Byron and Jayne Naked in School
by Bert Hart

My best friend Marci and I walked together to Darwin High on our first day as freshmen, giggling as to whether we'd see any naked guys.

"If we did," she said teasingly, "would you like, touch them?"

"Oh, of course! If they were Program guys I'd walk right up to them and say 'reasonable request' and grab right hold."

"You're wicked!" Of course she knew I was kidding.

We both knew that there couldn't be any Program people that early on the first day of school. No names would have been announced. Exactly what we'd see we weren't sure. Of course there'd be some raincoat guys lurking about, targeting the naive. And there would probably be some volunteer nudes, though the general feeling is that near nudity is sexier.

And sure enough, when we got there two girls were coming down the school corridor, hand in hand, respectively wearing pink and blue panties and nothing else. I figured they were lezzies. Some dumb freshman guy stopped them and smirked out something and they just about took his head off. Well, duh, he had to know they were volunteers, not Program, and therefore the double R didn't apply. God, you'd think even if he didn't study when we learned about the Program in 8th grade, he'd have picked that much up from the Naked In School comics the guys are always reading.

See, Congress never extended the N.I.S. to grade school. So they make us learn about the Program at the end of 8th grade so we'll be prepared. Well, Darwin High was one of the first schools to have a Program, three years ago. In class, we all had to read the first person account by Karen over at Central and one other. I chose Chrissie, because she was the first student at Darwin to participate. She's still here, a senior now and the most popular girl in school. She's president of the Senior Class, having run on a platform promising that if elected, she would attend all Student Council meetings nude. She's my heroine. She sure had a hard time getting naked on that first day three years ago. In fact she kept her panties on, something which of course wouldn't be tolerated now, but then things were just getting started. Late on that day a boy figured out that under the double R rule he could make her pull out her panties in front so he could look down inside. And she had to do it, and all the boys lined up to take a good long look!

But my favorite part was Gregory's story, in Chrissie: Tuesday. Gregory needed Relief badly after seeing Chrissie naked, but as he was not in the Program, he couldn't get it publicly. So the teacher said he would be excused to go to the unisex bathroom to take care of himself. Once there, he put some liquid soap in his palm and headed for a stall. Stall doors had been removed by then, of course, and in one he saw a girl pulling down her panties. She asked him why he had put soap on his hand. After he explained, she agreed to let him watch her pee if she could see him give himself Relief. It was exciting to read all about how boys do it to themselves! You can read this on the Naked In School website, the Chrissy stories.

So Marci and I know all about the Program and we're ready to participate, after all everyone does, but it's just that we don't want to be the first. The very first freshman girls draw a lot of attention from freshman boys, lots of whom have never seen a bare pussy. And even some upperclassmen like to mess with the early freshman girls, just to see them blush. Later in the semester people are a lot cooler. So we were all waiting to see which names Principal Skinner would read over the PA, hoping we wouldn't be the ones who'd have to go to the office and strip bare and be photographed for our Federal Nudity Files and the school paper.

At least the girls chosen wouldn't have to take a contraceptive shot in the butt in front of the boys. That was taken care of when we registered for classes in the summer and filled out our menstrual charts. They say the shot is good for a year.

But Skinner didn't read off any names. He just said that all students should report immediately to the school auditorium. 1200 kids can make a lot of noise, but we were so curious that the noise dropped to nothing when Sylvester S. came on stage.

"I have a number of announcements. First, we have torn down the wall, peepholes and all, between the boys' and girls' gym locker rooms. All PE will be co-ed from now on, and all participants will be nude except for shoes and socks. Girls on their periods will be excused, and will report to Room 327, the Menstrual Study Hall. As you will be checked against your chart, please do not falsely seek to excuse yourself.

"Please note that this has nothing to do with the Program, so shy students in PE may cover themselves with their hands or arms, though of course this will be impossible during play. And the 'reasonable request' rule is not in force, so please do not ask her, she will just say 'no'."

After the laughter died down, Skinner continued. "We have additionally made three changes in the Program. First, belatedly following the lead of many other schools, we will be choosing participants in boy-girl pairs. Especially with regards to freshmen, we plan to choose students who do not know each other. Second, we are no longer going to announce names of those selected over the P.A. Instead, if you are chosen, you will be discreetly handed a note sometime today telling you to come to my office, where you will meet your new partner and be photographed. Your time in the Program will not start until tomorrow, however.

"The last change requires some explanation. It has become a standard practice for a large group of boys to congregate outside my office when they know there's a girl inside being stripped. When she exits, naked in public for the first time in her life, she finds she has to run a long gauntlet of inquisitive hands. For particularly popular or self-assured girls, this may not be a problem. But girls seen as "snow queens" or "stuck up" have sometimes been troubled. Intimate body parts have been described in gutter terms, unusually embarrassing poses have been demanded, even pain has been administered in a few cases. This mobbing cannot continue, as we have never been in favor of any Program which reduces new participants to tears.

"Therefore, over the summer we converted a couple of rooms into what we call the Exploratorium. New couples in the Program will start out there, where they will remove each other's clothes and fully satisfy their curiosity in relative privacy. Thus boys who have never seen a pussy and girls who have never seen a penis will be able to do so before being thrown naked into the general student population. The rules of the Exploratorium, which I will not discuss here, are posted on the wall. Let me just say that in addition to viewing there are other mandatory activities. Whatever happens beyond those must be mutually acceptable. For any given couple, then, various things will happen. We do believe that in most cases the boy at least will get Relief."

There was a certain amount of foot stomping and cheering.

"As you may know from your studies, a boy who has experienced Relief enters a period of latency in which the penis is flaccid, though it may still be dripping a little. A boy in such an unusual state, released from the Exploratorium into the general school population, should be of interest to many girls. A flaccid penis may be seen as less threatening, and of course betting on who can restore it is always fun. You may now return to your classes."

Marci and I didn't take part in the noise and laughter. We were too busy hauling out our hologram ID's and snapping them to bring out our schedules. But we both knew what they'd say. First period, World History. Second period, Phys Ed. I sure don't remember History.

There were exactly 20 girls and 20 boys assembled in the locker room, and Mr. Boynton took a serious tone.

"This is Phys. Ed., not Sex Ed. I know you will all be looking, that's only natural, but there is to be absolutely no touching except as directed, and I don't want to hear any crude comments either. Now I want the boys to take the first 20 odd-numbered lockers and the girls the evens. Go to your locker, learn the combination from the card taped to it, open the locker, remove all your clothes except for your socks, put your clothes in and lock it, destroy the card, then go to the other end of the room and pick out a pair of shoes, which will be yours all semester. Please hurry."

I undressed quickly, not looking about. I went over to the shoes, covering myself with my hands, but then I realized there was no modest way to put them on. I shrugged and bent down. I glanced back and there were a couple of boys looking at my bare butt. Their boxers were tented. I put on the shoes and went into the bathroom. There was a naked boy standing at the urinal, one hand cocked in front of him. I hoped all he was doing was peeing. I went to the farthest stall and did my thing. As I left a nude boy walked in, his penis in his hand. He looked startled.

Out on the gym floor, we were assembled in two lines, boys and girls facing each other. All the girls were covering as best they could, since no one wanted to look like a slut, but the boys were just standing there uncovered, laughing at us. Then we had to start warming up while the boys watched. We had to stretch our arms as high as we could and do torso twists and then we had to hop from one foot to the other. Finally Boynton made us get down on the ground facing the boys and do leg lifts, knee bends, and splits. Then we watched the boys do the same. Since we had been ogled pretty good, I returned the favor. I counted 13 of 20 as circumcised. They were all erect.

I turned to Marci and muttered in her ear. "Looks like a tight fit." And indeed, several were quite impressive.

"I'd like to start with Jerry and work my way up," she muttered back. Jerry was the smallest. We both cracked up.

After we were all warmed up, we went over to the monkey bars, which are just parallel bars fixed in a frame overhead. You jump up and grab the bars and go down the frame hand over hand. The boys went first. We girls all huddled together at the far end, using each other as shields.

George Ravenrude was the first. His lovely penis, pink as boiled ham, stuck out as he swung along, pointing first at one girl and then another. We started goofing about, pretending to be trying to get out of the line of fire. He was laughing so hard he could hardly finish.

When the boys were done it was our turn. Grasping the bars pulled our breasts up attractively, and since our hands were busy our pussies were on complete display. Boys crowded along the sides of the monkey bars, sticking their heads in for a nice close look as we swung along.

Three girls, all on the chubby side, did not have the arm strength to finish. From the 20 volunteers, Boynton chose three boys to assist them. They placed their hands on the girls' buttocks, supporting them and urging them along.  Most unfortunately, sweat caused some boys' hands to inadvertently slip, which made the chubbos squeak.

Then we broke into groups, some to badminton and most to the tumbling mats, but I got picked for the rope climb. I didn't know my partner, Bruce, who volunteered to go first. Of course without pants on it was impossible to wrap legs about the rough rope. Bruce took a handhold up as high as he could and froglegged up, his shoes pressing hard against the rope. As he rose, his hard pink penis was only inches from my face. When he was higher up, I could see his cute little butthole winking at me as he clenched and relaxed his legs. His scrotum, weighted down by his balls, swayed gently from side to side. He came down the same way and then it was my turn.

With my legs frogged and me right in front of his face, he could see absolutely everything for a moment, all my pink parts and maybe even my hymen. Then I was up higher and he could see my butt muscles working and whatever else a boy can see from the rear. As I descended he moved around so he could see my front. When I hit the ground, he gave a groan and went in search of Boynton.

A lot of boys were crowded around him, and one by one they were dismissed and went into the locker room, until only we girls were left. Boynton called us over to him. He was not the least bit shy about staring.

"Girls, the boys could not stand it any longer and they are giving themselves Relief. I have asked them to pile their used tissues on the locker room table. After the boys have left for the showers, we will go in. As an educational experience, I will ask each of you to pick up a tissue and examine and smell it."

Eeeeewwww! But we did it. Some of the girls were so nervous that they started fooling around, holding tissues to their pussies as if they hadn't had the shot and could get pregnant. Marci and I just looked at each other. I know we were both thinking the same thing... having that stuff shot inside of us.

Then we tossed the tissues and went into the room where all twenty showers were in use. Boynton said we were running out of time, so each girl would have to shower with a boy who would help, but they had to stay above the waist.

I picked Jerry. As I applied soap to my legs, butt, and pussy, he was soaping my back, belly, and breasts. Especially my breasts. Especially my nipples. And as he repeatedly ran my hard wet soapy nipples through his fingers, I was glad that the warm water cascading down hid the wetness growing between my legs. Marci, standing next to me in the hands of another boy, was moaning loudly enough to be heard over the water noise. I don't know what would have happened next, but Boynton said we only had 30 seconds left, so we rinsed off quickly and got out.

We toweled off and got dressed in the locker room. As I left, I noticed two naked girls over in the corner of the room, agitatedly talking to Boynton. I supposed they were complaining about being groped or ogled.

Next period was English with Mr. Reynaud, a young teacher popular with his students. Ten minutes into the period in came the two girls from gym class, both still entirely naked, covering themselves with their hands.

"Welcome, girls!" said Reynaud. "Please sit down in front of the room facing the class. But isn't it forbidden for Program girls to cover themselves?"

They explained that they weren't in the Program. They had just forgotten their new locker combinations and Boynton had unaccountably temporarily lost his list. He had told them to go ahead to class and that he would send their clothes along when he got their lockers open.

When their clothes arrived twenty minutes later, Reynaud had them come up in front of the class to dress. I bet nobody forgets their combination from now on!

Between fifth and sixth periods I went into the unisex bathroom. I went into a stall and turned with my butt to the toilet and was just going to pull down when this jerk boy popped in.

"Go ahead, I won't hurt you, I just want to look."

I knew what this was all about. He had targeted me as a dumb freshman who didn't know her rights. He'd probably done this many times, and found that a lot of girls would maybe start crying, but would let him watch because they didn't know any better.

"Get out! I'm not a Program girl and I have an absolute right to toilet privacy!"

He smirked and turned about to leave. "Yes, I'll go, but sooner or later you will be a Program girl. I'll make a very special effort to see you then."

I made sure he left the room before I sat down. I was really angry, the more so because his last statement was not only intimidating, but correct.

The last period of the day was study hall. Halfway through, the teacher in charge discreetly dropped a note on my desk. "Miss Forbes, you have been selected for the Program. Please gather up your books and come to my office now.  S.Skinner"

I got up shakily and made a throat-slitting gesture at Marci. Her eyes got real big.

A good-looking boy stood up as I entered Skinner's office. I appreciate politeness. He was a bit taller than I with sandy hair worn in a tousled British Schoolboy look. He was well dressed with a tweed jacket over a dark blue shirt and tan Dockers.

"Mr. Samuelson, I'd like you to meet Miss Forbes. Jayne, please meet Byron." I extended my hand and we both smiled as we shook. He had nice even white teeth.

"As you probably have guessed," said Skinner, "you are now meeting your new partner. If you will come to my office about 7:45 tomorrow, we will get you into the Exploratorium and out of sight before the first bell rings. I won't tell you much about it, because the rules are posted on the wall inside. And now, Byron, if you will please come with me into the interior office, I will photograph you now."

I waited nervously in the office. Byron came out in about ten minutes, looking at me sympathetically.

"I'm sorry, it's your turn now."

Skinner was all set up and he started snapping pictures before I was even fully undressed, so he got a shot of me with my bra half off, one breast exposed and one covered, and a frontal picture of me with my panties at half-mast. When I was fully naked, he took his own sweet time, putting me in all sorts of naughty poses and shooting from many odd angles. What bothered me most were the close-ups. I knew a lot of these pictures were not really necessary. The old perv probably wanted them for his private files.

I came out in about twenty minutes and was surprised to see Byron patiently waiting for me. Between the pee freak and Sylvester the perv, I was kind of down on men right then. Byron smiled kindly at me. When he suggested going to the Goal Post I said yes.

There was sort of a tacit understanding between us that we wouldn't mention tomorrow. At first we just talked about our teachers, classes, the grade school we went to, ordinary stuff like that. Then we spoke of our hopes for the future. Byron wants to be a physician like his father. When I asked him what his favorite medical subject was he got this real cute look on his face.


"Will you be studying it soon?" I asked innocently.

That broke the ice, and we got to talking about the nude gym classes. His first one was tomorrow, but of course by then he'd be totally naked all day anyway. I told him all about my experiences that morning except that I left out the part about smelling the used tissues and being soaped up in the shower. He really laughed when I told him about the two girls in English class. He said he wouldn't even need a locker this week!

He walked me home from the restaurant. We were having such a good time I invited him in, which was a big violation of house rules since my parents weren't home.

Once inside, we were talking and he asked me if what Skinner had done was pretty bad. And suddenly everything humiliating that had happened to me that day flashed through my mind all at once and I started crying. And then he took me in his arms and he just held me and he said he was sorry I had had a very hard day. And he didn't try to feel me up or anything, but when I was ready to be let go he kissed me lightly on the cheek.

And then I had to spoil it all by bringing up the 500 pound gorilla. "How do you feel about going into the Exploratorium tomorrow?", I asked.

He paused a bit before speaking. I think he was embarrassed, or maybe he was embarrassed for me.

"I'm looking forward to it. Ever since sixth grade, when the Program was announced, I've been fantasizing about getting a chance to examine a naked girl. Of course I've read anatomy texts, but this is the real thing! I want to be straight with you. I want to take off all your clothes so bad so that I can hardly wait until tomorrow. In fact, do we have to wait? If I'm going to see it all anyway, can we go to your bedroom and start right now? Can we shower together?"

Instantly I could feel hot anger flooding over me. I had started to like Byron, and hoped he liked me. But he didn't say anything about having feelings for me. Am I some sort of generic female, the embodiment of a thousand of his wet dreams, acceptable because I have tits, pussy, and ass? I told him he had to leave immediately, practically pushed him out the door. He looked hurt, like he didn't get it. Boys!

I called Marci to bring her up to date about being photographed and meeting Byron. I told her everything, like I always do, but for some reason this time her support for me was lukewarm. She pointed out that I'd already been naked in the shower with a boy that day. She thought it would have been a good idea to go with him to my room!

Then I had to hang up because my parents were coming in. My poor dad works so hard sometimes he doesn't even get home in time for supper, but this time the school had called him to tell him I had been selected so he called Mom and they came home together.

Of course they wanted to hear all about my first day of high school, so I told them, even about the gym class, though of course I left a lot out. They got real interested when I told them how nice Byron looked and how polite he was at first. But then I confessed that he had been in the house and I told them what he had said at the end and how I had got mad and thrown him out.

"What kind of a boy would say a thing like that?" I asked.

My father looked totally surprised. "Well, to start with, an honest and truthful boy. Isn't that what you are looking for in a relationship? So he wants to see you naked. Lots of boys do! All boys do! If he'd said anything else I'd figure he was gay or lying!

"Jayne, we raised you to be a nice modest girl, and that was fine. But now it is time that you start thinking about not only your own sexuality, but that of others. You are a very attractive girl. Tomorrow you are going to have to take a very big step. Just exactly how big is going to be a matter of discussion between you and Byron. I'd hate to think you couldn't come to an agreement with him just because you got off on the wrong foot."

Really all he was saying is that boys' psychology is different from girls'. As soon as I saw that I felt bad about how I had treated Byron. In fact, I felt a little flattered that I had got him so hot!

"Mom," I said, "I need to go to the mall tonight."

She knew what I was talking about right away even if Dad didn't. She got on the phone and made an appointment at Pussies 'R Us.

When we got there, there were two nude girls about my own age in the display window. One had just a trim, the other a pretty severe Bikini wax job. A bunch of teen boys were hanging around the scenery. Pussies 'R Us gives a 20% discount to any customer who will spend an hour in their window. It's cheap advertising.

They took me right away into a nicely decorated private room while Mom stayed in the waiting area, idly paging through Nude News of the World.

"Mr. Paul will be right with you." said the receptionist. I would have preferred a woman after my day. He minced in soon.

"Oh, you are a real sweetie," he gushed. "You are lovely, just so lovely. I suppose you are in the Program tomorrow?"

I nodded.

"Well, you are certainly going to make some sweet boy very, very happy, you darling."

Yes, and if I couldn't make that sweet boy happy, I knew who I could send him to. I could see I didn't have to worry about Mr. Paul lusting after my virginal body.

"OK, sweetie, I'm just turning around here to wash my hands, why don't you just slip off your bottom clothes so we can see your naughty-naughties?"

Huh? This was a bit too much. But Mr. Paul's obvious harmlessness was actually a big help to me, unless it's just I'm starting to get used to stripping in front of males! Off it all came, and when Mr. Paul turned around I was already up on the table, legs pressed tightly together. He picked up a plain white cotton pad and put it under my butt. Then he took a good long look. He looked pensive for awhile, then so help me, he reached into a drawer and took out a magnifying glass! He had me move about a bit and open my legs a little. Then he gently pulled apart my outer lips and inspected my pink under magnification.

"Well," he finally said, "I think you are so lovely as you are that I can't recommend much for us to do. You are rather in the pink of health."

You don't often hear a grown man giggle. There's a reason.

"As your lower hair is blonde and typically sparse, I wouldn't do much removal. I suggest just a minor trim and comb-out, and then there might be a few naughty hairs that won't lie down that need to go. Finally, I'd suggest a small amount of blusher to make the lips appear fuller and slightly pinker."

I was too embarrassed at this point to quibble. Mr. Paul took out a new comb and scissors from sterile packs. He trimmed the sides and very gently combed me out, then took a look under magnification and nipped off a few more hairs.

"Now, dearie, what flavor blusher would you like?"

That about did it for me. I turned totally red thinking about the implications of that question. I was totally speechless. Mr. Paul suggested that cherry was pretty popular. I nodded mutely. He took my left lip between his thumb and forefinger, drawing it out slightly to flatten it and help the blusher go on more evenly. As he worked down, applying blusher with the other hand, his knuckle pressed and rubbed against my most sensitive spot. I realized why he had put down the cotton pad. It was getting soaked. Then he had me do the other lip, but it was an awkward position and I didn't do a very neat job, so he had to take some time redoing it.

"Now what we have here is quite normal and there is no need to be embarrassed," said Mr. Paul. He delicately wiped off some excess moisture with several cotton balls and changed my pad. I felt like a baby.

"You look extremely lovely. Now tomorrow before you go to school, use the blusher and you'll turn quite a few heads. I'll just put these things we just used in a bag for you which you can pick up at the reception desk after you get dressed." And, thankfully, he was gone.

Mom paid the bill. I said I didn't want to pose for the discount.

The next morning at breakfast Dad tried to talk to me about sex. He said that Byron and I were going to get pretty excited and so maybe I ought to think hard now about just how far I wanted to go. I answered him politely. Like, duh, I hadn't been thinking about all this nearly every minute since I got Mr. Skinner's note! I have no intention of having sex, but I didn't tell Dad that. Decisions like that are just too private. I know he means well, and he did help me get rid of my anger.

I tried to apologize to Byron as soon as I saw him, but he just smiled and brushed it off. He was terribly nervous. Skinner said very little. He just escorted us to the room and said that the rules were posted on the wall.


  1. You may not remove any of your own clothes. Your partner will do that.
  2. Using your eyes, hands, lips, mouth, tongue, etc. you will examine and explore your partner's body as long as you wish.
  3. A shower is provided. If used, both must use it at once.
  4. Either party may request to view the other's toilet functions. This request will be granted.
  5. You are under real-time observation by a Federal Nudity Inspector via closed-circuit. A tape is being made, which will be used for internal training purposes only. You may have a free copy if you wish.
  6. If sexual intercourse is to take place, both parties must explicitly state their intention audibly. Otherwise the F.N.I. will intervene.
  7. If you use the bed, please put down a pad first so the next couple does not have to lie on your wet spot.

I started once again to apologize to Byron, but he was too preoccupied with unbuttoning my blouse and unzipping my skirt to pay attention. He resisted the opportunity to caress me as he pulled down my pantyhose. I nervously checked to see if any pussy hairs were showing. Silly me. Soon my shoes and outer clothing were all off. I stood, waiting to see what he would expose next. And waited.

Then I realized he wanted me to undress him. I was too eager to be totally polite. As I pulled down his pants I ran my hand lightly over his bulge. He jerked involuntarily. Soon, wearing only bra and panties, I was looking at him, naked but for bulging white briefs.

He took me in his arms and began to kiss me, pressing himself against me, and when I backed away in sudden shyness, his hands dropped from my waist to my pantied butt. And now he was forcing himself underneath the waistband and my bare globes were in his hands and he was feeling all over them and now he was parting them and one finger was between them, rubbing lightly up and down. He brought me swiftly forward and now he was moving himself against my pussy, rubbing me, lifting me up slightly and then letting me down, over and over, his tongue in my mouth now, and I was moaning.

And now he was breaking off and he was behind me and his hands were still under the waistband and now they were inexorably moving around my hips to my front. And from each side they converged and parted me; pulling my lips apart and now his fingers were running up and down my slit, and I was wet, so wet, and moaning and bucking. And I still had some clothes on!

But not for long. He pulled down my panties in a flash and I stepped out and then he undid my bra and down it came and now he was still behind me and his hands were snaking across my chest and he had a breast in each hand, holding my breasts so gently as if he treasured them, lifting them up and down lightly as if weighing them, and now he was rubbing his palms against my nipples and they were so hard they poked into his palms and now he had each nipple between his fingers and he was rubbing and rolling them just like Jerry did in the shower. And then he stopped and he came around and faced me and I knew what he wanted.

His briefs hung up as I tried to slide them down. He took my hand and gently, wordlessly, slid my hand under the elastic. I wrapped my hand around him and pulled his penis up against his belly and slid down his briefs with my other hand. He kicked them off, and we were both naked, facing each other, looking at each other, smiling and embarrassed. I took his penis in my hand and I slid my hand up and down, feeling the soft skin over the hard hard core, and then I got down on my knees and I held him by the base and I put my mouth on the lovely bare pink tip and I kissed it again and again and I took the tip into my mouth and ran my tongue about it, marveling at the taste. He was gasping. He pulled out and away from me. He said he didn't want to cum just yet.

His bare back was to me as he looked up at the posted rules. I put my hands lightly on his tight butt and then around his waist, close to but not touching his penis, pressing my pussy against his rear.

"Which one are you reading?"

"#4," he said, somewhat ashamed. "I think I did something like that with a neighborhood girl when I was little."

"You mean I'm not the first?", I said, teasingly.

Yes, what he wanted was childish, but I was curious to see how a boy pees, too. I took his hand and we went into the bathroom together and I sat down and for a moment I couldn't get a stream going but then I did and I opened my legs wide so he could see better. Then I showed him how a girl wipes afterward and let him try a gentle swipe. Then I got up, pulling up the seat, and it was his turn. He stood before the basin and boldly splashed a noisy stream directly into the water. It's so easy for a boy! I was a little uneasy about taking his penis into my mouth after that. Fortunately we both seemed to have the same thing in mind, and almost without talking we stepped together into the shower.

I can't begin to describe what it's like to have a boy soap up your entire body. When he got to my breasts, how did he know exactly how hard to touch them, rub them, lift them gently in his palms, and soap them? How did he know to suck my nipples lightly, bringing them into his mouth, feeling their exquisite hardness against his tongue? And how to roll them, slippery with soap, between his fingers until ecstasy began to border on pain and I moaned and gently took his hands away, thus freeing them to descend?

And now he was soaping me between my legs, opening me up to the warm spray, touching every secret part of me where no boy had ever gone, washing off the blusher as my lips engorged with blood and puffed up with desire. And now he was parting them and he was soaping me inside, nothing a secret now, his wet forefinger now directly on my clitoris, gently, gently, and now a bit more firmly as I seized his hand and pressed it into me, moving my hips back and forth, humping his finger, wanting to cum, so close to cumming, but then jerking his hand away and slumping back against the shower wall. I wanted us to cum together.

I put soap in my right hand just as I remembered Gregory had done in the Chrissy story and I started rubbing up and down his penis. At first I stayed on the shaft but then I moved to the tip. Byron gave a great cry and grabbed my hand away and with the other hand turned off the water. I stared at him. Had I hurt him?

We stepped out of the shower and he handed me one of the big fluffy white towels.

He turned himself toward the regulations sign and looked up as he seesawed his back dry. His tight butt glistened invitingly.

"I wish to declare that I want to engage in sexual intercourse." He spoke to the unknown watcher.

He turned then and looked directly at me. His eyes were burning. He already had a butt pad in his hand. It was my turn to speak.

"I also declare that I wish to have sex."

"Permission granted," said a disembodied voice.

I quickly finished drying off and went to the bed and laid down, shyly opening my legs. He positioned the pad underneath me.

All that cherry flavor had been lost, I suppose, in the shower. But from the avidity with which he kissed and licked between my legs, parting me again with his hands, searching again for my clitoris which by now had drawn upwards in excitement, he must have liked the taste. But this couldn't last.

"I can't wait any longer," I said.

And in an instant he was on me, his hardness pressing on me momentarily like a big thumb, and then he was in just a little and then a little more, wriggling a bit in my wetness, and then there was a little jab of pain and he was all the way in, stroking me, smiling down at me, then closing his eyes as he pumped, jerking to a stop and spasming, squirting deep inside me, and as I felt that I lifted my hips up and held the tension for a moment and then I came too, cumming hard and falling back, floating, drained, at peace.

What can you say to your lover after the first time? It was almost too much, too overwhelming, to speak. Should one say "that was great"? Way too ordinary. Mostly we just smiled and smiled as each other, helping each other clean up, moving with lassitude in our afterglow. Just before we left the Exploratoium, heading towards the office to drop off our clothes, I touched Byron's now limp penis, smiled at him, and invited him to come to my house after school so we could do it again.

He naturally accepted.

We dropped off our clothes. Three boys were standing a bit away from us, understandably not wanting to get too close while Byron was protectively next to me. One boy was talking to the others.

"I think they just did it! Look at how happy they are and how red and puffy she is!"

It was embarrassing, and there was much else to come that day. I'd be posed and groped and questioned and so would Byron. But somehow I was so happy I didn't care. I knew I could get through anything if I could be naked in his arms after school. Praise be to the Program and to the Exploratorium. God, how I love sex!

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