Teacher’s Pet
by Belisarius

Chapter 3

It was four or five weeks before I was able to visit Miss Alice again, due to my being away on holiday for a fortnight.  However, the first Saturday night after my return found me ringing her doorbell.

"It’s open," I heard her call (that woman’s voice could pierce armour plate if she wanted it to!)

I entered the living room and looked around enquiringly, "No string quartet of bondage devotees?  The Chapel Choir of the Vestal Virgins not turned up?  I see the manager of the Wigan gas works couldn’t make it either," I recited somewhat facetiously.

Alice drew herself to her full height and tut-tutted, before stating flatly, "We have a prisoner to interrogate."

"I can’t imagine who that might be," I remarked casually.

Then I noticed her outfit.  Her hair was drawn into a tight bun and she wore very little make-up apart from what can only be described as a brown lipstick.  Her breasts protruded beautifully from beneath a white silk blouse that sported a high necked collar and was fastened at the throat with a cameo brooch.   Her straight skirt went to mid-calf length and was made of a beautifully cut black material.  The ensemble was completed by a pair of high heeled, patent leather boots, also black.

"Thrrrrrrrupppppp..." my attention was drawn to the item she had brought from behind her back and, if my eyes didn’t deceive me, it was a riding crop.

"Thrrrrrrupppppp... Thrrrrruppppp..." she struck her boot a second and third time.

"This way," she commanded peremptorily.

She led me into the dining room where, towards the far wall, stood what looked like a door frame.  Attached to this oblong of wooden posts was Lucy.

"Good grief!" I exclaimed.  "Where did you get the door frame?"

Alice smiled, "The boys in advanced carpentry made it for two hundred and seventy-six pounds, thirty-five pence -- it comes apart for easy storage."  She seemed very pleased with her buy -- I thought it a trifle expensive.

My attention returned to Miss Lucy.  As I came closer to her I could see that she was naked apart from a pair of black hold-up stockings.  Her wrists were fastened together and a single rope ran from them to be secured to the top of the frame.  Her ankles and knees were bound to the corresponding uprights, whilst around her waist was a further rope that kept her even more rigidly in position.  In addition I noticed that Lucy’s pubic hair had been recently and very cleanly shaved away, to reveal a beautifully deep, pink slit.

"She is a very stubborn prisoner," said Alice, "She will not give us the little word we want."

"I’m not surprised," I said harshly, slipping into evil interrogator mode, "She looks far too comfortable for my liking."

Alice turned on Lucy, "See," she said venomously, "I told you that you’d better submit before Torquemada got here.  Come, save yourself pain, give us what we want to hear."

Lucy said nothing, which wasn’t surprising as her mouth was filled with a large ball gag.

I rounded on Alice, "Why is she improperly dressed?" I asked sternly.

Alice looked puzzled, "Why, she isn’t wearing anything....."

"The stockings, the stockings..." I half yelled.

The school mistress took a step forward, "I’ll remove them at once..."

"NO, NO, NO, " I shouted, "HOLD UPS, damned hold ups, I hate them.  She should have been rigorously confined in a girdle with strong suspender straps tugging up sheer, seamed nylons."

"I am sorry..." apologized Alice, seemingly truly regretful.

"Never mind, " I said huffily, "Let’s make a start."

I took the opportunity to have a closer look at the bondage frame.  It was sturdily built of good quality timber and the uprights were securely anchored to a heavy base plate.  Perhaps Alice had made a good buy after all, I thought.

Another step forward brought me directly in front of my prisoner.  I slipped to my knees and brought my mouth on to her naked cunt lips.  The merest touch of my tongue set forth her juices in full flow, whilst her hips undulated; as far as they were able, in an effort to help me plunge deeper.

"Hmmmmmmm..." I muttered as I stood up after a minute or so.

"Ghhhhhhh,  Ohhhhhhhh,  Mmmmmmm..." came through Lucy’s gag.

"Ohhhhhhhhh..." uttered Alice.

Wasting no time I took Lucy’s left breast in my hand and pulled it towards my mouth.  I nibbled the nipple and then; little by little, I devoured more and more of her small, pert breast.  Had Lucy not been well gagged she would have been shrieking in near ecstasy.  I then treated her right breast in exactly the same treatment, whilst at the same time taking the rock hard nipple of her other breast and nipping, pulling and twisting it.

When I’d finished I notice that Alice looked rather crestfallen.

"Oh... You’ve never done that to me," she complained.

"Yours are much too large..."

Alice looked miffed.

"I suppose I could tie them really, really tight and then eat and lick them."

She brightened considerably at the thought, before we returned to our prisoner.

"Are you ready to give us the word?" I asked sternly.

Lucy shook her head.

Turning to my ever-present sports bag I withdrew a candle.

"Aha," exclaimed Alice, "Hot wax on your tits, Lucy, dear..."

"More direct heat is needed, I believe," said I as I cut the candle down to a stub.

"Should I remove her gag?" asked Alice, "Neighbours are away this week end and we could enjoy her screams."

"Not yet," I ordered as I lit the wick and placed the cut-down candle on the floor between Lucy’s legs.  A little manoeuvring and a steady heat was stoking up my prisoner’s vagina to undreamt of heights of passion.

Alice and I stood back and watched as Lucy’s face slowly changed from near ecstasy to agony as the heat from the candle began to hurt.

"Give us the word, you silly bitch," I commanded.

Lucy merely groaned through her gag.  I used my toe to push the candle an inch or two further on, thus heating up a different section of Lucy’s crotch.

"Soft on her, aren’t you?" complained Alice.

‘Maybe so,’ I thought, ‘but the fact is, I’m not a sadist.’  I derive no pleasure from inflicting gratuitous pain on another human (or animal if it comes to that).  However, I do recognize that in bondage, some pain can lead to hugely enhanced and heightened sexual awareness.  The trick is to know exactly how much to inflict.

As the heat treatment didn’t seem to be working I removed the candle and blew out the flame.  A flogging seemed a viable next option, but I needed to involve Alice rather more intimately.

"You’ve blundered here, Miss Alice, everything you have done has been wrong.  Consider yourself under arrest and expect to be punished." I spoke with iron in my voice.

Alice reddened, "What!" she began to defend herself and then quietened at the pleasing thoughts of arrest and punishment.

Wasting no time I took Alice by the shoulders, spun her around, dragged her arms behind her back and lashed her wrists together.  A further rope pulled her arms tightly together, and then I wrapped long lengths above, below and between her breasts.

I turned her round to face me, grabbed the hem of her skirt and heaved it up over her bottom.  I was greeted with the agreeable sight of a very shapely pair of thighs encased in black nylons, held up with suspenders that were attached to the very deep suspender belt that tightly cinched Alice’s waist.  It was also brought to my attention that she wasn’t wearing knickers.

My cock tried to lunge out of my trousers, so I took them off, swiftly followed by every other stitch of clothing I had on.

I forced Alice to her knees, her mouth gaped open, eager and waiting to take in my penis.  However, I pulled her forward until her nose was level with Lucy’s genitalia. 

"Suck, make her cum if you can," I commanded.

Alice set to with a will.

At first I thought of using Alice’s riding crop, but decided against it and took up a long length of stout rope, looped it in half and stood behind Lucy and to her left.

Thwack.  I struck her fairly sharply across the buttocks, leaving a red welt.

"Aghhhhhh... Ohhhhhh..." she called through the gag in response to the assault upon her body from two directions.

Thwack... Thwack... Thwack... My strokes were measured and increasing slightly in severity with each one delivered.

After a dozen I dropped my improvised whip and stood close behind Lucy.  I wedged my cock between her thighs and could immediately feel Alice’s tongue hesitate between one delight and another. 

I then reached around and grasped both of Lucy’s breasts and began to pull hard on them, pausing now and again to pinch and tweak her nipples.

"Want to give the word now?" I asked, "You know what will follow it, don’t you?"

"Mmmmmmm..." called Lucy, nodding her head.

Stepping back I released the gag cord and heard Lucy give a great exhalation before she shouted, "Fuck me.  Fuck me.  Fuck me.  Fuck me.  Fuck me..."

Alice leant back from her labours, "A single Anglo-Saxon expletive will suffice, Lucy dear," she reproved.

"Yes, I’ll fuck you," I assured Lucy, "but not quite yet."

"You promised..." Lucy shrieked.

Quickly, I took a vibrator, switched in on and then plunged it into Lucy’s vagina.  Talk about a hot knife through soft butter!  Butter would have clarified in the heat had any got near Lucy’s cunt at that moment!

"Time to deal with you," I stated as I took Alice by the shoulders and pulled her to her feet.  I took her into her bedroom and threw her onto the bed.  Then I lay beside her, kissed her and began to explore her body.  My fingers soon opened her blouse and had her tits out of her brassiere.  I fondled, squeezed, pulled and nipped until Alice was breathing heavily.

With a sudden movement she wriggled down the bed until she was able to take the head of my dick into her mouth.

I let her have her way for a few minutes; but not wanting to cum, I pulled away and stood up.

Then I took two further lengths of rope and bound Alice’s ankles to her thighs.  She lay before me completely vulnerable.  Unable to resist it, I plunged two fingers into her vagina and allowed her to ride them for a few seconds.

Looking around the room I spotted a laundry basket.  I pulled away from Alice,  rummaged in the basket and found what I was looking for -- a pair of panties and a stocking.  I used those to gag Alice -- but not before I’d added a crotch rope that neatly bisected her cunt and was attached to her wrist binds.  As I left the room I saw that the crotch tie was being pulled taunt.

‘Now for the moment Miss Lucy’s been waiting for,’ I thought as I re-entered the dining room.  She was still as I had left her -- how could she possibly have been anywhere else?

She was hanging in her bonds, her face flushed, her eyes shining and her whole body trembling in anticipation.  I also noticed that her hair had been cut and styled by a hairdresser who knew what he was doing.  How could I ever have thought her unattractive, I asked myself.

I began by kneeling at her feet and sucking her black nylon shod toes.  As I did so I began running my hands up the length of her hosiery. 

Hold-ups may look all right, but as soon as  fingers hit that awful rubber bit that keeps the stockings up any erotic feeling is ruined.  There should be that delightful, smooth transference of sensation from sheer nylon to soft, yielding flesh, instead it’s as though one has come across a stranded jellyfish.

I decided to waste no further time.  I pulled out the vibrator and replaced it with my ever-lengthening wand.

Lucy sighed deeply as I thrust in and out, we two swaying together, held by the constraints of the bondage frame.

"Would you like me to release you?  Perhaps you’d prefer a fuck in a less rigid tie, or perhaps no bondage at all?" I asked.

"Nooooooo... Torture me... Pleeeeease..." she gasped.

How could I torture her and fuck her at the same time?  I decided to work on her breasts, which I did by squeezing and flattening them roughly, while also pinching and nibbling each nipple in turn.

"Agggghhhhh... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Ooooooooo..." screamed Lucy when at last she came.

A few minutes later Lucy was released from the bondage gallows and was about to start talking.  That, I could do without, so I pushed her down, pulled off the offending stockings, forced one into her mouth and tied it in with the other.

I then took a long length of rope (there were lots lying around) and bound her wrists in front of her.  With the loose end I led her back into the lounge and across to the long, low coffee table.  I sat her down and with other lengths of rope I’d thought to bring with me I fastened her ankles and knees to the legs.  Then I pulled across the table and secured her wrists to one of the other legs.

I don’t often use nipple clamps because I think they’re rather too severe, however, I believed that Lucy at that particular moment would find a pair more than acceptable.

She mppphhhhhed a little as I secured them on to her nipples, but she soon settled down to them and seemed quite comfortable. 

Now I needed a rest before I dealt with Miss Alice, so I had a nice, long hot shower.  Then, in the kitchen, I made myself coffee and scanned Alice’s morning newspaper.  As I completed reading the last of the sports pages, thoughts of Alice’s waiting cunt began to make my dick stiffen. 

A minute or two later I returned to her bedroom.

She was still tugging at the crotch rope and breathing heavily.

Once beside the bed I flipped her over on to her stomach and detached the rope, which by now was well embedded in her cunt.

What a feast of a view met my eyes.  Her bondage position forced her bare buttocks into the air, white a above the black of her stocking tops; suspenders straining across her rear thighs to retain them, and the lips of her very red vagina clearly in view through a soft tangle of hair.

I began by sucking and licking her cunt, while, at the same time, tugging at her breasts and nipples.

Her breathing became even heavier and she began to moan from behind her gag.

Then I pulled away and gave each buttock three stinging slaps, rapidly, one after the other.

Alice emitted a muffled scream of desire.

With a single movement I removed the stocking that was gagging her and then took the panties from her mouth.

"How do you want to be fucked?" I asked, ever the gentleman, "Tied or free?"

"However you please..." she replied breathlessly.

I untied her and ordered her to remove all her clothes.

Once she stood before me naked, I took her softly in my arms and began a long, slow, gentle lovemaking.

Now, this might well have disappointed some people, but, realistically, ropes can sometimes get in the way of a really good fuck.

Half an hour later Alice put on a very becoming silk dressing gown and together we returned to the living room where we freed Lucy from the coffee table and nipple clamps.

As she rubbed the circulation back into her wrists, Lucy looked at me with what I could only interpret as adoration.  Women are amazing, when they become dewy eyed they will attempt to build a relationship on the flimsiest of bases; on this occasion the foundation being six yards of rope and a pair of nipple clamps!  This turn of events worried me somewhat, as I knew that it could upset the dynamics of our bondage ménage a’trois, which everyone was enjoying enormously.

Shortly thereafter, Alice brought tea served in china cups on a silver tray with linen napkins and accompanied by hot, buttered muffins. 

Then the ladies began a deep discussion about soft furnishings, what to buy, where to buy it and how much to pay.  I sat quietly to one side feeling much like a favourite nephew.

In fact, I found this all rather incongruous, less than an hour before they’d both been tied, fondled, tortured, fucked and screaming with desire.  Women, I reflected, sensual, sensitive, sensible and completely incomprehensible -- I love ‘em!

"We’re going to meet at Lucy’s next time," proclaimed Alice suddenly.

"Oh, yes," agreed Lucy.

"That’ll be nice..." I replied, though my voice was tinged with doubt.

As I left Alice gave me concise neatly written directions to Lucy’s place with an accompanying map.

"No notes about points of interest on the way?" I enquired.

"Just avoid the minefield..." she said as she ushered me out.