The Further Adventures of Alice

By Bluewords (inspired by characters created by Leviticus, editing by Suzi)

Alice Has Fun as a Statue

"How would you like to be a statue?"

Alice looked quizzically at Cooper. He was always coming up with one odd idea or another. The two of them were very rich, and Cooper only worked a few days a week. It gave him lots of time to come up with things for the two of them to do. The ideas often involved sex in some way, and Alice didn't mind those at all. Cooper had become very inventive during the time they'd been married.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"I have a friend who's giving a party next Saturday, and needs models for statues. Usually, there are about 10 or 15 statues, all living people who have been painted up to look like marble. They are posed and stand around looking like statues for a few hours during the party."

"I don't know. The last time I volunteered to be a model, it was pretty embarrassing."

"Well, this is for charity again. You'll have paint all over you, so you really will look like a statue. I don't think it's hard or anything."

Alice thought about it. Sounded like it might be fun, but Cooper tended to get her into odd situations. "I don't think I can stand in one position that long."

"From what I understand, that's not a problem. There are pillars and such, and I think all your limbs are supported. You get positioned, and you don't have to worry about moving much. I don't think it's really uncomfortable. Lots of people have done it, it's been going on for a decade or more. And besides, it's for charity. They usually raise a good million dollars at these things."

A million dollars? There must be a lot of very rich people attending. It was for a good cause, and lots of people had done it before, so it couldn't be that bad. "Well, I guess I could do it. Do you think I'd make a good statue?"

"The best," he said, getting up from his chair to hug her. "Maybe you'll get to be Venus on the Half Shell."

She hugged him back and kissed him gently. "Do you think I'll have to be naked?" She was naked right then. Alice rarely wore clothes when she was home. It was another of Cooper's ideas she had gotten to like.

"You'll be painted like marble. Did you see that spread in the last Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue? No? Well, it will be something like that. I'll find the issue and show you. I don't think it will be a big deal if you are topless for instance. People won't be able to tell all that much."

Alice briefly wondered if Cooper knew more than he was letting on. But she trusted her husband, for the most part. She shrugged. "Well, you can tell them I'll do it. Anything I need to prepare?"

"As I understand it, you just need to shave well. Not a problem for you." At Cooper's urging, Alice had completed a series of dermatological treatments that permanently removed almost all of her hair from her neck down. She didn't need to shave much anymore.

Cooper grabbed her butt and pulled her close for a deep kiss. As he kissed her, he kneaded her buttocks, stirring feelings in her loins. She knew that Cooper, very spry for almost 50, was going to throw her on the bed and make love to her. Again.

Instead, he quickly stripped himself and then pulled her to the floor, quickly entering her. Knowing her husband, it would be another long session of lovemaking. Alice loved it.


The day of the party, Cooper suggested that she wear only a light sundress, sandals and nothing else, not even makeup. She was, after all, going to painted like a statue.

"They'll provide whatever you need to wear. I hear the paint tickles when they put it on."

"Well, it will probably be the first time in a while that my butt won't be red." Cooper seemed to have inherited a propensity for wanting to spank her from his father, Alice's first husband. His father would spank her every day, sometimes several times a day, and in fact died at 75 with Alice across his lap. Cooper didn't spank her every day, but often enough so that she seldom wore pants, or even panties. She'd gotten used to dresses.

"Well, they might use red paint. So, who knows?" Her butt was still red from the previous night's spanking.

They headed off to the party after breakfast. They needed to get there early so that she could be painted and positioned, and that might take an hour or more. After arriving, they were shown around by the artist to the garden where she would be posing.

"I have just the thing for you, perfect!" the artist told her. He led her by the arm to what looked like a broken marble pillar, about as tall as a stool. There were shallow slots cut out from the near top running down the sides, and the top of the pillar looked something like a seat. Alice was not sure exactly how she was supposed to look.

"You'll look like you're flying. It will be fabulous." The artist was effervescent and animated, and didn't let her ask any questions. "Come on, let's get you started." He nearly dragged her off, and Cooper excused himself, saying that he'd see her later.

She was taken to an area where there were already two other people getting painted. Alice blushed slightly, the other two - a man and a woman - were both naked. They each had a painter with an airbrush painting them. Alice didn't recognize the man, who was being painted a light blue color. The woman looked familiar; perhaps she had attended some party Alice had gone to. She was already painted with a base coat, a pale green, and a marbling was now being added. Alice nodded to the woman who nodded slightly, but was apparently not supposed to move much.

The statues and painters had some privacy. There were sheets strung up to form three sides of a cube. There were six areas, and each statue got a private cube, although they all faced a common center. Alice later found it was more to keep the paint from one statue getting on another while painting, than for privacy.

The artist pulled Alice over to a painter who was fixing up his airbrush. "Anthony, this is Alice. She'll be going into the Flyer slot, so use an antique white. And you'll just need to do down to her wrists for now, she'll be wearing gloves for this one." Alice said hello to Anthony and wondered what kind of gloves they were.

"The dress and sandals, miss," Anthony said. Alice hesitated for a bit, then slipped off her dress and kicked off her shoes. She stood there naked and a little embarrassed about her red bottom. Anthony didn't make any comments about it. He turned her this way and that, lifting her arms and giving her a general examination. Then he fiddled with the airbrush for several minutes. Finally, he started to spray the paint onto her.

It tickled just slightly. She had to stand with her legs spread wide so that Anthony could get everywhere. When he got to her arms, she held them out so he could cover them. The paint dried quickly, and Anthony explained that it only came off with some special soap that they would give her after the party. When he started the marbling, the artist came back.

"Have you ever worn contacts? We want to do your eyes as well. Most of the others will have contacts." Alice nodded, she had worn them years before, but had since had laser surgery and didn't need them anymore. "Great. Also, there is a mouthpiece. It looks like stone, and will make it look like your mouth is open a bit. Someone will come by every hour or so to squirt some water into your mouth."

Alice was starting to wonder what she'd gotten herself into. It was seeming more and more elaborate as the morning went on.

Finally Anthony finished painting her. There was a mirror nearby, and Alice was amazed at the job he had done. She really looked like a marble statue.

A simple metal crown had been placed around her head. It was lined with padding and although tight, was not uncomfortable. For some reason, there was a long rod coming from the back of the crown and her hair had been arranged around it, hiding most of the rod. Her hair was full of hairspray and looked like it was permanently being swept back by the wind. Everything had been painted like white marble.

The artist returned. "Perfect. She'll be great," he said. "Let's get the gloves on and we'll situate you on the column." The gloves had already been painted, and looked like statues hands with the small finger broken off and a few chips missing. The effect would make her look even more like a statue. The hands were stuck together at the wrists, crossing, and Alice learned that the gloves would be put on behind her back, effectively handcuffing her. She was a little uneasy about it, but the artist said it was fine, it would be "great".

Then he asked her to open her mouth for the mouthpiece. It too was painted marble white, and fit rather snuggly on her teeth, forcing them apart. This left her gagged. She could only make slight moaning sounds.

The artist and Anthony walked her down into the garden to her spot. Another man came along to help. Once at the pillar, they helped her to sit down, her legs fitting half in the slots at the sides. The rod running through her hair from the crown was somehow attached to her gloves, pulling her head back. The men handled her like a real statue, not seeming to care where they put their hands.

The seat on the pillar was sloped and had a flat cup shape in the front the hid her pussy and helped to keep her from sliding off. She was almost standing, but her feet slid into small slots in the base in the back, and they explained that there would be thin ties to keep her legs in place.

"Oops," the artist said. "A few final touches. Gentlemen?" The two men lifted her forward a foot and held her there while the artist did something with the seat. "All right," he said, and they slid her slowly back down.

Before her butt touched the seat, something started pressing against her pussy and anus. She tried to struggle but couldn't resist their strong arms. They pushed her down onto a lubricated dildo and a butt plug in the back. She was one with the pillar now. The artist placed flat, thin ties around her legs near her knees to keep her legs from moving. Her big toes had slid into rings in the base, and these were adjusted tighter so she couldn't pull out. The gloves she had on were hooked to something in the base, bending her body back, thrusting her breasts out. Her head was pulled back because it was attached to her gloves. The whole effect was something like a woman who had just leaped into the air, her arms behind her.

Alice tried to move, but she was amazed how tightly she was held to the pillar. She couldn't even move her head. Everything was connected and solid.

"Now the medallions, and the contacts," the artist said. He got a round, almost cone shape medallion and placed it against her right nipple. He turned a ring just around the inside and the cone clamped onto her tightly. He even tugged on it to make sure it wouldn't come off. Then he did the same to the left breast. "Hmmm," he mused. "Do we have something pointier?" he asked Anthony. Anthony produced a small cone that came to a point. "Great," the artist said, and replaced the cones clamped to her nipples with the pointier ones, putting them on even tighter, Alice thought. If she could have complained she would have.

The artist stood on a small stepladder and told Alice to open her eyes so he could wet them and put in her contacts. She tried to glare at him, but he was oblivious. Alice thought something was wrong with the first contact. It felt okay but her vision seemed blurry. She realized after the second one was in that the contacts weren't transparent. She was blind now!

Alice tried to struggle, but movement was hard, and quickly became tiring. She was bent like a bow and exposed to the world, with a dildo in her pussy and a plug in her butt. She was contemplating revenge on her husband when she heard the artist say, "One more thing."

She couldn't see what was going on, but she heard a faint click, like a switch being toggled. Nothing happened right away.

"You look great," the artist told her. "Fantastic. I'll see you later. Have fun." She heard the men walk away.

Suddenly, the dildo came to life. The vibrations started slowly and sped up. Then the butt plug started to vibrate as well. Alice couldn't move to change the position of the vibrators inside her. They hummed away, changing speed every so often. She didn't want them to, but they were starting to have an effect on her. Then, they both quit. She tried to move over them, but she had no leverage. She couldn't even scream about it.


The vibrators were apparently set to go off randomly. Just as it started getting good, they would cut out. She wasn't sure, but the base seemed to be vibrating a bit over her clit, but it might have just been vibrations from the dildo. Her nipples ached from the cones clamped to them. Alice never felt so exposed, or so turned on.

And now she heard people starting to walk around.

She could only hear bits and pieces of conversations.

"- my, that's wonderful. She looks marvelous."

"- did a great job on her. She looks like she's part of that -"

"How does she keep so still?"

She had her first orgasm while a group of people watched, ohhing and ahhing over her paint job and how she didn't move. She could only make slight gurgling noises as she came. Someone took it to mean that she wanted some water, and a squeeze bottle was fetched. The water did feel good, but the vibrators didn't stop, and in fact got stronger, and she was having trouble concentrating enough to swallow.

Then she realized something. The vibrators did go off at random, but also got stronger when more people were around. The more crowds she heard, the closer she got to orgasm.

It was a long morning.


Alice had lost track of how many times she had come. Her arms and legs were sore from being in one position for so long. Luckily, the crowds seemed to have thinned. Maybe it was lunchtime.

A voice whispered in her ear. "Enjoying yourself?" It was Cooper. She no longer had the strength to even gurgle. "You've been at this for some time now. There's only another hour to go. There is going to be the judging, and applauding the winner. Then you'll all be let down."

Alice wished she could move, so she could hit him or kick him or something. He squirted some water into her mouth, which she thankfully swallowed.

"I know you're probably unhappy that I tricked you, but I also know that you've probably had a dozen orgasms by now. You should consider yourself lucky. There's a guy down the way from you with a perpetual hard on, but he doesn't seem to be able to come at all. And the woman under the tree over there, that must be a hard position to maintain. At least you get to sit, such as it is. I need to go, but I'll be back later. Ta ta."

Another hour! She was too tired to even cry. Then she heard a group of people approaching, and the vibrators began to buzz.


There was some commotion in front of her. She couldn't quite make out everything that was going on, but it seemed to be some award. Apparently, she'd won something. She wasn't paying too much attention because another orgasm was exploding through her. The ache in her butt, the soreness of her arms, her blindness, the dildo and butt plug all seemed to coalesce into one mind numbing orgasm after another. The crowd was causing the vibrators to run on high the whole time.

Alice didn't even notice when they went away. She came down off of a high, to find it quiet around her. There was a nice breeze blowing and she could feel that there was some shade on her now, probably from a tree nearby.

She felt hands on her, and the hands released the ties holding her to the pillar. Her hands were released, and the crown removed. They pulled her gently off of the dildo and plug and laid her in the grass.

"Wow, she had fun. It's a good thing there's this tube to catch the run off or it would have been all down the front of the column here," someone said.

Alice didn't move. Her arms hurt to be free now, so she lay where they left her. Someone pulled the mouthpiece from her mouth, and then removed one of her nipple cones, and she jerked. As the other one was removed, she had a final orgasm, not quite as intense as some of the previous ones, but a good one nevertheless.

Two men picked her up and helped her walk. One of them was Cooper. "It's best if you take the contacts out yourself, so we'll take you to a bathroom where you can freshen up."

She was starting to feel a little better, and used the toilet blind. She got the contacts out and Cooper was there in the bathroom with her.

"Better?" he asked. She nodded. All the anger she had felt earlier was gone. Maybe it would return, but for now she simply felt strangely - satisfied.

"What now?" she asked. "Are we going home?"

"Oh no. There's still a full afternoon and night ahead. We're going to go get lunch, and you can meet some of your fellow statues. I take it you aren't mad anymore?"

Alice thought a while. "No, I suppose not. I've - I've never had that many orgasms in my life."

"Well, I thought that you might enjoy it after getting into it. If I had told you everything up front you would have blanched at the idea. Sorry for the deception."

"I guess it's okay. Where're my clothes?"

"Oh, well, you don't get them back yet. In fact, we need to take you by for a touch up before lunch. So let's go, shall we?"

Alice shrugged and followed her husband.


Lunch was great. She almost didn't mind that she was naked except for paint. Of course, everyone had already seen her anyway. She talked to a few of the other statue models. Some had had it worse that she did.

One woman had been set as if in mid-dance. Thin strong rods made sure she didn't move her arms or legs, and a pole came up from the ground and was buried in her pussy. "The pole moved up and down a bit, and vibrated. I came so goddamn much," she said.

One man had rings around his cock and balls, which left him hard the entire morning. He'd had a plug stuffed in his butt as well. It had vibrated, and he'd come three times, twice in front of a crowd.

Each of them had been tricked by spouses or significant others, but none of them appeared mad about it anymore. Several had found out that the person that had tricked them into it had themselves been a statue once. A few were a little uneasy about walking around essentially nude, but most were making the best of it. Getting to move around and getting some food and drink helped. And it really was a charity; one of her fellow statues told her they'd raised almost a half a million dollars so far.

Cooper came back and told her there was going to be the awards presentation and they should take their seats. The mansion they were in at had a large dining hall with tables set up. Alice and Cooper took a table near the front.

While they were waiting for the festivities to begin, Cooper asked, "So, are you going to the after-party cast orgy?"

"What?" she said, surprised.

"Just joking."

"Oh, darn. That guy in the blue looked like he was well hung," she responded, smiling. Cooper had a mock frown and was about to respond when the artist approached the microphone.

"Thank you all for coming today, including our statue models, all of whom did a wonderful job. We've raised close to five hundred thousand dollars so far." A round of applause broke out, which made Alice feel good. "We've come to the part of the show where we hand out the awards. So without further ado, here they are."

Alice suddenly realized something. She leaned over and asked Cooper, "Is he the owner here?" She was referring to the artist and the mansion they were in. Cooper nodded.

She also realized that giving awards to the "statues" was a little odd. They had been painted and positioned, and had little to do with their look. She wondered what the point was. She was about to be surprised at the answer.

There were both men's and women's categories. The men were up first. They called third place, and a naked man painted in a light red came up. The man was a little embarrassed to be standing up in front of all the people, even though they'd already seen all of him when he was a statue. He was given a small plaque and a video played on the screen behind him. The video showed the man how he had been posed. He was part of a rock, one of his hands was upraised, and he appeared to be looking up. His penis was as hard as the rock he was a part of. On the screen, he suddenly came, shooting gobs of sperm out. The orgasm didn't seem to affect his penis, which stayed hard. Only a slight shudder could be seen running through him.

All of this on-screen activity made the man even more embarrassed, although you obviously couldn't see him blush.

"Who was the lucky bidder?" the artist asked. A woman in her late fifties stood up and waved. The artist leaned over and whispered to the man, who was confused. He glanced up and looked at the table he'd come from. The woman there nodded and made a waving motion with her hands. "Go on", she mouthed. The man shrugged and walked over to stand next to the older woman.

"What's going on?" Alice asked Cooper in a whisper.

"People gathered around and bid on each statue. All the money is collected, but the high bidder gets the right to pose the statue for the rest of the day, at least until dinner. They have to follow the winner around and stand in whatever pose they are told to." Cooper explained all this like he was explaining they would have trout for dinner. Alice was so astonished she didn't respond.

The second place man, painted in blue, was called up, and the video showed shots of him coming three different times. The artist explained he had come five times. The man was further embarrassed by the fact that he was now sporting a hard on in front of everyone, which he tried to hide behind his plaque. The winning bidder, a young dark woman, came up and grabbed his penis and led him off, to much laughter from the audience.

The first place man had apparently come nine times that morning. He was painted in white, like Alice, and did not seem uncomfortable in front of the crowd. The video showed him coming again and again. He'd been won by a middle-aged couple.

The winning bids were called for the rest of the men, each of who had apparently only come a time or two, and one by one they made their way to their owners for the afternoon.

Then it was the women's turn. Third place was called, and a pale green woman came up. The video showed her as a runner, with a cloth around her midsection seeming to flow behind her. Alice realized the cloth was probably stiff, part of what held her in place. On screen, the woman shuddered ever so slightly. "Sensors counted 16 orgasms," the artist said. The green woman smiled but looked down. After getting her award, she was pointed to the one who bid on her.

Alice vaguely remembered someone saying she had won second place. Sure enough, she was the next to be called. Cooper had to urge her to go on up.

Alice approached the artist and glanced out over the crowd. At least, she thought, they can't see me blushing. She didn't pay a lot of attention to what was said; she was wondering who had been her high bidder. The artist explained that she had come twenty-four times, one of which lasted 14 minutes, which brought a round of applause. He went on to explain a little about the sensors in the base that detected when the orgasms began and ended. All the while Alice on screen was seen only to quiver only slightly, so tightly had she been bound. When the winning bidder was asked for, she glanced to Cooper. He shook his head and shrugged. "I tried," he mouthed to her.

Instead, the artist pointed out a well-dressed man a few tables back. Alice was disappointed, but went over to the man. He nodded to her and pointed to the floor beside him.

"For now, on your knees, legs wide, hands together behind your neck," he told her. He turned his attention to the first place winner, so Alice did too.

The winner was a woman in pale pink. The artist said she came close to the previous record of 31, with 29 orgasms. She had been standing in what looked like a carved waterfall, her arms up above her head. It turned out that the high bidder was also the man who had won Alice.

"You have two?" she asked him.

"I have some interesting ideas for the two of you," was his reply.

When the remaining women statues were called out and sent to their bidders, Alice noticed one pale blue woman walk to Cooper. He caught her eye and shrugged, then he and the woman wandered off.


The man who won her was Arthur Comstock. He took them out to the big lawn in the back of the house, where others were posing their statues as well. Arthur was followed by a pretty young woman who seemed to be his assistant.

"All right," Comstock said, "Let me explain a few things, and then we'll get started. This party has been done annually for some time now. In that time, there have been probably two hundred people as statues here. It was a fun idea, and as most things go, it has grown. For one thing, the paint is a lot better. You don't have to worry about being caught in the rain, which happened one year.

"Anyway, it's supposed to all be in fun, and for charity. However, we do like to have a bit of fun, and generally it's at your expense. I hope you'll take it in the spirit it is meant, and not accuse me of just being mean. However, should you become recalcitrant, there are a few things I can do to punish you, the main one being I can stick you back into your diorama and turn it up to high. Alternately, I can put you back and leave it on low. In any case, I'm hoping that you both will be cooperative and I won't have to resort to extreme measures."

Alice blanched a bit at the thought of going back on her pillar, especially if it was only on low. She'd be frustrated the entire time. She decided she would play along.

"One thing I would like to do, however, is add the few accessories you already worn." Comstock's assistant came up to him and handed him the nipple cones that Alice had worn. There was a second pair similar to hers; apparently the other woman had worn some as well.

Oh no, not again, Alice thought. Comstock approached her and she tried not to flinch as he tightened the cones over her nipples. The other woman looked with pleading eyes at him, but otherwise said nothing. Alice realized that she and the other statue were remaining silent. It seemed to be an unwritten rule of being a statue.

"Let's try something simple at first. Here's how it works. I'll tell you how to pose, you strike the pose, and if I like it, you stay that way until I give you another pose." Comstock turned to his assistant and said in a low voice, "What's a good statue pose? Discus, maybe?" Louder, he said, "Pretend to be throwing a discus."

Both statues complied. Alice put her right leg back and left forward, turned her body, bent her left arm and pretended to hold a disc in her right hand, as if ready to throw it. The other woman did about the same.

Alice looked around moving as little as possible. She noticed several people with small cameras recording the scene. Great, she thought, I'm going to be on candid camera again. At least I've been touched up, and my skin isn't showing through anywhere. Still, I'm out here naked. Alice did not see her husband around. She wondered if he was off somewhere posing his statue. She reminded herself to be mad at him later.

Comstock had the switch to a pose where they were "greeting the day", legs wide apart, arms spread and raised to the sky. She might have been more embarrassed had she realized that the paint did not quite protect her as much as she thought. When her legs were wide, the lips of her pussy spread open, and contrasted against her white marble skin. Alice didn't look at the other statue, who was similarly on display. However, her companion was pink, and didn't have as much contrast as Alice did. The cameras filming them did not miss it.

Comstock put them through several more poses, then began to pose them close to each other, as boxers, as master with a whip and cringing slave, as dancing sisters. Then he started having them pose touching, back to back, then nipple to nipple. Alice was getting just a little uncomfortable, but the other woman seemed to be enjoying it, so Alice decided it to look at it as fun and tried to enjoy it as well.

A few poses didn't work at all. Alice laying horizontally across the other's stomach, or a wheelbarrow race, which was too hard to hold for long. Alice started to notice the positions seemed to have a definite sexual tone to them. The crowd around them changed, but was always about the same size. She wondered if the sexual tone was real, or if she was just imagining it. Maybe Comstock was running out of ideas.

Another thing she noticed was that Comstock was being more abrupt and demanding. He seemed to be in a hurry for some reason.

The final pose was the wildest. Both Alice and the other woman were on their backs, then raised up so that they were on their feet and hands, breasts pointing skyward. Alice felt very awkward.

Comstock called out to a woman passing by with a male statue. "Madam, might I borrow him for my final creation?" he asked her.

"Might as well," she replied, "I couldn't get anything out of him." Comstock also whispered to his assistant, and she went off.

Comstock moved the two women closer together, having them each straighten their left leg, and them pushing them together so that their pussies were touching. Alice wasn't sure she cared for this pose, but she didn't stop. For some reason, she felt the need to do what Comstock was telling her. And as appalled by the intimate contact with another woman as she was, she was also getting turned on. The contact was rubbing on her clit and distracting her to no end. Comstock came up and looked her straight in the face.

"Please look straight up, and open your mouth in an 'o' shape," he told her. She did so without thinking. She was getting a little fuzzy on things. The strenuous exercise of the afternoon's posing, the contact with another woman's clit rubbing with hers, it was all combining to excite her.

Comstock's assistant came back, but she shrugged at him, apparently unsuccessful at whatever task he'd had for her. He thought a second then told her to strip. Just like that. And the woman nodded and began removing her clothes. Soon she was naked. He moved her like a statue and positioned her in a wide-legged stance directly over the other statue's face. Then he moved the male statue in a similar position over Alice. When she looked up, all she saw was a set of muscular thighs leading up to a hard penis and a pair of testicles.

"That's it," Comstock was saying from far away somewhere, "the pose I want." Alice barely heard him. The other woman was rubbing against her on purpose. Alice was surprised to find that she was pushing and rubbing back.

Alice suddenly came. She tried to hold her pose throughout the orgasm, but eventually dropped to the grass and moaned aloud, not caring where she was. The other statue had also come, and was now on the grass with her hands between her legs.

By the time Alice regained her senses, the male statue was gone, and Comstock's assistant was almost fully dressed again. Alice sat up and gave an embarrassed glance at her 'partner'. The woman smiled at her and mouthed, "Thank you." Alice wasn't sure how to reply, so she just nodded.

Alice noticed something odd on the woman's leg, then saw it was on her leg as well. A white sticky liquid. It was jism! The male statue had come as well!

Comstock came over and helped the two statues up. "Thank you ladies so much. I've broken the record. A bit unorthodox I'll admit, but it worked." He seemed very caught up in the moment, and headed off towards the house. "Get their clamps, would you," he told his assistant. She went up to the women and helped them remove the nipple cones. Alice shuddered when they were removed but didn't embarrass herself by coming again.

"Thanks you two. That was great," the assistant told them. Then she hurried to catch up to Comstock.

The crowd seemed to be breaking up, and Alice turned toward her statue 'partner'. Neither seemed sure of what to say or do. "Maybe we should head in, seems like that's what everyone else is doing."

"Okay," Alice replied. "Uh, we've not been introduced. I'm Alice."

"Sally," the other statue said, shaking her hand. "Nice to meet you. I realize that it must have been a little difficult for you back there, with you being, well, you know."

Alice gave her a quizzical look. "I guess I don't know."

"Well, straight." It took Alice a few seconds before the light bulb went off in her head.

"Oh. Oh! I didn't even realize... You, you're lesbian?"

"Well, bi, really, although my current, uh, partner is a woman. She bought a man, the bitch!"

"I know how you feel. My husband bought one of the other female statues." The two of them laughed about that, and were behaving like old friends when Cooper found them heading into the dinning hall.

"Well, I heard you won Arthur the prize this year," he said.

Alice tried to be mad but couldn't. She nodded vigorously. "I guess. Sally, this is my bastard husband, Cooper, who bought someone else instead of me. Cooper, this is Sally, my new best friend." The two women shared a laugh.

"I tried to get you, but Arthur outbid me. Honest!" Alice looked sternly for a bit, then smiled at him.

"Well, that's okay. I think I probably had more fun with Arthur than I would have with you anyway." The women giggled. Cooper gave them a fake pained look, as if Alice had hurt him.

"Oh, there's my m-, my partner, Alice. I guess I should go. See you later?"

"You bet." Sally ran off to the other woman. Alice turned toward Cooper and failed to notice that Sally dropped to her knees in front of her partner, before the other woman motioned for her to stand and give her a hug.

"You're going to have to tell me about your afternoon," Cooper told her.

"I will, but later. Are they going to serve dinner? I'm starved."

They went off to find their table.


Alice and Cooper shared their table with two other couples. Introductions were made, as no one knew anyone else. John and Wilma Grendark, and Lara Eckel with her boyfriend statue Jason Rutter were their dinner companions. Conversation was pleasant. For the most part, Alice almost forgot about being naked.

"So what's this prize everyone keeps talking about?" Alice asked at one point.

"You'll find out after dessert," Lara said. Alice shrugged and decided to wait.

After they finished a very good chocolate mouse cake, and coffee was served, the artist headed up to his microphone again.

"Ladies and gentlemen. May I please have your attention. It's time for the final award of the evening before we begin dancing. As many of you know, we've evolved a tradition of trying to see if we can get the statues to come again without all the paraphernalia associated with the dioramas, or indeed any kind of penetration or contact. The wager is usually a thousand a person, per orgasm. This year, Arthur Comstock has managed to get three orgasms, one from each of three statues. This is a new record. And while I think Arthur might have cheated a bit, he did follow the letter of the rules. Thus, it is my pleasure to present the award to him at this time. A round of applause, please."

Comstock got up and went up to collect his award. "Would the statues that took part also come up please."

Alice hesitantly got up and made her way to the front. The male statue was next, with Sally following behind him. They stood there around Arthur as he held his statue. The video of the event was playing behind them on the big screen. Alice became uneasy watching herself on screen. It showed her being positioned, her pussy pushed into Sally's, the male statue above her, the women rubbing themselves against each other, the man coming, spraying them with come, the women falling and rolling in the grass. Then she noticed it.

Not only were her pussy lips wide open, it was obvious how wet she had been, and some of the paint had apparently rubbed off. Against the white of her marble skin, her bald pussy stood out almost like neon. As embarrassed as she had been, now she felt totally humiliated. She was standing in front of a large crowd of people and her pussy was screaming out "Fuck me!"

Sally noticed her new friend become scared. She whispered to her. "Don't worry, it's okay. Everyone here is used to this kind of stuff."

"I - I'm not," Alice said. "Our, our cunts, they - "

"Yes, you can kind of see. Don't worry about it really. It sort of looks like a g-string"

"It's easy for you to say, you're pink already."

Sally laughed, and then Alice did to.

"Well, you've got me there. But I'll bet you're not going to get punished for coming without permission."

The weirdness of the statement made Alice forget her unease for a little while. "What?"

"My mistress, she's going to punish me when we get home. Probably whip me. I wasn't supposed to come after this morning. She's a little mad that she couldn't get her statue to come, too."

"Oh, Sally, I'm so sorry. I feel responsible." Alice had a concerned look on her face.

"It's okay, really, don't worry about it." The video was over, and Alice realized they needed to get back to their tables. Alice was so worried about her new friend, she forgot about her concerns until she noticed Jason looking at her. Lara saw him as well and punched him in the arm. Alice sat down quickly.

"I'm naked!" she whispered to Cooper. "I mean my pussy."

"I think it was this morning, dear."

"No, you don't understand. The paint has come off. It's like a damn neon sign."

"It's not that bad, Alice, really. Besides, it's not much different than when you came to my office nude, is it?"

Alice thought about it. "I suppose not. It's just - "

"Shhhh. It's okay, really. Your friend Sally looked about the same. In fact, I've seen some of the male models with paint worn off of their privates as well. It happens. You can go get touched up again if you like."

Alice thought that this was a weird party where these things went on. Still, she had to admit that she'd come more than she ever had on one day, and even the orgasm with Sally had been nice. She hated to admit it but it had been a pleasing experience.

"Oh, no, Sally!" she whispered suddenly.

"What is it?" Cooper asked.

"She's going to be punished because she came without permission. I didn't get it, something about her mistress forbidding her to come in the afternoon. Is everyone wonky here?"

"She's a submissive. There are many relationships like that here. Didn't you see the woman with Arthur?"

"She's a, a submissive? I thought she was his assistant."

"That too. Didn't you wonder why she stripped when he asked her to?"

"Well, I thought it was a little odd, but I wasn't in much position to wonder about anything at the time."

"Well, Sally has a mistress-slave relationship. She's probably used to it."

"I feel responsible. Maybe if I talked to the woman and explained what happened."

"Trust me, dear, you don't want to get involved. Sally can handle herself. If you butt in, you might make it worse."

Alice fretted a bit. Surely the woman would listen to reason? But she looked around and didn't see her friend anywhere.

"Come one, Alice. Let's go dance." The music was just starting.

"Can I get touched up first?"

"Sure, let's go."


Alice had a great time on the dance floor. Cooper was an excellent dancer, and she was good enough to keep from getting her toes stepped on. She was still nervous about being naked, but she liked dancing and didn't want to sit it out.

During one song, Alice was surprised to see Sally dancing with her 'mistress'. They seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.

"Cooper, I'm going to go talk to Sally's , uh, friend."

"Trust me, Alice. This is a bad idea. You don't know what you're getting yourself into."

"I have to, Cooper." Cooper shook his head but let his wife lead him to the other couple.

Sally smiled when she saw Alice approach.

"Mistress, this is Alice, my fellow statue. Alice, this is Mistress Ramona."

"Ah, hello, my dear. You and Sally had a good time today, I take it."

"Yes, ma'am, and that's what I'd like to talk to you about." At that, the smile left Sally's face, as if she could sense what Alice was going to say.

"Alice, it's fine, really, I-" Sally started. She was cut off by Ramona.

"Quiet!" Ramona told her slave. "Continue, Alice. What is it you want to discuss?"

"I feel it was my fault that Sally had, well, we both had an orgasm. I wish you wouldn't punish her for it."

Ramona stood a bit and sized up Alice. "Well, she was told not to come in the afternoon and she disobeyed. She knows the rules."

"But that's what I'm trying to tell you, it was my fault, not hers." Cooper just shook his head. He had a good idea what was coming next. Sally had a very worried look on her face, and tried to shake her head no, but Alice ignored her.

"If that is indeed the case, then perhaps you should take the punishment instead of Sally."

That stopped Alice cold. "Uh, muh-me? What, what do you mean?"

"If it's your fault, you should be the one who's punished. I'll tell you what. If you agree, I'll give you her punishment instead of her. Cooper can come along if he wants, to verify that I'm being fair and not doing anything I wouldn't normally do to Sally. If you complete the punishment, I'll consider it over, and she won't get it. If you fail to complete the punishment entirely, then I'll have to also give it to her."

Alice had never thought that the situation would turn like that. "Whu, what kind of punishment will it be?" she asked.

"Now, now, I can't tell you everything. Do you agree or not?"

Alice looked at Cooper, who just had an "I told you so" look on his face, tinged slightly with concern. She turned to Sally, who seemed resigned to the situation.

"I, I agree," she said finally.

"Great!" Ramona said. Sally shook her head. "Let me talk with Cooper and we'll make arrangements. Why don't you two go dance? Sally, talk about what you like except for the punishment. Understand?"

Sally nodded. "Yes ma'am," she answered. She grabbed Alice's hand and led her to the dance floor.

Alice was surprised that Sally took the lead. She was a good dancer.

"I used to be a dance instructor. I can dance either part. You are a very foolish woman, Alice!"

"I'm sorry. I was just trying to help."

"Alice! I'm her slave! It's nothing I haven't done before. But you, you aren't going to be ready for it."

Alice got upset for a moment, although she wasn't quite sure why. "I can take it. Cooper, he, well he spanks me, all the time."

"Well, I guess we'll see." They danced for a while in silence.

"Thanks, anyway, Alice. For trying to stick up for me. It was a nice, if misguided, gesture."

"You're welcome. I like you, and I hate to think I caused you to get in trouble."

Sally grabbed the back of Alice's neck and pulled her close, kissing her deeply. Alice was stunned and didn't resist. As they finished the dance, she was very aware of her nipples brushing against Sally's. Both were hard.

They made their way back to their mates.

"It's been decided," Ramona said. "Cooper has agreed to bring you over this Wednesday. He won't stay and watch, as he knows what to expect. Sally will verify that I don't overstep my bounds. Afterwards, she'll tend to you as necessary."

Alice swallowed deeply. "All right," she said.

"I must tell you, there is a, a procedure we generally follow, while not all of it is part of the punishment, you will be required to follow it as well."

"Yes ma'am," Alice answered, unsure why she was being quite so formal.

"And Alice, if you don't show up, Sally gets double, understand?"

Alice gulped and nodded.

"Until Wednesday, then," Ramona said and started off, Sally following close behind.

Cooper turned to Alice. "It's late, love. We should head home. And in the limo on the way back, I'm going to give you a blistering."

"Oh, Cooper, did I do wrong?"

"Not really, if you can live with the consequences. I'm only going to spank you to toughen you up. You're going to need it."

Oh no, thought Alice. What have I gotten myself into?

Cooper spanked her the entire trip home. When her threw her down on the bed and entered her, she screamed like a banshee from both pain and pleasure.


The next morning, Alice was still white marble, for the most part.

"We forgot to get the soap," Cooper told her. "Go get a shower started and I'll get some things to help."

Alice stepped under the hot water. It felt good on her skin, except for her butt which hurt like the dickens. She scrubbed with soap, but the paint stayed on for the most part. Cooper stepped into the shower with a couple of brushes.

"Here, turn around, let me do your back." He scrubbed her back hard and the paint slowly came off. When he got to her buttocks, she screamed out as he tried to scrub them.

"Can't we wait and get the special soap?" she asked in tears.

"It may take me a day or so to get it," he said.

"I can be marble for a few days."

"Well, let's try the rest of you." He was gentler, and managed to get a fair amount of the paint off. When she came out of the shower, she was scratched red all over. There were, however, still patches of paint on her, mostly on her buttocks and breasts. Her face was pale, and her hair was still pretty white as well.

"Not too bad," Cooper told her, "but you might want to stay in until I can get the soap."

Cooper sat on the bed with his strangely pale wife.

"What do you think is going to happen, on Wednesday I mean," she asked.

"I don't know what she has in store, I really don't. I don't believe it will be awful, but it will probably hurt more than a spanking. There may be other - things you may have to do as well."

They sat a while in silence.

"I suppose I'll find out, then."

Cooper simply nodded.

(To be continued...)

Maid’s Interlude I

"You two are planning on doing what?"

The three maids were sitting around the kitchen table. Kathy, Delia and Betty were drinking coffee, taking a break from their chores. Taking care of the big house was quite a bit of work, but they generally could take care of most things in the mornings, often leaving their afternoons free for the most part.

"You heard me. I mean, the missus does it, we figgered we might try it out for ourselves," Delia said.

"And Master Cooper, what’s he said about it?" Betty asked.

"Well, we’ve not told him yet. We thought we’d ask him and the missus tonight, after dinner."

"You’ve still not told me why you want to do this," Betty said.

Kathy and Delia sat for a minute. "Well, it just seems like it’d be, I dunno, fun, you know? Missus runs around starkers all the time, dun’t she? We figure it like this. We get us some of those French maid outfits that kind of stretch at the top. ‘At way, when company comes we can pull them up, if we need to."

"Well, you’ve just thought this whole thing out, haven’t you," Betty said. "And it’s goofy, too! Just like your goofy English accents."

"Kath! We can have French accents instead," Delia said. "’Allo monsieur, ‘ow are you?" Delia and Kathy laughed, and Betty shook her head.

Still, it was an intriguing idea to be able to go around the house nude or nearly nude. Her mistress, Alice, did it all the time, and she looked so free. Betty wondered if she would have the guts to do it.

Delia and Kathy were just plain crazy, she knew. Half the time they tried to talk in English accents. They said it was because they worked in such a large house; they were supposed to talk like that. Betty even found herself occasionally talking in an accent. Now they wanted to ask the master and missus if they could get skimpy costumes and wander around half-naked all the time.

"Tell you what," she finally said. "We ask Miss Alice first. See if it’s okay with her. Sort of being comrades with her and all. Then, we get her to ask the master, but only if she goes along with it. All right?"

"Oh, Betty, we knew you’d want to do it as well. Thanks."

"Next thing, you’ll be wanting spankings as well."

Delia grinned and stood up. "Zoot allures," she said, "I haff dropped my cup. I am zo zorry."

Kathy stood as well. "Zorry does not do it, petite. You need a spanking!" Kathy made a show of pretending to spank Delia, who rubbed her eyes as if crying.

"Boo hoo! Please, do not spank me any more, madam. I weel be good." The two of them laughed and carried on, and Betty decided that the banister upstairs probably needed dusting.

Jeez, what goofs, she thought.

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