Kimberly, Life as an Absolute
by Bare Lin

Author's Notes:

Kimberly Tanner (Main Person, Realtor) (Absolute)
Jerry Tanner (Husband)
Tammy Tanner (Oldest Twin Daughter) (Absolute since 9th Grade)
Marla Tanner (Twin Daughter) (Absolute since 9th Grade)

Mary Jerkins (Boss, Agency)
Mike (Senior Managers)
Annette (Senior Mangers)
Mary Jerkins’ Secretary Jan
Tim (Coworker)
Nancy (Coworker/Friend)
Kirsten (Coworker)
Stacy (coworker, smokers & attended last conf) (Strips naked in parking lot)
Rhonda (coworker, smokers & attended last conf)

Wendell (Young girl at Conference that was nude)

Brenda Watson (Pasty/nosy neighbor)

Kim clients:
Jeff and Amy (Small Daughter)
Ron and Amber Kensington (Young Naturist Couple) Grew up at a naturist resort in AZ

Chapter Ten

I guess that I must have been too caught up in my thoughts that I didn't even notice the young couple walking behind me staring a hole through me as I walked. I have to say that I really didn't notice then until we where just about at the turn to the hallway the elevator is on. It was then that I saw them both staring at me until they saw me looking back at them and they both shyly turned there heads away when I saw Mary standing in front of the elevator still naked.

Luckily or not I didn't see them again after I started walking toward Mary and joined her at the elevator door waiting for the door to open. Soon we both where packed in there both trying not to touch the others with our bare bodies as the box started descending down to the second floor where the hotel ball room was located.

Once the floor stopped on the second floor and the majority of everyone in there exited. I followed Mary to a role of portable tables to get the both of us signed in and get the schedule and some other important paperwork.

Soon we both were standing over by some venders and I was looking over the schedule. When she said, "I think we should get some seats in the main exhibit section first". I said "Sure" as I was pushing some paper into my bag.

Then just as we where just about to be seated she said, "Kim, I think you might know one of the speakers". I looked back at the lecture that was handed to us a few minutes ago and noticed one of my college buddies names. I just looked at Mary and asked her if she is talking about the same person and after I pointed out the Paris Watson name she told me that was the person that she was referring to. I didn't have the chance to ask her, because before I could four individuals started walking on to the stage along with Paris.

Before long all of the lights in the section were dimmed and I started paying attention to the speaker speaking as well as watching the side door to see if anyone slips in dressed like me.

I know so far no one has mentioned or made any comments that could hear about my lack of outfit. But, I kind of wish there where other here that was as willing to ditch there clothes and go all natural.

As you know from my last rambling, I was really paying any attention to what she was saying until I heard the guy speaking mention Paris name and she started walking toward to podium wearing what it looks like a silk robe like dress. I couldn't really tell from where I was sitting. Only that the closer she got to the podium the more of her cleavage started showing until her left nipple was on the verge of coming out.

The as if noting, her left breast came out of her outfit, and you could hear the whole room make this huge gasping sound which for a second was almost as loud as clapping.

All I know is after the room started settling down; Mary leaned over to me and said, "No one made that reaction when we walk in". I just looked at her and shrugged my shoulders as I turned to Paris up there before the podium with her breast hanging out.

Then she picked up the microphone and put it back in the holder and said, "Welcome everybody to the Regional Real Estate Conference. Some of you might have noticed my little wardrobe malfunction." After she said that some jerk made a whistle noise and some laughter. "Well I can see some of you might be ready for what I am going to say next. I can see from the way you all reacted when my breast fell out you might not be ready for this".

I just smiled when she moved away from the podium and let her dress fall to the stage and very casually picked it up and turned around and handed it to a one of the others on the stage.

"The reason that I am now standing up here on the stage before you is to show you what is slowly becoming expectable wear in our professionals as well as some of your customers. Now I want everybody in this audience that have in the last month been dressed like me or have had one or more customers who where naked."

As she said that I was fully expecting Mary and myself to be the only one in the audience standing. Until I looked around and saw several people in the room start standing up. And after I say either ten to twenty where standing up we joined them.

"Jack" as she turned around "would you like say something". As he was standing up I noticed that he was looking directly at me. He then went up to Paris and gave her a hug and said, "I see that at least three of you besides Paris decided the natural dress, now how many of you didn't bring anything else to wear?"

All I know is after he said that I wanted to craw out of there right then and there when Mary grabbed my hand along with hers and pulled it up high.

"Ok" he went on, "how many of you have had some customers naked?" About ten hands went up and then he said how many of you have been naked yourself?" A few more hands went up and he told everyone thanks and he turned around and sat down again.

I really didn't know what that all was about until Paris got back up to the podium and said, "As you can see from the people that where standing up that more and more of you will be encountering different people of all sizes and ages that might not be wearing anything more then what you would wear in a shower. And that isn't as you all might know isn't only affecting out profession. We all need to become more acceptable to this type of change that is happening. Now thank you for your attention and I hope you all have a great time at the convention. Oh, one more thing. I would like if the five individuals that are naked to please come to the front of the stage area."

Chapter Eleven

As I was following Mary to the front, I was kind of relived that we weren't the only one there that was naked. Then when the room was almost empty, I saw the others that were naked as well. One was a middle age male as well as two younger ladies and the last one was some lady who looks like my mother.

Once the room was empty Paris very casually sat down on the edge of the stage and let her legs hang over and was showing everything.

Then as Mary and I took our seats next to the other three, Jack (I believe) walked out onto the stage as equally naked as the rest of us.

"All right", Paris said. "How is everybody feeling?" I said just about what everyone else said, "Great" or some corny thing like that.

Paris said, "The reason I have asked you all to stay back with me was because I wanted to see how you all handling this?"

I then with almost without really thinking about what I was going to say, raise my hand like a little school girl. "Kim"

"I have been living this naturist lifestyle now for close to three weeks. Now I can not say that I didn't have moments that I wish that I was still dressed in something. But, over all I am very happy with my decision. So much that I may never wear anything else again."

I did notice the others looking at me in bug eyes as I sat down, but at that moment I didn't care.

That little bare talk went on for another thirty minutes and I managed to learn a little bit more about some of them then I really wanted to.

Luckily for me, we all had to move out of the room because the next speaker needed to setup.

After we both where back out in the vender area, one of the naked twenty something girls stopped me as I listening to his sales pitch. "Kim is it true you no longer own any clothes and how is your family handling you being naked?"

As she said that, Mary smiled at me as I took her the girls hand which I found out was Wendell. And pulled her away from the others and said, "I take it you are interested in taking on the naturist lifestyle". She gave me a shy smile and said, "Yes" very softly.

"Just to let you know I have two girls who are probably a few years younger then you. And they both have been full time naturist or what is called absolutes, for over four years now."

All she could get out was, "Four years without clothes, high school".

After that she bombarded me with questions before Mary came back up to us and asked if she would mind joining us for dinner before after we all listen in to what the next presentation that will start any minute from now. Wendell and I said sure and the three of us started looking for a seat.

About the last hour or so of the conference was, for the most part, very boring. Two of the four people up there on the stage had those monotone voices that could put you asleep.

Then the moment arrived that the speaker said what we all have been waiting for, "Thanks for attending and we were looking forward to seeing you tomorrow". I, for one, was more than ready to get out of there after listening to them talks about Environmental Issues and Trends.

The three of us decided to wait until most of the others had left the room before we made our way out to the lobby area just outside the ballroom. I believe it was some five minutes or more we all started making our way to the door, when suddenly Wendell turned around in almost a panic. When she did that I quickly looked at Mary and we both, almost at the same time, asked her if she was alright and, when we didn't get an answer right away, Mary put her arm around her and pulled her closer to comfort her as we all took the nearest available seats.

Once she was starting to get her composure back, I reached for her hand in a sign of support. We all ended up sitting in silence for close to five minutes until she fully came back to herself and said, "Thanks, I do not know what came over me, it's just that I wasn't really ready to remain naked after the conference was over and when you two started getting up and we started making our way out, I got nervous and scared at the idea of being naked outside the hotel. I am truly sorry you both had to witness my little breakdown".

I noticed that she looked a more relaxed afterwards, but I could tell that she was still a little nervous. So I looked at Mary and said, "Wendell, if you don't mind me asking, how long you have been nude?"

I didn't expect an answer right away, and, from the expression she was making, it looked like she was trying to find the right words to say as we remained sitting and the maintenance crew started cleaning. Then she looked up at me and Mary and said very softly, "Since this morning in my hotel room when I stripped off the clothes I was wearing because... , I am sorry."

As she stopped, I quickly gave her a hug as a sign of support before she looked back up and then Mary did the same. "Sorry. At my agency we only had room for one person to attend this conference and there were six of us that wanted to go. So, our boss made us a deal. He told the six of us that if one of us was willing to attend both days of the conference completely naked, we would be allowed to attend. And, if two or more of us still wanted to go, he asked us if we would be willing give up all our clothes in the office after we got back."

After she said the last part, the only thing I could do was just give her a blank stare and from the look at Mary she was dumbfounded as well. I couldn't believe someone would put that much pressure on someone else. Well, at least my boss is naked along with me right now and who knows what Wendell's boss is wearing, but I am almost certain that he isn't nude.

After a few minutes, just I was about to say something, Mary spoke up, "What a creep. I take it that you were the only one that said yes to that offer?"

"Are you both from the same agency?" I didn't even get a word out when Mary said, "Yes, Kim is one of my top employees and she has been doing everything at the agency from showing homes to closing wearing what little she has on right now. And for myself, I am the president of the agency and with a lot of thought and soul-searching, I decided last night, with my husband's concurrence, to be with Kim in all my glory. I am terribly troubled by the offer he gave you. I do not want to speak for Kim, but I would totally understand if you wanted to go back up to your room and get dressed and we all can go out for dinner. Oh, one more thing, I do not plan on getting dressed any time this trip."

Listening to Mary talk and seeing how more confident she looks compared to the way she was earlier is remarkable. You would be convinced by her confidence that she was been naked as long as I have. I was starting to notice that some of the maintenance crew where glancing over at us like they want us to leave. So I said, "I think they want us to get up and leave".

As we were all getting up, I noticed Wendell was showing a lot more confidence compared to the way she was thirty minutes ago.

Then, as we were in the hallway walking to the elevator, Wendell said, "About the offer my boss gave us. Three out of six quickly said no thank you; one of them was my friend Jeff. That left three of us that were still willing to do what I did today. Then, after a day, he called the three of us into his office and gave us another condition to attending, "Alright, the three of you are willing to agree to my previous offer." I said yes along with Arnold and Joanna. He then gave us another proposal: "Whoever is willing to attend the conference completely naked and is also willing to work in the office naked, I expect to remain completely naked at all times while they are working regardless of where they are or what they are doing."

Mary and I stopped walking as soon as she told us her boss'last offer. I couldn't believe how close it was to what I had Mary write up for me a few weeks ago.

"Wendell", I said, "How do you feel about being naked right now?" After asking that question, I didn't expect her to give me answer right away, but she said, "Great, thanks to you two."

It wasn't until we were in the elevator and Wendell quickly pushed the lobby button, that I said, "You do not want to get dressed?" She quickly said, "Wouldn't you look funny with me dressed and you two flopping around in your birthday suits?"

Once we all were well into the lobby, I noticed that no one was paying any attention to us. It was almost like this happens all the time. I can not imagine what it was like being naked in public when it was a crime.

We managed to make it almost a block before Mary and I noticed Wendell was holding her in the same casual way she had the first time we saw her.

The restaurant we end up going to is one of those major fast food chains. I noticed some of the customers there were either nude like us or in some degree of undress, especially among the younger ones. I did notice one of the older females give me a dirty look as I placed my order.

Then, as we where making our way to an open booth, I saw a few kids in their teens or early twenties getting a little close for my taste. I didn't really see what was going on, but from all of the giggling I knew. I wasn't born yesterday.

During the rest of the meal we all made small talk, but after we were walking back to the hotel, Mary asked Wendell the question I had been wondering about. "Wendell, if you do not mind me asking, want happened to the other two that were in your boss' office?"

She just smiled as we all stopped right there on the busy sidewalk and said, "They both chickened out and left me standing there scared shitless at the idea of giving up all my clothing while I was working. So, since I still wanted to go to this conference, I took his offer and spent the rest of last week and well into the weekend without talking about it with either my coworkers or family. Yesterday I couldn't get my mind off of the idea of being naked here and I wasn't willing to tell anyone about the last offer and to my understanding neither of the other two did either. I just asked my supervisor if I could go home for the day and pack".

Just as a semi truck passed us honking his horn, we all started walking again. None of us said a thing until we all were back in the lobby when she said, "I appreciate the friendship, and my room number is 5112. I plan on having breakfast tomorrow morning in the hotel restaurant if you both do not mind."

Well both of us quickly agreed to meet up with her for breakfast. We all climbed into the elevator and it stopped on our floor and we both said our goodnights as we watched the elevator door close. I then said my good nights to Mary as we went our separate ways.

It really didn't dawn on my until I was back in my room and alone that today was maybe the first time that I didn't wish for even a moment that I was still dressed.

Well, I do have to say that being completely naked all the time has it down falls, my feet are... well... nasty. I will have to spend some time cleaning them before I climb my naked butt into that bed if I don't want to blacken the sheets.

I will need to call my husband and my daughters if they are home. Due to the time difference, they may not be. I know he will not mind if I wake him up, but I would rather not.

When I got a hold of him, we ended up talking for close to an hour before he handed the phone to Marla, who was home. I did talk to him about what happened on the plane and also about the new girl Wendell. He told me that he was quite surprised with the way I handled the situation. He also told me that he would never put one of his employees in a situation like Wendell's boss put her through. He just couldn't believe her boss even had the balls to suggest it in the first place.

Wednesday started out with a continental breakfast with my coworker and our new friend Wendell downstairs in our hotels restaurant. We spent all our time talking about past clients we have worked with, especially the more interesting ones. We ended up staying down there talking until the restaurant crew started breaking things down around nine.

After we all got up, the other two girls decided to go shopping next door at the mall. I wanted to stay behind and go back to my room and rest until it was time to meet together outside the conference room at 11:45.

Once I was back in my room, I looked at myself in the full body mirror and admired the all over golden tan I was getting. I did not purposely go out to get a tan, but being out and about in the elements in my profession it was very hard not to.

I end up watching one of Julia Roberts's movies on the movie channel until it was almost 11:30 and I needed to start heading downstairs again.

Once I was back on the ballroom floor, it wasn't that hard to spot those two out of the dozen or so that were standing in the hallway. I quickly walked up to them as they were walking toward the sign-in table.

Inside the ballroom, I quickly realized that there were more nudes then yesterday. I do not know what made yesterday different then today but I really didn't mind seeing more nudes around me. Well, with some I had to keep my eyes at eye level and try not to look down if I couldn't help it.

The second day at the conference went by very quickly with some funny and some interesting speakers that talked about their subjects in great detail, which I am not going to go into here.

Before I knew it the speaker was saying, "Thanks for attending. Myself and all of the personnel that helped in putting this convention together want to thank the hotel staff and to all of you for attending this year's Regional Real Estate Conference. Thank you and goodbye."

All of us ended up waiting there in our seats until the majority of people in the room had exited, when we all decided to get up and follow them out.

Chapter Twelve

Once out in the hallway and walking toward the elevator, we decided to head up to our rooms and drop off our stuff and meet back up together in the lobby area in thirty minutes.

I quickly went back up to my room to freshen up since I didn't really have anything with me to drop off. I did put my stuff back into my purse before heading out. I managed to make it down to the lobby first and sat down and started reading the paper.

Maybe a minute or two later, the others were in the lobby and all three of our bare butts were out the door waiting for a taxi to take us to the five star restaurant that Mary was talking about earlier.

It didn't take very long for a taxi to stop for us and we all were off. Now I am not sure which one the driver was paying more attention to, us or the road. He was making me a little nervous by his insane driving and I am sure the others felt the same from the comments Wendell made as he drove off. We ended up not paying him his fare as he started flapping his arms around and then drove off. I was just glad to be out of that taxi.

The fancy restaurant we ended up going to is in the city center and is very fancy and I was very surprised Mary wanted us to come here knowing that we all are quite underdressed for the place.

She just kept on encouraging me to follow her as we passed the over-the-top exterior décor that was surrounding the place. We all walked through the fancy lobby to the restaurant where I noticed what the hostess was wearing or not wearing.

I know nakedness is becoming more common in public places where it was totally taboo five or more years ago. But I never thought a formal place like this, a five star restaurant, would have all of their staff wearing nothing. I just can not see a restaurant or any other place actually requiring or forcing all of their staff to work naked.

Now I know it sounds silly pondering why the host isn't wearing anything when I am sitting here naked. But it is just that prior to walking into the fancy hotel, I was fully ready to be the only one there naked besides Mary and Wendell.

I guess my wondering about why they were naked caused me to just stop and I didn't realize it until one of the girls tapped my shoulder and I came back to life and started walking to the table. As the host walked away, we couldn't keep our eyes off him. He was somewhere in his twenties.

Then as we all were somewhere in la-la-land, the waitress walked up and brought us all back to reality by saying, "Don't worry that happens a lot here. Can I take your drink orders ladies?"

None of us said anything until Mary spoke up and told the waitress what she wanted to drink and then the rest of us told her what we wanted to drink.

I believe it was then that it really dawned on me that in two short weeks of being fully naked everywhere, how comfortable I have become and how I wasn't even consciously thinking about it any more. Not even when I am around others those are as naked as me.

Well, getting back to the restaurant, the waitress came back to the table with our drinks and we all gave her our orders and shortly later the food came to the table. We all started talking about the convention and other stuff and after an enjoyable meal; we split the bill and walked out of the place.

Before long we all were in the cab and on our way back to the hotel and when we were back in the hotel lobby, Mary and I said our goodbyes to our new friend and promised to keep in touch. And then Mary told her that if she ever wants to move, she would hold a position for her.

After that we all gave each other some hugs and then I watched her walk away to the elevator.

We then said goodnight as well after agreeing to meet back up again tomorrow morning here in the lobby at five. Then as I was going up to my floor, I picked up my cell out of my purse and dialed my husband.

Once I was off the phone, I started packing away the stuff that I accumulated from the conference and put it all in my carry-on along with a few other things. The rest of the evening I watched the news and then I went to sleep.

Thursday morning started out alright. We both checked out of the hotel around six in the morning and were at the airport shortly thereafter with no problems.

Everything was going very smoothly until we got to the security checkpoint. Mary went first through the detector with no problem and grabbed her bag at the other end. When I started to make my way through the medal detector, it started going off.

At that point, I was expecting the screener to just let me grab my bag and be on my way since it was very obvious I wasn't concealing anything.

What he had me do next was a little senseless since I was standing there fully naked. He made me go through the scanner again, and that damn thing started blasting off again.

I was a little annoyed by the whole thing by now. Then a uniformed lady came up to me and asked me if I had any metal in my body and I told her no. She then had me raise my arms and hold them out wide while I stood there like a naked dummy as she ran that thing around me. Luckily that damn thing didn't go off like that scanner and when she was done she said sorry as I, a little humiliated, walked off.

Thankfully the rest of our short time at the airport went smoothly. We landed back home around nine fifteen. Not much later we where both walking through the baggage area where we saw our husbands there waiting.

All she said to me as she was walking away was "See you tomorrow; enjoy the rest of the day". I just said thanks as Jerry took my bags from me and we walked out of the airport to the car.

Later that morning when we were back at home and the girls were still at school, I was expecting Jerry to just drop me off and go back to work, only to pleasantly find out that he was going to take the rest of the day off to be with me since my boss gave me the rest of the day off.

Now that I had the unexpected day off from work I was completely at a loss about what to do with my time. The only thing I planned on doing today at work was to go over my countless emails, phone messages and of course checking up on the clients that I am currently working with.

Then Jerry walked into the room wearing only a smile and grabbed my hand and led me to our bedroom. Once in there he started working on my back and then onto the rest of my body. He didn't quit until he finished the most relaxing massage I have had in quite sometime. Soon we both were deeply into each other as we made love.

I don't know how long we were in there together and I really do not care. All I know is, I am very lucky to have a wonderful man in my life that is this understanding and trustworthy of my decision to be an absolute naturist.

It takes a special person to be this understanding of their spouse or girl/boy friend's decision to live the life of an absolute and not get jealous.

As it turned out, we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon cuddled up on the couch watching some movies on one of the pay channels, naked of course.

Somewhere around six the girls came home and we all had dinner at home and spent the rest of the evening playing board games.

Friday morning after I walked into my office and started going over my phone messages, I was interrupted when Tim walked in carrying some paperwork in his hand. As I looked up at him, he said, "Kim, Mary requested that you represent the agency at this month's city clerk meeting. That would be greatly appreciated. She asked for you to be there at two, the place is next to the city hall downtown."

I just said thanks as he laid down some paperwork on my desk and walked out. I really didn't look at the paperwork until I noticed the picture on the front cover of the magazine that was on top of the stack of papers.

I reached over and picked up the magazine along with the other paperwork. It was then that I got a better look at the cover picture on the monthly Regional Real Estate Magazine. The picture was taken at the conference I was at yesterday and right there in the first three rows of the audience at one of those events was me sitting there in naked from the stomach up alongside Mary and Wendell. I was at first a little taken back at the sight of seeing myself on the front cover of that magazine no less being on the front cover naked.

I am sure my daughters and Jerry will like to see the cover, so I placed it next to my purse to read later. I then went back to filtering through my millions of messages and emails that I had received since Monday, when I was interrupted again with a phone call from the young couple that I had showed two homes Monday.

If you do not remember, they where the young couple that grew up as naturist or more like absolute naturist today.

She wanted to ask me if I would mind showing them the last house again with her father. I of course said sure and then started working out a time for us all to meet. I knew that my afternoon was tied up with that meeting downtown and I wasn't sure how long it was going to last so I asked her if she would mind meeting up tomorrow or on Monday. We decided on meeting on Monday morning at nine at my office. She said thanks and hung up.

I spent the next two hours making phone calls and answering my emails and messages before lunch. When lunch time came around, I wasn't able to spend it with Jerry due to the lunch meeting he was at. I started thinking of where to eat and I decided on going to the first dinner I ate at naked with my husband.

Walking into the place I know that I was more confident then the last time I was there. I was greeted by the same hostess, still dressed.

I only waited a second when she called my name and asked me how I was doing and if I wanted the waitress to wear nothing again. I looked at her as she was kidding and she said, don't worry; I got the same look from the last lady that came in here. I will leave the decision up to your waitress.

My waitress walked up to my table, dressed, and asked me what I wanted to drink. I gave her my order along with my drink order. I am sure that if I was with my husband, I would have had her stripped. Soon afterward I paid my bill and while I was walking out the same waitress that worked my table the other week came up to me and said hi. She told me that for some reason, a great proportion of the customers that come in here never ask us to strip like you did. I think it is very remarkable that you felt comfortable enough to come here naked alone today. I told her thanks and let her know that I am an absolute and this is the only outfit that I own from now on as I walked out of the place after saying my goodbyes.

The next hour at the office went by very fast and before I knew it I was on my way downtown for that meeting. One of the many reason I do not like going downtown during the week is the lack of decent parking. It took me close to fifteen minutes to find a parking space and it was still more then two blocks away from the old city hall building.

The short walk down that busy street was a little eventful because of all of the looks, stares and comments from some of those sex deprived construction workers. I did manage to make it past the security check point with ease, with only a second to spare, and the lady in the front of the room said, "Welcome" just as I entered.

I then proceeded to the back of the room, along with several others that were standing as the whole room was packed solid with people. The speaker then started talking about new business codes and some other legal mumbo-jumbo; I really do not want to talk about.

It wasn't until I heard her say, "I am sure everyone has heard about that little incident that happened last weekend on the steps of this building. A group of young adults felt it was appropriate to start an orgy right there in the open on old city hall steps. I ensure you that the mayor wasn't very amused by the whole incident. The police were called, but with the new federal law on expression, the police couldn't do anything besides give out verbal warnings."

She then went on, "Just yesterday, the city council approved erecting new warning signs around town to try to discourage these activities in the future. I would appreciate it if each and every one of you would please help us by trying to prevent this in the future." That lady ended up wasting another five minutes talking about that incident before she finally stepped away from the podium and said, "I see a few of you in here are naked."

Then, as I was starting to count the minutes until this meeting would be over, I heard her say as she was looking directly at me, "Ms, the one that is naked. If you do not mind, why are you naked?"

At first, I was a little shocked that she singled me out. Then I just looked up at her as I moved closer to the back of the chair in front of me, and said, "Because I feel clothes are restricting and unconformable and the fact that I feel comfortable and confident with my body enables me to go around without clothes."

After I said that, I was expecting her to make another comment, when she walked back up to the podium and said, "Thanks for coming; I am looking forward to seeing all of you at next month's meeting."

As I was walking out, I kept on thinking about her reaction to my answer and how she quickly dismissed all of us. I just figured that she was expecting me to shy away and, when I stood up there and answered her, she wasn't prepared for it, she was the one that caved in and adjourned the meeting.

Later that evening, after dinner, all of us gathered in the living room and started watching some romantic movie on the movie channel.

The rest of the weekend flew by and before I knew it, It was ten o'clock, Sunday night.

Once Monday rolled around, I got up and started fixing my hair and put on some makeup. All while thinking back over the last month as a self-declared naturist.

I really felt lucky to be married to someone that is as trusting and caring as Jerry. Especially with me being naked all the time in public and he was surprisingly alright with me flying naked. I know that Mary flew naked with me, but I know that if she was dressed, I would have still been naked for that trip.

At work, I called Amber and set up a good time for us to meet at the property her and her husband Ron wanted. Luckily the property was still on the market and in their price range.

We decided we would meet up around eleven. I then made some more phone calls and worked on some other properties before it was time to get going.

As I was approaching the property, I couldn't get over the windows. As you know that I am now more comfortable with my body now then I was a month ago. But I am not sure if I would be willingly live in a house like this.

Already there was the young nudist couple, Ron and Amber with her dad, who she introduced as Vern. I then unlocked the main door and let them show her dad the property, as I kept on looking out the back windows at the busy intersection just outside the property line. Before long, I was on the phone with the seller's realtor and we all decided on a price and everyone signed the papers.

After closing on that sale, I managed to make a quick stop at a fast food place and spent the rest of the afternoon doing paperwork.

Tuesday was a busy day; I ended up spending the whole day on the computer and phone. I didn't even get out of the office to get a bite to eat. One of my coworkers picked up something for me from the little dinner down the street. That night, the girls were out and Jerry and I spent the evening playing cards and before I knew it, it was Wednesday.

Wednesday, I was able to close on the glass house and the new owners where able to walk away with a small discount on the sale. It turned out that the previous owner was so desperate to get rid of the property that he agreed to deduct the cost it will take to have the wooden fence removed.

As some of you might know, it was almost a month to the day that I walked into my boss's office and took off my clothes. Looking back at that moment, I still can not believe I had the guts to demand that I work naked, to stripping right there in her office.

Now thinking about the moment when I stripped that Wednesday afternoon, I never thought that a month later I would still be naked. Later that evening, I did have a sinking feeling that my girls were going to take up me on my words and get rid of all my clothes, and they did. In a small way, I glad that they did that, I do not know if I could have been strong enough then to keep from getting dressed.

I do know that if you asked me six months ago, or for that matter a month and a half ago, if I would be willing to walk into an airport butt naked and spend the whole time on the plane as well as at the conference naked. I would have said you were crazy.

I can tell you that after spending a whole month without the bother of clothes, that I am a lot more comfortable and confident with myself.

The End