Kimberly: Life As an Absolute
by BareLin

Chapter 1

What a crazy month this has been so far and believe it or not, there are still more days to go before I can pull this month off the wall.† Now for the reason this month has been so crazy different from my other ones is greatly due to a great idea that I came up with at work, and my big mouth.

I know that I now have your attention, but first I think that it would be a great idea to tell you a little about myself.† My name is Kimberly Tanner and I am a mother of two now adult twin daughters that are attending the local college and still live with us in this nice and cozy house with my husband Jerry that I have been married to for over 20 years.

But first, before I start telling you about my last month, I think it would be a great idea to give you some background about my family and me.† As you all know, a lot of radical changes have been happening in the government and through the courts over the past several years that have loosened some, and in some areas a lot of, laws that dictate what is moral or not.† Now, since the government has made this huge shift to the left, there are some areas that I like, and some, like the open sex that is all over the television and advertising, that I could really live without.

Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against public nudity that retains the pure naturist perspective of enjoying going about your day to day activities without the bother of getting dressed in the morning.† Now even with this new form of freedom, up to this month, which I will go into shortly, my husband and I have managed to keep our clothes on just about everywhere, we go.

Then, about four or more years ago, outside of the groups that were trying to pull things back to the way it was before all these changes, there was a stronger group that was working hard to get more and more people to adapt this lifestyle of going everywhere completely naked.† And, while I am on the subject, that group somehow was able to penetrate the public school system and start up different programs at the schools that would require students to attend their classes completely naked for a week or more at a time, along with other programs that were more optional.

I can remember back when both of my daughters were just about to finish their eighth grade and go into high school.† I read a letter from the school that talked about the different programs and after school activities that were available and it was then that I first read about the new programs that were designed to encourage the students to get a better outlook on themselves by giving up clothes for a short or longer period of time.† I can remember setting that letter down on the kitchen table and totally disregarding all those programs as there was no chance either of my girls would be any bit interested in any of them.

Well, you can imagine, how shocked Jerry and I were when our daughters walked into the living room completely naked and told us that both of them wanted to sign up for the absolute naturist program as soon as school enrollment day came and both of them wanted to remain in that program until graduation day.

Now donít get me wrong, I wasnít that thrilled about the idea of both of my daughters running around campus completely exposed to everything, including the weather, all the time and, by the way my daughters were talking, they also wanted to take that absolute lifestyle to the extreme and stay completely naked everywhere.

As I look back at the time both of my girls were in high school, I can not remember hearing either of them ever complain about being uncomfortable or cold, even when I knew, especially the first year, that the cold air was getting to them a little bit.† Come to think about it, neither of them was even offered a gown for their graduation ceremony.† I can hardly remember what my girls even look like clothed or what clothes size they are.

Now back to the topic, before I started talking about my family and myself.† I currently work for a top real estate agency in my area and the sales market we are currently in is extremely competitive and my agency is quite anxious to get more traffic though our doors and get more properties sold.

As you can imagine my bosses were looking at all possibilities and ideas to use that would set this agency apart from the others.† It was then that management called the majority of the agents like myself (and other staff members) into the conference room to try to come up with some new ideas that might just work on getting customers into our office and get more properties sold.

Some of the ideas that were mentioned in that meeting were down right silly and some other ideas that came up could work.† Others and we have tried some of them by other real estate agencies.† The most often mentioned idea was giving out gifts, prizes and other gimmicks.† Now that idea does work by getting more people through our doors, but as any time you start giving out stuff, the money has got to come from somewhere.

It wasnít until after this meeting had been going on close to an hour and my clothes started getting uncomfortable that I started thinking about my daughtersí absolute lifestyle.† Then I started thinking out loud, about the idea of some of the agents and the office staff adopting the naturist lifestyle.

I do not know how loud I was actually talking as I was thinking, but somehow Nancy, who was sitting next to me, managed to hear what I was saying and decided to repeat it to everyone in the room.† After I realized that what I was thinking was now being considered by everyone in the room, I started getting worried that this crazy idea would somehow be thrown back at me in a disapproving way or completely disregarded.† I couldnít actually believe that my agency would actually consider this idea that I just came up with just a few minutes ago.

Well, I was wrong big time.† It turned out that the company president, Mary Jerkins, actually liked the idea and started talking seriously about it to everyone in there.† It was then, when she asked all of us in the room, who in here is willing to adopt this idea in the workplace as well on site.†† I started getting a little nervous when the majority of people in there, including myself, had their hands up.†

Then, before the meeting was over, I could tell that if she told some of us in there that we could strip naked right then and there.† They would have walked out of the room completely naked.† Now I am not just talking about the guys in that meeting, I am also talking about some of my female coworkers, like myself, that looked very willing to strip completely naked in the conference room.

Like any other day at the office, as soon as I was back at my desk after the meeting, I was out the door and off to different properties with my clients.† And I really didnít even give what was said at the meeting any more thought until I was home and was getting dinner ready with my daughtersí help.

Then as we were eating, I told my family all about the meeting and what I said and how my boss seemed to like the idea.† Well, as you can imagine, both of my daughters were quite pleased with the idea of their mother adopting the lifestyle both of them have been living for over four years.

As you can imagine I was a little nervous when I came to work the next day, knowing that the idea I came up with could actually become a reality.† And when I get to my computer that morning, I did expect to read something from the company president announcing this new policy.† But after going through all of the new emails and notes that were on my desk, I just went back out and touched base with my clients on the different properties that I am working on.

It wasnít until near the end of the day and I had rechecked my notes and emails for anything new about policies that I came up with the idea of talking directly with Mrs. Jerkins about the idea I came had yesterday.

As I was making my way to her office, I recalled that her Secretary, Janís, outfit wasnít as formal as I normally see her in.† After Jan told me that Mary was in her office, I knocked and entered, and we started talking about that comment I came up with yesterday at the meeting.† It was then that I finally told her about my daughters and their absolute lifestyle and how neither of them has even tried to get dressed since the summer before they started high school.

That was when she told me that, after talking with the company lawyers and some other, more senior, agents, she has decided to adopt, as early as tomorrow morning, this program on a total voluntarily basis for all employees.†

I donít know what I was thinking at that moment, but I really put my foot in my mouth when I told my boss what I was thinking about late last night before I went to asleep.† What I said was, "Mary, I would like it if you could put in my employee contract that I am fully bound to this absolute naturist policy, where I would from this date forward be obligated to forfeit my rights to wear any clothes while I am working."

As you can imagine the expression on her face was almost priceless and I am sure she was thinking that I was somehow joking.† But the sad things are I was actually quite serious about this idea at that moment.† I really do not know what came over me to almost demand that I be forced to strip naked right then and there in her office.†

I guess it was then that I came to the conclusion that it was now or never to put my words into action and, without much fanfare on my part, I just got up and started undressing. My blouse and then my skirt until all of my clothes were lying on the floor at my feet.† I have to say that the whole time I was stripping down to nothing Mary must have been in some other world since her whole face looked numb.†

It wasnít until I picked my skirt up off the floor and put it on the chair, before I sat back down, that Mary reached for her phone and started dialing someone.† I was a little nervous about whom she was calling until I heard her say Mikeís name.† He is one of my managers, along with Annette, and both have been with Mary for many years before I joined this agency.

I donít think it was even five minutes after she hung up the phone and started talking with me about why I wanted to be forced, that Mike and Annette walked into the office with me still sitting there, on top of my skirt, very professional like.

After Annette closed the office door Mary told both of them what I said to her and a little bit about what I said after she hung up the phone.† I then was asked some more questions by both of them until Mary asked me to step out into the waiting room outside her office.† I got up carrying only my skirt to sit on and walked out to the lobby.

As I was in full view of Jan, I made an effort to look as professional as I could and not give her any sign that I was aware of the lack of clothing I have on.† I just smiled at her as I walked to one of the chairs that were against the wall.

I am not sure how long I was sitting out there in the lobby, since I was so deep in my thoughts that I almost didnít hear Jan calling my name.† It wasnít until she was almost standing over me that I realized that I was being called back into the office.

Once back into Maryís office, I laid my skirt down onto the chair again and proceeded to sit back down.† Then Annette spoke, "Kim, we all have considered you idea of adopting the absolute naturist program here at this agency and our lawyers have agreed that there wouldnít be any problem or any major issues with it as long as all of our clients are totally aware that we have adopted it as a company policy.† Now about what you have said to all of us, we have also talked to our lawyers about it and they have drafted a contract for you to sign and I have the fax here for you to read.† Now I need to tell you that we are under no conditions forcing you to sign this paper and if you decide before you leave this office to not sign it, we will not hold this against you in any way.† The only persons that know about what you have said are the four of us here and our lawyers who drafted the contact.† Do you totally understand the full impact of this decision?"

I knew that this could be my last chance to back out of this mess I just got myself into.† But, for some crazy reason, I just reached over to pick up that contract and started to read it and after I was done reading all of the legal mumble and jumbo I still wanted to sign it, even after reading the line that states, Ďif caught wearing clothing or concealing part of the body, will result in immediate termination of employmentí.† I just signed the contract without even looking at anyone in the room and then I watched Mary, Annette and Mike sign it and put it in the scanner and get sent out.

Then as the two managers started walking out of the office and leaving me alone with Mary, she said to me, "Kim, congratulations on getting your wish to be forced into being an absolute naturist.† I just hope you do not regret the decision you have just made.† I will hold you fully to this contact and I donít want to even hear that someone saw you with something on your body again while at work.† And tomorrow when I tell everyone about this new policy, I want you to tell everyone about what has happened in this office today and how you are fully obligated to this program and it was totally your choice."†

Text Box: Kimberly (Kim) Tanner (Mom)
Jerry Tanner (Husband)
Tammy Tanner (1st Twin, 20 yrs)
Marla Tanner (2nd Twin, 20 yrs)

Mary Jerkinís Real Estate Agencies
Mike (Agent, Management)
Annette (Agent, Management)
Nancy (Co worker, Agent)
Jan (Pres. Secretary)