Kimberly: Life As an Absolute
by BareLin

Chapter 8

Soon I took a quick shower to get all of that grime off me from the flight. I dried myself off and flopped down on the bedspread looking for something to watch, when my cell phone rang. Once I picked up the phone and said hello, it was my oldest daughter asking me how my flight went.

I must of have been on the phone for twenty minutes or more when I hung up, because whatever was on the tube was scrolling the credits. Well, I did manage to leave out the part about my boss flying naked with me and what happened as soon as the plane landed. I didn't want to talk about that until I see if she backs out and meets me in a half hour dressed or not.

I did manage to get back to looking for something to watch until I had to get my things ready to meet her either in her room or wherever she requests me to meet her.

Then just as I was getting off the bed to give myself a good look over, the room phone rang and it was Mary asking me to meet her out near the elevator door in five minutes.

After hanging up the phone, I picked up my tote bag and nametag strap that the receptionist gave me and dropped it over my head and then attached that dorky nametag to it and walked out the door into the hallway.

On the way to the elevator, the only thing I could think about was if she was going to be dressed or not. I know it is her company and she could wear anything she wants. It's just that I was deep down hoping that she was still naked and I wouldn't have to face all of those people naked alone.

I guess that I must have been too caught up in my thoughts that I didn't even notice the young couple walking behind me staring a hole through me as I walked. I have to say that I really didn't notice then until we where just about at the turn to the hallway the elevator is on. It was then that I saw them both staring at me until they saw me looking back at them and they both shyly turned there heads away when I saw Mary standing in front of the elevator still naked.

Luckily or not I didn't see them again after I started walking toward Mary and joined her at the elevator door waiting for the door to open. Soon we both were packed in there both trying not to touch the others with our bare bodies as the box started descending down to the second floor where the hotel ballroom was located.

Once the elevator stopped on the second floor and the majority of everyone in there exited, I followed Mary to a row of portable tables to get the both of us signed in and get the schedule and some other important paperwork.

Soon we both were standing over by some venders and I was looking over the schedule. Then she said, "I think we should get some seats in the main exhibit section first." I said, "Sure" as I was pushing some paper into my bag.

Then just as we where just about to be seated she said, "Kim, I think you might know one of the speakers." I looked back at the schedule that was handed to us a few minutes ago and noticed one of my college buddies' name. I just looked at Mary and asked her if she was talking about the same person and after I pointed out the Paris Watson name she told me that was the person that she was referring to. I didn't have the chance to ask her, because before I could four individuals started walking on to the stage along with Paris.

Before long all of the lights in the section were dimmed and I started paying attention to the speaker as well as watching the side door to see if anyone slipped in dressed like me.

I know so far no one has mentioned or made any comments that could hear about my lack of outfit. But, I kind of wish there where others here that were as willing to ditch their clothes and go all natural.

As you know from my last rambling, I wasn't really paying any attention to what she was saying until I heard the guy speaking mention Paris' name and she started walking toward to podium wearing what it looked like a silk robe-like dress. I couldn't really tell from where I was sitting. Only that the closer she got to the podium the more of her cleavage started showing until her left nipple was on the verge of coming out.

Then as if nothing, her left breast came out of her outfit, and you could hear the whole room make this huge gasping sound which for a second was almost as loud as clapping.

All I know is after the room started settling down; Mary leaned over to me and said, "No one made that reaction when we walk in." I just looked at her and shrugged my shoulders as I turned to Paris up there before the podium with her breast hanging out.

Then she picked up the microphone and put it back in the holder and said, "Welcome everybody to the Regional Real Estate Conference. Some of you might have noticed my little wardrobe malfunction." After she said that some jerk made a whistle noise and some laughter. "Well I can see some of you might be ready for what I am going to say next. I can see from the way you all reacted when my breast fell out you might not be ready for this."

I just smiled when she moved away from the podium and let her dress fall to the stage and very casually picked it up and turned around and handed it to a one of the others on the stage.

"The reason that I am now standing up here on the stage before you is to show you what is slowly becoming expectable wear in our profession as well as some of your customers. Now I want everybody in this audience that have in the last month been dressed like me or have had one or more customers who were naked to please stand."

As she said that I was fully expecting Mary and me to be the only ones in the audience standing. Then I looked around and saw several people in the room start standing up. And after I'd say either ten to twenty were standing up we joined them.

"Jack," as she turned around, "would you like say something?" As he was standing up I noticed that he was looking directly at me. He then went up to Paris and gave her a hug and said, "I see that at least three of you besides Paris decided on the natural dress, now how many of you didn't bring anything else to wear?"

All I know is after he said that I wanted to craw out of there right then and there when Mary grabbed my hand along with hers and pulled it up high.

"Ok," he went on, "how many of you have had some customers naked?" About ten hands went up. Then he asked, "How many of you have been naked yourself?" A few more hands went up and he told everyone thanks and he turned around and sat down again.

I really didn't know what that all was about until Paris got back up to the podium and said, "As you can see from the people that where standing up that more and more of you will be encountering different people of all sizes and ages who might not be wearing anything more than what you would wear in a shower. And that isn't (as you all might know) isn't only affecting out profession. We all need to become more accepting of this type of change that is happening. Now thank you for your attention and I hope you all have a great time at the convention. Oh, one more thing. I would like the five individuals who are naked to please come to the front of the stage area."

As I was following Mary to the front, I was kind of relived that we weren't the only ones who were naked. Then when the room was almost empty, I saw the others that were naked as well. One was a middle age male as well as two younger ladies and the last one was some lady who actually looks like my mother.

Once the room was empty Paris very casually sat down on the edge of the stage and let her legs hang over and was showing everything.

Then as Mary and I took our seats next to the other three, Jack (I believe) walked out onto the stage as equally naked as the rest of us.

"All right," Paris said. "How is everybody feeling?" I said just about what everyone else said, "Great" or some corny thing like that.

Paris said, "The reason I have asked you all to stay back with me was because I wanted to see how you all handling this."

I then with almost without really thinking about what I was going to say, raised my hand like a little school girl.


"I have been living this naturist lifestyle now for close to three weeks. Now I cannot say that I didn't have moments that I wished that I was still dressed in something. But, overall I am very happy with my decision. So much that I may never wear anything else again."

I did notice the others looking at me with bug eyes as I sat down, but at that moment I didn't care.

That little bare talk went on for another thirty minutes and I managed to learn a little bit more about some of them then I really wanted to.

Luckily for me, we all had to move out of the room because the next speaker needed to set up.

After we both where back out in the vender area, one of the naked twenty-something girls stopped me as I listening to a man's sales pitch. "Kim is it true you no longer own any clothes and how is your family handling you being naked?"

As she said that, Mary smiled at me as I took her the girl's hand. And I pulled her away from the others and said, "I take it you are interested in taking on the naturist lifestyle."

She gave me a shy smile and said, "Yes," very softly.

"Just to let you know I have two girls who are probably a few years younger then you. And they both have been full time naturist or what is called absolutes, for over four years now."

All she could get out was, "Four years without clothes, high school."

After that she bombarded me with questions before Mary came back up to us and asked if she would mind joining us for dinner before after we all listen in to what the next presentation that will start any minute from now. Wendell (for that was the girl's name) and I said sure and the three of us started looking for a seat.