Aunt Cora
by Belisarius


When I eventually arrived back at Aunt Cora’s I was greeted by her with a kiss just inside the doorstep and led into the lounge, where the lighting had been made soft and pink, and her radiogram played the popular dance music of twenty years previously. Before I had time to make myself comfortable she had grasped me tightly and began to rain kisses on me, her tongue prodding sensuously and deeply into my mouth. Her hands began to rove across my buttocks, she squeezed them hard and used them to push an important part of my body into her crotch.

I responded quickly and pulled her skirt right up until it lay folded on the shelf of her bottom, then I pushed my hands under the elastic of her knickers and used her bum in the same way she was using mine. As my fingers tried to explore between her thighs and, even though I couldn’t reach her sex opening, she began to pant and her body movements became ever more urgent.

“Pretend you’re an escaped criminal who’s desperate to find somewhere to hide,” she pulled away from my mouth and gasped.

“Yeah, ok, baby…..,” I made my voice gruff.

“You’ve not had a woman for ten years…….”

“Stop squealing and do as you’re told. Which way to the bedroom?”

She nodded towards the stairs, “Please, please don’t hurt me. You aren’t planning to tie me up, are you?”

“When does a top gangster like me ever not tie up a dame at some point?” I said, “In fact I’ll make a start now, I don’t want you escaping.”

I’d noticed on the table, ready for action, Cora had purchased some lengths of black curtain cord to add to her miscellaneous collection of rope. It was perfect, thin but strong, it would bite deep into her flesh and I meant to make sure that it did.

“Take your skirt and blouse off first.”

“Oh, please, no, don’t strip me……,”

I threatened her with my clenched fist and made what I hoped was a fearsome face.

She sobbed and began to remove the clothing I’d mentioned. She stood before me in only her brassiere; a nice, black lacy one, black cotton panties, a black suspender belt and very dark stockings. For once I had a 1950’s woman standing before me who’s underwear was colour co-ordinated.

Cora’s hands went to cover her crotch in that instinctive feminine way.

“None of that, I want a good look at you,” I growled before pulling her arms behind her back and using the new cord to fasten her wrists together. A further length sorted out her arms and she began to wince as the cords were pulled tight and knotted.

“Oh, please, please, loosen them, it hurts, honestly, it hurts.”

I wondered if I’d gone too far, but it seemed to me that she was still in fearful captive housewife role.

“I may scream with fright and the pain of it ……”

“Scream once and I’ll gag you.”

“Yeeeelllppppp…..,” a sotto voiced scream was emitted by my captive.

“Ok, you asked for it, let’s see, what can I use?”

“Oh, please, sir, please don’t gag me with my own knickers.”

I smiled, no sooner said than done. I knelt before her and very slowly rolled down her panties. Little by little her pubic curls came into view and then the whole of her beautifully moulded mound, beneath which showed that little, dark niche which leads to paradise. I licked my lips before dropping her underwear further to reveal her pink cunt lips. My cock ached to be free of the restraint of my trousers as at the same time my lips began to kiss her opening.

“Oh, Tom, Tom, this will all end in disaster, but please, please, don’t stop.”

Never one to deny a lady I began to prod into her with my tongue whilst my hands revelled in the sweet softness of her inner thighs. I always thought that female breasts make the softest pillows in the universe, but the inner thighs of a woman must run them a close second.

I thrust my head between her legs and she spread her ankles as far as she could without falling over to accommodate it, her hips gyrated around my tongue and her pelvis swam relentlessly in and out of my line of vision.

“Ahhhhhh, Ohhhhh,” she began to shiver with passion, at which point I decided to deny her any further pleasure.

I stripped myself and as soon as she saw the size of my erection she fell to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Looking down I saw that she had taken in the whole of my considerable engorgement, she looked like someone who hadn’t eaten for weeks who had suddenly been presented with delicacies beyond her wildest dreams. I’d never felt a sensation like it, her movements were so smooth, her tongue was doing things to me I could never have imagined and then in panic I shouted, “Cora, I’m going to come….”

She came up for breath, “Don’t worry,” she assured me softly, before setting to work on me again.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…….,” I sighed contentedly as a full load of cum was shot down her throat. She rolled away from me gulping and lay, bound and helpless, but contentedly, before me.

As you may image my sex drive had now virtually disappeared, but I didn’t want this session to end any time soon. I pulled her to a sitting position and removed her panties completely. I couldn’t resist sniffing the crotch area of them, rolled them into a ball and stuffed them into her waiting mouth. I tied the gag in position with my own necktie and stood back to admire my handiwork.

Then, selecting a thicker length of rope, which looked as though it had once been part of a washing line, I wrapped it around her waist, pulled it tight and then threaded it between her thighs, my finger delighting in the softness of her skin and the erotic electricity generated by her nylons. Then I hauled the rope up to her wrists and secured it there, making sure that it was firmly in place and digging deep into her cunt. Her eyes were half shut and she seemed to be slobbering with pleasure.

I then blindfolded her with a tea-towel and enjoyed twenty minutes of her struggling against her very tight bonds, heaving with all her might to embed her crotch rope deep into her slit. As I watched I could feel the blood flowing once again into my penis.

A minute or two later I was ready to start again, I pulled her roughly to her feet and removed her blindfold.

“Mmmmmmpphhhh……,” she queried.

“Shut up and do as you’re told,” I ordered before taking another length of rope which I attached to her cunt binding, with this I led her from the living room and up the staircase to her bedroom, frequently tugging roughly on her crotch restraint.

Her mattress was inviting so I pushed her on to it and lay down beside her. My fingers wasted no time in exploring along the length of her vagina, still pulling at the rope which made her sigh contentedly and breath more heavily.

I wanted to thrust my cock into her and I doubted that I would be able to resist for much longer, I got to my knees and towered between her thighs, my fingers became wet and sticky with her cum.

Her eyes widened and I saw that she was truly frightened and I could well understand why, but then she nodded towards her bedside cabinet upon which, fanned out, were three contraceptives, known to everyone at the time as durexes.

Her intention was clear, but first I pushed up her bra and began work on her tits, making each nipple point rigidly skywards. Then I removed her crotch bindings and worked over her sex opening until she began to buck and thrust on to my hand, through her gag she was making hoarse moans and groans, sounds I wished to hear more of so I removed her panties from her mouth and began to kiss her. She ate me, it’s the only way I can describe the sensation of her kisses.

“Oh, Oh, Tom, I’ve never felt like this for such a long time, be rough with me, punish me, please……”

“I may torture you, just because I can and I feel like it.”

“I’ll submit, even should you fasten those clothes pegs lying on my dressing table on to my breasts and anywhere else you fancy……”

Again, no sooner requested than delivered. I placed half a dozen clothes pins across her body, enjoying hearing her whimper as I pulled her nipples roughly before applying the pegs, then fixing more to the undersides of her now glistening globes.

In a final rush I broke into the wrappings of a durex and slipped the rubber over my cock, it was then but a moment before I was pushing deeply into her. As I rode her my hands ravished the planes of her thighs and legs, delighting in the feel of her stockings, pulling her suspender straps and letting them go providing a satisfying slapping noise.

Then, with her shrieking wildly, it was all over, I was spent and suddenly very drowsy and contented. We lay in each others arms for a long while, our hearts beating in perfect time.

“Tom, you won’t ever feel sorry about this, will you?” she spoke eventually, her voice even and serious.

I untied her and smoothed her hair, “No, never, of course not, how could I feel sorry about something so wonderful.”

She sighed and nestled into my arms and together we went to sleep.

I woke up about midnight and felt my cock stir, I slipped a condom on and began to caress her breasts and vagina. Cora came awake at once and rolled across me, feeling for my penis.

“Oh, God, Tom, this is so, so nice.”

“Do you want to be tied?” I asked.

“No, let’s just make love,” she replied as she straddled me and pushed my erection into her slit.

I spent the rest of the night with her and woke to find her gone and the wonderful aroma of frying bacon drifting up the stairs. I smiled to myself, as a vista of wonderful evenings and weekends with Cora as my willing sex-slave filled my thoughts.

Not wanting to waste a moment of private time with my landlady I got up, shaved, dressed and thought about an early morning session with her. Then, as usual when I seemed to be getting somewhere, there came a loud rapping at the front door. I heard Cora answer the door and someone entering.

It’ll be Uncle Joe Steele returned early…. Typical! I thought to myself.

When I heard the distinctive voice of Miss Goodman, the university billeting officer, I crept down the stairs and eavesdropped.

“It might be a disgrace, Miss Goodman, but it’s had nothing to do with me,” Cora was in haughty mood.

“I’m not saying it did, Mrs Redgrave, but the fact is some damn fool allowed a young gentleman and a young lady to share the same lodgings, and the young lady in question is now with child. There’s all hell to pay.”

“That may be, but I just take in whosoever you send. I never gave it much thought, me assuming that your office knew what they were doing.”

Miss Goodman nodded slowly, “I can see that, but I wonder, did you notice any familiarity taking place between Miss Delisle and Mr Markham?”

God, I thought, she’s trying to pin it on me! It was all I could do to prevent myself bursting into the room shouting, “It wasn’t me!”

Cora diverted my attention, “Well, Miss Susan was always a bit of a wild one, and I doubt that Mr Markham was her type.”

“Did he go out with her, buy her drinks perhaps? Her mother is sure that she must have been coerced in some way, she says that her daughter has always been a good girl.”

Cora studied for a minute, “I doubt they’ve ever spent more than five minutes together alone. In fact, I don’t think that our Miss Delisle would sleep in Tom’s bed if he were the last man on earth and owned the Crown Jewels.”

I laughed shortly to myself, if only Cora knew. But, I now understood why Susan had tried to seduce me, I was to become the daddy of her child whether I wanted to be or not. A quick marriage and me back in Dad’s office.

I could picture the scene, her mother having coffee with mine, somewhere in town, each of them freshly coiffured and dressed to the nines.

“I can’t think what came over Susan, she’s such a good girl….”

“…..And so pretty I can see why Tom couldn’t help himself, not that that’s any excuse, of course.”

“Still, worse things have happened at sea, and it’s not as though either of them needs a degree, is it?”

“Certainly not, Tom’s always had a place waiting for him with his father.”

“Anyway, I’ve managed to get St. John’s booked for the second Saturday of next month. Catering’s not been easy but the Imperial can fit us in…”

“Oh, good, yes, that will certainly suit us. Tom’s cousin Grace I’m sure would like to be a bridesmaid. Would Susan accommodate that, d’you suppose?”

“Well, she’s asked nine of her friends already, but I’m sure that one more won’t hurt.”

“Perhaps now’s the best time to discuss our outfits, we don’t want to clash do we………”

And so it would go on, me perfectly stitched up, sealed with wax and delivered. Thank God I’d been sensible enough not to fuck Susan Delisle, I thought as I wiped a bead of perspiration from my brow.

Cora’s voice swam into my consciousness, “I hope this can be sorted out in everyone’s interest and you can send the Mr Crawfords around tomorrow, I’m sure they’ll be comfortable here.”

Who were these Mr Crawfords, I wondered, I must have missed something and it was obviously time to put in an appearance. I slipped up the stairs and then came noisily down them.

“Ah, good morning, Tom,” greeted Cora when I appeared.

“I wasn’t expecting to find you here, Mr Markham, you reported that you had to go home for a day or two,” she spoke severely.

“Yessss….., but it turned out that everything was O.K.…….”

“So you came back and didn’t report in.”

“I forgot, sorry.”

“You must remember that the University has a duty of care for you which we take very seriously.”

“Sorry,” I apologised, though in a voice that made it plain that I wasn’t in the least sorry.

The university busy-body nodded, smiled a wintry smile and made for the door. Cora led her into the hall.

I sat expansively in an armchair and began to plan for the future, with Susan gone I would be able to indulge in bondage sex sessions beyond my wildest dreams.

“Goodnight, then, Mrs Redgrave,” I heard the billeting officer’s voice from the hall and then the sound of the front door closing and Cora’s returning footsteps.

When she came back I said, “I heard everything.”

“I know you did, that fifth stair tread squeaks.”

“I can’t believe they’re trying to blame me, if they need a handy culprit they can look no further than their own academic staff.”

“Susan’s ruined everything.”

Cora’s tone was sombre and I began to worry, “Who are the Crawfords?”

“Students, just back from Canada, they’ll be staying with me.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “They’ll be a mite squashed sharing Sue’s room.”

“They’re to have a room each.”

I was stunned and uncomprehending, “You’ve only two spare rooms…….”

“They’ve found a place for you at Devereux College.”

“Let them go there…..”

“They are twins, they do everything together.”

“I won’t go, I’ll go and tell her so tomorrow.”

“No you won’t, I can’t afford to upset Miss Goodman.”

“What about what we could do together?”

“That’s over, Tom, I need the money, I wasn’t left with much.”

There was a long silence and then Cora said, “I’ll put the kettle on.”

All I needed then was Uncle Joe to turn up, “Can I sleep with you to-night, Cora?”

She turned and smiled, “Yes, my dear, but to-morrow morning you’re to pack and be off to Devereux.”

“Whether I like it or not?”

“Yes, whether you like it or not.”

* * *

Over the following two years I called in to see Cora with decreasing regularity, too much was going on and she slipped down my order of priority list. I qualified, got a lecturing job and eventually began to write ‘popular’ history. Five or six years later, thanks to the success of my books, I was invited back to my old alma mater to lead a conference on the Wars of the Roses. On a whim and not without some trepidation I decided to call on Aunt Cora. Her house had changed little, but when the door was answered the smile died on my face, for a fat, little, balding man stood before me.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Errr…., Is Mrs Redgrave in?”

“No one here of that name now.”

“She used to live here, I lodged with her.”

“You’ll mean Cora.”

“Yes, Cora. Where’s she gone.”

“Married her neighbour, Mr Steele, they went off to Lytham St.Anne’s, opened a Bed & Breakfast place there. The Laurels, I think.”

“I see,” disappointment was written across my face.

“Yeah, I bought this house from her, nice lady.”

“Yes, she is, a very nice lady.”

As the years went by I failed to visit Lytham, so never had the saw Cora again, but I never forgot her. I married Grace, who had slimmed down, had her teeth straightened and no longer howled like a banshee. She became a very successful accountant who is very well paid to go into companies and rip out their existing financial structures and replace them with systems that work. So, I write the books and she makes the money. All in all, we’re happy. By the way, though she is a bean counter she’s never boring.

The End

Copyright© 2012 by Belisarius. All rights reserved.