Kimberly: Life As an Absolute
by BareLin

Chapter 7

It seems like I had just climbed into bed, when the alarm clock started going off and I had to get cleaned up and out the door to meet up with Mary in the check in area and catch my flight.

After waiting for Jerry to get ready and dressed, we were out the door. As he pulled up in front of the departure area, I grabbed my tote and cosmetic bag, gave my husband a big kiss and hug, and I exited the car to meet Mary.

As I walked into the terminal, I just happened to look down at myself after workers carrying some luggage gave me a funny look. What I saw was kind of embarrassing. I must have rubbed up against something this morning, because on top of my right foot is a dark smear. Now I don't remember rubbing my foot against anything, but whatever it was, I was pretty sure it would wipe off when I got to the ladies' room.

Once I was in the check-in area I saw Mary sitting there reading some magazine waiting for me. When I realized that she still hadn't noticed me as I was walking toward her, I kept on telling myself 'Kim, do not be upset that she is dressed, maybe there will be others there naked.' It wasn't until I was almost at her feet when she looked up at my naked glory and put the magazine down and got up.

Then as I noticed her spending some time looking at my two very small bags that I was holding. When she said, "Kim, in this Regional Real Estate Conference that I invited you to attend with me, it does say in the brochure that it is clothing optional. It just that I just wasn't prepared to see you naked and from the look of your luggage or the lack of it, I see you have dedicated your life to living that absolute naturist lifestyle you told me about two weeks ago."

After hearing what Mary had said as I just stood there with a stony look on my face, staring at her, thinking about that contract that I had signed. I was just about to say something when I saw her secretary, Jan, walking toward us. "Kim, you are one of the top agents at my agency and the day after you chucked what I believe was the last piece of clothing you have had on your body, you have managed close on a few properties. I cannot allow you to attend this conference being the only one naked there. So I have asked Jan to take back with her the clothes I am wearing along with my entire luggage and donate it to a local charity of her choice."

Some of the other passengers were staring at us as I watched Mary pull her business suit off her shoulders and then with the rest of her expensive outfit until she was standing there before me as naked as I was, with the small exception that she was fully shaved down there.

Then, as I watched, her naked secretary, Jan, pushed the cart containing the majority of her old stuff out the door I came in. I turned to Mary as she said, "Are you ready to get our tickets and have fun at the conference?" I could only smile at her as I pulled my identification out of my purse and after we both had our paperless tickets, we were off to the airport security screeners' counter.

Once we glided through the security check, I started noticing all of the eyes that were looking at me and especially down at my feet when I realized that I had forgotten about that mark on my foot. All I know as I excused myself as I walked to the bathroom looking for which of them was the females'. I guess it wasn't until I looked down at my watch that I noticed the time, and I walked into one of the shops and asked the clerk where the female restroom was.

All I know is after she told me, "Unisex", all I could say was, and "You have got to be kidding me!" as I walked out of there and back toward my gate. By the time I was finally backed to the first restroom that I passed, I noticed the time and I kept on walking until I was in the line with Mary as the clerk was taking her ticket stub.

Then as I was walking down the gangway to the craft, we both were stopped by one of the attendants and handed a small bag with the airlines name on it that said, 'For sanitary reason, please use the enclosed provided seat protection while flying with us.'

After we both finished covered up our chairs with the provided paper and a towel to sit on, we both started getting ourselves situated in the seats. Mary said, "I see you still have what it looks like some kind of dirt or chalk on your foot where you must have rubbed against something on the way to the airport." I just looked down at my foot and shrugged my shoulders and said, "I would have had time to clean it off if I didn't walk past two perfectly good unisex restrooms before I stopped to ask where the ladies room was."

After I told her that, she gave me a smirk of a smile and she said, "I'm sorry, I thought you knew. Four or more months ago there was an article in the newspaper that read that the airport would be removing all the gender signs off and over the next year, they will be fully converting both old gender specific facilities to a full unisex. I believe that decision to do away with all of the gender specific bathrooms goes back to the Equal Rights Act that allows everyone to be given the same access and will not be discriminated against, along with that Supreme Court ruling that stripped away all of the nudity laws around the country that we are both enjoying now."

For the rest of the flight until we landed, we both sat there reading until the plane started getting ready to land. Then as I looked at her, I could tell that she looked scared and I had a funny feeling I knew what was bothering her. So, I reached my hand out to her and she grabbed it and looked at me with a terrified look that I haven't seen before.

After the plane was safely on the ground, I could see she was still looking nervous. I put my other hand on top of her arm as we just sat there while the other passengers were busy grabbing all of their stuff and getting off the plane. Nobody paid any attention to us sitting there waiting for her to calm down a little.

While still consoling her, I watched the last of the passengers walk off the plane to the terminal. Then I said to her in a soothing way, "You're ready." When I saw a slight nod, we both got up and walked out as the crew thanked us for flying with them.

As we both walked through the terminal, I think it was the first time since I stripped that I wasn't thinking about my nudity, only about hers. We headed for the nearest restroom, which was still for females.

Once inside, she finally calmed down a little and looked up at me and said, "Thanks". And Then she looked down at my foot and said with a smile, "What do you want to do with that mark on your foot?" I just smiled back as I walked to the sink and started washing it off as she got up and walked to the open stall.

When we were both freshened up a little and had our few bags on our shoulders we end up passed the baggage turnstiles and made our way out to the taxi stands.

As I climbed into the taxi, I pulled out a small towel I had brought from home to sit on; I looked at her as she watched me sit down. I then wished to myself that I grabbed another towel, as I originally wanted to do as I watched her plant her bare butt down on that dirty leather seat.

Fortunately the hotel that was holding the two-day conference was only a few blocks or so away from the airport. There, as I remembered to grab my towel we both got out and paid the driver. We went up to the reception desk and got our room keys and a pin on nametag.

You should have seen the look on Mary's face as she looked at the clothing clip on the back of our nametags. The clerk noticed it as well and she handed us each a neck strap to clip our nametags to.

We decided to go up to our rooms and put our bags down and freshen up a little. When we were in the elevator, she said, "Kim, I am sorry about what happened on the airplane, I let my nerves get the best of me. I am so sorry about breaking down in front of you. I just figured if you could handle the sometimes brutal business of real estate naked and were willing to leave all of your comforts to attend this conference like you are now, I could do the same, but as you saw back there, I am still scared to death about being out here completely naked without a single thing to cover up with besides my hands."

All while she was talking, the door opened at our floor. But since I was listening to what she had to say, I just let the door close as I stood there waiting for her to push the button or the elevator to move again.

Then, just as she got her composure back again and I noticed her reaching out to push the "Door Open" button the elevator started moving again. I could only smile as I heard her give a small chuckle as the door opened on the floor above us. I grabbed her hand and pulled her out as the door was closing and said, "Let's go down the stairs and get us ready for a fun two days meeting some of our other colleges." We both walked to our floor and then to our rooms. Once I was in my room, I started reading the paperwork the front desk had handed us. I read that the conference would not start until noon which meant that I had close to an hour to relax and get my mind together before I met up with Mary again at her room or down on the conference floor.