Aunt Cora
by Belisarius

Part 5

The next few weeks sped by in a haze of frantic activity on my part and complete inaction on the part of others. My bondage adventures came to a standstill, lack of which affected my course work and I’d been told to buck up by my tutors. Still believing that university ran along the same lines as my old school, I worried that my parents would hear of my lack of motivation, but I need not have feared, as anyone who’s ever been on a degree course knows.

The problem; or problems I should say, were Susan and Uncle Joe. They were forever about, I couldn’t get Cora to myself for more than five minutes without one or other of them putting in an unwelcome appearance.

Mr Steele took to calling in every night on the excuse that he was awaiting a tube coming from Sollihull so that his television could be fixed. It seemed to me that that place was as far away as Yokohama, though who could imagine the Japanese producing electronic goods! It’ll be cars next! I laughed to myself at the thought.

Joe and Cora gossiped on to each other for hours on end, I couldn’t understand why they bothered to even keep the television set switched on. All of their neighbours came in for a battering, the cost of living was unbearable, and how much more unbearable things would be if that horrid Mr Wilson replaced that grand gentleman, Mr MacMillan.

Looking surreptitiously at Joe’s face I’m pretty sure he was a closet Socialist whilst Cora was about and couldn’t wait for the General Election to come in ’63 or ’64, which he’d hope would serve the Tories out for their decade of misrule.

Susan was a different story, not her usual self, but very morose which could turn to waspish temper at a wrongly taken word.

“How’s old Docherty, these days?” I asked her at supper one day.

“Huuummmpphhh… Him! Gone off to UCLA… Not that I care.”

“UCLA, eh, California should suit him, though I doubt that his Kensyan economics will suit them.”

“Who’s Kensyan?”

“I thought you’d have heard of Maynard Keynes, Art encompasses everything, doesn’t it?”

“Economics are far too boring to have any artistic merit,” she muttered and turned away to run upstairs to her room, where I heard her door slam.

“She’ll break my house up if she doesn’t come out of the huff she’s in,” said Cora, entering quietly from the kitchen.

“A friend’s just flown off to America,” I informed.

“Huh, lover you mean, it’s all she thinks about.”

“Uncle J… Mr Steele, coming in to-night?” I asked, fervently hoping for a negative reply.

“I don’t know, he just comes and goes at will.”

We were interrupted by a thunder of high heels as Susan whirlwinded down the stairs and outside, crashing the front door behind her. The house seemed to shake.

“I’ll have to have words with her….”

“Well, at least she’s gone out. Look, would you like me to tie you up again?”

Cora smiled coyly and my heart leapt, I decided that I was going to tie her very, very tightly…”

“Hello, there, hello, Cora….,” The hall resounded with the arrival of Uncle Joe.”

“Oh, Gawd, not him again,” I moaned.

“In here, Mr Steele, I’ll warm the television set up and put the kettle on.”

Did she have to be so welcoming, I thought, no wonder he’s never away. However, remembering Cora’s displeasure at my previous bout of rudeness, I greeted Mr Steele handsomely enough, made my excuses and went to my room to complete a long overdue essay.

By eleven I’d finished writing about how different things would have been if the Black Prince had not died young and then collapsed, exhausted, on to my bed. I could hear the television still blaring away and so knew that Uncle hadn’t yet left.

It was no use hoping for a bondage session now, so I slipped into my pyjamas and with hand on cock, excited myself with thoughts of having both Cora and Grace strung up in a dungeon. Neither of them could expect, nor would deserve, any mercy from me, I grunted to myself before drifting off to sleep.

I was startled awake after midnight when I felt more than heard or saw someone entering my room.

Could it be Cora, desperate to be bound, her private parts explored by my fingers, I stiffened at the thought.

“Shhhh… It’s just me…” the voice was Susan’s.

“What… Why…” I managed to keep my voice to a whisper.

Before I could say anymore I felt her climb into my (narrow) bed and realised that she was naked. Mr Cock jumped to attention.

“Ohhh... Oh, Tom, I’m sooooo…. lonely.”

“Sue, you shouldn’t be here, what if Cora…”

“Bugger, Cora…” she whispered.

I nearly sat up straight, here was a well brought up young lady using such language, I couldn’t believe it of her, she’ll be coming out with fuck next, I thought to myself.

“Oh, this is nice…” she said softly and I felt her fingers encircle my penis and begin to stroke it.

Without further ado I began to explore her body, beginning with her breasts. They were nowhere near as large as those of Grace, but they were much firmer (hockey, netball and lacrosse, I thought to myself) with very erect nipples. Then my hand crept across her stomach, found its way through her pubic hair and descended upon her vaginal lips.

“Ohhhhh… Tom, Oh…. My Love… Oh, yes, yes, yes… Please…” I was becoming used to such female moanings by now.

Then I realised that her cunt was as dry as a Saharan waterhole. Now, I might have been inexperienced and naïve but I did know that a woman in heat comes ready lubricated and that the sexual act is not possible without such well designed means of friction reduction.

“Rub, me, stroke me, down there, you stupid boy, fuck me, for God’s sake…” Susan’s voice was harsh and had with it a tone of desperation.

“Sue… Stop... This is no good.” Fuck hasn’t taken long to put in an appearance, I thought.

“Use your mouth, tongue, lips, are you really a man, or merely a boy who’s not up to pleasing a woman.”

Angered, I took her shoulders and pushed her back on to the pillow, climbing on top of her at the same time. My cock began to thrust towards her slit, but it wasn’t making much progress, so, eventually, I rolled off her, nearly fell on to the floor, but managed to cling on to the edge of the mattress.

Even though she still managed to keep her voice down her words were spiteful, “You silly, weak, hopeless little boy. Saving yourself for Ma’ Redgrave, I suppose. Do you think I offer myself to anyone? I thought you were ready for some grown up fun, but you, you’re no man and you never will be.” With that she struck me once across the face, climbed out of the bed and disappeared back to her own room.

“Well, how unladylike can she get?” I muttered, as I soothed my sore cheek.

Then I began cursing myself, for here was the beautiful, irresistible, Susan Delisle wanting to take my virginity. She who, no doubt, had half the male population of the campus lusting after her, and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. What a silly sod I was, condemned to remain a virgin for the foreseeable future.

Why couldn’t I have taken what was offered to me on a plate, something I wanted so much? I asked myself over and over but could come to no reasonable explanation, except that it didn’t, somehow, feel right.

I overslept the next morning and found that Susan had already gone off to college, for which I was truly grateful.

“Her ladyship went off in yet another huff, never seen her so animated so early in the morning,” said Cora, “Nothing to do with you I expect……”

My face went red and I felt tropically hot, “No…. Not me, certainly not….”

“Hummmm… Oh, by the way there’s a letter come for you. From another of your girlfriends, I shouldn’t wonder,” she sniffed the purple envelope before handing it to me.

It was from Grace, I recognised her handwriting and quickly stuffed it into my pocket. Later, in a quiet corner of the University Library, I read what my cousin had to say:

My Dearest Tom,

It appears that my folks are not to return from Libya till the autumn and Aunt Lucille will have to return home this coming weekend to attend her sister’s birthday party. This means that the house will be inhabited only by myself!

I want you to tie me up again, especially my breasts, I’ve spent sleepless nights thinking about what you did to me at Christmas, it makes me feel very hot and I cannot wait until you fasten some restraint or another between my legs. I’ve never before felt a sensation like it.

I’ve bought some new lace panties and I’ll wear them especially for you. I may even allow you to pull them down!

Do say you’ll come.

Love, Grace

I was flabbergasted, a few months previously my sex life; apart from wanking, was non-existent. Now, I had had three women all wanting me to do things to them. I couldn’t believe it and was overcome by the thrill of it, but then I began to worry, for I realised that between them they could seriously complicate my life.

End of part 5

Copyright© 2012 by Belisarius. All rights reserved.