School Discipline
by Bert Hart

Lots of talk in school 'bout that new law. Word is, any girl hasta go to Principal Skinner's private office leaves with two red body parts, one of which ain't her face. So when I get my notice, I'm like "you fly now, girl." But that ain't smart either, 'cause Failure to Report is an arrestable offense, and you got Deputy Duffy to worry about.

Plus, I'm guilty. I got a bad case of Senioritis. I mean, I'm 18 and I'm gonna graduate in a few months, middle of the class, nothin' special, so why bust my ass? So I cut a few days, well, OK, a lot of days, and the school sends these letters to my parents, well, duh, I'm like home to tear them up. And since I met Brian I'm learning a hell of a lot more useful stuff outside school than I ever could inside. He graduated a couple of years ago. He works steady 2 to 11 at the Chicken Shack. He likes me to be around home in the late aye-em when my parents are at work so we can do it. He pretty much wants to do it every day which is OK by me, it sure beats World History.

And let's be straight here. What's more actually useful for a girl to learn, to give good head or to learn quadrotic evasions? You gotta learn those life skills now, like the guidance counselor always says.

So I figure I needta go to the private office of "Spread 'em" Skinner and let the little perv take his best shot just to keep the peace. But I don't know exackly what's in the cards, so I'm a bit hinky. I got about a pair of jacks, I figure, and he's got the royal flush.

So he starts off rattling on about cutting class and like that and I'm nodding away, can't deny it, but then he gooses me (with his voice, I mean) by saying Dad's name. Seems like he got a letter through anyway and Dad answered it. And Skinner gives me this big shit-eatin' grin and reads it.

Dear Principal Skinner,

Mandy's behavior worries us as much as it does you. We believe that her performance in school falls far short of her potential. She has long had the habit of doing just enough to get by, and no amount of lecturing or punishment at this late date is likely to change that behavior, unless temporarily. Her current truancy is a new situation, one which we feel we cannot deal with since we both work during the day and cannot keep tabs on her.

You ask us for permission to initiate application of the corporal punishment section of the School Delinquent Act. We so agree, under the understanding that she will suffer no permanent harm. The concept that enforced embarrassment can shock a person into changing his or her lifestyle is an intriguing one. We hope that it may be so in her case. We understand that for the protection of all, the proceedings are videotaped. We accept your kind offer to send us a copy.

Jake Jacobson

So now Skinner is grinnin' 'cause he knows I'm only a cunt hair away from disaster. He asks me am I going to cooperate and I'm so dumb I give him some flap flap about I need to know what he wants and then I'll decide. So that pisses him good and he tells me to stand up and he gets behind me and he starts juggling my tits and then he puts one hand square on my crotch and he says is that OK with me. So already my face is red and I mutter "all right" and he asks me to speak up. So I say ALL RIGHT. And then he tells me he can't feel my nips thru the clothing and could I kindly shuck my blouse and bra. Which I kind of figured would happen, from the stories I heard. Mainly I want to hang on to my Hanky Pankies 'till I see Brian, he loves to pull them thongs off. So now I get topless, and Skinner is around in front of me with a shit-eating grin and he's got them nips atween his thumb and fingers but he ain't mean about it. He's actually pretty gentle as he rubs them and they perk up pretty nice which I can't help, never could. And then he's got his lips on one and he's sucking the whole thing into his mouth, nip and nip circle both; and he's rolling his tongue around it and drawing it in like he's looking for a nice warm drink. And I can't help but moan.

Now he does the other one the same way and I can feel something inside way down low doing flip-flops just like it does when Brian slides it in, but we ain't anywhere near that point yet. Then he steps back and -- whoops -- I just stand there while he pulls down my pants and I sit when he tells me and he takes off my shoes and socks and pants and then he has me stand up in my Hanky Pankies and turn around and soon his hands are inside the thong on my bare butt and now he's sliding them around in front, touching my mound, running his fingers thru my pussy hair, and then he's in my slit, his fingers lightly running up and down my pink and I'm so wet he starts chuckling.

So now I'm thinking maybe if I just take care of the old goat I'll get off easy. Let's say a little wham bam, thank you m'am, Brian don't have to know, and Skinner and I have a little secret neither one of us can afford to share. But that ain't what he got in mind. He starts in talking about how what I need is a big dose of humiliation to bring me to my senses. And he says he's got to go get some stuff and he'll be back in a jiff but meanwhile I can just take that last lacy thing right off and lay me on the table. Now I'm smart mouthin' him a little, I say which side up? And he takes a nice long look at my two pinkies and he says sunny side up.

Now Skinner is gone, there's the door, I'm tempted. But I'm wondering if this setup ain't a little bit cute. Then I remember I think I seen Hal the school guard hanging around when I came in. Hal just loves to stand by the front door when the kids come to school through the metal detector. Any girl sets it off sets HIM off, it's grope time at the OK Corral, don't matter who's watching. So I figure if I get dressed and fly, I'm in line to get dragged back with one of his big fat hands over my mouth and the other between my legs. And then it would be a threesome. So I'm thinking stay put. And I don't want the shit tore out of my nice new thong, need to take it off my own sorry self before Spread 'em Skinner gets back. So I pull it down an' step out an' I'm in the Naked City for sure.

So now I'm on the table breast side up like a Thanksgivin' turkey and here comes Skinner with a basin of warm water. This could get kinky. Does he think I'm not clean enuff, want me to sit in it? But no, he dips in a washcloth and he starts in on my pussy, warm, real warm. And I go, like, "whoa, what you doing?" But he just says be quiet and relax. Yeah, relax. But I start to like it, kinda like gettin' in the shower with yer personal hand spray, turn the warm water on your clit and get yourself off fast as Jiffy Lube. But just when I'm about to be cummin' down the mountain he stops and I feel something funny and I look down and he's got a can o' shave cream and he's squirting away and then he whips out this razor and I'm like no way, but already he's trimmin' off my bush. And he gets the top off quick, then he says best if I don't squirm or else I might lose somethin' I need, ha ha, so I freeze and he's got his knuckles right up against my clit while he pulls on my left lip to straight it out and down comes the razor and pretty soon I'm half done, if I got cooties they're in the jungle on my right side, scared to run out on the plain. Then he does the other side, no cooties, I was just kiddin', and I'm bare as a ten year old. And I got that red face. And I look down and I got these real pink lips, all puffed up with the extra blood that's been rushing down there, and you can't see my clit 'cause my legs are clamped tight, but it feels as big as a house.

So now he says time for a photo shoot, boys like to see 'em wet inside, and this time I put up a real big fuss. Finally he says he can stop at one pic if I do exactly what he says, yessir boss. So he gets up real close with the digital cam and he has me raise my legs towards my body, rolling me back on my butt a bit. Then I gotta spread real wide and reach down and open up the pink just like I was in Hustler and he takes the one shot, which shows it all from clit to vag. Then he prints it out, I don't even want to look but I do, and I see my face ain't in it, could be anyone. So I'm happy until he takes out his pen and underneath he prints neatly "Mandy Carr's Pussy". Then he asks me what ten boys at school would I like a copy to go to, and I say I don't want no boys to see it. So then he says give me a list of ten boys you don't want to see it, but I don't fall for that. He says that if I don't give him a list he'll send a copy to every boy in school, and I flash that means 200 guys whacking off every night, pic in one hand, prick in the other. I'd be ruined. So I give him the ten names, but I'm dead anyway. One color copier and I'm all over school.

Now I got another problem with all that warm water so I tell Skinner I gotta go bad. He says do I wanna wee-wee or poo-poo? I say I need to ureenate. He says wee-wee or poo-poo? I get it. I say I gotta wee-wee. Then he takes me out, I'm still bare and nervous, though most kids are home by now. We turn down the hall and here comes Edlardo, this really old janitor maybe even 50, his real name is Edwardo but he got a big gut. And as I'm covering up, arm across titties and hand on bare slit, Ed comes up and puts out his hand and Skinner starts laughing and tells me to shake it. And I do and Ed says what gives and Skinner says we're trying to embarrass this girl into behavin' nicer. And he says why don't I just clasp my hands behind my neck for a bit while Ed drools over me, ain't seen anythang so nice since like 1977. And then Skinner has me do some naughty poses, while those two pervs talk about me like I ain't there. But now I gotta go REAL BAD, I'm clenching my legs together, so we walk together down the hall to the Ladies and I say see you soon, but Skinner says I'm too little to go by myself, if I was a big girl I wouldn't be cutting class, and they both come in with me and Ed opens up the stall door for me, grinnin'. I hafta go so bad I just plop down and let 'er rip and they're talking about, like, the peeing noises I make and laughing and when I finish here's Skinner with a tissue in his hand, talking to me like a child as he wipes me dry. So it was real humiliating and I start to cry.

Now Ed goes back to work, and when we two get back to his office Skinner says I've been a bad, bad little girl and I need a spanking. I'm just looking at him, beaten down and saying nothing, I want to get it over with. He makes me come over to him and take down his pants, shorts all pushed out, lucky thing I'm wearing a Norplant 'cause it's clear what's going down. Then he skins off the rest, now he's as naked as me. He sits down and lays me face down across his lap, his cock against my belly. Then he starts slapping my butt with his right hand, not too hard at first. I can feel the blood rush to my ass and lower belly as he speeds up, and pretty soon I'm wriggling all over him trying to get away from the stinging, making it exciting for both of us.

Then he breaks off and he tells me maybe we can work something out about those ten pictures. He says I gotta do two things and he won't send them out. First, I gotta give him the best fuck he ever had, and then go to every single class for the rest of the semester. He'll keep the pic and if I hold up my end he'll give it back to me at the end of the school year.

I'm so horny now I say yes yes yes and I hop up and lay down on the deep carpet, the pile tickling my ass, and he's as hard as he'll ever be, but he still must figure I need a little extra because he puts his mouth right smack over my clit and licks between my pussy lips and now he's directly on my clit, pushing his tongue under and over it, pulling it up with gentle suction, and I'm crying out fuck me fuck me hard and he takes his face away and in one thrust he's all the way in. I'm so wet there's no resistance, besides Brian took my cherry months ago, and I've got him so hot he only pumps a few times before he stops and shudders and I can feel him cumming hard and I cum and cum right along with him.

Then we just lie there exhausted and I start giggling and I ask him if that was the best fuck he ever had because if he was disappointed we could go again. And he says no, once is enough and anyway he has another girl coming after school tomorrow. Then he said to tell my Dad he'd have to pick the video up in person because it's not mailable.

Oh, geez. I'd forgotten about that. He lets me go and I check myself out in the Ladies before I leave the school. My face is one of two parts that are red... I guess I gotta be a good girl from now on.