My Puritan Reader
by Bert Hart

In the Yeare of Our Lord 1692, when I was but a maiden, Satan sent a greatt Plague of Witches unto us here in Salem Village. By the end, many had confessed to riding through the air on poles, to casting Sicknesse upon the People, and e'en to loathsome Carnal Knowlege of Satan himself. Those that confessed and repented were Saved. But some nineteen persons, whom we had thought to be Godly, woulde not confess. And so despite the Lamentations of their Families, they were Hanged, and so they dyed outside the mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Somme few charged as Witches were found to be Innocent.

At eventide on a day in May during this troubled time I was ahome with family when there cameth a knock upon the door. We womenfolk made haste to don our Bonnets. Upon opening the door, I was pleased to see John Smythe, a lusty and Godfearing man of 21, as yet unmarried. He was faire of face and sturdy of body and of diligent providence in his carpenter's trade. I smiled. But today he did not return my smile, for his face was stern. He did shew my Father a Warrent for my arrest, that I must goe with John, for I had been named as a Witch. My Mother and young Brother did crye out at this, and my Father was grave of face, so to spare them I spoke lightly. Knowing my Innocence, saith I, I woulde gladly goe with John and answer who might question me, and the Truth should make me free.

Therefore I repaired with John to his cabin, whych he hadde made himself, and fairly donne it was. Then setting me down on a bench before the large fyreplace, John spake to me most gently, that he must ask me somme questions that he might know whether I be a Witch or no. And then he tooke a metal Cross and put it in my Palm, pressing my fingers about it. And he bade me recite the Lord's Prayer, for it be known that none in Satan's Power can do so without error. And I spake it clearly without mistake, nor was my Palm burnt where I had grasped the Holy Cross. And then he brought forth the Holy Bible, and placing my right hand upon it, he bade me state whether or no I had lain foully and carnally with Satan. And I saith I hadde not, nor with any man.

Then John saith that there must be a further test, whych would cause me somme distresse.

But as I knew him to be a kindly, Godly, and judicious man, and as I was sure of my Innocence, I answered him plainly that I woulde do whatever he desired. And he saith that a Witch may be found out by two certaine tests. Primus, that a woman who gyves herself carnally to Satan will be marked about the Breasts and Body by his fearsome Claws, and that though she may heale, still fainte Marks may be seen. And Secondus, that Satan places a smalle Mark upon the body of all his Servants. And that this Mark be well hidden about the Privy Parts.

And therefore, saith John, ye must needs cast off your cloathes, that I might espy whether or no thou hast these Marks. I hadde not the wit to speake, but I gyve him my legge, and he drew off my shoe and then my stocking, and so on the other legge. Whych caused me much distresse, for he saw my Ankles all bare, and no man had seen them thus, nor is it fitting for a man to see such, for even as Godly a man as John may be moved to Lust by such a sight. And then he reached up and took off my Bonnet, and undid the Ribbon holding back my Haire, letting it fall about my shoulders, whych was most unseemly. And then he went behind, and with nimble Fingers he did undoe the laces of my Bodice, wherewith I gave a smalle crie. And then going about my front, he didde pulle forward my Bodice and bade me take my arms from the sleaves, and so it fell about my Waiste. And now my Breasts were only covered by my thinne linen shirte. My skirte now being undone about the Waiste, it and the Bodice now fell upon the floor. My two Petticoats also being unclasp'd, they and all the cloathes upon the floor were taken away, and there I stood in my Shirte alone. Then most gently did John reach up and undoe the Ribbons about the sleaves of my Shirte and at the neck. And then he bade me take the hemme of my Shirte in my hands and raise it up and over my Head and off, and I didde. And there I stood, ablush to stand before this man as naked as Eve, nor didde I try to cover my Nakedness with my hands, for I knew I must stand for examination.But I sorely wished I hadde more haire about my Privates, whych would have afforded me less Shame.

Now didde John goe about my Back and touched me there most lightly, and then he went lower about my Fundament, and taking each roundnesse in a hand, he pulled them apart and brought his Face close by, that he might see the Secret Mark, if there be one. But there was nonne. Then turning me about before the fyre, John Placed his Hands upon my Breasts and stroked them as lightly as does a hummingbird to a flow'r, to see if there were healed Marks of the Claw. And though my mind desired my Nipples not to rise, my Native Nature o'ercame me, and they rose unto his Palms as readily as if he were a Baby, and his Fingers a suckling Mouth.

Againne finding no Marks, his Hand descended slowly unto my Nether Regions, and once againne he brought his Head cloase, that he might fairly see. And he beganne to stroke my Privy Place, whych caused me much Shame, for againne my Body did act against my Will, and caused in me a greatte lubriciousness. And John must have known of this, for there are so many Folds and Secret Passages about a woman that it took John somme tyme to complete his Holy Task. As his Fingers worked here and there about my Privy Place, I could not lay still, but pushed myself forward unto his Hands. And I do not know the names for all the Parts he touched, but of themme all there is one I call my Button, whych causeth me to smile, for many a maiden whose Button is touched indeed becomes undone. And when John touched my Button, I lost all thought, but only wyshed that he might doe it more, and with greatt Force. And my Body cried out that he might continue to Please me with his Fingers, but soon he was sure there was no Mark, and he took his hands away. And his Fingers glistened in the fyrelight.

And thenne some tyme passing while I recovered my Wits, and as I stood still Naked before the fyre, I spake plainly to John that I hadde need of the Chamber Pot, whych he brought me. And I asked that he might turn away, but he saith that he woulde nott, for he wyshed to see how a Woman didde use one. And so my need being greatte, I did use it before his eyen, and I didde blushe. Then he spake, saying that he too hadde need, and so to my surprise he cast off his breeches and indeed all his cloathes and stood before me as Naked as Adam.  And he was faire to mine eyen about the Shoulders and Cheste, but in especiall I lyked his Privy Part, whych was as straight and hard as a Fence Post, and poynted straight up towards Heav'n. I knew not whether a man in that state could Make Water. But he sat upon the bench before the fyre and took the Pot in both hands between his Legges, and bade me take hold of his Privy Part and pulle it down until it poynte into the Pot, whych I didde. And then he made copious Water, whych mingled lasciviously with that whych I hadde made. And I lyked to feel his Privy Part, for to my Palm it was a soft as silk, but underneath, an Iron Bar.

Then he gyved a great Groane, and saith the Lord hath filled him fulle of Seede, and that he must spill it forth or suffre greatly. And seeing him in great distresse, and being fulle of Christian Charity, I saith that I woulde help him. And that I knew not of such matters, but I woulde take his Privy Part in my Hands and touch it in such divers ways as he might direct until he might Spill his Seed. And then he Groaned again, and saith that he had a Covenant with the Lord that he not never be no Onanist and Spill his Seede upon the ground. And that though he had broken that Covenant many a time, it be when he was abed, and that no man may be accountable for what might happen while asleep. So I saith that I knew not how I might help him yet not break the Covenant.Then he saith that if I took his Privy Part into my Mouth and did place my Tongue about it and do other divers things as he might ask, I coulde thenne swallow his Seede, and the Covenant woulde not be broken. And that I shoulde not be with childe did I do so, according to the Promise of the Lord. And so I didde do as he asked, accepting his instruction as one with little Experience but assiduous in my Task until his copious Seede came forth and I didde swallow. And once more he Groaned, but methinks a Groane of Pleasure, for he saith he saw the Face of God.

And thenne I thought againne of my Button, and I didde ask John could I also see the Face of God. As so he laide me down upon his bedde and saide that he woulde do to me what I had donne to him, and in that way I woulde not be with childe, but that I must direct him in his Task even as he had directed me. And he asked me to speake plainly as to whych of the parts about my Secret I wyshed him to tongue. And so I put aside all Shame and I shewed him my Button and bade him place his Face upon it and then I coulde not speake more, for he waited not for advice, but went to worke. And I put my Hands about his Head and pressed him to me and brought my legges about and Groaned and Groaned and saw the Face of God. And then, falling back, I seemed to float about the room. And then for some greatt sweete tyme we lay in each other's arms, each praising the other for the Christian Service that was donne. Yet I knew that somme would calle what we had donne the Sin of Sodomy. But it seemeth to me that what gyves a man and woman such Pleasure must come from God, and not be a Sinne.

Then gathering up our cloathes, we dressed each other tenderly. And John took me back to my Family, and saith I was no Witch, so there was much rejoicing. And then John asked of my Father would he gyve permission for John to court me. And my Father saith he must ask me two questions. Was I still a maiden? Did I wish John to court me? To whych I answered Yes, and Yes, and Yes, Yes, Yes!

And so it was from that day forth, John did court me, and we woulde goe into darke thickets or dismall swamps and there he would open his Breeches or lift my Petticoats and we woulde both see the Face of God againne. And when Winter came, my Father saith that we might Bundle. And whenne the candle flickered out and the Family about us fell asleep, we woulde undoe the wrappings about us and take away the board between us, but hadde to learne a hard lesson, not no more to Groane. And never againne did John break the Covenant. And two years later we were married, and never was I so happy. And the proof that God smiled upon us is my two daughters, Abigail and Chastity. And now I am againe with childe and hope that it may be a boy.

As I write this, I know that it not be fitting for a Christian to read. Yet I cannot put it into the fyre, for the things I write here are dear to my heart. So I place it within the Secret Compartment of my desk that somme may find it long after I moulder, and marvel. And perhaps somme day all the world might know of my love for John.

Signed and sealed, this day of Oct. 12, in the Yeare of Our Lord 1698. Humility Smythe.