Tight Relationship IV
by Belisarius

Ross woke up in a panic, believing that he was choking in a pitch black room.  He tried to get to his feet, but could not, then, all at once, he realized that he had been bound, gagged and blindfolded.

He began to breathe slowly and calmly and then reviewed his situation.  It became apparent to him that he had been spread-eagled and tied to his bed whilst he had been asleep.  Further exploration using the senses he had left to him, led him to believe that he had been gagged with Liz's panties which were held in place by one of her stockings.  The blindfold felt silky, perhaps it was the short night dress she had worn that evening, he thought to himself.

He heaved on his bonds and found that there was little give in them as he had been stretched as taut as a drum skin.  The previous evening, Liz had brought him a drink; which had obviously been drugged, and then had secured him - but, to what purpose?

The door clicked open and a woman; from the scent she exuded, entered the room. 
Gentle fingers removed Ross's gag whilst the mattress sank as the unknown female climbed on to the bed.

"Liz…" questioned Ross after he'd taken a couple of deep lungfuls of air.

There was no reply.

Instead, the woman straddled his chest, eased forward and covered his mouth with her already damp cunt.

"Mmmmpppppphhhhhhhh..." moaned Ross as he began to nibble and lick, his penis speedily becoming fully erect.

His tongue made a passage deeper into her vagina through soft curls and it was then that he remembered that Liz had shaved her pubic area as smooth as a billiard ball.

"Delia..." he said, pulling his mouth away from her wet slit.

She said nothing but forced his mouth back to it's duty.

Ross pulled at his bonds,  but only made them dig deeper into his flesh.

Then, Delia – for it was indeed she – leaned slightly back and with her right hand grasped his aching cock. 

"Ahhhhhhhh..." spluttered Ross from within Delia.

His relief was to be short lived, however, as Delia continued with her task at maximum speed and with little finesse.  In seconds a rich flood of spunk was ejected from the tip of Ross's penis and he was spent.  Delia wiped her hand on his chest hair and thrust her pelvis harder on to his mouth.

"You'd best please me..." she threatened, speaking for the first time.

"Ghhhhmmmmmm... Hhhhhhhmmmmmm..." replied Ross his tongue wedged deep into Delia's innards.

The door opened and Liz entered.

Delia turned her head and smiled at her P.A. before nodding an affirmative.

Liz climbed on to the bed, wedged herself between Ross's spread legs and took his limp dick into her mouth.

After a few minutes Ross began to respond by thrusting his penis towards the roof of her throat.  Once he was stiff, Liz relented and tapped Delia on the shoulder.

Delia pulled her cunt from Ross's mouth and instead pushed it on to the head of his penis.

Liz in the meantime pulled up her skirt to reveal tightly suspendered stockings, she pulled her panty girdle down to her ankles and kicked the garment away.  She took Delia's previous position with her cunt thrusting down on to Ross's gaping mouth.

His head was trapped between nylon covered knees while his tongue and lips worked on what can only be described as a throbbing cunt which was awash with sex juices.  At the same time he was thrusting upwards with his dick as far as his bonds would allow.

"Ahhhhhhgggggggggg..." Delia came at last.

"Uhhhhhhhheeeeeee..." Liz wanted more, but Delia was the boss, so she acted out a finish.

Both ladies slid to either side of Ross panting heavily.

"That was wonderful..." congratulated Ross, "Why don't I tie the both of you up now?"

Delia laughed unpleasantly, "Oh, no, my dear little man.  You are ours now."

Then they gagged and blindfolded him again, leaving him to consider his plight.

An hour later they returned, secured his hands in front of him and then fettered his ankles, allowing a short length of chain between them.  Wasting no time, Delia took a length of twine, fashioned a slip-knot and placed it around his balls, drawing it tight and making him wince with the pain of it.  Then he was led to the bathroom where his ankle bonds were lengthened and he was told to toilet, wash and shave.  Liz was left outside with the end of the cock restraint twine held firmly in her grip.

Once clean again, Ross was re-secured more closely and then led by the balls to the torture room.  His gag and blindfold were removed and he saw the two women standing before him, he felt some fear as their faces were grim and set in stone.

Before he could say much, he was manoeuvred between two of the posts, his wrists were further bound by a long length of rope which was already slung over a hook in the ceiling beam.

Both women hauled on this rope and his arms were stretched straight above his head, his feet still just in contact with the floor.

Delia noticed Ross's penis was again rising. "We don't want him to enjoy this too much, do we?" she said, nodding and raising her eyebrows at Liz.

Liz sank to her knees and began to roughly toss Ross off.

In the meantime Delia secured his ankles to opposite posts, pulling his thighs wide apart in the process.

A further rope secured his midriff.

"Ahhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrr..." screamed Ross as he came, his cum spitting across the room.

"Doesn't he come easily?" remarked Liz as she rose to her feet, wiping her mouth at the same time.

From the table, Delia took a pair of clamps and fastened them tightly onto Ross' nipples as he tried to writhe away from her.

She then selected a leather cock restraint which she forced on to Ross's still semi-erect penis.  This was joined to the nipple clamps with a length of fine chain.

"Coffee time, I think," suggested Delia.

"I don't know that he's in enough discomfort?"

"He certainly deserves more. Don't you think?"

"How about some electricity to his balls?"

Wordlessly, Liz took from a container two black boxes that were attached to each other by wire.  She taped two contacts, one at the base of Ross's penis, and the other on the dividing line between his balls.

In the meantime Delia had plugged the device in and connected it to what was obviously a transformer.

"About mid-way for the charge, do you think?"

Ross looked on with apprehension. What were these mad cows up to, he wondered.  He tensed his body as Delia switched on the flow of electricity, but nothing happened, there was no pain, no sensation at all.

Delia smiled nastily, "I had this made up to my own specification, Ross, so don't be impatient; it has a random timer.  Somewhere between thirty seconds and five minutes your cock will be brought up with a jerk."

"Aghhhhhhhh," screamed Ross as the first surge of electricity hit him.

"Shouldn't he be gagged?" queried Liz.

"No, let's leave the doors open and enjoy his screams as we take coffee," and with that they left Ross in the capable hands of the remote torturer.

The following forty minutes were long ones for Ross as his body was kept taut and tense by the expected but unpredictable surge of pain.

Eventually, Delia and Liz returned and stood observing his torment with smiles wreathing their faces.

"His cock looks a mite withered, don't you think," observed Delia.

"A trifle," returned Liz.

"I think you should do something about that," Delia commanded.

Liz dropped to her knees and removed the torture device and restraint from Ross's throbbing cock.  Taking it in her hands she began to rub some life into it.  Once it was partly erect again she took it into her mouth and began to suck and use her tongue to ease it back to life.

Meanwhile, Delia rummaged around in a corner of the room and came back with a long birch switch.

"I am going to ask you some questions, my dear; you are going to answer them honestly – completely honestly.  Do you understand?" Delia warned her prisoner, her voice full of venom.

Ross could make no reply, for at that moment he shot a full load of cum down Liz's throat.

"Good, that's got the sex out of the way, let's start on the pain," said Delia as her companion rose back to her feet, once again wiping her mouth.

Without a word Liz took the birch from Delia and positioned herself behind Ross and to his left, testing the swishiness of it all the while.

"Well, David Ross..." began Delia.

Ross tensed, how could she possibly know, he thought to himself, straining at his bonds at the same time.

"In fact, Lieutenant-Commander David Ross, once of the Royal Navy.  Is that not so?"

Ross said nothing.

Delia nodded and Liz swung the switch in a short arc which made contact with her captive's rump.

"Aaaggggghhhhh..." cried Ross as he flung himself forward as far as his bonds would allow.

Liz, knowing how her boss worked wasted no time before striking Ross again, but this time across his thighs.  A third stroke was directed across his shoulder blades and a fourth stung his arse again.

"Well?" asked Delia coldly.

"Yes... For God's sake, yes...  I am David Ross..."

"Ex-Lieutenant-Commander?" the interrogation continued.

Ross's face was already red with pain but it reddened even further.

Delia nodded again.

Liz lashed her bound and helpless prisoner a further four times before standing back.

Delia continued to smile icily as she watched the flogging take place and appeared to enjoy the screams of her lover.

"Yeeeesssss... Please..." shouted Ross, rapidly going off the idea of sexual bondage and torture.

Nodding slightly Delia stepped forward and took Ross's cock in her fingers and began to wank him, while Liz dropped the switch and stepped around to watch what was going to happen.

Before many minutes had passed Ross's penis was about as long and thick as it was ever likely to be in the circumstances.

Delia raised her skirt under which she wore no knickers, took her captive's penis and worked it into her cunt.  Her arms stretched around his waist, beneath the midriff bondage and she began to scourge his bottom with her long, crimson fingernails.

Ross was a prisoner; his body was completely for the use of and at the mercy of his captors.

While her boss was fucking Ross, Liz brought a low stool which she stood beside the scaffold; standing on it she unbuttoned her blouse, pulled her tits out of the restraint of their brassiere and pushed her left nipple into Ross's mouth.

"Ohhhhhhh..." cried Delia as eventually she climaxed.

Liz stepped back and returned her breasts to the waiting nests of her brassiere.

"Lunch time, I believe," suggested Delia, already making for the door.

"What about him?  Isn't her a trifle comfortable again?"

Delia thought for a moment, her forefinger tapping at her chin, "I'll leave it to you, Liz, my dear, do with him what you will while I uncork the Chablis and toss the salad."

"Untie, me, please, Liz," begged Ross once the chief torturer had departed.

Liz shook her head, "I can't, I like and need my job.  Anyway, I haven't fucked you yet," she said as she reached for the random electric shock apparatus.

It was Ross's turn to shake his head and he did so violently, "No... No... No, please Liz, not that."

To her prisoner's relief, Liz replaced the black boxes and then, after a moments thought, took a stub of a candle, lit it and placed it between his legs.  Whilst still on her knees she brought her head up and took his cock into her mouth.  A few seconds later she could feel it beginning to grow and thicken within her throat, her tongue lapped around it forcing it to extend and thicken even further, the tip becoming wet with anticipation.

Before he could say anything Liz stood up, gagged him, but left his eyes unblindfolded.  She took a step back. Ross' penis was glistening with cum in the light of the candle, the heat of which was beginning to make him twist and squirm in his bonds.  She breathed in the sight of this tall, handsome man, tightly restrained and under the torture she had decided upon.

As Ross watched with appeal in his eyes, Liz pulled up her skirt until it lay in folds around her waist and pushed her fingers deep into her twat.  She quickly came to a climax, allowed her skirt to drop back into place and, after retrieving her panty girdle, went off with a smile for lunch with her boss.

In no time, the heat of the candle became unbearable; the only relief Ross could find was by moving continually so that the rising current of hot air was not allowed to concentrate on one particular part of his crotch.  Though, due to the severeness of his bonds, he was not able to move very far.

Eventually, just before Delia and Liz returned, the candle flame flickered and went out.  Ross breathed a sigh of relief and waited with trepidation for whichever torture was to be inflicted upon him next.

Without speaking his captors released him from his position between the posts; though without freeing his wrists or removing his fetters, and allowed him to collapse on to the stone flagged floor, where he tried to work some life into his badly cramped muscles.

They allowed him only a short respite before he was pulled and pushed on to the long table which stood at one side of the chamber.  His legs were spread and fastened with rope to opposite corners, whilst his arm were pulled above his head and tied to the appropriate legs of the table.  Both women then began pulling on his restraints making them tighter and tighter until movement for him became impossible.

Liz looked down at their prisoner and noticed that his cock had begun to stiffen again, she nodded towards it, "He certainly can take it," she said to her employer.

"Mmmmmm... Your turn I think." responded Delia.

As he watched, Liz began to strip off her blouse, next came the skirt and then her breasts tumbled out of her brassiere as she removed it.

Delia stepped quickly behind her PA and grabbed at her breasts, taking the nipples between her fingers she began to pull and tweak them.  Liz moaned and thrust forward urgently with her pelvis.  Then Delia slipped her fingers down the front of Liz's pantie-girdle and began tossing her off, whispering and nibbling her ears at the same time.

As Ross watched his mouth became dry and he could feel his cock harden even further. 

Before Liz could climax, Delia removed her fingers from her PA's cunt and roughly pulled down her pantie-girdle, leaving her in dark stockings which were held up by strong, white suspenders.

Liz could wait no longer, she pulled herself on to the table-rack and positioned herself above her captive's penis, quickly easing it deep within her.

After Delia had watched her employee thrust herself up and down on Ross's cock a few time, she shouted sharply, "STOP!"

Liz obeyed instantly, but leant forward and began brushing Ross's face with her soft breasts.

"Now, Mr Ross, before I allow my friend here to continue with sexual congress, you must tell me why you faced a naval court-marshal."

Ross sighed and shook his head, though not strongly.

"Liz will not continue with her fucking of you and the pain will begin again, unless you confess, frankly and to everything."

"All right, all right," Ross bowed to the inevitable, "I was accused of the sexual harassment of the anti-submarine officer of the frigate Marlborough, Sub-Lieutenant Josephine Hartford."

"You were guilty as charged?"

"Yes... I suppose so... But it didn't feel that way at the time... She..."

"So, this is why you have so callously dumped so many trusting women, women who you led to believe had found the perfect partner for themselves?" continued Delia remorselessly.

"Yes... Yes...” confessed Ross.

Delia looked sharply up at Liz, "Finish him off quickly," she commanded.

Liz needed no second invitation, she pushed down hard on Ross's cock and began to ride him until eventually he came.

If their prisoner thought that he would now be released and given food and drink, he was soon disappointed.  His wrists were released from their bonds and he had barely time to begin massaging them before he found himself manacled again, with a two foot length of chain between his wrists.  Similarly, his feet were fettered with about the same amount of freedom between his ankles.

As Ross watched Liz rolled up the carpet which lay in one corner of the room to reveal a trapdoor, which she lost no time in opening.  Unceremoniously, the prisoner was pulled from the table and led down through the trapdoor into a cellar which covered perhaps half the area of the torture room.

Before his eyes had become used to the gloom, his captors pushed him towards the far wall where they placed a collar and chain around his neck.  The chain was about 10 feet long, which was insufficient a length to allow him to reach the foot of the cellar steps.

Liz pointed to the corner nearest him, "There's a chemical toilet over there, it hasn't been emptied since our last prisoner departed, but it should do for a week or two, I think."

"The cold water tap is situated beside it, but it isn't very reliable - so take care, or you'll be reduced to licking condensation from these stout stone walls," advised Delia.

"Poor Henry!  Poor chap - that's what he had to do," clucked Liz.

"You can't be planning to leave me here!" Ross's exclamation was edged with panic.

Both women smiled and without a further word left, climbed the steps and shut the trapdoor behind them.

The cellar had been dark before, but now it was pitch black.  Here he was starving, aching, tired and without hope.  What had happened to the previous occupants of this prison, he asked himself over and over again.  How had he allowed himself to fall into the hands of two such sadistic witches?  At last, he threw himself down on the thin mattress that he had found by touch and fell into a troubled and disturbed sleep.

Ross was awakened by the sound of the trap door opening and morning light brightening the gloom of his prison.  He sat up with a start and with hope in his breast for the first time in many long hours.

Before long a middle-aged woman he'd never seen before came down the steps and stood before him.

“Here you are, sir," she said and handed him a bunch of keys which he realized were those to his manacles, fetters and neck collar.

"Ohhhh... Ohhhhhh...  Thank-you, Thank-you," he cried out with relief.

"I suppose you'd like a good breakfast now?  Miss Delia's other gentlemen all did," enquired his saviour.

"You're the cleaner?" asked Ross.

"I am that, sir.  Now, you get yourself up and washed and dressed and I'll have bacon, eggs, Cumberland sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes and fried bread all ready for you."

"You don't think this is all a bit strange?" Ross couldn't help asking as the cleaner began to mount the steps.

She half turned, "I've done for Miss Delia for many a year now, sir, she pays me well and what she and her friends want to get up to in the privacy of this here cottage - well, that's their business and nobody else's."

Later, at the breakfast table, Ross found a note from Delia waiting for him:

           Hope you enjoyed your week-end with us - we certainly did!
         Stay at the cottage for as long as you like - until your next bout
of consultancy work comes up, if you so desire.
        Liz and I will be returning next week-end when we shall be
playing the part of ladies whose car has broken down, seeking refuge
in a sinister old castle, replete with torture chamber.
        We will, of course, require a male torturer - Perhaps you could
make yourself available?


Ross didn't have to think very long before he decided to extend his stay in the beautiful Lake District for a further week or two.