Teachers’ Pet
by Belisarius


Just out of Middleton-in –Teesdale I turned off up the side of the valley and followed the road until it became a track, this meandered on for about another half a mile before I was confronted by a much extended house. It was facing west, had a wonderful cottage garden in full bloom, and afforded superb views up river.

I parked alongside Lucy’s car and noticed that Alice’s vehicle was not there. Was she late? Unlikely, I thought, especially as I’d left home later than I’d intended, which also made my planned early departure more difficult. Before I’d gone half a dozen steps along the garden path Lucy came out to meet me, she flung her arms around my neck and kissed me as though I were very special to her. Naturally, I returned the kisses but my heart felt as though a chunk of lead had been dropped into it. Much as I enjoyed my dealings with both Alice and Lucy I wasn’t much attracted by the prospect of any sort of deeper relationship with either of them, it was like being the favourite prefect at school again.

“Let’s go inside quickly…… I…., I can’t wait…,” Lucy panted, making it clear what was in her mind.

“Where’s Alice?”

Lucy shrugged her shoulders and pulled my hand urgently, “Don’t know, she hasn’t arrived yet…..”

She was lying, it was obvious she was, for she was a church-going, spinster teacher who would go out knickerless before she would tell a lie.

“Rubbish, where is she? She wouldn’t miss an appointment without letting at least one of us know..”

Lucy shook her head, “I don’t know. Really, I don’t.”

“I’ll torture it out of you in five minutes,” I threatened. The threat was out before I’d given it any thought and I could see that Lucy was finding the idea attractive, even if it hadn’t been the conclusion she’d been seeking all along.

She screamed (mainly with delight) and hoofed it towards her front door.

I followed. What else was I going to do, even though my heart wasn’t in it. I caught up with her just inside the hallway, grabbed her wrists and twisted them behind her back, looking around for bondage material at the same time.

“All the ropes you could want are on the coffee table in there,” she nodded towards her drawing room with a movement of her head.

I just didn’t feel like it, but couldn’t disappoint her, so in five or six minutes I had her spread across the coffee table which lay between two facing sofas.

“Ohhhhhh…..,” she cried in mock distress, “….. these ropes are so tight, I’ll never escape….. Ohhhhh……”

I sighed inwardly, this was all becoming a mite tedious.

“Mmmmmmm………,” Lucy moaned and squirmed about on the table attempting to raise her skirt and thus attract my lustful attentions.

I checked her bonds and felt sure that there would be no premature escape, then to help her along I pulled her skirt around her upper thighs and tore open her blouse. Her ivory coloured bra and knickers matched and seemed to have been purchased for this special occasion. I felt my dick began to rise, but forced myself to think of other things as I began to conduct a search of the house. It was a lovely dwelling, fine views, beautiful furniture and fittings and the most carefully chosen pictures, ceramics, soft furnishings and books. But of Alice, there was no sign.

I strode through a garden room and went outside to follow a path which led towards a shrubbery. There was still no sign of Alice and I was about to return to the house to begin my torture of Lucy when I noticed a small wicket gate, half hidden by mature bushes. I went through it and was soon following a well worn path which led to a lonely cluster of pine trees and as I got closer I saw that there lay beneath them a beautiful, superbly positioned summer house.

What a sight as I entered. There was Alice, her arms pulled high above her head by a rope which was attached to a roof beam. She was completely naked and judging by her goose pimples had been so for some time. But, it was to her breasts that I was mostly drawn. Lucy had obviously been accessing some internet bondage sites, for Alice’s tits were enclosed and tied into a wire coat hanger. The hook part of which pointed downwards and attached to it was a thin cord which had been threaded through her cunt and, presumably, up to one of the bindings which crossed her back.

“Ghhhhhh…… Ohhhhmmmmm……..,” Alice’s eyes said what her tongue could not.

It took me ten full minutes to remove all the rope from my old teacher, yard after yard of it, her skin was blotched and red and from some of the marks on it, showing clearly that she had been roughly treated by her friend and colleague.

“Oh, thank-you, as you know I enjoy bondage, but dear Lucy went rather too far to-day.”

“How long have you been held like that?”

“About an hour and a half, since I arrived, more or less,” she cocked her head to one side and said rather grimly, “I fear we’ve created something of a monster.”

I could do nothing other than agree with her and I began to wonder why Lucy had gone to such lengths to keep her friend our of the way. I didn’t like the look of any of the possibilities and decided there and then that I would withdraw as kindly as I could from the embrace of these two attractive but determined spinsters.

Whilst I pondered, Alice had put her clothes on and felt ready to return to the house, “Now, let’s see what Lucy has to say for herself.”

Lucy hadn’t anything to say for herself, though she did look disappointed that I had found and rescued her friend.

“Torture her,” Alice commanded, “she well deserves it.”

“Or, perhaps she doesn’t,” I suggested.

“I do, deserve it, I do, I do,” Lucy was desperate.

Here we go again, I thought to myself and wondered if Alice, fitted with a dildo, would be able to satisfy Lucy. They could then play their games themselves and I could get off early to Newcastle to meet friends on the Quayside.

“I don’t suppose you have a strap-on, do you?” I asked hopefully.

“I’m not pleasuring her, why should I? You’re the one with the cock,” Alice sounded a might miffed.

“Yes……. Torture me ……. Fuck me……,” Lucy heaved at her bonds took careful aim and pushed her pelvis towards the area of my groin.

Alice leaned forward, pulled her friend’s tits out of her brassiere and began to pinch and pull her nipples, “You won’t be fucked, you’ll be tortured and whipped and driven to the edge of orgasm, but no cock will enter you,” she glanced sharply at me, “Will it?”

“No…..,” I dared not disagree with my ex-teacher.

As I watched Alice raided various cupboards and set before her all the instruments of pain she could find, nipple clamps, breast boards, candles, floggers and what seemed to be some miles of rope.

Lucy groaned contentedly and again began to writhe around on the table.

“She’s far too comfortable at the moment, but not for much longer. Untie her,” Alice commanded.

I did as I was told and watched as Alice took charge of Lucy’s binding. Her victim was sat in a captain’s chair her wrists bound in front of her and then pulled sharply over her head and behind her neck, the end of the cord fastened to the rear leg strut. Other ropes secured her waist to the back of the chair, before criss-crossing, under, above and between her breasts. Then; in turn, her legs were pulled over the arms of the chair and secured at knee and thigh, whilst the ankles were also firmly tied in place.

“Ohhhhh……,” groaned Lucy, “Ahhhhhhhh……,”she moaned.

I added a pair of thick rubber bands to her tits. (Well, you’ve got to show an interest, haven’t you?)

Alice quickly added a crotch rope which she secured tightly.

Lucy squirmed and writhed and flashed her eyes.

I cvommented, “Despite what you promised her, I don’t think she’s too far from orgasming, don’t you think so?”

“She’s a long while to go yet,” opinioned Alice, “pass me the pen vibrator, will you.”

I did as I was told and Alice roughly pulled down Lucy’s panties as far as they would go, the elastic waist of them biting into the soft flesh of her victim’s thighs. Then she taped the vibrator just into the nick of Lucy’s cunt opening beside the crotch tope and switched it on to its lowest setting. “That should do her no good at all, not in the state she’s in.”

“Ohhhh, you wicked, wicked bitch……..,” cried Lucy as she tried to push her vagina towards the throbbing instrument that tortured and teased without fulfilment.

“No cock for you to-day, you vicious little trollop,” said Alice as she began to fit clamps to each of Lucy’s nipples.

“Alice, Lucy, please, I’d not expect such language from either of you ladies.”

“You should have heard her when I wouldn’t bring her off when I had her strung up in the summerhouse……” Lucy’s tale was swiftly ended by a ball gag thrust roughly into her mouth by her friend.

I shook my head and wiped a drop of perspiration from my brow, “Let’s have a quiet cup of tea,” I suggested.

“Tea? Tea, I think not,” replied Alice, “I expect you to fuck me here, right in front of our overheated friend.”

“Ggggrrrrr….. Mmmmmmm…… Ughhhhhhh…..,” Lucy tried to reply.

After taking in the sight of a strictly fastened up Lucy trying to break free I turned to Alice and saw that she had dropped to her knees before me. My cock began to throb and forgetting all about my appointment in Newcastle, I unzipped my trousers. Virtually unbidden, my penis thrust itself forward and was immediately sucked into Alice’s waiting mouth. Her strokes were perfect, long and slow but without being either too rough or too tender. I generally like to be sucked off while the female is helplessly bound, but I didn’t want to break the wonderful rhythm that Alice had developed.

Eventually, I came and after Alice had swallowed and enjoyed my cum she stood up and ordered, “My turn now, I think, should I put on some stockings so that you can pull them off me? Where and how shall I be tied, spread-eagled on Lucy’s bed or perhaps staked out in the garden?”

As you may well imagine, my interest in further sexual activity had for the moment fled, my dick was slumping back to its normal size, “Well, I can’t stay, I’m afraid. I’ve an appointment with friends at six and it’s not less than a two hour drive.”

“GgggNnnnawwww…….,” screamed Lucy through the ball which stuffed her mouth. I’ve always found it amazing how much noise a woman can make through a gag, one wonders if they’re worth the bother. Harness gags seem to keep the ball well in place, but the volume of noise is still considerable. I suppose the only answer is a throat full of panties (preferably soiled) held in place by several feet of surgical tape.

Alice sniffed, coughed slightly and then said in dangerously soothing tones, “Oh, dear, such a pity, but if you have another appointment, then you’ll have to keep it, of course.”

I immediately felt sorry for disappointing them, for they had provided me with so much pleasure for many weeks, “It took me longer to get up here than I thought and I set out rather later than I intended…….”

Alice shooed my apologies away as she set about ungagging and untying Lucy, who sat up on the chair rubbing her wrists.

“You haven’t so much as stroked my pussy,” she complained.

“Now, Lucy, don’t be selfish, John must keep his date,” she turned smiling to face me, “a pretty young thing, no doubt.”

“No……, no, just a mixed group from work.”

Lucy’s face twisted, “I’ll bet it is a girl. He has a new girl in his life who’ll push us out. What will I do now,” her speech ended in a wail.

“Lucy, don’t be such a silly, selfish goose. John must live his life as he wishes and if we’re to be no further part of it, then…….”

“No, Oh, no,” I interjected, terrified of the sight and especially the tears of an upset female.

Alice patted my hand, just as my favourite aunt did, “Never mind, it’s all right, but have a nice cup of tea before you go.”

“I’ve baked your favourite sponge cake,” put in Lucy eagerly.

I eased into an arm chair and was regaled with food and drink until I could take no more and then I fell heavily asleep.


“Oh, good, it looks like he’s coming around,” Lucy’s voice intruded into my consciousness.

When I came fully to I found myself naked with wrists and ankles shackled.

“Thank heavens, I hadn’t realised you’d slipped him a whole sleeping pill,” put in Alice continuing her kindly aunty theme.

“Come on, girls, I’ve really got to go.”

“Bit late I’m afraid,” returned Lucy.

“Ummmm, it’s nearly dark,” Alice pointed towards the western horizon where only the remnants of the sunset remained, “you’ve slept most of the evening away.”

“Well, get these shackles off me, at least.”

“Oh, no, my pussy still needs attention,” Lucy pointed out and I noticed that she was now naked and Alice had donned the previously mentioned stockings.

I nodded towards my dick which was in wrinkled mode, “Sorry, no can help.”

Before I knew it they were both on me, Alice holding me down whilst Lucy sucked by penis into relative hardness. After which she mounted me and began to heave herself up and down with all the abandonment of a whirling dervish. I let it happen for I had little other option and eventually she satisfied herself and fell from my body.

“OK, your pussy’s been seen to, so can I go now?”

Alice in reply took me by the hair and pulled me towards where she was now sitting before raising her skirt in folds around her waist and leading me to her cunt, the dimple of which I could see imprinted on the crotch of her knickers.

“My turn now, I think,” she said, “perhaps, he could stay over the week-end, don’t you think, Lucy?”

“Oh, yes, I’ve plenty of room.”

I couldn’t say much, for the scent of an aroused woman had sent me into an automatic response. My ears brushed against nylon while my eyes took in the glorious sight of stocking top giving way to warm flesh, which led my fingers to play with my penis, which soon began to shift from dormant mode. As to Alice, I used my tongue to good effect and could feel the crotch of her panties moistening by the second, then I used my teeth to pull aside the barrier of fabric which lay between my mouth and her cunt. Soon her juices were flowing in a flood and her moans and groans were loud and prolonged.

Lucy pushed my fingers away and began to handle my cock herself and life streamed into it, but not yet enough for penetrating Alice.

“Yes…. yes….. yes……,” Alice produced a lively imitation of Meg Ryan in “Sleepless In Seattle” and then pushed my head away.

“Oh, isn’t it good,” beamed Lucy, “he really is the teachers’ pet now.

The End