Kimberly: Life As an Absolute
by BareLin

Chapter 3

On the way to the clientís house, all I could think about was who will be at the door when I get there and what if my new prospective client isnít alone and has his family with him?† Especially since this new property is a residential house that he is trying to sell through my reality agency.† I did get some strange looks from passing cars as I was driving through his neighborhood.† I know public nudity is getting more and more acceptable, but like any new changes, there is always that group of people that will do just about anything to resist it.† I just hope that once I am standing at his front door that he or whoever is at the door with him, will be understanding of the way I am dressed.

I drove down a few side streets until I reached Holly Drive; the street the property is on and started looking for the address.† Once I found it, I remember taking a big breath as I was walking up his driveway to his front door not knowing who or what will be there to greet me.† I know that I have done this numerous times before with no problems, but I never, in a million years thought, that I would be doing what I am doing to day: walking up to a strange door butt naked.† Then I took another big breath before I rang the doorbell and waited for the unknown.

Then, before I could think of a way out of the situation I found myself in, the front door opened.† There before me was a small girl and what looked like her mother and father.† I was quite mortified by the fact that I wasnít wearing anything and was standing in the doorway of someone elseís house naked with nothing to cover up with.† No one said a thing for what seemed like forever as I was standing there before that family of three.†

Then the little girl finally broke the silence by saying, "Mom, can I take my clothes off again?"† I didnít expect to hear that from her, but in some way I was glad that she finally broke the silence between us.†† Then, like nothing was out of the ordinarily, Jeff and I carried my briefcase and tote bag to the dinner room table.† Then before I was going to sit down, Amy, his wife, stopped me and asked me to sit on a towel that she handed me.† After I sat down, she took a seat next to her husband and we started going over the property details like I have many times before.†

I know it sounds funny, but for those minutes while I was doing what I was trained to do as a Realtor, I totally forgot that I was still naked.† I guess that I really didnít think much about it until I saw their daughter walk back into the room and take a seat next to me.†

Soon they were showing me the rest of the house and I started taking notes and pictures like I have done many times before.† And before I knew it, I had been at their residence for close to an hour and no one said anything about my lack of dress besides the little comment from their daughter.† Then, before I knew it, we had agreed upon a selling price and had all of the paperwork signed and I was heading out of the door.

Once I was back in my car, all I could think about was what had just happened over the past hour.† I was quite relieved that neither of them made any big deal about the fact that I was at their residence naked and the most surprising thing that happened there was the fact that the whole time I was at the house, Jeff managed to keep his eyes level with mine and not on my chest as usually happens.

I remember calling my husband on the way back to the office and telling him all about my first naked client meeting and telling him how well it went and how surprisingly relaxed I was the whole time I was there.† During that conversation we agreed to have lunch together downtown since it was almost lunchtime.

It wasnít until I was in the parking lot by the restaurant that I remembered that the restaurant that my husband wanted to meet me at was the same place that the majority of his co-workers are at for lunch and they all are about to see more of me then I ever imagined they would.

As you could expect, I was quite nervous about being seen by the people that he works with, even more so than that client family that I met earlier that morning.†† Never the less, I somehow found the nerve and grabbed my purse and car keys and started walking bare footed down the pavement of the parking garage to the elevator to the ground level so I could cross that busy street to the restaurant.

I could tell that Jerry knew that I was a little uneasy when he placed his arms around me as we both entered the place and he told me that it would be all right and that he has already told everyone about my choice to become an absolute.† I have to say that I was a little relieved after he told me that, but I was still a little nervous about the whole idea.

As the hostess was walking us to the table, I remember her telling me something that really shocked me.† She told me; "Ms. would you like your waitress dressed or undressed?"† I guess I was a little stone faced as I told her, "Undressed is fine."

I guess I really didnít take in the full extent of what I said until I saw the hostess walk up to a waitress and say something to her as she was walking toward us and she promptly turned around.† As those two girls started walking away from us, my husband just looked at me and shook his head with a big grin.†

Then in what felt like a very few minutes later the same girl that I thought was our waitress came back naked as I was with the small exception that she was still wearing her apron folded over around her waist.† I can remember that I was somewhat upset at myself for stripping her with my words and I must have been too much into my thoughts that I didnít even hear her talking to me about what I wanted to drink.† It wasnít until after Jerry ordered for me and the waitress was walking away that I said to him, "I hope she isnít upset about what I said."† Jerry just looked at me and told me, "Sweetie, I am sure that if she didnít want you to strip her, she would still be dressed."† After he said that, I relaxed a little and started looking at the menu.

After the waitress came back to our table and took our food order, I spoke to her, as she was about to leave.† I asked her why did she agree to serve us naked and her answer was quite surprising to say the least.† She told me that the management has this deal that if an employee agrees to the customerís request to wait on them completely naked, with the exception of the apron that she was wearing, they would get a small bonus at the end of the day as long as they stay dressed that way for the rest of their work shift.†

Now I could tell that Jerry was enjoying the fact that she was as naked as I was but I think he was more excited about the managementís little deal then anything.† I remember lightly kicking his leg under the table as he made a comment about telling some of his co-workers about that deal.† As we were leaving, we left her a big tip and I asked her if this was the first time she stripped for a customer and she told me yes.

After Jerry and I said our goodbyes to each other, I started making my way back to my car thinking about how my day has gone so far.† Soon, I was back at my desk and checking my email and voicemail that wasnít forwarded to my cell phone.†

Then in my email I read that my boss was asking if I could stop by her office before the end of the day.† I must say that I wasnít looking forward to going back into that office after my little strip off yesterday.† But, never less I picked up the phone and called her secretary to see if she was available for a meeting.

I have to say that once I was off the phone with her secretary and she told me that she wanted to see me now and not later this afternoon.† I have to say that I was a little relived that I will be able to get this over with as soon as possible, it just that I do not have any idea of what she is going to talk to be about and I am a little nervous and it is showing.† I did make a short stop in the ladies room for a second to clean up a little and then made my way up to her office.†

I noticed, as I was entering my bossí lobby area, that her secretary was sitting at her desk naked.† I walked up to her and she told me that Ms. Jerkinís would see me in a few minutes and then she told me that she had also decided to become an absolute as had her husband and two kids.† I was saying to myself, as I put the towel that I brought with me on the chair, that I hope she and her husband didnít force the kids to become absolutes.† I guess it was maybe two minutes or so when Jan called my name and I picked up my towel again and went into her office.†

Once I was in her office and had put the towel down on the chair before I sat down, I looked at her playing with the top buttons of the dress that she was wearing.† Then she said to me, "Kim, the reason that I wanted to meet with you again today, is because I want to give you the chance to opt out of that contract you signed yesterday afternoon.† I know from what you have said to me earlier, you havenít worn anything since you left my office last night.† Is that correct?"† I said, "Yes".†

She went on, "I want your honest answer to the following questions:† Do you want out of the contract or would you like to modify it?"† I was saying to myself, Ďget out nowí, but what I said to her was, "No, I signed it and I want to remain bound to my agreement".† Then she went on, "All right, as you know some times some of us have to go on business trips and the reason that I wanted to give you an out of that contract you signed yesterday was because I wanted to bring you along with me to this yearís real estate conference."

I remembered how thrilled I was after she told me she wanted to bring me with her to the conference.† I have to say the nudity question really didnít hit me until I thought about her first question again and thought about changing my answer.† I then thought about how would I tell my daughters and husband when I get home that I caved in.† Plus, I knew that I did put myself out there yesterday and what would it say about me if I took her offer.† I pulled myself up in the chair and looked directly at her and said, "Mary, thanks for the offer to amend the contract I signed with you yesterday, but I have decided that yesterday could well be the last time I have any fabric on my body for a very long time if ever.† Now, about the conference that you wanted me to attend with you, I am honored that you picked me to come with you, I just hope you still want me with you dressed like I am right now."

I sat back in my chair and looked at Mary, still playing with the buttons on her dress.† Then she looked at me and said, "Kim, I am impressed that even with the offer to get dressed again, you have stuck to your guns and you are standing by that contract you signed yesterday.† Yes, I still want you to come along with me to the conference that is scheduled for the 23-24 of this month."† After that we talked about how my first almost full day without wearing any clothes went.† I have to say that I was expecting Mary to rip off her dress the whole time I was there because of the way she kept pulling on her buttons and every so often unbutton and then quickly re-buttoning one or more buttons.†

As I was leaving her office and making my way back to my desk, I started thinking about the idea of being completely naked in the airport and in the plane.† I am quite surprised that the airport isnít clothes-free already because of all the tight security we all have to go through before we even get to the airplane.†

The last hour at the office went by very fast. The only big thing that happened was that Amy from the property I signed up that morning called and told me a gentleman stopped by the house and installed the sign in the front yard.†