Tom Markham’s Mistress
by Belisarius

Part 2

‘Tis a truth universally acknowledged that a bondage devotee of good fortune and smart appearance must be in want of a captive.’ Sorry about the Jane Austen paraphrase, but it sums up pretty well what was in my mind during the week following my adventure with Susannah.

Grace was still away and had just rung that she’d be flying from the Middle East straight to Houston, missing out a planned weekend with me. I don’t know about you, but there is only so much masturbation I can cope with before I need the real thing. Thus my mind returned to my publishing friend and I decide to accept the offer of the meeting she had suggested.

However, the day before our assignation, she appeared unannounced on my doorstep and to say I was surprised is putting it mildly.

“Hello,” she smiled, “May I come in?”

“Yessss… I think so…..,” I stuttered a bit.

“Grace here?”

“No… Gone to Houston, Texas….”

“I know where Houston is – in Texan terms it’s close to Dallas, isn’t it?”

“Anyway, come in,” I waved her through the door and led her to the kitchen, where I was preparing a light lunch. “Would you care for a sea-food salad?”

“I thought I’d take you out to lunch, I’ve booked Le Nookerie, for one-thirty, so you have time to tie me up before we go. No doubt you and Grace will have the necessary materials to hand.”

“Yes….,” my mouth dropped open.


“We usually go down to the wine cellar.”

“Sounds cold.”

“No, it’s quite plush, actually, central heating and soft lighting.”


“Haven’t seen one in a while.”

“Ok, let’s go.”

“You’re not expecting to tie me up, are you?” I asked my voice filled with uncertainty.

She smiled her smile and dropped to her knees, head bowed, “Please, please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you say…..”

“Through that door,” I ordered, pointing the way, “And down those stairs – come on, jump to it.”

I followed her down into the cellar, which had been well fitted out by Grace and myself for our bondage activities. There were all sorts of possibilities and many pieces of equipment available. My mouth became dry as I went through in my mind the positions in to which I intended to bind Susannah.

“Hmmmm…., very nice, lots of potential,” she said as she gazed around bondage headquarters.

“Right,” I said as I took a length of rope from its hook, “Let’s begin.”

She turned away from me and placed her wrists together behind her back, “Don’t you want me to strip first?”

“No, let’s begin with you fully clothed,” my penis began to throb as I pictured myself pulling her tits from her blouse and yanking her skirt up around her waist.

“Mmmmm, very sensuous…..”

I set to and soon had her hands incapable of much movement and took another piece of rope to secure her arms.

“Hold on, just a minute…..,” she said.

What now? I wondered. Was I to be denied at this late stage?

“I meant to ask you a favour,” she wheedled.

Oh no, I thought, here comes the whammy, “What sort of favour?”

“I’ve just left my job and have set up my own literary agency.”

“Well done, you. Excellent news.”

“I’m glad you think so. I wondered whether you’d like to join my agency?”

“Who else have you got on your list?”

“You’d be my first.”

“What! Oh, no, it’s a difficult trade to be in, besides I’ve been with Hill & Harrison for years, they’re like old friends.”

“These friends got you any US lecture tours have they?”

I shook my head, “No, my lectures generally are requested by various universities, my agents have very little to do with it.”

“Apart from taking their fifteen percent, I expect,” she smiled winningly.

“Yes…. Yes…. They do take their commission pretty promptly.”

“Lot’s of dollars going awry there, then. Any of your stuff been dramatised on small or big screen?”

“No, not yet. There was talk of it……”

“Talk of it, is that the best Danielle Harrison can manage? How about television lecturing in the style of Alan Taylor? You could do that, I’ve listened to your talks. You’d also get a big take-up with a novel – you have a following, you know.”

She got me thinking, I hadn’t realised that I was missing out on so much.

Her voice dropped and became seductive, “Tom, I’m tied up, I can’t stop you, why don’t you fuck me now?” She lay back on a chaise-longue that stood nearby and spread her legs as wide as her tight skirt would allow, her tongue flickered along her lips, hot and pink. Her mouth was inviting my cock, it was an open invitation that could not be ignored, I began to unzip my trousers.

“What do you think then?”

I halted in mid stride, “I thought I’d plunge it in and…….”

“No, you idiot, are you going to drop Danielle Harrison and join me, or not?”

“I don’t know…..”

“I’ll make you successful beyond your wildest dreams…. And I’ll give you such a cock sucking that your head will blow off.”

What could I do? A double offer, both very appealing and one of them immediate.

My penis, much swollen, advanced towards her, I stumbled slightly and then felt as though my member had been taken in hand by one of Mister Hoover’s most effective machines.

“Oooooohhhhhhh….. Ahhhhhhhoooooo…..,” I whimpered.

Then she withdrew her mouth and delicious tongue, “You did say you’d come in with me, didn’t you?”

I hate upsetting women, especially when they cry, “I don’t think I can, how could I break it to Harriett……,” I muttered weakly.

She snorted, “Ha… Leave that to me, I’ll deal with the ugly old bitch. What’s more, I’ll enjoy it.”

I was about to speak when the vacuum cleaner took in the whole shaft of my cock and set diligently to work. Even though she was the one tightly bound, I was the one doing the screaming, until I felt a flood of hot cum rise from my inner being, speed along my shaft and down the throat of my captive.

My captive! That’s a laugh, I was the only one caught.

“Mmmmm…… That tastes so good,” she licked her lips to emphasis her words.

“Pleased you enjoyed it,” I said as my hands busily began to feel the rise of her tits under the fabric of her blouse.

“Ok, untie me, it’s nearly time for lunch and I’m starving, your hors d’oeuvres set me up nicely for a good feed.”

I said nothing, but took out a ball gag from its home and fastened it into her mouth, “I think not, my dear, you’re my prisoner and will continue to be for an hour or so yet.” She didn’t try to speak, but did umphhh and mumppphhh a bit, but just for my benefit, I thought.

Taking more ropes I pushed her back on to the settee and began to bind her ankles together, crossing them and cinching them tightly. I stood and gazed at her wonderful form and began to feel my manhood give the first whispers of a return to strength. Her skirt was of a grey herring-bone pattern along which I could follow the curves of her thighs. Not the plump, soft, white variety belonging to Grace, but well toned ones, with a mathematical camber that set my blood racing. Unable to wait longer I slid my fingers under the hem and began to push it up. Along her thighs it moved smoothly, her nylon hosiery whispering as it went, she raised her hips to allow it passage and my fingers began to luxuriate in the softness of the underneath of her thighs through the fine gossamer of her tights.

“Ahhhhhh……,” she moaned through her gag, so I knew I was getting somewhere and realised that this was the first time in our relationship that I hadn’t been under her control. Eventually, her skirt was concertinaed around her waist and through her hose I could see a deliciously brief pair of lacy panties. The wonderful groove; that Cora’d given me my first ever sight of, was clear to see and I began to run my forefinger along its length. As I watched I could see the slit widening, becoming deeper and feel Susannah pushing her pelvis up to meet my finger.

Taking great care not to damage her pantyhose, I took the elasticated top of them and rolled them down across her thighs, taking with them the panties. I gazed for a moment on the delta of her soft, public hair, then unable to hold back longer, my fingers began to explore her opening. They were immediately met by a flood of moisture and such a moaning through the gag that Grace; in her teenage years, would have been proud of .

I rolled her over so her face was crushed into the cushions of the chaise-longue, lay along the length of her back and pulling her bottom into my belly, I thrust my cock into her vagina. My strokes were long, methodical and rhythmic. Her responses were wild and it took all my strength to keep her in position, promising myself that next time I would spread-eagle her and indulge in a little torture. The thought of this brought my second climax of the session and I rolled away from her sated. During the sex she had managed to push the gag from her mouth and lay panting beside me.

“Well, you are the surprising one, aren’t you. Who’d have thought it of a dry old historian.”

“It’s a skill I have.”

“Depth of experience, more like.”

“Shouldn’t we go for lunch?” I was the one feeling hungry now.

“Untie me, then. By the way, did you use a condom?”

I could feel my face turn red, “No… no…,” I stuttered.

“Oh, dear, that’s unfortunate, the fecundity of my family is well documented. Nearly as impressive as that of Elizabeth Woodville.”

“Oh, dear, well, I……”

“Oh, while I remember, will you sign a contract with my agency, I’ve got one in my handbag?”

“Yes… Of course…” What else could I say?

“Oh, splendid,” she said turning her wrists towards me so that I could untie them.

Fifteen minutes later we’d signed and exchanged contracts and were about to drive off to Le Nookerie when she stopped me at the door and kissed me quite passionately.

“Oh, by the way, you needn’t worry about the lack of a contraceptive, I’m on the pill, have been for years.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and went out to join her in her car.

Susannah 2 – Me 0.

End of Part 2

Copyright© 2012 by Belisarius. All rights reserved.