Teacherís Pet
by Belisarius

Chapter 2

After our initial session and as the weeks went by I became more and more amazed at Aliceís (for that turned out to be her name) appetite for bondage.

We met on roughly a fortnightly basis and she always ended up bound, gagged, stripped, gently tortured and fucked.

However, she did like variety, not just of bondage method, but also of location.† I imprisoned her in the boot of her own car when I captured her leaving school.† Deep in a wood she was spread-eagled amongst the bluebells (shades of Ryanís Daughter that one).† Once, she hired a cabin cruiser on a local waterway and I became her pirate captor.† On another occasion I held her (the spy) prisoner in the basement of her block of flats whilst I (the interrogator) tortured her.† Lively times we had.

Then, one evening when I was just about to leave she said, "I think something quite different may be in order next time."

"You havenít hired a jumbo jet, surely!"

She smiled tolerantly, "No, I want you to repeat what you did the first time."

"That wonít be different."

"Oh yes it will," she smiled enigmatically.

"Right, itíll be just as you say," and with that I departed.

Two weeks later I donned the trusty ski-mask again and followed her directions to the letter, only this time she was into her flat before I could grab her.† There was only one thing to do, so I did it, I rang her doorbell.

After a moment or two she appeared, gave a little shriek and collapsed into my arms.† I pulled her through into the living room and rolled her on to the sofa.

An almost electric shock ran through me when I heard a soft gasp.† Quickly, I turned to be confronted by another woman.

This one was tall, thin and severe looking, with her hair pulled tightly back from her face and fastened in a bun at the back of her head.† She wore a small pair of spectacles at the end of her nose, which looked as though they were going to come off at any moment.

I steadied myself and said, as authoritively as I could, "OK lady, shut up and you wonít be hurt."

The other woman sat down on a nearby armchair and looked frightened.

I thought it best to immobilise her, so from my bag I pulled out some lengths of rope and strode towards her.

She gave a little start and seemed to shrink deeper into the chair, but did not struggle when I began to fasten her wrists together in front of her.† Wasting no time I continued on to tie her ankles, noticing that her hosiery was of the thick, opaque kind.† She emitted another little gasp when I pulled her calf length tweed skirt above her knees and bound them together cinching tightly.† Then I took a further length of rope and fastened her wrists to her knees.

I stood back to observe my handiwork, inhaled deeply and after a moments thought decided not to gag her.

"Keep still and keep quiet and I wonít have to gag you -- otherwise Iíll have your panties off and Iím sure theyíll fill your mouth nicely."

She nodded rapidly and said "Yes... yes... please donít hurt me..." in a quiet voice.

Alice groaned behind me. I turned, picked her up and took her into her bedroom, where I unceremoniously dumped her on the bed.

"Are you desperate to get me ten years in prison?† Who the hell is that?"

"Now, now, John.† Language, please..."

I sat down beside her, raised her skirt and began to caress the bare thigh above her stockings.

After a moment she pushed aside my hand and pulled down her skirt.†


"The lady Iíve just tied up?"

"The very same.† Her name is Lucy.† She is a very attractive woman..."

"You think so?" I remarked, amazed that anyone could consider Lucy anything but very plain.

"Just wait till she is made-up and lets her hair down," and then she continued, "anyway, she needs to take an interest in the sexual act and I think it would help if she could see me be taken by your good self."

This was preposterous and I told her so.† But, sheíd have none of it and began to use her school maíamís voice.

"You sure I wonít end up in Pentonville?"

Quietly, she crossed her hands in front of her, held them towards me and smiled, "Very unlikely -- unless you try to steal the Crown Jewels," she said.

"Iím not so sure," I said, shaking my head.

"Listen, Lucy knows she wants this, only she doesnít know how to get it.† We have to help her out."

I thought for a moment and then said, "All right..." but my voice was tinged with doubt.

Taking my lead from Aliceís crossed wrists, I lashed them together and led her back into the living room where plain Jane awaited us.

When Lucy saw Alice bound and being led, a prisoner, she squawked, but not loudly.

ĎAlright, Alice,í I thought, Ďletís make a start.í† I dropped the rope leader, moved behind my prisoner took the hem of her skirt and pulled it up around her waist.† Then I lost no time removing her knickers, fastening a thin cord around her waist, leading it between her thighs and attaching it as a crotch rope to her waiting wrists.

Lucy watched this in amazement, but did I notice an interest that was not merely fear and dread, but rather of envy.

If Lucyís eyes bulged a little before, they positively came out on stalks when I forced Alice to her knees, took out my cock; which by now was rather large, and shoved it into her mouth.

Alice sucked and licked vigorously and tried to take in a greater and greater length of my swollen penis.

I didnít allow her to make me cum.† I pulled out and then picked up the white knickers I had stripped from her, forced them into her mouth and fastened them in with a scarf from my bag.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Lucy trying to pull her hands from the area of her knees into her crotch.† Her face was no longer pale, but highly coloured, whilst her hair and somehow come adrift from the severe bun and was beginning to cascade about her ears.† I decided that Alice was right; Lucy didnít look too bad at that.

I attached a further cord to Aliceís crotch rope and dragged her to her feet by it.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." moaned Alice.

"Ooooooo..." cried Lucy, somewhat plaintively.

Leaving Alice for a moment, I brought a high stool from the kitchen and placed it in such a position that it was clearly visible to Lucy.

Then I led Alice to the stool and bent her face down across it.† I swiftly fastened her hands to the lower strut, brought her ankles to their respective stool legs and tied them in place.† Next I went to work on her upper thighs, binding them rigorously also to the stool legs. Finally, using plenty of rope, I bound her waist to the top of the stool and then stood back to check that she was indeed secure.† I completed the picture by pushing her skirt as far up as it would go and enjoyed the sight of her nylon stockings being held firmly in place by her suspender belt, her wide, white bottom completely at my mercy and the shadow of her secret openings, ready to be explored, in view.

Lucyís eyes were; by this time, wide and bright.

Without further ado, I took off my own clothes; apart from the ski-mask.

Lucy gasped again at the size of my dick.

On impulse I stood before her, my penis swinging virtually in her face.

Her eyes widened and she flicked her tongue across her lips.

I was sure that sheíd never had a cock in her mouth before -- would she take it in without being forced?† I asked myself.

Lucy edged her head forward.† I moved my member closer.† Hesitantly, she took the tip of my cock between her lips.† I pushed it further in and before I knew where I was, she was sucking and licking away like a veteran.

After a minute or so; not wishing to cum, I removed my cock from Lucyís mouth as she strained against her bonds in an attempt to retain it.

I then returned my attention to Alice.† I began to slapping her bottom hard and rhythmically, one cheek after the other.† After a while I transferred my attentions to her upper thighs.† Slapping a womanís silky, soft upper rear thighs is nearly as pleasurable as spanking her bottom -- Alice thought so too, judging by the dribble and sounds that were coming from her gag.†

To one side, I could hear Lucy breathing heavily and I was peripherally aware that she was alive with sexual restlessness.

"Ghhhhhhh... Ohhhhhhhh... Mmmmmm..." moaned Alice with abandon through her gag.

I knew that both women wished to be fucked.† But, unlike most men in this sort of story, Iím no superman.† One lady at a time and a good long rest in between -- thatís more my style.† The problem was, which one?

It had to be Alice, I decided quickly.† However, I felt I had to relieve Lucy of some of her sexual frustration.

Taking a further length of rope from my ever-present bag I went across to Lucy and unfastened her wrists.† Wasting no time I then pulled her arms behind her back and refastened her wrists, wrapping them in coil after coil and tightly cinching between them.† Another cord pulled her arms together and made her tits stick out.

"Please... please..." she begged, but obviously could bring herself to say fuck me!

I undid the buttons of the sludge brown cardigan she was wearing and did the same to the cream blouse I found underneath it.†† I pushed both garments aside to reveal; unexpectedly, a crimson, lacy brassiere.† This item of underwear I pushed upwards to reveal Lucyís breasts.† They were pert.† Now, pert generally means (in breast terms) of no consequence.† But, this wasnít the case with Lucyís.† No, herís truly prodded outwards, with beautifully small and very dark pink nipples.

I couldnít resist nibbling them.† She showed her appreciation by exhaling long and slowly.

However, I really did need a fuck now, so I finished my business with Lucy by untying her ankles and knees, pulling off her tights and knickers (they matched the bra, by the way) and shoving a medium sized vibrator into her cunt -- which received it more than willingly.†

After retying Lucyís ankles and thighs, I returned to Alice and caressed her sex with my hand and felt its dampness.† I pushed the cunt-restraint to one side, she was more than ready, and so I placed my penis on the very edge of her vagina lips.

Aliceís moaning joined those of Lucy to form a chorus.

ĎMuch more and Iíll have a full symphony,í I thought to myself.

I launched my cock into a full penetration and began to pump vigorously and without pause.

Itís amazing what other men can do in this sort of story!† That crotch rope Iíd merely pushed to one side began to rub against the base of my penis and balls.† I ended up with rope burns!† But it was worth it.

Alice began to pant heavily through her gag, a sound I always found attractive and which encouraged me to greater efforts.† I soon found myself banging away so hard that the stool began to creak, sounding much like a torture-rack, or so I thought, but no doubt the two teachers (what else could Lucy have been?) would have told me differently.

In a shorter time than Alice would have liked I came, pulled out my cock and sank exhausted to the floor.

"Me... me next, please," the words were uttered hoarsely by Lucy who had worked herself to the edge of her seat and was undulating her hips to the throb of the vibrator.

I shook my head wearily, though not negatively.† I could manage her, I thought, if I had a rest for half an hour, but I needed to check with Alice.

That lady was ready to be released, so I set to unfastening her bonds.† Once the gag was out of her mouth she joined me on the carpet.

"Oh, Lucy, heís such a brute..." she remarked to her friend.

"Shut up, you, or else Iíll tie you in a really uncomfortable position..." I said, easing back into intruder speak.

Lucy smiled at me, "Oh, John, silly boy, you can take that rather unattractive ski-mask off now."

I gulped.† "How did you know..."

"I told her," answered Alice before Iíd completed the question.

"What? Why? You..." I half shouted, I would have yelled but I didnít want to disturb the neighbours.

"Silly boy" reproved Alice, "donít you think we girls talk?"

"Certainly we do and often about s-e-x," chipped in Lucy.

"Why didnít you just let me in on it?" I asked.

"It wouldnít have been so much fun, would it?" replied Miss Turner.

"Certainly not, and I soon found out how much fun it was," added Miss Lucy Gibson.

I was dumbfounded.† Thatís why Lucy hadnít shrieked the place down when I entered masked, threatening and dragging her friend behind me!† I should have known!

"You ladies will pay for this" I spoke sternly.

Alice and Lucy smiled -- even simpered a bit.

"Oh, good," tittered Lucy, "my turn..."

Then I said, crushingly, "...but not tonight."