft wool, and the chains ran through loops on all the leather parts. The chains could be attached or removed from any cuff, and shortened up with clips. The documentation indicated that small locks could be used to fix the chains in place.

When Becky put the collar on her, Delia almost blanched. The collar was wide and made it uncomfortable to bend her head down. They finally had everything attached. Delia rattled when she moved.

"Well, how is it?" Becky asked.

"S'okay, I guess. Bit odd to be rattling around. Hard to look down with this bleedin' collar."

"I like it," Kathy declared. "You going to wear it all day?"

Delia went to her mirror and looked at herself. "I suppose I could, to try it out. Could be something else to wear around the house."

Kathy rummaged around in the box. "What do you suppose these are for?" she asked. She was holding two thin rods about a foot long each.

"I think they'd go here," Becky said, pointing to the thigh cuffs. There was a slot on each cuff were the pole could be snapped into place. "It'd keep you from closing your legs." She noted similar slots in the ankle cuffs.

"Well, I'm not wearing those things. This is enough."

"I guess we should get back to work," Kathy said. The three of them left Delia's room.


Alice had on a breezy sundress and sandals. She found Delia in the living room and was going to tell her that she was going out to lunch; but was taken aback by what Delia was wearing.

"Um, that's an, uh, interesting outfit, Delia," she said.

"Oh, well, you see, ma'am, I ordered a dress, and the company sent me the wrong item. Kath and Becka talked me into wearing it today, just to see."

Alice glanced over her maid. Other than the cuffs, belts and chains, Delia was nude. It wasn't unusual for the maid to be almost naked, but Alice had not seen her in chains before.

"I see," Alice said slowly. "Uh, well, I'm going out for a long lunch with my friend Sally. You, uh, take care."

"Yes ma'am. I'll tell the others."

Alice left shaking her head. Life was definitely interesting in her house.


Alice drove into town and parked her car near the restaurant where she was meeting Sally. It was a good place to get salads, she remembered, having been there before. And they had tables with umbrellas outside, so they could enjoy a nice view and chat the afternoon away.

She gave her name to the maître d' who showed her to her table. Sally hadn't arrived yet, so Alice ordered iced tea and took a look around. The restaurant wasn't very crowded because it was a little later in the afternoon and most of the lunch crowd were gone.

Alice didn't have to wait long. Sally walked up and greeted her, smiling. Alice stood and gave her friend a hug and they both sat down.

"I hope you haven't been waiting long. Traffic was backed up a bit on the way here," Sally explained.

"No, no, I've only just arrived myself. How have you been?"

"Great! Mistress took it easy on me for a few days after your visit. She said she would have felt guilty about being rough with me after you took your punishment so well."

"Well, I hope you didn't miss it too much," Alice said, grinning.

"No. She made up for it a few days ago. Sitting still reminds me." Sally laughed.

"Well, if I squirm around you'll know why as well," Alice said. Cooper had spanked her well the previous night. Sally could guess what Alice was referring to. She knew that Alice's husband spanked her regularly, just as Alice knew that Sally was a submissive, and Ramona was her dominant mistress.

"Well, I bet it's not as bad as mine. She used a crop. If I stand in the right light, you can see the lines right through my dress." Alice thought for a moment how odd it was to be comparing bruises on their butts as if they were talking about hickies or something. The two of them certainly had non-average lifestyles.

The waiter came and gave them menus and took Sally's drink order. They both ordered salads and the waiter left them.

"Nice that the place isn't too full. We don't have to keep our voices low," Alice said.

Sally glanced around. "I wouldn't anyway. I'm not anywhere near as modest as when I first met Mistress. She got that out of me rather quickly. Speaking of which, I need to ask you something."

Alice nodded, sipping her tea. "Shoot."

"Are you wearing a butt plug today?"

From anyone else, Alice might have been embarrassed by the question. She wasn't offended, but did wonder why Sally would ask about it.

"Um, no, not today."

"Oh, no!" Sally moaned.

"What? Why did you ask?"

"Mistress told me to ask you. She said if you weren't wearing one, that I'd have to wear one all day tomorrow."

"Sorry about that. Sometimes Cooper requests it, and sometimes I just do it, but I left it off today. You could always lie and say I was."

Sally looked at Alice like she had three heads. "I, I could never do that," she told Alice earnestly. Now it was Alice's turn to be surprised. Evidently, Sally would never think of lying to Ramona. She wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship where you never told even little white lies.

"Oh, well. I guess you'll be wearing one tomorrow, then."

Sally frowned. Apparently she wasn't made to wear a butt plug very often, and she didn't like it. Alice had grown used to it, and often wore one, usually at the request of her husband.

"Well, speaking of Cooper, what's he up to these days?"

They were briefly interrupted by the waiter bringing out their salads.

"Oh, well, he's going to quit his job for good. Turns out that he made some good choices when all those dot-com companies were crashing, and he's just rolling in the dough now."

"You must be happy about that."

"The money or him being home more?"

"Well, both, I suppose," Sally replied.

"Well, the money is no big deal. I inherited more from his father that I'll ever know what to do with. Cooper was already plenty rich. He's thinking about donating a wing to a children's hospital somewhere on the west coast, just to try and spend some. As for him being home, well it's nice in ways, but then it gives him more time to spank me, so I get to sit down less." Alice had a mock frown on, but Sally knew she wasn't really complaining about Cooper spanking her.

"You poor person. There are times I spend whole days tied up tightly, and that's after being whipped."

Alice smiled. She knew Sally liked that kind of treatment. At one time, Alice didn't understand the relationship Sally had with Ramona. Alice had even asked to take Sally's punishment for her, feeling responsible. Ramona had tied Alice up and whipped and spanked her. It was odd that Sally might actually like it, she thought, but not really any odder than Alice liking her spankings. Alice hadn't entirely hated the ordeal, although she was in no hurry to repeat it.

"You know, I got to tie up and spank one of our maid's recently," Alice offered.

Sally looked astonished. "Really? Why?"

Alice explained about Kathy breaking a vase and feeling so bad about it, that, at the maids' suggestion, Alice had spanked her as a way of punishment.

"How wild! Are you going to make that standard punishment for your maids now?" Sally asked earnestly.

"Oh, my, no. It was hopefully just a one-time thing. It was a little odd, but you know, I found it a bit exhilarating to have that kind of control over someone. I guess I can kind of see what Ramona gets out of your relationship."

"Well, I've been in that situation before as well. It's all right, but I prefer being the bottom instead of the top. Speaking of which, I owe you an apology, for the way I behaved during your punishment. I'm sorry if you felt uncomfortable when I, well, when I kissed you. I kind of got caught up in things."

"Oh, Sally, that's okay. I kind of got caught up as well. I did feel a little funny about it, I won't lie. But, you are a good kisser!" she laughed. "I guess I felt odd also, since I'm married. Cooper was just a little upset about Ramona using, you know..."

Sally feigned ignorance. "What?"

"The, the dildo thing, strapped on? And being made to, well, eat her out. I, I didn't mind it as much as I thought I might, actually."

"Well, I've been there before as well. Mistress has me lick the other person's face clean. I felt a, a bond of some kind with you, and, well, if you'll forgive me, you're very pretty. I just couldn't resist."

"It's okay." Alice felt herself blushing at the compliment. "It's not something I'd want to, um, do every day or anything. It wasn't bad, though."

The two were silent for a few moments while they ate their salads. Alice wondered at the kind of bond Sally and Ramona had to be able to have sex with other people and still stay together. Alice had fantasies about other people occasionally, like most people did, she thought, but that's all they were, fantasies. She would never dream of following through with them. Of course, she'd had sex, well, oral sex, with Ramona. And Ramona had fucked her with the strapped on dildo. Alice wasn't sure how to feel about that; she'd found both experiences - acceptable.

"Did you know? Mistress Ramona and I are also married," Sally offered.

Alice raised her eyebrow in suspicion.

"Well, you know, not legally, but we had a ceremony and a pastor, bridesmaids and bridesmaids, the whole ball of wax."

Now Alice was astonished. "Really? Wow. I mean, neat! Do you have any pictures?"

"Oh, man. Don't ask Mistress, she'll invite you over for hours of wedding videos. The whole thing was taped, including the preparation, reception and some of the wedding night. I was in bondage the whole time. So were some of the guests and bridesmaids. It was...different."

"Sounds like fun. I'll definitely have to ask about it now!" Alice smiled, watching her friend squirm.

"Well, um, not to change the subject, but after we're done here, there's a dress shop down the street I'd like to visit. Would you like to come? I could use another opinion on things."

"I'd be delighted," Alice responded. "Sounds like fun."


The maids had the house to themselves. They'd just finished lunch, and were sitting in the kitchen talking about their work.

"Well, I'm almost done for the day," Delia said.

"You always were fast," Kathy remarked.

Becky looked at Delia. "Tell you what. I have an idea. How'd you like to try out your outfit for real?"

Delia was confused. "I'm already wearing it," she said.

"I know, but it has all those chains and all. We could tie you up for a little while, so you could see what it's like."

"I don't know, Becka," Delia said suspiciously.

"Come on, Del, you can trust us. It would just be for an hour or so. We could do it out in the front hall near the stairs."

Delia considered Becky's offer. "Well, if I agree, what would you do?"

"I think we can put the chain up through the stair railing. We can have you stand by the wall there; just for a while, and you can see what it's like. It's in the front, so you can imagine someone visiting and seeing you tied up there. After Kathy and I finish our chores, we'll let you down. Besides, Missus Alice and Master Cooper are both out, so no one will know but us."

"Could be fun, Del," Kathy added.

"Well, I suppose I could try it this once," she said reluctantly. Normally, Delia was a strong-willed and straightforward type of person, but Becky could usually talk her into just about anything. Delia never even gave it much thought. Becky was just - Becky.

"Great," Becky said. "Kathy, get a couple of old towels to wrap around the railings so we don't scratch them. Come on, Delia."

Becky and Delia made their way to the front of the house where stairs curved up to the second floor.

Becky positioned Delia against the wall. "Stand about here. Lift your arms. Okay, move down just a bit." She unhooked a few of the chains from Delia's cuffs. Kathy came in with the towels.

"Go up the stairs so you can get the chain. Wrap a towel around the railing, then give me the chain back down."

"I don't know about all this, Becka. Suppose the master comes back or something?"

"They're both gone for a while, you'll be down before they get back. Don't worry, it'll be fun."

Becky had hooked one end of the chain to Delia's wrist cuff, handed the other end to Kathy who put it around the railing and gave it back to Becky. "Lift your arms, Del," she told her.

Delia did so, and Becky pulled the slack from the chain, forcing Delia's arms up over her head. She hooked the chain to the other wrist cuff so that Delia was now stuck in that position. Kathy had come back down to look, and Becky whispered something to her. Kathy smiled and ran off. Becky hooked another chain between Delia's ankles.

"So, how is it?" Becky asked.

"I don't know. Okay, I guess. Kind of odd being stuck here."

Kathy came back. She had the two thin rods that were part of the outfit, and was holding her other hand behind her.

"I thought we'd try these as well," Becky said, taking the rods from Kathy.

"Becky!" Delia exclaimed.

"Oh, come on, just for a bit." Becky bent down and put the rod in one of the thigh cuffs, snapping it into place. She pushed Delia's legs apart and snapped the rod into the other thigh cuff. She repeated the procedure between the ankle cuffs. Delia's legs were now forced open about a foot wide.

Becky made one more adjustment. She put a chain between the cuffs on her upper arms and pulled them closer together.

"Oww. Becky, that kind of hurts."

Kathy handed something to Becky. "You know, if you're only going to complain..." She took the leather-covered dowel gag she had and pushed it into Delia's mouth, quickly tying it around her head.

"Uhnnngh," Delia complained.

Kathy handed Becky a sleeping mask. "One last thing," she said. She slipped the mask over the bound woman's eyes, blindfolding her.

"Well, what do you think, Kathy?" Becky asked.

"She looks wonderful, Becky," the younger woman replied.

"Yes, she rather does." Becky went up to Delia and pressed their breasts together. She lightly kissed Delia on her gagged mouth. "Take care, Del. We'll come back and let you down after we've finished our chores."

Becky and Kathy began to walk off. "So, Kathy, have you finished the laundry yet?"

"Oh, no, Miss Becky. It'll probably take me a few hours to do that."

"Yes, well, I'll be gone to the grocery store for a while." The two women giggled.

Behind them, Delia groaned.


Alice parked her car in the garage and went into the house. She'd had a good time that afternoon, talking and shopping with Sally. They'd even conversed about things other than their sex lives. Alice vowed to keep in touch with Sally. You never can have too many friends, she thought.

She walked to the front of the house to see if mail had come. There was a table in the front hall that the maids left her mail on, since she didn't have an office or an in-basket set up like Cooper did. The table was empty; apparently the mail hadn't come yet, or she'd not received any. She was going to track down one of the maids to ask when she suddenly found one.

Delia was standing, chained up near the stairs. She'd been blindfolded and gagged. Alice walked up to her, but said nothing. Delia might have sensed her presence; she moaned through the gag in what Alice took for an attempt at asking to be let go. Only muffled sounds came out.

What is she doing here, Alice wondered. Delia was obviously in a state of arousal; her nipples were hard and her pussy lips were puffy and wet. She couldn't close her legs, due to thin poles between her leg cuffs keeping her legs apart. Alice wondered what Ramona or even Sally would do if they'd found someone in this position.

On impulse, Alice reached out and lightly pinched Delia's right nipple. The nipple got harder, and Delia jumped. Alice tweaked her left nipple, making it even harder as well. Delia moaned. Alice reached down and put a finger to the other woman's pussy, easily sliding it inside her. Delia moaned again, but Alice could tell it wasn't a protest this time. The bound woman seemed to be enjoying her bondage, and she was now enjoying Alice's ministrations. Alice continued to finger her maid for just a few seconds. She was surprised to find that Delia pushed out against her hand, and then very quickly came, shaking in her chains.

Alice quickly removed her finger. Delia was covered in sweat, and hung her head down as much as her collar allowed. Alice backed away from the woman. She would ask Becky and Kathy about it later.

Alice went off smiling, feeling slightly wicked. She headed for the bathroom, intent on washing her hands, but a strange thought crossed her mind. She'd tasted Ramona once, and before that herself once. She wondered if Delia tasted any different. She felt a rush through her body as she brought her finger up to her nose; smelled about the same. She licked the tip of her finger, then sucked it into her mouth.

Hmmm. If there's a difference, I guess I can't tell it. She began to think of a wine tasting, but instead of wine, different women would be laid out on tables, legs wide open, and people would come by and lick their pussies to see which one had the best bouquet and aroma. She wondered how she would do, and imagined getting first place, a blue ribbon being placed over her pussy.

Laughing, she made her way to the bathroom to wash her hands. I am so horny, she thought. When Cooper gets home, he won't know what hit him.


"Well, someone did!" Delia exclaimed. The three maids were back in the kitchen.

"Look, Del, Kathy was in doing the laundry all afternoon, and I'd gone to the store. I don't think the master or missus are back yet. Sorry if we left you up a bit long, but it was just a bit of a joke," Becky said. Becky and Kathy were watching Delia rub her arms.

"I guess I can feel my fingers again," Delia told them. "But I swear, someone came up and, and well..."

"Well, what?"

"They fingered me. Oh gods, I, jeez, I came, Becky. They only just had to touch me a little."

"I think you just imagined it. You were tied up there and your imagination ran wild," Kathy told her.

"It, it felt like someone was touching me!"

"So, I take it you mostly enjoyed your time being tied up?" Becky asked.

Delia eyed the other two. They seemed like they were telling the truth about not touching her when she was tied up. Had she imagined it? She was reluctant to answer Becky's question. "I guess it wasn't bad," she finally responded, voice low.

"Del! You had an orgasm, just by thinking about it!"

"Well, except for my fingers going a bit numb, it was fine."

"I wonder what Johnny would say?" Kathy mused.

"Don't you go telling Johnny. He'd want it all the time, he would." Delia thought a few seconds, a smile crossing her face. "Rupert, though, I might mention it to him."

"Well, I'm not going to tell Billy, either," Kathy said. "I haven't even told him about our 'uniforms'. He's a nice enough lad, but..."

The women were interrupted by Alice, who came into the kitchen. "Sorry to interrupt, but I was just wondering if the mail has come yet?" she asked.

"Oh, it probably has, ma'am. I'm sorry, I'll go get it," Kathy told her. She scurried out of the room.

"Thank you," Alice called after her. She turned back to Delia and Becky. "Everything all right?"

"Oh, yes ma'am. We just played a joke on Delia, and she's a bit sore about it," Becky said.

Delia lightly slapped Becky on the shoulder. "Oh, I am not. I just thought..." She hesitated.

"Thought what, Delia?" Alice asked.

"Oh, nothing ma'am. Have you been home long, missus?"

"No, I just got back," she lied.

Kathy came back in. "Here's your mail, ma'am," she said.

"Thank you, Kathy. Well, carry on, dears." Alice turned and headed for her room.

Becky turned to Delia, surprised. "Del! You don't think miss Alice..."

"No, no. You heard her, she's only just got here. I guess I did imagine it."

"So, do you think that you'd want to do it again?" Becky asked mischievously.

"Well," Delia replied, pausing, "if you promised not to leave me up so long, I suppose so."

Becky smiled. "We just need to think of a better spot than up front there."

"I don't know. The idea of being found like that was kind of, well, a turn on," Delia said.

"Hmmm. Do you think Master Cooper would have some hooks installed?"

The three of them left the kitchen, laughing.

Author's note: It would have been irresponsible for the two maids to leave Delia hanging like that without checking on her every once in a while. Kathy in fact did this, although she missed seeing what Alice did. Suspension play can be very dangerous, and should only be attempted when proper safeguards are taken. There are places for information about this on the web. One such reference I've found is Please be careful and don't attempt any of the stuff in this story unless you know what the heck you're doing. Remember, these are trained fictional characters, and this is only a fantasy.

Cooper's Interlude IV

"Where should we put the crate?"

A delivery truck had just dropped off a large crate. Cooper had the men put it upstairs in Alice's and his bedroom. His maid Delia had been upstairs cleaning when the two burly men hauled the heavy crate into the room. They were surprised to see a half-naked woman cleaning, and had nearly dropped the box. They were further surprised to see Delia in cuffs and chains, dusting the furniture. The chains didn't really bind her in any way, they were more for show. But the effect was interesting as she was not wearing anything else, and the two men had a hard time doing their work after that. They repeatedly asked Cooper if he needed any help in opening the box, but he declined. He nearly had to kick the two men out and solved the problem by having Delia show them to the door.

Cooper decided to follow them out, just in case they gave Delia any trouble. In fact, she handled them very well. Delia was in general a strong-willed woman, and usually didn't take any guff from anyone. The men were surprised to find a naked woman in chains acting the way she did, and were intimidated by her. The last thing Cooper heard them say as they left was, "Yes ma'am, sorry ma'am," looking very sheepish as they did so.

Cooper approached Delia after the door was closed. "You did that well, thank you," he said.

"Oh, no problem, sir," she responded cheerfully. "They weren't no problem at all."

"That's an, um, interesting outfit. I don't think I've seen it before."

"Well, sir, actually, it was a mistake in ordering from a catalog, but I decided to keep it. Yesterday, Kath and Becky hooked me up to the stairs there and left me there for two hours!"

Cooper was astonished to hear his maids were now playing bondage games. He wasn't sure he liked it, but they seemed to be getting their work done, so he supposed it was okay. Actually, now that he thought about it, it might be interesting.

"Did you, I mean, you let them do it?"

"Yes sir, they kind of talked me into it. It wasn't too bad. Dunno if I'd like to do it all the time, but, you know."

"Yes, well. Delia, you and the other maids, you like working here, don't you?"

Delia nodded her head vigorously. "Oh, yes sir, very much."

"And you like running around in your, uh, outfits?"

"Yes sir. All of us enjoy it." She lowered her voice. "It's fun to freak-out the mailman, sir. You should see the look on his face. He drives by slow, now," she added, laughing.

"Well, neither Alice or I mind at all, as long as your work gets done, and you don't get arrested doing it."

"Yes sir. We're careful sir. We only do it in the house, sir."

"Well, fine. Carry on then. And have fun, I suppose." Cooper smiled. "I'm going to need some tools. Hopefully I haven't forgotten how to use a screwdriver." He headed off to the garage to get his toolbox.

Well, Delia thought, it definitely wasn't him that came by and touched her yesterday. Kathy and Becky denied it as well, and seemed to be telling the truth. Miss Alice? No, of course not, she hadn't even been home. I must have imagined it after all.

Delia went off to finish her cleaning.

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