Kimberly: Life As an Absolute
by BareLin

Chapter 5

On Thursday, nothing really happened to write about outside of the fact that it marked my first full week at work naked.  Now, since I was being naked at work and, for that matter, everywhere else, I have to say that I really did not miss wearing clothes.

I do feel that I should mention that, since that meeting a week ago, a large majority of my coworkers has either started coming to work everyday naked like me or are partially naked all of the time.  Plus, on Monday that week, I don't remember seeing anyone at work wearing anything, including Ms. Jerkins, but on Tuesday, I remember seeing a few with clothes on.  Now I have to say that I felt that my crazy idea about nudity has had a very positive affect on the amount of traffic the agency has been getting over the past week, ever since Ms. Jerkins delivered the new dress code.

Friday, I took the day off to spend it with my husband out on the golf course with some of his friends and their wives or girlfriends.  I did feel a little undressed out there, with the other girls that where all fully dressed in what it looked like, for some of them, their Sunday best.  And as the day went on, I couldn't mistake how many of the guys tried to sneak a quick look at my naked body when their girl wasn't looking.  Overall I did have a great time out with the girls.  The only thing I didn't like was that I felt a little uncomfortable being the only one naked.  I am sure over time; I will get over that and be more comfortable in every setting.

The weekend before I had to leave town for the conference that I would be attending naked with my boss on Tuesday and Wednesday, the four of us went up to my parents’ house that is about an hour's drive away on the other side of the of the valley.

Prior to our visit to my parents' house that weekend, I had managed to leave out the news that I had gone completely absolute, just like our daughters had some five years earlier.  I still remembered how upset my mother was once she realized how serious the girls were about going everywhere butt naked and I guess the real reason that I didn't tell my mother that I had also given up clothes was because I was afraid that if I did tell her over the phone she wouldn't have invited us.

So, as you can imagine, my mother wasn't a bit happy when she saw us getting out of the car and the only one that was dressed was my husband, Jerry.  Well, the rest of the visit went pretty alright after we girls had some adult girl talk with my mother and told her that we were all quite serious about being absolutes and the chance of one of us ever putting on a garment again was quite unlikely.  I did spend some time talking about the different weather temperatures and the girls explained to their grandmother that they both have been up at a sky resort with some of their high school friends and spent close to the whole time there outside in the snow.

Later that day, as you can expect, my mother couldn't take no for an answer and, when all of us girls went to the grocery store, my mother deliberately took her time in the freezer aisle to see if one of us would react to the coldness.  But, to my mother’s disappointment, after what seemed like over thirty minutes, we moved to a warmer aisle and finished her shopping.  We did get some strange looks while we were in there, but nothing different from the reactions I had gotten over the past week.

The rest of my weekend went by pretty fast and we all really enjoyed our time at my parents' house.  My mother finally got over her little hang-up with my decision on giving up wearing clothes.  I am pretty sure that it may take her awhile to fully accept my decision of what she calls unnatural.

Monday, the day before my out of town trip, was an extremely busy day.  That day I was able to close on my second property of the month and, before the day was over, show a young couple several homes that were on the market.

I remember that as soon as I got to my office and sat down, my phone wouldn't stop ringing.  I didn't manage to get away from my desk until almost fifteen minutes before I had to be at the law office to close on my second property.

At the law office, I got to meet the prospective buyers before the couple that were selling the property showed up.  I could tell right off the bat which one of the prospective buyers didn't approve of my lack of dress by the look she gave me as I walked into the conference room.  A little later my client walked in and the proceeding was over in about forty minutes.  Overall everyone was very professional and, thankfully, no one made any comments about my lack of dress.  I was certain that someone was going to make a comment at the beginning of the proceedings.

Then as I was picking up the legal paperwork with the other agent that was with me, the seller's wife did something that startled me.  She came right up to me and gave me a full body hug, where I could feel every inch of her outfit on my body.  I know it sounds strange, but for a short moment I didn't want her to remove her clothes from my body.

I know that as you have been reading my little journey in the world of being an absolute, you know that I have been completely naked since that afternoon when I striped in my boss’ office.  But, I hate to admit it; I couldn't get the feel of her clothes against my body out of my mind the whole drive to the next property.

I can remember walking into the bathroom of the property while waiting for the clients to arrive and looking in the full body mirror and thinking about what my body would look like in a year after being exposed to the elements.  Just then the doorbell rang and I lost all thoughts of what I was thinking about and made my way to the front door to let the couple in.

I must say that I was a little nervous about meeting this young couple in person, since the only communication we’d had prior to this meeting had been on the phone.  So, as you can imagine, I was a little uneasy about meeting them naked.

I opened the front door and saw that both of the young people that were standing at the door were as naked as me.  Well, that really ended any uneasiness left over from the meeting.

The property is a small starter family home and has two bedrooms and is in a new neighborhood area.  I could tell that they both were quite comfortable with their bodies, as they didn't hesitate walking freely throughout the property.  We were all at the property for about half an hour before we agreed to meet again at two o'clock.

I reached into my purse for my phone and called my husband to see if he wanted to have lunch on this short of notice.  The reason for the short notice was that I didn't know how long I was going to be with those clients and I didn't want to cancel at the last moment.  He agreed to meet me at his office lobby area in about ten minutes.

Now it didn't take me long to get to his office, since the residence that I was at is so close to the business.  I pulled my car into the parking lot and made my way to the lobby.  Once there, I grabbed a seat and just waited for him to come down to get me so we could go out for lunch.

The main lobby area of his business is very open and the visitor's seating area is very exposed. Especially if one of the individuals is butt naked like I was.  I knew that I was basically on display to everyone who passed me, so I did my best to act very lady-like and to stay professional.  Luckily Jerry didn't make me wait that long and we both were out of the lobby area quickly and made our way down the sidewalk to a little diner that is about a block or two from the office.

As we were walking into the diner, I noticed that it looked like just about the entire wait staff was naked.  As you can imagine, I didn't have any problem with that.  Soon, we were seated and our waitress walked up to us carrying her digital pad and took our drink order.  I remember us talking about how relaxed the business dress codes were becoming.  We also discussed Jerry adopting the absolute lifestyle like the girls and me.  But before we could really discuss that possibility, the food came and we both forgot about it and I hate to say it but I didn't even think about him joining us as absolutes until I started writing this down just now.

Back to Monday, soon we were paying the bill and walking back to his office. I gave him a goodbye kiss before I had to get back to my office to meet the Kensington’s.  Before lunch, we had all agreed to meet back at my office parking lot and I would drive them to the other properties they wanted to look at.

Once I got back to my office parking lot, I immediately saw Ron and Amber standing there naked, in the parking lot next to their car.  As I drove to the next property, I got to know a little bit more about them and the reason behind them both being as naked as I was.

Amber told me that they both grew up at a naturist resort in Arizona and both of their parents home schooled them so they didn't have to bother getting dressed and undressed as often as others that went to public school.  She went on and told me that her parents moved them when she was three and Ron was five years old.  Then Ron said he was thrilled when he found out that it was now legal to venture out in the real world in what he calls the most comfortable outfit in the world.

As I was making my way to the next property I was getting a little uneasy about my choice of properties now that I knew they were both naturists. The property that I picked to show them today is a moderate home off a main road and has a large yard.  The problem I was having with it that the whole place was almost wall-to-wall windows and without the proper window covering, the whole house would be like you were living in a fishbowl.

Well to my amazement, the expressions on those two faces were almost priceless.  I couldn't even get the car parked and they were out and into the yard of the property walking to one of the million open windows that house has.  I quickly opened the front door and we all started making our way around the place and checking out everything that the property had to offer.  As we were walking around and I was listening in on their conversation to each other, I started thinking about my daughters and how they have handled being naked all the time over the past several years.

I did have two other properties selected to show them, but they wanted to make an offer on that house and didn't want to see anything else.  So, I ended up spending the next hour on the phone making the offer to the seller's realtor.

Overall, my day at work went pretty well.  I was able to close on one property and by the afternoon, I was able to get a great offer for the glass house from the naturist couple.  I have to say that I was slowly getting used to living the absolute lifestyle and after spending a good part of the day with two individuals who haven't worn much in their whole life. I thought that I was doing quite well and I did feel a little more comfortable with my bare skin that I would be exposing to everyone at the airport and in the air the next day.

Well my day at work was now over and I was just closing out my desk before I left for this short trip out of town with Ms. Jerkins to that conference that I talked about earlier.  See you again tomorrow.