The Further Adventures of Alice

By Bluewords (inspired by characters created by Leviticus, editing by Suzi)

Alice Faces the Music and Sings

"Are you ready, dear?"

It sounded like they were going out for lunch or something. Instead, Alice was headed to an uncertain fate. The day of her punishment had arrived.

"I guess so. I mean, what do I have to do to get ready?" Not much, it turned out. She was to arrive nude, and she generally spent her time at home nude. Cooper had told her she didn't need clothes in route. Cooper delighted in getting her into embarrassing situations in public, but that didn't seem to be the case today. So to get ready, she just needed to get in the car. She was a little surprised when Cooper headed for the front door instead of the garage.

"We're not taking one of our cars," he told her. Outside waited a limo. Alice was uneasy at the prospect of yet another person, a limo driver no less, seeing her naked, but Cooper assured her it was fine. The door was open and the driver was already in the front. Inside, the privacy screen was up, and the windows were tinted very dark. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

"I actually got this for the trip back. I don't know what Ramona is going to do, but I figured that sitting might not be something you'll be interested in later. This way, you can stretch out."

"Oh, Cooper, you're so thoughtful." They drove down the driveway and out into the street. Alice straddled her husband and kissed him deeply. "So how long 'til we get there?" she asked.

"About a half hour," he replied, hugging her.

"Just enough time," she said, reaching down to unzip his fly.


Alice was kneeling beside a nice chair in Ramona's living room. Cooper sat in the chair, and Ramona sat on her couch. Alice kept her hands behind her neck, fingers intertwined, and was looking down at the nice carpeting. Ramona was a vision in black leather. She looked like Alice thought a Mistress should look: high black leather boots, leather skirt and bustier, even long black gloves. Ramona had her hair pulled back severely and tied in a ponytail. She was pretty, but she scared Alice just the same.

"Just so that we are clear, she is mine for the afternoon. It shouldn't be more than, say, two or three hours, but who knows? It might take longer."

"She understands," Cooper said, speaking for Alice.

"So, the rules are simple. She is my slave. Whatever I feel is reasonable treatment will be allowed. My slave Sally will be in attendance, and will verify that I don't go overboard, giving the nature of the offense. Slave Alice will obey all rules, and the breaking of any rule will lead to further punishment. I agree that she will not be permanently harmed." Alice shuddered at the way Ramona had said 'permanently'.

"To show your agreement slave, crawl over here and kiss my boots."

Alice glanced up at Cooper, who nodded, then crawled along the floor to Ramona. She bent down and kissed both of her boots on the toe.

"Good, stay like that, I'll show your husband out."

Alice stayed bent low but turned her head to look at Cooper, a worried look on her face. She had hoped Cooper could stay. He smiled his best "it will be okay" smile. "I'll be back in a few hours," he told her before leaving.

Alice had no idea of what to expect, and had not been told how she was to be punished. Why had she done it? Why had she stuck up for her friend Sally, a friend she had only known for a few hours? Alice had felt responsible, and thought that she was helping Sally out. It turned out that Alice did not understand the dynamics of the relationship that Sally and Ramona had. Talking it over with Cooper, who thankfully refrained from saying "I told you so", she realized that the punishment that Alice was now to receive would be almost normal for Sally, much like the spankings Alice herself got from Cooper.

Alice still didn't quite get it. She thought that by talking to Ramona, she might spare Sally some unpleasantness. Instead, she had brought it on herself. She hoped that Sally wasn't mad at her for butting in.

Ramona came back into the room. "Good, you're still here. I thought you might have run. We'll have fun this afternoon, for sure." Ramona walked around Alice's prone form. "You're very pretty, slave. You'll be even prettier after I add a little color to your flesh." Ramona laughed. If her intention was to scare Alice it was working.

"You will address me as Mistress Ramona at all times, and will not speak unless allowed to, or given a direct question. Understand?"

Alice assumed that was a question. "Yes, Mistress Ramona," she said.

"Good. Sally!"

Sally entered the room. From her level on the floor, Alice couldn't see much of her friend except bare feet.

"Yes, Mistress?" Sally asked.

"Take this slave down and prepare her."

"Yes, Mistress," Sally replied.

Sally reached down and pulled at Alice's arm. Alice got up and followed her out into the hall and down some stairs. They came to a large door that Sally pushed open. Inside was a large room that reminded Alice not at all of a dungeon. It was brightly lit, and the walls were flat, painted in a pastel orange color, rather than being made of bricks or stones.

Sally took Alice over to a short bathtub and motioned for her to get in. The bathtub had a very wide-mouthed drain. Alice soon found out why. Sally told her to get on her hands and knees, facing away from the drain.

Sally went off to a sink and ran the water preparing something. From the preparations, Alice realized she was going to receive an enema. She'd never had one, but at least she knew what they were. Sure enough, Sally approached holding a bag that had a long tube with a nozzle on it. She hung the bag on a pole attached to the tub.

"You get two of these to clean you out. If you need to pee, you can do that here as well. Make sure you do so, if you pee while being punished, she starts over, after making you clean it up."

Sally inserted the lubricated end of the nozzle into Alice's anus, removed the clamp on the tube and Alice felt the water flow into her. It was very warm, almost hot, and not pleasant. She grimaced.

Alice tried to take her mind off of the fullness in her belly and her embarrassment by looking around the room. It was well lit by recessed lighting and everything was easily visible. There were cabinets that were closed, and racks of things on the wall. Most of the items were chains, or whips of some sort. Alice saw several devices that she did not have a clue as to what they were or how they worked. There was a padded bench that looked adjustable, chains hanging from the ceiling, and racks of various types. She wondered which of them would be used on her. Alice was somewhat amazed that Sally apparently enjoyed this kind of stuff.

She glanced at Sally standing near her. Sally was wearing blue leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and a blue collar around her neck with a small metal tag hanging from it. Sally wore nothing else, and like Alice, had no hair on her body except for her head. When she wasn't doing anything, she stood with her legs wide apart, her hands behind her back.

"There are certain rules you must be sure to follow here," Sally told Alice. "You must strive to do everything Mistress says immediately, no matter what it is she asks of you. Any hesitation, and you have additional punishments added on. Try not to think about whether you will like it or not, or whether it will hurt or be pleasing. Just do it. It might be hard, some things might make you feel uneasy, but trust me, it's better than the alternative. There are many ways to punish someone, even someone who's a masochist."

Alice listened, but was distracted by trying to hold in the enema. She hoped she wouldn't make any mistakes that would cause her even more punishments.

"This is also important. You need to thank her for your punishments when they are over." Sally bent down and grabbed Alice's chin, looking her straight in the eyes. "Believe me, this is very important. You will be in pain, and it will be hard to think of much of anything except laying down somewhere. But make sure you kneel there and thank her for punishing you. All right?" Alice was taken aback by her friend's earnestness, but she nodded.

"Good." Sally stood back up. "Mistress has assured me that I'll get to observe everything, and has told me that if I think she is going too far, to let her know. In general, she is a kind, caring person, so I don't think you have to worry about it too much. But be assured, this won't be easy."

"Sally, are you mad at me?" Alice asked.

A concerned look came over Sally's face. "Oh, Alice, no, I'm not mad at you." She bent down and ran her fingers through Alice's hair. "I'm happy that you felt strong enough to stand up for me, however misguided your concern was. I hope we can become good friends."

Alice smiled, then hung her head down, concentrating on keeping in the enema. After several minutes, Sally told her she could void. Sally prepared a second enema of colder water, and made Alice hold it even longer. Alice also peed in the tub. Alice felt humiliated doing these things in front of her friend, but Sally didn't seem to mind or take notice of her discomfort. Sally used the showerhead attached to the tub and sprayed Alice, cleaning her off. The water was cold and made Alice shiver.

"You'll be getting warmed up soon enough," Sally said with a slight smile, noticing Alice's shivers. Sally gave her a small towel to dry off.

Sally led Alice to a table that had a variety of things on it. She picked out some white leather cuffs and began attaching them around Alice's ankles, locking them on with tiny padlocks. She did the same with wrist cuffs. Alice noticed a collar, but Sally made no move to put it on her. Alice looked up to Sally's collar and tried to read the tag.

"Nice, isn't it," Ramona said.

Alice jumped. She hadn't heard Ramona enter.

"Go ahead, read the tag," Ramona told her. Alice looked closer and Sally held her hair out of the way to make it easier. "Slave Sally, Property of Mistress Ramona" is what it said. Ramona approached and took the white collar on the table. She held it up for Alice to read.

Its tag read "Slave Alice, Property of Mistress Ramona". Alice shivered again, and not from the cold. Ramona placed the collar around Alice's neck and locked it on. Ramona grabbed the tag and pulled Alice along.

"Let's start, shall we?"

Ramona pulled Alice to the spot where chains hung from the ceiling and were attached to the floor, positioning her in the middle of them. Rather than being just an observer, Sally was actively helping out by hooking Alice up. She pulled a chain down and hooked both of Alice's wrist cuffs to it. Ramona had a remote control device which she activated. This caused the chain to retract into the ceiling, raising Alice's arms. When they were straight over her head, the chain stopped moving. Sally then attached a chain to each of Alice's ankle cuffs, and turned a crank so that her feet were spread further and further apart. Ramona adjusted the ceiling chain a bit more.

Alice felt stretched to her limits. Her feet were about as wide as she could get them, and she was pulled up so much that barely any weight rested on the heels of her feet. She was beginning to regret ever speaking up for Sally.

"What gag should I use, Sally?" Ramona asked.

"Well, Mistress, if it were me there, you would likely use this one." Sally had retrieved one from the table.

"Excellent." Ramona approached Alice. "Open, slave," she said. Alice complied and felt the gag stuffed into her mouth. She tasted rubber. Attached to the gag was a tube with a bulb at the end. Ramona pumped the bulb and the gag in her mouth began to inflate. Alice's eyes grew wide as her cheeks bulged out. The gag filled her mouth completely. Ramona pulled the tube off and the gag stayed inflated.

Ramona walked around Alice, touching her here and there, pinching her skin. She tweaked her nipples, making them hard. She ran her hands over Alice's buttocks and fondled her pussy.

"Not very wet, at least not yet. That will change," she told Alice. "I'm going to take it easy on you because this is your first time; a virgin, as it were. Thus, you won't have to obey Sally's rule of not coming without permission. Feel free to come any time you like. Sally will be jealous." Ramona laughed and looked over at her slave who showed no emotion at the jest.

"The cat, slave," Ramona told Sally. Sally scurried to the wall to retrieve a whip. It had a short handle and many leather strands. Ramona swung it through the air a few times, testing it out. Alice was sure it was just for show, to scare her. It was working. She was completely helpless, about to be whipped.

Ramona walked behind her. Alice barely heard the noise the whip made traveling through the air before it hit her on the butt. She was startled more by the suddenness than the pain. The blow had been hard, but was not really any worse than a spanking would be. Ramona continued aiming at her buttocks, and Alice actually relaxed a little. It hurt to be sure, but it was familiar pain, something she was used to.

Ramona managed to startle Alice again by hitting elsewhere on her back. Some blows were harder, some lighter, but Ramona covered Alice's back in angry red lines. Alice was jolting at most of the blows now, she would have been crying out if she hadn't been gagged. This was a new kind of pain, and it hurt. Ramona moved down to the backs of her legs, and Alice started crying.

Ramona walked around to the front and continued whipping Alice's legs. She made her way up to her stomach and then to her breasts. Alice's vision was blurry from her tears and her eyes stung from the sweat running down her face. Alice whipped her head from side to side but Ramona was unfazed, and continued the beating. Her armpits suffered under the whip, and then her sides. Alice never had felt pain like she was feeling now. Parts of her felt like they were on fire.

Ramona had already whipped the inside of her thighs, and she returned there. Then she directed the whip up, directly on Alice's pussy. Alice jumped as much as she could. Ramona quickly went behind her and brought the whip up between Alice's legs so that it again landed on her pussy. Alice wanted to scream. Please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, she thought, please, please, please.

Then she had an orgasm. It came from nowhere, it seemed. She just began coming. She was so shocked she almost couldn't believe it. Ramona noticed it and stopped whipping. She moved her hand between Alice's legs and pushed a finger easily into her wet pussy.

"That's it, baby, that's it," she said to Alice. Ramona's finger wiggled around inside her and was soon joined by a second and then a third. Alice couldn't move much but did her best to hump the hand fucking her. Her orgasm went on and on.

Alice was startled to find her feet flat on the floor, her arms being lowered. She must have spaced-out for a few minutes. She felt strange. She still hurt, but she felt the good afterglow of an intense orgasm.

Her feet were already free from the chains, and Sally was undoing her hands as well. Sally did something with the gag and it deflated. It was pulled from her mouth.

Sally looked directly at Alice then cut her eyes over to where Ramona was standing. Alice was puzzled, then remembered she needed to thank her. She fell to her knees. Her jaw ached from the gag so she worked it for a minute. She couldn't quite get her sore arms up to hold behind her neck, so she just held them together behind her back, hoping it would be enough.

"Th-thank-" she began before coughing. "Thank you, Mistress Ramona, for the punishment. Thank - thank you for allowing me to, to, come." It was just above a whisper, but could be heard in the otherwise silent room.

Ramona nodded, pleased. "Well, you can do something else to thank me, slave," Ramona told her. "Since it is most likely your first time to do it, I'll allow Sally to help you. Get her a glass of water first, Sally."

Sally went off to a sink and returned with some water. She held the glass to Alice's lips and let her sip it. Alice made odd faces between sips, trying to work out the soreness in her mouth. During her respite, Alice tried to take stock of her body. She felt in pain almost everywhere. And yet, she'd had a mind-numbing orgasm. She didn't have much time to ponder it.

Ramona removed her skirt and sat down in a chair. She spread her legs wide open; apparently she practiced yoga or gymnastics. "Come here, slaves," she told Alice and Sally. Sally dropped to her knees and crawled over to her Mistress. Alice followed.

"You've had your fun, now it's time for mine," Ramona said. "I want you to give me an orgasm, using your tongue. Sally can help you out."

Alice really did not want to do this, but she remembered Sally saying she shouldn't hesitate, and she did not want to get tied up and whipped again. She moved to the left and Sally went right. Sally turned her head sideways and began to lap at Ramona's pussy. Alice put her head above her friend's and licked at Ramona's clit. It was an awkward position, and she and Sally got in each other's way until they figured out how to lean. Ramona helped by lifting her legs up and back as much as she could. Damn, she's limber, Alice thought.

Alice was surprised to find the taste only slightly salty, but otherwise not too bad. Ramona kept her legs wide, but even so it was hard for both of them to get access. Alice and Sally's cheeks touched the whole time, becoming slick with juices and saliva. Their sweaty bodies rubbed together, Alice's breasts sliding over Sally's shoulders. Alice concentrated on doing what she liked when Cooper ate her. It seemed to be working, and between the two of them, Ramona was soon moaning.

"Yes, slaves, like that," Ramona told them. She encouraged them on, but for the most part was babbling. She finally came loud and long, and put her legs together, forcing Alice and Sally back.

The two slaves sat back on their heels. Their faces glistened with the juices. Sally turned to Alice, reached up and grabbed the back of her neck to draw her close in a kiss. This was the second time Sally had kissed her and Alice was again too astonished to resist. Sally licked the juices off Alice's cheeks. Alice tried to bring her arms up to resist but she couldn't get coordinated nor enough strength to do it. Sally pulled her close and plunged her tongue into Alice's mouth. Alice was disturbed, not by the kiss but by how much she liked it. Sally was a good kisser, in a much different way than Cooper was. Sally broke off the kiss suddenly and sat back, looking down at the floor. Alice followed suit.

It was a few minutes before Ramona came down from her orgasmic high. "Mmmm. That was very good, slaves," she finally told them. "Two tongues at once, such a nice sensation." She stood up. "Well, let's continue on with the next phase, shall we?"

Ramona walked over to a bench. Sally jumped up to follow. Alice was a little unsteady on her feet but got up as quickly as she could. Ramona had her lay over the bench, which was set at about waist high. It had been padded with leather and was a foot or so wide, and about four feet long. Sally attached Alice's ankle cuffs to the base of the bench, pulling her legs apart. She hooked her wrist cuffs to the front of the bench, and adjusted all the chains so that Alice was held down tightly. Leaning over it the way she was, Alice felt how it presented her butt as a tempting target.

"Here's what's going to happen, slave," Ramona told her. "I'm going to spank you. You will count. I have a certain number in mind, and after that number of swats is reached, I want you to beg me to fuck you. However, you will have to guess at what that number is before you start begging. If you guess less than my number, I'll double it. You can guess the same or more if you like. When I feel like you've begged sufficiently, I'll stop the spanking and fuck you."

Alice was very confused, but she said, "Yes Mistress Ramona." Alice wondered how Ramona was going to fuck her. She assumed with some dildo.

Sally moved behind Alice and did something with Ramona. Then she came back around and knelt directly in front of Alice. The first swat was surprising, but Alice started counting immediately.

Alice still hurt from her whipping, but a spanking was something she was used to. Ramona was using a long paddle that felt like it was probably leather covering a thin piece of wood. Cooper preferred to use his hands, but he occasionally used paddles. Alice tried to think of how many Ramona might choose. Cooper usually did around fifty, and Ramona seemed crueler than he was, so Alice guessed eighty. Better make it ninety, she thought.

After sixty blows, her butt was in serious pain. The spanking combined with the whipping to hurt more than just a spanking would. Alice struggled to count correctly. She glanced at Sally every once in a while. Sally seemed to be concerned about something.

Alice noticed that Ramona seemed to be getting tired. Alice wondered if Ramona did this that often. After seventy-five swats, Alice took a chance that Ramona hadn't picked as high a number as she thought.

"Please, Mistress Ramona, please fuck me," she begged. Ramona paused for a bit, then paddled her again.

"Please, Mistress Ramona, fuck your, your slave. Please fuck me, Mistress Ramona, please," Alice said loudly. Ramona stopped the spanking. "Please, Mistress Ramona, fuck your worthless slave," Alice added.

She wasn't sure, but she thought she heard Ramona mumble, "About bloody time." Ramona came up to her from behind and pushed a dildo into her wet pussy. It slid in easily, and Alice gasped when Ramona pushed up against her. It's hooked onto her somehow, Alice thought. She's got a dildo that's attached to her so she looks like a man.

Ramona did indeed fuck Alice. She was wearing a strap-on dildo. Alice could tell it was rather large and curved up slightly. The dildo was bigger than Cooper was, although Ramona didn't have as much finesse. Alice continued to beg, unsure if she was supposed to stop.

"Please, Mistress Ramona, uh, oh, please fuck me, fuck your slave." Alice found that despite herself, she was getting turned on again. She glanced occasionally at Sally kneeling in front of her. Sally seemed almost astonished.

Alice tried to remember all the things Sally told her, but it was getting hard. She had an orgasm approaching, and Ramona was slapping into her red butt, causing her pain again. She was still begging, but it was no longer because she was supposed to. She forgot if she was allowed to come, so she decided to ask.

"Oh, god, Mistress, uh, Ramona, I, I'm going to come. May I come, Mistress, may I come?"

"Come, slave," Ramona said breathlessly. Alice did. She screamed out all the pain and pleasure she was feeling.

"Thank you, Mistress Ramona, thank you! Auugh!"

Ramona pumped a few more times then grunted out her own orgasm. She leaned over and laid on Alice's back for several minutes.

Ramona finally pulled out of Alice and walked around to the front. She nodded to Sally, who got up and began freeing Alice. Alice looked at the dildo that had so recently been inside her. It was flesh colored and slick with her juices. A drop fell from the tip.

Free from her chains, Alice dropped to her knees and managed to get her arms up, hands together behind her neck. It hurt to sit back on her heels, but she assumed the slave position.

"Come here, slave," Ramona said. Alice moved forward to kneel in front of the other woman dominating her. "Clean him off."

Alice tried not to think of what she was doing as she reached up to take the plastic penis in her mouth. It was stiff and had a gel kind of outer covering. Her taste was not much different than Ramona's had been. Alice licked the dildo off until Ramona said, "Good."

"Thank you, Mistress Ramona, for the spanking and the fucking," Alice remembered to say. "Thank you for letting me clean you off."

Ramona raised her eyebrows, impressed. She nodded to Sally, who knelt where she was.

Alice sat back and resumed the position. She was very tired. She wondered what was next. She wasn't sure of what to think. Her brain was still fuzzy from her spanking and her orgasms. She hoped she would get to rest a bit. She wasn't quite sure of what to think about getting fucked by this woman.

"Well, I must say, I'm almost astonished at how well you've done, slave. I didn't think you would take it as well as you did. Cooper must be very proud of you."

Alice smiled. "Thank you, Mistress Ramona," she replied.

"Sally, get her cleaned up and bring her back upstairs."

"Yes, Mistress," Sally answered. Sally got up and went to Alice pulling her up. Ramona left the room.

As soon as the door closed, Sally hugged Alice. "Oh, my god, Alice, you did so well." Sally was very happy.

"I, I didn't do much," she replied. "I mean, how hard is it to get tied up and whipped and fucked?"

"Oh, you're wrong. You did wonderfully. You did everything you needed to do. You were the perfect slave today. And, do you have any idea how many swats Mistress was going to give you at first?"

"Not really, that's why I figured I should guess high."

Sally had a key and used it to remove the cuffs around her wrists and ankles.

"Man, she was thinking something like thirty or so. She thought you were going to guess low, and she'd do sixty. You didn't ask until almost eighty!" Sally led Alice back to the tub as she talked. Alice got in and was about to kneel but Sally told her to stand.

"Seventy-five. I thought she was thinking around eighty."

"Well, that's more than I ever took, especially after a whipping. Here, hold your arms out a bit. Sorry this is cold, but it feels better anyway." Sally sprayed Alice with the showerhead. Alice stood there and let her. The cold water felt good on her butt, and generally all over. After the shower, Sally got a towel and wiped Alice off. Alice let her, but was uncomfortable with the intimate contact.

"There's another reason I'm happy, Alice. Mistress was concerned about you and me being friends. She said if you did well, that she wouldn't mind us getting together, like to go shopping or whatever."

"She has that much control? I mean, even over your friends?"

"It's complicated, Alice. She's my mistress. Look, let's get together next week for lunch, okay? I'll call you and let you know the day. Then I can explain it better. For now, we need to get upstairs."

As they were walking out, Alice wondered about the collar she was still wearing. Maybe Sally didn't have the key.

They walked up the steps, and Sally had to support Alice. "I'm more tired than I thought. That took a lot out of me."

Sally took Alice to the room she had started in and told her to kneel. Sally took up a spot near a chair and knelt down as well. They waited there in silence for a while before Ramona and Cooper came in, Ramona laughing.

"Ah, and here we are. You've got a nice one there, Cooper. She did wonderfully." Ramona came over and grabbed Alice by the chin, looking her in the eyes. "Later, I want you to tell Cooper everything that happened to you today, slave, is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress Ramona," Alice gulped, figuring she was still under house rules.

Cooper had a slightly distressed look on his face. Alice was red all over, red lines covering most of her body. Ramona noticed.

"Don't worry, dear. The lines will fade in a day or two. Nothing permanent, I promise. Sally, did I overstep my bounds?"

Sally looked up. "No, Mistress. I don't believe you did anything to Alice that you wouldn't have done to me."

"Tell me, Sally, did you enjoy Alice's visit today?" Ramona asked.

"Yes, Mistress, I did."

"Would you like her to visit again?"

"Mistress, that would of course be up to Master Cooper, but, yes ma'am, I would."

"Alice," Ramona said, turning back to the kneeling woman, "do you think I was harsher on you than I would have been to Sally?"

"From what I understand, Mistress Ramona, no ma'am, I don't think you were."

"Of course I trust you, Ramona," Cooper said, still not entirely convinced.

Ramona retrieved some things from a desk and handed them to Cooper. "Here is the key for her collar. You might want to get the tag replaced, though." The other item was a DVD, but Ramona made no comment about it, and Alice didn't notice it.

"Time to go, Alice," Cooper said.

Before Alice got up, she said, "Thank you for your hospitality, Mistress Ramona, and for the punishment I deserved." She slowly got up and walked over to Cooper. "Goodbye, Sally, Ramona," she added. She and Cooper walked out to the limo.

Alice took advantage of the long seats in the limo and stretched out for the ride home.

"You're going to have an interesting story to tell, I imagine," Cooper said. Alice didn't hear him, having already fallen asleep.


Alice didn't wake until later that evening. Cooper was not in bed with her. She smelled faintly of the salve that he used on her buttocks sometimes after a spanking. It felt like it had been rubbed everywhere on her body. She felt much better than she had earlier. She was hungry, but wanted to take a shower and use the toilet first. She kept the shower water much cooler than usual.

After drying her hair, Alice went downstairs to get some dinner. Kathy was in the kitchen.

"Kathy, is there anything left over from dinner?"

"Faith, Missus, you've been strapped, you have!" Kathy exclaimed.

Alice had almost forgotten about how she looked. Her front, back and legs all were covered in red lines. "It's okay, really, Kathy. But I am hungry."

"Yes, Missus, I'll get it for you." Kathy retrieved some dishes from the refrigerator and heated them up. The food smelled wonderful. Alice hadn't realized how hungry she was. She ate standing up at the counter, something she often did.

"Can I ask you, Missus, how it feels?"

"Well, I guess, obviously, it's painful. But, really, I suppose it's not a whole lot worse than getting a spanking. I'm just not used to it all over my body." Kathy came up and lightly touched a line on Alice's back.

"I dunna think I could take such a thing, Missus," she said. "I mean, Frankie, that's my beau, 'e's done me once, a spanking you know, and I squealed the whole time."

"Why'd he spank you?" Alice asked.

"Well, you know ma'am. I tol' him about you and Master Cooper once, and 'e says 'e wants to try, and I said, well, just this once, you!"

"So you didn't like it?"

"It was a pain in me bum, you know, but Frankie, 'e, well, 'e, you know..."

Alice shook her head. "No, what?"

"Well, 'e diddled me the 'ole time, Missus. 'At's the reason I squealed, if truth be known. 'E hurt 'is 'and, 'e did." Alice looked confused for a second. Kathy's accent was strange at times, and Alice didn't think it was probably very accurate. 'He hurt his hand', she finally figured out.

Alice finished up her meal. "Well, if you want him to try again, maybe Cooper could give him lessons."

"Oh, no, Missus. I dunna want Frankie to do me like Master Cooper does you."

"Speaking of which, where is Cooper?"

"'E's in the readin' room, ma'am," Kathy told her.

"Thanks for dinner, Kathy." Alice went off to find her husband.

Cooper was in the library at his desk. He had his laptop out and was looking at something on it when Alice came in.

"Ah, you're awake, good." He pressed a button and closed the laptop and got up to greet his wife. They embraced and he kissed her deeply. Alice winced at his hug. "How does it feel?"

"Well, it hurts, but it's not too bad. You put the lotion on?"

"Yes. Does it help?"

"Yes, a bit. Thanks."

"I'd like to hear about your day, if you're up to it."

Alice grimaced. She supposed now was as good a time as any. "All right."

"Wait," Cooper told her. "Let's do this right." Cooper picked out a comfortable chair and sat down. "Come here, kneel in front of me."

Alice looked at him quizzically, but then complied. "Go ahead," he told her, "assume the position." Alice sighed then sat back on her heels, and interlaced her fingers together behind her neck. She spread her knees as wide as she could. Satisfied, Cooper nodded and she began her story. Alice felt odd about kneeling like that, but at the same time, it somehow fit the situation.

She told him of the preparations, of the whipping, of Sally and her eating Ramona out, of getting spanked and then fucked by Ramona with the strap-on.

"I'm not sure how I feel about the, ah, fucking. I was not aware that there would be penetration."

"I'm sorry, Cooper, if..."

"Oh, no, Alice, don't worry about it. I mean, what's done is done. I may have to get a bit upset with Ramona. I hate to be indelicate, but did you, um..."

"Yes sir, I came. It was a combination of things, and not just her dildo. She doesn't have your - skill."

Cooper smiled. "Is that everything, then?" he asked.

Alice thought a minute. "Well, Sally kissed me, after we ate Ramona."

"Really? Kissed you, full on the mouth?"

"Well, yes. She was quite, well, affectionate."

"Did you like that?"

Alice mumbled something.

"What was that?" Cooper probed.

"Yes, I guess it was okay. She's," Alice lowered her voice further, "she's a good kisser, sir."

"I see. Well, anything else?"

"I'm pretty sure that's most everything."

"All right. Do me a favor. Take your right hand down." Alice complied. "Now take a finger and stick it into your pussy. Go ahead." Alice hesitantly did so. "Is it wet?" Alice was surprised, but nodded, no longer trusting her voice. "Very wet?" She shuddered, and nodded again.

"You got very turned on telling me all that, didn't you?"

Meekly, Alice said, "Yes."


"Y-yes sir," she answered. Cooper smiled. He'd tried to remained as neutral he could, but throughout it all, she'd said 'sir'.

Cooper stood and got the DVD from his laptop. He went over and inserted it into the player hooked to the big screen TV and picked up the remote. He sat down on the couch in front of the TV.

"Come here," he told Alice. She got up and went over to the couch. Cooper patted the seat next to him.

"Cooper, I-" Alice began, but he shook his head. Gingerly, Alice lowered herself onto the couch.

"Spread your legs wide," he told her. She put her left leg over his right one. He placed his hand between her legs and traced up to her pussy. He rubbed her clit a while before pushing into her.

"Cooper, oh, god," she whispered. He stopped moving his hand but left his finger in her.

"There's something I'd like you to see," he said.

Alice was totally confused. The DVD player started and the TV screen was split into four. Each part showed a different view of the room in Ramona's house where Alice had been. The first part showed a side view of the bench she'd been spanked on. The next was a top view of the bathtub. The third was pointed straight at the chair Ramona had been in when Sally and Alice had performed cunnilingus on her. The forth part was out of focus, but seemed to be the area where Alice had been whipped.

Soon, Sally and Alice came into view. They showed up at the bathtub and Alice watched as everything that had happened to her and that she had told Cooper about was displayed on the TV. The cameras had been set on auto Cooper fondled her the entire time they watched, never letting her get all the way to an orgasm. The video ended with Sally giving Alice a shower and rubbing her down. Cooper paused it and used both of his hands to finally bring his wife to orgasm.

After she came back down, Cooper asked her, "So, did you like that?"

"Oh, yes, it was great," she said, eyes closed.

"You've had a number of orgasms today, haven't you."

"Mmm-mm," Alice agreed.

Cooper stood up and quickly pulled his clothes off. He gently pushed Alice so that she was lying on her back. "How about one more?" he asked.

Alice moaned, smiling.

Aliceís Interlude I

"Cooper, when did you hire your maids?"

Alice and Cooper were getting ready to go out to a movie.

"Well, they were recommended to me by my previous maids. My father helped me with those. Kathy is the daughter of one of my dadís maids, in fact. Not the ones you knew, though. Why do you ask?"

"They came to me with a strange request today."

Cooper waited, but Alice didnít continue. Instead, she was pulling on her dress.

"And this request was?" Cooper prompted.

"Well, I donít know how to put it. They, they want to know if it would be all right for them to go around the house in the nude, basically."


"Well, not nude, at least not all the time. They want to get some skimpy French maid outfits and dress up like that. But thatís all theyíd be wearing. They say theyíve seen those kind of dresses that donít really cover anything up and Ė "

"They said this?" Cooper asked, incredulous.

"Well, yes. They said they saw me going around all the time naked and they thought maybe they might like it as well. They wanted to get my opinion first."

"What did you tell them?"

"I said Iíd ask you, but to be honest I didnít see too much of a problem with it. As long as they had something to cover up when company came over."

"You wouldnít mind three naked women running around here?"

Alice stood in thought. "Well, not really, I guess. I think you can restrain yourself. I donít know, Iím just not worried about it. I figure that theyíve been working her for a while, and if youíve not tried anything so far, their being naked isnít going to push you over the edge. I donít know, would it?"

"My goodness, Alice. I think of those girls more like daughters, theyíve been here so long."

"Well, exactly. Thatís what I thought."

"So, what are you going to tell them?"

"The more the merrier, I suppose."

"All right. But what are they going to do when the doorbell rings?"

"I guess weíll have to work that out. Maybe one will be more dressed than the others each day. I donít know. Iíll let them know tomorrow."

"This ought to be interesting," Cooper mumbled.


"I said, we ought to be going. The movie will start soon."

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