The Further Adventures of Alice

By Bluewords (inspired by characters created by Leviticus, editing by Suzi)

Maidís Interlude II

"Yes, I'm here to see - Cooper?"

It was Betty's turn this week to wear the more modest clothes in case the doorbell rang. However, Betty was out in the back, and for this one time, Cooper had told Kathy that it didn't matter. She could answer the door just the way she was. In fact, Cooper had suggested she be the one to answer the door when Comstock came.

Kathy bowed slightly. "Yes sir, right this way," she told Arthur Comstock and his assistant, Ana. Comstock followed, just slightly shocked. He hadn't been expecting to be greeted by someone wearing what Kathy was, or rather was not, wearing.

Kathy wore something like a maid's outfit. White shirt-cuffs on her wrists, a little white hat, a black choker. She also had on short black boots with high heels and fishnet stockings held up by a garter belt. It was plain to see that she wore garter belt because the small white wispy skirt she wore covered almost nothing. It was attached to a black bustier that went up to and under her breasts, supporting them but not covering them. The bustier was somewhat tight, and showed off Kathy's figure rather well. The skirt only drew attention to the fact that she was not wearing panties. She was almost more naked in a way, her clothes showing her off.

Comstock turned to his assistant and nodded. The pretty young woman removed her dress, and was holding it neatly folded by the time they had reached the living room.

"Please wait in here, Master Cooper will be with you shortly." Kathy almost stumbled on seeing the other young woman naked except for her shoes, but managed to keep her cool as she left. She felt giddy from showing off to someone other than Cooper and Alice.

This is fun she thought.

Cooper came down the hall. "Was that the door, Kathy?"

"Yes sir, I was just coming to get you. Arthur Comstock is here, sir."

"Good. Where is Alice?"

"The missus is out in the garden, sir," Kathy said.

"All right. Please go tell our visitor that I'll be right there." Cooper went off to find Alice, and Kathy went back to Arthur Comstock to relay the message. Then she headed to the kitchen.

On her way down the hall she passed Delia. Delia had a very similar outfit to Kathy's on, only in dark blue and white instead of black and white.

"Kathy, who was at the door? Did you answer it? Like that?"

"Master Cooper said it was okay, today. Arthur Comstock is here and master said that it would be fine, if I wanted to, to answer the door just the way I was. Goodness, Del, it was great! You should have seen his face!"

Kathy and Delia made their way to the kitchen.

"I want to take the tray in," Delia was saying. "You got to answer the door."

"Precisely. They already know me."

"You're just being daft."

"What's the fuss about?" Betty said, coming in the kitchen.

"Kath got to answer the door; now I want to take in the coffee."

Betty raised her eyebrows. "Kathy answered the door like that?"

"Master said it was okay," she protested.

"He did? Really?"

"He said it was fine if any of us went in, on account it was Arthur Comstock visiting."

"His friend got naked as soon as she came in. Nothing but heels on now."

"Really?" Delia asked. "Wow."

"Arthur Comstock. Well, in that case, I'm going to take the coffee in."

Both the other women moaned. Betty was head maid and could pull rank if she wanted.

"But you're all dressed up!" Kathy protested.

Betty started to unbutton her long, conservative dress. "Not for long," she said. Underneath, she wore the same kind of lingerie that the other two had on. Hers was in a deep purple. She handed her dress to Delia, picked up the coffee tray, and went off to the living room.

Alice Teaches Arthur a Lesson

"Where is Alice?"

Cooper was standing in a hallway of his rather large house, talking briefly with Kathy, one of his maids. Although he was used to it, it was always interesting to see his maids. Cooper tended to tolerate behavior from his maids that would have gotten them fired by other people. It was Cooper's belief that as long as they did their jobs well, whatever else they wanted to do was fine.

The maids were in general, very efficient. They did like to have fun, and usually went around talking in what they thought were English accents. They had also decided that the dress code for themselves would be revealing outfits that showed more than they covered. Lately, they had taken to wearing corsets, stockings and high-heels, topped off with a small "maid's" cap. They wore no other garments, and the effect was to emphasize the parts of their bodies that normally were covered by panties and bras. They had also taken to shaving their pubic hair completely off.

Most of this was done to mimic Cooper's wife, Alice, although she spent most of her time at home completely in the nude.

"The missus is out in the garden, sir," Kathy said.

"All right. Please go tell our visitor that I'll be right there." Cooper went off to find Alice, and Kathy went back to the visitor.

Cooper and Alice currently had three maids and normally one of them was chosen to wear a more normal dress all day and be the one to greet visitors. Cooper had told Kathy that today it didn't matter who answered the door as this visitor would not mind.

The visitor was Arthur Comstock, and he would not be shocked by the maids' display of their bodies. Kathy and Delia, one of the other maids, had both decided they were exhibitionists, and were only too happy to show off for guests. The third and head maid, Becky, wasn't sure about the whole thing, but had joined in on occasion, and was even now serving coffee to Comstock and his 'assistant', wearing a purple corset similar to Kathy's.

Cooper found his wife out tending some flowers in the garden. Alice smiled as her husband approached.

"Alice, come, we have guests," Cooper told her.

"Oh, then I should head upstairs and get dressed." Alice had gardening gloves on, but nothing else.

"Not a problem. It's Arthur," Cooper said.

Comstock had already seen Alice nude, in some very interesting positions. Alice frowned.

"I, can't I at least slip a dress on? And take out the plug?" Alice often wore a butt plug, another of Cooper's suggestions that she'd come to like.

"You're fine as you are, trust me. He's brought his assistant, and if I know Arthur, she's probably already naked. Kathy greeted them at the door wearing her normal outfit."

Alice brushed herself off and went with Cooper, still unsure about meeting Comstock naked. He had already seen her in the nude, but she had at least been covered in paint that made her look like a marble statue. This time, she really would be completely nude, and her butt still faintly red from a spanking she'd received several days previously.

They walked arm in arm into the living room where Comstock and his assistant, Ana, were. Comstock had taken a seat on the couch, and Ana had taken a kneeling position on the floor next to him. She had also removed all of her clothing except for her shoes. Alice was just a bit taken aback, but she had seen Ana nude before as well.

Comstock stood as Cooper and Alice entered the room. Ana remained kneeling, her legs wide apart, hands behind her neck, looking down at the ground. Cooper and Alice both shook hands with him, Alice blushing slightly at appearing nude before him.

"Cooper, Alice, good to see you both again," he said.

"Glad you could come by, Arthur. And glad to help you out," Cooper said. Alice was puzzled by his remarks. She hadn't known Comstock was coming over or bringing his nude submissive. She wondered what Cooper was going to help him with. Arthur Comstock was as rich if not richer than Cooper was. "Perhaps you should start from the beginning, Arthur, so we all understand," Cooper said, noticing his wife's puzzled look. Cooper and Alice took their seats on the loveseat, Arthur sat back down on the couch.

"Well, as Cooper already knows, Alice, Ana and I have only been together for a few months. Ana is my assistant, but she has also become my submissive." Cooper had shared this with Alice recently.

"I was married before, and although my wife and I parted on good terms, we divorced because we were basically incompatible. I've always had these dominant urges, but Elizabeth was in no way submissive. It took me a little while, but I found Ana, right under my nose as it were. I needed an assistant to help me out in general, so I hired her. We got along very well, and after deciding that being my assistant and dating me posed no problem, we started going out. Eventually, I found out that she was submissive by nature and asked her if we could explore that side of our relationship. We've been doing small things here and there. For instance, like Alice, Ana spends all her time in the nude when at home." Comstock ran his fingers through Ana's hair as she kneeled there in front of him.

"We have both decided to increase the level of the intensity of what we are doing. Cooper mentioned once that he gives you spankings Alice, and I thought we'd give that a try." Alice scowled briefly at Cooper then. Still, she wasn't sure why Comstock was telling them all of this.

"The problem was that I'd never done anything like that before. Ana was willing, but I don't want to injure her, or myself. It almost sounds silly, but it seems to me that there's more to it than whacking away. So, I asked Cooper if he could explain how he does it. He suggested a demonstration would be even better."

It took Alice three seconds for the confused look on her face to change to astonishment. Cooper wanted to spank her in front of Comstock and Ana so they could learn how to do it themselves!

"Cooper, I, could I have a word with you?" Alice asked, not a little upset.

Cooper had been expecting this. "We'll be right back," he told Arthur and Ana. Briefly, he noted that in her anger, Alice seemed to have forgotten that she was naked in front of company.

Alice and Cooper went out into the hall. "Are you insane?" she asked him.

"Look, I know it sounds weird, but you should have seen him. I tried just explaining it to him, really! He didn't get it. I mean, how hard can it be to learn to spank someone? But then, I thought, I learned a little from my dad, and from you as well. And there was a time or two when I went too far. I know what to look for now so that I don't end up just bruising you."

Alice had softened a little. "I don't know, Cooper. It's, it's just..."

"Look. I'm not going to turn this into a spanking training camp or anything. Arthur is an old friend, and he and Ana seem sincere. If it really bugs you, I can tell them sorry, no. I mean, they'll learn eventually, right?"

Alice thought about it. She was a bit more upset at Cooper springing this on her suddenly than she was about going through with it. But Cooper tended to do things like that. It was almost as if he got some perverse pleasure out of seeing her embarrassed.

"No, I, I supposed it'll be okay. So what, we just go in and you spank me to show him how, or what?"

Cooper stood a while, thinking. "Well, I'm not sure. I've never shown someone how to spank before. I guess we can just give a demonstration. Let's go ask them."

"All right. You know, I wish you'd told me beforehand." She and Cooper walked back into the living room.

"It came up suddenly, really. That, and I kind of forgot until they showed up." Cooper hoped he sounded sincere.

When they came back into the room, Comstock stood up. "Is everything all right?" he asked.

"It's fine, Arthur. Um, would you care for something besides coffee to drink? Perhaps you and I could go get it and the ladies could converse for a few minutes."

Comstock took the hint and nodded. "Fine. Ana, we'll be right back." Ana looked up.

"Yes sir," she said. Comstock motioned and Ana stood as well. He and Cooper left the room.

Alice went over to where Ana now stood and sat down. Ana seemed unsure as to what to do; after a moments hesitation, she sat down as well.

"I suppose I don't quite get a relationship like yours and Arthur's," Alice said. Alice thought it was strange to be in her own living room nude, talking to another nude woman.

"I'm not sure what you mean, ma'am," Ana responded. Alice saw that Ana was very pretty. She had a model's face and figure. Alice guessed that Ana was just a few years younger than herself. Comstock was probably a couple of years older than Alice.

"The dominance/submissive thing, you know," Alice replied.

"Oh. Well, I'm very happy with Arthur. It's, well, comforting to be taken care of, to know that he protects me as well as controls me. I've always had these feelings. It's always felt good to, to give up a bit, to someone else. With Arthur, it was, it just fit right. You know?"

Alice did know that. Even with their age difference, she felt right being with Cooper.

"And, don't you like it when Cooper spanks you?" Ana asked.

Alice was slightly embarrassed talking about that. "I, yes, I do. But that's not, it's not like he's controlling me. It's a, a physical pleasure, well, maybe pleasure isn't quite the right word, but, it's, it's physical."

"There's not any element of control? I mean, you walk around nude at home, he spanks you. Who usually initiates lovemaking?"

Alice was not used to answering intimate questions like that from someone she didn't really know; someone who seemed to know more than she would have liked her to. "I, well, usually Cooper, I guess, but not always."

"Well, it doesn't have to be the same kind of relationship Arthur and I have. I just feel right, doing what he wants."

"Don't you ever want to, I don't know, refuse; or go out on your own sometimes?"

"I do get out on my own. I'm not like a robot or even a slave, exactly. I've got my own mind, and sure, sometimes I don't want to do as he asks and I get in trouble for it. That's kind of why we're here. Arthur wants to learn different methods of punishment, but he doesn't want to hurt me. I told him it was okay if he just tried to spank me, and he did it once. But he never really got the feel for it. It was either too soft or too hard. One blow left a bruise. He felt really bad about that."

Cooper had apparently learned well from his father, although Alice knew there were never any "training" sessions or anything between the two of them. Cooper rarely left any bruises on Alice. Maybe her butt was just more resilient.

"Ice will help, and we have a salve for the pain if it's too much," Alice mentioned. "This is kind of odd, but I suppose that if it helps you all out, I'd be glad to help."

Ana smiled broadly. "Thank you, ma'am," she beamed.

"And you can call me Alice. Ma'am makes me feel old."

"Oh, no ma'am. Since you're not also a submissive, I need to be respectful."

"Well, I don't think you would be disrespectful to call me Alice. You can consider me a fellow submissive while you're here if you like."

Ana smiled again. "I'd like that," she said, "Alice."

"Great. So, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of things, beyond sex, I guess, does Arthur ask you, or I suppose tell you to do?"

Ana thought a moment. "Well, really, anything. I do whatever he asks. On occasion, I'll hesitate, and there have been a few times I thought I didn't want to, or I'd had a bad day, and refused. He needs a good way to punish me."

"Um, what does he do right now to punish you?"

"Well, usually, he ties me up tightly. But see, I like being tied up. It has to be tight or uncomfortable, and I'm getting use to that."

"He ties you up?"

"That's kind of how we started our relationship. I told him I like to be tied up, and he really liked doing it. He's good with ropes. Have you ever been tied up?"

Alice thought back just a week earlier, when Ramona had tied her up and whipped her. "Just once, not counting the statue thing we did. And it wasn't by Cooper."

"What did you think of it? Either the statue or the other time?"

Alice was going to say she didn't like it, but she'd had intense orgasms both times and being tied up had contributed to it somewhat. "I guess I'm not sure. I don't know if I'd like it every day."

"Oh, I do! Master, uh, Arthur keeps my hands tied behind me at night. I have a hard time falling asleep if they aren't."

Alice was going to make a comment but Cooper and Arthur came back into the room.

"We brought you ladies some iced tea, if you like," Cooper said. He held a tray, and he fumbled a bit on where to set it down, since there was already a tray with coffee on the table. Finally he found a side table to set it on.

Ana immediately moved off the couch and back to her kneeling position.

Alice wasn't sure what to think. "I'll take some," she said, deciding to ignore the strangeness of the situation for now.

"Ana?" Arthur asked.

"Yes sir, please."

"You may come and get some, then," Arthur said. Ana stood and walked over to the tray. Alice saw that Cooper wasn't going to bring her any, so she got up and went to get a glass herself.

The group exchanged pleasantries while they drank. Then Cooper said, "Well, shall we get started?"

Cooper directed them into the den. It was a large room, as were most of the rooms in the house. Cooper had arranged two straight back chairs facing each other about five feet apart. Alice knew these chairs well. Cooper said that it was easy for him to sit in the chair with her across his lap, and the chairs were just high enough so that it was hard for her to touch her feet to the floor. This meant she had less leverage for moving around.

Cooper sat in one of the chairs and directed Arthur to the other. Cooper began his lesson. As the women stood by, he talked about chair height, sitting position, buttocks placement and anything else that came to his mind. Alice wondered if Cooper had really thought about spanking so much that he could give a class like an expert. Of course, she knew he was an expert, at least, her butt knew it. Alice felt odd. She knew she was going to get a spanking, and that excited her a little, but at the same time it was going to be in front of others, and she felt uneasy about that.

She wondered if there was a book she could read about couples that were dominant and submissive. This was the second couple she'd met like that, the first being her friend Sally and her mistress Ramona. Both couples seemed happy, and Alice wondered what it was about the D/s part that attracted them. Alice had tasted Sally's lifestyle and it had been rough. She thought back to the intense orgasms she'd had while being whipped and wondered if Sally felt like that often. Cooper frequently brought Alice to orgasm while he spanked her. It made something she'd only tolerated when married to his father into something she looked forward to when Cooper did it.

Except for now. Cooper was rounding out his speech with "Let's have a demonstration, shall we?" Alice dutifully padded over and lay down across his lap. Rather than start the spanking right away, he began talking about preparation. He talked about how to strike and where, and much to Alice's embarrassment, about what the other hand could be doing. To add to her humiliation, he mentioned her butt plug, saying that he needed to be careful not to strike it.

"You need to find a comfortable position, or your circulation can be cut off, and it can be uncomfortable to Ana as well. Also, you can fondle her breasts, rub her neck, grab her hair, whatever you're in the mood for." Alice hoped they couldn't see her blush. Cooper ran his hands through her hair, and then gently grabbed a handful and pulled up slightly. She sometimes liked it when he got a little rough, and grabbing her hair like that always turned her on. Almost unconsciously she parted her legs, giving them a better view of the plug's base, and her pussy, which was getting wet despite her public display.

Cooper brought her back suddenly by asking her a question. She'd been so lost in the feeling, she had missed the question completely, and was even further embarrassed to find herself getting turned on so easily.

"What?" she asked.

"I said, do you like to count or not?" Cooper repeated.

"I, well, it's okay, I guess. Really whatever you want. I always count in my head, in any case. Old habit." Cooper went on to explain that when Alice had been married to his father, she'd been spanked everyday, sometimes several times, as his father liked doing it very much. On those occasions, Alice had usually counted out loud.

Cooper mentioned that Arthur could also position his other hand underneath Ana so as to be able to fondle her. Alice was sure she was blushing an even deeper shade of red.

Cooper began the spanking. Alice decided to count. Cooper had gotten to the point where he pretty much controlled the force of his blows to be whatever he wanted, from start to finish. He would vary the force from hard to light, to keep it interesting for both of them. He moved his hand all over, guaranteeing a consistent, all-over redness to her butt. He went on talking throughout, and stopped after only twenty swats. Alice was actually surprised at herself for wanting more.

"Why don't you try?" Cooper urged Arthur.

Ana had been standing and observing, and now she lay down across Arthur's lap. Alice looked over from her almost upside down position to watch. Arthur seemed a little unsure of himself, but began to spank Ana. Alice almost laughed. She found it hard to believe that a couple couldn't figure out this stuff on their own. How hard could it be? Cooper made it sound like rocket science or something.

Arthur was making a feeble attempt at spanking. He seemed afraid he was going to hurt her. Cooper motioned for Alice to stand, and he stood as well.

"Her butt is tougher than that, old boy, you can use a bit more force."

"I'm just, I don't know, unsure as to how hard to hit."

"Well, you can bruise it if you're not careful. It is best to start out lightly and get harder, until you've reached a point where she can just tolerate it. Punishment would be a bit harder than that, although to be honest, I've never punished Alice." It was not entirely true, but Alice didn't correct him. "I have an idea. Alice, would you mind if Arthur spanked you?"

Alice looked at her husband in surprise. "What?"

"You'll be able to tell him how hard he can hit. You'll be a good barometer, as it were."

Alice wasn't sure, but it did sound like a good idea, given the circumstances. It wouldn't be the first time someone else had spanked her. She nodded.

Ana got up from Arthur's lap and let Alice lay across it. He began to swat her.

"Harder," she said. "Cup the fingers just a bit. Harder, harder, trust me." Arthur began to get into it, and Alice was soon saying, "That's it. That's about right. For me anyway. Maybe not quite so hard for Ana." She could tell he was struggling. Finally, after about thirty swats, he stopped. Alice stood.

"Not bad," she told him, "but you need to take up tennis or racket ball, or work out more at the gym. You need more strength in your arms."

Arthur looked winded. "You're right, I do," he breathed. "And my hand smarts. Still, that was fun, I can see the attraction."

Alice went and stood by Cooper, who casually ran his hand over her behind. She winced slightly; between the two of them, they'd managed to give her quite a red bottom.

"I don't think I'm up to giving Ana any more, though," Arthur said. Ana's bottom was no longer even red. "Maybe you could do a bit, to give her a taste?"

Cooper looked at Alice, and she nodded. "As long as it doesn't become routine," she whispered to him.

Cooper bent in and kissed her, whispering, "You know I much prefer your bottom, dear."

He took his chair and patted his lap, and Ana came and lay down. As he began the spanking, she started to kick her feet. "Keep your feet still, Ana, please," he admonished her. She complied, but moaned and squealed as he spanked her. Alice counted twenty-five swats before Cooper asked her to get up. Arthur had watched intently, observing Cooper's technique. He examined Ana's butt after Cooper was done. It was red, and Cooper had controlled himself so that he left no bruises.

"I think we have a much better idea now about how to do this kind of thing," Arthur said. "I don't think I'll be so afraid to try it next time, now that I know what to expect." Ana glanced at him, wincing slightly as she rubbed her butt.

"Thank you for the lesson, Master Cooper," she said. She did a small curtsy which Alice thought was funny given she was nude.

"Cooper, I want to thank you, and you as well, Alice. Ana and I are exploring our relationship, and appreciate your experience and help."

"You're very welcome, Arthur. What say we all head out to lunch, my treat?" There was agreement all around. Alice asked to be excused so she could get dressed. When she came back downstairs, Ana was dressed as well, and they were waiting by the door.

"I really do appreciate this," Arthur told them. "I think it's great that you'd help us out this way. It must seem a bit silly to you."

"Nonsense. It was our pleasure," Cooper replied.

Alice concurred. "It was fine, Arthur, honest." They made their way out to the garage.

"So, Alice, do you always wear a butt plug?" Arthur asked her. Alice blushed.

"I, well, not always. Often, I guess."

"Maybe I need to get Ana to try that," he said. Ana frowned, worried Arthur might follow through.

"It's not that bad," Alice told her, almost surprised to hear herself say it.

Ana still seemed unsure.

"Tell you what," Cooper said. "There's a place we can stop by on the way to the restaurant that sells those kinds of things. We can pick one up and you could try it out, if you'd like."

"Oh, really, that's okay. We don't need to go out of our way or anything," Ana told them quickly.

"It's no problem at all," Alice piped in, smiling, not wanting to be the only one embarrassed today.

"Well then, it's fine by me," Arthur said.

"Anything for a friend," Cooper replied.

Cooper's interlude III

"What am I going to do now?"

Cooper was going over his portfolio on his laptop computer. There were graphs and numbers and spreadsheets, all connected to his stock holdings. There was one graph that had data fluctuating every minute as it updated its information. Cooper frowned when he looked at the numbers.

I thought I had planned well, had chosen wisely, and picked the right things to invest in, he thought.

But not this well. This shows my wealth having more than tripled in the last year. Cooper was frowning, not because he'd lost money, but because he'd done too well. Throughout the downturns of the last year Cooper had managed to pick just the right stocks to weather the storm. It had been his intent only to keep his net worth at its previous level, not to increase it.

Cooper didn't feel bad about being rich. His father had worked hard in his business, and Cooper had been taught the benefits of working hard himself. He'd done well, admittedly with some help from his dad, but mostly on his own. He'd made more than enough money to allow himself to live in luxury, to keep a large house, to do more or less as he pleased.

It had been one of the reasons he'd had no problem with his father's rather unusual will, and the amount of money his dad had given to his wife, Alice. Nor had he minded when Alice had ended up subverting her ex-husband's wishes and managed to get her inheritance all at once instead of the little bit per day his dad had wanted her to receive.

Cooper had liked his stepmother, and he knew that despite her gold-digger ways, she genuinely had cared for his father. After his father's death, Cooper had come to know Alice and got to like her even more. The attraction had been mutual, and Cooper knew at least that she was no longer a gold-digger, having inherited many millions from his father's estate.

With his fortune that much larger, Cooper could consider doing just about anything he wanted to. Money had been good before, but now, it really was no object. He wondered if he should finally just quit his job. He was really nothing more than a figurehead any more. He should allow someone else to move into his position. He'd also have to increase his donations to charity; maybe buy a wing for a hospital somewhere.

Besides, he had plans for his and Alice's relationship, and being home full time would allow him to put them into motion that much easier. He hoped Alice would enjoy them and want to go along, and if she didn't, that would be okay as well. He was going to take things slowly. Alice needed to learn things.

And, Cooper thought, so do I.

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