Worried about Sarah
by Barry F

Back when I was pregnant with Sarah, I went to see my doctor for a regular check-up. The doctor walked into the examining room and then asked if I minded if some student doctors came in too. I wasnít really thinking and said sure. I couldnít believe it when five young men all came walking in, but then stood near my head. After my feet were up in the stirrups and the doctor had a full open view of my vagina, he told the five students to come around to this side of the room. My face must have turned every shade of red. I have never had this many men see me naked, and in such a position that I couldnít hide anything. But secretly, it was a thrill too. I didnít cum, but was very turned on and still wonder if they could tell that I was. I told my husband that evening what had happened and how it made me feel. He jokingly called me an exhibitionist, but it made for great sex that night.

* * *

Itís late afternoon on my 26th birthday. After work I pick up Sarah from the sitter and pull into our driveway. I park between my neighborís house and mine where the car can only be seen from those two and the house directly across the street. At this time of day my neighbors are still at work. I step out of the car and all of a sudden three men and a woman appear from nowhere. One man pulls his hand tight over my mouth so I canít scream while the other helps hold me. The third man and the woman disappear with Sarah. I am told to cooperate if I donít want my girl to get hurt. I am pushed into the back seat where one man holds me. The other must have gotten my keys somehow because he jumps in the driverís seat, adjusts it back, starts the car and away we go.

I canít believe what just happened. I live in a nice area of town, nothing like this happens here. I am shaking, knowing that Iím going to get raped, worrying what is going to happen to Sarah. Then I am told again, cooperate with us and no harm will come to your girl. That is a bit of a relief, but can I really trust them, and what are they going to do to me. Then he tells me they arenít going to hurt me at all, as long as I do exactly what they say. We head out of the city and down a gravel road, and then turn onto a dirt road and into a fairly thick forest. Then the car stops. Tears are streaming down my cheeks; I know here is where Iím going to get raped. I just hope they donít hurt me too badly and especially donít kill me. The killing me part really worries me because these guys made no effort to cover their faces. If I am left alive I can give very specific details to a sketch artist and theyíll be arrested in no time. I figure I have to get away from them, but then what about Sarah? Thatís when I am told again, cooperate and your daughter wonít be harmed. I am trapped. If I escape they harm my daughter. If I stay I could get murdered. What do I do? I decide for Sarahís sake I will do as they say for now.

The man holding me lets me go and tells me to strip naked. This command doesnít surprise me at all. I slowly start pulling my blouse up and over my head. The man in the front then says, ďOh good, nice and slow, just like youíll be doing tonight.Ē Tonight I think? What do they have in store for me tonight? Iím supposed to be at home celebrating my birthday with my husband and daughter tonight. ďKeep going,Ē I hear one of them say. I undo my skirt and again slowly, very slowly slide it down my legs. ďOh sheís a real tease, theyíll like her tonight.Ē

ďWhat happening tonight?Ē I ask.

ďItís a surprise, but keep cooperating and no harm...Ē as his voice trails off. I guess he doesnít feel he has to remind me that they have my daughter. ďShow time; take off the bra or panties. I donít care which first.Ē

I ask, ďwhat about my socks and shoesĒ to which they say they can stay on. If they leave me here at least Iíll have shoes to walk down the gravel road, but I remember they want me for something tonight. This eases the fear that they are going to kill me here. They are being very polite too. What are they up to? Wouldnít the average rapist have been ripping my clothes off by now to get at me? What is up?

I figure with my trimmed pubic bush, they will see less of me if I take my panties off first. I lift my butt off the seat a bit, keeping my legs closed together and very very slowly slide my panties down, trying to stall for time but knowing what is coming anyways. As soon as they are close to my knees I sat hard and lifted my knees so the view of me is minimal. They can see my pubic hair and comment on it being trimmed nicely. I slide my panties all the way off and know I have to take my bra off now. ďPlease guys, if we stop now and you just take me home I promise I wonít tell anyone anything about what happened today.Ē It is my feeble attempt to put off the inevitable. They laugh. I knew it wouldnít work so here goes all. I reach behind my back, undo my bra and not slowly this time, I quickly remove my bra. I donít know why I did, I wanted to stall for time, but proudly display my 34Cís to them, sticking my chest forward.

Here it starts, I think. The guy in the front seat (who was facing me all this time) reaches back and grabs my tits. He feels them a bit and then squeezes my nipples between his fingers. ďVery niceĒ he says, ďnow lean back, slide your butt forward and spread your legs wide.Ē

So much for my bush hiding anything, I am trimmed bald down between the legs and spreading my legs will definitely show all. I do as told, lean back and then slowly slide forward. I really donít want to show them my pussy, but feel I have to. Slowly I open my legs wide. They are both staring motionless, taking in the view of me spread naked. Fucking perverts I think, this has to be the weirdest rape in history. ďWhich one of you is going to do me firstĒ, I ask the guy beside me, seeing through his pants that he is very hard.

ďThatís not happening yet,Ē he says and then pulls out a digital camera. He holds it close to my vagina and gets a clear close up shot before I knew what had happened. He hands it to the guy in the front seat who proceeds to take about 5 more pictures, but these ones are showing my face and everything. Then they have me get out of the car and pose leaning against the car. I can hear the camera taking lots of pictures. Now to the front of the car, they have me bend over the hood and take pictures from behind me. More pictures are taken with trees behind me and the car not in sight. In a few pictures they have me pull my lips apart to see pink. I bet they took over 50 pictures of me. I am petrified thinking of where these pictures might end up. Yet at the same time I have never been naked outdoors. I am getting a little wet. Iím about to get raped and yet Iím turned on, my body is confused. At least I wonít be dry when they thrust their dicks inside me; the pain will only be mental.

Now I get totally confused, he hands me a two piece bikini and tells me to put it on. I quickly put it on and am glad to not have them staring at my naked body now. However, the bottom is a thong and does nothing to cover my ass. I am told I can put my blouse and skirt on over the bikini. This is really weird, but I donít need to be told twice. I dress in no time. I have to wonder what is wrong with my underwear. Why do I need a bikini under my clothes? I donít ask, I donít think Iíll get the right answer anyways.

They tell me to get in the car. The driver starts my car and we are headed to who knows where now. My fear of being murdered lifts for now, but what is happening next? We make small talk. I try finding out why me? What is going to happen but am not told much. I just get reminded that I better cooperate for my daughterís sake.

We drive half way across the city. It is getting close to 6:30pm. I am getting hungry and know my husband will be getting home about now. What is he going to think when he gets home and Iím not there? I tell them my husband will be wondering about me and when I donít answer my cell phone he would likely call the police. This doesnít faze them. They turn into a fast food place with a drive through, but we park in the lot. I am asked what I want. I donít tell them itís my birthday, but it is and I have to eat fast food on it. I was hoping my husband was going to take me out to a fancy restaurant. A few minutes pass and the driver shows up with bags of food. Oh well, at least the order is correct. My burger without pickles.

After eating, we drive to the other side of the city and pull into a 'Gentlemenís Club'. In my city, the strip clubs are full nude and full bar, not that Iíve ever set foot in one. Upon turning into the driveway I am told I am going to be a stripper here tonight. I am reminded once again that my daughterís well being depends on my full cooperation, and they remind me of the pictures they now have.

The thought of me having to strip in this place almost makes my supper come up. What if someone I know is in there? How can I go through with this? Itís bad enough these two goons watched me strip, but a full audience. I canít do it. How can I do it? What about my husband? What will happen to Sarah if I tell people in the bar Iím kidnapped and Iím not a stripper, please call the police? I think more about Sarah and think that I better go through with this just for her sake. I am thankful this place is across the city from where I live.

We enter the place and the three of us sit at a table close to the stage. It isnít much of a stage; itís about 12 by 20 feet and only raised two feet from the rest of the room. It is in the center of the place and people are seated at tables all around it. There is even women in here! Spectators, not dancers! I donít feel out of place sitting, but am scared of what is coming up.

All of a sudden the music got really loud and the DJ announces, ďPut your hands together for CrystalĒ. This slutty dressed girl that doesnít look a day over 18 walks out onto the stage and begins what some might refer to as dancing. I feel she is just walking around on the stage, occasionally shaking her butt at the audience. She grabs hold of the pole in the middle of the stage. I didnít even notice that pole earlier. With her hands holding the pole, she swings a complete circle around it. Her feet straight out as she is doing so. This walking around and swinging on the pole goes on through the first song. She doesnít take any clothes off. The second song is similar, itís about half over and now she takes her top off. She has a bikini top on under it so isnít showing any nudity yet. The third song starts and she pulls her shorts off right away. She has a thong similar to mine, but basically isnít nude except her ass showing. The third song is almost over now and she pulls her bikini top off. As she slips it off she covers her tits with one arm. The audience cheers but Iím sure they are hoping to see her chest uncovered. With the starting of the fourth song she swings around the pole and her tits are shown to everyone. The song is almost over and now she takes her bottom off. She is completely shaven, but it is almost hard to tell with how dark the room is. She stays standing and walking while naked. She doesnít use the pole now at all. The song ends; she grabs her clothes, holds them close to her and almost runs for the change room.

I am thinking this might not be so bad. This girl only had her tits showing for the last song and her pussy was on display for 20 seconds at most. And of that, you really couldnít see her pussy that much. I might be able to handle that. The music is quiet again and we can hear each other talk. I try talking them out of making me do this, but there is no changing plans. I look around the room to see if I recognize anyone. Fortunately not. Now that large drink I had from earlier has me needing the ladies room. I am escorted there and reminded not to try anything. The ladies room is empty. I guess with so few women in this place it would be. I sit on the toilet and shake, how am I going to strip in front of all these people. After peeing I wipe myself front and back as clean as I can. If people are going to see me naked I donít want to be dirty, even if I donít want them seeing me anyways. Walking back to our table I look again to see if I recognize anyone. Thankfully again I donít see anyone familiar.

As we sit, the music gets real loud again and the DJ announces the next dancer. Another slutty dressed young girl, this one has on a short skirt. She runs up to the pole and swings a circle around it, hands on the pole and legs out and spread. Did I see what I thought I saw? Iíd swear she has no panties on. In the dimly lit room it is hard to tell for sure. She doesnít use the pole too much; she just dances for the first song. Second song starts and she pulls her top off right away. There is a bra or maybe bikini top on her. A few times she gets close to the edge of the stage and bends slightly so the tables next to the stage can see up her skirt. Every eyeball is looking up too. The second song ends and she takes her bra off. I am wondering what is this slut doing? She has two songs to go, doesnít she? She is smiling and looks to enjoy being up there. Part way through the third song there is no mistaking that she has nothing on under her skirt. She is swinging around the pole and a few times lifts her skirt just to give a show. Not long after she takes her skirt off. There she is completely naked except for her boots. And she still has part of this song and another to go. This is getting me nervous now; I like the idea of only being naked for a really short time. Actually I donít want to go up there and get naked at all. Now the fourth song starts and she takes a blanket and spreads it out on the stage. She does the splits on the blanket, then lies on her back and spreads her legs so wide that no one has to use their imagination to know what her anatomy looks like. She is moving all around the stage with that blanket under her so everyone gets to see every part of her.

Then the next song is quiet again and we can hear each other talk again. Talk that I donít want to hear though. These guys are telling me that the way the second girl stripped is how they want me to do it. They want me topless before the second song is over and completely naked no later than half way through the third song. I am to spread my legs as much as I can so everyone can see. And smile while doing so. Then I let them know that there is no fear of me fingering or rubbing myself on stage when they told me I wasnít allowed to do so. I am handed a blanket and told this is for my fourth song, and do just like the girl you just watched. My heart is racing now. These were young girls with almost perfect bodies. My body isnít bad but Iím 26 today, Iíve had a kid, who would want to see me naked?

While we are talking, the girl is still sitting there on stage. She is naked and didnít cover up with the blanket. She grabs her bikini top and puts it on first, then continues to dress right there with everyone watching.

After a bit, the music turns real loud again. The DJ voice is heard again. This time he announces, ďPut your hands together for Samantha.Ē

Oh good I think, not me yet. But the two men sitting with me motion that Ďyesí, my turn. My nameís not Samantha, then again, good! I donít need everyone here knowing my actual name. It takes every ounce of my willpower to get up out of my seat and walk to the stage. Iím sure every eye in the place is on me. Then I realize the DJ isnít done talking yet. He goes on to say ďThis is her first time stripping in public and will probably be the one and only time you see her here.Ē

Oh no! Why did he have to announce that? I saw with the first two dancers that many men in the crowd were busy with their drinks and friends and only gave the occasional glance towards the stage. I now feel like everyone is concentrating on me. There are whistles and a few wolf whistles, one young man yells ďyou go Samantha.Ē I donít remember the audience being this loud for the other dancers.

Iím normally shy and donít like being the center of attention. I guess this will be my fifteen minutes of fame, or shame. I head up the three stairs onto the stage and still donít recognize anyone in here. Thank goodness for that but oh god; everyone is looking at me. I place the folded up blanket down near the stairs like the second dancer did. I start walking around the stage lost, trying to add a bit of a dance to my step. Can everyone see how nervous I am? This isnít going to work, my shoes are uncomfortable. I didnít plan on wearing them for this many hours. Well, Iím up here to strip, so off with the shoes. Now dancing in my socks is too slippery, so I grab hold of the pole for balance and pull each of my socks off. The cheering never stops. Iím sure I hear someone yell ďdonít stop there.Ē I turn in the direction of that voice and for whatever reason Iíll never know, I hike my skirt up for a second revealing my bikini bottom. The cheering seems to get louder, or is it my imagination. This doesnít seem right to be up here in bare feet, the other dancers kept their boots on. Oh well, I donít really care who sees my feet, itís the rest of me Iíd prefer not to show.

Iím familiar with this first song and its getting close to the end. If I recall correctly, they want me to show my tits by the middle of the second song. Iím now thinking that Iíve been to crowded beaches many times wearing just a bikini, so stripping to my bikini shouldnít be too bad. Except on a beach Iím not the only woman in a bikini and everyone there isnít looking at just me. And my bikini covers my ass too. I take the bottom of my shirt and slowly start to pull it up. This reminds me of being in the car with those two men looking at me, and his comment about how theyíll like me tonight. Up over my head goes the shirt and I throw it over near the blanket. I donít remember the crowd being this loud for the other two dancers. Is it just that I hear them better from up here, or they like me better? I now figure Iíll leave my skirt on until the start of the next song. I hope my arms are up for swinging around that pole. I take a quick jog to the pole, grab it with both hands and swing half way around. That wasnít bad. Next time I might spread my legs a little, I still have my bikini bottom on.

I thought time would stand still with all these people staring at me, but the first song ended already. I look at the two men I was sitting with. One is making a motion putting fingers at each side of his mouth and pushing them upwards. Oh no, Iím supposed to be smiling. How can I remember to do everything when Iím so nervous up here? I force a smile while undoing my skirt. I let it drop to my feet and then kick it over to my shirt. The reality of whatís happening starts to sink in. Iím standing here in just a bikini; soon it wonít even be on. People have my daughter and are doing who knows what with her. Keep smiling I thought, but how? I use the pole some more since Iím still covered. Iím getting good. I do a 360 on it a few times. Iím not that familiar with this song, and itís been on a couple minutes now. I wish I could remember, did he say that I had to be topless by the middle of the second song? Damn I canít remember. Iím scared, everyone is looking at me. Iím not dancing now, standing still. I have nice tits but theyíre not meant for everyone to see. I reach behind me and pull the top tie undone. I hold the ties and bring them forward. Now Iím sure anyone to my sides can see the sides of my tits. At least the front is covered, although not for long. As I bring the strings down in front I put one arm across my tits. Now my arm is the only thing covering me. My bikini top is hanging upside down below my tits. I smile and dance a little to the other side of the stage, facing different people now. I wish I wasnít here, and didnít have to do this, but the time has come. I reach around my back and undo the other tie, pull the bikini top off altogether and throw it over with my shirt and skirt. Could the cheering really get louder? Iím sure it did. There, I did it. Everyone has seen my tits now, no point in covering them back up. I proudly dance around the stage now. Iím walking around with my chest pushed forward. This isnít so scary anymore. I almost feel like Iím in command here, everyone staring at me almost gives me power. Iím still not sure about how Iím going to take my bikini bottom off though. And if Iím not mistaken, Iíd swear that the lighting has gotten brighter in this place.

Where did the time go? The third song started already. Oh no! I really hate this song. I donít know what Iím thinking, but to take my mind off of this god awful song I figure Iíll get naked right now. Maybe the cheering will get louder and I wonít hear this song. What the hell am I thinking? Down goes my bikini bottom quickly and I am now standing here completely naked. I donít even have boots on like the other dancers did. That didnít work; I still hear this horrible song. I think the cheering did get a bit louder, but now itís died off. What if I use the pole? I grab hold of the pole, pull my body up and upside down and clench onto the highest part with my legs. I let go with my hands and hang upside down for a bit. Here I am shamelessly showing my entire naked body to a crowd, and this stupid song is still playing havoc on my mind. Iím tempted to walk across the room and tell the DJ to change it. I look into the smiling crowd, smile again myself and figure Iíll do my best to ignore this song. How long can it last? I start dancing really goofy to the song. Kicking one leg high in the air displaying my pussy to all. This is getting me turned on actually. It reminds of that time back in the doctorís office. Funny how this turned around so quickly. Two songs ago I was scared to death. Now here I am naked and can care less about everyone looking at me, Iím just mad at the song thatís playing. It finally ends.

The fourth song is a slow one, just like the second dancerís song was. Slow so that she could slowly just wriggle around on that blanket of hers. I guess thatís what I have to do now. I grab the blanket and just for a joke I wrap myself up with it. Boy, most of the audience has a look on their faces that could kill. I give them all a great big smile and drop the blanket. Hell, theyíve all seen everything I have to show already. No point in hiding anything from them now.

Kind of reminds me of an episode of a reality TV show where the contestants had to get naked. They stripped behind a partition, off camera, and came out naked. My thoughts were they do it completely or they donít even attempt it. You donít come out on stage naked and after a minute chicken out. Once youíve been seen naked, what are a few more minutes? If they had to strip slowly on stage, there might have been a different outcome.

I spread the blanket out on the stage like I am making a bed. Then lie down on my back and spread my legs. What a slut I thought. A few minutes ago I would have given the world to get out of here, now Iím showing everyone all of me without a care. Itís turning me on and I wish I could grab myself and stick some fingers inside me. Maybe these two men are familiar with this. Is this why they told me I canít finger myself? They knew. How often do they grab an innocent woman and make her do this?

I hope my pussy doesnít start leaking fluids. I am so turned on right now. I roll onto my stomach and lift my ass in the air, leaving my legs spread. I know I am giving one hell of a view to everyone behind me. Iím sure they appreciate it too, I can hear the whistles. I donít want just one side of the room getting all the enjoyment, so I move around to let everyone get their turn. God, I feel like my nipples could poke holes through the stage. They didnít say I couldnít rub my nipples on the blanket. I better cool myself down. I hope I can stand. One more 360 around the pole, this time with my legs spread as much as I can, and best I can to go slowly around the pole. Everyone doesnít get a really good look at me if Iím going around the pole at 100 mph. I sit back down on the blanket, sitting upright, legs stretched out and spread. Did they say anything about not spreading my pussy for the crowd? There are a few cute boys sitting right next to the stage. Itís hard to say if theyíre even legal age. They have been staring at me nonstop through the entire session. I slide over to them on my blanket, put my feet right at the edge of the stage, reach between my legs and spread my pussy open for them. I donít know why I did this. This is a view my husband has only seen if he pulls it open himself.

If one of these boys jumped on stage right now and wanted to do me, Iím sure Iíd let him. Not to spoil only them, I notice a much older man, probably up in his sixties. I figure youíre next and spread my hole wide for him. He holds his heart like he is having a stroke, but his smile tells me he is joking. He loves it. And with that, the fourth song ended. Wow, where did the time go, I am having so much fun. But reality sets in; Iím naked on stage in a room full of strangers. I should cover up and get off the stage. But I just sit here letting this sink in. I might as well get dressed here on stage too, like the second girl did.

Then I hear the DJ ask, ďDoes the audience want an encore?Ē And the crowd starts yelling ďencore.Ē

Another loud song came on and I figure why not? I have nothing to hide that these people havenít already seen. I walk over to the pole and the cheering gets louder than anytime that evening. I donít use the blanket much this song, just dance and use the pole a lot. This song is just about done, and I think Iím about to die or maybe commit murder. I look over at the table with the two men that brought me here, and there is my husband sitting there smiling and watching me. You bastard I think, this is your idea. How could you? I walk to the edge of the stage nearest him, turn my back to him, spread my legs and bend right over. I spread my ass cheeks giving him and that side of the room an open view of my pussy. I am tempted to finger myself right here but figure I better not.

The song ends then and I think Iíll show you. I donít bother getting dressed and just walk over to the table and sit down. I think my husbandís jaw almost hit the floor. ďHappy Birthday Sweetheart! Now arenít you going to get dressed?Ē

ďWas this stripping here your idea?Ē I ask him. ďYou wanted me to be seen naked, now you want me covered up?Ē I laugh and figure Iíll get dressed when told to do so. Maybe Iíll embarrass him.

He has a drink waiting for me at the table and says, ďI guess you could stay naked and enjoy your drink, but I donít think that the dancers here normally stay naked off stage. And I really donít think you want to leave here naked.Ē

Even off stage I notice everyone around me is still looking at me. Most are trying not to appear obvious about it. This is actually making me feel really good about myself. At 26 I thought Iím too old to have all these younger men wanting to look at me. A waitress brought me my clothes as another dancer is going to come on soon. Shortly after I dressed and we left. It is good to know that Sarah wasnít in any danger. ďMaybe Iíll have to come here more oftenĒ I jokingly say to my husband.

On the trip home Iím thinking that this bikini isnít mine, I better take it off. A crowded room full of people just saw everything of me, so if a few people see my tits while Iím taking my bikini top off, no big deal. What has gotten into me, I would never ever have stripped in the car before today. I take my shirt off and can see my husbandís expression change. Before he says anything I tell him, ďthis bikini isnít mine, I better take it off.Ē I pull off the bikini top. Then I slide the bikini bottom off from under my skirt.

I ask ďDo you think I should put my shirt back on?Ē

We stop at a red light, but the driver of the car beside us is just staring straight forward at the light. Iím disappointed; I wanted to see his shocked look. I am so horny again knowing Iím sitting here with just a skirt on. I hike the skirt to give my husband a look. HONK! He is so busy looking at me he didnít notice the green light. ďMaybe you should get dressed before I get into an accident.Ē

I guess this is one weird birthday surprise but everything will be back to normal now, like it never happened. Or will it? That felt so special being on stage like that.

* * *

A few weeks passed since my birthday. I scolded my husband over that incident and told him never to pull a stunt like that again. I told him how I felt on stage and everything about it. How I was scared at first but then really enjoyed the attention later. But donít pull that again!, I said. It felt good at the time but Iím really not an exhibitionist, I said. Itís just not right for me to be naked on stage in front of many strangers.

Itís Friday night, my husband picked up pizza on the way home from work. I know we are going out for the evening but he wonít tell me where. After eating he leads me to the bedroom to change clothes. This doesnít sound right to me, Iím already dressed. I ask, ďYou arenít expecting me to strip again?Ē

ďNo, you wonít have to strip like on your birthday,Ē he says, ďbut I want you dressed a particular way for where we are going.

I have black panties on and he insists I put plain white panties on. ďWhy do my panties matter? You said Iím not stripping tonight.Ē

ďI said you wonít HAVE to strip. But you might have people looking up your skirt, and I think white panties would be better for tonight.Ē

He has me put on a short skirt and no bra.

ďThis sounds to me like Iím going to be doing something that I donít want to do!Ē

ďDonít worry. I wonít make you do anything you donít want to,Ē he says, assuring me.

In the car he finally tells me that we are headed to the same bar that I stripped in on my birthday. They are having a wet t-shirt contest tonight and he would love me to enter. I donít have to if I donít want to, but he sure wishes that I will. He tells me, ďAfter all, itís not like youíre going to be the only dancer on stage, or getting completely naked. Youíll be on stage with a bunch of other women. The audience will only get to see your tits through a wet t-shirt. Surely you can handle that?Ē

I tell him ďAs long as I donít see anyone in there that I know, I guess I can do it.Ē

ďThatís my girl!Ē he says, ďI hope this gets you as turned on as you were on your birthday.Ē

Walking into the bar I am having second thoughts. I am getting butterflies. Iím trying to convince myself that really Iím not an exhibitionist. Why does my husband want me to do this? Does he enjoy other men seeing me naked? Does it turn him on? I want to ask him these questions now but we are at the desk to register. I sign up for the contest and now wonder what have I gotten myself into? I order a double when the waitress arrives. Hopefully I can calm my nerves with alcohol. Again I wonder why Iím so nervous. A few weeks ago I was on stage by myself, completely naked with everyone looking at me. Tonight Iíll still have clothes on.

We didnít get there too much before the contest was starting. I barely finish my first drink and am ushered to a back room to change. There is only four other women back here, or should I say girls. They are all much younger than I am. We are each given a thin plain white t-shirt with the bar name printed on each. We are told the rules of the contest while we change our tops. I notice most of the other girls donít have a bra under their shirts either. Except for one, they are all smaller up top too.

The music in the bar quits and the DJ came on announcing the wet t-shirt contest was about to begin. The crowd cheers, and then he announces our names one by one. As he says each name, that girl heads out onto the stage. When he announces ďSamanthaĒ, I head for the stage, once again not wanting to use my real name. The contest entry required our real name for the prize money, but it had a spot for a stage name too.

Here I am again, on the same stage as a few weeks ago, except very glad that Iím not getting naked today. The contest starts. With only five women, they will eliminate one each round. Five men with big pails of water pour the pail over the front of each girl. Oh thatís cold! I am now soaked, even my skirt is wet. The guy with the microphone places his hand above the head of one girl and asks the crowd to cheer for her if they want her to stay. She hikes her shirt up over her tits and bares them to everyone. The crowd cheers very loudly. Then onto the second girl. She rips her shirt right down the front center and pulls it apart, exposing her tits. The crowd is just as loud. The third girl doesnít expose her tits at all, and the crowd isnít very loud. Now it is my turn. I can see my husband making hand motions to peel my shirt. My tits are perfectly visible through this soaking wet shirt, so I think what difference will it make if the shirt is on or not? I pull my shirt off and throw it to the crowd. They are quite loud. The last girl does the same as me. Just as everyone figures, the middle girl is out of it now.

There is a short break so my husband comes to talk to me. He explains, ďYou should take your skirt off. Those white panties cover you more than your bikini bottom does. You wear your bikini on a public beach in front of everyone on a bright sunny day. Itís kind of dark in here.Ē

It makes sense to me, except on a public beach almost every woman has a revealing suit on, not just four on a stage in front of a bunch of drunken men.

The judging continues. This time they start with the last girl. She has sweat pants on with thong panties underneath. She turns her back to the crowd, drops her pants below her ass and moons the crowd. They love it. Now my turn, I take my skirt off. Like my husband said, what does it matter? My panties hide more of me than my bikini does. The crowd loves it too. The next girl has shorts on and takes them off too. The crowd is loud again. The last girl hikes her skirt quickly and down again, giving a flash of her panties to the crowd; and her wet shirt is half covering her tits. They donít cheer as loud and she is now out.

Now down to three. The DJ says it looks like we are getting too dry and the men with buckets come on stage to soak us again. I think whatís the point? Weíre all topless now anyways. I should have known better. This is why my husband wanted me to wear these white panties instead of the black ones. My panties just became completely see-through. Looking down I can see my trimmed bush clear as day, and from the feel I know my wet panties are tight to my pussy lips and can be seen easily through the thin material.

The third round of judging begins, reverse order again. The girl next to me that took off her shorts last round Ė just pulls her panties off. Now sheís standing there completely naked and the crowd cheers very loudly. I wasnít planning on getting naked tonight, but my panties really arenít hiding anything on me, so I think why not; off with them. And here I am now, a few weeks later than the last time, completely naked on the same stage again. The crowd is very loud again. The last girl knows that she has to get naked to stay in the contest, but isnít up to doing so. She just holds her big tits up and shakes them to get the crowd to cheer. Of course they arenít as loud for her.

Last round of judging now, and Iíve got nothing left to take off. But neither does the girl next to me. I want to win this contest so I figure to beat this girl next to me I am going to have to expose myself to get the advantage. Iím completely naked and I incredibly exposed myself a few weeks ago, I can do the same again. I am close to the pole on the stage so I grab it for balance and lift one leg high in the air. My pussy is spread open for everyone to see, and they sure are looking. My mind is telling me Iím not an exhibitionist, but my pussy is telling me different. Iím so horny right now. The crowd cheers loudly, but I think they could do better. The other girlís turn now, she turns around; bends over, spreads her legs and pulls her ass cheeks apart. The crowd cheers extra loud for her. I have to admit she is a good looking girl, and I guess she deserves to win.

Now Iím wondering what am I doing completely naked on this stage again, of my own free will. Why did I let it go this far? How did my husband talk me into this? The contest is over and I want nothing more than to get off this stage. Maybe itís because I lost, because I am really enjoying everyone looking at me. Finally the DJ announces that the crowd should give a big round of applause for all the participants tonight. With that said it is time to head off stage.

The End

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