Tight Relationship
by Belisarius

Part 1

Ross smiled to himself as he drove to Deliaís for their final date, although she didnít know that tonight would be the last time she would see him.

She was the latest in a long, long, line of women, of varying ages, (though all were attractive) whom he had romanced, teased, tempted, fucked and forgot.

Delia was nearing forty, with dark auburn, shoulder length hair; ideal for a business woman, green eyes that sparkled and an inherent sense of dress.† Her body was well rounded; she was perhaps a bit wide of hips for some tastes, but not for his.

Unbeknown to her he had ended his current rental agreement, changed his mobile number and was booked into a hotel in another part of the city.† Soon he would move elsewhere to look for fresh prey.

Before he knew it he was pressing her front door bell.† She answered quickly and let him in.† Once the door shut behind him he took her in his arms and kissed her more passionately than at any time during their six week relationship.† She seemed surprised but responded fiercely as though a furnace had just been turned on inside her.

As they kissed Ross worked through, in his mind, his usual modus operandi.† The first date involved no physical contact of any description.

Then, after four or five days he would telephone to make a second date, on this one he would take her arm gently and guide her to the table.† The evening (not too late) would end with him brushing her cheek with his lips.†

On the third outing he would kiss her warmly but not passionately on the lips on arrival.† The date would then culminate in his car when again he would kiss her warmly, run his fingers delicately behind her nylon covered knees; or if she was wearing trousers her left breast was caressed.† Women always responded to this and more often than not he was invited into her place for a coffee or a nightcap.† This he always refused, though with considerable sensitivity.

The fourth date, normally a picnic of some sort, would find him sitting on a car rug opening a bottle of good quality white wine which had been chilled to perfection, gazing at the current lady.† Normally, by this stage, she would have become quite coquettish, breathing heavily behind a revealing cleavage, her knees held together and then brought up towards her breasts so that her skirt fell away revealing a tantalising glimpse of rounded thigh.† But he ensured that nothing other than a kiss and a gentle petting occurred.

On the fifth date he talked with her of the future and indicated that he was ready to commit.† This was followed by a full fondling of her breasts, but without the removal or any disturbance of her clothing.

The final date was the fuck-them-and-disappear date.† It was all they deserved.

This throught brought him back to the overheated Delia who was rubbing her sex against his ramrod hard cock.† Nowís the time, he thought, as he took the hem of the wispy dress she was wearing and hauled it up over her hips.† She gasped at the speed of it and then pushed herself harder at him.† He picked her up and still kissing her took her through to the living room, where he laid her across the settee.

What a sight greeted him.† The skirt lay in ruffles across her stomach, just peeking beneath it lay a lacy black slip which did not hide the black, frothy panties she was wearing.† Black suspenders snaked their way across very white thighs to hold up dark brown stockings.† The stocking tops, suspenders and petticoat framed her pubic area wonderfully.

He was about to pull his cock out when he decided not to.† "How about some food first?" he asked.

"Think Iím your slave?" she asked, her voice husky.

"Hardly," he replied, "I presumed there would be food as you did invite me for dinner."

"I am modern female, a very successful business person who earns three times what you do -- but I might,† just might, want to be your slave," she looked coolly at him as she spoke.

Ross found himself at something of a loss. †This had never happened before; he coughed and then asked, "How should I begin?"

Delia rose from the couch and crossed to her antique sideboard from which she brought out a canvas bag.† She carried the bag to the dining table and placed it squarely in the middle.† She then returned to the sofa where she resumed her previous position, skirt hiked up, legs and panties showing.

His mind was filled with alarm and uncertainty, but he thought it best to explore the contents of the mysterious bag.† He unzipped it, turned it upside down and watched its contents spill out.

There were many coils of soft, white rope, a ball of thick twine, clothes pegs, what he took to be nipple clamps, a dildo, a vibrator, a ball gag as well as various other gagging materials and hoods.† The final item, which he immediately took up was a soft rubber cat-oí-nine tails.

Still holding the whip he strode purposefully towards Delia.† He slapped his thigh with it and said; in what he hoped was a menacing voice, "I want food, woman, and I want it now"

"Think Iím frightened of you!" she laughed and then went on, "a typical modern wimp... you could never force a woman to obey you..."

Ross went along with the game; after all it was what she wanted, he took her by the wrist and pulled her towards the table.† Taking a coil of rope he quickly lashed her wrists in front of her.† The he pulled out one of the dining chairs, stood her behind it and set to fastening her ankles to the chair legs.† Moving to the front he took up the wrist binding and bent her across the back of the chair so that her head was just about touching the seat, this rope he secured to the front strut.

Breathing somewhat heavily he stood back to admire his handiwork.† He was then shocked from his reverie when Delia began to scream.† Quickly he selected the ball-gag and thrust it into her mouth.† This had the desired effect as he tightly fastened it in place.

Delia began to struggle against her bonds, her bottom jiggled from side to side and her breasts swayed erotically beneath her dress.

Ross took his time drinking in each image as he circled her.† Then he moved behind her and raised the skirt of her dress, folding it carefully over her bottom and across her back.† The then took two more coils of rope and secured her thighs to the chair.† He paused for a moment before reaching between her legs to her front crotch where his fingers began to push the fabric of her knickers deep into her pussy.†

"Mmmmmmmmmpppphhh..." moaned Delia through her gag.

He quickly seized the elastic of her panties and hauled them down as far as her bondage would allow, i.e. to her thigh bonds.

Ross bit his lower lip in thought for a moment and then took yet another coil of rope.† He looped this one around her waist and fed the long remaining end down her back and then between her legs; making sure that it fitted snugly between her pussy lips, before tying it off on her wrist bindings.

After a moment or two he took the cat in his hand and with a fair amount of energy lashed her naked bottom two or three times.

Her arse quivered and quickly reddened, "Ohhhhhh, ughhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh..." emerged from behind the gag.

Ross waited a moment and struck her another four times, each lash with a little more strength than the previous one.

The result of this was the same. The derriere shook, and this time Ross could see that Delia was pulling the cunt rope further and further inside her.

He walked in front of her, took her hair and pulled her head up (not too ungently) "Want more or am I to be fed to-night?" he questioned.

She shook her head and tried to speak.

Ross untied the gag.

"Iím hungry," she said softly, her eyes fixed on the bulge in Rossís trousers.

He quickly took out his cock, long, pink and glistening and waved it just out of reach of her lips.† She tried to push forward, but he held it away.† She moaned in frustration and tried harder to slip her bonds.† He moved an inch or two forward and allowed his penis to graze her lipstick.† Delia hungrily took his bloated member into her mouth and sucked and caressed it with her tongue until he thought he was about to cum, then he withdrew it.

Ross wiped his cock on the hem of her dress, replaced the ball gag and then remembered that he hadnít yet examined her breasts.† He saw that the dress zipped at the back so he pulled the fastener down.† He unclipped her brassiere and allowed it to fall away.† Then, standing between her legs he passed an arm around each side of her ribs and his hands soon found their objectives.† His fingers closed around her nipples and immediately felt them harden.† He rubbed them, at first gently and then with a degree of roughness, which judging from the sounds she was making, she appreciated.† After tweaking and twisting each tit he gave each breast a firm pull and then left them.

Ross stood upright.† He could wait no longer, but he took the time to strip himself naked and was surprised at the strength of his erection, heíd never seen or felt his cock so big.† Fumbling with the knots he removed the crotch rope and began to play with Deliaís pussy lips with the tip of his prick.† Her breathing became very heavy and slow as she tried to force her love slit on to his dick.

"Mppppppphhhhhhhhhhh..." she was loud even with the gag.

He pulled away and he could hear her moan in disappointment.† Taking her by surprise he thrust fully into her, shoving his cock hard and straight.

She wriggled on to him as far as the ropes binding her would allow.

He began a rigorous piston like motion than had her and the chair she was bound to moving slowly; in an almost moon dance way, across the floor.† He placed his hands on her breasts and began to mould them vigorously, tweaking her nipples with his fingers and giving them the occasional firm twist.

She groaned her appreciation and before long was in an orgasmic trance of pleasure.† He came soon afterwards and fell backwards on to the floor totally spent.

Ross decided to carry on with the fantasy by removing her gag and forcing her to lick clean his dick.

"Ready to cook now?" he asked after a time.

She nodded in agreement.

He untied her and ordered her to remove all her clothes.† Off came the dress, petticoat and bra, her slender fingers reached for the nub of one of her suspenders, but he stopped her and commanded that she leave her nylons and shoes on.

Delia stepped towards the kitchen, but Ross was not going to allow things to be too easy for her.† He hobbled her ankles with a two feet length of rope before sending her on her way.

Whilst the meal was being prepared, Ross showered and dressed.† On his return he removed Deliaís hobble and allowed her to put on a silk dressing gown.† Then they feasted on avocado, breast of duck with plum sauce, a green salad and pears braised in marsala.

As they drank coffee, Ross wondered how he could depart, he had thought of spending the night and slipping off whilst she slept, but decided against it.

"I want champagne!" stated Delia suddenly.

"Champagne?† Why?" he questioned.

"To celebrate the best session of love making Iíve enjoyed for... for some years."

"Get some out; Iím always happy to accommodate a glass of fizzy."

"Iíve none in the fridge -- but thereís a supermarket less than a mile away that remains open all night."

"Itíd be warm...† Ughhh..."

"Pop it into the freezer for twenty minutes will do the trick"

Ross smiled inwardly.† This was his chance.† He would go for the champagne and not return.

"Ok, Iíll go for it" he offered simply.

Delia looked at him through half closed eyes, "Though, I have a favour to ask."

"What would that be?"

"Bind me, Ross, tie me...† Very tightly, very vulnerably and then leave me."

Ross thought for a moment, he knew that this complicated his plan, but it was an intriguing prospect.

"Right," he said taking a length of rope and very strictly tying her wrists together in front of her.

He led her into her bedroom and sat her on the bed.† He then began to look through her wardrobes and drawers.† A steady rummage brought out a black panty girdle, an open bottomed black satin girdle with suspenders and a new pair of black, seamed stockings.

He loosened her wrists and then ordered, "Put these on."

She quickly did as she was told and as she bent to fasten the nylons he began to feel his cock begin to stiffen.

Once she had dressed to order he re-fastened her wrists as before and led her to one of the upright dining chairs.

"Ohhhh, I was..." she began but before she could speak further he had stuffed her used panties into her mouth and was tying them in place with one of the nylons she had worn earlier.† The welt of the other stocking was placed over her eyes and its leg wound around her head and knotted at the back.

Now that she was silent and unable to see (at least not very well) he then† shoved her into the chair.† He pulled her wrists over her head until they were level with the nape of her neck and fastened the end of the rope to the rear strut of the chair.

This done another rope was secured around her waist to the back of the chair.† At this point he took of his silk tie (he had many more) tied one end to the waist rope, fed it between her thighs, carefully pushing it into her engorged cunt as far as the panty girdle would allow, and bringing it up to her tied wrists.† It wasnít long enough though, so he had to extend it with a piece of the twine.

Handling the twine gave him other ideas.† He cut off two long pieces.† Taking one he formed a slip knot and placed the noose around her right breast.† Pulling the loop tight brought a deep exhalation of breath from his prisoner. He did the same with the left tit and then wound both ropes over her shoulders and around her back, returning to the front to be tied both above and below her breasts.

He stood back to admire his handiwork, but only for a second or two.† He looked at the nipple clamps, but not having had previous experience of them, he opted for the clothes pegs, which he placed on her nipples.

Delia was now clearly pulling on the silk tie which was torturing her clitoris and pushing herself forward as far as she could on the chair to make it go deeper. Though the stiff resistance put up by the panty girdle was driving her to deep frustration.

Taking more rope, Ross knelt before her and roughly pulled her thighs apart.† He tied her knees, one to each corner of the chair seat, wrapping the soft cotton around and around.† Still not finished, he attached a rope to her right ankle and pulled it backwards as far as it would and tied it off on the upper part of the rear chair leg.† He did the same to her right ankle.

Somewhat breathless now, he stood up and feasted his eyes on a powerful, attractive woman, dressed as he wished, blindfolded, gagged with her own underwear and tied immovably to a chair.† He virtually came in his pants, but just managed to restrain himself.

He was about to pick up his car keys when his eyes alighted on the whip.† He took it up, fondled it for a moment and then delivered six lashes on to the helpless body of his captive, two across her breasts, two on her stomach and the final ones across her thighs.

A few minutes later the cold night air hit him and a feeling of euphoria overtook him.† He had done it again.† The predator had struck and caused havoc with the emotions of another female.

This mood faded as he realised that he couldnít very well leave her bound and gagged like that, she might never be released and die.†

His cock exploded into life as he remembered how he had left her.† There was perhaps more that he could do.† He quite fancied trying out one or two torture ideas that had crossed his mind.

Suddenly, he turned his car around and headed for the supermarket to buy champagne.

The predator was now in a deeper bondage than that of his victim -- though he didnít know it yet.††