Kimberly: Life As an Absolute
by BareLin

Chapter 9

About the last hour or so of the conference was, for the most part, very boring. Two of the four people up there on the stage had those monotone voices that could put you asleep.

Then the moment arrived that the speaker said what we all have been waiting for, "Thanks for attending and we were looking forward to seeing you tomorrow." I, for one, was more than ready to get out of there after listening to them talks about Environmental Issues and Trends.

The three of us decided to wait until most of the others had left the room before we made our way out to the lobby area just outside the ballroom. I believe it was some five minutes or more we until all started making our way to the door, when suddenly Wendell turned around in almost a panic. When she did that I quickly looked at Mary and we both, almost at the same time, asked her if she was alright and, when we didn't get an answer right away, Mary put her arm around her and pulled her closer to comfort her as we all took the nearest available seats.

Once she was starting to get her composure back, I reached for her hand in a sign of support. We all ended up sitting in silence for close to five minutes until she fully came back to herself and said, "Thanks, I don't know what came over me, it's just that I wasn't really ready to remain naked after the conference was over and when you two started getting up and we started making our way out, I got nervous and scared at the idea of being naked outside the hotel. I am truly sorry you both had to witness my little breakdown."

I noticed that she looked a more relaxed afterwards, but I could tell that she was still a little nervous. So I looked at Mary and said, "Wendell, if you don't mind me asking, how long you have been nude?"

I didn't expect an answer right away, and, from the expression she was making, it looked like she was trying to find the right words to say as we remained sitting and the maintenance crew started cleaning. Then she looked up at me and Mary and said very softly, "Since this morning in my hotel room when I stripped off the clothes I was wearing because... I am sorry."

As she stopped, I quickly gave her a hug as a sign of support before she looked back up and then Mary did the same. "Sorry. At my agency we only had room for one person to attend this conference and there were six of us that wanted to go. So, our boss made us a deal. He told the six of us that if one of us was willing to attend both days of the conference completely naked, we would be allowed to attend. And, if two or more of us still wanted to go, he asked us if we would be willing give up all our clothes in the office after we got back."

After she said the last part, the only thing I could do was just give her a blank stare and from the look at Mary she was dumbfounded as well. I couldn't believe someone would put that much pressure on someone else. Well, at least my boss is naked along with me right now and who knows what Wendell's boss is wearing, but I am almost certain that he isn't nude.

After a few minutes, just I was about to say something, Mary spoke up, "What a creep. I take it that you were the only one that said yes to that offer?"

"Are you both from the same agency?" I didn't even get a word out when Mary said, "Yes, Kim is one of my top employees and she has been doing everything at the agency from showing homes to closing wearing what little she has on right now. And for myself, I am the president of the agency and with a lot of thought and soul-searching, I decided last night, with my husband's concurrence, to be with Kim in all my glory. I am terribly troubled by the offer he gave you. I do not want to speak for Kim, but I would totally understand if you wanted to go back up to your room and get dressed and we all can go out for dinner. Oh, one more thing, I do not plan on getting dressed any time this trip."

Listening to Mary talk and seeing how more confident she looks compared to the way she was earlier is remarkable. You would be convinced by her confidence that she was been naked as long as I have. I was starting to notice that some of the maintenance crew where glancing over at us like they want us to leave. So I said, "I think they want us to get up and leave."

As we were all getting up, I noticed Wendell was showing a lot more confidence compared to the way she was thirty minutes ago.

Then, as we were in the hallway walking to the elevator, Wendell said, "About the offer my boss gave us. Three out of six quickly said no thank you; one of them was my friend Jeff. That left three of us that were still willing to do what I did today. Then, after a day, he called the three of us into his office and gave us another condition to attending, ‘Alright, the three of you are willing to agree to my previous offer.' I said yes along with Arnold and Joanna. He then gave us another proposal: Whoever is willing to attend the conference completely naked and is also willing to work in the office naked, I expect to remain completely naked at all times while they are working regardless of where they are or what they are doing."

Mary and I stopped walking as soon as she told us her boss' last offer. I couldn't believe how close it was to what I had Mary write up for me a few weeks ago.

"Wendell," I said, "How do you feel about being naked right now?" After asking that question, I didn't expect her to give me answer right away, but she said, "Great, thanks to you two."

It wasn't until we were in the elevator and Wendell quickly pushed the lobby button, that I said, "You don't want to get dressed?" She quickly said, "Wouldn't you look funny with me dressed and you two flopping around in your birthday suits?"

Once we all were well into the lobby, I noticed that no one was paying any attention to us. It was almost like this happens all the time. I can not imagine what it was like being naked in public when it was a crime.

We managed to make it almost a block before Mary and I noticed Wendell was holding her in the same casual way she had the first time we saw her.

The restaurant we ended up going to is one of those major fast food chains. I noticed some of the customers there were either nude like us or in some degree of undress, especially among the younger ones. I did notice one of the older females give me a dirty look as I placed my order.

Then, as we were making our way to an open booth, I saw a few kids in their teens or early twenties getting a little close for my taste. I didn't really see what was going on, but from all of the giggling I knew. I wasn't born yesterday.

During the rest of the meal we all made small talk, but after we were walking back to the hotel, Mary asked Wendell the question I had been wondering about. "Wendell, if you do not mind me asking, want happened to the other two that were in your boss' office?"

She just smiled as we all stopped right there on the busy sidewalk and said, "They both chickened out and left me standing there scared shitless at the idea of giving up all my clothing while I was working. So, since I still wanted to go to this conference, I took his offer and spent the rest of last week and well into the weekend without talking about it with either my coworkers or family. Yesterday I couldn't get my mind off of the idea of being naked here and I wasn't willing to tell anyone about the last offer and to my understanding neither of the other two did either. I just asked my supervisor if I could go home for the day and pack."

Just as a semi truck passed us honking his horn, we all started walking again. None of us said a thing until we all were back in the lobby when she said, "I appreciate the friendship, and my room number is 5112. I plan on having breakfast tomorrow morning in the hotel restaurant if you both don't mind."

Well both of us quickly agreed to meet up with her for breakfast. We all climbed into the elevator and it stopped on our floor and we both said our goodnights as we watched the elevator door close. I then said my good nights to Mary as we went our separate ways.

It really didn't dawn on my until I was back in my room and alone that today was maybe the first time that I didn't wish for even a moment that I was still dressed.

Well, I do have to say that being completely naked all the time has it down falls, my feet are... well... nasty. I will have to spend some time cleaning them before I climb my naked butt into that bed if I don't want to blacken the sheets.

I will need to call my husband and my daughters if they are home. Due to the time difference, they may not be. I know he will not mind if I wake him up, but I would rather not.

When I got a hold of him, we ended up talking for close to an hour before he handed the phone to Marla, who was home. I did talk to him about what happened on the plane and also about the new girl Wendell. He told me that he was quite surprised with the way I handled the situation. He also told me that he would never put one of his employees in a situation like Wendell's boss put her through. He just couldn't believe her boss even had the balls to suggest it in the first place.