Tight Relationship
by Belisarius

Part 2

As far as Delia was concerned Ross had shown a touch of genius when he had ordered her to wear the panty girdle.  She heaved vigorously on the silk tie which he had secured between her thighs, but the unyielding fabric of the underwear prevented anything greater than momentary relief.

She ached with frustration, "Ghhhhhhhhh..." She slobbered into her gag.  She needed him back now.  She needed him to cut off (if necessary) her knickers and stick that long dick of his deep inside her, or at least thrust two fingers into her cunt.

Nearly an hour had gone by and he had not returned with the promised  champagne.  She felt a momentary doubt, but then she reassured herself.  She knew a lot more about him than he thought she did.  She was well aware that this evening he had intended to fuck her and leave her, as he had a long string of other women

Delia smiled to herself; she was a rich, powerful, businesswoman who knew how to get information on rivals; or in this case, on potential lovers, and how to use it. 

As she shifted her weight as best she could in her tight restraint, she began to fantasize.  What if she invited Ross for a week-end away to her place in the Lake District?  Several years earlier she had bought a cottage just outside Ambleside, towards the Langdales.  Initially, she had viewed it as a property investment, but she quickly grew to love it and had spent a considerable sum improving it.  Her juices began to run again as she thought of the cow-byre.

This building joined the cottage; it had been converted into a large room which had only two small windows and they high up on the wall.  The roof was beamed and was further supported by four stout wooden upright posts.

She licked her lips as best she could as she thought of Ross securely tied to one of the upright posts, naked, his cock and balls in restraint, sweat gleaming on his body as she prepared him for torture...   Hmmmm, she could use Liz to help...

At that moment Ross returned, two bottles of a good vintage champagne in his hands.  He drank in the sight before him, quickly rid himself of the bottles and then knelt between the thighs of his captive.

His hands began to knead her nylon clad legs before using two fingers to pull to one side the crotch binding and gusset of the panty girdle.  He then began to probe Delia’s soaking slit with the tip of his tongue.

She almost orgasmed at once, pushing forward in her ropes, making the chair creak in her desperate efforts to impale herself further on to Ross’s tongue.

With his left hand, Ross felt for the net of twine which imprisoned Delia’s breasts.  He soon found it and began to twist it so that the cord dug deeper into her tits, forcing one of the clothes pegs to fly adrift from her nipple. 

"Mmmmmmmoooooogghhhhhhhh," she cried through her gag.

After too short a time, Ross removed his tongue and stood upright.  His cock was pressing urgently against his trousers.  He rapidly removed all his clothes and then began to untie Delia.

Soon she stood before him, ungagged and unbound except for her wrists which had been retied in front of her.  He swung her around, took a handy length of ropes and bound her elbows together so that her wrists were forced up towards her breasts.

"Pleeeaaaaaseeee, fuck me...  Please..." she cried huskily.

Ross again knelt before her, took the waist of the panty girdle in his strong grip and dragged it down across her thighs, over the stocking tops and off. 

Cool air began to caress Delia’s quim deliciously.

Ross did not stop.  He pushed his prisoner roughly back on to the chesterfield, climbed between her legs and stuck his dick immediately and deeply into her.

Delia writhed under him as wave after wave of indescribable pleasure overwhelmed her.  She thrust upwards with her pelvis, willing his cock deeper and deeper into her soaking slit.

As the coupling progressed so it became gentler and gentler until all that remained of its initial fury was a slow, rhythmic undulation which brought great pleasure to both partners.

When it ended and Ross eventually withdrew his totally spent penis, he kissed Delia softly on the forehead and then sank back, exhausted.

After a while, Delia placed one bottle of champagne in the ‘fridge and opened the other.  Then they toasted their relationship with a bottle of warm fizz.

"How about a week-end away, next week?" she asked suddenly.

"Paris?  Rome?  Budapest?" returned Ross.

"No, I’ve a place in the Lake District -- very secluded -- screams can’t be heard by neighbours..."

Ross nodded his assent with some gusto.