The Further Adventures of Alice

How Alice Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Spanking

By Bluewords (inspired by characters created by Leviticus, editing by Suzi)


"So, Alice, have you given any thought to marriage?"

It was perhaps an odd way to ask the question, but odder still was the occasion when Cooper asked. Alice was draped over his lap, her butt getting redder by the minute. Cooper was spanking her. Not only was he spanking her, but his left hand was positioned under her stomach so he could reach her pussy, which he was fondling. He had brought her very close to orgasm by combining the actions of his two hands. It may have been the question, or just his ministrations, but Alice came right after he asked it.

She screamed out, "Yes, yes!" but Cooper was unsure whether it was an answer, or just her way of showing appreciation for what he was doing. Alice thrashed about on his lap, then slowly slipped off, kneeling, leaning against his legs, trying to catch her breath.

"Oh, god," she said finally, "that was intense." She looked up at him. "You want to get married?" she asked.

"I believe I'm the one who's supposed to be on my knees," he said. He stood and helped her do the same. "But yes, I would like you to marry me."

Alice hugged him, for support as much as for the emotions flooding through her. "What is this thing I have for older men?" she said, laughing. "Of course I'll marry you." She reached up and kissed him. He picked her up and carried her to their bed, and made love for the rest of the night.

That was how their marriage started. They had been dating about three months. Of course, their dates were a little different that most people's. Both Alice and Cooper were rich; Cooper from success in business, Alice from an inheritance she got after her first husband, Cooper's father, died.

So sometimes, a date would have them catching a flight to Paris and spending a week wandering the streets and cafes of Europe. Or going on a photo safari in Africa. The couple traveled the world, taking in all the sights. Of course, they had normal dates as well; taking in a movie, or meeting at a burger joint or a five-star restaurant. Alice and Cooper got along very well.

They were sort of brought together by Cooper's father, after his death. He had liked to spank Alice, and assumed she liked it as well. Alice put up with it, out of love for the old man who was 50 years her senior, as well as out of regard for the eventual inheritance she was to get. However, he decided to see that Alice kept getting her spankings, so he designed a safe that only spit out gold coins when the seat on the front detected that Alice's butt was hot and red enough from having received a good spanking. Alice had needed a spanker, and Cooper had obliged until she was able to eventually get a safe-cracker to open the safe.

Alice had tried to lead a normal, rich young woman's life, but after a few weeks, she decided that she missed Cooper's company and surprisingly enough, his spanking arm. Cooper had found that he liked spanking as much as his father had. Thus Alice spent a lot of her time in loose dresses, her butt red and in pain. She had thought she might escape the spankings after her first husband died, but now found herself having almost as many as when he was alive.

The trouble was she had grown to like Cooper, and what's more, Cooper's style in spanking was different than his father's. The spankings still hurt like the dickens, but he made them worth it. Cooper was a very good lover, and he used many techniques to bring her pleasure along with the pain. Alice hated to admit it, even to herself, but she was growing more and more accustomed to the spankings she was getting. She began associating them with sex, as she and Cooper almost always made love afterwards. For his father, the spankings had been a substitute for sex, but with Cooper, they were usually foreplay.

It was confusing to her, but she decided to accept it. And Cooper didn't spank her everyday like his father had. Still, it was a rare occasion that she wore pants, or even underwear.

The wedding was a small affair, and Alice moved in with Cooper at his large house. Alice was in the process of having the house she inherited from Cooper's father fixed up and sold. There wasn't a whole lot of work to do, other than to remove the large safe, and that work was going slowly.

Cooper was a very inventive lover, Alice thought, and it helped that he was only twice her age. He had great stamina, and he varied the spankings as well. He would have her lean over a chair, or up against the wall, or just bend over and grab her ankles. He found many positions to spank her in, and occasionally used one of several different paddles.

One day he suggested to Alice that she not put anything on that day. He would be in and out all day, and wanted easy access to her. They only had female help at his house, and Alice thought it might be fun. She got spanked and screwed many times that day, and was unable to sit for several days afterwards. She liked it so much that she generally spent all her time at home in the nude. The backyard was not visible from any of their neighbors (mostly because of its huge size), so being nude all the time had helped her tan as well.

Since she had a hard time wearing pantyhose, Alice had gone to a dermatologist, and over the course of a few visits, had the hair permanently removed from her legs, as well as her armpits. Her pubic hair was trimmed down so all that was left was a small patch just above her pussy.

Alice found herself doing all sorts of things for Cooper that she never would have even thought of before. He had shown her that her asshole was sensitive, and she enjoyed now having him finger it during their lovemaking. One morning Cooper showed her a strange looking object. It was shaped something like the stereotype of a Christmas tree, cone shaped with a flat base.

"It's called a butt plug," Cooper said. After a little hesitation from Alice, he greased it up and inserted it into her asshole. It wasn't very thick, but it stayed in, only coming out when pulled out. It was a very interesting sensation when he put it in before they made love, and he left it in later during her spanking. Alice had very nearly come while he spanked her, and it only took a few strokes of her clit with his finger to push her over the edge.

Since then, Cooper would occasionally suggest she wear the plug all day. Sometimes, he would put one in her in the morning and she would have it in through shopping, lunch, more shopping, and dinner. Alice felt so nasty, wandering around in stores seeming normal, but no one know she had a plug in her butt. Her red butt, since Cooper had probably spanked her at some point during the day.

Alice found herself horny more and more. Cooper kept her that way. He could make love many times a day. Alice enjoyed visiting him at his job on the few days a week he actually went in. Once in his office, she would usually strip naked and give him a blow job under his desk. In fact, one time a group of employees came in with something important to discuss and trapped Alice naked under the desk for an hour. It had been interesting to Cooper, and kind of thrilling to Alice. After that, Cooper had tried different ways to get and keep his wife naked.

For starters, Alice rarely ever wore underwear any more. She kept fit and was able to get away with not wearing a bra most of the time. Usually, she had loose-fitting dresses on. Once, after leaving a dance club, the couple stopped in an alley and began to get amorous. Cooper managed to get her dress off and tossed it aside. After they had finished, she found it in a pool of murky water and was unable to put it back on.

"Come on, the car's not that far," he told her.

"I can't go like this!"

"Well, sorry, but you'll have to, I can't fit the car down this alley, and I don't want to leave you here naked in any case."

A scared Alice had made her way back to the car, cringing behind him. For some reason, having Alice naked out in public had excited him, and they made love again in the car. Cooper began having more of a say in her clothes, and her dresses had in general gotten shorter and shorter.

Alice had mixed emotions about it most of the time. It was kind of exciting to be out in public dressed (or rather, undressed) like she usually was, but it was humiliating when she realized that she had bent over too far and flashed someone. Or when she thought the tablecloth had hidden her at the restaurant but instead she was on full display.

Alice liked staying fit for her husband and herself. She took yoga and exercise classes and tried her best to stay in shape. She knew from the looks she got from other men that she was doing something right.

One Sunday, Cooper needed to go into the office and take care of a few things. He called a few hours later and asked her to bring some papers he'd left at home, with one caveat.

"Come naked," he told her.


"You heard me. It's Sunday, hardly anyone else around. Just come naked. Put on shoes, and that's it."

"Cooper, I can't do that, I-"

"You can do it, Alice. Naked." He hung up.

Alice fretted. Surely he can't mean that. Not only was she to be naked, but that morning he had put a butt plug in her, telling her to leave it in all day. After wondering whether he would find out if she drove with a dress on, she finally screwed up her courage and got in the car nude. The windows were tinted dark, so she wasn't too worried about that. She made sure she stuck to the speed limit and stopped at all red lights. She parked in the parking garage and was happy to see few cars there. Parking as near to the elevator as she could, she ran out and pushed the button. When the doors opened she blushed to see a young woman come out. The woman seemed shocked but didn't say anything. Alice quickly got in the elevator and pushed the button to her husband's floor.

Once out of the elevator, she made her way to his office. The building was quiet. There was a maintenance man polishing the floor down a hall, but he didn't see her. Alice entered the suite, found her husband's office and went in.

Behind the desk sat Cooper. In a chair in front of the desk was another man she didn't recognize. Alice froze.

"Hello, Alice. I don't think you've met William Johnson, an employee here. Bill, this is my wife, Alice." Cooper was so matter-of-fact about it, that neither Alice nor Bill were sure there was anything strange about the meeting. An uncertain Bill got up and stepped forward to shake her hand.

"Uh, pleased to meet you, ma'am," Bill said.

"Yes, the same," she replied, her entire body blushing. She tried in vain to nonchalantly cover up with her arms, but there wasn't any easy way to do it.

"Did you get those papers, dear?" Cooper asked her.

Alice almost slapped her forehead, remembering that she'd left them downstairs. "I, uh, forgot them in the car," she said sheepishly.

"Could you go get them, please?" He asked.

Alice dreaded going back out, but she nodded. "Okay," she said.

Going back down the hall, the maintenance man noticed her this time and let out a low whistle. There was no one in the elevator, nor in the parking garage, and she made it back up to Cooper's office without incident.

Once back in his office, Cooper asked if she would mind waiting on the couch. Alice sat down and was unsure of how to position herself. She tried to casually position her arms in front of her, but there was no easy way to act like being naked in an office building was normal. Eventually she found a magazine and started reading, ignoring the two men.

They did not ignore her, and Cooper delighted in seeing his colleague trying to catch glimpses of Alice.

When Bill finally was ready to leave, Alice stood and shook his hand goodbye, almost forgetting she was nude. After he left, Cooper led her over to the couch and made her lean over one of the arms. "This is for forgetting the papers the first time," he said, and began to spank her. He'd turned her butt a bright red when there was a knock on the door.

"Don't move," he told her.

Cooper opened the door and Bill came back in. "I'm sorry I forgot that you needed to sign this one form, sir," Bill told him.

"All right, let me get my pen."

When Bill noticed Alice leaning over the couch with a red butt, her face buried in the seat cushion, he almost dropped his briefcase. He couldn't help but notice the base of the butt plug in her ass. Cooper handed the signed paper back to him.

"Uh, thanks, uh, thank you, sir. I'll, uh, see you next week."

"All right," Cooper said casually. Bill stumbled out, and Cooper locked the door behind him. Then he went up to Alice, dropped his pants, and slid his hard penis easily into her wet, waiting pussy. She came quickly.

After a while they moved to the floor and made love again. Lying in his arms, Alice said, "You bastard."

"Now, you can't tell me you didn't like that."

"The sex, hell yes. But did you have to let Bill see me like that?"

"I didn't know he'd be here, and I couldn't very well ask him to leave. 'My naked wife is coming by, do you think you can wrap this up?' I don't think that would have worked very well."

"But he saw me after you spanked me!"

"Others have seen you like that as well, Alice. You have been spanked by at least four other men."

She thought back. He was right. The butler, once. The safe-crackers, once by the older man, and then a week or so by his younger assistant.

"But this was different," she protested.

"How so?"

She thought for a second. "Well, I was naked. Oh my god, he probably saw the butt plug too! Oh, god I'm so embarrassed."

"I'm sure he sees stuff like that all the time. Probably half the people in the city wear them."

"Oh, you," Alice said.

"Well, I suppose I could have asked him if he wanted to spank you," Cooper said.

Alice hit him. "NO! God, no. If I'm to get spanked, I just want it to be you."

Cooper sat up. "Well, all right, if you insist." He patted his legs, inviting her to lay over them.

"Oh, no, again?" she asked. Knowing the answer, she positioned herself across his lap, getting ready for another blistering. Me and my big mouth, she thought.


Her butt was almost glowing by the time they left his office. They didn't encounter anyone else in the building. It wasn't until the approached the car that Alice thought of another problem.

"I have to sit the whole ride home," she said slowly.

"Well, that's generally the idea," Cooper said, deadpan.

"Oh, my butt. I can't sit that long!"

"Nonsense, it'll be fine." He opened the door and Alice gingerly took her seat. He got in and found her still squirming.

"Can't I lay down in the back?" she asked.

"You know that you need to sit up and wear a seatbelt for safety," he told her.

As they drove, Alice couldn't keep still. When the hit the highway, Cooper told her, "Open your legs." She gave him a quizzical look until she saw his hand heading for her crotch. He began to rub her there, keeping his eyes on the road. Alice came twice on the way home, almost forgetting about the ache in her butt.

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The Further Adventures ofAlice

Cooper's Interlude I

By Bluewords (inspired by characters created by Leviticus)

 "So, you've gone and married your step-mother, huh?"

Cooper was having lunch with Jeanine, an old friend of his. It was a cafe near to where he worked. He only went into work a few days a week, if that. Cooper was very rich, but liked what he did and didn't mind putting in the few hours he did.

Jeanine was rich as well. Cooper had known her for some time, and they liked to occasionally get together at lunch. Cooper's wife Alice was away at a spa for a few days, and Cooper had wanted someone to talk with.

"So, you don't approve?" he asked.

"No, no. Didn't mean to imply that at all, Coop." Cooper winced. Jeanine was the only person in the entire world he allowed to call him anything other than Cooper. From anyone else, he hated the nickname. From Jeanine, he tolerated it. "From what you've told me about her, she sounds grand. Your old man like her well enough, she must be something special for you both to want to marry her."

"Well, I think she is. I've even carried on the family tradition."

"Ah. You spank her every day, then?"

Jeanine knew about Cooper's father's predilection for spanking. Cooper's dad had spanked his first wife, Cooper's mother, and had spanked Alice everyday as well, while they were married. The old man had died happy, Alice across his lap.

"Well, maybe not everyday. I don't have my dad's arm yet."

"So, is that it? Just spanking?" Jeanine was not one to pussyfoot around. She was always direct with Cooper. They'd been friends long enough that Cooper didn't mind it at all.

"What else is there?" he asked, knowing full well Jeanine's relationship with her husband, Harold. When they had met at lunch, he had asked her where Harold was. "Tied up at home," she'd said, meaning it literally. Jeanine was the dominant one in her marriage, and her husband was her submissive, only too willing to let her do what she wanted to with him.

"Oh, Cooper, you need to read more. If you want some suggestions I can come over with Harold sometime." Jeanine grinned. She liked teasing Cooper.

"I don't think that will be necessary, Jeanine, but thanks for the offer."

Jeanine took a few bites of her salad, then said, "Did you hear? They're going to be doing the charity fashion show again this year. I've seen a few of the dresses - very nice. You should get Alice to be a model."

"Actually, that sounds like a good idea. Is it only dresses?"

"No, there's lingerie and bathing suits as well. One of the segments will be all Sixties outfits. I'll be modeling again myself."

"Well, that sounds like fun. I'll ask her as soon as she comes back. She always likes to help out charities."

"I'll call Wanda and Nancy for you and let them know that Alice might be doing it. They'll be glad to have someone new and pretty to help out."

"Tell you what. Let me call Nancy. I have an idea I'd like to try."

"Sounds intriguing. Anything I can help with?"

Cooper smiled. "I'll let you know."

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