Kimberly: Life As an Absolute
by BareLin

Chapter 6

I was almost out of the back door of the office, when I saw two of my colleagues: Stacy and Rhonda. I knew both of them had attended the conference that was held last month downtown, so I thought I would ask them if they saw anyone from the other agencies attending it naked.

So I just walked up to them as they were smoking and asked them if they remembered seeing anyone naked at the last conference.

Stacy, who can be a b..., said, "No, Kim, I do not remember seeing anyone naked. Now come to think about it, I do remember seeing signs in the lobby area that said, 'clothes only'," with a big smirk on her face.

After listening to her tell me about those clothes only signs, I turned around and started walking toward my car, not even looking back at her to see if she was serious or not, I didn't care. I just knew that there wasn't any chance I was going to get dressed again for a stupid conference.

I had managed to spend close to every living minute naked for close to two weeks now, and no conference or anything else will convince me to wear any of those unconformable outfits that I used to wear. It's not going to happen.

Then, as I was almost at my car, I heard someone running toward me. When I turned around to see who it was, I saw Rhonda coming toward me pulling her dress over her head and letting it fall to the pavement.

Once she was at my car, she said, while she was catching her breath, "Kim, don't pay any attention to Stacy, she can be a bitch at times. I don't know what conference she was at but I don't remember seeing any of those signs she was talking about. But she was right about one thing, there wasn't anyone there last month that was naked. But I am almost certain Mary would have told you by now if you had to be dressed."

I must say that I was quite upset after hearing what Stacy said and I am pretty sure if Rhonda didn't run over here like she did it would have bothered me all night. I looked at Rhonda, who now had her shoes off and was standing next to my car carrying only her purse.

"Rhonda thanks for running over here like you did. I was a little upset when, as crazy as it sounds, I thought I would have to get dressed again."

I could tell she was a little puzzled at that by the slight smile she had on her face as she said, "So, you are really serious about going naked everywhere."

I just looked at her, while still holding my purse and keys in my hand and said, "Yes, that's true. Wednesday night after I undressed at the office was the last time I been worn any clothing. In fact that night both of my daughters, who have been absolutes for over four years, stripped my closet of clothes." You should have seen the expression on her face as she listened to what I said.

Then as I leaned against the car door looking at her sway back and forth kicking her high heels around, she looked up at me and said, "Don't worry about what Stacy said. Tonight when I get home, my husband will be jumping up and down when he sees me walk into the house butt naked. He has wanted me to give up wearing clothes ever since I told him about your little speech the other week about being an absolute naturist and now he is going to get his wish."

After hearing what she said and seeing Stacy still standing by the door, having a smoke and giving us both dirty looks, I dropped my purse and keys to the ground and put my arms out for a girl hug. When she responded with a fully naked hug, I could feel her flesh on me as we stood there embracing her new freedom from clothes.

Soon we let go of our little embrace and she reached down to pick up her shoes as I was doing the same for the stuff that I dropped. She looked over at me and gave me the biggest smile in the world as she turned and started walking toward her car on the other side of the lot. Then after I was in my car and had started the engine, I noticed Stacy opening her car door. I managed to glance over at her as she was giving me another dirty look as I drove off.

As soon as I turned on to the freeway and was in the fast lane, I started thinking about what had happened at work and about that two day out-of-town conference tomorrow and what I will be wearing or actually, what I won't be wearing.

Then, as I was getting closer to my exit, I started thinking about my last clients, the nudists. I kept going back over how excited they knew that they could move into that place without extensive improvements. They would be visible to anybody that comes close to the house or more like I thought as I was showing it to them, the glass fishbowl.

Then I thought back to what that Stacy said as I was leaving the office, and what Rhonda said about not seeing anyone there naked. I would be lying if I told you that I was not scared of being the only one there fully undressed while everyone else was wearing his or her Sunday best out there on the conference floor.

But I know, regardless of my nerves, there is no chance you will find me pulling some uncomfortable garment over my shoulders. I just cannot look into the mirror at myself knowing that I threw away almost two weeks of wearing nothing for a stupid conference.

I vowed, as I was pulling off the freeway, that no mater what, even if Mary is fully dressed when I see her tomorrow morning, I will be walking into that airport wearing the best outfit I own and, no matter what, that will be the only thing I wear from now on.

Then as I was coming to a red light, my cell phone rang and it was my oldest daughter Tammy and I lost what I was thinking at the moment. When I said hello, she told me that she and her sister where going to be spending the night at one of their friend’s houses. I then told them that I loved them as they both wished me the best of luck at that conference and the last thing Maria said as she hung up the phone was, "Mom whatever happens, stay naked for us"

As the light turned and I started making my way to the street I normally turn on to go to my neighborhood, I kept on repeating those last few words in my head. I knew right then how my girls felt about being naked and I was now more convinced then ever that I probably would never see my girls with a piece of clothing on their bodies again in my lifetime and, if I can help it, they will never see any on mine, either.

When I got home, Jerry was already in the kitchen fixing up some salad and I could tell he already had something in the oven for dinner. By the fact that there were only two bowls out on the counter, I figured that one of our girls must have called him and told him that they weren't going to be home tonight.

As I jumped up into his arms and we embraced, I told him how much I loved him. He gently picked me up and carried me to the kitchen chair and, as I waited for him to finish preparing the meal, we went on and filled each other in on how our days had gone.

After we had the kitchen cleaned, we went and sat in the living room watching some old home movies. We started kissing, putting our hands all over each other, like we always do when the girls are gone. Soon, we all but forgot about what was on the TV and only thought about what was not on each other.

It wasn't until it was almost ten, when I realized what time it was and that I hadn't even started packing for this little trip. I know that my suitcase will not be carrying any clothes, but I just can't bring nothing, or can I?

As I was looking through the bathroom and bedroom thinking about what I should bring with me, I laid out on the bed what I decided on. Then as I came out of the bathroom carrying my shampoo and conditioner, Jerry walked in carrying the suitcase I took on my last two or three-day trip. It is big enough to hold the state of Texas and the small pile of mostly cosmetics and toiletries will only fill up a small carryon if that. Now looking into my very empty closet and back to that suitcase, I cannot believe I actually brought that many outfits with me last time

After Jerry put that tank away, we both went to sleep since I had to be at the airport at five in the morning for the seven thirty flight. See you tomorrow bright and early.