The Further Adventures of Alice

By Bluewords (inspired by characters created by Leviticus, editing by Suzi)

Alice Takes Off on the Runway

"So, since you're bored, how would you like to be in a fashion show?"

Alice looked up from the book she was reading. "I'm not bored, Cooper. I'm reading. Anyway, what are you talking about?"

Cooper and Alice were at home, taking it easy. For a change Alice could sit and relax because her husband hadn't spanked her for a while. It had been almost a daily occurrence, but Cooper had hurt his hand playing tennis, and couldn't stress it for a week. Alice almost missed the spankings. But she was getting used to being able to sit again. And the previous day she'd worn pants for the first time in months.

"Some women I know are putting together a fashion show. They do it every year around this time, and they like to get volunteers to be the models. They asked if you were interested, I said I'd ask you."

"It sounds like you've already volunteered me," she said, putting down her book.

"Well, I did tell them you'd probably want to do it. Look, all you need to do is to show up on the day of the show. It's not a lot of work, they pick out the outfits, and it's for charity. You know I'm big on charity."

It was true. Cooper liked helping out a number of charities. He and Alice were both rich, and they donated a lot during the year. But they liked to get more personally involved sometimes as well.

"Sure, I'll do it. Any idea what I'll be modeling?"

"I believe that it's a variety. Dresses, maybe a few swimsuits. Designer stuff. I don't know, really."

"Well, just let me know what time I need to show up."


On the appointed day, just after lunch, Cooper dropped her off and Alice checked in with the women running the show.

"Oh, Alice, so good to meet you. Cooper was right, you are beautiful. You're going to work out wonderfully. Allow me to introduce you to everyone. I'm Angela, this is Wanda, and the woman over there helping out with the clothes is Nancy."

Alice shook hands all around. "You're here a little early, but no matter. Go see Nancy and she'll show you what outfits you'll be wearing so they can get you fitted."

Alice went over to where Nancy was hanging some dresses on a rack.

"Hello, you must be Nancy. I'm Alice. I'm going to be one of the models tonight."

"Nice meeting you. Glad you're early, you can help me out."

Alice spent the afternoon helping Nancy sort through the clothes. They had been donated by the designers for the charity. There was a wide variety of clothes from normal everyday wear to wild only-on-the-runway outfits. Alice saw a few things she might like to wear, but Nancy knew what she wanted each model to wear. All the models were asked to send measurements and photos beforehand, so most of the decisions about what to wear had already been made. Other models started arriving, and so the women began getting fitted for what they would wear later.

There were about fifteen models in all, and each had her own rack of clothes picked out. 'This is going to be fun,' she thought.


The women models were all sitting where the audience was going to be. Nancy and Wanda were up on the runway, showing them some moves and how to walk.

"We know you aren't professionals, and we're not expecting you to walk like they do in those shows you always see, but here are a few tips. First, if you have a dress or skirt on, try to make a turn or two, especially at the end here, to get it to flare out a bit." She went on giving pointers. Have a little bounce in your step. If the clothes are fun, be a little livelier, pause in a few spots to give people a good look.

"Most of all, have fun. The audience isn't expecting perfection, they are friends and neighbors, just go with it, have fun. Vamp a bit if you can. Finally, try to take it easy on the clothes. They are worth quite a bit. We need to keep track of them and turn them back in after the show."

Half of the women were asked to go back to get makeup and hairstyling, the other half were directed to get their final fittings for the clothes. Since they had sent in their measurements and pictures days before, what outfits they each would wear were selected mostly based on that. But they had to do a final tuck or hem so the clothes would fit correctly.

For the most part, Alice liked the clothes that had been picked out for her. The sixties outfit was a bit strange, but everything else was interesting or elegant.

When the makeup artist and hairstylist got done with her, Alice barely recognized herself. She would never have put on that much makeup. "It's for out in the lights, dear," the man told her. "Trust me, it looks so much better on stage."

Her hair was teased up and out. 'They're the experts,' she thought.

Activity was picking up as showtime approached. The fashion show was going to be the last event of the evening for the audience. Alice saw lots of flesh. The women were told to wear either no underwear, or flesh-colored thongs. Many of the dresses did not allow a bra to be worn with them. There were terrycloth robes available to wear during makeup and between their turns. Of the helpers and assistants, there were only two who were male, and it was fairly clear they were both gay. This didn't bother Alice but she could tell that a few of the other women felt a little uncomfortable about any man being backstage.

There always seemed to be something going on. Even when they found out that the show was going to be delayed in starting for an hour, everyone was still frantically running around. A dress needed mending, a hem was too long. Alice had tried on all of her outfits and had them fitted, and was somewhat nervously waiting for the show to start. In talking to some of the other women, she noticed that most of them were kind of nervous too.

Alice got to know several of the women that sat in the dressing room near her. Right next to her was Jeanine, who seemed nice enough, but seemed unsure about whether she could actually wear some of the outfits picked for her.

"I've never done anything like this before, and some of these outfits are more revealing that anything I'd wear," Jeanine told her. This was the general consensus among the women. Still, they were all happy to help out the charity, and it was fun to get made up and fussed over.

As the show was about to start, the women were warned again that during the show it would be very hectic. There wouldn't be much time to use the bathroom, and they needed to get changed quickly.

Alice decided to use the toilet before going on, and when she got back, the show had just started. She got her first shock. The violet dress she was supposed to wear was missing from her rack. When she asked around, no one seemed to know what had happened.

Then Francine, the woman who's rack was next to hers, came off the stage wearing the dress.

"Oh, no, I'm sorry. I was sure it was next on my rack. Maybe because it's about the same color as yours I picked it by mistake. I did think it was a bit loose."

"Well, I can't go out in the same dress again," Alice told her.

"Look, we're close to the same size, maybe you can wear the one I was supposed to."

Alice sighed, then shrugged. It was worth a try.

She pulled the dress on, and Francine helped her zip it up. It was a bit tight, and her breasts were pushed up and together. "It gives you a bit more cleavage," Francine said, smiling.

Alice couldn't move in quite the way she wanted to. She was wearing high-heeled shoes, and the tight dress made her take more mincing steps. She hoped she would stay in it.

An assistant rushed her to the stage and told her, "Three, two, one, go!"

Alice walked onstage and made her way down the runway. There was a large crowd. Alice concentrated on smiling and walking, and found she wasn't all that nervous after all. It was kind of fun. There was dance music playing, and an announcer going on about the clothes. Luckily, she'd been made aware of the switch and got the description correct.

When she made her turn at the end of the runway, Alice felt her breasts pushing up more.

'Dammit, they're going to pop out,' she thought. There was little she could do, she tried her best to be calm and not move her upper body much. Luckily, she made it to the curtain just before one of her nipples poked out above the low neckline of the dress. Jeez, that was close.

The man managing the curtain told her, "That was great, honey, but try to loosen up a little more. You were a bit stiff on the return." Alice nodded and headed back to get changed.

The show was in full swing, and there were few major problems, although something was always coming up. The assistants usually knew just what to do to help out.

Music from the sixties started playing, and the women changed into their sixties outfits. Before she went on, the curtain manager told her, "Swing that boa around, child! Have fun."

Alice tried to be as campy as she could, given how short the skirt was and how she needed to keep the boa in front of her to avoid showing everyone her breasts. The top she was wearing was something like stocking material, thin and not very opaque at all.

Alice sort of danced downstage. She did a little kick, trying to keep her legs together as she did so. She was having fun, but felt exposed at the same time. She was being careful because one wrong move and she would flash her butt or pussy to everyone. Swing the boa too much and her breasts would be on display.

Near the end of the runway, she kicked her foot back at the same time as throwing an end of the boa over her shoulder. The boa went further than she thought and unbeknownst to her, wrapped around the heel of her white boot. She brought her foot down, and the entire boa was yanked over her head and to the floor. She tried to make an "I meant to do that" kicking motion to get it back up; instead, it whipped out into the crowd. A man in the front row thought Alice was being playful and grabbed the boa, pulling it off of her foot.

Shit, she thought, I'm basically topless now! Alice turned and pretended that what had happened was all planned. She swayed back down the runway and had to resist the urge to just run backstage. Her nipples hardened against the thin mesh of her top. She strutted back as quickly as she could.

"Great move, honey," the curtain manager told her as she passed him.

Alice sat down at her station. She drank some bottled water, and just sat, catching her breath. She wasn't going to be up for several minutes, a rare opportunity to rest. Maybe I'll just go out naked next, she thought sarcastically. Just get it over with. Finally, she removed the outfit and put a robe on. At least the dress I have next is nice and long.

An assistant came over and helped her get into her next outfit. It was a long shimmery, black dress with a belted waist. The dress appeared to be many strips of cloth that went from neck to ankle. Alice kind of liked it, and it was not nearly as revealing as most of the things she'd worn so far.

"Oops," the assistant said. "I almost forgot about these threads." She took scissors and snipped through some threads that ran horizontally around the dress in several places. Alice had thought they were supposed to be there. "They only hold it together for shipping." The girl smiled. "There you go."

As Alice walked toward the stage, she now realized that the dress came open and closed with each step she took. As she moved her thighs came into view, and a turn caused her breasts to flash briefly. She was going to be a one-woman peep show! She briefly considered not going out, but the curtain manager almost dragged her up the stairs.

"And, go!" he said, giving her a little push past the woman coming offstage in an evening gown.

Alice made the most of it. She strode down the runway like she did this all the time. But she could catch people in the crowd staring at her, both men and women. She was making a big impression. 'What the hell,' she thought. 'If I worry about this I'm going to turn five shades of red.' She made a big turn at the end, briefly mooning half the audience, and flashing her pussy at the other half. The effect was something like driving past a solid picket fence and being able to see everything through the cracks anyway.

Throughout the show, applause and murmurs were fairly constant. But with Alice vamping it up, the audience noise level rose a bit more. 'Horny bastards,' Alice thought. 'Maybe they can't see me blush through all this makeup.'

As she passed the curtain manager, he said, "You GO girl!"

Alice was almost giddy. Mainly because she knew all the remaining outfits she had, and none of them were revealing at all. Even the lingerie, which was next, was made up of a nice top, shorts and a long robe cover. The bathing suit, which would be last, was a little odd, but she had a top and skirt to go over it.

Alice was kind of happy to see she wasn't the only one embarrassed by what they had to wear. The woman who'd gone out right before her had a very tight green dress on. It fit every curve, and looked nice, Alice thought, but it was obvious that the woman wore no underwear. Even a thong would have shown lines. The woman was a trooper though. She walked proud, her hard nipples pointing the way the whole time. After she came back offstage, Alice heard her say, "Do we have anything stronger than water?" Alice wished she could have a shot of something as well, or at least a glass of wine.

An assistant ran up to her. "Ma'am, do you think you could help us?" The girl didn't wait for an answer, but pulled Alice to the dressing room, where Jeanine was sitting in her robe, crying again.

"Jeanine, what it is, honey?" Alice asked.

"I thought I could, but I can't, I just can't!"

"What, what can't you do?"

Jeanine opened her robe. She was wearing all red leather; a bra with lace cups, a garter belt, a thong and even leather stockings above red high-heels. Alice thought she looked good and told her so.

"I can't go out like this. I can't." Alice kind of knew how she felt. She didn't want to go out and expose any more of her flesh if she didn't have to. Still, Jeanine was more emotional about it than Alice was. Crap!

"All right, dear. Tell you what." She turned to the assistant while peeling out of her black dress. She handed it to the assistant. "Take this back and bring my lingerie outfit." Turning back to Jeanine, she said, "Take it off honey. I'll wear it."

Jeanine looked momentarily confused. "I don't understand."

"We're about the same size. I'll wear that, you can wear mine. It's got a robe and everything. You'll be fine in it, trust me."

Jeanine began removing the underwear. "You don't mind?"

"It's fine. The show must go on, right? Now, hurry, I need to go on in your place."

"Okay, but there's these things too. I didn't even know how to put them on." Jeanine pointed out a red leather choker and two wrist cuffs.

'I'll be Mistress Alice,' she thought. 'Who the hell designed this thing?'

The lingerie fit her well. The shoes were just a bit tight, and the bra looked like a pushup bra on her, but she figured she would stay in it. The lace offered little coverage, and Alice's nipples got hard and poked into it. Alice looked at herself in the mirror. 'I'm a damn wet dream fantasy,' she thought. 'If I find the designer, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind.'

Since she switched clothes, Alice needed to be back out on the runway quickly. They rushed her back to the stage, and she strode down the runway, trying not to hurry too much. She got many approving calls and whistles. Alice was trying to think of all the things she would do to her husband for getting her into this. But the crowd's approval was addicting. She felt embarrassed, but she also felt a kind of thrill. It was hard to reconcile the two emotions. Before her turn, she whipped her hair over her head and back again. The crowd went wild. 'Where the hell did that come from?' she thought. She strode back like she owned the place.

She passed Jeanine going offstage.

"I could never have done that, Alice," she said. Jeanine hugged her. "Thank you."

Jeanine looked positively normal in comparison, but Alice watched her walk. She put a swagger in her step, and pulled open her robe as if she were flashing the crowd. Alice smiled and shook her head. Alice went back to her spot to sit, and noticed a thigh-length red silk robe hanging over the back of Jeanine's chair. An assistant came up.

"Thanks for doing that. This robe went with the set, but you looked great without it," the assistant told her.

Alice sputtered. "I could have worn ... that ... robe?" She cursed at her luck.

Soon it was time for the final outfit. The assistants had been busy cleaning everything up, and putting most of the clothes away.

"They need to shut this place down just as soon as we are done. It's running overtime and all the clothes need to be locked up."

Alice looked around for a bottle of water or a dish of fruit, but it had all been put away. As soon as she had the red outfit off, someone took it away. She looked around, but someone had even taken the terrycloth robe she had been wearing. She went naked back to her rack and found the bathing suit she was supposed to wear. It was the only thing hanging up. Alice tried to flag down an assistant.

"Excuse me, there's supposed to be -"

The assistant ran off. "Sorry, got to go."

Alice looked at the suit and cursed. She put it on and cursed. She looked in the mirror, and cursed. The bathing suit was a one piece with a thong bottom. It was full in front and had a low back. It also only covered the left breast. There was supposed to be a t-top that went over it, as well as a wrap skirt. The top and skirt were missing. Alice was wondering if she was even going to go out, when one of the male assistants came up and grabbed her.

"It's time honey. Need to get up to the stage. We're doing an 'one by one down the runway with everyone still on stage' kind of thing," he told her. Alice tried to tell him there were other pieces to hers, but too much was going on.

The other women were already in their suits, waiting in line to go on stage. While a few of the bikinis were kind of small, none of them left breasts hanging out, Alice noted. Several times, Alice almost backed out, but someone herded her along. On cue, they went up the stairs and formed a semi-circle at the back of the stage. One by one, the announcer called them to walk down the runway. The audience applauded loudly for the volunteers who had given their time and bodies to help out the charity. Alice stood there with her arm in front of her, but knew she wouldn't be able to do that while walking.

Soon it was her turn. She strode out purposefully. 'This is the way I'm supposed to look,' she thought to the crowd. 'Really, tit out and all.' She wasn't sure, but it seemed like the applause was just a bit louder for her. Probably just my imagination, she thought. Alice was trying to ignore the crowd.

It seemed like an eternity before she got back. The announcer had almost started talking about the top and skirt, but she noticed Alice didn't have them on and so left that part out.

The crowd applauded them all and they took several bows before finally ending the show.

As she went behind the curtain she slumped against the wall. 'Gods, that was hard,' she thought. 'Why does this stuff always happen to me?'

Cooper was waiting for her backstage.

"Alice, great show. Love the suit."

"There was supposed to be a, a top and, um, a skirt," she said, trying to explain.

"Hey, you looked great. Look, one of the designers is here and I wanted you to meet him. Come on."

Alice sighed. "Can't I change first?"

"It'll only take a minute, don't worry."

Cooper led her over to a short man with a thin goatee.

"Alice, this is Mr. Pierre. He actually did one of the dresses you were wearing. The black one, I believe." Alice tried to look casual about holding one arm up in front of her.

Mr. Pierre held out his hand. "So pleased to meet you, madam. You did very well on the runway. I'd say you were one of the better models tonight."

Alice shook his hand but felt a bit awkward, being half-naked in the swimsuit she had on. Still, he was a designer, he'd probably seen it all a thousand times before.

"Thank you, Mr. Pierre. That means a lot to me."

"And that suit. Even though it's not mine, I have to compliment you on it. You make it look marvelous. Here, let me see it closer." He had Alice turn around in a circle so he could see the entire suit, what there was of it. "Fabulous. You take great care of yourself, Alice."

"Thanks again, Mr. Pierre."

"I'll go find you a robe or something," Cooper told her and went off.

"Was there a top or something that went with it?" Mr. Pierre asked her. "Usually they only wear it like that in those Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues."

Alice was about to answer when Jeanine came up. "Sorry to interrupt, but all the models thought we'd get together tomorrow at the Mansion for lunch, you know where that is?" The Mansion was a very fancy restaurant, up in the hills. Alice liked going there.

"Yes, that's sounds great, I'll be there."

"See you in a bit, and thanks again." Jeanine went off. Alice noticed that most people were leaving or had already left. Seems they were being kicked out hastily. She turned back to Mr. Pierre.

"Sorry. Yes there was a top and -" One of the assistants came up to her.

"Ma'am, they need the clothes now. Could you give me the bathing suit?"

"You mean right now?" Alice asked incredulously.

"Yes ma'am, sorry. They said 'immediately'."

Alice shook her head and removed the suit. "Can you get me -" she started to ask, but the girl grabbed the suit and almost ran away. "- a robe?"

"Often, models run around naked backstage. It's the nature of the show," Mr. Pierre told her. He didn't seem all that concerned, and Alice just imagined him as gay. It seemed to make the fact that she was standing there naked a little less humiliating.

"Well," Mr. Pierre said abruptly, "I need to be off. A pleasure, Alice. Tell Cooper goodbye for me."

A naked Alice shook his hand goodbye and then turned to go back to the dressing room. Wanda called her.

"Thanks again, sweetie. You did a great job."

Alice nodded and waved, too tired to say much more. She made her way back to the dressing room.

"It was a lot more work that I thought it would be," she told Cooper, who was there. "Man it feels good to get off my feet." She sat on one of the dressing table chairs.

"I couldn't find you a robe. Just get your dress you came in and we can go. This place emptied out quickly."

Alice opened the drawer she'd put her own clothes into. It was empty. She motioned to Cooper. "Check the other drawers."

All of them were empty.

"Where the hell is my dress?" Alice exclaimed.

"Oh, no," Cooper said. "I've checked everywhere. There is nothing left. And if they've taken your clothes as well..."

"There has to be a tablecloth or something." They searched around. There was nothing. A maintenance man had started switching off the lights in the hall.

"Great. So what do I do now? Why don't you have a coat on?"

"I'm sorry, but it was warm, I left it in the car. Look. We can just go out to the car, it's not too far. And it's late so there shouldn't be anybody around."

Alice sighed again. She hated sighing.

They made their way to the front exit. "It won't be too bad. Everyone seems to have left, so we'll just go to the car and head home.

As they left, the door closed, locking them out. "Oh shit!" Cooper said.

Alice looked up and into the faces of about forty people. All the models were there and apparently so were their husbands or boyfriends. A few people in the audience had waited around as well.

The models were all standing together in a group, and a man with a large camera on a tripod was preparing to take their picture.

"Alice, hurry up, come on, get in the picture!" Jeanine called out. Alice tried to shake her head no. Cooper leaned in and whispered to her.

"Itíll be okay. You can stand behind her. Itíll be better than standing here in the open."

Alice looked at the group of people present. Most of them were staring at her. She quickly made her way to the women and tried her best to stand behind Jeanine and another woman.

"What happened to your clothes?" Jeanine asked. Before Alice could say anything, she added, "Oh, look heís going to take the picture. Jeanine put her arms on her hips, helping to hide Aliceís lack of clothing. Alice tried to smile, but she was nervous that someone would walk up behind them.

The photographer took a few more shots. Alice tried to hide as much as she could by holding her arms in front of her. Finally the group broke up. Cooper went over and tried to help by standing in front of her. Many of the women came up and said goodbye to her, apparently thinking that she did this kind of thing all the time and so it was more or less normal. Alice could see a few men getting nudged to get moving and stop staring.

"So do you go around nude like this often?" Jeanine asked her. It was asked out of curiosity and not incredulousness.

"No, itís just, my dress was gone, and ..."

"Oh, it doesnít matter, honey. I wish I had half your guts. I mean, theyíre going to have to put little Ďcensoredí bars on the picture when they publish it now."

"I didnít even know there, there was going to be a photo..." Alice was now standing behind Cooper hugging him tightly, peering over his shoulder.

"Why, I thought they told everyone at the beginning. Maybe youíd stepped out or something. Listen, Alice, thank you for everything, and Iíll see you tomorrow at the Mansion, all right?"

Alice nodded. "Bye, Jeanine," she said softly.

The group had broken up and most had headed for their cars. The photographer was finished packing up his gear. Alice grasped Cooper as if for dear life. They stood there waiting for everyone to leave.

"Alice, almost everyone has gone. There isnít anyone that hasnít already seen you."

She released her grip on him and walked beside him. "Oh, that was so embarrassing. All those people..."

"Letís get back to the car before a bus comes along or something," he told her. They walked quickly to his car. Once inside, Alice relaxed a little. She looked over at Cooper, who was smiling.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

Cooper was thinking about Alice's dress, which he'd thrown away, and about how he's asked Nancy to help him get Alice in the most risqué outfits they had. He thought about how he'd been backstage when Jeanine was going to go out in the red lingerie and asked if she might convince Alice to switch.

"Oh, Cooper, you know I like to show off," Jeanine had said, but eventually decided it would be more fun to see Alice in them.

Cooper thought about asking Mr. Pierre to help detain his wife while Cooper went backstage and got rid of her dress, and of how one of the assistants had approached him asking about Alice and the bathing suit she had on.

"She's talking out front to someone. Just ask her for it there, I don't think she'll mind."

Lastly, Cooper was thinking how he had pulled it all off without Alice finding out it was him.

"So, what's so funny?" She asked again.

"Oh nothing really, let's go home," he told her before driving off.

Cooperís Interlude II

"What is it about seeing her naked in public that I like so much?"

Cooper let Alice sleep in. He contemplated waking her up and making love with her again but decided that she might be more receptive if she was better rested. Instead, he went and had breakfast and read the paper.

Cooper thought about the previous night. He wondered why he took such delight in exposing his wife. Heíd keep her naked all the time, wherever they went, if he could. Her embarrassment at being exposed was a turn on for him. The way she blushed and tried to cover up, the way otherís reacted to her, he loved it all. He noticed she seemed to occasionally enjoy it, too, at least in some small way. He hoped that she would never get over the embarrassment, but he supposed that doing it over and over might eventually numb her to it. He wondered if there was anyway to add the embarrassment back in.

Probably not, he thought. Eventually, sheís just going to accept it, at least on some level. So, he was going to have to keep raising the level of humiliation. Fortunately for Cooper, that was a challenge he wanted to take on.

Cooperís maid Kathy approached with the phone. "For you, sir," she told him.

"Hello. Yes, how are you? A party, sounds wonderful... Oh, that party... Yes, I very much enjoyed it the last few years. In fact, I might have a model for you... Yes, I think sheíd be perfect... My wife, of course... You do, well, that would be great... Yes, Iíll let her know... Sounds great, see you then... Thanks... Goodbye."

This would be perfect. The party was just the kind of thing Cooper was looking for. He could talk Alice into going because it would be for charity, and he could give her just enough information so she wouldnít know what was really going to happen before it was too late. Besides, he knew that everyone who had been a model at these parties had enjoyed it when all was said and done.

Cooper would mention it to her later, after they made love.

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