Aunt Cora
by Belisarius

Part 6

Later that week, on returning to my digs, I was met by an quietly enthusiastic Cora Redgrave.

“Good news, Tom,” she greeted, “Mr Steele is going off on Friday; for the whole weekend, to Bolton to attend a funeral. We can safely have some lovely bondage games…..,” she faltered as she scanned my expression, which showed both great confusion and only a little enthusiasm.

“Oh…. Great…. Yes…., Though, what about Sue,” I stuttered, trying to throw a spanner into the works.

“Miss Delisle has gone home, some family problem, or so she says.”

No way out there, I thought to myself and then the idea that I could enjoy at least two tying-up sessions stuck fast in my mind, “Well, actually, Cora, I’ve been called home too, that’s why I may not have seemed very keen, but I am, of course I am, I must go off on Friday, but I’ll be back on Saturday afternoon.”

She looked doubtful and then a smile lit up her very pleasant face, “Yes, that’ll be all right. I’ll get some nice food in – and wine – and I need to buy one or two items that you’ll be able to use on me.”

My curiosity was immediately aroused, “What sort of things, Cora?”

“Never you mind, but I expect to be well tortured on Saturday….. Sunday too.”

“Why not now, Sue’s isn’t likely…….”

As usual, Uncle Joe rattled the front door at the most inappropriate time, “You, there, Cora…,” he shouted as he entered the hallway.

Never shy, Old Joe, I thought to myself.

“Yes, we’re here, come on in Mr Steele”

She smiled at me, “Wait for the weekend.

* * *

The rest of that week passed at a snail’s pace, but eventually, after a train and two buses, I arrived at Aunt Lucille’s house.

Grace was waiting for me, she pulled me inside and squashed me against her breasts before saying, “Quick, I don’t want any of our nosey neighbours to realise that you’re here. There’d be the devil to answer to if aunty got to hear of it.”

“Yes, maybe it’s just as well I’ve got to get back to college by to-morrow lunchtime.”

At first Grace looked downhearted, but then she said cheerily, “On reflection, it’s probably for the best, the longer you’re here the more likely it is that something will go wrong.”

I took hold of her breasts, “Strip…..,” I ordered.

She simpered, grabbed me around the neck and planted her mouth on mine. It was like being vacuumed up, I thought my tongue was a goner and I’d also need to visit my dentist.

Grace looked as though she was about to devour me, “Make sure you fasten your knots tightly,” she whispered hoarsely.

“Hang on a minute,” I narrowed my eyes suspiciously, “This isn’t going to cost me anything, is it?”

I could almost see her mind working like a calculator, “Can’t let you do it to me for less than a fiver, I’d charge cousin George a lot more.”

“Five pounds!” she left me breathless, “You do know what a lady who charges for her favours is called, don’t you.”

“Of course I do, but I call it a sensible and profitable use of my feminine assets.”

“I’ve only got three pounds six and six,” I bleated.

“Ok, seeing as you’re only here for the afternoon, I’ll play my part for two pounds.”

“There’ll be no service or administration costs, will there?”

“All inclusive, dear boy, all inclusive.”

“Where should we go for the bondage?” I asked once the negotiations were concluded.

“Aunty and uncle’s bedroom, I’ve got it all ready,” she said as she led me upstairs.

Her large bottom held my attention as I climbed behind her, my eyes running continuously up and down the dark seams of her stockings. My hands snaked out to grasp her hips and I pushed up her skirt. The resulting view was sensational, she slowed her steps and allowed my fingers to stroke her thighs, which shimmered gently under my touch, like a jelly on a plate.

When we eventually reached the bedroom, I saw that it was a large one with a good selection of furniture suitable for tying large, voluptuous girls to. On the bed Grace had laid out as much in the line of rope, belts, twine as she could muster.

“Strip,” I commanded again, my voice brooking no argument.

Coyly she unbuttoned and pulled open her blouse and slipped it off. Her breasts were thrust out towards me as intimidating as a pair of Long Lance torpedoes of the defunct Imperial Japanese Navy.

“Get the skirt off, but keep your stockings on,” my mouth felt dry.

Again, she did as I had commanded, her skirt fell to the floor and she posed, breasts forward, one knee bent, her hands resting on her hips. Women have a natural way of posing to enhance their assets that men lack, unless, of course, the have the body of Hercules.

I noticed that she had; as promised, bought a pair of black lacy knickers, but beneath them she wore the same, shiny pink, deep, suspender belt she’d had on before. It looked rather incongruous but nonetheless sexy as its lines could be traced through the fabric of her panties.

“Do you want my bra off?”

“No, I’ll deal with that. Turn around and put your hands behind your back,” I liked the idea of pushing down her bra cups myself and resting her tits on top of them, thus keeping them better supported without hiding them.

Within a minute I’d crossed her wrists and tied them together tightly.

“Ouch….,” she complained, “that stings….”

“Shut up, or I’ll gag you.” I’d just remembered about the erotic value of a gag having watched a gangster movie the week before.

“I won’t shut up…. You’ll have to gag me….. Otherwise I may well scream and scream and scream…..”

Without further ado I stuffed her mouth with my handkerchief and fastened it in place with a narrow, black belt which looked as though it had come from the waist of a dress.

“Ummmpphhhh…….,” she shook her head and began to wriggle about testing her bonds.

I pushed on to the bed and then raised her to a sitting position, for I didn’t want those wonderful breasts to sink into her chest. Unable to wait any longer, I roughly pulled each tit from the support of her brassiere and began to play with her nipples, which soon stood erect and coloured from pink to red.

It didn’t take me as long as it had the previous time to bind her breasts. I again used garden twine and began by encircling each breast separately, before wrapping more of the cord above and beneath them. When I’d finished I took a step back to appreciate the artistry of my work. Her tits jutted out as though they’d been set in concrete, with the bindings biting into her soft flesh in a most attractive manner. I then set to work on her nipples and before long was rewarded by satisfied gasps coming from behind her gag.

“What to do with your legs,” I asked her the question rhetorically. I wanted them fastened, but I wanted free access to her cunt.

In answer she lay back on to the bedspread and allowed her thighs to part.

It was an invitation I couldn’t refuse. My fingers gripped the elastic of her panties and I began to pull them down, easing them over the solid nubs of her stocking fastenings. I paused, fully expecting her to make me stop.

“Mhhhhhhhhhhh……,” she moaned a soft sigh.

Taking the hint, I smiled to myself and continued drawing her underwear across her knees and over her ankles and off. Then I pulled her around and fastened her ankles to the bed board. She lay before me, tits tightly fastened (sunk in a little, but not enough to matter) dark, nearly black stockings, encasing her legs and held firmly in place by her solid suspender belt. I could see that her vagina lips were open, showing pink through the filmy curtain of her pubic hair.

I lay on the bed beside her and began to caress her soft nylons my fingers running the length of her stocking fastenings, making the material shimmer in the light and then coming back and slipping my fingers into the vee of her belly and the real target of my lust.

At any minute I was expecting her to shake her head and make it obvious I’d gone as far as she wanted me to. But, it didn’t happen. I boldly encompassed the whole of her pubic area with my left hand and rubbed up and down.

Through her gag I could make out her slurring “Yes…. Yes….., Tom, Tom, please, Tom…..”

In response I plunged two fingers into her welcoming slit and enjoyed the soft wetness of it.

“Aghhhhh…. Ohhhh……,” her cries were muffled, so I took off her gag and as she stared goggle eyed at me as I stripped, pleased to free my cock from the restraints of my clothing.

“Ohhhhh, Tom, Ohhhhhh, I never dreamt you’d be so big.”

I knew it was foolish but my lust was full up and I decided to put my penis into her. Kneeling between her thighs I took her buttocks in both hands and raised her hips to my cock level. I eased forward and could feel the tip of my cock nosing at the gate of her (presumed) virginity.

“Yes….., Yes….., Give it to me, Please, Pleeeeeeease…..”

I pushed harder and felt my manhood being sucked into her. It felt wonderful I pressed harder and began to work myself in and out. “Ring…. Ring…. Ring-Ring……”

The telephone rang, a strident, solidly British, GPO ring. In shock I pulled out of her and wondered what to do, “I can’t answer it, it might be Aunty Lucille, she’ll ask what I’m doing here.”

“Oh, damn, damn, damn,” she cried, “I don’t know who it could be. It might be aunty and if there’s no answer she’ll be sure something desperate has happened and come back.”

“That’ll take a while,” I said, but I was worried, if my parents found out about this they’d force me to marry Grace, I’d have to leave University and join dad in his business.

“Yes, of course it will,” she seemed calmer and then she panicked again, “She might contact the neighbours……”

All the while the ‘phone continued to sound more urgently than ever.

I took decisive action, hurrying downstairs I grabbed the instrument, took the handset and dropped it; as though accidentally, against a radiator, then I placed it back in its cradle, before rushing back upstairs.

“That was a good idea,” Grace greeted me, “Now get me untied and get yourself away before who ever it was rings again or some neighbour comes to investigate.”

I did as she asked and before long; minus two pounds I might add, I slipped out through the garden gate, into the lane and away.

As the train rattled me slowly back to Cora, I wondered how I was going to explain my early return, but I was comforted by the thought that I would arrive in time to tie and torture my landlady to my hearts content.

End of part 6

Copyright© 2012 by Belisarius. All rights reserved.