Marla, Naked at Work
by Bare Lin

Hello, my name is Marla. Today started out like any other Wednesday morning, I got up and drove close to an hour to the office. I parked my car and walked up to the office to turn everything on; lights, copiers and some electronic equipment before I walked into my little office that overlooks my department. Like any other day, I check my inbox and start reading email, along with looking over all of the paperwork that's on my desk. In my inbox with all of the other mail I need to answer and the usual spam, I see an email from my boss, the company division manager. The subject is: Attention all department managers and division supervisors, MTG TODAY AT 10:30. It reads "Attention all department managers and division supervisors, there will be a mandatory meeting. All Mangers need to be seated at the conference table by 10:00 and all supervisors need to be standing around the table by 10:30 when the doors will be closed and locked for the meeting.

I have to say that after reading that email, I started getting a little worried about my job and the possibility that me or some of my employees could be laid off at this meeting. I knew from the newspaper and online there have been several companies that have eliminated jobs using meetings like this. It is just that I don't want to tell anyone in my department that their job is going away. I can't see what is so important that the supervisors are ordered to attend and what is so important that we just can't wait to talk about it on Monday at our regular meeting.

I look at the wall clock and see that I still have time to get some of the stuff on my desk done before I have to go to this unexpected meeting. So I answered some of the email that I flagged earlier to take action on and did some other important paperwork that was scattered on my desk. I have to say that sometimes I hate timers. While I was looking at the department report, my popup reminder that I need to get to the meeting came up. It is now 9:49 so I started to make my way out of the office to the meeting to see what is so important. Once I got to the conference room I sat down next to my friend Annette. Neither of us knew anything about the meeting or what is going to be talked about. Talk about clueless!

Over the next 30 minutes, I saw all of the rest of the department managers sitting down in the chairs and the place was filling up with most if not all of the supervisors in the division. Before long, with all the people behind my chair, I could feel my chair being pushed into the table.

Then just about 10:30, our boss, Mr. James Wood, the company division manager for The Technology and Research Division, waked into the conference room, up to the podium and started speaking. "I do want to make all of the supervisors that are here in this room welcome for attending this meeting and to all the managers that are sitting down, I want to welcome you all here as well. Now, before I started talking about the reason that I have asked for all to be here, I need to let all of you know that I will not be terminating any jobs at this division today, so you all can relax.

"The reason that I have asked for you all to be at this meeting is that the entire company has decided to make some drastic changes in the company's dress code. The new changes are reflections of the changing times, where the old stigmas about clothes are going away and the country as a whole is starting to venture out into public places with little or no clothes with little or no objection from others.

"Now about the new dress code for the company and for this division, the company directors have decided on adopting it immediately after it is passed down to the employees. Now if everyone will please look at the overhead projection, we have a video from the CEO of ACNE Corporation, Jill Mathis."

On the overhead projection, she welcomed all of the managers and supervisors to this meeting again. "I have asked for you all to attend this meeting to talk about the new dress code the company has decided to adopt for all employees. The new dress code will be different for managers and above from the dress code for all supervisors and below.

"The new dress code for all supervisors and below will be clothing optional and the new dress code for all managers and above will be complete nudity at all times within and outside the company.

"Now for the dress code for all supervisors and below, I strongly encourages that each and every one of you take the opportunity to work in our company unclothed or partially unclothed here and keep that clothing option outside the work spaces when you are not at work. Plus, I encourage all of the supervisors to remove your clothes while you are telling the employees about the new dress code or to be completely unclothed when you enter the area to pass on the information.

"And now to the new dress code for all managers and above, the new dress code for all managerial positions above supervisor will be complete nudity at all times, regardless of whether you are at the company or not"

We then all started watching our CEO take off her suit, blouse and slacks. She then said, "I know that this dress policy is kind of extreme to require that all of the managerial employees are totally unclothed at and off the work place, but that is what has been decided. And to implement this policy, before all the managers and directors depart this room, I have requested that all the clothing of the managers and directors be collected and discarded.

"Now thank you all for attending this meeting and I am looking forward to meeting you all again in the future. Enjoy the rest of your week. Thanks again for attending." And the screen went blank.

Once the lights were back on, I see that the director is completely naked and I know that I will be before I leave the room. I just can not believe that I have to give up my clothes here in the conference room and that I will have to walk out of here, go to lunch and go home naked. The director went back up to the podium, and said, "As you all know the new dress code will encourage all employees here to be getting more comfortable with their body by going out into public without any clothes on and to work unclothed."

"And now for the managers, under this new dress code you are required to be totally unclothed whenever and wherever you are. The company can not force you to totally undress if you do not want to but if you decide that you do not want to adopt the new dress code for managers, you can resign your position and apply for a supervisor position within the division or at any of the other divisions around the country or you can resign your position immediately after this meeting. If you do decide to resign your position, the company will offer you double the normal separation pay or a total of six months. And this offer will be available for anyone who decides to resign their position prior to Friday of next week.

"Now that I have said that, I would like to thank all of you for attending this meeting today and I encourage you all to adopt the new dress code for yourself and for everyone in your department. Thank you for attending." Once he said that the place emptied out extremely fast.

After the last supervisor left the conference room, he asked one of us to close the door and grab the pouches and trash bags that are on the table in the front. I realized that I wasn't in a very bad dream. I looked at the faces of my coworkers and I could see the the rest of them were as stunned and shocked as I was that we would be forced to be naked at work from now on.

Our naked boss spoke, "I will now need each and every one of you to check your pockets for any belongings and place them into the pouch that was given to each one of you. Then I will need for all of you to place all of your clothing along with your shoes into the trash bag for disposal. I am totally aware that once each and every one of you places your clothes into the bag that you will no longer have any clothes to wear when you go on your lunch break and when you depart this evening. The management has made the decision that they wanted to put you all into a position where you would feel that you have no other choice but to go out into public without any body covering. But, again, I need to remind all of you that if you do choose not to comply with the new dress code, I will ask you to depart this room immediately."

I have to say that, for a second or two, I thought of resigning my position, but I could not think of working as a supervisor again or going out and finding another job. So I am left with the decision of removing the only clothes that I brought with me today and putting them into the trash and to go out to eat lunch and to go home naked.

He then waited for a few minutes or so for someone to walk out of the room, but all twelve of us just started to stand up and start removing our clothes as if we were in a fancy locker room. But this time we will not be changing into our exercising clothes or into another outfit. I then noticed my fellow managers starting to remove the contents out of their pockets and placing their clothes on the table to discard. So, there I was a 37-year-old mother of two teenagers and a wife of 15 years removing what could be the last piece of clothing I will ever wear here at this company.

I knew that clothing around the country has been getting more and more scarce. I have noticed that on television it is not that uncommon anymore to see partially or completely naked actors or actresses on the screen. And in advertising, at malls and just about everywhere else, clothing is starting to get to be more or less an accessory on the bodies. I just never thought that in a million years my company, the one I have been working at for 11 years, would implement a policy like this.

I then looked around the room, and I noticed that four of the guys in the room have already removed all their clothes and are helping the others discard their stuff. Most of the rest of us are almost undressed but I have only taken off my blouse so far.

I then undid my bra and took off my shoes and stockings, undid my skirt and pulled down my underwear and placed them into the bag that was next to my chair. I then placed my watch and necklaces into my purse that is on the floor by my feet. After I was completely naked I sat down and waited for the rest to finish up. I look down at my body, and really do not like what I see. I am not the young sexy woman I was back when I was in my twenties, but I have to say that I do not look as bad as some of the other managers that are in here.

I would say it was a minute or two later, after I sat down, that Mr. Woods stood up. He asked for the two trash bags full of our clothes to be brought to the door behind the podium so he could take them with him to dispose of. He went on to thank us for taking part in this new dress code and, for us, a new lifestyle of complete nudity. "And I want to encourage you all to adopt this policy at home and everywhere you go for now on. And one more thing before you all depart the room, if you do decide to wear clothes outside the company, I will ask that you remove all of your clothes prior to arriving in the company parking lot. Thanks again for attending this meeting and have a great week." After he was done talking, he walked to the door and grabbed the two bags of clothing and left the room.

As soon as the meeting was over, I saw some of the managers leaving with what looked like a little hesitation in their action of stepping out the room wear nothing for the first time. I then noticed that all four of the guys were out of the room with their dicks swinging, even before the director finished leaving the room. Shortly after that, all but four females were left, three other girls and I, Annette being one of them and before long, it was just us two. I think we both were in a daze after what just happened since we both were still sitting here.

It wasn't until Annette said, "Marla, wake up, we need to get out of here if we want to eat sometime today". I guess I must of dozed off for a second, because before I knew it we both were in the elevator heading down to the lobby, and then walking to that diner that we always go to for lunch.

On the entire way down, all I could think about was how embarrassing it will be when I walk out of the elevator and into the lobby and then out to the sidewalk, and the fact that I am purposely punishing the world with this body. Then the lobby door opened and I was expecting shock on everyone's faces seeing me like this.

I have to say that it wasn't until I was in the lobby that it finally dawned on me that just about everyone around me couldn't care less that I was naked and besides the obvious stares, no one said anything while we were walking to the front door of the building. Out on the public sidewalk we did get some more stares but we just kept on walking to the diner that was a block away from the office. Once we were at the door to the diner, I started getting a little nervous that the waitress or manager would not let us in dressed (or undressed) like we were. Especially, since, before we walked in, I have never seen anyone eat here that wasn't fully clothed. To my pleasant surprise, the waitress showed us our booth, handed us our menus and took our drink orders.

While we were waiting for the waitress to come back to take our order, we started talking about what had just happened and what to expect after we get back to the office again and when we get home. It was then that she told me that she is nervous about walking into the daycare center to pick up her daughter and picking up her other kids at the after school program without anything on. She told me that both she and her husband haven't been naked around the kids that much prior to today. She told me that she would call her husband after she got to the office and she asked me to do the same. We then talked about current events and finished our meal, paid the bill and left a tip.

I do have something to say about being the only one or being with someone else that is dressed differently then everyone else, it makes you feel very strange like you have forgotten something. It is just strange to have or seem like everyone is looking at every inch and crack of your body. It is just a strange thing to explain.

Once we where back on the sidewalk heading back to the building, I noticed that I was getting more comfortable dressed like this and I have been naked for almost two hours now. I figure that I will have to get used to it if I want to stay working at this company. We made it back to the lobby and to the elevator and this time I didn't care if anyone was looking at me or not. Once in the elevator, Annette thanked me for going out to lunch with her for the first time dressed like this and for my courage to even agree to leave the building on the first day with her.

Once we were on our floor, she and I said our goodbyes and that we were looking forward to going out for lunch tomorrow, maybe this time we would drive someplace. We left each other; she went the department on the other side of the floor. I pause few feet outside the department that I left this morning fully clothed to attend that meeting that took away my right to wear clothes. I am pretty sure that my two supervisors, June and Heather, have told everyone in the office that I will be totally naked from now on. But, it still doesn't take way the fact that I am very nervous about facing all my coworkers completely naked.

I took a big breath, and entered the office, not knowing what to expect. Once I was half way into the office I noticed that everyone in there was as naked as I was. I have to say that I was taken by surprise when I noticed that I would not be the only one naked.

My supervisor Heather walked up to me. "Marla, when June and I left that meeting earlier today we made the decision that we will both voluntarily give up the privilege to wear clothes here at work and outside the work place. We then went on to the office and told everyone here about the new dress code and about our choice and the fact that every job position at and above managerial will be required to be naked at all times. And after some great discussion, everyone here including the two guys decided to remove their clothes for the rest of the day. I guess June and I have figured that we should start getting used to being naked at the work place, if we want to be promoted to a managerial position here or at another company."

After both of the supervisors went back to their desks, I went into my office to start working on the stuff on my desk, but heard a knock on the door and it was June. She came into the office and closed the door. She then told me that because of their decision to ask everyone to undress, the sexual charge in the office was out of control and she wondered what she should do about it. The men both had a hard on and some of the females were aroused as well. I have to say that I didn't know what to say after she was done talking. I told her to ask the individuals that are sexually charged to try to relieve themselves or ask some willing individual in the office. I just told her to try to keep it professional; we are in an office after all. She left and closed the office door.

There I was, all by myself, in my leather chair, thinking about what has just happened today and trying to get my work done. Before the end of the day I made my way out to the office to see if anyone needed anything before they went home. It was then I heard stories of how my coworkers relieved themselves, and a few of them even had help. I didn't get much detail but it was taken care of.

I went back into my office to get some more work done before the day was over, but I am thinking about what will happen when I drive home and walk into the house naked. What will my family think of me and what will they think when I tell them that I am forced to be naked both at work and outside the work place?

Before I knew it was 4:54 and time to close down the office and head home for the day. I cleaned up the paperwork on my desk and turned off the light to my office. I walked out into the main office and watched as some of my coworkers got dressed again and some of them just carried their clothes out the office. Around 5:09, everyone was either dressed again or had already left the office. I turned off the equipment and lights and started on my way to the parking garage in the basement of the building.

As I hit the button on the elevator and waited for the door to open I have to say that I was a little uncomfortable about driving home like this. Once the elevator opened, I noticed that it was packed and I had to squeeze my naked body in there somehow. On the way down I could not help but notice that I had several hands on my breast, pussy and butt. I just figured that it would not make any difference if I said anything, so I just kept looking at the door while I was getting groped. Once the elevator stopped at the lobby most of the people in there got out. Most of the hands on my ass and pussy disappeared with the crowd. We went down two more floors to the garage area. I left the elevator started walking towards my car.

While I was messing with the key to the car and thinking about what a crazy day today has been, I looked up and saw Jeff, one of the four male managers, climbing into his truck, butt naked. He closed the door and as he noticed me, he gave me a smile and pulled out of his parking slot. I got in my car and started the engine, preparing for my long drive home. I pulled out of my parking spot, drove out of the garage onto the main street in front of the building, and headed for the freeway.

While I was driving to the freeway ramp, I was thinking about the day and how my employer has taken away my freedom to wear clothes at work and anywhere on the company property and then told us to all throw away our perfectly good work clothes so we had to go out into public completely naked or at least until we could get to a store to purchase something to put on. Plus, the CEO asked us to give up our clothes before lunch, knowing that if we decided to go somewhere for lunch we would have to do it naked. About that, I still cannot believe that I have the guts to walk out of the building into a busy lobby, into the public street and sit down at a diner wearing nothing at all.

Oh, there is something that I forgot to mention earlier, as soon as I came back into the office, I called my husband and told him everything that happened at the meeting and the fact that I left the building and ate with my coworker butt naked and that I was sitting in my office chair naked. He then told me he was proud of me for handling the new dress code well and not quitting. He then said, "If you still feel comfortable when you come home from work and want to adopt this dress code at home as well, I am fine with it". I do have to say that I did feel better about coming home like this after my talk with him.

I was driving on the freeway when I started thinking about my two teenagers, Zach and Bailey. I wondered what their reaction will be when they see me walk into the house like this. Especially since the last time either one of them have seen me naked was when they were both very young. I was about 15 minutes into my almost an hour drive, when I noticed the trucker next to me staring at my body. By the expression on his face that he was enjoying himself looking at me, I gave him a smile and then pulled ahead of him and he honked his horn after I was about two car lengths ahead of him.

Prior to today, when I was put into this situation, I have to say that I had no plan on ever leaving my house without something on. Even if it is getting more and more common for people of both genders to go outside nude, I just couldn't do it. You see, I am a 37 year old woman that is not fat by any standard, but I am not as sexy as I was when I was younger and I have some wrinkles and some areas that I don't really want to show to the world. And because of the social changes that have been happening in the last few years, there have been a few programs that have been started up around the country that are designed to encourage and sometimes almost force people to be completely unclothed in public. Like what happened today at work. There is one program that I have read about in the local paper that the public school district that my son and daughter go to is implementing. The program is called the Federal Naked in School Program. It is just that I still cannot see me naked all the time. I am little embarrassed about being out here dressed like I am right now even sitting in my car.

When I looked up at the road sign I noticed that my exit is only three more exits away and this exit and the next one are the only exits left that have stores that sell clothing. I ask myself if I want to chicken out and purchase something or just face my family. I made a decision that I hope that I do not regret. I drive past both exits and start moving to the right lane to make my exit. I make the exit and proceeded to the red light and put on my left turn signal. I make the left turn and pull into my neighborhood and after some street changes, I was on my street.

I saw my neighbor Carol in her yard leaning down to do what looks like weeding. It wasn't until I drove closer that I noticed that she is out there in the front yard without a stitch on her body. I was just about to pass her house when she noticed me and gave me a smile. I have known Carol since both of her kids and mine were very little. It just worked out that we both had our daughters about the same time and again a year later we both become pregnant around the same time and we both had sons. And the best part of all this, both of our kids become best friends and do just about everything together. Now I am curious as to why she is outside like that.

I pulled into the garage and turned off the engine. I sat there thinking about what to say when I walk in on my family naked. I am a little nervous about what their expressions will be when they see like this for the first time in many years. I get out of the car and close the door hoping that the kids are away at some friend's house right now so I can at least have a little longer before they see me. I walk into the laundry room that is just off the garage. It is there that I notice that none of the lights are on and it looks like the kids are away. When I got in the living room I found a note from both of them, "Mom and Dad, we are both at Clark and Carrie's house in the pool. Don't worry; all of our homework was completed before we left for their house. We plan on being backed home around 6:30. Love you both, Bailey and Zach."

After I was done reading the note, I saw that the time is 5:56. My husband Keith will be home any minute and according to the note the kids will be home very soon as well. I went into the kitchen to start dinner before everyone comes home. I was getting the meat ready for meatloaf when my husband Keith walked into the kitchen and gave me a great big kiss and hug. And then he said, "I love you very much and I am thrilled to see that you have decided to remain undressed here in the house".

He sat down at the booth chair next to the kitchen counter and we talked about what has happened at my work today and what happened at his job. We also talked about what I feel about being naked at work from now on and being naked in public, plus the idea of me giving up clothes altogether.

What I told him about my feelings about being naked at work was that I think, know, that I can do it everyday knowing that I am not the only one that is naked in the building and that the rest of the employees have the option to join us managers naked in the work place whenever they want to. And today all of the employees in my department made the decision to do just that. I then told him that I had no idea about tomorrow or the next day but I didn't care about being naked at work after I made it through today. Now about being naked in public, I told him about my time with Annette at lunchtime and about my nervousness when I initially walked into the lobby for the first time naked, but after spending about an hour at the diner and with the walk back to the office without a stitch on my body, I have to say that I was getting quite use to being naked in public. And my answer to his last question, the same question that I have been asking myself over and over since that meeting today, "Am I willing to give up clothes up for now on and be naked everywhere and anywhere", I told him I will need some time to think about it, since it is September and the weather is going to get a lot cooler outside. And I really want to have some more time to think about it.

He told me that, "I am all right with your decision if you decide to wear nothing or if you decide to get dressed when you're not at work". While I was getting the salad ready, our son and daughter walked into the kitchen and stopped dead in their tracks when they noticed that I naked. Bailey said, "Mom, why are you naked?" I told them both that my employer now requires that all managers and above be naked at all times and the company has encouraged all of the managers to adopt that dress code outside the work place. And then for some reason told both of them about Dad's last question about me giving up clothes from now on.

After I was done talking, I looked at Keith and then at both of our kids to see if I could tell what they were thinking since no one was saying anything. Bailey went into the kitchen and grabbed the plates and table stuff from the counter and Zach got the condiments out of the refrigerator and off the counter and put them on the table. The kids took the meat out of the oven and got the rest of the food off the counter and put everything on the table. I picked up some utensils and we all sat down at the table without saying a word.

Once we were all seated Bailey broke the silence. "Mom and Dad, as you know, our high school has adopted the naked in school program that requires students to be naked for a week and have to use the other gender's bathroom along with some other requirements. I don't want to be placed in that program and I am requesting you to exempt me and instead could you please sign me up for the lifestyle naturist so I could spend the rest of my senior school year butt naked. Please!"

When she was done talking, I looked at Keith and back at Bailey in disbelief that I just heard my daughter ask if she could be completely naked everywhere. I told her, "Kids, please excuse us while we talk this over," and we both got up from the table and went into the living room.

We talked about what had just happened and what she said. Keith said, "If we both agree to let her and maybe Zach is exempt from the program and take up the naturist lifestyle at school and at home, should we think about doing the same thing, especially since you are now naked anyway?"

"All right then, we will tell them that we will exempt her from the program and we will also exempt Zach if he wants and we will all take up the naturist lifestyle from this day forward".

Keith said, "Let's tell them".

We kissed and he started removing his work clothes right there in the living room. When he was as dressed as I was, we walked into the dinning room where we noticed that we are no longer the only ones undressed in this family. Both of our kids where sitting there waiting for us to come back to finish eating. Only now they were both naked.

After we both sat down, Zach said, "Mom and Dad, when you exempt Bailey from the program, please do the same for me and sign me up for the naturist lifestyle. I am aware that I will have to then complete the rest of my junior and senior year totally naked. Could we all take up that lifestyle?"

I looked at Keith, and he said, "Yes", and then went on, "You both know that if we all agree to this lifestyle, we should just donate all of our clothes to charity. Are you all ready for that?" There was a minute silence, and then I heard two "Yes's".

Then Bailey answered my unasked question about my friend Carol. "Mom as you might have noticed, one of our neighbors, Carol, was naked in the front yard."

"Yes, I saw her as I was driving home."

She went on, "This afternoon we went over to Clark and Carrie's house to go to the pool after we finished our homework. When we rang the doorbell, our friends greeted us naked. Once we were inside the house they told us that their parents wanted to keep them home from school the first part of the week to get used to being naked all the time, because the entire family has agreed to take up the naturist lifestyle."

Keith asked them, "Are you making your decision to give up clothes because the neighbors are".

Both of them said, "No".

I told both of them, "If this is what you both want, I will take both of you to school tomorrow and sign the paperwork in the office so you both can remain dressed as you are now".

While we were cleaning up from the dinner, I was thinking about today and all of the crazy things that have happened to me and my family. In less then 24 hours, I have been stripped of my clothes and my family have all agreed to be naked all the time. After we were done with the kitchen area, Keith and I went into the living room and watched some television and talked about everything, and the kids went to their bedrooms to get ready for bed and to sleep. It wasn't until later when we both were ready to go to sleep that I checked on both of our teenagers. Both of them had decided to sleep naked.

When we got to bed, we made love and fell asleep as well.

Morning again. Today I have to get up early to get Bailey and Zach to school and sign some paperwork to take them out of the program and, if they haven't changed their minds, see about signing them up for the absolute naturist contract. I still cannot believe that both of them want to voluntarily be naked for the rest of school until they graduate, Bailey at the end of this school year, Zach at the end of next.

I know that I will be going to work this morning as well every additional day after that, without wearing anything at my job. As well as going everywhere else with no problem. I figure if I could get through yesterday with that outing in public on a busy street and restaurant, I can get handle anything situations that comes my way.

I am concerned that Bailey and Zach are jumping into this decision because Carrie and Clark have signed that contract and will be completely naked at school today. I just do not want them to regret this later on and want out of the contract. Plus, I am also concerned about Bailey, who is only seventeen, and Zach, who will be sixteen in a month, being naked everywhere.

I look at the clock and decide I should get out of bed and get ready for the day and get Keith up and check on the kids, plus check if both of them are ready to go through with this today or wait until Monday and think about it. I took a shower, dried off and then by habit, I then walked into our walk-in closet. Once I was in there, I just stared at all the clothes I would not be wearing today or for that matter anytime in the future.

I was somewhat depressed when I walked out of there naked and went over to Keith to wake him up for work and to talk to the kids before the kids and I go to the school to sign that paperwork. I walked into Bailey room to see if she is getting ready. Once I was in her room, I see that her hair is wet and she is sitting down on her favorite dress on the chair eating breakfast. I walked up to where she was sitting and asked her if she still wanted to go through with this, her answer was "yes". I then asked her to be at the dinning room within the next ten minutes. She said, "Mom, I will be there butt naked in a minute".

I went to check on Zach, and when I walked into his room, he wasn't there. I went to the dinning room and found him sitting there still naked eating breakfast. I asked Zach, "Could you please wait here for your sister, to talk about last night? Thanks".

He said, "Sure".

As I was walking back to the master bedroom, I was thinking about how much had changed since that unexpected meeting yesterday. As I was about to walk into the room, Keith came out dressed like the rest of the family. "The kids are in the dinning room waiting for us", I said.

We both started walking to the dinning room talking. Keith said, "Are you ready to accept the fact that our kids will be required by contract to be naked all times regardless of what the temperature is or what other situations they may be in?"

I said, "I don't know."

We entered the dinning room, where we found both of them sitting down with their schoolbook bags next to the table. Keith spoke, "Bailey, Zach, I hope you know that after you are signed up for this absolute naturist contract, you won't be able to get out of it without some extensive steps. So if you both want to go through it, it needs to be your decision and only your decision, because it is your clothes that you will be signing away. Are you both sure that this is what you want?"

Keith didn't even finish talking, before both of them said at just about the same time, "YES" and "YES".

I said, "Kids, you are aware that we are going into the winter months and at times it can get down-right cold and you will not be able to cover up?"

Once I was done talking, Bailey went over to Zach and they both whispered something into each other's ear for a few minutes. Then Bailey said, "Mom and Dad, Zach and I know what we are getting ourselves into. We both wanted to talk to you about this before last night but we couldn't get up the nerve to ask you. I not only want to give up my clothes at school under that contract for the absolute naturist lifestyle, I want to be completely naked everywhere I am at. Zach and I are totally aware that the weather is going to get very chilly soon, and we are not worried. About the contract, Zach and I want to be required to be naked until we graduate from high school or until we move out of the house. One more thing, later this school year, I want to apply for the Blanke Schande College."

Keith then whispered into my ear, "Let's grant them their wish today".

I whispered to him, "All right".

Keith said, "All right then, we will sign you up for the contract until your graduation day. I want you both to always be sitting down on a towel or something to protect the seat you are on. I don't want to see or hear about either one of you sitting down with something like you are now."

Both of them said, "Thanks, Mom and Dad".

I looked at the clock and it was 6:46 and the school office opens at 7:15. I gave my husband a big hug and kiss. Then Bailey gave Dad a kiss and said, "Thanks Dad".

Zach told Dad, "I love you and thanks."

He said, "You're welcome, I just hope you all know what you're getting into".

We all left for the short drive to school. In the car, both of the kids were talking to each other, but what they were talking about was school stuff and friends. I pulled into the school parking lot where I noticed Carol dropping off Carrie and Clark for school. I saw that the kids were right about their friends, both of them were naked. I waved to Carol as I was pulling into the parking slot. I will need to stop by her house later.

I looked back at Zach and Bailey and thought that I will not be seeing either one of them with clothes on for a very long time now. I asked them both again, "Do either of you have any second thoughts before we walk into the office?"

Both of them almost said it at the same time, "NO". Then both of them said at the same time, "Thank you Mom for bring us to school and granting our wish".

We all got out of the car and headed to the school office. Once we were in the office, I asked for the paperwork to exempt both of the kids from the naked in school program and I also asked for the contract for the absolute naturist and two extra copies for the kids to read over. The secretary handed us all the paperwork I had asked for. I filled out the two forms to exempt from the naked in school program. That form was straight forward, all I had to do is fill in their names and some other information and check that they both want to be exempted and I signed it.

The contract on the other hand wasn't as easy to fill out. And the conditions were extensive. After I was done reading all the conditions, I went over to the kids and saw that they had finished reading it and asked them again. "Are you sure you want go through with this?"

They both said, "Yes, more then ever".

Just as I was about to sign it, the secretary stopped me, she told me that the school principle would see all of us in a few minutes and we all needed to sign it in front of her. I sat down next to Bailey, on the towels that I brought with me.

As soon as I sat down, the secretary told us, "The principle would like you all come into the office please to make this contract valid." We all brought the towels with us and sat down on the three chairs in her office.

Then the Principle, Ms. Ann Jones, said to both Bailey and Zach, "I hope you both had a chance to read the entire contract that you are just about to sign today".

Both of them said, "Yes, we did".

"I see that on both of your contracts, the 'to graduation day' is checked. You both know that if that box is checked you are agreeing to one or, in Zach's case, two school years without any body covering. I just want to know that you both are fully ready to make this commitment of complete nudity."

Both Bailey and Zach said, "Yes".

"Very well then, I do need to cover some of the requirements that will need to be completed before the school or the school board will even consider taking either one of you out of this contract. You both would be required to write a 5000 word or more letter to the school board explaining why you are not able to hold up your side of this contract. You would have to face the school board two times explaining, in your own words, why you want to wear clothes again, and some other requirements.

"Now about the punishment you could face if you are caught with any body covering. First offense, you will be required to write a 2000 word letter to me explaining why you were wearing clothes and/or afternoon detention. Second offense, you will be required to a 4000 word letter to me explaining why you were wearing clothes and/or afternoon detention for two weeks. Third offense could be expulsion for one school semester and the possibility that you will have to complete the same school year over.

"Now before we proceed, do any of you have any objections to what I have just read about the conditions?"

Both of them said, "No".

She then said, "I do have a few more things to say before we all sign the contract. I need to remind you both that you are not in the naked in school program and as I see on these forms, you will not be in that program. So, you are not subject to any of its requirements. But, you both can give relief to any of the students that are participating in the program. But the school board doesn't necessary allow you to get relief if you want in the beginning of class like the students in the naked in school program. Now, if no one has any more questions, let's all sign this contract."

We all said we had no objections. We then signed the contract. Then she handed the contract to the secretary to make some copies for me and for both Bailey and Zach. As I was exiting the office, I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was almost 8 am and I still had almost an hour's drive to work with no traffic. I gave my daughter a kiss on the cheek and said good luck and I love them as I was leaving the school building for work.

As soon as I got back to the car I called my office and told Heather "I had a meeting at my kid's school and I will be at the office before ten". After I was off the phone, I called Keith and I briefed him on what was said at the meeting with the principle and said, "I will talk more about the meeting when I get home tonight". I pulled out the school parking and started heading toward the freeway. Once I was in traffic, I started thinking about how relaxed Bailey and Zach were throughout the entire meeting with the principle. I know that if I was in their shoes (or in their case bare feet), I would have been a nervous wreck knowing that after this meeting I would be forbidden from wearing clothes again anywhere on campus.

And another thing about Bailey and Zach that surprised me was after all those penalties for being caught with clothes; they both just sat back in their chairs and showed no reaction. I know that if it was me I would have run out of there. And then there's the non-removable bands on their wrists and ankles. All I could say to myself, is I could not believe the school is actually, almost branding them with those bands. What is the craziest part of all this? Both Bailey and Zach, as it was pretty obvious by both of their expression, were extremely thrilled about getting the bands placed on their wrists and ankles.

I made my exit from the freeway and headed to the parking garage. Once I was in the elevator I noticed my friend Annette still wearing the same (non) outfit she had on yesterday after the meeting. I asked, "So, how did your evening go?"

"All right I guess. I ran into some trouble at the office of the daycare center. The staff would not let me walk into the room where my youngest one is, until the director came out and escorted me. But, at the other center I had no problem. I just ended up spending the next half hour trying to explain to two little ones that this is how mom will be dressed at times. So, you can say that my night wasn't as exciting as I was hoping for. How was your night?"

"Where do I start? Well to summarize it briefly, Keith and both kids are now naturists and both my kids have signed up for the absolute naturist program at the high school."

The expression on her face looked like a truck had hit her. Before we reached our floor, she said, "You have to tell me everything at lunch. Wow, I never expected that." As we were leaving for our offices, she said, "See you at lunch."

"Have a great morning", I replied, as I headed for my department and my office. Once I walked into the office, I saw June over by the bulletin board hanging something up. I walked over to where she was and looked at what she has just pinned up. It was the new dress code for the company.

I looked around the office and saw that most of the workers in my department decided to dress today. My supervisors, June and Heather, are still dressed (or undressed) the same as I am. Before I checked my email I asked June if anything had happened while I was out of the office.

She said, "Nothing out of the ordinary."

I went into my office and closed the door. Heather walked in while I just stared at some paperwork on my desk and closed the door. "Marla, as you know, yesterday I said that I wanted to voluntarily give up wearing clothes".


"Well the problem I ran into after I left work yesterday was on the public bus I ride to and from work. I kept getting touched and I didn't know what to do about it. I just let it happen. How would you have handled it?"

Last night on the elevator I ran into a similar situation, but how do I answer her question so she doesn't run to the nearest clothing store? "Heather, I am sorry that there are still creeps out there that don't respect your personal space. You could try sitting near the front part of the bus and when someone tries to touch you, you turn around and look them right into the eye and let them know that you do not appreciate being touched and if that doesn't stop it, report them." She smiled and left.

I had some emails from my department and a few from other departments that I needed to read and/or take action on. Then I noticed an email from Mr. Wood. After yesterday when I received that now famous email about the meeting that pulled me from my clothes, I am a little nervous about opening this one. The subject reads: 'Attention all Managers'. I click the email to see what he has to say:

Managers, Congratulation to all of you for your willingness to adopt the new company dress code and the sacrifice you all have made here at the company and your courage to face your coworkers and other individuals you might have encountered through the day yesterday. I also want to give my utmost congratulation to all of you that had the courage to face your family and friends dressed in the new company dress code of nothing. I am sure that as the days go on, the lack of clothing out in public will start to get easier. We are getting closer to the winter months, and in a few months the weather might be a little uncomfortable at times. I recommend that you all start taking vitamins and some herbs to bring your body temperature up. But, I do recommend that you try to remain out of the elements when ever possible during those months. I do need you to remember this passage in the new dress code. As the policy states, we are not allowed to wear clothes within the company or on the company property, which includes all command functions at which attendance is mandatory for all managers. It also requires complete nudity at all times regardless of the outside weather and jackets or overcoats are strictly forbidden.

I do have one more thing to cover. I have scheduled a mandatory 'New Lifestyle Party' at the Mirage Grand Hotel and Resort Ballroom for this weekend on Saturday at 8pm. I am expecting all managers and their families to attend the party. I encourage you all to bring your children that are over twelve years old to the party. There will be a cash bar.
Thanks, James R. Wood.

After reading that long email, I printed it out to take it home to Keith. I had to get some fresh air so I decided to see what my co-workers were up to. Once I was in the main office, I noticed Mark, in the back, had a funny expression on his face and when he noticed me his expression changed. I walked toward him with June just behind me. I was almost to his desk when I realized why he had that funny expression. Amber was... you know. I walked back to the front part of the office and said to June and Heather, who had just walked up to where we were standing, "I do not want to give the wrong impression, I know that we are all adults here and things happen, but what I would like to happen next time, is that the individuals step out of the main office area to a more private location." They both agreed and I went to the copier and then back into the office.

When I got back into my office, I saw that I had missed a call from Wendy from the Production Department. I called her back and she asked me if I would please be willing to come over to her department before lunch. I let June know that I would not be back until after lunch and I left for Production. Once I walked into that department I noticed that, unlike mine, everyone in there was fully clothed. I knocked on Wendy's office door and she asked me to come in. When I sat down on the towel that I brought, she said, "Marla, I am having some trouble with this nudity thing. As soon as I could get out of here last night, I went to the nearest clothing store and bought a dress and shoes to go home in. I am a single parent that has two small children in daycare right now and I am scared to show up there or anywhere without clothes. How do you do it? I saw you and Annette walking out on the sidewalk in front the building yesterday when I looked out the windows."

I told her, "I do not know where I found the nerve to walk out into the lobby naked and I still don't know where I found the guts to walk to the restaurant like that, but I did. You can come with us for lunch if you want to. I'm meeting Annette at the elevator in about ten minutes. We are going to drive to that nice restaurant at the hotel that we have the party at this weekend." I was hoping that her answer would be yes so I would have another person to talk to and she would start getting used to being naked in public.

She answered my question, "I want to go, but I want to wait another day to get my nerve up. Thanks for talking to me. Oh, I take it that you went home naked last night. How did it go?"

"Well it went so well that both my teenagers and my husband, Keith, have taken up the absolute naturist lifestyle and both of my teenagers are at school dressed like I am right now."

I looked at the clock, and saw that it is almost noon and I needed to be at the elevator. A few seconds later, I met Annette and she was naked and ready to go out to lunch again. We went down to the garage to her car and drove to the Mirage Grand Hotel and Resort. Once we pulled up to the front area of the hotel we both got out and she handed her keys to the bellman and we walked to the first floor restaurant. I do have to say that I still a little uneasy about going places out in public without anything on. Especially walking into a four star hotel. I do remember the last time I was here, at this hotel; it was my last wedding anniversary and we ate at the more formal restaurant upstairs.

I do need to tell you about the restaurant we are just about to enter; about a year and a half ago this restaurant was all over the local news after the place changed the dress code to au-natural for all waters, waitress, hostess and all other staff. I remember for some weeks after that there was a lot of protest but eventually more upscale restaurants started adopting the same or similar dress codes.

Just before we entered the restaurant Annette asked me if I would like to eat at the place upstairs. I said, "Sure." So we went upstairs and the hostess brought us to our tables and then the waiter took our order. We ate and talked about things we would normally discuss. When paid the bill noticed that the place was a little more expensive than before and we were what looked like the only ones naked in there, but it wasn't that bad. I think knowing that my daughter, son and husband are dressed the same way I am means I can't complain too much about being naked in public.

As we were waiting for the bellboy to drive the car back to the front, we were talking about how in such a short period of time the country stopped being so stuck-up about clothes. I think it was about five to eight years ago when a music performer showed a slight glimpse of a nipple on national television and caused a national uproar . Now, after the courts overturned a lot of those crazy laws, there are some primetime television shows where some of the characters are partially or completely naked.

Once we were back in the office we both said goodbye as we left for our departments. I called my husband and then went out to the Sales Department for some product placement information and brought some of the ideas back to my office to show my supervisors. The rest of the day went by extremely fast and then it was time to head home again. As I was waiting for everyone to get dressed or leave I said goodnight to Heather and turned off everything before I left. I then squeezed into the elevator, with June facing me. At least this time, on the way down, I didn't get groped like yesterday and we both weren't the only naked ones in there. When the elevator stopped at the lobby four naked individuals left, three men and one woman. I looked at those naked guys that had just left and I noticed that one of them had groped me yesterday. Once we were in the garage, we both said our goodbyes and I left for my car for the drive back home.

* * *

Hello, I have been lazy on writing for the last few days. All I can say is I have been extremely busy with everything that is going on so far this weekend. I think that I left off when I was driving home from work Thursday evening. All I can say that the last few days have been anything but what I would call normal.

I think I need to start by recapping what has happened to my family and our friends and neighbors over the last week. I think I should start on Sunday, one week ago. That day was like any other weekend with really nothing happening to talk about. The kids where at Carol's house in the pool and Keith and I just sat in the living room watching some old movie on the movie channel, nothing special. All I can say is that, if you had told me then that I would be stripped of my clothes at work Wednesday and told that I should take up the naturist lifestyle and, later that day, when I got home to find out that both of my kids want to be forced to attend school completely naked and, to top that off, my husband would agree to become a naturist on the same day, I would have thought you were crazy. And, to top that all off, I also found out that my best friend and her entire family are now absolute naturists. Now then the craziest thing of all, one of Bailey's friends, that she used to hang around with, is basically a slave to the school and to her parents. What a week.

Yesterday, as you know, my boss invited all of the managers, and their families, to a formal party where all of the managers and upper management were dressed in their birthday suits. About the party, as you might guess, both of my kids, my husband and I showed up there naked of course. I know that Bailey was worried that we would have been the only family that was naked. But it turned out that we where not the only ones there that were this underdressed. I think Bailey started relaxing a little after a few more girls her age showed up dressed in the same outfit. Zach, he didn't show any bit of embarrassment there, he just went up to anyone his age and started talking.

The only part I really didn't like was when our boss invited all of us managers to the stage and had them tell everyone how this new dress code has changed them and the people around them. Before it was my turn to speak some of my other coworkers were talking about how this decision has opened up the family to the naturist lifestyle and others were quite embarrassed being up there like that in front of their family and others and it wasn't that hard to tell that if the boss told them to get dressed and they could still work here, they would be dressed right then and there if they could find anything to wear.

From where I am standing, I could tell that I am next, now, what do I say? "Hi everyone, I am here with my husband Keith and my two kids, Bailey and Zach." All of them stood up for a second. "As you can see, my entire family has taken up this lifestyle full time. Bailey and Zach are now absolute students at Wilson High School." After I said that, I looked directly at Bailey and she just smiled back at me. "Thanks for your time." Then the last one did his little speech. The boss did some more talking and then we were released to go back to our chairs.

The rest of the party went all right, for a company party, how exciting can that be. On the way home, Bailey said, "Mom, I don't know if I should say thanks or not for telling everyone that I am an absolute at school."

"What do you mean?"

She went on, "After you told everyone that Zach and I are absolutes, everyone there stopped us and started asking us questions about it."

Zach added, "Mom, Sis and I are not, in any way, ashamed of our decisions on Wednesday and Thursday morning. We just weren't ready for all those questions."

I asked them, "What did you tell them?"

Bailey said, "We told them that we both feel very comfortable with our bodies and feel that we do not have to cover up with clothes. But, Mom and Dad, the question we both got the most was, being naked all the time, are you having sex more? I couldn't believe that adults where asking me that question."

Zach added, "What we told them was, "No, nudity and sex are two different things."

After Zach was done taking, Keith said, "Kids, I am proud of you both, for the way you stood up to them and kept your morals."

The rest of the way home, the kids started talking to each other about something and I just looked out the window as Keith made his way into our neighborhood.

Oh, I almost forget something. Earlier Saturday morning, we all started going through all of the clothes that we own and bringing them to the living room floor. There we started sorting out the clothes that we will donate and the items that we are going to throw away. I finished up washing the rest of the clothes that we worn prior to Thursday that we were going to donate. We then bagged them up and Bailey drove them to the thrift shop. Once she came back, we spent the rest of the day cleaning with the old clothes that we have left.

At lunchtime I brought out the pill bottles from the health store to help bring up our body temperate for when it starts getting colder this winter. I cannot believe that I am actually considering spending the entire winter, along with the rest of my family, completely naked.

Back to the current time, it is now almost noon and I need to get my part of the lunch stuff that I am going to bring to Carol's house for our picnic. So, I will need to get going. I will write again later if I have a chance.

The End