Aunt Cora
by Belisarius
Part 2

I knew that Susan spent half the night in the bathroom before she went to bed, so once I’d heard her busy with the taps, I slipped into Cora’s room to find her preparing for bed.

“Oh, you escaped,” I said, partly disappointed and partly relieved.

“It took a while, but I managed,” she smiled at me.

I took a step towards her, unsure what to do next. Did she want me to climb into bed with her?

“Goodnight, Tom and thank-you.”

She had made her intentions pretty clear, so I smiled shyly and returned to my own room.

From that point my night was a sleepless one, I tossed and turned until dawn had broken, my mind filled with both fear and anticipation. What if someone found out? Supposing Susan knew all about my bondage adventure, I was certain that she’d be unable to keep her mouth shut. I imagined being called before the principal and sent down, my parents would then also know of my disgrace and I’d be forced to emigrate. How could I possibly carry out historical research in Australia!

Then my thoughts would focus on Aunt Cora’s strong, curved white thighs. I wondered what her breasts were like, how soft were they? Her nipples, what was their colour, size and texture? There was so much of her body to explore – I thought about it so much that my cum exploded into my handkerchief four times that night. It would probably have happened ten times, but my hanky was saturated and my cock sore.

I woke after an hour or two of fitful sleep and prepared to face the two women of the house. I used my bathroom allocation to wash through my stained handkerchief and hoped that I would be able to secretly dry it out of sight behind the water boiler. Then I went for breakfast.

Cora was waiting for me, her smile was a distant one and I thought, this is it, she’s going to ask me to leave.

“Your usual, Tom?”

“Err… Yes, yes, please,” I replied, wishing that my usual wasn’t sausage, bacon and eggs, but her tied naked to her bed, or a in a chair, or on the carpet beside the fire….

Susan arrived hot and flustered, though there was nothing unusual about that, “I’m going to be late for a lecture.”

“Oh, you’re actually going to one?”

“Don’t try to be cleverer than you are, Tom. I always go to those delivered by Professor Docherty.”

“But he’s an economist.”

“So what, art encompasses every other subject.”

“Good, is he?”

She shook her head, “I’ve no idea, but he is dishy.”

My breakfast was placed in front of me and Cora said in deadpan tones, “I expect you’re well enough now to return to college.”

When Cora went back to the kitchen, Susan nudged me, “What’s up with her? Still ladies problems, do you think?”

I nearly asked her to explain these female complaints to me, but didn’t want to show how ignorant I was of the physiology of the opposite sex.


“You know what she needs, don’t you?”

“An extra bathroom.”

“No, silly, she need’s a man. You’d better look out.”

“Me…..,” my hair nearly stood on end and I struggled to sound unpanicked.

“Sure, you’re not bad looking, you may be just what she needs.”

I went red and was too flustered to speak.

Susan looked me in the eyes and a knowing look crossed her face, then she said slowly, “Last night….. It’s happened, hasn’t it? She had you last night, that’s what the wet patch on your trousers was….. ”

“No,” I almost shouted, “Don’t be so silly….. I told you, I spilled my tea.”

Coitus interruptus….. Oh, I am sorry, never mind, better luck tonight.”

“Don’t say such things….. I’ve never been so embarrassed……”

“You had all that time together while you were malingering with that sniffle. It all fits!”

“Please stop, Susan, nothing happened…….”

“Sex isn’t bad, silly boy, you should look upon it as liberating – I do.”

Shhhhhhh….., Cora will hear you,” I squeaked.

“Cora is it now? And what ever became of Mrs Redgrave?”

At that moment Cora returned with Susan’s poached eggs on toast, she eyed us suspiciously, but said nothing, sat down and poured herself a cup of tea.

I gobbled down my food, eager to leave the house before Susan made any further inflammatory remarks.

“You’ll get indigestion,” warned Cora.

“Got to make up some time,” I excused myself.

“Me too, don’t want to miss the delightful Mr Docherty,” put in Susan, rising to her feet.

I was about to join her when Cora placed her hand on my arm and gently squeezed.

What could she want? I fantasized that she wanted a bondage session whilst Susan was out of the way, but doubted that that was the case.

“How much have you told her,” Cora’s words woke me from my reverie.

“Nothing…. Nothing, Cora. Honest.”

“I heard some of it from the kitchen, she knows something.”

“I’ve told her nothing, it’s all guesswork on her part.”

Cora shook her head, “How can I be sure, I don’t want my reputation ruining by the prattling of that silly girl.”

I hung my head, how could things go so wrong in less than twenty-four hours?

“You’ll only be here for a short time, you’ll be in a hall of residence next year, but I live here. You do understand my position, I trust.”

“Of course, I won’t tell a soul. Why would I spoil the most thrilling thing which has ever happened to me……,” I spoke sincerely.

Her face relaxed and she smiled, “Well, lest said, I suppose,” then it became grim again, “But we’ll both have to be careful of Miss Susan Delisle.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” I replied before setting off for the university campus.

My mind remained on my studies for only a short while that day as it was filled with lurid pictures of a naked (or at least a partially dressed) Cora Redgrave. I couldn’t wait to return to my lodging and hopefully into the arms of my landlady.

Eventually the day ended and after a hurried college dinner I sped home. I was disappointed to find that Susan had arrived before me and there was no sign of Mrs R.

“She’s next door, gone to help her neighbour with some form or another.”

“Oh….,” I hoped she wouldn’t be long. Then I noticed that Susan was dressed to the nines, swish frock, high heeled shoes, un-clicked nylons and her face well made-up.

“You look very smart. A big night out on the cards?” I hoped it was going to be a long one.

She shook her hair into place, “I’m dining with the prof.”

“What! Docherty! He’s old enough to be your father. You’ll both be for it if anyone finds out.”

She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t care, this is a lousy dump of a place anyway.”

“It’s one of the best universities in England, we’re very lucky to be here,” I was astounded.

Then I stood entranced as; ignoring my presence completely, she reached down and raised the hem of her skirt, showing the beginning of her thighs. I was even more surprised when she took some perfume and dabbed it behind her knees before allowing her skirt to swish back into place.

“You can never know where or when a dab of perfume may come in useful,” she widened her eyes, picked up her handbag and made her way to the front door.

(Susan must have been an early version of a Child of the Sixties, I decided years later.)

I couldn’t understand why a girl should think that it was a good idea to put perfume behind her knees. Unless….. I pictured Docherty’s head between her legs and then dismissed the idea as improbable. What could he possibly find to do down there?

Then Cora returned and my heart leapt, only to sink again when I saw that she was accompanied by a man.

“Why, hello, Tom, you’re back early,” she greeted me.

“Hello, Mrs Redgrave.”

She introduced me to her companion, “This is Mr Steele, my neighbour, he’s going to have a look at the outhouse tap.”

I eyed the neighbour up and mentally named him Uncle Joe. This because of the avuncular nature of his appearance. He wore an old blue suit (demob one perhaps) a hat which had seen better days (he hadn’t the manners to take it off.) and clenched between his teeth was (keeping in mind that in those days tobacco fumes ruled the atmosphere), the smelliest pipe I’d ever had the misfortune to come across.

“How do you do,” I greeted him without enthusiasm.

He thrust forward a hand, “I’m reet fine, lad, reet fine.”

Then Cora hustled him outside and he soon disappeared to deal with the errant tap.

I went to my room to study, and to bemoan in private what a disappointing evening it was turning out to be.

An hour later Cora called up the stairs, “Tom, would you like something to eat, or did you dine at college?”

I’d had dry steak pie and a lumpy custard on campus and being nineteen was always hungry, “Oh, thanks, Mrs Redgrave, I’ll be with you in a moment or two.”

We mostly ate in a companionable silence and then Cora said, “Would you like to tie me up again? There should be plenty of time before Susan returns.”

Would I? My heart leapt at the thought, “Of course, yes, Oh, yes, please……”

“We’ll play safe to-night, go and bolt the front door whilst I draw the curtains.”

When I returned to Cora I found her standing before me minus her dress. She was wearing a full length white slip embroidered with lace, through which I could clearly see a black, deep, suspender belt. The straps of which reached down to stockings which were just a shade off black. How I kept myself from coming there and then, I’ll never know.

“Where do you want me?”

“I don’t know…. Er…..,”

“Frighten me….., thrill me, the way you did last night.”

I thought for a moment before threatening, “Keep still and keep quiet lady, or else you’ll suffer.”

“Oh…., please, please don’t harm me.”

“I’d better tie you up, I don’t want you getting in the way while I have a look around.”

“Oh, don’t bind me, please, don’t, I won’t move, honestly, I won’t.”

Without replying I took up the first of the cords which Cora had ready for me. I spun her around and quickly fastened her wrists together, pulling the knots tight and ignoring her little squeaks of pain.

“Oh, this hurts……..”

“This is just the start, lady,” I warned as I pushed her into a chair and took up another length of rope. Should I tie her ankles together, I thought, or dare I fasten them to separate chair legs? If I did that I might get a clear view up to her panties.

Tentatively, I took her right ankle and began to bind it to a chair leg. Mrs Redgrave said nothing, so I did the same with her left ankle.

Ohhhh……. Hmmmmmm……,” Cora moaned softly to herself.

Still on my knees I raised my gaze level with the seat of the chair and was rewarded with a fine view up the skirt of her slip. The paleness of her thighs contrasted wonderfully with the dark material of her stocking welts and once again I could see the deep shadowed groove in her knickers.

“Don’t you think you’d better secure my knees too,” Cora adopted her normal tone for this suggestion.

Always ready to please a lady, I soon had her knees lashed well apart and daringly, I pushed her petticoat up towards the top of her thighs.

“Do you see the little slit that was there last night?” Cora asked.

“Yes….., would you like me to run my finger along it again?”

Hummmmmmm……,” she moaned again which I took as a ‘yes’.

As I worked the entrance to her vagina, my other hand was running the length of her thighs, along smooth, but at the same time somehow coarse, nylon and on to bare, soft thigh. I pulled at her suspender straps, enjoying the flexible elasticity of them and the sight of her stocking tops changing shape and depth of colour.

By now my chin was virtually resting on the seat of the bondage chair and for the first time I drank in the scent of a woman in heat. It was then that I suddenly realised the reason behind Susan’s use of perfume.

Cora breathed out very deeply as I roughly pushed her slip up over her panties and stuck my tongue against her fabric covered cunt.

Aggghhhhh…… Oooooo….. Ohhhhhh…..,” she moaned and began to rock and writhe in the bondage chair.

My tongue worked ever more feverously, pushing the cloth of her panties deep into the intriguing cleft in her body. At the same time my cock was thrusting rock solid against my pants and was desperate to find relief.

Ohhh….. , don’t stop, Tom, please don’t stop.”

What could a chap do? I worked on, but suddenly reached a climax of my own, I hadn’t come, but was determined to poke my fingers and later my penis into her. I took a deep breath and took hold of her knicker elastic and began to work her underwear down.

I was brought to a halt in this endeavour by Cora, “Stop, Tom, stop, please,” her voice was not hard, but pleading.

I leant back on my heels, my face red and ashamed, certain that I had done some terrible wrong.

“Tom, dear….,” her tone was soft and gentle, “I didn’t want to stop you, honestly I didn’t……”

“Why did you then?”

“Because if you’d continued most of my good sense would have gone flying off with my panties.”

“You’re not annoyed with me, then?”

“No, no, of course not,” her look was sincere, “I wanted you to continue, but it makes no sense.”

“I see,” my voice dripped disappointment.

She smiled, “I’ve had all the fun so far, so we’ll remedy that. Take off all your clothes.”

Uncertain, I did as I was told and saw that she was closely eyeing my erection.

“Stand behind my chair…. No, much, much closer than that.”

As I stood my nostrils taking in the scent of her hair, she took hold of my penis with both of her bound hands.

Ohhhh…..,” I gasped, as she began to work my shaft.

“There, there, this helps, doesn’t it…….,” she whispered.

“Oh, yes. Oh, yes, yes, yes…..,” I breathed, my back arching and my cock thrusting up and down between her long, dextrous fingers.

There came no knocking at the door, Susan didn’t return, her neighbour failed to materialise, the telephone was silent and the roof remained in place until I came in a great flood into Cora’s deft fingers.

End of part 2

Copyrightę 2012 by Belisarius. All rights reserved.