The Further Adventures of Alice

By Bluewords (inspired by characters created by Leviticus, editing by Suzi)

Alice Gets High on a Plane

"So, are you ready for our trip today?

Alice was eating breakfast when Cooper asked her. She was on the floor, eating her eggs out of a bowl. She wasnít allowed to use her hands, and her face was getting rather messy.

Alice was eating that way because Cooper wanted her to. Recently, they had decided to explore a dominant/submissive relationship. Alice wasnít completely convinced she was a submissive, but had agreed to try it out for a few months. She had agreed to give up complete control to Cooper. Most of the time she didnít mind the things he told her with do. She found a few things odd, a few fun, and many were almost normal. She wasnít sure what the eating on the floor was supposed to accomplish, other than enforce her submissive role, she supposed.

Cooper was new to the lifestyle as well, so Alice figured he would decide what he liked and what he didnít. She thought that he was having second thoughts about the floor-meal deal. She hoped so, because it was a pain. She noticed that the maids seemed to like it, though. They took delight in giving her food in a bowl, and had even petted her head after doing so. Alice almost growled, but Cooper had told her she could no longer order them around, so she felt it best to play along.

At dinner the previous night, she had been kneeling next to Cooper, her hands tied behind her back. She relied on him to feed her, and he would give her bites of his meal and drinks from his cup. She had actually liked that, for some reason. Being treated like a dog was something else.

Alice was done eating and sat up. She had a certain way to kneel when she was waiting around. Butt on heels, legs spread wide, fingers intertwined behind her neck. "Position one" Cooper called it. She took this position now that she was done with breakfast.

Cooper looked over at her and almost laughed. She had bits of egg and jelly from her toast on her face. He took his napkin and wiped her off. He asked her about the trip.

"Yes, sir, I'm ready" she answered.

It had been a while since Alice had been to the west coast. She liked visiting San Francisco, and shopping in L.A. She wondered if Cooper would allow her to wear any clothes, and if heíd let her go shopping. She was starting to get excited about the trip.

"Weíll be leaving in a few hours for the airport. For now, however, letís head upstairs."

Alice got to her feet. She knew that it was spanking time. After breakfast, Cooper took her back to their room and put her across his knee and spanked her. He usually used his bare hand, and had her count out loud, but occasionally he would wear a glove or pick out a paddle and use it instead. Most of the time, they made love afterwards. If truth be told, Alice had started looking forward to it.


Cooper often had Alice wear a butt plug. He had purchased several different types. They were similar sizes, and none were so big that they caused her pain. A butt plug is a conical shaped piece of rubbery plastic that narrows to a base, looking something like a Christmas tree. Once inserted, itís hard to push out with just the sphincter muscles. Alice had tried, and she knew that the ones she wore only came out if pulled on from the outside.

There was the normal plug, the one with a vibrator, and one that was covered in small knobs, for added sensation. One plug had a thicker base, and Alice could feel push up it whenever she sat down. Cooper had once threatened to take her on a roller coaster while she wore it. It was the one she had on today.

I hope the plane seats are soft, she thought.


Alice had a small bag. It contained a little makeup, a toothbrush and not much else. She set it by the front door, next to the suitcases Cooper had packed with his clothes and various sundries. Alice was not used to traveling this light. In fact, Cooper still hadnít let her put on any clothes. He hadnít told her many of the details about the trip at all.

She knelt by the baggage, waiting for Cooper to come downstairs so they could go. Evidently there was a car coming to pick them up and take them to the airport.

Becky came up to Alice. "I hope you have a good time on your trip, Miss Alice," she told her. Becky was wearing a blue corset that had a built-in garter that was holding up stockings with roses on them. The corset pushed Beckyís breasts up and out, and she had put blue makeup on her nipples and eyelids. There was a blue choker around her neck, blue shirt-cuffs around her wrists and a blue maidís cap on her head.

For some reason, the maids had some time ago asked if they could wear revealing clothing while working around the house. Since Alice went around nude every day, and had for some time, Cooper and she had decided to allow the maids to wear what they wanted. The maids had at first worn stereotypical French maid outfits that had very short skirts and were pulled down to show off their breasts, but eventually had gone on to corsets and other lingerie. Alice didnít mind, and she didnít notice Cooper paying any more attention to them than he normally would. Most of the people that came over were used to the oddness at their house and so it wasnít usually a problem with company. Occasionally Kathy and Delia even wore leather cuffs with chains attached. Becky never wore that, and seemed to take her job as head maid seriously. Kathy and Delia went along with it willingly.

Since Alice and Cooper started exploring their D/s sides, Alice had not been allowed to wear clothes at all. It had only been a week or so, and sheíd not had any visitors yet, but was hoping to go out to lunch with some friends of hers when she got back from their trip. She wondered what would happen then.

"Thank you, Becky. Keep up the good work."

"We will take care of things, maíam." Becky was about to leave when the doorbell rang.

At first, one of the maids had been designated as the Ďbutlerí for the day, and would wear a regular dress to answer the door. Eventually, Cooper decided that it wouldnít upset anyone he knew if a partially naked woman answered the door, so the maids were allowed to answer it however they wanted. They stuck to wearing the dress for a while, but eventually gave it up and just went au natural. The main person that had been stunned by this was the mailman, and he eventually began giving the residence personalized service, delivering the mail to the door any chance he could. Cooper was contemplating getting a security gate at the front fence just so they had a bit more privacy from intruding eyes.

Becky opened the door. "Yes?" she asked. A man in a driverís uniform stood there.

"Car to the airport is here, miss," the man said. He didnít seem perturbed by Beckyís outfit.

"You can take these bags," Becky told him. The young man came in and picked up several of the bags and took them out to the car. If the sight of a naked woman kneeling mattered to him, he kept it well hidden. He was returning for the remaining bags as Cooper came down the stairs, just as Kathy and Delia came shuffling up.

"Ah, the car is here, excellent," he said. "I guess weíll be off then, Becky. You three take care." Cooper was still not used to the sight of both Kathy and Delia in chains, which is what they were wearing. He noticed that they had short hobble-chains between their ankles, and that a chain limited the reach of their hands. Also, all the chains were locked on with small padlocks. They both had ball gags hanging down around their necks. The final shock was when he noticed that Becky had a riding crop hanging down at her side. Cooper wondered what was going to go on at home while he and Alice were away.

"We will, Master Cooper. You two have a nice flight."

"Iím sure we will. Come along, Alice."

Alice got up and followed Cooper outside. The driver had put the bags away and was standing by the passenger door holding it open. Cooper got in and Alice followed. He pointed to the floor near his feet, so she resumed her kneeling position. The door closed, and in a minute they were moving down the driveway.

"Itís a bit of a ride to the airport," Cooper told Alice. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his penis. Alice didnít have to be told what to do. She moved forward and took him in her mouth, holding her hands behind her. "See how long you can make it last," he told her. Alice took her time.


Instead of driving up to the front of the airport and using a commercial airline, they went to where the private airplanes were kept, much to Aliceís relief. She knew that they were taking a private jet, but was happy to have it verified. They pulled up alongside a sleek white corporate jet.

"Itís the company plane, a Global Express jet," he said. "I never used my perks much while I was working there, so I got them to let me continue to use them, even though Iím retired." Alice was happy about this as well. There wouldnít be a plane full of people, just Cooper and her, and the pilots.

They left the car and walked to the waiting jet. Alice followed behind Cooper, up the stairs into the plane. The two pilots were already in the cockpit, and a female flight attendant stood near the door and welcomed them.

"Good morning, sir, madam. I hope your flight today will be a pleasant one. My name is Paula, and if you need anything, please ask." Paula was slightly taller than Alice, with long, dark hair. Alice noted that Paula was very pretty, and filled out her uniform well. Cooper nodded and headed back to a seat in the middle of the plane. Alice and Paula followed him.

Before Alice could take a seat, Cooper spoke to Paula. "Alice will be taking the special seat in the back today, Paula," he said. Paula nodded.

"This way, miss," she said.

Alice shrugged and followed her to the back of the plane, through a set of curtains. There was a small galley back there. Paula continued through a door that looked like it might lead to a bathroom, but instead opened into a room that was bigger than a regular plane bathroom. Paula folded down a small flat seat against the back wall and motioned for Alice to sit. Cooper had come back to watched. There were odd straps on the wall behind the seat. Paula lifted one of Aliceís arms and used the straps to fasten it to the wall. The straps forced her arm to be straight, in a 45 degree angle from her shoulder, flat to the wall. She did the same to her other arm, then pulled her legs back as far as they would go and attached them as well. Alice exercised and practiced yoga, so she was fairly limber; her legs were almost flat against the wall. Finally Paula produced a thick collar and fastened it around Aliceís neck, attaching that to the wall. Alice was now firmly connected to the seat and wall, unable to move much more than her fingers. The seat was pressing on her butt plug. She looked up at her husband.

"Um, Cooper?"

Cooper nodded. "I'm going to be doing some reading to prepare for the lawyer. This should keep you out of mischief. Enjoy your flight, dear," he told her, and left.

Alice looked down as best she could. The seat she was on was short, and the way her legs were pulled back left her completely open. Paula had a few more things to apply.

"Iím afraid that for you, this is a no talking flight," she said. She held a ball gag up to Aliceís mouth and pushed it in, then hooked it together in the back. Lastly, she took a pair of nipple clamps joined with a chain and put them on Aliceís nipples, after bending down and sucking on each nipple to get it hard first. Alice tried to complain, but only muffled sounds came out.

"I do have a bigger gag, if that one is too small for you," Paula told her. Alice eyes went wide and she shook her head no as best she could. "All right, Iíll be back later to check on you." She walked through the door leaving Alice alone.

Alice sat there for many minutes before she felt and heard the jets come to life. The plane rolled along, then suddenly picked up speed. She felt the lurch in her stomach as it left the ground, and she felt the butt plug push deeper into her butt.

It was some time before Paula came back to check on Alice. "How are you doing, dear?" she asked. "Okay, I hope." Paula reached down and grabbed the chain between Aliceís nipple clamps and tugged on it slightly. Alice winced. "You probably need something to keep you busy, Iíll bet," Paula said, dropping the chain.

Alice shook her head no, trying to smile. 'Iím fine,' she thought, 'really!'

"Iíve got just the things," Paula told her. She retrieved something small from a drawer and showed Alice. It was a small alligator clip, similar to those on her nipples. Alice didnít understand, until Paula squatted down in front of her.

No! Not there, please, Alice tried to say. Only muffled noises came out.

Paula actually licked her, sticking her tongue in Aliceís vagina and slowly dragging it up her slit to her clitoris. Alice moaned. Paula used her fingers to part the labia, and carefully placed the clip over Aliceís clit. She slowly let it clamp down on the bud. Alice was afraid to move, and felt the increasing pressure on clit, until Paula let go and the clip held on. Alice shut her eyes against the pain of the clip.

When she opened them again, she saw that Paula had retrieved something else from her drawer. It was a medium size dildo, shaped very realistically. Alice shook her head frantically, but Paula just slowly nodded. She squirted some lubricant on the fake cock, rubbing it all over like she was giving it a hand job. Then she bent down placed it against the opening to Aliceís vagina. Paula brought her face close to Alice and touched noses with her, then began to push the dildo in, slowly, an inch at a time. She would pull it out just a bit, then push it in further.

Alice could barely stand it. She couldnít help herself, she was getting very turned on. The clip on her clit was driving her crazy, her nipples were being stimulated, the plug was jammed in her ass, and now this. Her thoughts had turned from ĎNo, please, no,í to ĎYes, deeper, pleaseí. She would catch herself, and try to shake her head no, but Paula kept staring her in the face, pushing the dildo in deeper until it was buried in her pussy. Paula began pumping the dildo in and out slowly.

"You like that, donít you?" she asked her captive. Alice nodded yes before she even thought about it. "Want me to continue?" Again, Alice nodded. Paula pushed the dildo up, and then stopped. "Well, maybe later." She bent down and did something with the seat. The dildo fell about an inch down and then stopped, held in place by some extension in the seat. Paula stood up. She wiped her hands off on a towel. "I need to go check on the other passenger, but before I go..." Paula got one more thing from the drawer. It looked like a small metal ball on a short chain.

Paula attached the ball to the middle of the chain between Aliceís nipples. Then she adjusted it so that the ball hung down, just touching the top of the clip that grabbed Aliceís clit. The ball was a weight, and tugged on her nipples.

Paula left Alice again.

Alice wanted to scream. She was so horny and frustrated. Her clit had begun throbbing with the clip on it, and she thought her nipples were throbbing at the same beat. The butt plug pushed deep into her, and it felt like the dildo was rubbing against it insider her. Any movement caused the weight to swing, tugging on her nipples and brushing against the clit clip.

The captain came over the intercom. "Weíd like to ask that everyone return to their seats and strap in for a while, we appear to be heading into some turbulence." Aliceís eyes got wide. No, please, not now!


"Itís okay to move about the cabin now, we appear to have flown through the worst of it. It should be smooth sailing now until we land."

Alice was covered in sweat. The turbulence had bounced her around, causing the dildo to jiggle in and out of her, and jamming the butt plug up her ass. The chain on the nipple clamps had waved around causing the clamps to tug. She had almost come a number of times but had never quite gotten all the way there. She hoped that Cooper would come back and take pity on her. She even thought that Paula might come back and finish her off.

Instead, when Paula did come back, it was to torment her some more.

"Kind of a rough ride," she said. "Oh, you poor thing, those clamps must hurt. Let me take them off."

She came up to Alice and removed the right nipple clamp. Blood rushing back into the nipple send a wave of pain through Alice. Paula waited until Alice calmed down for a minute before removing the other nipple clamp. It too caused her pain. But Alice noticed that if anything she was more horny than ever.

Paula bent down and slowly eased the dildo out of Aliceís pussy. She waited a few minutes again before reaching down and slowly opening the clamp on her clit.

Alice tried to push against Paulaís hand, but was strapped to the wall so tightly she couldnít move. She had no leverage, and could do nothing to stimulate herself. She was so close to orgasm, the release of the clip causing incredible sensations in her, but it wasnít quite enough to get her all the way there. If she hadnít been gagged, she would have begged the other woman to touch her.

Paula stood in front of Alice watching her misery. She knew just what she was doing, and knew that Alice couldnít quite get to orgasm. "I hope thatís better," she told her captive.

Alice pleaded with her eyes. 'Please, Iím so close, please,' she thought.

"Iíll be youíd like to come, wouldnít you?"

Alice nodded eagerly, as much as she could.

"Well, Iíll let you, if you do something for me." Alice wondered what she could do for anyone in her present state. "Iím going to release your gag, but I want you to keep it in your mouth. Then Iím going to go - attend to - the other passenger. When I come back, if your gag is still in, Iíll let you come, all right?"

Alice nodded. 'What a weird request,' she thought. Paula unhooked the gag from the back of Aliceís head. Alice closed her mouth and held the gag in. She wondered what she had meant by Ďattend toí.

Paula left her yet again.

Aliceís jaw hurt from having the gag in so long, but she kept her mouth closed to keep it in voluntarily. Her orgasm that had been so close slowly faded away. Paula was gone for a while, and Alice wondered if she was even coming back. She seemed like a sadistic person.

The door finally opened and Paula returned. When she spoke, she sounded strange, because she had something in her mouth. "Shpit da gag out," she told Alice. Alice saw that the other womanís mouth was full of a white creamy substance. It couldnít be what she thought it was. Cooper would never...

Paula grabbed the dildo and approached Alice. She bent down and looked Alice straight in the face, and placed the dildo against the opening of Aliceís pussy. "Open," she said. Alice opened her mouth and Paula kissed her, tongue deep in her mouth. At the same time, she pushed the dildo into Alice and began to pump it.

Alice tasted sticky, gooey and sweet, not what she expected. It was not jism, but some kind of candy. The other woman French-kissed her hard, grabbing the back of her head. She also fucked Alice with the dildo. Alice could do little but go along, and the orgasm that had been so close yet ebbed away came back and hit her full force. Paula let go of Aliceís head and reached down to grab a breast, squeezing and twisting. Alice cried out into the mouth kissing her.

Paula let got of Alice and stood up. The dildo slipped out of Aliceís pussy, making a rude noise as it fell to the floor. Alice gasped for air. She blinked her eyes, trying to focus again after having scrunched them closed during her orgasm. When she could see, she saw Paula standing before her, holding the ball gag. Alice reluctantly opened her mouth and let the flight attendant push the gag in and buckle it on.

"You are so much fun," Paula told her. "Too bad the flight isnít longer, I could really enjoy playing with you. But, weíre going to be landing in a half hour. I need to head back up front, but I just canít leave you like that."

'Yes you can,' Alice thought. 'Itís okay, really!'

Paula retrieved a few items from the drawer. The first looked like two chopsticks held tightly together with rubber bands. Paula bent down and sucked on Aliceís left nipple, making it hard again. She pulled open the sticks and put them around the nipple. The device closed on the nipple, pinching it between the sticks. Paula adjusted it so that more of the nipple was pulled through, and the sticks were pointing up and down. She did the same thing with another set of sticks on Aliceís right nipple.

The last thing was a small dildo. Paula turned it on and Alice heard it buzzing. Paula pushed it about an inch into the bound womanís pussy, and set it on the seat so that it was stuck there. Alice couldnít move enough to either push the device further in or dislodge it completely. It vibrated away, but was more annoying than pleasing. It only served to heighten Aliceís returning frustration.

Paula waved her fingers and turned and left. Alice moaned in her gag.

Alice tried to move the dildo somehow. She had no leverage at all, and the damn thing refused to fall down or go in further. Her nipples were very sore between the chopstick things. She wondered if Cooper knew what was going on, or if he had planned it all somehow. Heíd never come back during the flight to check on her. Alice might have gotten mad at him if she hadnít been trying to think of a way to get the dildo deeper inside her.

She felt the plane start to descend and knew they probably werenít too far from the airport. Paula came back. Wordlessly, she removed the chopstick things, causing yet more pain to Aliceís tender nipples, and removed the dildo, tossing everything back into the drawer. Finally, she unhooked the gag and took it out of Aliceís mouth.

Paula got a glass of water and held it to the otherís lips. Alice gratefully drank. Her mouth had had the sweet taste from the candy for a while.

"Thank you," she told the flight attendant.

"My pleasure," Paula told her. "Weíll be landing soon. Please put your tray tables in their back in their upright positions." Paula leaned over and did something to the seat that had been a pain in Aliceís butt, and it fell down, leaving Alice suspended only by the straps holding her to the wall. Paula reached under and pulled on Aliceís butt plug, tugging it out. "Supposed to have removed this before you sat down. Sorry," she said with a smile. She pulled up on the seat so that Alice could sit again.

Paula tossed the plug in a small sink and cleaned it off. After drying it with paper towels, she headed back up front.

Soon, Alice felt the plan touch down. As it taxied down the runway to the hanger, Paula came back and removed all the straps that were holding Alice down. Paula helped her get to her feet and walked her to the front of the plane, past Cooper who had been reading a newspaper.

"I hope the flightís not been too boring for you, dear," he said as she passed by. Alice shook her head.

"Just fine," she muttered, smiling weakly. Paula helped her to the bathroom at the head of the plane. She didnít let Alice close the door, and watched as she relieved herself. After Alice washed her hands, she felt a bit better. Paula lead her back to Cooper, who indicated she should kneel near his seat. Alice knelt in Ďposition oneí, actually relieved that she didnít have to sit back on her narrow chair.

"Will there be anything else, sir?" Paula asked him.

"I think that will be all," he said. Paula went up front to talk with the pilots.

"Weíll be met by a limo at the hanger that will take us to our hotel," Cooper told Alice. "Tomorrow, weíll go see a lawyer to start the paperwork so I, that is we, can donate the wing for the childrenís hospital."

"We?" Alice asked.

"Iím going to have it donated in both our names. I didnít think youíd mind."

Alice smiled. "No, of course not. Iíd be honored."

"Yes, I thought so. Youíve already donated to causes like that, it seemed appropriate." They both felt the plane stop. Paula came back down the isle.

"Weíre ready to deplane, sir," she said.

"Great," he replied. He got up and walked towards the door, and Alice got up and followed. As she passed by Paula, the flight attendant reached out and roughly pinched Aliceís butt, making Alice squeal.

"Itís been a pleasure serving you both," Paula told them.

Alice was vary happy to walk down the stairs and touch ground again, even if it meant another limo driver and even some members of the planes ground crew seeing her nude. Cooper allowed her to get in the limo first. The driver shut the door and soon they were leaving the airport and heading down the road.

"I hope your being tied up for the entire flight wasnít too rough on you," Cooper said.

Alice wondered if he knew what the crazy flight attendant did to her. "It wasnít too bad," she answered.

"Well, weíll be taking a train back to the east coast once our business here is done," he said.

Great, Alice thought. Heíll have to let me wear something on the train. "That sounds like fun," she said, "but right now, I could use some..."

"Some?" Cooper prompted.

"Some of you. Make love to me, Cooper, please."

"Well, thatís being a little forward, but I suppose itís a reasonable request," he said, smiling. He quickly stripped out of his clothes and pushed her to the floor of the limo. Luckily for them both their hotel was still a good distance away.

Maid's Interlude IV

"So, what do you think Master Cooper and Missus Alice will be doing out west?"

Kathy and Delia were cleaning the master bathroom. It was something they often did, but they didn't often clean it like they were doing now. Both of them were in cuffs and chains, but otherwise naked. The chains hobbled their steps and shortened their reach, making it harder for them to do their normal chores.

The two maids didn't seem to mind, and were carrying on a conversation while they worked; Kathy in the shower scrubbing, Delia cleaning the rest of the bathroom.

"I don't know," Kathy answered. "Master Cooper didn't tell me much about it."

"I wonder if the Missus will get to wear anything while she's out there?"

Kathy laughed a bit at that. "Seems like she'd have to wear something when they go to the lawyer's office. But you never can tell with Master Cooper."

Kathy continued her scrubbing. She had to do a small section and scoot forward because the chains limited her reach. Delia had to clean high shelves and such and her chains let her reach longer.

"What did you think of the show last night? Surviver?" Delia asked.

"Oh my god, I don't believe they showed that on TV. Did you see those four women? Or the two in the water?"

Delia laughed. "And that major guy. 'Hard-nosed asshole' indeed!" They both laughed about that.

"Something is not right about his and Jane's relationship," Becky said. Delia was startled; she didn't hear Becky come in.

"I know what you mean," Kathy told her. "She must have said the same thing about him four times. 'He's good to me and takes care of me' or whatever it was."

"I'm betting he wins, though," Delia added. "I mean, he seems to know what he's doing. He got them the fish and all."

The other two women nodded in agreement. "Why is it the jerks always win stuff like that?" Kathy asked.

"Yeah. Maybe I should have gone on the show," Becky said. "One of you could have been my slave."

Delia shook her head. "I don't think so, Becky. I think those people were real submissives, like the Missus and Master are doing." She looked up from her work to find Becky smiling broadly at her. "Oh, you were joking..."

Becky laughed. "Still, maybe we could start practicing for the next round, you know?" She took the riding crop that had been hanging at her side and swished it around in the air.

"I'm cleaning, I'm cleaning," Delia said, trying to look busy. Kathy redoubled her scrubbing efforts.

Becky walked out of the bathroom smiling.

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