Kimberly: Life As an Absolute
by BareLin

Chapter 2

Now looking back at myself still sitting there on the skirt that I used as a seat cover in my boss' office, I could remember how scared and nervous I was after the full impact of my decision hit me and she walked out of the office leaving me alone, naked and exposed.

As I was walking to my office to grab my purse and stuff for the day, I did get some stares as and looks as past some of my co-workers.  But, no one said anything to me about my lack of dress that night.  I think the reason for that has a lot to due with the changing culture where nudity is becoming no big deal.

It was then, as I was walking out to my office, that I made the bold decision that, as soon as I get in the parking lot, I would throw away all of the clothing that I had worn that day to prevent me from being tempted to get dressed before getting home.

Then as I was leaving the building, I went to my car and put my expensive outfit (that I had purchased only a few months ago) on top of the trunk and put my purse and other items into the car.  Then, in an almost ceremonious fashion, I grabbed my clothes and started walking to the dumpster and threw them all away along with my shoes.

Now I hate to admit it, but I was very tempted to pull into one of those mall parking lots and find myself something to wear at one of those little shops.  That first real time naked in the car was the hardest drive home I have ever had.  As you might imagine, I did make it to my neighborhood still naked and exposed.  Then, as I was almost to my driveway, I noticed that one of my daughters' cars was not out front of the house. 

I can remember that, as I was getting out of the car that day, I was quite nervous about what my family's reaction would be when they see me walking into the house, naked.  I know that the previous night I told everyone about my idea and the possibly of my working naked.  It is just that I do not think my husband is ready for me to be naked all the time, as our daughters are.  I was almost certain that both of my girls would be jumping up joy at the news about me being naked.  I will go more into that part in a few minutes.

Once I was inside the house, I saw that it looked empty.  Then I found that note on the coffee table that my daughter wrote, ‘Mom: Dad, Marla and I went to pick up pizza for dinner.  We will be back as soon as possible.  Love you Tammy.'

I was a little tempted to get dressed before they all got home and I did make several short trips down the hallway to my room and almost entered the bedroom when I heard them walking in the door.  The only thing I did on the way back to the living room was to grab a towel to sit on.

Once my girls and Jerry saw me carrying that towel, no one said anything about me being naked.  I guess that has a lot to due with the fact that Jerry and I rarely wore clothes in the house after the girls become absolutes.

I don't know if it was my body language or what, but Jerry and the girls kept giving me strange looks as we all started eating.  I guess it was quite obvious that I had something important to say and they were all waiting for me to tell them.  Then, as I was just about to start on my second slice of pizza, I started telling them all about my day and that little meeting with my boss. 

When I told them about my meeting with Mary Jerkin, the expression on my husband's face was priceless.  I couldn't tell by his expression if he was thrilled or not but my daughters were more than thrilled at the idea of me fully adopting their absolute naturist lifestyle.  Jerry did come to a few minutes after that and told me that he was fully all right with my decision and asked me if I was going to give up wearing clothes like our daughters.  I said to him, "Yes."

It was about that time when one of my daughters (I do not remember which one), said to me, "Mom, would you like us to get rid of your stuff?"  I do not remember exactly what I said, probably due to being a little shocked at the full realization that from that day on, I will no longer own a single piece of clothing.

For the rest of the night, I just sat with Jerry and watched some television as the girls were having fun getting rid of my stuff.  I could see them every so often carrying some bags and boxes as they passed through the corner of the living room.  Then several hours after the last time I saw the girls moving stuff out, Jerry and I made our way to the bedroom.  As you might expect, I went directly to the closet and looked at what was left and then to the dresser.   I know that this was completely my decision and I have no one to blame for the fact that from tomorrow on I will have to start living the absolute lifestyle everywhere.  I know it was only clothes, but that night I crawled up very close to Jerry as I cried myself to sleep thinking about what it would be like to be wearing my normal nightgown. 

The following morning when I got up still naked, I knew that what had happened yesterday was not just a very bad dream.  I have to say that it really hit me that, for the first time in my life, that day would be my first full day completely naked with no possibility of getting dressed, especially after the girls ransacked my closet and dresser and threw out all of their contents. 

That morning, in the kitchen before we all had to leave for work and school, my husband Jerry was in heaven watching us girls moving around him as we all were busy getting our breakfast.  I know we all are family and my husband and I fully respect each other, but I know it is extremely hard for my husband not to be enjoying himself with three nude females around him at all times at home and now out in the public also.

My husband and girls all gave me hugs and kisses because I had to get going.  The full impact of the decision I made yesterday hit me as soon as I stepped outside of the side door to the carport.  I know that both of my girls have been going naked everywhere throughout their high school years and, to my knowledge, neither of them has ever expressed any sign of regretting that decision to me.  Nevertheless, I hate to admit it, at that moment, as I was putting the key in to start the car, I was extremely scared about what the day would be like and what my co-workers would think of me after they find out that I have asked to be required to be naked at all times.

As I was getting closer to the office, I started relaxing a little before I pulled into the parking lot of the agency.  Then, as I was stepping out of the car, I ran into one of the girls that had seen me last night as I was walking back to my office.  Again, like last night, neither of us said a word to each other.  All she did was given me another look over as we passed each other.  After that incident, I didn't run into anyone else until I was just about at my office when I ran into Tim, one of my fellow agents.  Fortunately for me, he didn't question me on why I was naked, all he did say to me was, "Good morning Kim."

Then, just before I was about to enter my office, I looked back and saw Kirsten walking to her desk wearing only a skirt.  I couldn't tell if she was wearing any shoes because of the obstruction of the view from the desks, but it was quite obvious she was topless. 

As I found out yesterday, that morning was the big meeting where my boss would tell everyone about the idea that I came up with during the meeting on Monday.  You can imagine how nervous I was when reality hit me as I sat my bare butt down on my leather chair and felt the coldness of the material on my skin.  I quickly made a mental note to remember to carry a towel at all times.  I know it has been almost twelve hours since my little outburst in Ms Jerkins' office that is responsible for me being completely naked right then and I knew that what ever happens at that meeting would be the result of my idea.  I was, at that moment, hoping that it was postponed for a later date and maybe I could somehow talk to Ms Jerkins and get myself out of that contract.  Now don't get me wrong, I do not regret making the decision to work completely naked, it was just that I was having some second thoughts about that contract I signed yesterday and I wish that I had waited a little bit longer to be forced to be naked, maybe until after I have actually had the chance to work completely naked.  Well, as you can imagine, after I was done reading Ms Jerkins email about the meeting and looking down at my naked body, which seemed to be staring back at me, I was somewhere in-between scared to death and thrilled to actually be able to work completely naked.

Now I need to put this footnote in before I start writing anything more.   I hate to admit it but prior to making that decision yesterday to be required to remain completely naked at all times, I really didn't give it enough thought knowing that my business is the real estates business.  This means that several times a day I have to be out of the office either with my clients or doing other business that I have to work with on a daily basis.  All right, I feel that I need to get back to that Wednesday, the day after I requested that I be required to be an absolute naturist.

Fortunately it worked out that my first appointment with a new prospective client wasn't for another hour and that meeting should be quite fast since she wants to have everyone here to attend to discuss the new ideas to get more traffic into our business.

I hurried to the conference room to get a good spot before everyone else arrived and the place become too crowded.  Only this time, before I sat down on the chair, I remembered to bring my towel to sit on.  I do not know why, but in less than five minutes that place was packed with my coworkers, so much so that the chair I was sitting on was being pushed into the desk a little.  As I was waiting for Ms Jerkins to get in there to start this meeting, I looked around the room and saw that I wasn't the only one that was completely naked there.  What I noticed was that there were two other females that were undressed, one completely like me and the other with only her pants on, as well as one of the other male agents, who, it looked like from what I can see of him, was naked also.

Then Ms Jerkins walked into the room and got all of our attention by saying, "Good morning everyone, glad that you all could make it to this morning's meeting.  I know that you all have a busy schedule, so I will try to keep this as short as possible.  As you know, from the talk that has been going around the agency, we are looking at some new ideas to get more traffic into our business and get more properties sold.  Last Monday, some of us were passing ideas around to try.  Some of these ideas we might try at a later date or with other ideas that come up in the future.  But first, I need to tell you all about the new idea that was brought up by Ms Kimberly Tanner who, you may have noticed, is sitting here naked.  I will go into the reason for her being naked in a second, but first I need to tell you about the idea that we all agreed on at that meeting.  The idea we have decided to use will require a little from each and every one of you.  We have decided to have the majority of us take on the naturist or nudist lifestyle here at the office and outside during working hours.  The other idea is what Kimberly has agreed to.  She has agreed to take this naturist lifestyle to the extreme and has become an absolute naturist and she has requested and we have granted her wish to be bound to a contract that she would remain an absolute as long as she is employed here." 

After Ms Jerkins said that last part, you should have heard the reaction from everyone in that room.  As you can imagine,  I was a little embarrassed to be put on the spot in the meeting, but I kind of understand why she did that and told everyone about that contract and the legal reasons for it.

After the room calmed down again, she continued talking, "I can see that some of you are a little uneasy about what I said about a contract.  Last night, Kim personally requested to sign a contact to be an absolute naturist.  I do not want anyone else at this agency to feel that they are in any way obligated to come to work naked or to feel obligated to become an absolute naturist."

Then my friend Nancy spoke, "Mary, from what you have said, this is totally voluntary for anyone of us to take on either of the ideas you have mentioned.  The question I have is how will our being naked increase our business?"

When she asked that question, I was hoping that Ms Jerkins had a good enough answer because, if she didn't I was worried that I might have given my clothes away for nothing.

Then Ms Jerkins said, "Nancy that is a great question.  Prior to our meeting on Monday, where Kim brought up that idea, I had read some case studies of other agencies and sales business like ours, which have tried this idea and had some respectful results in the volume of traffic the business received.  Now, I do not expect everyone in this room or any of the other employees that weren't able to make it to this meeting, to immediately start living the naturist lifestyle either here or everywhere.  But I am looking forward to more of you adopting this.  Now are there any more questions before we all get back to work?"

As Mary Jerkins was saying the last part, I watched her start unbuttoning her dress past her breasts (I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra) and before anyone else could say anything, she let her dress fall to the floor (Wow, no panties, either).  Then she spoke again, only this time she was as naked as I was, "Since there aren't any more questions, thanks for attending and I am looking forward to more of you adopting this as your normal wear around this company."

Then I watched Mary walk out the front door of the conference room as everyone else was making their way out of the main door in the back. As all the individuals that where standing behind my chair left, I got up, remembering to puck up the towel I was sitting on.  As I was walking out of the room, I caught a glimpse of the clock on the wall and noticed that this meeting has lasted longer then I expected and I needed to get going if I was going to make it to my appointment on the other side of town. 

It didn't dawn on me until I had already left my office and was pulling my car out of the parking lot that this new prospective client had no idea that I would be completely naked when I arrived at his front door to try to sell his house.  Now looking at the time, I know that I didn't really have the time to call him before hand to alert him of my lack of clothing.  Either way, I cannot complain too much, it was my idea.