Kimberly: Life As an Absolute
by BareLin

Chapter 4

Later that day, after my short drive home from my first real full day naked at work., I couldnít get it out of my head that I had actually turned down what could be my last† chance to get out of that contract without it costing my job.†

I guess that I must have been so busy with my thoughts that I didnít see my neighbor, Brenda Watson, walking toward me as I was getting out of my car in the driveway.† It wasnít until she was just about armís reach from me that I noticed her.†

All I can say about my pesky and nosy neighbor is that she has to be in just about everyoneís business and know everything that is going on.† So, I just greeted her with a friendly hello and smile, trying not to draw attention to myself as I am standing out here butt naked and very vulnerable.† I just stood up as straight as I could and looked her in the eye and waited for her to say something demeaning about my lack of clothes or something else that she feels is not up to her royal status in her perfect society.

Then, just as I expected, she blurted out, "Kimberly, how dare you walk out here without a stitch on?† I can not believe you are actually exposing your body on the world like that.† You should be ashamed of yourself, prancing around here naked like you are.† Especially, since you are getting up there and you are certainly not in your twenties anymore."

As you can imagine, I wasnít going to let that pesky know-it-all get away with belittling me like she just did.† So, I just pulled my naked chest up higher and made sure that she get a full view of my body and I looked her in her eye and said, "Brenda, I donít know what horse you rode in here on that gave you permission to tell me what to wear.† We both know that the society has changed and this is acceptable everywhere in this country and in a few others.† I feel that there is nothing ashamed of about my body and how dare you put me down like you did just now!† I might have a few wrinkles here and there, but I feel that clothes are only a mirage that covers the body and nothing else."†

As soon as I was done talking I just turned around and started walking toward my house leaving her standing there.† As soon as I was at the side door, I looked back at her and saw her walking away playing with the bottom part of her t-shirt.

When I got into the living room I saw my girls with some of their girl friends going over some college school work of some kind.† I was about to pass them and go to the bedroom, when Tammy stopped me and said, "Mom, I heard you outside talking to Ms. Watson and how you put her in her place for belittling you like that.† She has been making some unpleasant comments to us for sometime now, but fortunately she hasnít come up to us like she did to you.† My sister and I hope she keeps her comments to herself next time."† I wanted to say something after she was done talking, but for some reason I didnít know what to say so all I said was, "Thanks" as I walked out of the room.

As soon I was in my room and standing in front of a very empty closet full of nothing but hangers and boxes.† I realize that I need to correct this habit of changing out of my work clothes, especially since I have made my decision that, no matter what, I am going to be living this absolute lifestyle for a very long time.

When I came to my senses, I walked back out by the living room where the girls were and watched them say their goodbyes to their friends as I passed towards the kitchen area.† I guess it was maybe four or five minutes later when the girls entered the kitchen and started helping me with the evening meal.† Then maybe thirty minutes after that, Jerry walked into the kitchen wearing my favorite outfit on him, nothing.

At the dinner table we all started talking about our day.† I remember that the girls were quite interested in how my first day naked went.† We started talking about the girlsí big report that was due before the end of the quarter and how hard they both have been working on it since it could affect their overall grade.

Then we both told our girls about our lunch date at the local restaurant that a good share of their dadís coworkers go to, and how about how Jerry was bombarded all afternoon with questions about me being naked and being so calm with it, along with the naked waitress we had.† I know that society has been getting more relaxed over the past couple of years and more open to these changes but there are still many people out there that are having trouble accepting the changes or treat it like it is wrong and immoral.

I started talking about the meeting with my boss, Mary.† I told everybody what was said, including the offer she made me to alter or void the contract that I had signed the day before.† I told them that I turned down the offer and made it clear that I didnít have any intention of backing out of that contract.† It wasnít until I got to the conference that I really had Jerryís attention when I told him that the conference is out of town and it will require me to travel there naked as well as be naked the whole time I am out of town.†

I knew that our girls didnít have any problem flying naked since both of them have been up in the air several times over the past four years, both alone and with us, with no problem.† It is just that I havenít actually flown naked and from the expression Jerry was making when I was talking about it, I could tell that he wasnít thrilled about the idea.

Later that evening after the girls where in their rooms, Jerry and I just sat there in front of the television and watched something, I do not remember what it was.† After a little bit we both made our way to the room and we had some romantic time before we both called it a night.

The next day, Friday, just flew by as well as the weekend and before I knew it, I managed to make it to Wednesday afternoon when I made that little speech in my bossí office.† Itís not that there wasnít anything exciting that happened to me that week; it is just that I am only going to touch on a few highlights of my first week naked as a jailbird.

On Friday I spent the majority of my day out of the office on different sites and had to deal with a quite a few clients and other business that I have to deal with on a normal basis.† I did run into a few that seemed to disapprove of my lack of dress but fortunately for me, none of them called me out like that pesky neighbor of mine did.

On the weekend, we didnít really do anything exciting to talk about.† We all managed to spend the whole weekend fixing up the house and the front and back yards, butt naked with everything out there for the world to see.

Monday was anything but a regular routine day.† That day I managed to get five more properties on the market, which is quite unusual for one day.† I did notice that this nudity idea was working by the increase in traffic that our agency was getting.† I know that I really didnít spend much time in my office, but I could not help but notice that from last Thursday to today there are more of us working naked then clothed.† I am sure that by the end of the month just about every one of my coworkers will be working naked or close to it everyday.

Tuesday was a very important day for me.† That day I managed to close on my first property this month and was able to get a few offers on another of the properties I was working on.† But I did run into a little bit of trouble with a male client while he was signing all of the paperwork that is required to complete the sale.† The problem was that the husband of the couple that was selling the property couldnít take his eyes off my boobs during the full proceeding, even after his wife discreetly tapped him on his side and somewhat visibly was trying to divert his attention.† I have to say that I am not that big on top, but I definitely am no A cup.

Wednesday marked my first full week without a stitch on my body and was quite a day for me.† I ended up spending the majority of my time getting caught up with all of the files that I havenít had the chance to take care of over the past week.† I guess it was the fact that I was at the office pretty much the full day that I noticed that there wasnít a single person in the building that day that was wearing a stitch of clothing.† I must say that a week ago, I couldnít imagine that I would have managed to make it a full week without dreaming about getting clothes on again and, that in less then a weekís time period, every single person at my company would be working in their birthday suit, including my boss and the other management personnel.

Now I just need to say this before I end this entry. †I just can not believe how tranquil I have been over this past week and how I have managed to handle myself with dignity, knowing who I am and what I stand for.† I am sure that if I wasnít so at ease with myself and my body, there would still be others at my work place that would still be dressed.

I can vividly †remember not that long ago when †I wouldnít have dared undressing in front of other females in a dressing room without having something available to cover up quickly and the most crazy thing about all this is, by the end of my first week naked, I do not regret my decision.